ok so there are all these blogs that their only purpose is to hate on mcr fans (like sheriffofthemcrtag and stupidmcrfans and whythemcrmyisajoke) and i just ??????????? what the hell are they achieving by talking shit about mcr fans and yes i know the mcrmy can be hella annoying and embarrassing but these blogs are more annoying and just downright offensive. theyre just as bad as ughsherlockfandom

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I just did the research and I mean I had to creep a long while and only saw several posts with the clexa tag in them. But yes, she does retweet clexa related things.

Suddenly my attraction to Eliza Taylor just went up and now can be considered unhealthy and potentially life threatening I cannot believe

bless this world

@my followers and mutuals

pls dont get bored or think that these pics i tagged with “made with love” are just baseless/mindless pictures/posts bcs i DO make them while thinking of the one im making it for and with sincere hope that you DO feel better in any way possible. I always go to your blog (and hope that it can give me some clues to your favorite chara/things) before making anything. Yes i kinda stalk u im sorry hahaha

i apologize for the very simple art and i know it’s far from perfect n it might not be to your taste, but i just wanna remind you that i read, remember, and care about you. Im not just an url on your screen that have no emotion but im another human being on the other side of the screen, like you. And while it may not do much, but my feeling and wishes for u are valid and i hope that it reach you my friends ♡♡♡♡

When u have a bad day, going through some rough times, or just feeling oddly blue; dont let the negative side of your brain consume you and pls remember that ppl care about u ♡♡♡♡

have a nice day ^^

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I have so many, so I may gonna keep you busy! is there any blogger with who you would like to be friends?

Lol, yes!! 

This is embarrassing .///. I have lots of tumblr people that I wish I was friends with, but I’ll limit it to like 10 im going to tag them so you can check out their blog bc they are real cool:

@myfourwalls, @kittyexe (she may know me as @pinkaishiteru), @momotairu, @miuroko afghjkl her edits *^*, @nommi #perfection, @vegilliance, @keoppii, @rockcitygirl/ @fxsdiamond, @tiny-snail aka Lizz on YouTube, and @-chiish

Yeah, I have a lot of crushes lol.

tagged by @dirtynamjams im sorry it took me FOREVER but work and life orz

Rules: Tag the person who tagged you and let them know you finished. Answer the questions/tasks and then tag 5 people to let them know they have been tagged questions!

How tall are you?
What style and color is your hair?
long, naturally brown but now it’s reddish and hIDEOUS idk why i dyed them.
What color are your eyes?
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
yes both depending on the mood 
What is your fashion style?
i change it too many times, i go from model off duty to housewife in the span of three days 
What is your full name?
When were you born?
How old are you?
Where are you from and where do you live now?
from milan and live in milan
Do you have siblings?
yes a younger sister
What kind of a student are you?
(were). a bad one. well no, a regular one. i did what i have to and teachers always said “she’s smart, but she doesn’t do as much as she could”
Do you like school?
i did. i wasn’t really fond of highschool but uni was fun and it was great to not have as much responsabilities as i have at work
What are/were your favorite subjects?
english and when i was in uni, movies and creative writing and editorial design.
What are your favorite shows?
breaking bad, school 2013, some gag concert sketches
What are your favorite movies?
old boy, pulp fiction, into the wild, trainspotting, inglorious bastards, tree of life and a lot others tbh
What are your favorite books?
all harry potter series, the catcher in the rye, christian f, norvegian wood, invisible monsters, the perks of being a wallflower and again so many more (the little prince too)
Favorite pastime?
writing, watching kdramas, watching bts videos, drawing
Do you have any regrets?
What is your dream job?
the one i have now but with less anxiety - and something related to writing
Would you like to get married?
idk about that, i’d like to live with the person i love tho
Would you like to have kids some day?
i’m not sure tbh i want a dog tho
Are you a regular girl or a girly girl?
i’m more girly than i’d like to admit
Do you like shopping?
lmao yes
What countries have you visited so far?
some places around europe and america and in september im going to korea
What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?
i had plenty but the absolute worst was about my mom dying
Do you have enemies?
i don’t think so
Who are your friends?
a bunch of very important people

