Epilogue…“all the things I wanna do to you”

There will be a night where you pay me a visit,

there in my dream I’ll treat you like a god you’ll see…

I will rip off your clothes like I was violently removing the sacret veils from your sanctuary, like a mad viking I will raid you and steal everything holy you possess. You will expect no mercy and rest assure I will show none becouse that’s the way you like me, and that’s the only way I’ve got to have you.

My hands will be blades, my hair will be a thousand whips, your body will be my map and I will mark my way into pleasure with my teeth. With small bites I’ll travel through mountains of pain and hills of agony, until I reach the valey where my treasure lies.

Your face will be my throne and all I want to do is to sit on my thone; and gaze upon my glorious kingdom.

I’ll pin you down and seduce you until you ask for mercy but I won’t give in until you realize you have to fight your way out of “me” you have to show me you can tame me, you have to win me in battle. Once you do, you can draw your map of pleasure on my body and mark all the spots you would like to be.

Visit them, admire them, taste them, pillage them if you wish; I won’t show the slightest resistance becouse you are my god, remember? If it pleases you I’ll sacrifice my human weaknesses to you and with the thick blood I’ll paint you a glorious warface so people can recognize you as my conqueror.

  • Feeling romantic tonight I guess!
  • Don’t worry sisters I’m ok, I just had a lovely dream and got inspired.
  • We don’t do dreams anymore…why we no do dreams anymore??
  • I miss your dreams!

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* TONES. Okay since I’ve watched Boondock Saints I’ve decided to make my Daryl a little more rugged and badass. I’ve realized I’ve made him too soft? Sorry guys!! I wish someone told me lmao. But hey, muse development is what’s more important. I like to visualize what Daryl does in my head, and say what he says outloud sometimes. Helps me keep him real. Please tell me if I muck up his characterization!

How to unit Castiel and the Winchesters

Spn writers: Okay, I think we made clear that Dean hit rock bottom, right guys? So now, Sam and Dean are in the Impala. Both of them are visible.

Spn writers: Then Cas calls Dean. What a coincidence he calls Dean. Could have been Sam as well.

Spn writers: He could use his catch phrase. Hello Dean. That could work pretty well.

Spn writers: Do you think we have to actually say it?

Spn writers: Nah, they’ll know… But don’t forget the close up on Dean’s face!

Spn writers: Good, Sam and Dean are driving to get Cas. Who is still right beside the phone cell. Weird. As if he had nothing better to do than get back to Dean. Oh and Sam of course! Sam is very important in that reunion which is why we are pointing that out constantly.

Spn writers: When they see each other, we don’t want them to act on in right away. We could let them stare at each other. Don’t think we have done that before.

Spn writers: And some close ups again. Maybe one of Dean, one of Cas, one of Dean, one of Cas, one of Dean, …

Spn writers: Aaaannd The End. Great work guys!

Someone from a dark corner: But what about Sam? Wasn’t he right beside Dean?

Spn writers:

Spn writers:

Spn writers: Well, I think Sam importance is already obvious. Besides, Dean and Cas do share a more profound bond.

Spn writers: #nohomo


you matter, too. you matter to me. you’ll see. you matter to me.