It absolutely kills me that Shaun is still willing to forgive and forget and take the Sole Survivor back with him to the Institute even if the SS does admit that they let the synths go free voluntarily at the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

Drunk words a sober thought

We go through tough times and we go through things that aren’t actually needed but going through them and being able to realize we love each other in the end just proves what’s meant to be. WE are meant to be. You and i. I promised a while ago now, that i would be with you, forever and always… and i mean it. I know now that things are stronger than ever before. Maybe this was supposed to happen to see how much we truly love each other, you know? You or I needed that boost to say to ourselves “Damn, this is what we want forever” , you get me? I don’t know. Drunk words a sober thought. 

If you ever ever ever ever ever ever ever have doubts remember how much i love you and how much you and i have been through to make it this far. It’s stronger than i’ve ever seen, that’s for damn sure. I’m going to love you, no matter what. Don’t forget that, okay?

I love you so much & im in love with you.
Nothing can stop us now, not ever.