UU: it is the day whereafter the legendary octet of mUtUal progenitoriety will come together and heal a great breach in paradox space.
UU: a day delivered throUgh eighty billion years and foUr distinct Universal instances worth of Unfathomable tUrbUlence.
UU: and while the emerald eye of this storm is fixed in the abyss forever
UU: today yoU are poised to escape its scowl once and for all.
UU: by skaias gUiding light, yoU may leave behind its tUrning arms of bright coloUrs and mayhem, and secUre peace for yoUr cosmic progeny for all dUration.

The emerald eye of the storm—the storm of “Unfathomable tUrbUlence“ and “a great breach in paradox space“!

We laid on the tar of the rooftop, still hot from the sun, our eyes on the sky while it moved, peaking in crests. She said it looked like the surface of some great sea, and we lay on the bottom, watching the waves as they rolled, planes gliding across the surface, dipping in and out of sight, like distant ships. The lights, in the crush of the city, flickered with their phosphorescence, accented by the hums and pops of a living, breathing city.
She shifted, and said, you’d think it would feel like we’re drowning, down here- too heavy to swim. A stack of stones on your chest, stealing your breath- she paused, to rest. It never felt that way to us, looking up, floating on the bottom, breathing out, breathing it in. 

Words and photograph by Dave Krugman, @dave.krugman on Instagram. 

I really hate when people theorize about my non existent biracial children. “your kids will be so cute! omg maybe they’ll have blue eyes! and you know they’ll have such great hair!” cause all biracial kids look alike? they all have “light eyes” and “good hair?” what if my kid is dark skinned with kinky hair? what if we adopt? will they be “so cute?” or are biracial kids only cute when they fit some narrow definition of multi racial? we’re talking about human beings, not designer dogs. this shit isn’t flattering or cute. like. please don’t fetishize children that don’t even exist yet.

seriously this shit makes me so mad. but also really sad. this idea that whiteness or partial whiteness is better is really disgusting. and I really hate that people assume I buy into that because my husband is white. I don’t. take that mess elsewhere

IF we have kids (seriously get out of my uterus) they’ll be cute because kids are cute, not because they’re biracial. uuuugh.

I’ve decided to make a video about this but I’m struggling with how to do it. this topic is still difficult for me, especially since there are corners of the Internet dedicated to policing my relationship & my blackness. I swear I can’t fucking win.


okay so I met danisnotonfire and amazingphil today and it was honestly so perfect. I ran up to Dan first and was like “Can I hug you?!!” And he said “of course” and then we hugged and he was so soft and warm :~) and then I turned and hugged Phil and said hi and I asked them if they could sign my pass and while they’re signing it Dan asked how my weekend was going and I said it was good and then I asked them how their weekend was going and they said great. After I turned to Dan and asked “can we take the pictures facing this way because of lighting and stuff” and he laughed and said sure and we took our two selfies and then after that I turned around and look them both in the eyes and said “I didn’t get to tell you last year but I just wanted to say it was because of you guys and your videos that I’m a happier and more confident person now” and they both smiled and said they were glad to hear that and then I hugged them both again and told them to have a great day and left. It was just an amazing experience overall.

Tongue Lashing

Characters: Lucifer x Reader
Words: 1017
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is trapped in the cage with Lucifer. And when you’re trapped together, tensions run high. Lucifer is intrigued by something shiny.

Author’s Note: I left this open for another part…let me know if you want it.

         You sat with your head against the bars. So much for a normal life. Of course, trying to figure out how to destroy the cage just put you in it. And now, it was just you and Lucifer. For as long as it took for Sam and Dean to get you out.

           “Y/N, this light looks great on you,” Lucifer said. His pick-up lines were getting worse and worse.

           You rolled your eyes, “Yeah? I must look pale and sick in this light. Nice try, Luci, keep ‘em coming.”

           Lucifer kept staring at you. At first, it really was uncomfortable, but it grew to just be normal. I mean, you were the only two in the cage, so he didn’t have much to actually look at except for you.

           “Ya know, we could be in her together forever. That’s almost like we’re married,” Lucifer said.

           You smirked, “Yeah? I really don’t think being married means two people locked in a cage.”

           “It’s not far off,” he chuckled.

           You looked at him, “Lucifer, being alone with a female is seriously messing with your brain.”

           “I can’t help it.”


