seriously If you havent already you should all watch the anime RE: CREATOR!! Its fantastic! And ESPECIALLY If you are an artist or a writter!!! 

They really develop the idea of book characters coming to life really well and more recently tackled a subject that anyone who has been around art site like tumblr or deviant or pixiv know about….


.  .  .

A lot of people have asked me why I take any interest in BlazBlue, and really, much of it had to do with Calamity Trigger, the very first game:

—Female Announcer with a Crisp British Accent.

—Futuristic Hit Counter Font.

—Epic 2.5D Arcade Trailer Intro (You should watch them all if you missed any) with just a Hint of 3D featuring Nu-13’s giant sword.

—Unlimited Mode/Team Battles/Grid Battles

—The Main Menu Hub design, like something out of a Hologram display.

—Character Select Theme “Blue Beating”, if you superimposed this song over BBCF’s roster the Mood when picking a character would change completely.  This is also true of most of Daisuke Ishiwatari’s music and instrumentation back then.

If there was a way to bring back all these wonderful atmospheric aspects in to Central Fiction along with some rebalancing the game would be all the more engaging.

The Dub alone didn’t make the games great, it was these little touches that created a powerful chemistry that created the BB Fanbase in the first place, even amid Guilty Gear fans.

If any of you out there is developing their own action or fighting game, take note, it’s the little things that make a good game great.

  • i can never stress enough how you all should be watching crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • i gather it’s for free on the cw app
  • i gather netflix uploads the episodes weekly in most regions
  •  it has everything tumblr claims to desperately want and yet its fandom is made of like three people.
  •  drop the “sexist title” bullshit and try to actually watch: the entire show is about deconstructing the “crazy” world by dealing with a young woman with untreated anxiety and depression. yes, anxiety and depression
  • and yet the writing is so clever for some reason it feels bittersweet rather than intoxicatingly sad
  • it’s not about romantic/sexual relationships. there are those, but they’re just a means to explore the female protagonist’s life and journey.
  • you get anti-heroes. because you don’t have to be a man making drugs on a cable drama to be an anti-hero. you have to be deeply fucked up and that’s what these characters are.
  • it’s the most diverse cast i’ve ever seen. 
  • one character gets a number on coming out as bisexual. the word is said multiple times. you don’t like shows shying away from it? fucking watch crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • they sing and dance their ass off, and well, and showcasing meta commentaries on storytelling and how even music videos are made. they do pop, rap, rock, old hollywood musicals, you name it. they do everything and they’re brilliant at it. the soundtrack’s online. the music sheets too.
  • it’s just overall brilliant. it won the cw a golden globe and two emmys. rachel bloom is out of this world
  • rachel bloom also led this anti-trump anthem
  • again: cw app and netflix.

I myself have fallen down the “heathers videos on YouTube” rabbit hole sooo many times. But if for some reason you haven’t (or you’re new to the musical) these are my top 13 favorite videos on the tube that feature heathers. Some of these are OBC and some are other productions. I’ve literally probably watched all these videos like 5 times in their entirety. Enjoy.

1. OBC previewing the show:

2. Original Heather Duke (Queen Alice Lee) covers Candy store:

3. “JD Never saw that point shoe coming”:

4. Live footage (not illegal!!) of OBC!:

5. More non-illegal live footage of OBC!:

6. Dead girl walking in the recording studio:

7. This performance of candy store: (features OBC minus Alice Lee..Kristolyn played Duke in the original LA production tho!!)

8. Aaaand this performance of candy store:

9. This cover of seventeen:

10. This medley:

11. This performance of dead girl walking:

12. Jessica’s mashup of Beautiful (Carol King) and Beautiful (Heathers):

And finally

13. Blue:

Congrats! You have been heathers educated. But for real, just listen to the cast album and you’re good to go. This is useful for late night video binging, though.

Monsta X - To Watch List

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Due to the increase of Monbebes’ from MonstaX latest comeback I thought I’d compile a list of things you should all watch. 


This is where it all started, the survival show that formed the group. Even though you know how it ends up, bring a box of tissues and put your seat belt on. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles. 

2. DeokspatchX 

This is their first little variety show. It’s fun to watch, you’ll laugh and you get to watch the members become more comfortable with one another. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

3. DeokspatchX²

This is ‘season 2′ of their own little variety show. They’re all adorable. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

4. Right Now! 

Their first very own variety show! It’s fun to watch, you will have most likely seen gifs, clips and other screen shots from these episodes. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

5. Monsta X-Ray 

This is a more recent broadcast that can be watched on V App. While this is funny like all their other things, it has a more ‘real’ side to it. There are sad moments, funny moments, and cute moments that make you curl into your chair a smile to yourself.  

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

6. No Exit Broadcast 

Yup another one! This is still currently airing at the time that I am making this post. What can I say, part of the reason I like them is that they let the more ‘real’ side of themselves be shown to us and this program just keeps up with that theme. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

7. CH.MX 

This is a ongoing series of videos ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. They are clips from special days, behind the scenes, and other day to day things that they do. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English)

8. Special 

These are just other videos that you should definitely see. 

Monsta X on My Kiss…just because they are smooth AF. [X]

Monsta X on Amigo TV… they just know how to have fun and make you laugh. [X]

9. Other 

Take note that Shownu is a regular member of Lipstick Prince and Lipstick Prince 2

On top of those mention there are always the regular appearances on things like Weekly Idol, After School Club + Idol Battle Likes New Yang Nam Show etc. 

{If you are watching any of the videos in the first 4 playlists consider clicking the ‘auto-translate’ function on your desktop in order to get subtitles in a different language.}

Happy Viewing!  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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So it’s pride month and everyone seems to be listing their favorite movies that have LGBT+ representation so I decided to do the same. My pride month movie recommendation is Lawrence of Arabia.

It has all the components of a movie that tumblr loves

A largely poc cast:

A poc as a main character:

Problematic shit to discuss:

Canon asexual representation in a main character:

A gay interracial couple as confirmed by the director:

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Look how cute they are:

Also, it’s a big deal because it came out in the 60′s when the Hays Code was still in use and it was an incredibly bold move of David Lean (the director) to give two main characters in a major motion picture huge amounts of homoerotic subtext. Then once the Hays Code was out of use, he confirmed their sexualities.

An interesting plot:

A good soundtrack:

A very cute cast:

And a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score! Basically you should all watch it because it’s a very good movie and I think you’d all like it. It’s an old-ish movie, but a very good one. It’s really long, too (lots of content), but you can watch it in two parts (there’s an intermission). 




Okay, so there’s this Spanish show on Netflix called Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) which is about feminist women in the 20’s.
I have seen many comments about the lesbian relashionship between two of the characters and I would like to express my opinion because I disagree with most of them.

First of all, they are in a polyamorous relashionship with a man, so I would say they are bisexual, not lesbians.
And also, in the last episode, they make it clear that one of them is transgender.
My point is that it is good to see queer reprentation onscreen, but not every woman who likes women is a lesbian.

Opinions, please?

P.S. I think you all should watch that show.