the majority of taylor swift fans: yes that was a bad call on taylor’s part and she should apologize. she made a mistake and hopefully will learn from this.

the rest of the internet: taylor swift is the actual devil. let’s use this mistake she made as an excuse to excessively hate on her.

I never wanted to defend taylor but people in this website are being complete assholes and acting like she’s the only one to blame/was being shady. People are being such opportunist right now and I hate it and won’t stand for it. So yeah, I’ll defend the heck out of that girl, not because I agree with her but because, while what she said was stupid, it doesn’t justify the kind of hate she’s getting. People said she made it about herself, yet they continued making it about her instead of talking about the real issue.

He Sees Your Tumblr

I am making some pancakes on a Sunday morning, Calum sitting at the counter with my laptop. He asked me if he could borrow my laptop since his phone is completely out of charge (he forgot to charge it last night). I said yes because I didn’t want to hear him whine about how far his laptop was, which is literally a two second walk.

  He can be quite lazy.

As I wait for the pancake to cook, I watch Calum’s eyebrows going funny. He laughs at something and I don’t bother to ask him why, he is always laughing at something he just read on the internet. I can’t blame him because I do the same.

  “Oh my God,” he mumbles.

I raise my eyebrows at him but he is too concentrated to even look at him. I turn my attention back to my pancakes. I place two on a plate and walk behind Calum to put his plate just beside him. He doesn’t even thank me or look at his pancakes, he just keeps looking at my laptop. I wrap my arms around his naked torso and lay my head on his shoulder.

I can see he is on Tumblr but suddenly I feel like the edits and the posts are all too familiar.


That’s my tumblr.

“Calum!” I shout.

He laughs as he takes my laptop in his hands and start to run. I start to run after him, he can’t see all the things I reposted.

Calum stops and stands up on the couch as he reads a post I reposted earlier in the week, “Calum’s arms are just life omg wow” he laughs and I feel my cheeks getting red as I remember the picture with that caption.

“Calum, give me my laptop!” I whine.

He chuckles, “Nope, this is way too funny!”

I shake my head no,“ It’s not… I’m just being nice to your fans. They asked me to follow them,” I explain.

“But they didn’t ask to repost their posts, did they?” He smirks.

I sigh, “Calum…”

He grins at me, “That’s so funny.”

I stand up on the couch and furiously take my laptop before going back in the kitchen. I close my laptop and go flip another pancake.

Calum comes back from the living room with a big smile.

“Don’t be mad, Y/N,” he says and I don’t reply.

He looks at me, waiting for me to say something. Sighing, he comes closer to me and wraps his arms around me as he back hug me. He kisses my neck slowly, knowing I love when he does this.

“Sorry,” he murmurs between two kisses.

I sigh. “It’s just so embarrassing,” I say as I hide my face in his chest. I giggle some nervous giggles and he laughs.

“I find it cute,” he says.

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I don’t get it. I just don’t get why so many women are bothered by what other women do with their appearance or own image, to the point where they harass and bully each other?

And yes yes I know we blame patriarchy and misogyny but I’ve been living in this world too. I’ve been in this same ‘patriarchal’ society as the other women and im not sitting on the internet following other women just so I can pick their faults or tell them they wear too much makeup, or that they shouldn’t edit their photos or that they are awful people because they do something with their image.

Frankly what other women look like is one of the bottom 3 things I could give a flying fuck about, let alone waste my time bullying them for it.

So is it really patriarchy or are some of you just bitter fucking assholes to the core?

Ugh. So over people. Grow the fuck up and worry about more important fucking issues like the war over in the Middle East or the extinction of bumble bees.


AU Idea Where Geno Is Sid’s “Too Many Cats” Owner Internet Friend!

“dnt knw how it get insid e hr noes!!!((((((” types Geno, apparently still too stressed to type ‘nose’ right even though he got Bunny to the vet immediately.

Bunny, of course, being his oldest cat.

Geno, of course,  thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.

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Three ways

Genre: Fluff.

Words: 1,435

Warnings: None!

Summary: Dan and Phil have various ways to say I love you. Phil enjoys every single one.

A/N: I don’t know what I wanted to do with this. I’ve been listening to Final Fantasy VII’s ost a lot, so I can blame it on that. Just wanted to pour out some fluff, I guess? Enjoy.

