The Appropriation of Black Culture in K-Pop/K-Hiphop

Okay so if you don’t know, a lot of k-pop and k-hip hop has a lot of African American influence in it. When I show music videos to my parents they are surprised at how black culture has expanded all over the world now.

But there is a difference between influence and Appropriation. There are a lot of black k-pop/hip hop fans, and we love to see how our culture influences others. But sometimes people cross the line.

For example earlier today FOMO Daily posted a video of Rae Sremmurd vs MOBB. Although I didn’t watch the video I read the comments. A lot of people were mad at how people get uncomfortable/upset when non-black people wear dreads. A lot of people tried to explain the reasoning but some people just weren’t understanding.

Yes, black people are going to get upset when non-blacks wear dreads, braids, etc. We as a people have always been made fun of for our big curly hair or our dreads, or our cornrows. We were told it looked nasty or unkept. But it those are ways we protect our hair from damage, etc. We are denied jobs for wearing our natural hair. We are discriminated against because of our hair. And just because you don’t see it happen or because it’s never happened to one of your black friends, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So when we see other people wearing it we’re gonna get pissed off. It’s not just a style that will come and go, it’s our culture. It’s like when people wear War Bonnets. That’s Native American culture not just a style. It’s disrespectful.

And going off of that, let’s talk about the word “nigga”. HELL YEA we’re gonna get pissed off when non-black people say it. Most people don’t even know the history of the word. During the slave trade people couldn’t pronounce the words “Nigeria” “Niger” and “Nigerian” so the word “Nigger” came about and was used as an offensive term towards blacks people. We took the word changed the spelling and gave it a new meaning. So no, if you’re not black don’t say “nigga”. How hard is it to refrain from saying one word??

There is a lot of controversy with idols saying “Nigga”. The only thing they have to do is apologize and admit they were wrong for saying it.

So we have no problem with the influence. In fact it’s very exciting and cool to see how our culture has touched all parts of the world. But there’s always a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

- From your fave unapologetically black admin, Zar 💕

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Hello. Could you please do 22 with Raphael Santiago and warlock/witch!Reader? Thank you. I love your work ♡

Raphael Santiago - “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

You stared at the handsome vampire once more and took a deep breath. Your nails were almost piercing the palm of your hand, but the longer you waited, the worse it would get. At least, that was the excuse you used to make sure you wouldn’t back down. Again.

“(Y/N)? Is everything alright?” Raphael curled his lips up into a smile, revealing his bright and perfectly white teeth. He looked handsome as always, wearing one of his dark black suits.

“Yes, I’m great, thanks…” You licked your lips. Why did you even think that telling him was a good idea? Why did you even believe that you stood a chance? Why did you even assume that you were the first one to tell him this?

“What brought you here then?” Raphael cocked his head slightly and for a moment you forgot how to talk and how to breath. “Well?” Raphael raised his eyebrows and you felt your cheeks coloring.

“I wanted to tell you something…” You bent your head and avoided his glance. Your hands were sweating and you folded them behind your back. “Do you have time to talk to me right now?”

Raphael frowned his eyebrows slightly, but then he nodded. “I…” You paused after the first word and took a deep breath, gathering all the courage you could find. “I think I’m in love with you.” You closed your eyes, too afraid to see the look on his face after you let those words out.

“I already knew that.” Raphael spoke softly and your eyes flashed open again.

“You did?” You swallowed.

His face was almost unreachable, but his lips eventually curled up into a smile. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” He let the words sink in for a moment. “I’m alive for many years now. I know when someone is in love with me.”

You were certain that your cheeks were now hot enough to fry an egg on and you shifted your weight from one leg to the other. “I hope it won’t change things between us.” You let out a deep sigh, but Raphael now smiled a bright smile.

“O, but I do hope it will change things between us.” He curled his hand around your neck and stepped closer towards you. “I hope it will change everything between us.” He spoke softly. His lips were barely a few inches away from yours. “You’re lucky.” He pressed his forehead to yours. “Because I looked at you like that too.” He closed his eyes and his lips touched yours for a brief second. “You just didn’t notice.”

You closed your eyes too and you wrapped your arms around his waist while you enjoyed the rush of adrenaline racing through your veins while he kissed you, while you kissed him back. “I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being an observing magician.” You spoke softly before you kissed him again.

“You do, but we have centuries of time to do so.”

