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Jams of the night:

So let’s say nothing some more,
because this is something more than me,
and I got what I need,
but sleeping,
when I should’ve been alive,
it still gives me sand,
but clouds my eyes,
I thought about the rust,
the quote on the ledge about living on,
“that great consciousness of life,”
oh, what we frame and hang to get by,
whatever keeps your heart light,
whatever keeps you is all right by me,
but maybe I don’t want to talk about how this life layed me down,
or how I saw the change because I didn’t see you everyday,
unspoken looks and what the leaving took,
a lack of noise isn’t a lack of life,
and that’s the way I think it’s always been
because, “I say it all, when I say nothing at all,”
so let’s say nothing some more,
and let the words burn their way across the floor
because if these walls could talk,
I still couldn’t get over a God damned soul,
and I can’t hold smoke,
so let’s say nothing some more,
because the sand stays with me,
because the sand keeps you. 

Bad Boy Good Lips (Skate Maloley)

Can you do a nate imagine were he is a bad boy at school and he flirts with you and one day u give in and skip with him and smoke and things get tense. Thank you. Ur a great writer btw♡♡♡♡

– Thanks for the request and the compliment you’re so sweet…I’m so excited to do this one! - Bri x 

“Come on you know you want to…” He trails off, looking at you with such a light in his eyes it makes you even more intrigued by him. He leans against your locker and leans in slightly so he’s capable of speaking low enough only you can hear, “I’ll make it worth your while.” 

You look up at him and tilt your head to the side, your hair cascading down your back, touching your waist at the peek-a-boo part between your shorts and top in such a way it makes Nate’s jaw tighten just by looking at you, “are you sure about that?” You play along. Nate was only interested in you because you didn’t give him what he wanted straight away, he was all about the chase and you gave quite a good one. 

“I’m definite about that.” He places his hand on your waist, slowing tugging at your hair causing you to breathe heavier, oh god you loved it when people played with your hair. 

You were passing all of your classes, and hadn’t had a day off yet, so it wasn’t like it’d be that big of a deal if you skipped. Nate was a Senior, and you were a little younger so it was enticing to get offered to spend time with him, “is your car in the parking lot?” You question, and his reply is just a nod of assurance. You sigh, slamming your metal locker down shut, “well what are we doing, huh? Let’s get out of here.” 

Nate drapes his muscular arm around you. As a pair, you exit through the school doors and towards the Senior Parking lot where his white Nissan sat, parked carelessly at the very back covering two parking spots. He opens the door for you and you slide in, he takes your backpack from you and tosses it in the backseat before getting in himself.  

“Where are we going?” You question, eyeing him as he drives out of the parking lot, and in the direction of town.

Nate shrugs, and extends his arm, resting it on your thigh he smooths over your bare thigh with his palm, “nowhere special, babygirl.” Right after he says that, he pulls into a parking lot and drives to the part where barely any cars were at the very back of the building before parking and shutting the car off. 

Immediately, you take off your seat belt and get yourself comfortable on the seat. Nate smiles at you, and reaches into his backpack in the back seat to pull out a small bag of marijuana and a packet of rolling papers, “have you ever done this before?” He questions, and you shake your head. You regularly were the type of girl who followed the strict guidelines of what’s right or wrong, but Nate intrigued you so much and you wanted to see what life in his world was like. His grin widens, like he was excited that this would be your first time smoking. 

“Well, you know, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He reminds you eyes catching yours as he runs his tongue along the paper to make it stick, “we can just chill–that’s why I invited you anyway.” 

You rest your head against the headrest and scoff, “yeah…sure.” You wanted to try it anyway, but you weren’t too confident with his ‘nice guy’ scheme. A few girls had spent a little time with Nate said he was forceful, and was only interested if things went his way. He was the cliche bad boy in every movie you had ever watched…the bad boy you dreamed of having ever since you watched Grease, but he was also so much more. Nate holds the joint between his thumb and index finger and passes it to you. 

“Let’s see you try it then, babygirl.” He tests you, you reach up and grab the joint out of his fingers, you layer it between your lips and then take the lighter off of his thigh. 

Holding the lighter up, you attempt to flick it with your finger but have some difficulty, you try it a few more times getting frustrated with yourself, “fuck.” 

