You have your father’s hands.

so often
that rough became smooth.

thick and thin wrinkled
rivers mapped down
knobby knuckles.

You have your mother’s face.

the tapestry you weave
with that wicked tongue.

Your eyes are my demise,
your eyes are my salvation.

How many lies have spilled
from those honey-laced lips?
she taught you well.

How often have you laid
a heavy hand
on your softest cheek?

We are not your parents

and you are more
than their mistakes.

—  Michelle K., A Letter to In-Laws

anonymous asked:

So lately someone has been spreading hate and lies about me and I'm losing people I considered friends because of it. I know you've been going through something similar, and I was wondering if you had any advice for dealing with the backlash?

i’m so sorry to hear you’re going through that, sweetheart. keep your chin up, okay? even when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, there is going to be people trying to tear you down, && there’s really no combating it except trying to be the very best person you can. 

as for the lost friends…well, they never WERE your friends, were they? people who you’ve stood by through thick && thin that dump you the first chance they get? you don’t need them in your life. 

honestly ?? people who don’t have the common decency to get your side of the story before drawing conclusions about you? before hanging you out to dry? people that BLINDLY believe some complex fabrication that ultimately probably took about 5 seconds to put together? all for the sole purpose of being HATEFUL? you owe them no emotional loyalty, they certainly didn’t afford you any.

you don’t need or want those people in your life. forget them.
drop them. toss them out faster than moldy bread.


furthermore, use this as a learning opportunity. give all the people in your life the benefit of the doubt. have some loyalty towards those that have treated you kindly. show some human decency.

HATE goes hand in hand with L I E S . as a general psa to EVERYONE, never believe mudslinging. if someone feels the need to go out of their way to talk shit about someone, they aren’t a reliable source. never believe anything that comes from lips spoken hatefully. check sources, compare facts, don’t be a sheep.

think about it this way, sweet nonnie – now you have the most beautiful opportunity in the world to treasure those you still have in your life. they’re the winners. they’re the people worth spending your time on. cherish them. nourish the relationships that have stood up to petty dramas && mudslinging. forget the rest. 

                                                   don’t let the muggles get you down, darling.