Put your phone on shuffle and write whatever first 10 songs, without skipping

1. Awakening, RapMonster
2. 일하는 중 (양화대교 Cover), BTS
3. 미쳤어 (ft. Don Millis), Beenzino
4. Stand Up (ft. Mamamoo), Basick
5. War of Hormones, BTS
6. 진철머리 (ft. Dok2, 오케이션), Beenzino
7. 찰리채플, BASTARZ (BlockB)
8. Intro: Welcome to Wondaland, MFBTY
9. 고마운 숨 ( ft. 얀키, 봉태규), Tablo
10. 1VERSE, J-Hope (BTS)


i’m tagging @rapmonstrr @yoonkooks @namjoonspornstash @sun-shine-squad @namjoonsbutterfly @namjoonieoppa @jinoodle

Kpop Career Tag


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company: AOMG fucking kill me now. I have fics in my head of this. let me write them for you.

# of members: 8  the fuck is this? EXO?

position: Visual pfthaha yes thank you. but… Im about as good of a visual as woo jiho’s dumn ass

genre of music:  Indie.. love it… but…. with AOMG??? Are you kidding??

collab with: EXO are you kidding?!?! with AOMG?!?!?! aRE YOU KIDDING?!

do you go solo:
Yes.. sweet, sorry crew, i’ll always come back to you.. my indie AOMG group

your scandal:
Nudes.. i would. And they would be sent to all of AOMG because they’d be fucking idiots and be like show us your boobs, and I’d be like ‘pft okay, they’re just boobs you 10 year olds.” And then it’d be Simon to leak them because idk I just see him being a dork and accidentally posting them on social media. And then people would be like omg simon and kaylan are dating. Meanwhile Loco is having a mental breakdown because he and I are really dating and then it’s a big deal because id hang out with Loco and people would be like omg she’s cheating on Simon. And we’re all like omfg shut up. Then Jay would be like, “Shes fucking Loco, not Simon!” And I made this answer way too long.

years active: 11

after your career: choreographer. Yes please

I tag @volvagiascreech @con-mi-dolor @gizibedragon @simplystephanyy @nungongju @killiandjames 

@medicalphysicist keeps tagging me with these things so im finally going to do one (or maybe two of them), LIZETTE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW

1) Single?: yes

2) Crushing?: i have a crush on a lot of people

3) Sexuality?: panromantic ace but i keep telling people that im bi and that sex grosses me because that would be easier for them to understand

4) Favorite color? yellow but im recently into green stuff

5) Favorite music?: as long as it has nice lyrics then id like it, but i also like instrumentals

6) Favorite band/artist?: as of now it’s scandal

7) Talents?: meh

8) In love?: nope

9) Hobbies?: reading gay porn


11) Swag/emo/scene?: swag

12) Long/short hair?: long but i really want it short

13) Height?: 5′4

14) Weight?: 45 kg

15) Eye color?: black

16) Hair color?: brownish black

17) Shirt color?: brown

18) Jeans or shorts? either

19) Get married? With who?: yeah sure one day maybe

20) Have kids? depends if my future life partner wants one, adopted ones tho

21) Get divorced? no

22) Ever or still do wet the bed? no

23) Had or have depression?: yes

24) Self harmed?: ive thought of it

25) Thought of suicide?: yes

26) Someone you love?: family and friends

27) Someone you hate? none, i dont really hate people, i just dislike some

28) Dream job: astronaut

29) Got tattoos? no but i want one

30) Got piercings? earrings, but i sort of want an eyebrow piercing

31) Worst day of your life?: its probably gonna happen tomorrow, lots of quizzes and exams

32) Best day of your life?: meh

33) Biggest fear?: isolation, abandonment, cockroaches

34) Biggest insecurity?: when people looks at me, my grades

I’ll tag : no


I was tagged by this dank meme: @vangoghfaraway

What’s your favorite color? Purple, right now wine

Do you believe in aliens? I am a fucking gay alien so yes

Do you have any Oc’s? if so, tell me about them.
Nah fam

What fandoms are you in?
The HP fandom, the Swiftie fandom, the art fandom (is this a fandom) idk im into bad television so #BigBrotherJunkies #SurvivorTrash #ProjectRunwayMeme

What’s your fav meme?
I gotta go with the class PePe

Favorite band?
Taylor Swift

what’s your fav song from that band?
Out of the Woods

What’s your clothing style?
I call it a gay New York princess so basically if The Princess Diaries was real, gay, and lived in New York, and was an alien. Casual but dressy.