“Shh, shh here.” Nate coos, leaning over…his face was inches away from yours as he takes the lighter out of your shaky, nervous fingers, “inhale-” he instructs and you do as you’re told, immediately getting a rush of smoke into your mouth and lungs when he lights it. You take the joint away and cough, causing Nate to chuckle. 

“I don’t want that anymore.” You state passing it back to him, “oh my god, my lungs are burning.” 

“That’s supposed to happen!” He teases and throws his head back laughing before taking a hit. His cheeks are tinted red beneath his scruff of a beard, and you find it adorable how he gives you a crooked grin in between every hit. 

He still looked bad, yes, but he also showed you a side that you admired because he was interesting, enticing, kind–everything you loved in a person, “why do you act so bad all the time?” You question as his eyes droop shut for a moment, enjoying the high that came with smoking. 

“It’s the only way to protect myself–and it’s pretty fun too.” He replies without hesitation, within a few hits he was finished with the joint and was left with a raw buzz, “why do you act so hard to get all the time?” He tips his head back against the headrest and looks at you. 

You shrug, “because I’m not easy…I saw what boys–including you–did to girls who gave themselves easily…it’s all about the chase for you.” 

He leans in slightly pressing a kiss to your cheek, “well you’re smart, I’ll give you that, but how you do I’m just interested in hitting it and moving on?” The air was thick between you two, and he was growing closer with every passing second. 

“Because,” you say simply, “what else would a boy your age be interested in you?” 

“The cute girl that sat at the front row in Physics and answered all the questions .” His eyes meet yours, and his tone drops when you both start to slowly lean in. You were the girl who that at the front row in Physics and answered all the questions. You were the girl he was interested in, and not for just a hookup.  His lips capture yours with haste, and he grips your ribcage being surprisingly respectful as his lips caress yours. It tastes earthy from the weed, but nothing could beat the way his shapely lips worked against yours. 

He was a bad boy…but oh god he had good lips. 

I just kept writing and writing and writing and writing…I hope it’s not too long oh my god…lowkey I was imagining this happening to me the whole time and y/n acts exactly like I would oh dang. I hope you all enjoyed! - Bri x 

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Your dogs are so cute! I love how Max is always closing his eyes with happiness he's so funny. I hope you guys all have a great trip! It looks like you're having fun! :)

Thank you so much!! I think Max is so squinty sometimes because his blue eyes are sensitive to light. But it does make him look extra silly, eh? Here he is with wide eyes creeping on the neighbors. ;)

A hurt/comfort klapollo fanmix

Cover art by the great aiceres !! (with permission!)


Encoder - Pendulum || Faith (When I Let You Down) - Taking Back Sunday || Honest - The Neighborhood || Someday [Kingdom Mix] - Hanaeryca || Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups || Palette - Nano || Be Somebody - Thousand Foot Krutch || Ashes - Arrows to Athens || Don’t Carry It All - The Decemberists || Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin || I Wouldn’t Mind - He Is We || Marchin On - OneRepublic

You couldn’t look me in the eyes
So I’ll dim the lights
When you take me, out on your side
We’re spinning, out of sight
Believe me, I’m on your side

You’d Better Take Down That Photo It’s Causing a Fuss

Lugging children up staircases that were inspected in 1934 by Sigmund Frued
has turned mass derision into the flavor of ice cream, the flavor of blue glass
surrendering its brie arms to the great sky-basket, the mirrors, the wound in your eyes,
which is the door of the heart, the opening that is fifty-nine cents.

The real analogy of light is the Law of Elegant Rocks
in the needlessly large closet of Breton’s chest hair.
We know the soapstone eventually leans southward
beaming nuerons of reverb and static drums,
a person nude in her own subjectivity
about to leap into a tattoo parlor
to become a good looking foot,
a sorcerer in a clock.

Check your watch: you will see seahorses with unshakable faith
raising the resin flag:
we are unable to transform into monuments
in spite of the merciless bass drums
you refuse to give me behind the loving altar
despite my tortured pleas.