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Speed Dating with George Ezra by VH1
  • VH1:Touring or being in a studio?
  • George:Touring.
  • VH1:George Ezra or better than Ezra?
  • George:George Ezra.
  • VH1:Lyrics first or music first?
  • George:Lyrics first.
  • VH1:Beard or goatee.
  • George:Beard.
  • VH1:Texting or calling?
  • George:It really depends what I need to get across. Texting.
  • VH1:Emojis?
  • George:Yes. All the time.
  • VH1:Being single or pretend you have a internet girlfriend in Canada?
  • George:Being Single *shocked face for the second option*
  • VH1:Funny but ugly or boring but cute?
  • George:Funny but ugly.
  • VH1:Budapest or Blame it on me?
  • George:Budapest.

This fucking ‘apology petition’ is a fucking joke. It was stated by the man who owns the fucking grounds that NOTHING WAS FUCKING STOLEN!! And I am pretty sure that the cast don’t owe anyone else an apology expect the man who owned the grounds, and that none of us even know if they haven’t already apologised for acting like a bunch of immature frat boys!! The fucking internet is a goddamn joke, you all hate so viciously, and you attack people you don’t even fucking know, and it’s fucking sick!!! Blaming Dylan and the cast for oppressing Native Americans is so disgusting. Dylan and the cast were not being racist, they were being flawed idiots!! Yes, they made a big fucking mistake, but damn if you people don’t like seeing celebrities/people raked over the proverbial coal. I also see how most of the blame is being thrown at Dylan.. how fucking anti can you get, you don’t dislike Dylan for making this mistake, it’s pretty obvious you have always hated him and that this is just fodder for your hate wank!!! The person who created this petition doesn’t even seem like he/she knows what they are talking about, did they actually watch the interview, do they know that nothing was indeed stolen?  I am so annoyed. I am annoyed that Dylan gave that stupid interview, I am annoyed how so many people are turning this into a Native Americans right issue (which I totally believe in, but this platform these people are doing it on is so very, very wrong), this whole thing is not a race issue, stop trying to turn it into one!

I need to put this somewhere.

(Inquest rumours report that Peaches Geldof’s death was caused by heroin usage) -
I am so furious to see people all over the internet attempting to preach about how they have ‘no sympathy or respect’ for her now, and how she has no one to blame but herself - YES, we realise it is her fault, it is no one else’s fault that (if rumours are true) Peaches died because of her drug intake - but how dare you claim that drug addiction is not an illness. 
Illness is not just your body fighting against a cold, or cells forming into cancer, or a failed organ - illness is in so many cases to do with your mind. 

Yes, Peaches chose to take heroin which of course was a selfish act. 
But if you honestly believe drug addiction is not an illness, then along with that belief you MUST believe that eating disorders, and some cases of depression are not illnesses. There are hundreds of cases where humans have gone out to loose more weight than they should on purpose - BECAUSE something in their mind clearly is not right. An illness.
There are hundreds of cases where humans have gone out to take heroin and escape something to do with their reality - BECAUSE something in their mind clearly is not right. An illness. 

No person in their sane, right mind would take heroin - especially if that person possesses a young family. Clearly Peaches was not well. Don’t you dare say it is not an illness, that you no longer have sympathy. Have a little ounce of respect and humanity inside of yourself.

Side-note: This spiel is not coming from a Peaches Geldof fan. In fact, I have said several times in my life that I strongly dislike her and her presence in the public eye - so do not read this as someone attempting to defend her over fondness or defensiveness. 

First and last time i’ll mention katie cassidy and lauriver…

Katie Cassidy and fandoms: I think KC is an ok actress… Sometimes she sells the scenes and sometimes she can’t but usually she does an ok job. She doesn’t seem as friendly as the rest of the cast but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Not at all. And as an actress it’s normal that she makes statements and promote her character. She has every right to do so and she doesn’t deserve hate messages. No actor/actress deserve it.

But i also don’t like it when a whole fandom gets hate just coz there are a few fans who are acting childish and disrespectful. I’m an Olicity fan and i never post hateful stuff on the internet. I saw the screenshot, it’s just a few fans and yes what they did is terrible but they are not ‘the Olicity fandom’. Do not blame it on the whole fandom. Every fandom has their bad apples. Olicity fandom has a few too. It’s not like we can control it. For example Stephen and Emily got hateful messages in the past too but i didn’t blame the Lauriver fandom. 

