and... i don't know the name of the other girl

funny tumnglr joke: bi culture is being into girls and then seeing a guy and remembering you’re unfortunately into guys too, haha!!

me: please stop trying to make me, a bisexual, feel as if part of my attraction is dirty and tainted, i already get that enough from straight people about the OTHER part of my attraction and it just makes me feel like i need to quash down parts of myself for anyone to ever accept me

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I noticed that there's somebody that's seen around Timmy a lot. They have mahogany colored hair, an orange kitty shirt, cyan eyes, cream skin and freckles, a dark blue hand bag... and they look a lot like me. Hot Wings Girl looks more like me, but I don't know who that other kid is. Do they have a name, that person close to Timmy?

I can do better than that.

  • Aries: Starboy // You talking bout me I don't see your shade, switch up my style I take any lane
  • Taurus: All I Know // You sleep one eye closed, to scared to get heartbroke
  • Gemini: False Alarm // She always leaves the man she loves, but the diamonds are forever
  • Cancer: Attention // Tell me how to love, it's been too long
  • Leo: Reminder // All I wanna do is make that money and make dope shit
  • Virgo: Secrets // It's a lie, a lie, I catch you every time
  • Libra: I Feel it Coming // You don't need a lonely night, so baby I can make it right
  • Scorpio: Six Feet Under // Real love's hard to find, so she don't waste her time
  • Sagittarius: Party Monster // I'm like, got up, thank the Lord for the day, woke up by a girl I don't even know her name
  • Capricorn: A Lonely Night // Better when we're both apart, we're no good for each other
  • Aquarius: Rockin' // I'm actin' reckless baby, I'm 'bout to lose it all
  • Pisces: True Colours // So if I love you, it'd be just for you
  • So what if the next Deadpool movie started like every white teen movie?
  • *valley girl voice* hi, My name's Wade.... And I'm not like those other girls, oh no. I'm not a cheerleader, or emo, or a nerd. I'm just Wade. *pan over to Spider-Man". That's Peter. He is soooo hot. He's like if Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield had a baby. *pans back to him* but me? I'm just Wade. And this is my story * Dirty Little Secret plays*

i have never been happier in my entire fucking life

ok but really buff metalheads that are like covered in tattoos are the best. today this huge ass guy with a flaming skull shirt helped me bag my groceries. just last week two equally ripped guys dressed in black from head to toe asked me what my dog’s name was and proceeded to kneel down and ask her who’s a good girl in matching silly voices. so if ur a scary looking metalhead who’s actually a sweetheart deep down just know i love u

Dabi Theory Series: Upbringing

When looking at the Todoroki household, the people we think about most are Shōto, his mother, and Endeavor. What’s a little less talked about are the other Todoroki children- there are three of them. A girl named Fuyumi, and two unnamed boys. One of these boys is probably Dabi. This theory will cover what life could have been like for the remaining children, and then begin to get into how this upbringing could have impacted Dabi’s feelings for Shōto, which will be a main point in my future posts.

Note: This is all just theory. You are free to agree or disagree with it! I don’t mind, just please don’t be mean,, I spent a lot of time typing this out and just wanted a place to share my ideas. I don’t even believe all of it, it’s just thoughts I had. 

Another Note: In this theory, I assume that Endeavor did not train any of the children prior to Shōto. I also assume that Dabi is Shōto’s full biological brother who grew up in the same household as him. Just a heads up, I will be contradicting both of these in other theories later on. This is just the best way to set this one up.

Another Another Note: I sort of think this is the least interesting theory I’ll put out there, as it’s more background than future developments. Putting this one under the cut so I don’t force people who don’t want to read to scroll for too long.

Reasons for their Birth + Being Failures

Like Shōto, the other Todoroki children were only conceived as tools to defeat All Might. The difference? They were failures. When their quirks manifested, it would be obvious to Endeavor that these children were not the perfect “creations” he had in mind. They were not the perfect combination of fire and ice he was working towards. This was a blessing in disguise- unlike Shōto, they were allowed to live normal lives and choose their own futures. For example, Fuyumi is a school teacher, someone’s who’s job is to nurture children. While she seems to have taken the outcome of being a “failure” in a positive way, it is very easy to understand why some of the other children may not have. Being called a failure by your own father would be something very damaging to a child’s development.


Based on what we have seen of Shōto’s life so far, the chances of him attending normal school, spending time with friends, etc. is very very slim. I’m pretty confident in that he was very much isolated from everyone his entire life. He most likely was always at the Todoroki home, always training. Dawn until dusk. Non-stop. Always. I’m sure that every ounce of Endeavor’s free-time was dedicated to whipping Shōto into shape. Regardless of his cruelty, he is their father. I’m sure being cast away like this hurt. Especially since they were tossed aside for their lack of ability in comparison to their younger brother.

