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Headcanons about being best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione and eventually starting a relationship with Harry, please? Love your blog!! :3

-The four of you be totally inseparable
-And everyone at school thinks you should all date
-So everyone’s watching to see who will couple up first
-You would obviously always have your friends’ backs and would do anything for them
-You would spend a lot of time in the library with Hermione whenever needed
-And you and Ron knew everything about the wizarding world so you were experts in that case
-And you wouldn’t put up with anyone’s shit about Harry
-Like you think Harry is a liar? Fight me
-You’d stand up to everyone that said Harry was the heir of slytherin, or put his name in the goblet, or lied about Voldemort’s return
-So honestly, the first time you start to have feelings for Harry, you’re covering for him
-You and him were sneaking around to get to DA when Umbridge catches you
-“Where are you two going?”
-“Uhhm we were just-”
-“Making out!”
-And Harry looks at you in shock but just nods
-So obviously Umbridge punishes you but not all that much
-And then word gets around school about what happened and everyone is just like /finally/
-Fred and George won’t stop teasing the both of you, asking how the kiss was
-So you both end up wondering what it would actually be like
-“Are we actually gonna do this?”
-So you and Harry end up making out in the room of requirement for a couple of hours
-And it’s kinda just like woah….
-After that you start a relationship, and try to keep it secret from everyone
-But Ron and Hermione are like duh, we’ve known all along
-They end up convincing the two of you to tell everyone
-And the entire school has the same kind of finally feeling
-Going on dates to Hogsmead
-You always have Harry’s back and fight along with him every time
-In the ministry of magic, you follow Harry, wanting to keep him safe
-Meanwhile Harry wants you to stay away because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt you
-Being there for Harry after the death of Sirius, Dumbledore, ya know everyone great
-Spending summers at the Burrow with Ron and Hermione and Harry
-Having //matching patronuses//
-The three of you coming up with ways to surprise Harry - just by giving him presents or taking him somewhere new
-To take his mind off of everything
-Cheering loudly with Hermione for both Ron and Harry at Quidditch
-Helping Harry with his occlumency, which ends up with the two of you just making out
-You both know how happy Ron and Hermione would be together
-So you very casually force them into double dates
-Curling up with Harry in the common room
-Staying at school some Christmases to be with Harry
-Camping and looking for Horcruxes with them all during seventh year
-Getting into fights whenever someone is wearing the locket
-At Hogwarts, you beg Harry not to go to Voldemort
-He tells you he loves you before going into the Forbidden Forest
-And then you’re left to find the last Horocrux
-Once Voldemort says Harry is dead, you’re one of the first to stand and fight
-Harry looks at you first when he jumps out of Hagrid’s arms, winking at you as he runs off
-When the battle is finally over you and Harry run into each other’s arms
-And you yell at him for scaring you but you can’t be mad because you’re so glad he’s alive
-And then you would go through the horrible ordeal of saying goodbye to your loved ones that you lost in the battle
-But Harry was always there for you and you were there for him
-You would eventually marry him, and pick out not horrible names for your children

@gucci but not because this dress was $28 . On a real note though, you should all go to and watch the ss17 show. It’s poetic and perfect and the music is rad too. After I saw it I was inspired to go vintage shopping for super fem silhouettes & pieces, & these opticals 🌹🤓🦄 @garrettleight ( @thisisveda bag)

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one of my Favorite Things is when you have a line in a song that’s obviously a metaphor but when you put it in the right fandom context it’s actually completely literal


♡(人⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)♡ heartthrob song minho ♡(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝人)

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Gravity Falls for reintroducing me to one of the most wonderfully poisonous movie villains of all time and for making me rewatch The Night of the Hunter after too many years of neglecting to do so


get to know me meme → [2/5] favourite tv shows web series

↳ red vs blue

Maybe you’re all here because this is the only place you fit in, maybe you’re here because you don’t have anywhere else to go, maybe you’re all here because deep down, you want to be here. The reason doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re here.”