Laurel: She is growing on me lately. There was a time i couldn’t stand seeing her but not anymore. I like redemption stories and i think she’s becoming a better character. But do i want to see her in every episode in more than 2 scenes? No. 

Lauriver: From the start i couldn’t bring myself to like the ship. Back in the early days it was crystal clear that they were the OTP. They were also canon in the comics at one point so yeah… Lauriver seemed like the direction. I don’t think they are the direction anymore…

In early season 1 i even tried liking them but couldn’t. Maybe it’s the chemistry, maybe it’s the story… But me and that ship didn’t click. Cheating and lying isn’t for me. The show never gave me enough reasons to buy that pre-island Oliver and post-island Oliver loved Laurel for real. Actually the show kept telling me that Oliver never really loved Laurel. If he did, he would have made different choices. Laurel on the other hand, she did love Oliver for real -at some point at least-. And i understand that you can never really forget your first love. But after everything that happened between them i don’t think loving someone is enough to make a relationship work. But if the writers still want to go that way, it’s their choice. I’d hate it and probably lose my interest in the show but i’d still respect it.

The sane thing to do right now is to wait watch and see how it goes. Noone is being forced to watch the show. As long as it entertains you keep watching, if it annoys you just stop watching. Simple as that. 

also like,,,how callous do u have to be to just be like “well i can’t control them!” when u find out ur followers are sending hate mail and harassing ppl in ur name ? if i found out any of my followers were pulling that shit it’d be adios buddy from me. i’d be disgusted. like yes ur right u can’t control other ppl on the internet but at least come out and say that what they’re doing is wrong and u don’t claim them or whatever like that’s just the bare minimum but jfc do something or else part of the blame does lie with u


 Things went full circle since the last time I wrote a blog post. I never thought that after the longest time of blogging, the day would come that I’ll be in full block. It’s been two years, guys. TWO BLOCK YEARS that I gave everything up. 

I blame it on growing up and coming of age. I have shifted from being a lonely girl spitting words in the internet to a woman devoted to reality. And yes, work, too. I blame it on work schedules and real-life situations. I blame everything. 

But as I’m trying to process my “change of hobby and/or lifestyle”, I guess I ended up blaming it to myself. I blame myself for laziness to grab a laptop and write down. I blame myself for poor time management. I blame myself for ignoring the loud urge to start over again. I blame myself for living a mediocre life for two years. A life of routine. A life where no paradox in it.

That’s why I’m getting back on track, or at least trying to be. (Success, I have written three paragraphs already for this post! Yay!) Blogging has given me so much more and yet, I chose to live to earn money and pay bills. Now, I’m choosing the other way around. I’m choosing to live a paradox life.

I’m launching my old-new blog that entitles The Paradox. I changed my username from kathrynreads to soontonewyork. (And I’m still planning to get a domain.) I’m currently setting some travel photos for blog post/s soon, retrieving book reviews from my Goodreads account and trying to look for a more decent theme. 

Somehow, the passion is burning again. I just hope it won’t die sooner or later.

GUESS WHO'S BACK (and apology)

Hello people of ye olde internet. I’ve finally reclaimed my tablet and can now resume my art posty thing.
But I think I owe you all an apology and an explanation.
Basically, I was really pissed for a while for no good reason. I blame it on being a female. So, one day when my parents had dragged us out of the house to go on a hunt for Pokemon in Pokemon go, our normal family bonding trip, I snapped at my stepmom. I felt really bad afterwards, mostly cause she didn’t deserve it, but ya know. Feeling bad didn’t mean shit. So my phone and tablet were taken away, those being my only sources of communication. I had realized my mistake and am now no longer a she demon, so they gave me my phone back THE DAY AFTER. This is important, so listen up. For the next week, I say in pain wanting to post and talk and stuff. Honestly it was really hard to be pleasant.

Enter today, a week after that all went down. We were in a restaurant i adore called squid lips, and it’s actually really good. Anyone in Florida please try it sometime.
But after we finished eating, my mom went to the bathroom, leaving me and my stepmom. And my bro but he’s not important here.
So I asked her if I could have my tablet back when we got home. And I have never come so close to getting someone yet loving someone so much: I could have had it back the day I got my phone. I’ve basically been torturing myself for a week over a mistake.
And I’m so sorry, guys. I’m back now, have a crap ton of art to upload, and hope you all forgive me.
Also I couldn’t join the discord events because our band has football games every Friday, staying right before you guys go on until like 10 pm. It sucks.