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dean/cas fic: bring it on home (2.5k)

bring it on home: episode tag, 2.5k, spoilers for 12x02.

“Really?” Dean asks, pausing in the doorway. He wrinkles his nose a little; the kitchen smells like scalded water. “Tea?”

A weird look crosses Sam’s face ─ one part embarrassed and two parts determined. “Yeah. It’s for Mom.”

“You ─ why do we even have tea?”

“Oh.” Another weird look. Sam fiddles with the box; it’s bright yellow and covered with white flowers. “It’s, uh. Chamomile. Cas bought it. He thought it’d help with your insomnia when you were, um ─” he grimaces. “You know.”

For a split-second, a phantom something itches on the inside of Dean’s arm. He clears his throat and says, “Right, yeah.”

“She ─” Sam grimaces again. “She likes tea, right?”

Dean hesitates. He pictures their old kitchen in Lawrence ─ the floral wallpaper, the walnut cabinets, the pots and pans hanging on hooks. Sheer, white curtains had hung in the windows, and Mary had left them open because she’d liked plenty of sunlight. It had smelled like coffee in the mornings. Dean had always lined his army men up on the table before eating his Cheerios.

“I don’t know,” he admits. “She ─ maybe.”

“Well,” Sam says, peeling the teabag out of the packet. “I guess we’re going to find out.” He drops the teabag in the mug and fills it with water. The kettle ─ Dean didn’t even know they had a fucking kettle ─ looks old enough to have witnessed World War I first-hand. “You calling it a night?”

Dean glances around the kitchen. “Yeah, in a minute.” Mary put all the leftovers in the fridge, but there are still plates and take-out boxes all over the table. A handful of beer bottles are scattered across the counter. Their dad’s journal is there too, sitting next to a pile of caps. “What’re you doing with this?”

“Oh, yeah. I was going to let Mom read it. I figure it’ll help her ─ you know. Fill in some of the blanks.”

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I watched the first episode of Danny Phantom because that’s how this particular fandom spiral is going, and my reactions thus far:

Holy shit. It really is a cartoon that first aired over ten years ago, so it definitely feels old compared to current cartoons, but not actually…old school? I never watched this when it was on, no regular cable access at the time, so I don’t know how it compares to its contemporaries.

Definitely influenced by the Ghostbusters cartoon show.

Dash’s character design did not make me expect that squeaky, vaguely nasally voice. Wow dude. Has wearing skinny jeans all the time permanently jammed your junk into your pelvic cavity? Is that why you’re so mean? Constant skinny-jean induced chafing?

Fandom at large gave the impression that Danny doesn’t use his ghost-powers to defend himself from Dash’s bullying… but while Danny didn’t lay a finger on Dash, he did use the make-stuff-intangible power to empty an entire dumpster of meat on him. Like. The kid won’t out himself to the school for self-defense, but he will take petty, viscerally gross revenge. I have not worked in a deli. I have simply been told of it. Dumpster full of meat? Not something you want emptied on you.

The sound effects are hitting old parts of my brain, this is weird/amazing.

Danny turned intangible without noticing, then walked through a vending machine, still totally oblivious. So. I am just gonna assume that before ghost powers, he just used to walk right into stuff. Like one month prior it would’ve been him colliding with the vending machine face first.

I am frankly surprised that I’ve yet to run across fanart utilizing this ability:

Lotta art opts for tail instead of legs, tho.

Jazz is a fucking gift, btw. Child you are 16 you are not a licensed psychologist. Please go be friends with Rose Lalonde.


u-um… anyway… this is Nocturn, from Danny Phantom. Personally, I don’t watch DP, BUT AFTER MY BUDDY SHOWED ME THIS GUY… I felt the need to at least watch the episode, I liked it. I redrew my favorite scene :^)

he’s the ghost of sleep, steals energy from dreams… *COUGH* THE WAY HIS HORNS ARE PURPLE AND SHAPED LIKE THAT *COUGH*