things that make me happy
  • the perfect hue of the ocean
  • nice comments on my posts (although i cry)
  • when people notice your tiny quirky earrings
  • chocolate brown eyes
  • storm grey eyes
  • sea blue eyes
  • sky blue eyes
  • river green eyes
  • grass green eyes
  • hazel eyes when they shimmer 
  • eYES
  • freckles (and constellations lol)
  • people with red hair wearing the perfect green to compliment them
  • dark skin people in gold (especially those temporary tattoo things)
  • being tagged in cute things
  • uncontrollable laughter
  • aesthetic boards
  • pretty wild flowers in general
  • bare feet being licked by the ocean
  • pretty notes
  • fineliiner pens
  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • the sound of my mum singing
  • new boots
  • dresses that you feel great in
  • escape through books and films and tv
  • the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat
  • malteasers
  • chocolate
  • the colour purple
  • fingers rubbing against the back of your hand - tracing patterns
  • the cute little “look down laugh” smile your crush/significant other does
  • the perfectly shaped ringlets in natural curls
  • notebooks
  • fandom necklaces
  • finding someone in the same fandom as you
  • hitting it off with someone
  • comfortable silences with someone you can trust
  • dog paws
  • cat paws
  • anIMALS
  • the ocean
  • the stars
  • the wind
  • forests
  • the grass
  • flowers
  • people talking in their native language
  • when people are passionate and their eyes light up
  • the giddy feeling in your chest from liking someone
  • figuring yourself out
  • frozen fruit
  • fresh fruit
  • fruit
  • seeing you have a new follower AND IT’S NOT A PORN BLOG
  • “Are you kidding me I’m blind!”
I was never close to you but you made me feel as if I knew you. We don’t talk anymore but I check up on you sometimes and I wonder if you’re still the same person: if your eyes crinkle and light up whenever you laugh and how your eyes do all the smiling. I wonder if you still wear those sweatpants that you somehow made look great.
—  I wonder about you
cosmic witchcraft 101: tips for beginners

It’s been a while since I was an astronomy TA, so I’ve devoted a lot of time to getting familiar with the cosmos during this first month or so of practicing cosmic witchcraft. These are a few of the most important things I’ve done to grow my craft:

  • Stargaze. Looking at pictures of the galaxy and solar system is nice, but there’s nothing like using your own eyes to gaze into the night sky. 
    • You can see quite a bit with a good pair of binoculars and you can find some small telescopes for less than $100, although you don’t really need any magnification to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. 
    • Maybe there’s an observatory in your area! Find anywhere you might get a little closer to the sky, even if it’s just an open field out of town away from light pollution.
    • For city witches, the roofs of parking garages can be great spots to look at the planets and brightest constellations.
  • Celebrate stellar events. Meteor showers, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, there are plenty of stellar events every year and many of them already correspond with traditional pagan/Wiccan holidays! Celebrate by stargazing, watching a sci-fi movie, or performing a magickal ritual.
  • Get in tune with the moon, sun, and the planets. What phase is the moon in today? When will Jupiter set? When will Saturn rise? Astrologers utilize the motions of the planets to show us how they affect our day to day life - and even if you don’t ascribe to astrology, knowing where the planets and stellar bodies will be throughout the day will help you plan your practice and get in tune with the universe.
  • Research:
    • Astronomy. Our eyes are the only tools we have to connect with the cosmos using our own five senses (actually, there are some beautiful recordings of what space sounds like), so learning more about the universe can help us connect with the sky can help deepen our relationship with it. Try to learn something new about the cosmos every day. The more you understand the universe, the more equipped you’ll be to handle its power and energy.
    • Astrology. If you’re interested, see what astrology charts have to say about your personality and abilities. Not everyone believes in astrology, which is totally valid, but I think it’s interesting to know where the planets/sun/moon were on the day you were born. Take everything you read with a grain of salt and find out what the relationships between the planets mean for yourself. Maybe you’ll find a certain planet/constellation does have an effect on you or your life, it’s just not the one your horoscope says.
    • Astro-magic. There are a few books about astro-magic and plenty of mythology to study. You might find something another witch has to say resonates with you, or perhaps you’ll be inspired to follow your own path. Experiment! Try using certain herbs and oils for different spells. Did they work? Do you think something else would work better?
  • Get in tune with the ocean. The sun and the moon have a powerful effect on Earth’s tides. How might these influences affect your use of liquids in your practice?
  • Develop a personal relationship with the stars. The stars looked different on the day everyone was born, and the sky looks different in every city in the world. Research is important, but this is your relationship with the sky. I think the most beautiful thing about cosmic witchcraft is that even though every witch’s practice may look different, we’re all looking at the same sky.
Oblivious (Bucky x Reader)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: Bucky and Reader are best friends, they live together. Reader is totally oblivious that Bucky is in love with her
Warning: cursing

It was dark outside when you came home. Stepping into the apartment you noticed the light coming from Bucky’s room. You curiously step inside and saw Bucky sitting on the bed watching TV. You jumped on his bed and lie on his pillow looking at his face. He came closer to you.

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Word Count: 876
Warnings: Fluff, language, reader loves Christmas wayyyy too much, boys don’t, lead up to hot and steamy Christmas sex with the Winchesters

Excitement buzzes away inside you as you damn near skip down the adorned bunker hallways, obnoxiously humming your favorite Christmas song as you go. Much to their dismay, you’d talked the boys into decorating the bunker, but when they had reluctantly agreed to it, they had no fucking idea you’d go out and buy every single Christmas decoration you could possibly find. One oversized tree, hundreds of strings of glittering lights, and every gaudy addition later, the bunker had been turned into some kind of elaborate, over the top Christmas attraction.

“You’re fuckin’ jokin’, right?” Dean had gaped when he saw it.

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Tongue Lashing

Characters: Lucifer x Reader
Words: 1017
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is trapped in the cage with Lucifer. And when you’re trapped together, tensions run high. Lucifer is intrigued by something shiny.

Author’s Note: I left this open for another part…let me know if you want it.