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  • Lazy Kisses.
  • Dry humping.
  • Dark hickies. (Everywhere)
  • Running your fingers through his hair.
  • Light groans more on his part.
  • Music in the background.
  • Teasing. (If he really wanted too)
  • You taking dominance.
  • “Baby girl.”
  • “Princess.”
  • Light butterfly kisses.
  • Oral.
  • Grinding.
  • Skinship.
  • First time would be sweet and gentle.
  • But, afterwards it would be rough.
  • Him being open to new things.
  • Kitchen sex.
  • Studio sex.
  • Late night or early morning sex.
  • Whispering.
  • Leaving marks on his back.
  • Moving the hair out of his eyes.
  • Distracting him from work.
  • Him always asking for your consent.
  • Eye contact.
  • Him resting his head on your shoulder as he thrusts into you.
  • Him telling you how great you look under him.
  • Waking up sore.
  • 69.
  • Him silently admiring your body on top of him.
  • Marks on your thighs from his grip on them.
  • Angry sex. (sometimes)
  • Him cursing your name lowly.

I don’t know if this was what you expected… Sorry if this was pretty lame but, hey i tried. I thought about it for a bit so yeah. Anyway, i had my BTS Ouran High High School Host Club scenario written but, it deleted when i was going to post it RIP. S o yes i will have to re write it and try to post it again.

All The Love.

- Mari x

Engagement Ring Ashton Smut

Anonymous asked: Since no one requests Ashton things. You stumble upon an engagement ring and then wait anxiously for weeks for him to propose but he never does. You finally bring up the topic and he was worried you’d say it’s too soon or not super committed to him. He has trust issues. If smut works then great if not that’s fine too

“Do you have anything to wash?!” You shout down to Ashton as you hold a bundle of clothes in your hands.

“IN THE WARDROBE!” He shouts back, you groan loudly as you walk over to the wardrobe and kick open the door as you sort through the dark and lights.

You are picking everything up when you hear something hit the floor.

“Fuck,” You mumble looking around the floor only to find a box, you narrow your eyes at it as you lean down to pick it up.

“Everything okay?” Ashton asks, you quickly hide the box in the pile and nod your head.

“Yeah, just sorting the colours.”

“Oh okay, need any help?” He asks.

“No I’m good, I’ll just go… er… put these on, yeah.”

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psychedelic-hoe  asked:

I have brown eyes and they are kinda smallish. How can I use makeup to make my eyes appear larger? .

Just about everyone wants beautiful big doe-eyed eyes so you’re not alone in wanting to make your eyes look larger. It’s time to ditch the black eye makeup and go a little lighter…

Light Eyeshadow

Dark smoky eyes are great, but if you want to make your eyes look larger it’s best to ditch them and go for lighter shades instead. Try pale creams, light beige’s and shimmery champagnes for the best results.

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Say Nothing
  • Say Nothing
  • Pianos Become The Teeth
  • Keep You

Jams of the night:

So let’s say nothing some more,
because this is something more than me,
and I got what I need,
but sleeping,
when I should’ve been alive,
it still gives me sand,
but clouds my eyes,
I thought about the rust,
the quote on the ledge about living on,
“that great consciousness of life,”
oh, what we frame and hang to get by,
whatever keeps your heart light,
whatever keeps you is all right by me,
but maybe I don’t want to talk about how this life layed me down,
or how I saw the change because I didn’t see you everyday,
unspoken looks and what the leaving took,
a lack of noise isn’t a lack of life,
and that’s the way I think it’s always been
because, “I say it all, when I say nothing at all,”
so let’s say nothing some more,
and let the words burn their way across the floor
because if these walls could talk,
I still couldn’t get over a God damned soul,
and I can’t hold smoke,
so let’s say nothing some more,
because the sand stays with me,
because the sand keeps you. 

I go among your body as among the world,
your belly the sunlit center of the city,
your breasts two churches where are celebrated
the great parallel mysteries of the blood,
the looks of my eyes cover you like ivy.

you are a city by the sea assaulted,
you are a rampart by the light divided
into two halves, distinct, color of peaches,
and you are saltiness, you are rocks and birds
beneath the edict of concentrated noon…
—  Octavio Paz, Sun Stone
#148: Baby Series | Baby’s First Word

