A New Place

Happy Travel Tuesday!

We all live in some sort of extraordinary place. We may not think this way, but to someone else, a new place can be extraordinary. Cities can be intimidating, big cities with lots of people are overwhelming. I live in a somewhat small city but I’m close to many big cities.

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but imagine a heated make-out session with Steve where you’re straddling him and you grind on him and he mutters ‘fuck’ into the kiss and you smirk and say ‘watch your language Cap’ omg i’m hawkout bye


Hi ! how are ya? Its been a while. I wanted to let you know I am gonna be in New York next week - heres whats going on and maybe we will cross paths while we are still alive on the planet. 

May 11 - There will be a screening & talk happening at the MoMA (tickets) (cartoon brew article) SOLD OUT :o(

May 13 - A longer retrospective + Q & A at the SPECTACLE theatre in brooklyn (tickets) 

May 16 - A Panel @ TWO5SIX (tickets) (kill screen article) I dont know exactly what this is gonna be but the conference looks great and Im psyched.

For the Spectacle show (and maybe TWO5Six)- if you bring me your art I will trade for a t-shirt or something ive made, just come up to me after. Thanks !

Barry: No, I just I told Iris how I felt about her.
Caitlin: Bold choice.
Barry: I knew where we stood before. We were best friends. And I don’t know. Now I just don’t know what’s normal for us anymore.
Caitlin: Before I met Ronnie, I knew exactly what was going to happen every day of my life. It was predictable. I like predictable. But when Ronnie and I started dating, everything started to change. He made me try Indian food and scuba diving. At first it was scary. But then it was better. Things weren’t really normal with you pining after Iris and her being totally unaware. Whatever happens next, it will be better.
1.10 (Revenge of the Rogues)

Caitlin: Not as trippy as the name on the byline.
Barry: Iris West…Allen?
- 1.20 (The Trap)

I find it totally interesting that Caitlin was the one who told Barry that things will be better now that Iris knows about Barry’s feelings and that she’s also the one who pointed out the name on the byline. Very interesting parallel. It will be better, indeed, Dr. Snow. Barry marries the love of his life, Iris West-Allen :)

Caitlin and Barry have a nice supportive friendship. Such a great brotp. Barry helped her find Ronnie and he’ll be there for the SnowStorm Wedding and Caitlin encouraged Barry about Iris (And hopefully she’ll be there for the WestAllen wedding too. Since Iris looks like she might be Caitlin’s bridesmaid, I think Caitlin should be a bridesmaid for Iris too. Snowest friendship ftw)

Whenever you read something that draws you in, a page turner, you want to know what’s happening next and that was the case with this. I always read first as an audience member to make sure that it draws me in, and second time around I read from a character point of view, how I approach it as an actor, and this presented a lot of challenges and intrigue.
—  Colin Morgan on reading scripts (x)

“So, we just wanted to tell everyone we are dating.” Kageyama says.

He and Hinata had decided that they didn’t want to keep their relationship a secret from their teammates so they came to practice today ready to tell everyone. They talked about possible reactions their friends might have but they really didn’t expect what happened next.

Suga looked at Daichi and then back at Kageyama and Hinata. “We all know that already, if I think back, you’ve been dating for about three months, correct? Suga says.

Hinata starts stuttering “H…ow…D…id you know? Kageyama just stands there staring at Suga incredulously.

“Well” grins Suga “Shall I go first?” he asks everyone. He is met with lots of nods.

“Hinata, you are always wearing Kageyama’s shirts.” Suga says

Daichi continues “Kageyama, you always give Hinata the pickles off of your sandwiches even though you like them.”

“Usually friends don’t stay late and kiss in the gym” Tanaka proudly states, “I forgot something and came back to get it one night and saw you two.”

Asahi blushes and looks down but says “You look at each other different than you look at anyone else.”

Noya laughs out “Hinata, you don’t cling to anyone else either.”

“You walk him home every night Kagayama.” Yamaguchi adds.