         You sat with your head against the bars. So much for a normal life. Of course, trying to figure out how to destroy the cage just put you in it. And now, it was just you and Lucifer. For as long as it took for Sam and Dean to get you out.

           “Y/N, this light looks great on you,” Lucifer said. His pick-up lines were getting worse and worse.

           You rolled your eyes, “Yeah? I must look pale and sick in this light. Nice try, Luci, keep ‘em coming.”

           Lucifer kept staring at you. At first, it really was uncomfortable, but it grew to just be normal. I mean, you were the only two in the cage, so he didn’t have much to actually look at except for you.

           “Ya know, we could be in her together forever. That’s almost like we’re married,” Lucifer said.

           You smirked, “Yeah? I really don’t think being married means two people locked in a cage.”

           “It’s not far off,” he chuckled.

           You looked at him, “Lucifer, being alone with a female is seriously messing with your brain.”

           “I can’t help it.”


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My Dear

I wrote this for my secret Santa gift to @lafayetteislaffytaffy . I’m not big on fanfiction so I don’t do it often. I hope it’s still good for you! It’s pretty big, I got carried away but I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it! I’ve had a great being your secret Santa. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Prompt: Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette clash as they both try to woo you. ;)



I sit in front of my mirror in my room contemplating on how to do my hair for tonight. Eliza walks up behind me and hold up a light blue dress and beautiful ruffles around the elbows and hips. “This would look beautiful on you! Mr. Jefferson and Lafayette won’t be able to keep their eyes off you tonight.” My cheeks blush a dark red as she teases me and works on my hair.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I look down at my table fidgeting with my hair brush.

“You can’t be that blind! Everyone can see how they look at you. The last time you three were in the same room, I thought a fight was going to break out in front of everyone!” Eliza continues to help me get ready for the ball tonight.

“How about you! Alexander Hamilton has his eyes on you! He wouldn’t have invited us tonight unless he’s interested.” Eliza and I have been friends since we were children, we can talk about anything and everything together.

“God I hope so! His eyes will be the death of me.” She swoons and with a smirk, we finish getting ready for the party. And I can’t deny that I’m excited. Who can say that they have two absolutely powerful and handsome men chasing after them.

All the Schuyler sisters and I walked into the ball hand in hand. I’m nearly bouncing out of my pants with excitement. Looking around the ballroom, there were so many familiar faces that I’m so excited to be properly introduced.

Peggy pulls on my arm and whispers, “Look! It’s George Washington! Oh! You’ll have to tie me down or I’m going to end up jumping through the roof!” I laugh at her and continue walking around the edge of the dancefloor.


Thomas Jefferson

There she is. I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for her. And there she is. Standing there so beautiful like an angel. I immediately head straight for her. If Hamilton knew that I, the great Thomas Jefferson was anxious with sweaty palms while going to talk to a mere girl he would laugh until he died…. Maybe I should tell him. That would get him in the grave and out of my hair.

I walk towards her and when she finally catches the sight of me, she freezes like a deer in headlights. A slight blush makes its way to her cheeks and I’m going backflips internally. I love that I can cause her to have a reaction to me without doing anything.

“Y/n” I bend to kiss her hand but keep my eyes on her face.

“M-mr. Jefferson.” She does a cute curtsey. I can tell she’s nervous and that makes me even more excited.

“You look beautiful tonight.” From my compliment, her blush deepens and I’m surprise she can’t hear how loud my heart is beating.

“T-thank you. I’m glad to see you here. I mean like, that you and Mr. Hamilton are on good enough terms for you to be invited here. Not because…ummmm” God she couldn’t be more adorable.

“Me too. Or else I wouldn’t have been able to see you tonight.” I hope her eyes as I watch her turn more bashful.

“Mr. Jefferson, there are some short matters that need your attention at the moment.” I look over to see a footman calling my attention. God did I want to punch him. I don’t want to leave y/n alone in a room full of hungry men but, “I suppose.” I turn and excuse myself and turn outside.



Finally, he’s gone. I can’t stand to see him touching her and standing so close. I sent that footman to go grab his attention to give me a moment to my sweet, y/n. Right when he’s out the door, I head straight for y/n. When I get closer to her, I see Eliza and y/n huddling and whispering close. I clear my throat to catch their attention. They shot up straight and turn to face me.

“Mesdames.” I bow low.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again Lafayette.” Eliza says for the both of them. Looking over at her, I give credit where credit is due that she is beautiful. She’s the sweetest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I hope Alexander doesn’t mess this up. This girl is going to be the best thing that happened to him.

Even though she looks beautiful, she is nothing compared to my y/n. Looking over at her, I catch she staring at me with sweet eyes I feel like I can drown myself in.

“I’m feeling a bit parched. I’m going to get myself punch. If you’ll excuse me.” I do a head nod to acknowledge her departure but I do not look away from y/n.

Once y/n realizes she’s left alone with me, her eyes grow a bit larger and blush as she peeks at me through her lashes.

“It’s good to see you again.” She squeaks out.

“It’s been too long. I’m glad I got to see you tonight. Would you mind a dance with me?”
“N-no. Of course. I’d be honored.” Taking her small hand in mind, I lead her towards the dance floor. Holding her hand, I feel a new sense of energy run through me. Gently swinging her around the dance floor, I can’t help but think how perfectly she molds to fit me. With every second that passes she becomes more comfortable with me holding her and she seems to be enjoying being in my arms. The song unfortunately starts to slow to the end when I hear a grumble off to our right. Both our heads swing up to see Thomas Jefferson staring daggers at me. Y/n freezes up in my arms and I suddenly feel anger towards Jefferson. Ruining this beautiful moment for me. I knew he’s been wanting y/n while I have as well. Turning towards him, we start to leave the dance floor.


“Lafayette.” He grumbles.

For some reason, he looks surprisingly like me. Hmmmm.



Oh bother! How did it come to this? I was having such a great time. The tension between the two was almost palpable.

Jefferson turns to address me and Lafayette tenses up beside me. “Would you like to take a walk around?”

