I applaud girls who wear heels to school. I don’t even wanna put on clothes and they wear heels. You go, work it.

omg anon.  Avdol says Dio’s skin’s white, almost transluscent, when he meets him for the first time. Presumably the body changed color to match the head after Dio took it since Jonathan wasn’t that pale.  Just my opinion, but when the body was assimilated, the carpet changed to match the drapes.

I hate that I have an opinion on this.

I dyed my hair a month ago, almost exactly.

And these are my roots.

SRSLY HAIR GET IT TOGETHER. The colour was a fluke, a freak accident, how the hell am I going to replicate it? Stop with growing, at least until I’ve done the MCM London thing and I can dye it a different colour. Gah.