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I've seen a lot of speculations that Dean will be involved with or possessed by Lucifer at some point this season, and i have to say, i disagree and i really, really hope not. Like i know they have to create dilemmas and drama for the characters, but i don't see them gong back down that road at this point. I see Lucifer's arc and Dean's not going that way. Also, i just feel that it would be very repetitive at this point. Like we've already seen this.

Yeah, I’ve seen them too. Or alternately that it will be Mary who has to Deal with a potential possession… and I’m with you. I don’t want to see either thing, really.

As much fun as it would be in theory to watch Jensen play Lucifer, oh my god NO for Dean’s sake I do not want him to make that kind of sacrifice. He’s JUST gotten past all the Mark of Cain/Demon!Dean/Darkness stuff. He’d been at the mercy of supernatural bullshit for the last two and a half seasons, and he’s finally come out the other side and actually scored a win. For Dean, this was something huge. He didn’t have to bargain away his soul, sacrifice innocents, or compromise his morals. He legit scored an unproblematic win.

He even got his mom back from the dead for his trouble. Talk about a big reward.

Yeah, Mary’s return hasn’t all been sunshine and roses (yes that turn of phrase was chosen VERY DELIBERATELY), but it’s helped him continue to break down the walls he started chipping away at toward the end of s11.

With Dean, we’ve just gotten past this sort of possession scenario with the Mark and the Darkness. With Mary, she’s only just been given a second chance at life after having made a terrible deal with a demon back in 1973, and feeling the burden of guilt for EVERYTHING that has happened to both her husband and children in the years since, ALL the suffering her deal touched off, WHY would we want to see her make a similarly terrible deal AGAIN?!

Like, the premise of the entire series rode on the back of her making a similar “mistake” once before. And s11 and s12 have been all about UNDOING or getting a second chance to REDO things from the past to arrive at better outcomes. The whole “find another way” thing is still humming along.

Why the heckeroo would we WANT them all to suddenly backside so dramatically that anyone would feel compelled to make such a terrible choice? Or to be put in a situation where “I had no other choice” would ever be something we’d want for any of these characters.

They’ve earned their free will. I would, personally, be disgusted if they were to lose it all again so soon.

Not to mention the fact that, as you said, we have seen that particular plot device play out more than enough already. Considering how different s11 and s12 have been from the rest of the series (another way!), I sincerely doubt the intention is to suddenly reverse course and steer the entire plotline back to the same old-same old that we’ve already seen repeated over and over for years.

Since counselling on Tuesday things have been difficult. I keep thinking about the topic we discussed and it makes me sad.
Makes sense that I’ve suppressed it for so long because it’s damn painful.
But at the same time it makes it all the more obvious that I need to face these emotions head on and allow myself to feel them so I can accept it in my heart and aim for some sort of closure.