Before I could reply, Lafayette cuts in before me, “I’m sorry, monsieur. She’s going to accompany me as I find Monsieur Hamilton. I’m sure she would love to see her friends.”

Lafayette puts his hand on the small of my back and is about to turn us away as Jefferson cuts in again. “I highly doubt she would like to be paraded around and following you throughout the night. I sure she would like to go round about and see the land.” Jefferson reaches for my hand but Lafayette turns to put himself between us.

“I’m sorry Jefferson but I can’t allow her to go off with you. You never know what a man may be planning.”

“The same can go for you. She is without a proper chaperone. Imagine how it will look with her waltzing around with an immigrant.” They start to inch closer to each other, ready to fight.

“And how will she look walking around alone with a man who speaks of equality but owns hundreds of slave? Hypocrite.”

“Oh! I don’t want to be causing any trouble now. Why don’t we just go our own way. It wouldn’t be good for anyone if something were to go wrong right now. Please.” I try to reason with them and wedging in between them.

“You’re not causing any trouble my dear.” Jefferson says but doesn’t look at me.

“I’ll keep you safe, my sweet.” Lafayette emphasises.

“I’ll make sure nothing happens to you, why don’t you come stand behind me darling.” He grumbles.

The two go back and forth a few more times and continues to inch forward, sandwiching me in the middle.

“My dear y/n. Give me the honor of a dance.” All three of us look over to see Hercules Mulligan.Giving him a thankful smile, I take his hand and let him lead me to the dance floor. Bending low to whisper in my ear, he says, “It looked like you needed a little help, and nothing is better than a little bit of jealousy.” Biting back a giggle, I look over my shoulder to see Jefferson and Lafayette staring daggers in Hercules now.

anonymous asked:

Fluff headcanons for valkyon and ezarel too please (>///<) you're doing a great job btw

Aww, thank you so much! I hope I could do your request justice!


  • In public, Ez pretty much stays the same, teasing and bantering with you as he always has.
  • It takes a trained eye to notice his affectionate smiles, the light flush that blossoms whenever you’re around and small, pretty trinkets he passes you to when he thinks nobody’s looking.
  • Behind closed doors however, he becomes more openly affectionate.
  • He loves sitting you on his lap and playing with your hair, often pressing kisses to the base of your neck.
  • Whenever you have to leave for a mission, he’s always casual about it, offering you a ‘you’re still here?’ or some other sassy remark.
  • He’s always at the gate to welcome you back tho.
  • If you ever cook for him, he’ll eat every scrap even if it isn’t that good. (Expect snarky comments regardless)
  • Some times, when he catches you singing, he’ll join in, wrapping his arms around you as he sings quietly next to your ear.
  • If he doesn’t know the song, he’ll just bury his head into the crook of your neck, enjoying your voice and presence.


  • Though he’s not as openly affectionate as Nevra, Valk is still pretty affectionate in public.
  • Like, he’ll carry your stuff for you, or piggy-back you to where ever it is you need to go.
  • He’ll even get things too high for you to reach. (Careful though, he charges a kiss per item)
  • Valkyon loves to hear about your passions. He finds the way your eyes light up and smile widens so endearing.
  • Not matter what guard you’re in, Valkyon will insist you train with him at least once a week.
  • He knows he can’t always protect you and hopes by doing so you’ll be less likely to get hurt on missions.
  • It has nothing to him wanting to have you close. Definitely not.
  • It is a nice bonus though.
  • Expect to be peppered with lots of kisses whenever you go or come back from a mission.
  • He’s always happy to see you, and will make time for you if he can.
  • If he can’t, he’ll make it up to you with hugs, kisses and his undivided attention.

Imagine: Being a Metahuman, and Meeting Cisco

Cisco Ramon x Reader

You smiled lazily, as you stared out the car window at the night sky, nodding your head to the radio. Light humming caught your attention, making you turn your head towards the figure sitting in the driver’s seat. One of your co-workers, Ira (eye-rah), who was also a great friend of yours, banged her head dramatically to the beat of the song, humming louder as the chorus to the song came up. A light chuckle left your lips as you looked ahead, noticing that you were soon going to be on an extremely high overpass, with a bunch of other roads intersecting underneath. Past the sea of roads, laid Central City, which was lit up with bright lights, making it seem much bigger than it actually was.

Your stomach slightly dropped as you began to go up the overpass, as Ira slowly made the car started to accelerate, to keep ahead of the late night incoming traffic. Gazing curiously out the window, you watched as streams of cars passed on the road underneath you. Suddenly, a glowing bright light blinded you, the light lighting up the night sky so much, it almost looked as if it was day time.

“What the–Shit!” Ira yelled, as the car in front of the two of you came to sudden stop, making Ira swerve to the right, making the car slam into the guardrail.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, you body jerking forward so hard, the seat belt on your chest ripped. Your body didn’t slow down, making you soar through the windshield, smashing through the glass. Suddenly, you were airborne, your body flying out of the car, and over the guardrail, before plummeting down to the road underneath the overpass you were supposed to be on. While still in mid-air, a searing hot gust of wind hit you from the side as a shock wave hit you, sending you further towards the right.

In a blink, the slow motion of the event was over, and you were soon speeding towards the road. Before you could take a breath, you reached the road. You mentally prepared yourself for an impact that never came. The feeling of being swallowed surrounded your whole body, as blackness consumed you.


Gasping for air, you shot up in bed, your hands reaching around your neck as the feeling of being suffocated slowly dwindled down. Panting, you glanced around your dirty room, resting your head in your hands as the memories from your past rose to the surface because of the terrible dream you had. It has been almost 2 years since the terrible car accident happened, which killed 8 people, including your friend Ira; While it has been only 11 months since you were able to free yourself from the thick pavement of the road you sank into.

It didn’t take long to find out what happened and why. Apparently some kind of explosion happened at some laboratory facility in the city, which not only cause the car crash you were involved in, but also took the lives of many other civilians. And because of this explosion, your body had somehow mutated during your deadly free fall, making you able to phase halfway through the pavement of the road you were supposed to land on. The crash put you in a coma for several months, while your body slowly healed itself from the wounds. It then took another several months of darkness, for you to find a way to phase out of the pavement. To say the least, you were fucking pissed. You wanted to find out who caused the explosion that killed your friend; that dragged you away from your family, who still believes you died in the fiery car crash that ended Ira’s life; and that forced you to endure months of darkness by yourself, the only thing you could hear was the rumbling as cars passed over top of you.