C: I’m introverted and I keep my circle to 1-2 close friends. I’m not not cocky at all, but I carry myself well with what I wear and how I rock my fro. But I’m a virgin I’ve been hit on a lot in college but it’s always so uncomfortable when a guy comes up and asks for my number. I want to be nice and say yes “let’s be friends” but then again, they seem to want something else. Then it’s that sad look when I say no or a mean look. I can’t win tbh :/

I always wear a ring
Right hand
Middle finger
It’s symbolic, I tell my parents
and because my mother still thinks
she raised me with manners
and I hate disappointing her
I don’t mention that it’s also
when I need to flip off the next guy who calls me a prude.

“It’s a thing, a real thing.”
“No, I’m serious!”
“It’s not a choice.”
“The ‘A’ doesn’t stand for ally!”
“I’m older NOW.”


I break down on my mother’s shoulder
crying and letting her rub my knuckle with her thumb
because I know I don’t like boys
and I just got a letter from my best friend
and I miss her so much
and I don’t understand myself
because no one’s ever bothered explaining
what it means to love someone
without wanting to kiss them.

Someone gives me a novel
and the pieces fall together when I read it.
…THAT’S where babies come from?
Why would anyone DO that?
…No, I really don’t think I’ll like it when I’m older.

My friend is going on a date
and all I can think is
“You really wanted to kiss him?”
I start to wonder what I’m not understanding.

I have friends now
and they ask me, giggling,
“Who do you have a crush on?
‘Oh, right,’ I think
remembering books
‘People talk about that sort of thing.’
So I pick at random.
He looks nice and I can make up stories about him.
Isn’t that what everyone else is doing?
(he moves away six months later
I’m happy I never had to kiss him.)

One of the other girls uses the word “hot”
I ask her what it means.
She says “You know” and giggles.
…I really don’t.

Why do people in movies always have to keep kissing?

My parents talk to me
about boys.

I can read books myself now.
People are still kissing.
I still don’t like it.
I miss Aidan at school
because no one else will play tag with me.

Aidan and I are going to get married someday.
We’ll have a trampoline and five dogs
I kiss him on the cheek.
He kisses me on the cheek.
I think we’ll have a wedding without kissing
But lots of cake!

I don’t like kissing stories.
Mom says I will when I’m older.



My parents are planning to support their child
no matter what gender they like to kiss.
They never do realize that ‘none of the above’ is an option.


March 16


“Am I old enough now?”

Performer//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said:  You’ve seen Descendants right? I was wondering if you could do one with Jay where the reader is the daughter of Cinderella and a bit of a rebel (hates the image her family has) and she’s a musician and a dancer and at one of her shows she does a cover of Puppeteer by MAX and jay sees her dancing and singing and immediately falls in love

Descendants is my fave oml


“So Chad has a sister?” Evie asked Doug. “Why haven’t we ever seen her?”

Doug snorted. “Yes you have. She just likes to pretend that she’s not related to him.”

“Who is she?” Mal asked.

“Have you seen the girl that always wears black jeans and combat boots and some kind of graphic t-shirt?”

“Oh, I know her,” Carlos said. “She’s cool.”

“She’s Chad’s sister? She’s the exact opposite of him,” Jay said.

“Yeah, she hates the prejudices that the kingdom has, so she does everything she can to rebel against her parents. But she’s a really good musician. Her shows are really awesome and her name is (Y/N). I think there’s one tomorrow, do you guys wanna go?”

“Sure, why not?” Evie said. “It sounds fun.”

“Yeah, I’m down,” Jay said.

“Me too,” Carlos chimed in. 

They all looked at Mal, who shrugged. 

“I guess if you all want to go, I might as well go too.”

“Cool. She said it was at the cafe at 7:30, so I’ll see you guys there?”


He kissed Evie on the cheek and left.

“So do you guys think this show is gonna be fun?” Evie asked. 

“I think it has potential to be awesome,” Jay said thoughtfully. “It all depends on the execution.”

The next night

The cafe was packed. It seemed that she really was popular.

“Hey guys!” (Y/N) said, jumping onto the stage. “How’s everyone doing tonight?”

The crowd cheered loudly.

“Okay, so I’m gonna kick this off with a cover of one of my favorite songs. How many of you know the song Puppeteer by MAX?”

There was another cheer. 

She grinned. “Then let’s get this party started!”

A pounding drum beat started.

“You’re dripping fire tonight. You’re like a miracle, you got me feeling so.”