Endeavor probably isn’t the only one these children felt neglected by. Their mother too was most likely absorbed in Shōto and his safety. Is he being fed properly? Is he hurting? He’s being worked too hard! How will he be a functioning adult when he is isolated from everyone his age? I mean, you can’t blame her; her child was literally being abused. But I’m sure this had an impact on them. While I’m not sure how much of the darkness in their family they actually saw (based on an elder woman watching over them while they play together and the fact that they are said to be “in another world”), they may have watched or at least picked up hints of their mother being beat by Endeavor and her slow disintegration into insanity. She then was taken away from them. Who knows how often they visited her, especially when they were younger. 

Even with the care-taker they seem to have had, they did not have a true father, and possibly felt unimportant to their mother. 

Crushed Dreams

These other children, particularly Dabi, may (I bold this because I super contradict it later on) have dreamed to be heroes too. They may have looked up to their father as a hero, looked up to All Might or another pro-hero at one point in their lives; It seems like being a hero is very popular among the younger generation- look at how much Izuku, Bakugou, and Shōto all looked up to All Might, Kirishima to Red Riot, etc. What sets the other Todoroki children apart from them is that no matter what, they could never be heroes. Even if they tried, they would never get the necessary parental support to fulfill their dreams. They probably were not practically trained in using their quirks to begin with, and if they asked they’d be rejected. Endeavor may refuse to pay for their schooling, help them in anyway, etc. If they tried to pursue the hero career despite this, they may be met with something along the lines of “I won’t let you tarnish the Todoroki name”.

Even if they didn’t ever want to be heros, the fact that they couldn’t even if it was their dream would be enough to damage these kids’ views of themselves. The point is Endeavor’s focus was on Shōto and Shōto alone. Shōto was the only child he believed could succeed. These kids, no matter what, were seen as useless failures and given no means to shine.

I’m wrapping this one up now, but I plan on posting another one tomorrow! It’s a little (hopefully) more interesting than this one. 

Up Next: Dabi’s Feelings for Shōto

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Don't you have other things to do than shipping a murderer with a girl ?

Yeah, believe it or not I’m in college, I attend auditions, job interviews, I spend time with friends. You, on the other hand, seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time attacking real abuse survivors in the name of protecting a fictional character. If you ever have a hard time discerning who is the pathetic one in a situation, look at the person sending anonymous hate mail.

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I had a girl call in to cancel an appointment, but her name wasn't on our scheduling sheet so I nicely said, "I don't see your name, I think you meant to call our other location. Do you need the number?" She just irritably sighed and hung up on me. Of course she called back about thirty seconds later probably wanting the number. I was already having a bad day because of other customers, so I didn't bother answering. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I did call the other store to let them know she wasn't coming though.

GIRL I was just googling ‘kida atlantis’ for a rando reference pic and screamed because my own art came up in the first page of results!! Am I elite yet

  • Shippers: OMG LEAKED ANIMATION APRITELLO IS CANON !!!111!!!1!!1!11!!1!1!1!1!1
  • My salty ass, while thinking over how April has shown no romantic interest or reciprocation to Donnie's affections in the entire show, save for a kiss that is never acknowledged again and feels more and more like a bait tactic to get more interest for Season 3 every day, and while this salty ass may have a bias being a Capril shipper can put a pin in that fact to see that Apritello has had creepy stalker-y moments rather than any real development of their friendship beyond being TOLD they get along and do stuff together rather than SHOW us how they get along as friends, giving us a ship the creators use to bait us and dropping 'hints' in the show only to make April look like a jerk leading on one boy or the other because if she's romantically interested in Donnie then why be flirty with Casey and give him that cute fluffy look in Serpent Hunt and pretty much tackle-hug him while crying his name in relief, and if April's romantically interested in Casey then why give Donnie pecks on the cheek when he does something good like a reward when there's no romantic intentions to her actions because she ends up looking like a jerk because, and I don't mean to generalise here because who knows some might do this, bUT GIRLS DON'T WORK THAT WAY OR DO THAT KIND OF SHIT IF THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE NICKELODEON WTF ARE YOUR WRITERS DOING I KNOW YOUR TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC IS LITTLE BOYS BUYING PLAYMATES' TOYS BUT IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GIVE THEM THE IMPRESSION THAT IF THEIR ROMANTIC AFFECTIONS AREN'T RETURNED AT FIRST DON'T WORRY IF YOU'RE PERSISTENT ENOUGH YOUR CRUSH WILL LOSE THEIR AGENCY AND CHOICE AS A PERSON AND JUST SUDDENLY START RECIPROCATING YOUR FEELINGS DESPITE PREVIOUSLY REJECTING OR IGNORING YOUR ADVANCES JESUS CHRIST SERIOUSLY STOP TREATING APRIL'S CHARACTER AND LOVE LIFE LIKE A FUCKING YO-YO: i'm dead inside