You forced yourself out of bed, grabbing a change of clothes on your way to the bathroom. After using the toilet, taking a shower, changing, brushing your teeth, among other things, you cracked your neck as you made your way back to your room, where you grabbed your backpack. After putting it on, you fastened the straps around your waist, making sure it was securely in place.


You stared up at the gray building that once held the source of the explosion from before. Glancing around quickly, you ran full force to the wall of the building, feeling as though you were running through molasses as you passed through. Looking around your new environment, you noticed you were now in a dimly lit hallway, that seemed to wrap around, making it unable to see what was at the end of either side. After gathering your bearing for a few seconds, you continued to run as fast as you could, phasing through wall after wall, trying to find any sort of clue that could lead you to finding the truth about what the machine that exploded had done to you and many others. After many twist and turns, you made it to what seemed to be the main room of the laboratory, where there was a semi-circular desk, with computer screens on it; a wall where 4 tv monitors were hanging;many different gadgets and technology that you couldn’t even comprehend.

Sneaking quietly into the room, you shifted your gaze around, not spotting anyone in the room you were in, nor in the room next to it with the glass wall. Shuffling quickly to one of the computer monitors, you plopped down into a rolling chair, taking off your backpack, and dropping it by your feet. You cracked your knuckles before you started quickly typed, trying to find a way to hack into the extravagant data system, only to fail miserably. You shook your head, face-palming as you muttered curses to yourself.

“Of course I can’t hack in! What the hell did I expect to learn from YouTube tutorials?” You muttered, rubbing your temples as a headache began to make an appearance. You weren’t used to being up this early, seeing as it was only 6 o'clock in the morning. You continued to curse yourself out for a few moments, before standing up from your seat. You shook your head one last time at the computer screen, before turning towards the door, only to let out a loud gasp. You hand flew to where your heart is, as it raced from seeing a guy standing at the entrance, looking just as shocked as you felt.

“How did you get in here?” He asked, his hand slowly lowering to his pocket, where the outline of a cellphone was. You opened and closed your mouth multiple times, trying desperately to search your mind for an excuse, but coming up blank. The only thing that was clear in your mind was that you should have thought this through, and that you had to get out of there.

“I-uh….I was- You see I…” you stuttered, completely frozen in your spot. Your eyes drifted down to the stack of papers the man held in his hands. An amazing, yet risky idea came to mind, when you assumed those papers could possibly give you a clue as to what kind of research happens in this facility that you didn’t know about. Stepping closer to the man, you reached your hand out as you forced a smile.

“My name is (Y/n)! I’m supposed to be starting an internship here!” You lied, watching as the man’s shocked face turned into a confused one.

“Intern…?” He asked questionably, seemingly hesitant to shake your hand, but doing so anyway.

“Yes! A female doctor called me yesterday, and asked me to come in early today! I should have known this was too early though, but I wanted to look around some, I hope you don’t mind Mister….” you said with a hearty laugh, trailing off so you could learn the man’s name.

“Uh, Cisco Ramon…” he said, giving you a suspicious stare. You gulped as you realized he now had his phone in his hand, and seemed to be calling someone. Panicking, you quickly snatched the pile of folders out of his hand, leaping back as he desperately tried to take them back.

“I’m so sorry Cisco, but I need these!” You called over your shoulder as you ran towards a wall, phasing out of his view.


Cisco’s mouth hang open as he stared at the wall the girl named (Y/n) had somehow passed through just a second before. His phone slipped out of his hand, the faint sound of Barry questioning if Cisco was alright emitting from it. Cisco ignored the faint sound of Barry’s voice, as he made his way to the wall you passed through, touching the wall as if he was expecting it not to be solid. He didn’t understand why your powers fascinated him so much, especially since nape has seen far better, more interesting powers, but then a thought came to mind.

“Is it (Y/n)’s powers I’m fascinated about, or is it (Y/n) herself?” Before he could debate further, a quick rush of wind flashed by him as Barry came to a speedy halt in the middle of the room. Cisco ran a hand through his hair to fix what flew up with Barry’s quick entrance as he shifted his gaze to Barry, who looked confused and worried.

“What’s wrong? You called on the emergency number,” Barry asked, glancing around to try and spot any potential danger.

“A-uh metahuman just broke in, and stole all the files I had on the recent metahuman spottings,” Cisco said, shuffling over to his computer, where (Y/n) was sitting when he first arrived. Upon flopping in his chair, he noticed the worn-out backpack that sat on the floor. Picking it up, he quickly searched through it as Barry did a quick run around the building to ensure there were no more intruders. Cisco didn’t find anything important in the bag, other than a couple packages (fav/snack), and a few random object that were clearly stolen.

“Do you know anything about this metahuman?” Barry asked, peeking over Cisco’s shoulder to peer inside the bag.

“She said her name was (Y/n), but who knows if she was lying,” Cisco muttered, plopping the bag onto the table next to him, before starting to get to work to find out who exactly this ‘(Y/n)’ person was.

