Another art request. This time for a redraw of the Father son embrace. I’ve seen lots of those, so I twisted It and did the five seconds post-hug instead. We need more Ghost Crew smiles!

I gotta stop drawing Kanan in profile /:

I swear I know other angles too…

i was tagged by @namjoone to do the selfie tag! thank you bby you look so pretty wow!!! 

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friendly reminder that seven was trapped in a room for three days with little chance to escape, no food, and no water.  do not sit there and make him out to be just some hacker.  he can fight, the agency put him through years of physical training.  he can adapt and survive , that’s his entire occupation.  HE ISN’T JUST THAT ONE WEIRD MEME KID IN THE CHATS.     the whole reason he constantly jokes in chats is because he doesn’t want his friends / family (RFA) to see the dark side of him , he wants to bring joy to them and if something DOES happen to them he wants them to only remember the bright happy sides.

  • Me:*Casually mentions Uni when buying a bag of doritos at the shop with my mam*
  • Cashier:..UNI?!!
  • Me:..yeah..
  • Cashier:*Laughing* nah you're not at university
  • Me:*slowly feeling the murderous rage of a tiny chihuahua*
  • Mam:She's twenty one
  • Cashier:Ohmygod, you look twelve. You're honestly not twenty one! Seriously??
  • Me:*Imagining all the creative ways I can kill a man with cool ranch doritos*