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what do u think of the new Rodrick for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

dude i havent consciously thought about diary of a wimpy kid in like a year

im looking him up rn

why did you send me this ask i thought he would be outrageously hot

he kinda looks like this guy i dated in middle school

i get why theyre having a whole new cast but this is such a downgrade what the fuck

ok for everyones convenience:

old rodrick, from like??? 2011??? or something

i think he wears eyeliner in one scene 7/10 would smash

new rodrick. why/10

ahhh well there goes :p i was tagged by @velvethoseok to do the… selfie tag was it? ik you tagged me a long time ago but kvjrjfkf here you go :’))))

i tag… ah this is hard i tag @taendency @taehyxngs @slutlingar @yoongster @pardonchristie @almondyoongi @sleepychim