Maybe the centuries-old dream still exists radioactively
below the detritus of houses, veins, plauge,
is emblazoned on a robe of sin
and somehow reemerges as an exciting email attachment 
in the midst of deictic cattleprod chess matches
and the ultimate poolparty of public art acts

that well up in the cesspools of love mere blocks away
from the tourist traps we circle around purgatorialy  
with restless legs and Coco-Colas in our hands
saying nothing we don’t already know
managing our MBAs
exhaling fake comets
and having a secret thing thing for wolves.

supplement text: Surrealist Painters and Poets: An Anthology; art by A Yen for Phantoms

for those of you who want too draw my fursona ^~^

race: Bengal kitten

height: 5ft

femboy (so cute clothes please ^~^) can be an upper body or full body picture

age: 16-18 (just make him cuuute and hot <3 hehe)

hair and color: medium length cute hair please and the color of the hair is light brown ^~^

eye color: light blue

cute plump lips (much like marty’s ^~^) 

bubble butt (not too big just cute hehe) 

sorry to be picky >.< i just want you artists to know what to draw without having to ask. im sure they will look great. i’ll accept all pictures and change my profile picture to your pictures at different times to show my love. Thank you all so much, I love you all ^~^ <3<3<3<3

Water lairs though.

Lairs in caves that open onto their own private beaches, inaccessible to humankind, tiny coves just the right size for a dragon to curl up on the sand.

Lairs in caves with lake and river systems, your territory half in, half out of the water; fresh bioluminescent plant life blossoming year-round from the rich mineral soil, its dim glow plenty of light for your large, adapted eyes.

Lairs by mountain streams, thin bristly trees clinging to the rock face, the occasional goat or hawk stopping by for a drink. Frozen throughout most of the year, so glassy and untouched you can see your face in them; you crack them open and dip in a claw to snag the fish beneath.

Underwater lairs with their entrances hidden among the anemones and coral, or deep in the trenches where no one would think to look; your only neighbours the great black gulper eels who swim silently by, their light-organs blinking softly in the dark.

water lairs
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: How to be a master manipulator Childermass-style
He has no respect for rank and he deserves some fun - stand back and admire how Childermass' power unfolds in BBC One's magical drama.

Is that something you cultivated as part of your character?

Well I mean from a pragmatic point of view, you’ve got to be doing something to make it interesting. You just kind of cheat stuff: have your eyes looking in different directions, make sure they’re hitting the light. The great thing about this was having the book by my side all the way through. It was the bible. So I think, more than any other job, I knew what was going through my character’s head and what the next step would be.Childermass is brilliant because he’s always planning and plotting – he’s not reacting. He’s usually a few steps ahead. He’s very, very active. He leans on walls but he’s not taking a break, he’s working out how he hopes things will unfold and he’s usually quite successful. And he’s there to push, and to put that firm hand on proceedings should he need to.

How would you describe the relationship between Childermass and Norrell? Does Childermass’ demeanour suit his position as Norrell’s assistant?

No, it certainly doesn’t, but there’s a lot to not like about Mr Norrell. Eddie Marsan gives a really human portrayal which I wasn’t necessarily expecting, being familiar with the Norrell of the book. The more time I spent with Eddie on set and acting with him, the more I felt a sense of protection towards Norrell. Childermass, there’s a wryness about him, there’s a definite sense of humour about him and he can’t help himself from being sarcastic.

You know, Childermass is Norrell’s fixer. He sorts absolutely everything out for Norrell, so he quite rightly believes, you know, that he deserves to have a little bit of his fun. And Childermass isn’t someone who respects rank for the sake of it.

[Read the whole article]

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"What an exquisite creature you are."

“Why thank you… You have your father’s fine taste I see, Lord Lucifer.” Other nobles in the great hall milled about them, and Delilah kept a wary eye out for any malcontents. No one would dare touch the king of light- unless of course they were drunk out of their skull and looking to pick a fight with the next thing that moved. “Tell me, sire, what brings you back to the realm? The last I’d heard you were rather busy working on plans in Assiah.” She tilted her wine glass slightly, thoughtfully; the red color reflected on the black silk of her gown. 

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You don't look white to me. What's your background?

Scottish/English, German, Swedish, French Canadian, a small bit of Cherokee Indian from a great-grandmother, and a smidge of something else from a great-grandfather. The family doesn’t agree on what that is so I’d like to delve into getting a blood test done, or see if I can track it online. It’s either Spanish or something like Hawaiin. I’m very predominantly White. I have light skin with freckles, hazel eyes, and (naturally) brown hair so I really don’t understand how I don’t look white lol.