Tsukishima adds in a bored voice “Did you guys seriously think we were too stupid to realize that you were holding hands on the bus?”

“Oh” both Kageyama and Hinata say at the same time. Kageyama looks down at Hinata and says “Dumbass, I told you you were being too obvious about it.” They continue to bicker about who was more at fault when Daichi places a hand on each of their shoulders. Silence falls and the duo looks scared.

Daichi grins “As long as it doesn’t affect your game play then there is no problem. And there won’t be any problem will there?”

“No Sir” the duo all but shouts out as they run off to start setting up for practice.

Suga walks over to Daichi and says “Things will be interesting from here on out, wouldn’t you say?”

I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count. 
—  Titanic (1997)

please note my blog will never have leaked spoilers for life is strange. I might speculate and wonder what’ll happen next, but I won’t post something certain to happen that we aren’t supposed to know about yet. Even if *I* see any spoilers, there is no risk for them appearing on my blog. thank you.

The Dead of July - whimsicule

 Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

Chapter 1 , 2 , 3 , / 8

[The editing and fonting is all mine but the pictures are not mine]

Thank you whimsicule for the surplus of feels in this story and for having beautifully written it. Reading this I watched Captain America the Winter Soldier again but it did not amount to the amount of love and pain I felt reading your fic. I’m excited to to see what happens next :)

Half of my conversations with Tony about Dominion are like:

Me: “Oh my god I need to know what happens next!”

Him: “I can’t tell you.”

And the other half are like:

Me: Don’t tell me anything I want to watch it for the first time knowing nothing.”

Him: “This season is amazing, seriously, it’s taken such a great direction… there’s this scene…”


Finding Out

A/N: Here you go Alexis! I hope you like it! :) xx

Alexis didn’t know what to think when she walked in on her older brother, Scott, wolfing out in the middle of the living room. It was the first time experiencing anything about the supernatural so when she saw what was happening, she ran. She was completely freaked out that she just had to get away so she did.

She was swinging on the swings at her favorite park as a kid when Isaac took a swing next to hers.

“Are you like Scott?” was the first thing that escaped Alexis’s mouth.

Isaac sighed. “Yeah. Everyone in our group is a supernatural of some sort. Well, except Allison and Stiles. Allison is just a hunter and Stiles is human,” he explained.

Alexis turned her gaze to look at Isaac. “Why am I just now finding out? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” she asked as if she were hurt that no one had told her anything.

“Easy. We wanted to protect you. We didn’t want you to be any part of the supernatural world that makes up Beacon Hills. We thought that by not telling you, you wouldn’t get involved. So much for that, though,” Isaac said, almost bitterly. At least, towards the end, it was bitter. The rest of it, he explained in a soft voice.

Alexis cracked a smile. “Yeah. So much for that,” she agreed. Then she leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. “Thank you for telling me.”

Isaac grinned and got up. “Come on. Let’s get you home.”

Alexis knew that this would be a lot to take in, but she didn’t care. As long as she had Isaac and the others to teach her, she would be fine.

Round robin Wincest-a-thon

So about that mosquito fic. Since I have no idea where I was going with it. I am soliticiting next lines. Just repost it, with the next line. One line. I know you can do it.  

Here it is again:

“I refuse to believe these are not demonic mosquitoes,” Dean says, clapping his hands together in in a vain attempt to take down at least one of the blood suckers.

“They got past the salt lines,” Sam points out from the far bed. He’s covered from head to toe; thin sweat pants and a flannel shirt buttoned all the way to his neck and at his wrists.

And then what happens?

anonymous asked:

Can you possibly give me a brief rundown of what happened today with Zach and Frankie please? I know that Frankie liked Zach's IG pic in the middle of the night from 3 days ago but that was pretty much the last I saw of things. I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks.

