I just listened to The Weeknd’s “Often” for the first time. It clocks in at 4:09, which means it’s about 4 minutes too long.


Are you looking at him? Where am I? How did this happen? How did I get here? HE IS 19. I AM ALMOST 23. Jesus send help. Where’s the fucking holy water. I’m a sinner. I. AM. A. SINNER.

I wanna sit on his pretty mouth guys. I wanna ride his mouth till the cows come hOME.

I was eating while portia was napping on me, I take one bite, she wakes up like she is rising out of the grave, grabs my food, and starts eating it. Earlier she slapped me with a banana peel. She can’t wipe her own butt yet she burns me like a pro it’s painful guys she is too pure for this world.


I was tagged by hipsterpunk1 and xshamansbluesx to post some pics- thank you my lovelies- so here I am (sorry for being so late) I guess I’ll tag annihilation-your-masturbation trickymb fluffdrumfredd fleshbutt-apocalypse and anyone else who wants to, you can say that I tagged you :*