Natasha burst onto the scene this year as the title character in the web series Carmilla, and her star only continues to rise. She’ll next appear alongside Carmilla co-star Elise Bauman in Almost Adults, she’s also working on an album of original music and writing a children’s book. We’re also happy to call her an AfterEllen contributor. (x)

tiredwinchesters asked:

Hey Scout!! Since you've done a Jensen and a Misha drawing tutorial kinda thing, would you mind doing one for Jared too? He's the one that gives me the most trouble, since I don't draw him very often.

SURE here’s jensen and misha–i’m happy people are actually finding these useful/interesting!

SO ALRIGHT i really don’t have a lot of experience with jared’s face in realism. but here’re a couple things i’ve noticed in the little time i’ve spent drawing him that might help others:

  1. HIS NOSE POINTS UPWARDS! the bridge of his nose slants more angled inwards up towards his brow. the others’ noses don’t do that (they’re more straight with slight dorsal humps,) and it makes everything aggravating. he also has a pretty wide nose, which will make it more confusing. i recommend studying his nose for a while! (also, i have put a square around Off-Side Nose-Cheek Freckle. v important)
  2. HE LIKES TO KISSY-FACE HIS LIPS MORE THAN JENSEN, I SWEAR. he does blue steel like crazy, and it changes his mouth shape, so watch out for that. this was one example where he wasn’t model-facing. it makes all the difference sometimes!
  3. his jaw is giant. his everything is giant. this man is a giant, and everything is wide and it’s going to force you to want to compensate, but it’s when you start trying to do that things get screwy. his sideburns help section out his face though, and give you a nice vantage point when you get them in the right spots!

remember he’s got a pretty pronounced widow’s peak as well! he has a super wide heart-shaped face, pretty wide-set noise and brow, so it’s all a matter of not making things too big or too small. 

it’s tough doing these little break-downs without being repetitive, because it’s really the same process for each, it’s just pointing out things that could be throwing people off. like, when i first started doing realism, my own problem was that i would CONSTANTLY elongate features. it was when i realized that that i fixed a ton of problems with my own work!



No, it’s just my OC Dusk/Eve in Kozaki style. I never want to do that again. I’m not gonna go into her FE:F background until the game becomes localized. 

I drew this from scratch so please do not edit or use her portrait in any way. Unless you are using her in a fun support convo, in which that’s fine and you should totally link it to me.

I worry so much about WBB

1, What if the reason Ice Bear is so mature has to do with his past??


3, okay but, Pandas often abandon one of their young. PanPan..? Oh no feels

4 what is that big foot thing in the intro

5, are the cub scenes coming back?? Will they kill me?

I don’t wanna hurt you but you live for the pain, i’m not tryna say it but it’s what you became

You want me to fix you but it’s never enough that’s why you always call me cause you’re scared to be loved, but i’ll always be there for you, i’ll always be there for you.

the weeknd - shameless

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