Do you have any siblings?
Yes 1

Do you love me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?
Bitch of course i fucking do

Favorite candy?
Kit kat, gummy colas, or mounds

Cats or bunnies?
*spams* i plead the fifth

My questions: favorite food, favorite drink, job you want, dream place to live, top celeb crush, favorite aesthetic, favorite gay alien meme (the answer is me), your gender/pronouns (wanna make sure i get the updates), birthstone, dream wedding, favorite pair of shoes, cold or hot weather
I tag: @onemorereasonnow @thinkyoulovex @letstakeittothegrave @bandaidtanline and yeah thats it


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Answer the questions/tasks and then tag 10 people to let them know they’ve been tagged.

How tall are you? : like 5′3-5′4

What colour are your eyes?: brown

Do you wear glasses or contacts?: yes but only to read the board sometimes when it’s too hard cause i’m stubborn and don’t like using them

What is your fashion style?: idk man jeans/leggings and shirt/blouse with cardigans bc the ac is always on 

What is your full name? sabrina 

When were you born?: september 17 1999

How old are you?: 16

Where are you from/live: mexicoo

Do you have siblings, if so what are their names?: a younger sister named april (she was not born in april)

What kind of student are you?: “wait there was homework?”

What are your favourite subjects?: french and that’s it, school sucks. (math when i know what’s going on)

What are your favourite shows : don’t ask me that smh

What are your favourite movies?: the corpse bride, budapest hotel, donnie darko, harry potter, lord of the rings (and the hobbit ofc), star wars idk this took a geek turn

What are your favourite books?: eleanor and park, 13 reasons why, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy omfg and i read a lot idk i like a lot of books

Favourite pass time: netflix, hanging out with friends? 

Any regrets?: ARE U KIDDING ME?!? THOUSANDS!! (parks and rec reference)

What is your dream job?: working at the nasa tbh or being a translator but i’m not studying any of those things so :-)

Do you ever want to get married: sure

Do you ever want kids someday : it’s scary now but if i find the right person maybe

Are you a regular girl or a girly girl: regular girl i gUESS

Do you like shopping?: love it i want everything omg 

What countries have you visited?: usa, italy, france, england, switzerland and spain

Do you have enemies: nah i’m all peace and love

Put your phone on shuffle and wrote whatever 10 songs without skipping      

i haven’t updated my itunes music since i got spotify but here you go    

1. never enough - 1d

2. your bones - of monsters and men

3. pretty hurts- queen b

4. buy the stars - marina

5. old money - lana del rey

6. r u mine? - am

7. love love love - of monsters and men

8. l.a.f. - broods

9. teeth - cage the elephant

10. bloodstream - ed sheeran

i tag @howelles @ohphantastical @pandalester @carryonhowell and @andromedalester if they haven’t done it (you don’t have to, also feel free to do it if you want to)

so @amorremanet tagged me in this a week ago…..& i just remembered. so, here goes.

Step 1: Name your 10 favourite characters from 10 fandoms.

Step 2: Name your top 5 ships you’ll go down with no matter what.

Step 3: PROFIT!! Tag “10” People.

tagging (though, of course, you’re under no obligation to do it!): @luckylouise @fromthewildwood @magnificent-dragon-princess @galacticmenagerie @warehouseagentnana @northrndownpour @aromanticgcallen @theoryofentanglement @iwhoshouldhavebeenking @irlpinkiepie

fair warning: this list is completely subject to change!!! (and. i am so sad. i love all my children.)

10 Favorite Characters, in the order I thought of them tbh:

1. Dean Winchester from Supernatural

2. Scott McCall from Teen Wolf

3. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars (the original trilogy) (yes im cheating so i can put Finn in here too lmao)

4. Finn from Star Wars (the sequel trilogy, i guess? if 1-3 are the prequels? idk)

5. Data from Star Trek Next Generation

6. Julian Bashir from Star Trek DS9

7. Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

8. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (….followed almost immediately Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia tho)

9. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim

10. She-Hulk from Marvel 616 Universe

AND top 5 ships (… in pain. this is not a complete list.):

1. Parker/Hardison/Eliot (Leverage)

2. Bashir/Garak (DS9)

3. Remus Lupin/Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

4. Poe Dameron/Finn(/Rey) (Star Wars)

5. Sam Nishimura/Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

smokeauditore asked:

OMG YES! those kind of edits are just amazing and great addition to the fandom! really if you wanna do it then go for it! im sure many fans will appreciate them!