Oh jeez. Um…Zach said this morning that Frankie hit him up last night and they were texting, he thinks he’s going to Frankie’s show next week, and implied he and Frankie were texting tonight at the beginning of his last stream. Zach has been blocking a bunch of trolls all day on Younow. Frankie did a photo shoot with Adam Bouska again today, got his hair redyed blonde, and is with what sounds like the whole Grande clan and maybe some friends in LA. 

queenofcinema asked:

With all the shit thats going on in the marvel fandom & everyones going "at least we got Civil War next year" & here I am going DO THE WORDS "ANT" AND "MAN" NOT MEAN SHIT TO YOU???? Holy fuck what is it with this fandom & its obsession with making sure everyone forgets the movie exists? Like why is it a cool trend to pretend this film isnt happening? Do you really hate the idea of Paul Rudd being a superhero/thief/dad? What is it??????? Tell me!!!


Ant Man is doing press already and it’s like nO ONE NOTICED! i don’t even think it’s deliberate??! i hope it’s not, i can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be here for daddy!paul rudd fighting crime with his cute pet ants?! 

Just set up the next chapter for “Collide”

25_Return, comes out tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

And in case you haven’t read it… be lucky, your heart is still intact. 

Clara Oswald, English Literature Professor and Randall Brown, the Head of PR and Communication work at the University of Glasgow. They have never met before, but then coincidence finally makes up its mind. See what happens when two people who couldn’t be more different collide.

Angry and Considerate

I was in the middle of chemistry class next to Stiles. I felt something dripping down my leg. I jumped up and saw that I had gotten my period in the middle of fricken class. “Mr. Harris I need to leave like now” I said frantically. “Ms.Hale please sit down you may not leave” he said sternly. “Mr. Harris I have blood coming out of my vagina and I have no type of protection and it’s running down my leg so unless you want me bleeding all over your fucking floor I suggest you call the office and let them know what happened so good bye” I said walking out the class.

I ran home and took a shower. I felt so disgusting and went back to school in sweats. It was lunch time and I sat down across the table from Stiles. “Hey Stiles how was chemistry” I said smirking. “The look on mr. Harris face was priceless, but he did do what you asked and the lady at the front desk laughed at him” he said excitedly. Scott popped up, then Lydia, Jackson, Allison, and even flicking Derek. “What do you guys want” I snapped. “We heard what happened today with Harris it’s the talk of the school” Scott said softly. They just hugged you because they knew your period was the worst thing ever and the cramps were bad. Derek just smiled at you and hugged you even tighter. “Why I’d Derek hale smiling that’s scary” Stiles yelp. “Stiles leave my brother alone he has helped me ever since I first got my period and acts like my hot water bottle, speaking of which Scott can you please lay across my stomach after school I need your warmth” I said doing my famous pouty lips. “Hey I thought that was our thing” Derek interfered. “Dear brother of mine it’s getting weird and sort of creepy and plus Scott is my boyfriend so he needs to learn how to deal with my bitchy days” I said smiling at him.

“Ugh fine but if you need pads just let me know cause I’m going into town to buy some stuff” Derek said. “Will do bro I might send a list of things I want.” The bell rang, it was the last period of the day and my free period. I went looking for Mr. Harris to apologize to him. He didn’t have a last period class so he was cleaning up early by the looks of it.

I knocked on the door softly and walked in. “Mr. Harris I would like to apologize for my inappropriate behavior in class today but I freaked out, you have to under that, even tho I took it to the extreme, anyway I doesn’t always get this angry, so if want to give me a detention just give me one I deserve it for embarrassing you and for causing that scene” I said to him. I felt bad, I didn’t have to cause that scene. I could have just talked to him quietly. He looked at me silently for a few seconds. “Go home Ms. Hale I understand the emotions your body secretes when it is that time. Just next time talk to me and don’t embarrass me like that, I’m not giving you a detention because I didn’t let you explain yourself, now go home and take care, I’ll even wrote you pass from gym and lacrosse practice” he said sincerely. I nodded and I hugged him in thanks. I ran home so I can get Scott to lay across my stomach.