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits


Luke’s fingers caressed down the skin around your shoulders, his finger tickling the skin around your bones and down your spine. He was humming lightly to himself, squeezing one eye shut by the morning sun streaking in through the curtains in bright orange and yellow colors. William was resting next to him between the two of you, his blue eyes curious and looking up at his father while enjoying being tickled on his stomach. It was great Luke was a multitasker because he knew William would bug if he stopped his actions. You were out like a light after taking too many painkillers because of early night period. It was days like these that could be so stressful, feeling miserable in your own body and not wanting to do anything else but rest in your bed and do pointless thing like sleeping. But with Luke by your side, all the pain seemed to vanish away. He was there when you needed him and the bond between him and your son was enough to make your heart melt, and relax with him only watching over the two of you. “See bud… She’s sleeping again. It took some time huh, of course it can’t compares to you though.” Luke smiled down at his son loving, moving his fingers from his stomach to the top of his forehead. He leaned his lips down to kiss your shoulders, planted one on top of William’s forehead before scratching his itchy bare chest, the duvet barely covering down to his V line. William turned around now resting on top of his stomach, clearly craving for his mother’s attention. He reached his small hand forward and grabbed your hair, pulling on it lightly making Luke’s eyes go wide. “No no William, don’t do that. She barely slept because of her period, she needs all the sleep she can so she can give you her 100% attention later when I’m heading to the studio.” Luke tried his best to fiddle William’s small fingers away from your matted hair. By his action, William looked at him confused, looking between the two of you. “Ma-“ He paused, “Ma.” His gaze turned towards your sleeping form, making Luke’s blue orbs widen. “William did you just-“ He was interrupted by his son finishing his first word, the word mama leaving his lips and he started to pull on your hair. “Oh my.” Luke commented amazed, hurrying to filter his fingers out of your hair again, not knowing whether to wake you up at this point. “William can you promise me one thing? When mommy wakes up, you’ll have to say that word again because it’s pretty amazing and I know it’s gonna leave her startled, surprised and her belly filling up with butterflies.” Luke’s fingers caressed your shoulder again while looking down at his son with rather proud eyes. This took him down to a memory from the pregnancy. The night he spoke to your belly for the first time. But now he could get the chance to talk to his son face to face. An amazing feeling.


”Shouldn’t he like, be talking by now?” Michael questioned out loud, his huge fingers wrapping around Alex’ small hands, his feet resting on top of the coffee table while Alex leaned his back against Michael’s thighs. Calum looked up from his phone to glance over at Michael, his eyebrows furrowing and he grasped his bottom lip with his fingers. “I don’t know I guess. I might have known if I had gotten the chance to ask any questions when we went to the doctors.” Calum gave Michael a look that told everything and in reaction the brown haired boy scoffed at him. “Admit it, the doctor visit wouldn’t have been anything without Luke, Ash and I as moral support.” Michael grinned by his own words and wiggled his eyebrows at Cal who only shook his head, his eyes looking over at the recording boot where Ashton was standing, Luke sitting in front of the equipment with John. “Come on Alex, the two words are easy. Simple as butter. Say uncle Mikey.” Michael looked serious at your son, his eyes focused on the brown orbs in front of him, trying his best to get some sort of contact. “Or you could just drool down on my jeans instead.” He chuckled after a minute of waiting, using his thumb to dry away the drool from Alex’s chin and his jeans, the spot fading into the dark denim. “Come on bud, I would die if you say Luke’s name before mine.” Luke looked over at shoulder and rolled his eyes by Michael’s comment, but still managed to grin over the small feud they shared. Instead of doing as Michael requested, Alex started to fuzz and make whimpers which you took as a queue to take him into your lap instead. “I can never have him for more than five minutes before he starts crying, great! I must get used to not being the favourite uncle.” He humbled and crossed staring at the two of you. Though, he was still a whimpering mess when he was embraced in his arms, even more furious than when being with Michael and you softly sighed by his reaction. “He’s being moody these days, it might be a bit stress from constantly switching hotel room and bunk.” You mumbled tired, trying to calm him down but he wouldn’t stop. “Dada!” He exclaimed loudly, looking over at Calum almost for help which made everyone freeze in the room, including John and Luke. “He just-?” Michael questioned shocked while Calum stood up from the couch with the biggest smirk on his face. “1-0 to daddy here.” Calum grinned and took you from your arms, and in the second Alex was resting against Calum’s chest he quiet down and smiled up at his father. You crossed your arms and shocked your head, looking over at Michael who shockingly stared at the scene in front of him. “Don’t be like that Michael, I’m his mother and Calum gets more appreciation than I do.” Calum grinned down at you and planted a soft kiss to your furious state, “Hopefully he will say mama soon.”