How would you feel about it if I say now “I’m working on a fake magazine interview about how Nate and Elena got married??” like do you think anyone would like to see that??

5sos tag

always repost with rules, tag 10 people, and add one more question!

i was tagged by @5sospank :D <3


favorite member: malum

favorite song(s): UNPREDICTABLE, if you don’t know, waste the night, vapor, outer space / carry on, disconnected, WAYF

favorite ship: muke or malum tbh

who was your favorite whe you first found the band? michael

have you ever met them? no :(

have you ever seen them live? yes!!! rowyso raleigh :D

are you going to SLFL? yep i got nashville soundcheck ;D

RJ or ketchup? RJ

do any of them follow you on social media? no :( which is sad bc im cool

muke or cake? muke

hug ¼ or selfie ¼? id hug michael or calum and just cry ok

date ¼ and the rest hate you or really good friends with all? UM I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THEM HAVE U SEE HOW DORKY THEY ARE TBH

cuddling with michael or travelling with ash? cuddling w michael :(

pink haired michael or red haired michael? PINK

fav year of 5sos? last year honestly, unpopular opinion but last year was lit and i loved rowyso & sgfg

beanie calum or beanie luke? beanie calum

fav song cover? drown bc calum

fav logo? tallys

how did you find out about them? honestly ok this is such a whirlwind story but OK i saw them on the AMAs in 2014 and i was like aww cute, and then shortly after SLSP came out ed sheeran covered it and then i watched the original of SLSP and then listened to other songs and started watching interviews and……..then it went all downhill from there :’)

fav ep? i thinkkkkkkk the SKH EP or don’t stop EP

superhero 5sos or star wars 5sos? STAR WARS DID U SEE MICHAEL CMON

fav song on the self titled album? honestlyy y y y…. long way home, greenlight, beside you

fav song on sgfg? WASTE THE NIGHT, vapor, outer space / carry on

lashton or malum? malum

if you could meet them anywhere where would it be? honestly just meeting michael in japan would be prime bc hes so happy there and we could go on a date in japan just sayin’

what song brought out the most intense emotional reaction from you? broken home! ! !, and basically every song when i heard them live lmfao

straight haired cal or curly haired cal? UHHH CURLY DUH

amnesia or jet black heart? jet black heart OFC

calum’s tattoos or michael’s tattoos? michaels

if you had to play one 5sos song for the rest of your life which one would it be? waste the night lmfao

what is your fav lyric in any of 5sos’s songs? calum’s solo in JBH and in if you don’t know, the entire song of airplanes, “make it sound so sweet when you lie to me” there’s so many tbh

what member do you think you’re most like? michael honestly like… we’re carbon copies of each other

if you could have 5sos do any cover that they haven’t done already what would you have them do? honestly sex by the 1975 or robbers id die ok id literally cry my eyes out 

if you could ask the boys one question what would it be and why? how are you feeling???? and why well idk i just cant think of anything else and i bet they’d like to be asked that idk

which 5sos lyric would you get as a tattoo? hmmm i think a cute tattoo would be like an airplane and clouds with a little bit of the chorus or “let the good times roll” idk

what’s your favorite song off the she’s kinda hot EP? OMG over and ouT!!!!!!

my question: what’s you favorite michael hair color?

i tag: @damnthebeanies @calumhoodamnn @otpmalum @michaelyouare-yelling @flathairluke

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((what if say, someone wanted to rp with edgy mc chemical romance would you have to check their blog first or...))

(Yes! I have to check your blog for any pages first, so you’d have to send me an ask or an IM so I can take a look at your rules at the very least!  

Rules are important, after all!! 

Also, I’d need to follow the blog in question if I’m interested in rping! 