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Oh My Girl crash course? If you don't have any others to do that is (i know you get alot of crash course requests)

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl consists of 8 members

They debuted on April 21, 2015 with Cupid

Latest Comeback: Coloring Book

Under WM Entertainment (also home to B1A4)

Fandom Name: Miracle

Official Accounts: Daum CaféFacebookYoutubeTwitterInstagram



  • Real Name: Choi Hyojung 
  • Born in Yangyang, Gangwon, South Korea
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Birthday: July 28, 1994
  • Languages: Korean
  • She only trained for 6 months 


  • Real Name: Kim Mihyun 
  • Born in Jeju Island, South Korea
  • Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  • Birthday: May 1, 1995
  • Languages: Korean
  • Been a trainee since 2013


  • Real Name: Yoo Yeon Joo 
  • Born in Seoul, Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group
  • Birthday: September 17, 1995
  • Languages: Korean
  • YooA’s brother Junsun is a famous choreographer that works at 1mil dance studio


  • Real Name: Hyun Seunghee 
  • Born in  Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: January 25, 1996
  • Langauges: Korean
  • Her ideal type is  “Someone who I can easily talk to.”


  • Real Name: Kim Jiho 
  • Born in Okcheon, North Chungcheong, South Korea
  • Position: Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: April 4, 1997
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese


  • Real Name: Bae Yubin 
  • Born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Birthday: September 9, 1997
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese


  • Real Name: Choi Yewon 
  • Born in Busan, South Gyeongnam, South Korea
  • Position: Vocalist, Maknae
  • Birthday: June 18, 1999
  • Languages: Korean
  • Trainee since 2013

Member currently on hiatus 


  • Real Name: Shin Hyejin 
  • Born in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Birthday: January 22, 1995
  • Languages: Korean
  • She is currently on break because of anorexia. She is recovering at her parents’ home.





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Other overnight hotel peeps: What do you do when you're 99% sure a prostitute has come into your hotel? I pretty much don't care bc imo as long as its consensual then make your money. But it could look bad for the hotel, and the other night a girls madam called frantic insisting she be transferred to a room bc the girl had turned her phone off. i couldn't bc she didn't know the guest name, but i called. the girl was fine but idk what to do in situations like that :(

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Hey quick question, what do you think will happen to the Voltron shipping community when season 3 comes out and Lotor starts f*cking up Team Voltron? Will he be after Allura's magical royal genes 🔮👸like in the original series or Pidge 🦁🌳💻 because she is the only other girl, me and my friend don't know what will happen and she is scared for the Klance shippers because she is one herself, sorry if this is weird but I fear for her sanity sometimes Please answer when you have time

The VLD shipping community will discover approximately 100 new discourses & rant about how problematic “insert new ship name is”. And I don’t care or want any part of it.

Since Alfor and Zarkon use to be friends/diplomatic allies, I’m assuming they may have wanted their children to get married? Possibly an arranged marriage?? I’m half expecting Lotor to be Allura’s ex-fiance. 

80′s Lotor’s main character motivations were destroying Voltron and having Allura for his own. I’m interested to see how far VLD takes Lotor’s obsession with her. Maybe he’ll be too hellbent on conquering the universe to care. 

Maybe VLD Lotor won’t even like girls. 

Bu since the show has hinted at Kallura, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the classic Keith/Allura/Lotor love triangle. After all, Kallura is like THE Voltron ship. They’re together in every version of the show. I feel like having Allura as a potential love interest would really amp up the rivalry between Keith and Lotor, just as it did in the 80′s Voltron. 

Idk man. We’ll see.

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people at my school are talking about me being trans and it's kind of upsetting me. someone that went to my elementary school remembers me and has been telling other people that "my name used to be __ and that i was a girl" and i didn't want anyone knowing about it. i asked one of my friends to tell him to stop but he said he didn't tell anyone and i don't know what to do about it because i don't want to talk to him but it's really upsetting me.