The sun was streaming nicely in your face, both warm and brightening up the whole garden that lead to Michael and yours house. You fiddled with the grass beneath the blanket while ripping it off and goofily letting it fall down on top of Celeste, whom started to squirm by the sudden contact on her belly. You lifted up your sunglasses to get a better look at her, and removed the grass again from her belly as it was clearly irritating her. “Your dad loves getting grass on his belly. I used to do it all the time when we were tanning in the garden before you were born. He even put grass on my belly once while it was huge and you were living inside of me. You probably don’t remember it.” You caressed your finger down her cheek while talking, the two of you keeping eye contact, Celeste noticing every word you were saying and observing it. “Speaking of which, where is your dad hiding, he said he only needed to find the lawnmower in the shed at the other end of the house.” You looked up towards where Michael had been going, a curious expression on your face. But seconds later he showed up from the other end, driving the lawnmower in front of him, having a light yellow cable with it that was connected to the other end of the house. He started to machine and started to run down the grass, cutting it off and making your lawn, and he smiled over at you with a small wink when he noticed you staring at him. “Dada!” You looked down at Celeste’s exclaim with a smile, nodding your head agreeing to her words. But your eyes widened as the realization of what she had just said hit you and you looked at her shocked. “Did you just say your first word?” Celeste looked up at you while chewing on her fist, drool running down her chin. You waited in silence in excitement for her to say something again, and her eyes traced towards Michael before she exclaimed the same word again, dada. “Michael!” You screamed over the loud sound of the lawnmower but it wasn’t after a few repeats of his name that he heard it and stopped the noise. “What?” he yelled and squeezed his eyes by the bright sun. “Celeste just said her first word!” You pointed down at her, and Michael’s eyes widened and hurried towards you guys. “Oh my god, what did she say?” “Dada.” She responded before you could and Michael’s eyes widened in pure surprise by the amazing voice of his littler daughter talking for the first time. “Oh my god Celeste, I knew you would be a sucker for your dad, can you say the word again.” He lifted her up in his arms, pressing kisses to his cheeks and laughing all over his face by the repeated word of dada.


After having the twins at the doctor visit and she mentioned you guys needed to talk more to Zack, you took to a whole new level – more correctly, Ashton did. Every time he would walk pass him in any way he would be making weird noises, words and babbles, trying to get attention from his son who looked up at his dad with the identical hazel eyes. No matter what time it was on the day Ashton would be a talking mess, but also remaining with giving both twins the attention. It was getting to the point where you almost wanted to put tape over his mouth, he was taking it to a whole new level. “We need to find a day off soon so we can get some time with ourselves. We haven’t had a date since the birth.” You mentioned while feeding Cloe with porridge, making weird facial expressions to catch her attention. Ashton looked up from cutting carrots and other vegetables on the counter and he wiped his curls that were sticking in front of his face. “Who should watch the twins, my mum?” His attention went back to the cooking in front of him, and you sighed by his words and leaned your elbow on chair you were sitting at. “If she has the time.” Ashton nodded his head agreeing to your words and opened the boiling pan with water, starting to fill it up with the cut vegetables. “I’ll just ask her when I have the time.” You nodded your head and your attention went back to the twins, seeing Cloe in a mess with her food while Zack only stared down at it, not really looking like someone who wanted to eat more of it. “Done?” You asked him and took his plate while standing up from your chair, ready to turn around to place it in the sink but protests came from your behind and all of the sudden Zack exclaimed “Mama!” frustrated. Ashton’s eyes widened along with yours and you both turned your attention towards your son. “Did he just say mama?” Ashton asked in pure amaze, and moved away from the stove to get closer to you. You looked at Zack curiously and started to back away from him with the food, seeing him become desperate and exclaimed the same word again. “Oh my god.” Your hand came up to your mouth in shock and you placed his plate back on the table in front of him and lifted him up from his baby chair. “Ashton your weird babbles have worked.” Ashton laughed out loud by your words and placed a tender kiss to his cheek, excitement filling his veins. “I was expecting the word to be dada but alright, we’ll give that to Cloe.” He moved down with a cloth in his hands to dry off the porridge around her squeezy cheeks and you smiled proudly down at your son, proudness filling your veins by his first word.

Bad Boy Good Lips (Skate Maloley)

Can you do a nate imagine were he is a bad boy at school and he flirts with you and one day u give in and skip with him and smoke and things get tense. Thank you. Ur a great writer btw♡♡♡♡

– Thanks for the request and the compliment you’re so sweet…I’m so excited to do this one! - Bri x 

“Come on you know you want to…” He trails off, looking at you with such a light in his eyes it makes you even more intrigued by him. He leans against your locker and leans in slightly so he’s capable of speaking low enough only you can hear, “I’ll make it worth your while.” 

You look up at him and tilt your head to the side, your hair cascading down your back, touching your waist at the peek-a-boo part between your shorts and top in such a way it makes Nate’s jaw tighten just by looking at you, “are you sure about that?” You play along. Nate was only interested in you because you didn’t give him what he wanted straight away, he was all about the chase and you gave quite a good one. 

“I’m definite about that.” He places his hand on your waist, slowing tugging at your hair causing you to breathe heavier, oh god you loved it when people played with your hair. 

You were passing all of your classes, and hadn’t had a day off yet, so it wasn’t like it’d be that big of a deal if you skipped. Nate was a Senior, and you were a little younger so it was enticing to get offered to spend time with him, “is your car in the parking lot?” You question, and his reply is just a nod of assurance. You sigh, slamming your metal locker down shut, “well what are we doing, huh? Let’s get out of here.” 

