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so yeoli is back and this time promoting exo asjkgdf ♡ I was tagged by my (biggest crush) @minseoksnowflake and (the mother of my ferrets) @bbhsthighs to do the selca tag, thank you, you’re both so beautiful but I’m still here showing my puppy/muffin face

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@kittykillswitch tagged me in the selfie thing and I decided to make a lame pun! I’m a sick puppy. Get it? Anyway this is a live action selfie with a dog filter taken at work just now. Despite my puffy eyes I did get 8 full hours of sleep last night. Not pictured: my Rudolph nose.

Everyone I tag has done this already?! I’m tagging: @theunitedkanedom @shedoesthewoods @enthusiasm-paraphernalia @humpuukia @alexturntable @isthereroomforbothofus ummmmm … @hauntedhousesoundeffects

Do it or not idc I got stressed trying to pick who to tag!

Reaper - He growls under his breath as he basically just makes this person sit down and calm down even if he has to force them to. Their health, especially their mental health, is more important than anything in the world despite what they want to think.

Zenyatta - Have they taken a break? Zenyatta is quick to remind them that they are just human and just sitting down and taking a deep breath can help very much during moments of high stress.

dermatologists HATE him ! this man is hundreds of years old but LOOKS 23 … local senri reveals his shocking anti-aging secret !! learn the soul-leeching trick to his stunning results !!

i hate mars moto and everything he stands for, and i hate that he looks like he’d be into mountaintop yoga

PSA: Good-bye

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Okay, sooo…I was tagged to do the bias selfie tag by @dokaixing @ksoos-frenum and @krismasbells 💕
Thanks guys~ :3

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So I was tagged in the Bias selfie tag, which I love doing bc I love any tag that I can talk about my bias lol.
So here’s me and my bias and me as my bias 😂 Thank the Lord for snapchat filters.


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@fanmadereality, tbh, I would avoid the “ace discourse” because I was once told by an ace person that I deserved to be called a “tr*nny D*ke” by the ace community because “you can’t expect respect if you’re an aphobe uwu~” regardless of the fact that disagreeing with someone is no excuse to use homophobic/transphobic slurs and no one, on either side, deserves that