Kii says:

I would recommend talking to him about it, so he knows you’re serious. He might not realize why what he’s doing is harmful to you. If he doesn’t stop, you can always go to your school administration and explain what’s happening and ask if they can back you up or mediate a conversation between the two of you.

anyway when cam and donna get married, donna goes full-out. she’s invited everyone, she dgaf, she’s bought a gorgeous gown, everything is on point, it’s gonna be the most remarkable wedding any of them have ever been to and the fact that it’s two women is going to be incidental to the fact that it’s gorgeous and moving and the defining event of their lifetimes.

joanie and haley are her joint maid of honors and rolled their eyes when she asked like yeah mom god don’t make this weird.

cameron’s best man is boz, and boz tries to tell her that this is special, but cameron’s like yeah, it’s special bc she’s showing up and donna doesn’t care if it’s in a matching wedding gown or in her overalls honestly. boz tells gordon bc boz looks out for all four of his adopted children, especially cameron who he can Feel is making a huge mistake.

cue gordon showing up at the airstream a few weeks before the wedding like ‘you’re not getting a dress, you don’t have to, but we’re gonna go get you something nice because this is the biggest day of your life’

and like she’s been MARRIED before, it wasn’t a big deal–

and gordon’s just ‘yeah. to tom. on impulse. this isn’t impulsive. this is- it’s the biggest day either of you are gonna have, okay? this is forever. you wanna treat it like it’s the start of forever’

and cameron huffs like ‘did boz put you up to this?’

‘no. boz told me, and i’m doing it-’

‘for donna.’

‘no, cam. for you. for the girls like you, and donna, and haley who find your fansite where i guarantee pictures from this are gonna end up – not naming names but his name starts with a ‘j’ and rhymes with ‘joe’ – who- who’re gonna see this and see how much it means. how important it is to you. where they might see themselves…’

gordon’s maybe halfway through this speech before she’s rolling her own damn eyes and pushing her way out of the trailer and telling him, ‘i am not wearing a dress’

‘i know you’re not. we have an appointment at a suit shop.’

‘gordon?’ she gets something of a devious grin. ‘don’t tell donna.’

when donna emerges to walk down the aisle to cameron, her pace visibly stutters, face going red as her wife-to-be gives her an impy smirk while looking drop-dead gorgeous in a tailored suit and donna maybe walks down the aisle just a little bit faster than she’d practiced just so she can get married ever-so-slightly sooner.

first meeting / icebreaker sentence starters
  • "Uh, that's my spot."
  • "Oh, God, sorry! Let me buy you a new one."
  • "Is that your dog? He is so CUTE!"
  • "Here, take my seat. You look tired."
  • "Checking in?"
  • "Can I sit here?"
  • "May I buy you a drink?"
  • "I can spot you, if you want."
  • "How'd you even get stuck in a locker, anyway?"
  • "Can you turn it down?! Some of us are trying to sleep!"
  • "Hi, I'm your new roommate."
  • "I think I found your dog. Is he yours?"
  • "You look cold, take my jacket."
  • "Hey, I think the mailman gave me your mail by mistake? [Name], right?"
  • "You've had a guy/girl over every night this week! And you're really loud! You know how I know? I know because I live below you!"
  • "So, your kid apparently punched my kid in the face."
  • "Bride or groom?"
  • "Can you switch seats with me? I can't see!"
  • "Okay, look, if you're gonna be airsick, aim the other way."
  • "[Sir/Ma'am], if you don't stop being rude to me, I'm going to give you decaf."
  • "Don't drink that! I saw some guy slip something in there."
  • "Hey, is he bothering you?"
  • "Don't give up your day job."
  • "...Dude, your fly's down."
  • "I think you have the wrong number."
  • "I'm [muse's child]'s teacher."
  • "[Muse's child/younger sibling] was in my yard again!"
  • "Get out of here! This is my hiding spot!"
  • "SHUT UP. And learn to stay on key."

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I was wondering if you could find a kaisoo fic for me that I read once but now I can't find it. It's about Kyungsoo going to a new school and the first time he sees Jongin, some girl is blowing him in an alley. Then Kyungsoo finds out that Jongin is his dorm mate and forbids Jongin from sleeping with people in their dorm. Then they start to grow feelings for each other and date. It's ok if you can't find it or don't know what I'm talking about. Thank you!!

Hi there, 

The fic’s name is  Progressive Education


- Admin N


[Dive!! 1x05]

Youichi-kun, admit you watching hard his little booty.

And please, remember, but coach Asaki arrived later. So, Youichi-kun, you believed in him in the very first moment you see him, you are thrilled whenever you’re watching him, that’s why he supports you until now.

#Under the cut I comment the episode because I really didn’t want to screen some scene, I find them important but uhm, no. So whoever doesn’t care what I think or doesn’t want to know what happened after this scene, DON’T READ.

Keep reading