HOWEVER, if you’re my MUTUAL, meaning you already follow me and I already follow you, you may send me random asks or tag me in random starters because if I’ve followed you then I’ve already read your pages, and I’ll go ahead and read them again if you’ve tagged me! )

RULES: you must make a new post, answer the questions, and then tag 10-20 of your followers that you would like to know more about

tagged by @buckybee! Thank you, my little pancake

Name: Sara
Nickname: they’re too many to keep track of them but my personal favourite is princess  
Star sign: capricorn 
Gender: good question
Height: 160 cm if we’re generous

Current time: 00:58
Current outfit: fucsia leggings, white socks, hello kitty fucsia and grey striped hoodie and a pair of cozy blankets
Average amount of sleep: i’m kind of dormouse myself, in times of not uni i may go from seven to twelve hours, but usually i try to keep it to at least seven hours a night- there was a time when i could go on three hours alone and seem peachy, but i’m old now
Lucky number: 3, 5 and 33, dunno if i consider them lucky tho lmao 
Last thing I googled: “alexandrite steven universe”
Number of blankets I sleep with: at the moment they’re technically two, but there’s an adorable RD-D2 plaid on top of ‘em and another plaid to my left side, so i guess my philosophy is “the more the merrier”
Dream job: doctor

Favorite color(s): black, red, pink, and glitter
Favorite fictional characters: Deadpool, Sam Winchester, Sirius Black, Kaneki Ken, Kaworu Nagisa and many many more that i will regret not remembering but it’s also one am sooo
Favorite books: there’s The Book Thief on top of my mind, and I really loved Perfume, and I also greatly enjoyed the whole The Southern Vampire Mysteries series- hmm, then the classic Harry Potter, everything ever made by Edgar Allan Poe.. etc
Favorite bands/artists: dont ask me these things 

When did you make your blog? this one precisely in 2015, but my main account it’s dated 2010/2011 i think?
When did you blog peak? uh did it peak?
Most active follower: that’s tough, i don’t actually know

Why did you join tumblr: i had heard of it somewhere and wanted to try. i stayed for the gifs and pretty landscapes tbh

Do you get daily asks: actually i have received like thirteen asks as a whole and like twelve of them were from my fianceè 

How did you choose your url: they were a mermaid and a faerie, can i make it any more obvious? (quot.)

ccoliver asked:

You mentioned dogs in the tags on your post and yes hi not only did I see and pet a very cute dog today I also literally just bought a ticket to this giant dog show happening next weekend but I'm going on the first day where you get to meet and pet ALL THE DOGS and I'm very excited. The website actually said you get to meet hundreds of dogs I'm cry


i was tagged by yllwfields !!!!

things im in to🌼🌹


the undertale soundtrack (especially “shes playing piano”)

don’t panic by coldplay (but nothing else by them tbh)

all sorts of stuff by Charlyne Yi (look her up shes so goodddd go to her bandcamp)

turkish mix by doktor lazer

yes no by crystal castles

space song by beach house

i could go on for so long i love so many songs


aaa i dont read much bc i have a lot of trouble concentrating when i read but i really like some h.p. lovecraft and bryan lee o’malley

TV shows:

steven universe!!

adventure time

ghost hunting shows

legend of korra

gravity falls





BurgerpantsxNice cream guy

a lot


i love video games so muc

so many viddeo gam

top 3 video games mother 3 kingdom hearts 2 and zelda majoras mask in no particular order

all done!!

im really bad at tagging people so dont feel bad if you werent tagged but i will tag fatherbythefrontbottoms (jas!!)

thank you!!!!

comraderogers asked:

hey was it you that wanted to know about a florist steve fic a while back?? someone told me to tag them but i can't remember who and i published chapter 1 last night

yes it was me!!!!! thank you for remembering im gonna go on your blog and find it right away!!!

[mobile blogging]

hikarifulz asked:

DO IT!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!! do the challenge yes i challenge you to draw yourself in your fav AU too or tbh anything you want!! like... it can be really considered a challenge?? you dont need people to send you asks :3c (i think im gonna draw if not every one of the challenges but more/most of them :3c) dont let your dreams be dreams its also a good practice!! (also thank youu for reblogging and the tags /v\)

Alright, I’m going to do it! Thank you for encouraging me! <3

anonymous asked:

Just read all your tags about pronouns and yes! you're so right!!

omg thanks! i go on rants in the tags a lot tbh lmao i always assume people dont read them but im glad to know that at least someone does

but yes tbh as a writer i always feel super awkward writing the character’s names over and over again but then when i reread it it makes so much more sense with the names repeated instead of just pronouns over and over lmao

(since this is about a post from yesterday here’s a link in case anyone’s curious)