“I’m going to find out who you are, Ms. Intangible.”

frases/status wpp em inglês

♦ good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere
♦ memories destroy us
♦ maybe we’re from the same star
♦ whatever happens, you’re my light
♦ we may not have it all together, but together we have it all
♦ but darling, this is not wonderland
♦ can we act like we never broke each others heart?
♦ trusting people is like touching fire
♦ everyone seems normal until you get to know them
♦ you need a little bit of insanity to do great things
♦ we’re just lost souls, aren’t we?
♦ I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
♦ because alcohol tastes better than tears
♦ the rebel in me will never die
♦ let’s get drunk together so I can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka
♦ I miss the taste of you
♦ you are obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can’t love yourself
♦ I cared too much and that destroyed me
♦ a part of me was lost in you
♦ there’s a devil in your smile
♦ sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind
♦ we all have darkness inside of us, and some of us are better at hiding it than others
♦ fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do
♦ if this is reality i am not interested
♦ just two kids, stupid and fearless
♦ we were just a bounch of trouble kids who wanted a feel of what real life felt like.
♦ she wanted to be a poet, but deep down she was a poem
♦ all we need is love
♦ we are just kids in love
♦ I don’t care how complicated this gets, I still want you
♦ we blame society, but we are society
♦ you ruined my favorite song
♦ you can find love in the same place you lost it
♦ destroy what destroys you
♦ I feel bad for people who never go crazy
♦ black is not sad, black is poetic
♦ it hurts because it mattered
♦cool kids never sleep
♦ i’m a teenager, my music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could
♦ i broke my rules for you
♦ i’m all yours, i’ve got no control
♦ I just want my past to be a blur.
♦ collect moments, not things
♦ sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality
♦ cause all that you are is all that i’ll ever need
♦ your voice was the calm after the storm
♦ there are so many types of art but you are my favorite
♦ I just wanna be yours
♦ you never know the last time you’ll see a place. or a person.
♦ we all go a little mad sometimes
♦ love is a dangerous game
♦ don’t break my heart, you live there
♦ lost in a world that doesn’t exist
♦ first, learn how to make yourself happy

Towards Oblivion

Originally posted by imagineseverywhere

Characters: Reader x Adam, Kate Milligan, Sam, Dean, Death, Lucifer

Request: “ Can you write a one-shot where the reader makes a deal to get Adam out of Hell, by asking to take his place?”

Words: 2561

Warnings: Swearing, Death, Graphic descriptions of death, Angst.

A/N:  I feel like it could very easily be a short series, but hopefully the Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup version will be okay.  Great request, nonnie!  It kind of makes me want to do a follow up with a demon!reader story.

You rolled over in bed, reaching for Adam, finding only a cool indent in his pillow.  There was light shuffling behind you and you rolled, switching on the light.  Adam was shoving a few shirts into his backpack, trying to be quiet.  He looked up when the light hit him.

“Hey, go back to sleep,” he urged, pausing to come sit beside you in bed.  You rubbed your eye, smearing remnants of mascara across your cheekbone.

“What are you doing,” you asked groggily.  

“Nothing.  Go back to bed,” he said.  You squinted up at him, sleep still clouding your vision.  He looked worried.  No.  He looked scared.

“What’s going on?”  You pressed, firm and unyielding.  Adam sighed.

“I haven’t heard from my mom in a few weeks.  I just want to go check on her.” 

“Okay,” you agreed.  “So let me go with you.”  

“No,” he protested.

“Adam, come on.”

“No,” he said again, more firmly.  “You have a Calculus exam in a few hours.  You can’t miss that.”  He rubbed a circle into the back of your hand.  “I’ll be back in a few days.“

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This is fine. I’m fine. Seriously, Harry - you’re fine. You’ve been on plenty of dates before - What’s the difference with this one? Nothing new! ..Well, besides the fact that you’re taking Y/N out on a first date, and first dates are extremely important if you want to make a good impression and send her that message that yes, you’d be the perfect boyfriend for her. Other than that, there’s absolutely no pressure whatsoever. And look at you! You look great! Black is definitely your colour, it makes your eyes pop. Oh God.. But maybe you’re wearing too much black? What if Y/N thinks you’re still going through an emo phase? That wouldn’t be good.. Unless she’s attracted to that? Or not.. Is it too late to go back and change? 

The doorbell seemed to mock him as he stared at it blankly, watching the gold button twinkle underneath your porch light. What was the matter with him? Why was he so nervous? It was only you. He had been friends with you for a long time, so maybe he could treat this date as a casual hang-out session! Only, casual hang-out sessions rarely included going to the fanciest place in town. He liked you, and he knew that you liked him, so why was doubting himself? He had been standing at your door for a good five minutes now, giving himself an internal pep-talk and then wondering what would happen if he cancelled last minute. That wouldn’t be good. You’d probably kill him. 

All you have to do is push a fucking button. And then it makes a sound. And that alerts Y/N that indeed, you are here to pick her up. And then she’ll open the door, you give her a kiss on the cheek, and bam, the two of you are outta here in no time. Activate your charm and make sure to smile, but not too much - Too much is very creepy. 

Harry found himself pushing the button, listening to it ring twice before he heard some stumbling from inside the house. When she opens the door, all you have to do is say “Hi, love! Get ready for the most romantic night of your life - You ready to go?” 

“Hi, lov-” Harry blanked almost immediately when you opened the door, mesmerised at how gorgeous you looked. He had never seen you so glammed-up, with a body-hugging dress, your hair done up to perfection, your makeup flawless, and damn, your legs looked good in a pair of pumps. “Uh.. Hi.. I’m.. I’m here..” 

“I see that.” You smirked, watching Harry’s cheeks heat up slightly as he scratched the back of his neck. “Shall we?” 

“Y-Yeah, yes.” A+ for effort? 


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A small drabble for my love, Admin Blossom on her birthday. I hope you like it!! 💖 💖 

Word Count: 472 (i’m in shock… I’ve never written anything under 2k)

Your eyes start to open when you feel the sunlight on your skin. You sit up and notice you’re alone in the king sized bed, the white sheets crumpled up.

“Good morning baby.” You hear the familiar deep voice ring through the room. You look over to see your boyfriend holding a tray with a full breakfast, coffee and a single rose to top it off, “Happy birthday!”

Your face lights up at the kind gesture, knowing how much he hated cooking (mainly because he wasn’t too great at it). You pull the sheets up, covering your still naked form, and move to sit back against the headboard. Yongguk walks over to you, and places the tray on your lap, taking a seat next to you.

“How are you feeling this morning, or should I say, this afternoon? Did I tire you out that much last night baby?” He smirks at you when you turn your head away, knowing that you were recalling last night’s events. You thought about the way his hips rocked into yours, and the way he bit on your neck as he pounded into you, the thoughts had you biting your lips as you turned back to meet his gaze.

