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War of the Sun: The Paladin’s Pyre

Sorry for the wait. Here’s the next chapter of the War of the Sun.

In the many ages since its inception, the Temple of Dawn has faced many sieges. Never has the enemy breached its walls, or  blood been spilled on sacred ground. Until today.

The Order of the First Sun turned on itself, steel and divine power clashing against each other, familiar faces behind every blow. And above it all, a luminous being was suspended above all, expressionless as blood spilled in its name.

Tarek Al Amir though he knew hate before today. Thought seeing it in others could let him master it, not let touch him if he knew what the consequences of indulging in that passion would be. The death of his mentor been the first crack in the foundation of his control. Today saw it turn to ash.

The Paladin marched forth, enemies who should have been brothers put themselves in his way. One by one they fell, and he continued forth, the red haze of his fury allowing only one to truly have his focus.

When he was withing ten feet of his foe, the creature that claimed to be the incarnation of the First Sun turned to face him, with a golden face that was perfect as it was expressionless. The closer Tarek got to it, the more its golden light seemed to drown out everything else, the war torn temple retreating further and further away.

Tarek didn’t let himself care, even as reality shifted around him, his greatsword raised high for a blow that would bisect his enemy’s skull. Steel sang through the air, the power to destroy evil igniting within in it.

The blade struck in a text perfect move that should have shorn through bone. Should have, but the jarring sensation and shattered steel spilling everywhere indicated otherwise. Tarek looked upward, and to his minimal relief, his enemy wasn’t entirely indifferent to the strike. Where steel had failed, his power had left an already healing burn mark. The amusement that had formed around the creature’s face said it all, really.

Stubborn, desperate, suicidal, Tarek wasn’t certain what he was at that moment. Maybe he’d decided that he wasn’t the type to give in even in certain defeat. Maybe it was instinct. Maybe it was faith. 

Regardless, he lifted the broken sword for another strike, before an iron grip halted his momentum, and in a moment of pain that left him breathless, his entire arm gone in a flicker of light and fire. 

Whiteness filled his vision, before Tarek found himself crumpled on the floor, the jagged sensation of agony ringing up his arm. Teeth bared in a half feral grimace, he glanced up at his enemy.

The creature knelt, facing Tarek with a look of pity. “You are bold, Tarek. You haven’t always been. As a boy, you preferred to let the world go by, until you read the right words at the right time. You moved with purpose in your actions, not recklessness. Until today, until me. Do you wonder why the sight of me summons such hatred in you?”

The entity grasped Tarek’s head, his skin igniting at the touch. It was all he could do not to scream.

“Because in the beginning, I was like you. I was the first like you. The first to bring light into a dark universe. The first have a purpose that went beyond myself. The first to serve, and the first to find a better destiny. My purpose.”

Evil smiled then, with impossibly perfect teeth. “I am Morningstar, Lightbringer, the deliverer of the dawn, and a thousand and one other names, all true. I brought everything you love into this world. And now, I will take it back.”

Tarek smelled the foul scent of his own burning hair slither into his nose, his skin burning off his face. His shattered, absent arm roared a phantom pain. He could see his entire body, and his soul beyond it, withering in the presence of the Bringer of Light.


He could not win, could not hope to defeat the thing that was using his soul like kindling, even if all it spoke were lies. It was too powerful. But he had to. There wasn’t any other choice.

Tarek Al Amir stood on unsteady legs, his entire sense of self on fire. Tarek closed his eyes, and willed the flame to burn what he was not. Words of prayer and oaths were whispered, before he met the gaze of his enemy.

“This is not your temple. This is not your place. You have no power here, and no right. Begone.”

The Morningstar began to sneer, before it blinked slightly, and then was gone.

Tarek fell to the ground, missing an arm, and much of his skin burned beyond recgonition. Around him, the Paladins were unmoving, uncertain of what just happened. But the absence of the Morningstar proved the difference in the conflict. The traitors fled, an unseen sense telling them where they would find their master.

And Tarek Al Amir lay broken, the very image of a Pyrrhic victory. With his arm absent, and much of his body burned beyond recognition, the Paladin seemed a shadow of his  former self.

For a moment at least. But his legs still worked, and the, there was much to do. Tarek rose, meeting the gaze of his uncertain brethren solidly. They’d been loyal, and stayed at his side in this baptism by fire. The thought humbled him, before he felt himself falling. In the moment of strength he had left, the Paladin smiled sadly before crumpling onto the floor.

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