Okay yes this requires some explanation

During Gil’s panel, he shared a story of his GISHWHES experience, namely being in the middle of New York City, shirtless, with “two HOPEFULLY of-age girls rubbing me with two sticks of butter.”

And I knew. I needed to go buy some butter immediately.

Matt was 300% on board with this plan. I’d told him ahead of time during our meet-and-greet that this was the plan, and he said, “Oh yeah. We’re not even going to ask. We’re just going to butter him.”

I was first in line. I stepped forward and held up the butter and waggled my eyebrows at Gil, who stared blankly and then broke out into a sheepish grin as he laughed.

The pose itself is Matt’s doing. “Okay, you hug him, and I’m going to hold the butter in my mouth and butter his ass.”

If it looks like Gil is holding me up, he is, because I was laughing too hard to stand on my own. Everyone in the photo op room screamed. People outside wanted to know what had just happened.

It was this, guys.

I forgot considering Halloween. Dammit. I have to make two themes and playlist for autumn. 

But what the heckles I’m gonna draw? BH6 HALLOWEEN THEEEMMMMEEE!!! 

What should Gogo, Tadashi, Hiro, Baymax, Honey , Fred, and Ginger gonna be? 

First of all I want you to know I am saying this in an extremely friendly, non-confrontational way, but Hollstein shipping friends, you need take a deep breath and calm down because I assure you there’s like, a 99% chance of your otp going back together, and I don’t say 100% because I don’t like dealing in absolutes. 

Don’t get so upset about every little thing that doesn’t end up in a Hollstein moment, enjoy the tension and relax, enjoy all the terrible things going on right now in the plot and let destiny bring the two pretties back together, wiser and possibly even prettier (how do they keep doing this).

 Relax and enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a good one for sure! I mean, look at your LaFerry siblings. Are we upset because we are not canon, we don’t know if we’ll ever be and half of our otp is possibly an eldritch abomination? Well, a little bit, but it is mostly panic about the eldritch abomination thing. But does that stop us from enjoying every second of having only god knows how much supernatural shit going on and a giant fish god stuck in a hole in the backyard and the actual fact that Mattie exists (bless)? No. 

Take my hand, Hollstein shippers, don’t worry about the destination and enjoy the journey, because the destination is almost 99% fixed for you all and a Carmilla season is a thing to enjoy wildly. Wildly, I tell you!