“Don’t look at me like that baby or you won’t get to eat the breakfast I spent all morning making.” That had you turning your head quickly to the food in front of you, and you started eating.

“Thank you so much for the food Yongguk, it was delicious!” He removed the tray from your lap once you were done and kissed your cheek.

“Anything for my princess” he winked at you before setting the tray down on the nightstand. He looked back at you, and took in your lack of clothing. You were so beautiful to him; he loved the way your skin glowed when you woke up, the way your eyes sparkled, the way you just looked so effortlessly beautiful, and you were all his. “Do you want the other part of your present now?”

Curious, you nodded. Thinking he was going to pull a gift out from under the bed, you waited for him to give you something. Then you saw the look in his eyes, the look of mischief.

“I hope you’re not too sore baby, because I’m not going easy on you today.” His voice dropped even lower and the sound sent chills down your spine. “And I’m not going to stop until you’re absolutely begging me.”

He pulled you down the bed and rolled on top of you, grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head.

“What do you say?” He asked, a sharp tone to his voice and a wicked gleam in his eyes. You knew what this meant, and you’re glad you have the next day off.

“Yes Sir.”

- Admin Rogue

What’s your name again? (Tae Drabble)

Writer: Gongju J

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 417

Originally posted by thebangtanway

The bright lights shine in your eyes and cheers fill your ears as you finish your performance for MAMA. Your performance went great. You are so proud to have gotten this opportunity. To be able to perform in front of all these people and many of your sunbaes amongst them is a dream. You make your way off stage as the lights begin to dim on the stage. Sweating, you find your way to the green room. Before you enter the room, you hear people talking on the inside and you hear your song being sung.

“Look look look.” You hear from the inside. Then laughter follows and you hear them sing your part of the song again. You peek into the room and see the renowned Bangtan Boys. Closest to the door, with his back to it, is dancing and singing your part.

The boys have their attention on him and are just giggling at him. Park Jimin glanced over towards the doorway and notices you standing there. He begins to laugh harder getting the attention of a Jin and Hoseok who follow his eyes to you, too. They join in on the laughter. Tae doesn’t notice what they are laughing at until Yoongi speaks up.

“Ya, Tae. Turn around.”

Tae, still in his performing mode slowly turns revealing a cute eye smile from his joyful dancing and singing.

You finally step into the room and as he processes your presence he slows his singing and dancing to a halt. “Are you making fun of me?” The boys around make an instigating “ooooo” sounds.

Tae’s smile quickly vanishes and rushes to respond.

”Y/n! No, I would never! I love you!“

You tilt your head and furrow your brows, feeling the slightest amount of warmth form on your cheeks. The room is silent with the exception of Jimin and Jungkook trying to muffle their laughter in the background.

“I mean. You’re really great. I’m a big fan.”

You nod your head in understanding.

“Ah. And what’s your name again?” The laughter stops and all the members have the same confused expression plastered across their faces.

“I’m…” you cut him off.

“I’m just messing with you.” You smile trying to ease the tension. “I’m a big fan of you, too,” Tae responds with his classic smile. A silence develops in the room.

“So…if you’re free for the rest of the show…maybe we can sit together for the night?” He looks at you in awe and nods excitedly.

Nightmares (Part II) - John Murphy

Read Part I Here!

Pairing: Murphy x Reader
Request: Hi could you write the next part to Nightmares? Maybe you sleeping with Murphy ever since that night and you become friends and after a while you fall in love with each other? it would be great!
Word Count: 989
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, hope you like this next part x

A light snoring stirred you awake from the best night sleep you’d had in weeks.

Your eyes fluttered open, realising immediately that you weren’t in your own tent. As you reached up to rub your eyes, you came to notice the unfamiliar weight upon your stomach.

You looked down and found Murphy’s arm draped over your body lazily. His head lay by your shoulder. Never had you thought you’d see a Murphy so innocent. His cheek was squished up against your arm, lips parted and hair sprawled messily over his eyes.

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I’m over it. I’m over your soft brown hair, and dreamy blue eyes. I’m over your kind voice and sparky smile. I’m over the way you look at me and the way you light up when you see me. I’m over all the nice things you’ve said that I know you mean. I’m over the way you always asked if I was okay when you knew something was wrong, even when I’d never tell you the truth about my feelings. I’m over how you always made me laugh even when I never thought I’d smile again. Why am I over something so great?
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #203

Opie smiled as he recalled the photograph. He remembered the day vividly. Gemma had gone around snapping pictures of everyone at the fundraiser, wanting to add some more photos around the clubhouse. She was sneaky and great at capturing those candid moments when you though no one was looking. The photo of Opie and you sitting together on a blanket and looking up at the exploding fireworks was one of them.

Serenity was exuded from the picture. The trees hidden in the shadows towards the background were swaying lightly in the evening breeze, the soft shine of the lights gave a subtle glow to the picture. If you looked close enough, you could see the gleaming blue and red glittering fireworks reflecting in your eyes. You were staring up into the sky watching the show but Opie’s eyes were trained on you. He stared at you as you leaned back and relaxed against his chest. The love in the photo was tangible.

He sighed as he opened his eyes, still laying down and staring up at the tally marks he’d made on the underneath of the mattress above him. Only 13 days until he got released and he could see you in person. This stint was excessively hard on the both of you, the longest one that he’d had to serve while the two of you were together.

You’d been fighting and not really speaking when things had gone down and the boys had gotten picked up. In those last couple moments before they took him away, you’d both wished that you hadn’t been immaturely ignoring each other and had spent that time together. He’d pulled out his wallet and handed you the picture. You’d kissed him passionately, making him promise to come back to you and stuck the picture into the back pocket of your jeans. You’d only had time to share one more quick peck before they cuffed him and pulled him away, leaving you standing in the middle of the lot.