So I’ve been seeing a few beauty blogs on my dash doing 6 favorite makeup products post and I wasn’t tagged in one but I’m doing it anyway. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for literally everything. Hair serum, deep conditioner, moisturizer and makeup remover are my top uses. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

This stuff is expensive. So ludicrously expensive that I’m embarrassed I own it. But if I were to spend big money on anything it would be this. It makes your skin look glowing and flawless. It’s photoshop in a compact. 

Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm

Fact: highlighters are amazing, and this one is the most amazing. This highlighter is so so beautiful. It’s a super creamy powder and you can wear it very sheered and subtle or really dramatic and shimmery.It looks great on all skin tones.  

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama in Blonde 

This brow mascara has the weirdest brush ever and I LOVE it! I find a lot of drugstore brow products to be too orange/warm for my hair/skin tone but this is the perfect shade. Has great hold that lasts all day.

Lounge by Urban Decay

Is it red? Is it green? It’s both and it’s amazing. When I first read about this eye shadow I thought it was so strange but I saw a swatch and was sold. I use it as an eyeliner a lot and it’s really fun and subtle 

Pulp Fiction Palette by Urban Decay (no longer available) 

These are the best eye shadows ever. I don’t understand why UD doesn’t use this formula for all their eye shadows cause these are so creamy and blendable. If you can find this palette floating around I would highly suggest buying it. 

I am tagging: starfleetwantsyou, starborncas and foreverandeveranne


Not looking at the camera at the correct time and weird lighting making my eyes look off seems to be my speciality. Hahaha. But anyways great cardio tonight. I absolutely love how after a good work out or yoga session your lungs feel purified, like you can just breathe 100x better. Also my little bug go to go with me and play with some friends, she adores people. She is so social and loving, it makes my heart smile.

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make a playlist of the letters in your url (mine is too long… but i’ll make a big bang playlist)

l Let’s Talk About Love - Seungri 
Ego - Big Bang
t Take it Slow - Taeyang
s Shut Up - Daesung
Awake, Alseep - Daeusng
l Love Box - Seungri
l Let Me Hear Your Voice - Big Bang
s Shake the World - Jiyong
l Look at me, Gwisun - Daesung
e Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang
Even When the World Ends - Daeusng
p Please Don’t Go Home (YG Mashup Part 3)
o Oh Ah Oh - Big Bang
v Victory (intro) - Big Bang
Emotion - Big Bang 
r Rainy, Rainy - Daesung
w What Can I Do? - Seungri
o Outro - Leaders to Flow (YG Mashup Part 6)
r R.O.D - Jiyong
k Knock Down Low (YG Mashup Part 10)

I had to cheat with mashups… i really like some mashups with pop musci from american & korean :D

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What is the best undereye concealer or combo of products to use under the eye? What are your favorite translucent powders?

i looove using the urban decay naked weightless concealer with a damp beauty blender its so lightweight and nondrying but offers a great amount of coverage. i like using mac studio sculpt defining powder in light plus to set it and prevent creasing. it looks very soft and natural 


So we ( The hype sisters ) were tagged by the gorgeous macnw47 to show our favourite beauty products! 

Foundation: shade nc50- We have oily skin and this helps our make up stay matte but when money is low (fix it Jesus) we go for sleek blemish balm in the shade medium. –Picture 7

 Concealer: We use two concealers - the studio finish concealer for eyebrows to highlight them, basically if you want your eyebrows on fleek, you need this! Shade nc45–Picture 1

The second concealer is for under the eyes it’s called match master in the shade 7.0. Okay so we have oily skin but under the eyes is dryyyyyy so this adds moisture and gives a clean finished look! –Picture 8

Lipstick: Our two favourite lipsticks are ruby woo and touch! Let’s be honest we all love ruby woo! Moving on now lol touch is a nice light brown nude that looks great with chestnut lip liner.–The pictures of lipsticks and lip liner (kinda obvious)

When we want a nice everyday look touch is what we go for. No need to speak on chestnut lip liner! It’s a black girls best friend! 

 BUT again if we run out of chestnut lip liner, girrrlllll grab any brown eyebrow pencil! It works just as good! Not everyday Mac you know, sometimes spend the money on McDonald’s.

