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Final Girl

The final girl is a trope in horror films (particularly slasher films). It refers to the last woman alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story. The character in question tends to follow a certain set of characteristics.

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Hi!! I started my journey in Unova too, and I chose Oshawott because when I first saw him he looked like he was outstretching his arms for a hug and I immediately gave in! I also named him Freckles bc I thought that was what his whiskers were. What do you think of this precious boi who only wants to be loved?

“there is something about love
so subtle you can’t always tell it’s there
unless you slide your glasses on
squint, nose pressed up against it, looking

the kind of love where waking up
in a tangle of sheets feels like home,
your hands coming around my waist 
feels like another glide across the ice

you can make an accidental fall
into a hug, a kiss, our goodbyes become
another ‘I’ll always love you’
your exhales manage to sound like my name

but you don’t notice these things
and maybe you would only half-blind,
if you weren’t the one who’s heart skips beats-
you are so in love. we are so in love

and I hope it continues to feel like simple living”

-exhibition pieces || O.L.

Hey!! I always have to remind myself of this, so I may as well remind everyone else too!

If you’re still embarrassed about something that happened years and years ago, nobody else remembers or cares by now!! The only reason you remember it so well is because you were the one at the center of it, and rehearsing the event in your head and remembering how uncomfortable you were at the time further cements it into your memory, so it’s easy to think that everyone else who was there at the time remembers it as vividly as you do to this day or that it was just as significant event to them as it is to you, but that’s not true! I’m willing to bet $99 that nobody who was there has even thought about it since. None of them care anymore (if they even cared that much to begin with), so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about anymore!

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Can you do a post on the Hogwarts houses telling their crush they like them?

Hufflepuff: Hey do you want a cookie *talking really fast and sorta quiet* oh yeah and by the way I like you

Ravenclaw: So… do you? Maybe? Wanna? Sorta? Hang out? Sometime? Maybe? Because? Your? Pretty cool?

Gryffindor: *yelling* HEY YOU’RE AWESOME AND I LIKE YOU

Slytherin: Wait you thought they were actually going to tell them? Nah, they’ll just suffer in silence.