I keep forgetting that Magnus will never age

forget the whole, “slowly watching my friends die without me” thing for a sec, this’ll be sadly hilarious when people start noticing

he still makes trips to the mortal world, when/if Sam has kids is she gonna hide it from them, or is he just gonna be ‘mommy’s weird friend who doesn’t age’? 

People are eventually gonna think Blitz and Hearth really are his parents or grandparents

imagine him showing up to Annabeth’s wedding or baby shower or whatever in ten years

“Maggie boy! What moisturizer are you using, you haven’t aged a day!”

“I’m dead, Valdez.”

  • Marco Diaz:*is smart*
  • Marco Diaz:*supports Star*
  • Marco Diaz:*is loyal*
  • Marco Diaz:*generally a nice guy*
  • Marco Diaz:*wants to be a bad boy but he's a good person*
  • Marco Diaz:*he puts everyone's safety first*
  • Marco Diaz:*protects Star whenever possible*
  • Marco Diaz:*is very patient and kind with Star*
  • Marco Diaz:*is a good friend*
  • Magical warrior princess Star Butterfly, heir to the throne of the Kingdom Of Mewni:*understandably has a crush on him*

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