Neither of you knew, but before bed every night, you both thought about the photo. When you felt especially lonely, you’d keep it next to you as you slept, always slipping it back into the pocket of your jeans every morning. That picture went everywhere with you. It made it easier, having to be with out him. When you looked at the picture, you felt the ache in your heart calm a little. When he was having a harder day, when he felt himself letting his anger getting the best of him, he relaxed and imagines the picture in his mind. The picture soothed the both of you, brought you back to that night and filled you with the same love that you felt when it was taken. The moment was frozen in time and even in your loneliest moments, neither of you ever felt truly alone. The photograph was a piece of Opie, a piece of you, a piece of the love that you had and shared with each other. It wasn’t him but it was as close as you were going to get to him for now and that was enough for you, until he got home.

Something about “Treat you better”

You know, I kept thinking about being in a dead-end relationship, that one where you don’t feel anything, just a void in your tummy whenever you look at the person in front of you, and your smile fades out of your face as soon as they look away from you. I’m thinking about the sadness it entails and the guilt over the thought of leaving. Everything you thought was so great, it’s now boyish and annoying and you two frankly aren’t going anywhere. 

I’m thinking about best friend Harry, and how soft his touch feels when he lets his hand linger on your shoulder, and how the light burning in your tummy only sparks when you look at him in the eyes. There’s never a chance to say anything, or need to do so, cause you both know exactly what you’d say if things were different. 

I’m thinking about sleeping in his couch after a fight with your partner, and his arms wrapping around your waist in the middle of the night cause he heard you sobbing. Is it sadness cause it’s over? It’s not, it probably isn’t over either, cause if truth be told you’re just too damn scared, and oh boy did you cared for them at some point, some distant moment in your life, when you were trying to figure it out and you were still accepting scraped of love as if they were offering the whole world. 

The soft kiss on the tip of your nose and your fingers curling around his arm, while his arms are hugging you against his chest. I’m thinking about all the words that refuse to leave both of your mouths and how the fire that has been burning in Harry’s tummy, the one he can’t really quite put his finger on, calms down now that he has you, even if momentarily and platonically, and the sharp gasp that would leave his lips when you finally press your mouth to his, cause maybe then, everything would truly pass, and because you truly deserve to know if they taste like strawberry, like you keep imagining they do. And because he really wants to know how your skin feels like, right under your shirt, with his fingers clasping on your hips while he presses you to his chest. And your lips are wet and just a tiny bit salty, but it doesn’t matter, cause you’re home, both of you are, and there’s a long way to go, but at least now you know where you’re going. 


Gif source:  Digger

Imagine being confident, beautiful, strong, sassy, and a part of the Suicide Squad, so when anyone usually flirts with you, you’re quick to shoot them down, but when Captain Boomerang flirts with you, you flirt back, so he admits he likes you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Oi, beautiful,” has you turning your head from where you’d been speaking with Harley to find Captain Boomerang headed your way. He’d been flirting with you all night, and was the only one of the group that you hadn’t shot down as of yet.

“What’s it, handsome?” you shoot back with a smirk, watching as his eyes catch a mischievous light at your flirting back.

He gives you a cheeky grin when he continues, “Great fightin’ form back there, huh? Ya’ sure look like ya’ know what you’re doing.”

“That’s because,” you begin as Harley skips ahead to find Deadshot, leaving the two of you hanging at the back of the group. Taking a step closer, you get in his personal space seductively enough, “I know exactly what I’m doing, Captain. Do you?”

#148: Baby Series | Baby’s First Word

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits


Luke’s fingers caressed down the skin around your shoulders, his finger tickling the skin around your bones and down your spine. He was humming lightly to himself, squeezing one eye shut by the morning sun streaking in through the curtains in bright orange and yellow colors. William was resting next to him between the two of you, his blue eyes curious and looking up at his father while enjoying being tickled on his stomach. It was great Luke was a multitasker because he knew William would bug if he stopped his actions. You were out like a light after taking too many painkillers because of early night period. It was days like these that could be so stressful, feeling miserable in your own body and not wanting to do anything else but rest in your bed and do pointless thing like sleeping. But with Luke by your side, all the pain seemed to vanish away. He was there when you needed him and the bond between him and your son was enough to make your heart melt, and relax with him only watching over the two of you. “See bud… She’s sleeping again. It took some time huh, of course it can’t compares to you though.” Luke smiled down at his son loving, moving his fingers from his stomach to the top of his forehead. He leaned his lips down to kiss your shoulders, planted one on top of William’s forehead before scratching his itchy bare chest, the duvet barely covering down to his V line. William turned around now resting on top of his stomach, clearly craving for his mother’s attention. He reached his small hand forward and grabbed your hair, pulling on it lightly making Luke’s eyes go wide. “No no William, don’t do that. She barely slept because of her period, she needs all the sleep she can so she can give you her 100% attention later when I’m heading to the studio.” Luke tried his best to fiddle William’s small fingers away from your matted hair. By his action, William looked at him confused, looking between the two of you. “Ma-“ He paused, “Ma.” His gaze turned towards your sleeping form, making Luke’s blue orbs widen. “William did you just-“ He was interrupted by his son finishing his first word, the word mama leaving his lips and he started to pull on your hair. “Oh my.” Luke commented amazed, hurrying to filter his fingers out of your hair again, not knowing whether to wake you up at this point. “William can you promise me one thing? When mommy wakes up, you’ll have to say that word again because it’s pretty amazing and I know it’s gonna leave her startled, surprised and her belly filling up with butterflies.” Luke’s fingers caressed your shoulder again while looking down at his son with rather proud eyes. This took him down to a memory from the pregnancy. The night he spoke to your belly for the first time. But now he could get the chance to talk to his son face to face. An amazing feeling.