Nate drapes his muscular arm around you. As a pair, you exit through the school doors and towards the Senior Parking lot where his white Nissan sat, parked carelessly at the very back covering two parking spots. He opens the door for you and you slide in, he takes your backpack from you and tosses it in the backseat before getting in himself.  

“Where are we going?” You question, eyeing him as he drives out of the parking lot, and in the direction of town.

Nate shrugs, and extends his arm, resting it on your thigh he smooths over your bare thigh with his palm, “nowhere special, babygirl.” Right after he says that, he pulls into a parking lot and drives to the part where barely any cars were at the very back of the building before parking and shutting the car off. 

Immediately, you take off your seat belt and get yourself comfortable on the seat. Nate smiles at you, and reaches into his backpack in the back seat to pull out a small bag of marijuana and a packet of rolling papers, “have you ever done this before?” He questions, and you shake your head. You regularly were the type of girl who followed the strict guidelines of what’s right or wrong, but Nate intrigued you so much and you wanted to see what life in his world was like. His grin widens, like he was excited that this would be your first time smoking. 

“Well, you know, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He reminds you eyes catching yours as he runs his tongue along the paper to make it stick, “we can just chill–that’s why I invited you anyway.” 

You rest your head against the headrest and scoff, “yeah…sure.” You wanted to try it anyway, but you weren’t too confident with his ‘nice guy’ scheme. A few girls had spent a little time with Nate said he was forceful, and was only interested if things went his way. He was the cliche bad boy in every movie you had ever watched…the bad boy you dreamed of having ever since you watched Grease, but he was also so much more. Nate holds the joint between his thumb and index finger and passes it to you. 

“Let’s see you try it then, babygirl.” He tests you, you reach up and grab the joint out of his fingers, you layer it between your lips and then take the lighter off of his thigh. 

Holding the lighter up, you attempt to flick it with your finger but have some difficulty, you try it a few more times getting frustrated with yourself, “fuck.” 

“Shh, shh here.” Nate coos, leaning over…his face was inches away from yours as he takes the lighter out of your shaky, nervous fingers, “inhale-” he instructs and you do as you’re told, immediately getting a rush of smoke into your mouth and lungs when he lights it. You take the joint away and cough, causing Nate to chuckle. 

“I don’t want that anymore.” You state passing it back to him, “oh my god, my lungs are burning.” 

“That’s supposed to happen!” He teases and throws his head back laughing before taking a hit. His cheeks are tinted red beneath his scruff of a beard, and you find it adorable how he gives you a crooked grin in between every hit. 

He still looked bad, yes, but he also showed you a side that you admired because he was interesting, enticing, kind–everything you loved in a person, “why do you act so bad all the time?” You question as his eyes droop shut for a moment, enjoying the high that came with smoking. 

“It’s the only way to protect myself–and it’s pretty fun too.” He replies without hesitation, within a few hits he was finished with the joint and was left with a raw buzz, “why do you act so hard to get all the time?” He tips his head back against the headrest and looks at you. 

You shrug, “because I’m not easy…I saw what boys–including you–did to girls who gave themselves easily…it’s all about the chase for you.” 

He leans in slightly pressing a kiss to your cheek, “well you’re smart, I’ll give you that, but how you do I’m just interested in hitting it and moving on?” The air was thick between you two, and he was growing closer with every passing second. 

“Because,” you say simply, “what else would a boy your age be interested in you?” 

“The cute girl that sat at the front row in Physics and answered all the questions .” His eyes meet yours, and his tone drops when you both start to slowly lean in. You were the girl who that at the front row in Physics and answered all the questions. You were the girl he was interested in, and not for just a hookup.  His lips capture yours with haste, and he grips your ribcage being surprisingly respectful as his lips caress yours. It tastes earthy from the weed, but nothing could beat the way his shapely lips worked against yours. 

He was a bad boy…but oh god he had good lips. 

I just kept writing and writing and writing and writing…I hope it’s not too long oh my god…lowkey I was imagining this happening to me the whole time and y/n acts exactly like I would oh dang. I hope you all enjoyed! - Bri x 

Memory Lane

Summary: You wake up in some sort of car graveyard, naked, with no memory, and some man yelling at you. You’re too tired and uncoordinated to run away, so you have no choice but to go to the man’s house. Will this guy help you remember who you are? Will you ever remember?

A/N: This thought’s been rattling in my head for a little bit, so I thought I’d post it. I think it’ll be a few parts, so let me know what you think!

