I need to get this out of my system. About KuroTsuki ship hate.

You don’t see the chemistry between Kuroo and Tsukishima? Alright, I don’t see the chemistry between your rare pairings. But you still ship them? Deny all you want, I am very sure you will find that little excuse to ship whatever your pairing is. So why can’t we KuroTsuki shippers do it for our ship?

KuroTsuki makes every other ships invisible because we make it as if Kuroo was the one who did a great part in Tsukishima’s character development? Are you telling me to ship everyone with Tsukishima? OTP will lose its meaning, it is One True Pairing for a reason. Don’t we all focus on 2 characters only in all our pairings? Why can’t we KuroTsuki shippers do it?

Why are the other rare pairings allowed but not KuroTsuki? The other rare pairings have nothing to do with each other at all and you haters allow it but not KuroTsuki? Why can’t we ship whatever we want? Are you the only one allowed do it? Do I look like I freaking need approval from you to ship what I want to ship?

Yea, Kuroo’s contribution cannot be compared to what the others did for Tsukishima’s great character development. I don’t see what Tsukishima or Kageyama did for each other only something what teammates need to do, but you ship them? (No hate, I am okay with KageTsuki. I’m the one who will ship anything as long as the glasses is the uke. But I’ll definitely have 1 pairing that I love with all my soul and that pairing is KuroTsuki.)

Why can’t you keep the hate to yourself? Block or unfollow anyone that reblogs or posts about your NOTPs. It won’t affect us at all, will appreciate it if you get out of the tag. Actually not mentioning about KuroTsuki at all will help you hate less. And don’t bitch when we talk shit about your pairings.

(Starting from here, it will be my own story with KuroTsuki.)
I love KuroTsuki so much is because this ship has brought me up whenever I’m down. In February-July 2014, I was having a really bad time in school. I wanted to pass the time fast by sleeping in class. I was really sad because I had a great fight with my ex-best friend. I’m someone who doesn’t know how to socialize in real life so I was alone that few months. KuroTsuki stayed with me during the mentioned months, I felt better every time I think of them. KuroTsuki is precious to me, I would have done something stupid if it weren’t for many of the authors and artist that kept me thinking positive during the bad months. Of course, I had other things that made me happy but the important one will be my OTP and a few of you here on Tumblr. My story might sound like another weaboo story to you, but it isn’t for me.