look, i finally got my fake butt to take a selfie and my hair was more than excited for it heh. but i was tagged like forever ago by furiosfuriosa, missxdelaney, lolzforshits, larahcroft, cassiiecage, and cowboybebutt to do the two selfie thing and tagged very recently to do a single selfie by evilwvergil and zadornovs! all their beautiful faces make me weep with joy tbqh. thank you for tagging me!

i’m not going to tag anyone specifically bc i think almost everyone has been tagged and i did this a week or two ago. so if you’d like to do this, you’re officially tagged! ♥

Jugding by the RE 31 spoilers, Haise is still Haise, and if he’s given the responsibility to look after Hinami, rather than Arima killing her, she would be the trigger of Kaneki’s awakening. That, or…

This huge motherfucker, Floppy. a.k.a. Batmon Koutaro would slap the fucking memories back into Haise.

i graduated high school a year ago yesterday, so here’s a picture of me getting ready for that! i look fierce but i promise i’m actually very soft, like a sweater or something. sweaters are nice. 

i really like poetry, doctor who, video games, and magic. platonic relationships are everything and we should be friends.

they/them/theirs please!!

Isobel again! They/them pronouns please :)
I didn’t really say anything about myself last week because I was nervous and this week I’m too nervous to take a picture of myself, so this is one from my last day of school! 

Okay uh I’m 16 and my special interests are magick and animal crossing: new leaf! (Also I’m getting into gravity falls and I feel like that’s going to become a special interest too oops)
Rocking, oral things (as in sucking/chewing), and scratching are my main stims, but I also do a thing where I pull chunks of my hair out and fidget with them (gross i know sorry)

  • Before browsing the pixie hair tag:maaaan I'm gonna find such hip inspiration. My hairs are gonna be spicy adorable rebels. It's gonna be like a fairy princess makeover but with scissors instead of whimsical glitter-spells.
  • After browsing the pixie hair tag:I could never join the elite ranks of these celestial beings. They are too pure. I must not dishonor the pixie name. One day I shall ascend, but not before my time. Fight on, precious hairstyle warriors, fight on.

A pretty rad gentleman surprised me with one of the best gifts ever!☺️ Big thanks to @babypietattoo for hand crafting these veggie pizza plugs for my ear ballz! The detail is insanely overwhelming! I am so happy to wear them!

Ya’ll should give her your money!!!💸

Hey it’s Erin (she/her and I’m on the right) I did selfie Saturday last week But what’s different this time is that my boyfriend is in this picture with me! (one on the left) we met up yesterday and we both have Autism so we both are understand each other! I had a really great day and I hope you did too and continue to have a great weekend’