Never Fully Believe An SugarDaddy’s Story on his Past SB’s. LUXY AND SD BLACKLIST JOHN H.!!

Where did I disappear to?! I made one post over the last three weeks and deleted it because it was an honest cry for help. I didn’t want to let my Sugarbabes know I had fallen into failure. But I’m here to tell you my story.

Four weeks ago I had ventured onto a millionaire dating site called Luxy. I found my first whale, infamous John Hollis. His message was direct and straight forward. He was an experienced SD who was offering his girls (yes, he had more than one at a time) 10k per month. Here was the conditions :

1. You must submit to him a “thumbs up” selfie to him to claim you’re cute and real in which he collects every girl that fell in his trap, posts them on his social media and claims they were his “"sugar baby” your risqué pictures are then shown to other sugar babies for his own personal validation of what he’s gotten so far.

2. You must spend one entire weekend with him twice a month. 

3. Before you see him he had each sugar baby have a full panel STD test before allowance was given. It’s a $339 test in which he would pay for. (Never did)

4. You must submit your utter loyalty to him. No multiples, no vanillas etc.
5. You must get rid of all social media or not post to any of them if you wished to survive. Any postings causes suspicious activity to his insecure, overbearing ass in which you are questioned and interrogated intensely.
6. If you failed to answer his texts or failed to answer nightly and morning FaceTime calls, again with the interrogation and snide comments against you. As well as guilt trip you.
7. Anytime you try to explain yourself he automatically turns the situation into your fault because he’s GODS GIFT TO WOMEN and does NOTHING wrong in the world.
8. Anytime you needed real help he will give excuses but give you JUST enough to survive with food money, again he’s doing you a favor.

9. Anything that physically gets deposited into your account are checks from his therapy company which you can’t spend because they will bounce. 

He flew me first class to see him for the first time. I stayed in a hotel, the arrangement commenced. In that time I physically received new shoes, an iPad Pro and $500.

Now this is where the gates of my prison opened. While I was there he physically got on his iPad and “paid all my bills” so I thought I was walking away a happy camper. The worst was yet to come. I had quit my job, my car completely broke down, and I had no money. Why???
All those bills he “paid” bounced within a couple of days because finding out he has a stolen account reported over a year ago. He kept “booking flights” to come see me but his ex wife never got the kids, his kids leg broke, he kept getting booted off the planes here. OH and the best one yet, he got in a car accident on his way to get me but kept being put in a room where visitors couldn’t see him.

But hey, he kept me alive by UberEats to my house everyday. Wasn’t that enough? To him it was while every day I suffered. No money, no car, no job, no school…

Call me stupid for sticking around and waiting even that long…but it got to a point where the only thing I felt like I could do was wait patiently for him while he LIES AND LIES. I hope that no girl ever suffers through what I did. I know he’ll talk shit about me to his next victims making him look like a saint. Never EVER believe a one sided story.

YES, there are a TON of red flags in this situation, but anyone who has followed my page from the start knows I give you the GOOD and BAD, raw sugaring so you don’t make the same mistakes. Anyone who degrades me, go for it. But what would you do to have that MAGICAL 10k we’ve always wanted? The one we post all over Tumblr to be the Sugar QueenB? Many of you won’t admit but everyone has done stupid things for someone extremely convincing. He’s a fraud, of course he’s good at lying. @sugardaddyblacklist

anonymous asked:

i once made a student athlete meme but a "student italian" (and by that i mean tommy bracco) meme, emojis and all. however, after i sent it to my friend she pointed out that 🇮🇪 is not in fact the italian flag and that i just made tommy bracco irish. you're welcome.

oh my goodness,,, gracious,,, that is wild. yes the italian flag is red on the end omg. BUT DUDE. you’ve gotta send this meme my way cuz its probably applicable to me.

sonicskullsalt  asked:

Got a question about your meta Deciphering Mycroft at the movies. I think it’s great! Do you think that tld ending with a completely red screen plays into this as well? I found that really weird and it could actually be a kind of Red flag?

(Referencing Deciphering Mycroft at the Movies)

Hey, thank you so much! <3 YES, I love that idea, a literal Red Flag, there’s a post here that compares that shot to Clue(do). 

I’ve been wondering too if it’s also a tongue in cheek reference to James Bond, you know at the opening titles where he shoots the ‘camera’ and whoever he’s killed behind it falls and the screen goes red? 

Considering that to me part of TFP is a HUGE parody of James Bond tropes, perhaps this is a clue that we’re meant to question just how realistic this part is. ;)

anonymous asked:

how can you tell if your partner is being unfair about your bpd when you cant calm down? i cant even tell she just keeps insisting im abusive and i feel horrible i cant even tell

The thing about situations like these is there is no sure way to tell, especially since I don’t know either of you. 

However, some things to ask yourself:

  • Does this person put you down often and make you feel bad about yourself?
  • Is this person open to concerns you have and things you have to say?
  • Does this person invalidate what you’re saying by insisting you’re “making it up” or you’re “remembering things incorrectly”?
  • Do you feel that something is wrong with your relationship, but you don’t know how to describe it?
  • Do you feel that your partner controls your life?
  • Do you feel that your partner does not value your thoughts or feelings?
  • Will your partner do anything to win an argument, such as put you down, threaten or intimidate you?
  • Do you feel that you cannot do anything right in your partner’s eyes?
  • Do you get mixed messages from them and can’t decide why they’re treating you this way?
  • Are you told that no one else would want you, or that you are lucky your partner takes care of you?
  • Do you have to account for every moment of your time?
  • When you try to talk to your partner about problems, do they become aggressive and accuse you of picking fights?
  • Does your partner threaten to withdraw themselves as a form of punishment or to prove a point?
  • If you wish to spend money, does your partner make you account for every penny,or say you don’t deserve anything?
  • Does your partner isolate you from friends?
  • Does your partner blame you for everything that goes wrong?
  • Do you feel sick, anxious, tired or depressed a lot because of your relationship?
  • Does your partner dismiss your concerns and blame them on your disorder?
  • Does your partner dismiss any breakdowns or mood swings because of your disorder?

Any “yes” you answered is an immediate red flag. I don’t feel comfortable giving advice on the situation, since I don’t know either of you, but these are still good questions to ask yourself.



If your friend is under the influence of anything and they are clearly incoherent, please don’t leave them unattended. If you see a stranger being taken advantage of and they are non-consenting please step up and do something about it. Ask them if they are okay and if they know the person, if they can’t give a yes or no its probably a red flag. Get security or flag down someone who can help if you are not comfortable with approaching the situation yourself. Everyone speaks so highly of raving but there is honestly a darker side to it that people tend to ignore. Please be responsible and be safe. 

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