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I’m over it. I’m over your soft brown hair, and dreamy blue eyes. I’m over your kind voice and sparky smile. I’m over the way you look at me and the way you light up when you see me. I’m over all the nice things you’ve said that I know you mean. I’m over the way you always asked if I was okay when you knew something was wrong, even when I’d never tell you the truth about my feelings. I’m over how you always made me laugh even when I never thought I’d smile again. Why am I over something so great?
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #203
Disconnected - John Murphy Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: many mentions of sex, like a lot.

Summary: Based on the song Disconnected by 5sos. You and Murphy have a great relationship. It’s an understood agreement of sex with no strings attached. Too bad. Someone broke the rules.

Word Count: 1618

You blinked. For once, seeing the light stream into your tent made you smile just a little. However, it wasn’t the fact that the sun was up that made you smile. It was the fact that the arm of a dear friend was securely wrapped around your waist. It looked like a good day. You wished for more, sure, but who were you to ruin a good morning. You leaned back, closing your eyes.

Because of this, your friend woke up. Murphy smirked and hugged your tighter. “Not leaving so soon, are you?”

You turned in his arms. “What? Not satisfied from last night? I’m hurt.”

Murphy’s eyes darkened. “What if I’m not?” His eyes traveled, looking at your entire body, clad only in his t-shirt.

You smirked. You sat up and quickly straddled his hips. You leaned down and placed your palms on his chest. “Well, if you weren’t satisfied…” You traced patterns on Murphy’s bare chest.

He grasped your hips and sat up. Murphy kissed you deeply, running his hands up and down your body.

You smiled into the kiss, tugging on his hair. Your toes curled in pleasure, and your body buzzed with electricity. You were so concentrated on kissing him that you forgot your initial plan. You laughed and pushed Murphy so that he was lying down. You smiled deviously. “As I was saying before being rudely interrupted, if you’re not satisfied,” you leaned down, letting your lips get dangerously close to his, “then you’ll have to wait.”

You jumped off of him and slipped on some underwear and pants. You took off the shirt you had on and threw it at him. “Come on, we got work to do.”

Murphy gaped. “That was not fair.” He put on his shirt and shrugged on his jacket.

You slipped on your bra and shirt. “Don’t care!” You yelled as you walked out of the tent.

You sauntered into camp.

“Hey! Give me that hammer!”

“Pay attention!”

“Break’s over! Back to work!”

You shook your head. Honestly, camp was a pain. Everything was nonstop work and worry. Gather supplies so the Grounders won’t kill you. Build that wall so the Grounders don’t kill you. Practice your aim so the Grounders won’t kill you. It was all about survival, life against death, work against pleasure.

You hated it.

You dawdled as you picked up your gun. You tried your best to block out the sounds of the camp. The clanking of metal against metal. The shouting of irritated leaders. The patting of feet against dirt.

Your feet fell into a steady beat. You had to practice shooting, then work on your portion of the wall, and get dinner before everyone else got the goods. You shouldered your gun and got to the makeshift shooting range. You concentrated on your target, a flimsy tarp with a circle crudely drawn on it. Easily, you shot it right in the middle. Practice did make perfect.

As you finished, you spotted your good friend, Octavia. “Enjoying your toy?”

“Ha ha, very funny, O.”

“So, what were you doing last night, hm?”

“Nothing much.” You tilted your head. “Did you do anything special?”

“Did you think about what I said?”


“Did you?”

You rolled your eyes and walked towards your section of the wall. “Yes.”



“Not true.”

“You have no proof.”

“Your actions, his actions, every night when the entire camp hears you-“

“That last one proves nothing.”

“It’s inevitable, (Y/n)!” Octavia stepped in front of you. “You guys have got to stop pretending that you’re not in love with each other.”

You stared at her.


You pushed past her. However, Octavia was never one to just leave things as is. “(Y/n), you have to at least admit it. Out loud, preferably.”

“There’s nothing to admit.”

“Is he hot?”


She shrugged. “Just an innocent little question. Is. He. Hot?”

You stuttered, “I mean, I guess. Yeah, he’s good-looking. But, your brother’s hot, too.”

“On with the questions!”


“Do you think about him?”


“Like even after sex? Before sex? Maybe you’re anxious about it. Yes or no?”

“About Murphy? I mean, yeah, I do, but we’re friends. Of course I think about him. I think about you, too, and Grounders so-“

“Next, is the sex good?”

“Yes. You want the details?”

“Spare me. Now, last one. Do you love John Murphy?”

“We talked about this.”

“And we will continue to do so until someone spills. Now, I’ll ask again. Do you love him?”

You rolled your eyes and walked to the wall. Throughout the entire day, as you worked on the wall, Octavia’s voice became the addition to your usual annoying soundtrack of life.

“So, if you do like him, which you do-“

“Work harder!”

“I need to be at your wedding.”

“The wall won’t build itself!”

“Is it possible to have a wedding down here?”

“Do you want the Grounders to break in?”

No one’s able to handle that for long. You broke. “That’s it,” you muttered. You dragged Octavia to your tent. Exasperated, you sighed, trying to calm yourself down. “Ok, what do you want to hear?”

Octavia smirked, crossing her arms. “Do you love John Murphy?”

You pursed your lips. You paced the room, rubbing your hands together. “Ok, here’s the thing, Murphy and I have been friends with benefits for a while, yeah? So, there’s unspoken rules, conditions. One, have mind-blowing sex whenever we want to. Two, never develop feelings for each other. And it was fine with me. It really was. But, you know what? It didn’t work.

“Everywhere around camp, all I hear is Grounder threats, work, gunshots. And, when I’m with him, it’s as if that world is put away, you know? It’s gone. I feel… just disconnected from it all. He’s my getaway. He’s my… my favorite place.” You huffed. “I… love John Murphy.” You crossed your arms and stared at the ground. “And I hate myself for it.”

Octavia smiled. “See, wasn’t that hard.”

Running. Someone was running. You heard it. Wanting to see what caused someone to run with such urgency, you peeked outside your tent and groaned.

“What was it?” Octavia asked.

You bit your lip. “The last thing I needed.” You sprinted outside and followed the retreating figure. He led you to his own tent.

You took a deep breath before entering the tent. “Murphy…”

Your friend was pacing the floor, staring at the ground.

“Murphy, what did you hear?”

“Enough.” He continued to walk back and forth. “Tell me the truth.” He stopped and faced you. However, his eyes still focused on the ground. “Do you love me?”

You inhaled shakily. “Yeah. I do. I’m sorry. I… It was never supposed to happen.” Your heart pounded against your ribcage. What was he going to do? What was he going to say? You thought that shouting or flat-out rejection would be horrible, but waiting in silence was way worse. You wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, even the Grounders.

Murphy lifted his head, looking at your eyes. “Why?”

You gulped. “Why what?” you asked, slowly and softly.

He took a step towards you. “Why do you… hate it?”

You took a breath, trying to steady your erratic heartbeat. “Because it sucks.”

He took another step forward, leaving a foot of space in between you two. “Why?”

You blinked. The close proximity made you dizzy, yet your head couldn’t be any clearer. There wasn’t any distractions, just Murphy and you. All you could hear was labored breathing, from you and Murphy.

You gulped. “Because I know you’ll never love me the way I love you. Because all you want from me is this mutual agreement. Sex and nothing more. That’s it. And, sure, it’s great, and I love the time we have. But, there’s always something missing. But, I know you, and you don’t want any of that mushy relationship stuff that I want. You want those rules to stay in place and never change.”

Murphy gripped your waist, pulling you against him.

“Murphy, wha-“

His lips crashed against yours. You took your chances and kissed back. Habit controlled your actions as you threaded your fingers through his hair and press yourself against him. However, this kiss, it was different from the usual ones you shared. This was slow and tender. His hands, rather than gripping as if you would disappear, his hands held you gently, as if his number one priority was your comfort. It wasn’t the usual passion that made your toes curl or your heart beat like a hummingbird’s wings. It was gentleness that made you feel light. You felt like flying.

Murphy pulled away, his lips lingering on yours. He quickly leaned back down to peck your lips. His hands traveled to cradle your cheeks, rubbing them gently with his thumbs.

You were breathless. That kiss was amazing, and you could barely form any coherent thoughts. After an eternity, you whispered, “What was that?”

“A kiss,” Murphy stated with a small laugh.

You chuckled just a bit. “For what?”

“For being a fool. Thinking that I could play by those, what? Unspoken rules? Conditions?” Murphy sighed. “I broke our unspoken agreement, too. (Y/n)… I… You pull me away from all this drama and crap.” He smiled. “You are my sweet escape from all of this.”

You smiled. “So, what does this mean, for us?”

“We love each other now, so I think, we could continue having sex.”

“Just sex, Murphy?”

“Well, that and I could call you my girlfriend.”

“And you’re my boyfriend.” You kissed him softly and sweetly. When you parted, you smiled. Now, there was nothing else to wish for.

Hey guys! This is a bit overdue, but I have been swamped with homework and school. Literally, all of y grades are teetering from A to B, and to some of you that’s a great/good thing, but my parents are traditional. So, no B’s should ever be on my report card or no writing privileges. So.. yeah. presssuuurreee…. 

Anyway, I hope this fluffy confessions relieves your stresses as it did mine. i am now obsessed with the song disconnected. Literally, I listened to it 40 times over while writing this, just cause. So, thank you anon! Hope you all like it! have a great night!

EDIT: There’s a little Part 2 called Everything I Didn’t Say!! based on another 5sos song!

Good Luck (You’re punk) - Calum imagine

Requested: Yes

Hello! Can I request a punk Calum one shot where one day a new girl shows up at school who looks punk as hell with dyed hair and nose piercing and Calum can’t help but chase after her and all I don’t know I just had this dream similar to it haha I hope your dag turns out great!!

You walked in with your chunky black heeled boots meeting the ground with force, making everyone around you look at you curiously. You avoided the stares as the screen on your phone seemed much more important. Your light purple hair bounced behind you by swaying left and right. You knew it mesmerised others, but you didn’t care as music was bursting through your headphones to your ears.

After five seconds of ignoring them, people turned around except for one boy. Calum. His dark eyes followed your movements infatuated already without knowing your name. He leaned against his locker and crossed his arms, potentially showing off his big biceps as if to call you over, yet you were completely oblivious and didn’t care. 

You finally looked up from your phone and walked over to a line of lockers. You walked by them one by one before finding yours. You opened it and the books that were hugged to your chest were pushed into the locker, before you tried to grab a textbook that you needed for your next lesson. You scrunched up your nose making your nose ring lift high as you had difficulty grabbing that certain textbooks as it was surrounded with the others. 

“Need help?” you turned around with no expression as you saw Calum wearing a smirk. 

You turned back around and shook your head, “No, you’re alright.”

“It looks like your having difficulties,” every word that escaped from Calum’s mouth was seeping in confident. 

“You’re not wrong,” you finally got your textbook and stuffed it in your open backpack, “but I think I’ll manage.” Your monotone voice hit Calum round the face as he stood by your side with mouth agape. 

He cleared his throat, “So erm you’re new aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” you replied and turned around placing your backpack on your shoulders and went to your next lesson. 

Calum jogged to catch up with you, “So what do you take?”

“Art, photography and music.”

“You draw?”

You laughed, “Well I hope so since I am taking Art.”

Calum blushed and stammered, “Yeah, of course. So, erm, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you answered.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Calum.”

You nodded and walked round a corner, catching him off guard as he nearly bumped into a wall. 

“What type of music do you like?”

“ATL, twenty one pilots, Sum 41, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic, you know them sort of bands.”

“You’ve got good music taste. I listen to that music.” This caused you to slow down your walking pace and look at him in amusement. 

“Right,” was your short response.

“So erm why did you move?”

“Wanted to.”

“Just casually?”

“Pretty much.”

“Cool. I can show you around if you want?”

You nodded and reached a classroom, “Is this a music class?” Calum nodded feeling distressed with your short answers.

“Cool,” you opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind you with difficulty. “What the-”

“I take music too.”

“You could’ve said.”

“You could’ve asked.”

You looked up and down Calum before smirking and walked in with him following you like a lost puppy. You sat down at a table at the back, watching him be disorientated for a while, before sitting down at a table at the front. You watched as his hand came to his black hair to ruffle it, noticing the blond highlights. This caused you to smile.

Calum turned around and saw you watching him, causing him to go wide eyed. You in return smirked and winked, causing him to blush and turn back around. His face met the cup of his hands in embarrassment and then stroked his chin. He looked forward before grabbing his bag and moved to the back to sit with you. He dropped his bag under your table and pulled the chair out but stopped once your leg caught the chair. 

“Can I help you?” you asked teasingly.

“Yeah, can I sit here?” Calum asked looking at the ground.

“And why’s that?”

“So the new girl won’t be alone,” Calum replied sarcastically.

“Hmm, what a good reason. Funny thing is, is that new girl has a name and doesn’t care that she’s alone.”

Both of you stared at each other, Calum with annoyance and you with tease. 

You released the chair and moved your stuff to your side, “Go on then.”

Calum stood for a while before huffing and pulled his chair out. He sat down and you moved around in your seat, making your back face the wall to look at him.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Yeah and then I’ll get bored and delete it within a short amount of time.”

“Ouch,” Calum muttered. 

“Well you did use an overrated line.”

“Wow, are sayings overrated now?” Calum asked looking at you with a smile to tease you.

“Want to push your luck of me allowing you to sit here?” You returned with the exact smile, making Calum drop his. You laughed quietly.

“What do you want to become?”

“What?” you asked, shocked by the random and sudden question.

“What do you want to become?” Calum repeated.

“Who knows in this world,” you said as you shrugged your shoulders.

“You can be whatever you want.”

“Yeah?” Calum nodded. “What do you want to become then?”

“I want to be a bass player.”

“Like the bands I mentioned?”


“Who would’ve thought that cocky Calum wants to be punk?” you turned around as the music teacher walked in.

“Maybe more punk then you,” Calum muttered.

“Pha. Good luck,” you muttered back.

a/n i enjoyed writing this, requests are open :) xx