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Silver: Please just promise me you aren’t going to get my girlfriend killed. 
Flint: War is complicated. 
Silver: Yeah, but all I’m asking for is for you to tell me you’ll do everything in your power to make sure my girlfriend lives. 
Flint: War is hell. 
Flint: It’s only going to get worse from here on out. 
Flint: True.
Silver: In similar circumstances! I am pretty sure! you would not want him to get killed! even if it meant you would win the war! 
Flint: You’re not wrong. 
Flint: Listen, war is complicated. 

Sonic headcanon: Food headcanon

Due to their personality and lifestyles, the Sonic characters have different preferences in their food choices and favorites:

  • Sonic - Chili-dogs, of course. As far as cooking, he’s a “microwave” guy; likes foods that are fast and instant to make, like ramen, or getting take-out. Dislikes seafood and fish (barring sushi).
  • Tails - Is fine with whipping up easy-to-make foods stuff like PB&J and sandwiches. Isn’t really picky. Often has his food delivered, since he’s spends a lot of time in his workshop. Has a horrible sweet-tooth, particularly for mint candy, [chocolate-chunk] cookies, and pastries in general. Has an interest in food science; like Gastronomy cooking.
  • Knuckles - A “live off the land/harvest” kinda guy, due to his history as an isolated guardian. Likes fruits, especially grapes.
  • Amy - Similarly to Tails, she likes sweets. Pancakes with syrup and ice cream being big favorites; though she’s not too much into junk food (watching her figure and wanting to look presentable). She considers cooking and baking to be an art. (Makes some pretty good cookies!)
  • Sticks - Like Knuckles, she “lives off the land” as well. Pretty good with obtaining meats and seasoning, being a skilled hunter.
  • Dr. Eggman - Egg-based foods, natch. Sub-sandwiches. Generally nothing with a lot of cholesterol in it, he’s watching it (and his weight). Oh, and ham. EVIL ham.
  • Big - Likes ‘dem fishes! (Also lives off the land.)
  • Cream - She and her mom are grazers; they prefer plant-based foods and healthy snacks overall. (No meats!) Shares Amy’s love of ice cream and baked goods.
  • Cheese - ♬ Lovely buncha coconuts~ ♬
  • Rouge - Fine cuisine. Nothing with a lot of carbs in it. (Like Amy, she’s watching her figure. Also, being a GUN agent she has to be in top shape.)
  • Shadow - No huge perferences. Since he’s immortal, he isn’t picky about food. Can go longer periods of time than most without eating. Has a secret sweet-tooth.
  • Vector - “Meaty” guy. Big eater. Coffee. (Also likes gum and sports drinks.)
  • Espio - Calming foods. Likes tea. Herbs. If other options aren’t available, he’s fine with take-out too. (especially if money’s low). Secret sweet-aholic. (Sneaks them every now and then.)
  • Charmy - Honey! Honey! Honey! Anything with honey! (And sugar; Vector and Espio generally try to monitor this.)
  • Silver - Has no notable huge perferences. (He’s more likely to share or give up his food to someone more in need.)
  • Blaze - Like Espio, calming foods and tea. (Secret spicy food addict)

….I guess I’ll raise you instead of eating you.

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Oh my goodness I love your Omegaverse AU! OmegaMiyuki in disguise is just brilliant!! NGL I died a little bit. No pressure if you don't wanna, but are you gonna make a continuation? :)

Ah, I’m glad you like Omega!Miyuki anon! Tbh, I’m pretty weak to the “omega in disguise” trope. I don’t know, but I just enjoy that SUSPENSE, ya know? Especially when the omega is a prideful character like Miyuki.  

Also, I’m definitely planning on doing a continuation! I’m not sure whether I’ll keep it sawamiyu exclusive, but it’ll be nice to explore other possibilities like furumiyu too. (Not sure whether I’ll keep it as two different scenarios or have one giant furumiyusawa AU.) 

sweet taste of victory

Happy birthday Jazz!!!!!! and happy Kagehina day! (✿´‿`) th-this is my first time writing kagehina so i’m a little wary, but since it’s a giftfic for jazz, i shall prevail! 

title: sweet taste of victory
pairing: KageHina
summary: Kageyama was always taking things from Hinata, much to his chagrin. His first kiss was no exception.

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Yuuri skating 'Stay Close to Me' was him “winning” a dance-off between him and Viktor

A theory! I might be thinking too much into this, but anyways, here are my two cents regarding the 10th episode.

So during the banquet, Yuuri declares that if he wins the dance-off with Viktor, Viktor is becoming his coach, right? But alas, he’s hella drunk, so Viktor *probably* doesn’t take the challenge seriously (and we do not know who won in the end), and just goes with it for fun.

Now let’s get back to the end of ep.1: While watching Yuuri’s cover of his FS-program, Viktor remembers what Yuuri said to him during the banquet. Because, in a far-streched kinda way, Viktor might see Yuuri’s performance as his part of a dance-off with Viktor, about who’s able to skate ‘Stay Close to Me’ in a way that “pulls on the heartstrings”, who’s able to really feel and get the message of the song through to the audience. (It was kinda hard for me to put this thought well into words, but I tried my best!!)

So, in this case, in Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri won this dance-off, by far. Not only do we get an implication from Minako that this coreography would be better if performed by a man more naive than Viktor (and I personally think Viktor feels that way too), but there is also Viktors remark about why he decided to coach Yuuri: Because he (Katsudon) skates as if he was creating music with his body. There was a mention in a post about Yuuri skating to ‘Stay Close to Me’ without any music playing (I can’t find it at the moment, but I will link it in once I stumble upon it), so Viktor might have actually meant what he said by that. Also: Yuuri was able to skate Viktor’s FS program with so many emotions and with such dignity, that the message of ‘Stay Close to Me’ got through *only* by the choreography itself, and there (probably) wasn’t even any music playing. And that was when Viktor realized just how much potential there is in Yuuri. And that Yuuri TOTALLY won this unofficial, fictional dance-off between them. So he did what Yuuri asked of him in case of Yuuri winning their dance-off: He went and became Yuuri’s coach!

Anyways, this got longer than expected, but this is what caught my thoughts after ep.10. What do you guys think?

TL;DR Viktor took Yuuri’s cover of ‘Stay Close to Me’ as a dance-off challenge, felt that Yuuri has won, and hence flew to Japan to be his coach (banquet-Yuuri’s ask).