Carmex!!!!!! Lord knows Matte lipstick leaves your lips feeling like sand paper! Even when you take it off! This makes them smooth– Its obvious what picture this is too lol 

Blusher: raizin, We have a red undertone and this goes well with our skin tone! Only blusher we own!!!! –Picture 2

So that’s it! We are going to taggg  







I was tagged by bas-t to list my beauty essentials (well the ones I can think of off the top of my head) ours are quite similar! 

1) MAC RUSSIAN RED - Until I find a better lipstick this is what I wear every day. I go through about 2 tubes a year. It stays on for ages and doesn’t wear off oddly leaving you with just a line around your lips (you know what i’m talking about).

2) MAC CORK - a great dark brown eye shadow weather I want a light dusting followed by a flick of eyeliner for a 30s/40s look or whether I’m going for a ‘not quite dead’, grunge look it’s my go to shadow / Also *not pictured* MAC CARBON - Black eye shadow. nuff said.

3) COCONUT OIL - You’ve heard the hype and it’s true. I use this for everything. I have a tub for beauty and a tub for cooking and eating. I use coconut oil in my beauty routine to moisturise, remove my make up, use it as a lip balm, tame flyaway hair after styling, you can use it as a shaving cream, massage oil *wink wink* it has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties great for all skin aliments. I could go on forever. Buy a jar you wont be sorry and you get to smell like a coconut! 

4) NIVEA - I’ve always carried a pot especially in the winter it’s a great moisturiser, I’ve always got one in my bag.

5) LUSH BUBBLE GUM LIP SCRUB - ( bas-t snap! ) If you wear a lot of lipsitck like I do then you need to look after your lips and make sure they look nice. This stuff tastes lovely too.

6) LUSH LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL - A great smelling facial cleanser with bits of popcorn in it. It smells good enough to eat and leaves my skin soft. 

7) LUSH DEATH AND DECAY - This is what I smell like most days, a vase of  lilies wilting in the hot summer sun.  My mother use to always have lilies in the house, their my favorite flower and I love the smell. It reminds me of being small.     

Thanks xxxx

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19, transman, 5'1" (exCUSE ME GENES Y AM I SO SMOL?) Video games, and a sucker for valve games (portal and half-life, and tf2 yE) and RT/AH. Currently I have mahogany hair, soon to be dark green/teal, I have light blue eyes, with a bit of grey in them. I am actually a teddy bear so if you like to cuddle you're in luck. For a date, I'd probably take you out for dinner, then take you out to look at the stars, and hold your hand because I respect if you don't want to kiss me. But if you do yay :P

oh my gosh

oh my gosh

oh my gosh

so teeny

so tiny

yooo tf2 red team! pls let’s cuddle i want to cuddle i love cuddles

kissing is great

and i love it

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"If I was your damn lover," Bena purred, brushing her lips against the Jarl's ear as she seductively whispered. "I wouldn't let you leave my damn bed." Slowly, her hand trailed up his chest-light and teasingly soft touches-just firm enough to put damn emphasis on the damn words she breathed. "I'd keep you warm-fucking always...I'd fucking worship your damn body." Gently, the writer kissed his jaw before moving back to look at him with sensual eyes, whispering. "Any damn way you wanted, Stud."

“If I was your lover”… Finish it in my ask.

Ulfric had to put great effort into suppressing the urge to flinch away from her abrupt touch and whispers, and a barely noticeable shiver ran down his spine in the process. It took a few seconds for him to adjust to her touches – though once he had done so, he could not help but to admit that her seductions were quite appealing. Thus, despite slightly tensing up at the kiss to his jaw, the Jarl threw the Orsimer an entertained look. “Is that so? Now why is that?”

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Hello there! I just saw you Jasper cosplay! It's really going great! You have done a nice clean paint job, very solid and cool! Your jaw and light eyes are really Jasper-like! You said you were accepting tips so I'm here to give you some... I don't know if its the light, but your wig look a little shiny, you can diminish that with hair spray, fabric softener or baby powder. And you might want to shake and tease it a bit, for extra volume. Hope to see it complete! You're doing a great job!

Thank you very much!! 

Yeah, I haven’t messed with the wig at all. Its really knotted right now, but I didn’t notice that. Thank you very much for pointing it out. As for teasing it, I’m not too sure that it’ll take that, but I’ll see once I start messing with it. I might have to get a new one, honestly.