Should I write a one shot about her being on the lacrosse team.

anonymous asked:

to be honest it seems like you care more about getting fans and being a Popular Content Creator than you do about actually telling a story. like webcomics take YEARS to get regular readers, you have to be patient and do it out of love for the story. is this encouraging? is this anon hate? i don't know!!

god I’m sorry anon because I’m sure you had only the best intent but this ask and other bits of advice like it really get under my skin

first of all, do I love my story? of course! I love it to bits, but I don’t blog about that all the time because I don’t want to annoy people by constantly going “OH MY STORY IS SO GREAT, IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT, OH IT’S AMAZING JUST YOU WAIT”.

but the thing is… merely loving my story doesn’t motivate me. I thrive on recognition from others. and more than that, I thrive on making a difference, on impacting other people’s lives. I’m not making this story because of some deep-seated creative flame that needs to be sated. I’m making it because I want other people to enjoy it. I want to see people laugh. I want to excite them. I want to inspire them. that’s what motivates me. and that requires having people who are actually paying attention to my work.

people always say “you have to make art for YOURSELF.” but what does that even mean?? I know the plot of The Nightmare Squad better than anyone else on this planet. if I make it purely for myself, all I’m doing is taking ideas and concepts that are already in my head and putting them down on paper. what does that accomplish??

so of course you’re gonna say, well, don’t take it so literally. but what else do I get out of it? the sheer satisfaction of creation? my brain doesn’t work like that. drawing is fun but my brain wants results. otherwise, it feels like I’m wasting my time. I need to know that I’m making an impact. I need to know that I’m going to achieve something

and you know what? yeah, some of this is envy and selfishness. since I started work on my comic I’ve watched three other comics start up from people I follow. all of them have better art and a pre-established fan base and all of them have way way WAY more followers and likes than mine does. and it stings a little! even when I know that I’m nowhere near as good as the others it still stings to see it happen. and frankly, I don’t want to be stuck working some shitty-ass nine-to-five retail job all my life, so it would be nice to have some assurance that I can make money off of my art

the bottom line is… I’ve lived a mostly directionless and unambitious life and one of the few things I know I want is to be someone with a voice, someone whose stories are well-liked, someone who makes a difference. but I’m constantly being told that I’m doing things wrong! I’m constantly being told that I’m doing things for the wrong reason. “oh, I knew all along that I wanted to be an artist, I’ve been working at it all my life” “money means nothing as long as you’re doing what you love” “I don’t need fame or recognition, I just need to create”. I hear that shit over and over and over again and goddamn it, it is REALLY disheartening to be told, over and over and over, that I’m not creating for the right reasons

I do love my story. I do love my work. but if nobody else does, then what’s the fucking point?

“Assisting the first enchanter will be the senior enchanters, a small council of
the most trusted and experienced magi in the tower. From this group, the
next first enchanter is always chosen. Beneath the council are the
enchanters. These are the teachers and mentors of the tower, and you
must get to know them in order to keep your finger on the pulse of the
Circle, for the enchanters will always know what is happening among the

     And !! thanks to the new lore that has surfaced, we learn that Dorian was/is
     an enchanter of the Minrathous Circle of Magi (at least before everything
     went to hell in Tevinter and he joined the Inquisition) which means he was a
     teacher. A teacher. Surrounded by little pretentious vint mage children and
     passing on his wisdom in all the ways he knows how. And since this was
     at a time in his life where he actually had proper control of himself and had
     Alexius to guide him when needed (heck, he was the one who sponsored
     him to become an enchanter in the first place) there’s a very good chance
     that he actually took this role seriously. Well you know, as seriously as a
     person Dorian Pavus can. You just know he was one of those fun teachers
     who made an effort to make their lessons exciting and tried to engage with
     the kids as best he could. Because he knows how shitty it is to have adults
     ignore you at every turn and treat you like another statistic. 

     I bet during his time spent with the Inquisition, he wonders if the children
     miss him at all. 

     also pls consider this: