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"Yer gonna have ta cut it off…"

“Cut it?!” The pegasus exclaimed, trashing in an attempt to get away from her friend. She only succeeded in a sharp pain running from her back to her entire body, blood staining the dirty ground already wet by the rain. She clenched her eyes shut, trying to keep the tears at bay. “A-are you crazy?! We can’t just cut it! Y-yo-you can’t do it!”
She struggled fruitlessly to get back on her hooves, the cuts scattered around her body becoming covered in mud in the process. “You can’t do it, AJ, you can’t.” She said, still trying to fight the tears that now blurred her vision. “Not my wing. You can’t…”

paul: john the lyrics do not make sense

john: y not

paul: bc birds dont swing ok, they would look like this

george: idk i think that looks pretty good

paul: but u would never see a bird do this

john: u would never see a bird that’s green either but u arent complaining about that one are u

paul: yea bc i wrote that line

(Thanks to paulieismylove for submitting this picture for me to caption!)