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Hey peeps!

I won’t be much present during approximately 5 days and the following weekend, so I just want to wish you all a really great week if I don’t stop by.

List of things to do while I’m gone: 

Drink a lot of water, put on socks when you walk on cold tiled floors, brush your teeth everyday and destroy the patriarchy. ♥

(be kind to my ask box, I still suck at answering in time ~)

Bye guys, may the gay be always in your favor.


i was in a mini debate with some non-english speaking fans 2 days ago about translations in gintama. and it reminds me that there is a wrong translation of “whether hell or under the sheets i’ll go with you” spoken by gintoki in the kintoki arc floating around. a few years ago when the chapter was released, i got into an argument about this because i rejected the “under the sheets” translation, and upset some fellow gintsuki fans. i am rather stubborn when it comes to literal texts sometimes, even when i truly love gintsuki. i’m sorry. (no, i dont think i am in the long run). 

i can’t explain it - it just annoys me when things get twisted or lost in translation. in this particular instance when gintoki used the word zashiki he meant exactly that. the place where tsukuyo beat him up. he just meant that he was willing to be beaten up and it wasn’t because he was willing to sleep with her. 

anyway, i have always been conflicted about the love incense arc, since gintoki said it under the effect of a drug. but i think maybe some people are interested in this thing in ch493

i can’t remember the exact lines translated, but as i have never seen people in the western fandom made any comments about it, i think no one has realised. (the chinese translation is also wrong, by the way.) 

what gintoki said in japanese

「俺たちは  いく時も イク時も 逝く時も 一緒だろう」

“ore tachi wa iku toki mo iku toki mo iku toki mo issho darou?”

sorachi used 3 “iku” puns in this panel.  

1) いく= to live 

2) イク= to come (as in, achieve orgasm)

3) 逝く= to die (another word for to pass away, depart from this earth, etc.)

in english, when you “cum”, it’s called “come”. but in japanese, it’s “go”, hence “iku”. it is always written in katakana. it always stands for that meaning.

therefore, gintoki has effectively said to tsukuyo: the time when we live, or “come”, or die, we have to do it together.   

i repeat. gintoki told. tsukuyo. that they have to. live together. achieve orgasm together. and die. together. 

typical of sorachi to write such a dirty but poetically romantic pick-up line.

it’s a pity that the fact still remains that gintoki is affected by the love potion.

note: いくcan also used for 生く - “to live”, as much as it can be used for “to go” - 行く, but the rationale here is, as sorachi used 逝くfor “to die”, it can only mean that the implied いく is “to live” and not “to go” as in, 行く


i let my friends do all the planning to celebrate my 19th birthday, so i dont actually know what ill be doing, but at least ill look great whilst partying? yeah? yeah. (also sporting a weeping angel just for the hell of it).

thank you for all the birthday love guys. you are all such awesome people!