i’m honestly trying to laugh it off but I really, really don’t like that they had Sana go behind Isak’s back. I have a bad feeling about this. Esp with Isak’s you could have just asked line about the wifi password.

And before people attack, I love Sana to pieces and I want her to bring down those girls so bad. Like so bad. And no, I don’t think that Isak is perfect or whatever crap.  But I didn’t want this storyline to happen this way. I wanted Sana and Isak to plot together. To scheme together. To be biology slash scheming buddies. That’s what I wanted. 

I just yeah…because Sana doesn’t like when people mess with her friends, and they introduced that plot. 


100 Percent Reason to Remember the Name

Idk guys do you just imagine Dark and Wilford welcoming the new egos and they’re like: “You already know me, I’m Google, this is Google, Google, Google” and then “Jim! And Jim.” “And Bing!”

And Bim!” (that was why Dark was exasperated with Bim……. now I remember that one SpongeBob scene lmao)

A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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