”Shouldn’t he like, be talking by now?” Michael questioned out loud, his huge fingers wrapping around Alex’ small hands, his feet resting on top of the coffee table while Alex leaned his back against Michael’s thighs. Calum looked up from his phone to glance over at Michael, his eyebrows furrowing and he grasped his bottom lip with his fingers. “I don’t know I guess. I might have known if I had gotten the chance to ask any questions when we went to the doctors.” Calum gave Michael a look that told everything and in reaction the brown haired boy scoffed at him. “Admit it, the doctor visit wouldn’t have been anything without Luke, Ash and I as moral support.” Michael grinned by his own words and wiggled his eyebrows at Cal who only shook his head, his eyes looking over at the recording boot where Ashton was standing, Luke sitting in front of the equipment with John. “Come on Alex, the two words are easy. Simple as butter. Say uncle Mikey.” Michael looked serious at your son, his eyes focused on the brown orbs in front of him, trying his best to get some sort of contact. “Or you could just drool down on my jeans instead.” He chuckled after a minute of waiting, using his thumb to dry away the drool from Alex’s chin and his jeans, the spot fading into the dark denim. “Come on bud, I would die if you say Luke’s name before mine.” Luke looked over at shoulder and rolled his eyes by Michael’s comment, but still managed to grin over the small feud they shared. Instead of doing as Michael requested, Alex started to fuzz and make whimpers which you took as a queue to take him into your lap instead. “I can never have him for more than five minutes before he starts crying, great! I must get used to not being the favourite uncle.” He humbled and crossed staring at the two of you. Though, he was still a whimpering mess when he was embraced in his arms, even more furious than when being with Michael and you softly sighed by his reaction. “He’s being moody these days, it might be a bit stress from constantly switching hotel room and bunk.” You mumbled tired, trying to calm him down but he wouldn’t stop. “Dada!” He exclaimed loudly, looking over at Calum almost for help which made everyone freeze in the room, including John and Luke. “He just-?” Michael questioned shocked while Calum stood up from the couch with the biggest smirk on his face. “1-0 to daddy here.” Calum grinned and took you from your arms, and in the second Alex was resting against Calum’s chest he quiet down and smiled up at his father. You crossed your arms and shocked your head, looking over at Michael who shockingly stared at the scene in front of him. “Don’t be like that Michael, I’m his mother and Calum gets more appreciation than I do.” Calum grinned down at you and planted a soft kiss to your furious state, “Hopefully he will say mama soon.”


The sun was streaming nicely in your face, both warm and brightening up the whole garden that lead to Michael and yours house. You fiddled with the grass beneath the blanket while ripping it off and goofily letting it fall down on top of Celeste, whom started to squirm by the sudden contact on her belly. You lifted up your sunglasses to get a better look at her, and removed the grass again from her belly as it was clearly irritating her. “Your dad loves getting grass on his belly. I used to do it all the time when we were tanning in the garden before you were born. He even put grass on my belly once while it was huge and you were living inside of me. You probably don’t remember it.” You caressed your finger down her cheek while talking, the two of you keeping eye contact, Celeste noticing every word you were saying and observing it. “Speaking of which, where is your dad hiding, he said he only needed to find the lawnmower in the shed at the other end of the house.” You looked up towards where Michael had been going, a curious expression on your face. But seconds later he showed up from the other end, driving the lawnmower in front of him, having a light yellow cable with it that was connected to the other end of the house. He started to machine and started to run down the grass, cutting it off and making your lawn, and he smiled over at you with a small wink when he noticed you staring at him. “Dada!” You looked down at Celeste’s exclaim with a smile, nodding your head agreeing to her words. But your eyes widened as the realization of what she had just said hit you and you looked at her shocked. “Did you just say your first word?” Celeste looked up at you while chewing on her fist, drool running down her chin. You waited in silence in excitement for her to say something again, and her eyes traced towards Michael before she exclaimed the same word again, dada. “Michael!” You screamed over the loud sound of the lawnmower but it wasn’t after a few repeats of his name that he heard it and stopped the noise. “What?” he yelled and squeezed his eyes by the bright sun. “Celeste just said her first word!” You pointed down at her, and Michael’s eyes widened and hurried towards you guys. “Oh my god, what did she say?” “Dada.” She responded before you could and Michael’s eyes widened in pure surprise by the amazing voice of his littler daughter talking for the first time. “Oh my god Celeste, I knew you would be a sucker for your dad, can you say the word again.” He lifted her up in his arms, pressing kisses to his cheeks and laughing all over his face by the repeated word of dada.


After having the twins at the doctor visit and she mentioned you guys needed to talk more to Zack, you took to a whole new level – more correctly, Ashton did. Every time he would walk pass him in any way he would be making weird noises, words and babbles, trying to get attention from his son who looked up at his dad with the identical hazel eyes. No matter what time it was on the day Ashton would be a talking mess, but also remaining with giving both twins the attention. It was getting to the point where you almost wanted to put tape over his mouth, he was taking it to a whole new level. “We need to find a day off soon so we can get some time with ourselves. We haven’t had a date since the birth.” You mentioned while feeding Cloe with porridge, making weird facial expressions to catch her attention. Ashton looked up from cutting carrots and other vegetables on the counter and he wiped his curls that were sticking in front of his face. “Who should watch the twins, my mum?” His attention went back to the cooking in front of him, and you sighed by his words and leaned your elbow on chair you were sitting at. “If she has the time.” Ashton nodded his head agreeing to your words and opened the boiling pan with water, starting to fill it up with the cut vegetables. “I’ll just ask her when I have the time.” You nodded your head and your attention went back to the twins, seeing Cloe in a mess with her food while Zack only stared down at it, not really looking like someone who wanted to eat more of it. “Done?” You asked him and took his plate while standing up from your chair, ready to turn around to place it in the sink but protests came from your behind and all of the sudden Zack exclaimed “Mama!” frustrated. Ashton’s eyes widened along with yours and you both turned your attention towards your son. “Did he just say mama?” Ashton asked in pure amaze, and moved away from the stove to get closer to you. You looked at Zack curiously and started to back away from him with the food, seeing him become desperate and exclaimed the same word again. “Oh my god.” Your hand came up to your mouth in shock and you placed his plate back on the table in front of him and lifted him up from his baby chair. “Ashton your weird babbles have worked.” Ashton laughed out loud by your words and placed a tender kiss to his cheek, excitement filling his veins. “I was expecting the word to be dada but alright, we’ll give that to Cloe.” He moved down with a cloth in his hands to dry off the porridge around her squeezy cheeks and you smiled proudly down at your son, proudness filling your veins by his first word.