She started dancing while she sang, and Jay found himself unable to look away from her. She was amazing.

“I think Jay has a crush,” Mal said.

“Are you kidding?” Carlos said. “He totally does! She can dance, she can sing, and she’s gorgeous. He’s totally in love with her.”

Evie giggled. “The real question is if he’s gonna do anything about it.”

Part Two

I love clothes! I find it pretty weird how much I love clothes but idk I’m not that person who buys loads and loads of clothes or what, I like clothes. I like making clothes, drawing fashion collections, I like sewing, making outfits, suggesting what to wear, I also like buying clothes ofc cause there are lovely fashion designers that I want to support -and yes it’s easier kkk- but I love watching fashion shows, different styles etc..too. Since I make clothes now I see more details on clothes that others make and it’s lovely, I like clothes so much, that I’m always indecided to what to wear ‘cause I like so many styles, I changed a lot in these years, I wore black everywhere, everytime.. then I was into Lolita-kei, I bought 2 JSK + blouse + shoes, never wore it but I loved it, meanwhile I was into fairy-kei too and then gyaru, dolly kei, pastel everywhere. Right now? I discovered this and I can’t choose a specific style, I still like Jfashion but a general street style - and still gyaru (liz lisa, ank rouge) - I love pastel clothes but I add a bit of black now -it’s so cute!- and I like Kfashion too, oh the oversized clothes rules on my wardrobe. But you know what? mens fashion is so lovely that’s why I’m trying to make a mens collection, but my mind is full of ideas that I’m able to make hundreds of different collections.That’s part of my life/confusion. You might think that I’m obsessed, ok but this is just the work I would LOVE to do <33

He would have to let him go.

Some more or less explicit AO for my rate (u__u) But yes Obi-wan is also wearing black and guess who’s fault that is - I didn’t even know I had such a thing for seeing him wear black Anyway! you know I’m always trinyg out new stuff so I used a different brush for it this time and i somehow like it, but I’m not sure if I will stick with that. 

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to add to that anon about gender stereotypes,,, I was so unbelievably happy when I started watching the show that the 'black cat' character wasn't the girl for once. like, black cat is always sexualized (see: cat woman from Batman) and to see even that stereotype flipped was so good

Yes~ Also now that we’re talking about characters being sexualized, they may wear skin tight suits but at least Ladybug’s (and Bee/Fox heroes) are not super sexy and revealing like many out there, or they aren’t put in weird poses just to be fanservicey.

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1. How tall are you? 182cm, i think that’s 5′11?
2. What color and style is your hair? black, curly and always in a braid or a bun LOL
3. What color are your eyes? light brown
4. Do you wear glasses? yes
5. Do you wear braces? no
6. What is your fashion sense? what even is fashion lmfao
7. Do you have any siblings? yes, a younger sister and a younger brother
8. What kind of student are you? idk, i dont remember, probably a bad one
9. What is your favorite subject? it used to be psychology but idk anymore
10. What is your favorite TV show? i only watch the flash atm, so the flash!
11. What are your favorite books? rip bc i dont have much time to read anymore ;n;
12. What are your favorite pastimes? sleeeeeepppinggg
13. Any regrets? yeah lol
14. What is your dream job? hmmmm, something to do with space
15. Do you want to get married? no, never
16. Do you want any kids, and how many? maybe
17. How many countries have you visited? only turkey if you mean visit visit, but i drove past a bunch of other like denmark, germany, czech republic, slovakia, serbia, macedonia, greece, bulgaria……. in 2015… when we went to turkey with car……… :-)

tagging: @nxlla ( i already know a lot abt u but ilu so ) @mamurasm , @aizawashoutta , @rosasdiaz , @elliejoys , @zangetsuh , @baeymax + anyone else who want to,,,, ;-)


QueenCate Meme: Fav drama performances: (1/?) Blue Jasmine

It’s fraught with peril. They gossip, you know, they talk. I saw Danny. Yes, did I tell you? He’s getting married. A weekend in Palm Beach means I can wear… what could I wear? I can wear the Dior dress I bought in Paris. Yes, my black dress. Well, Hal always used to surprise me with jewelry. Extravagant pieces. I think he used to buy them at auction. It’s so obvious what you’re doing. You think I don’t know. French au pair.

oxymoronicromantic replied to your photo “omgthatdress: Hey, Adele came wearing something that isn’t black! what…”

YES 1910’s!!

I’m preeeetty sure I’ve even seen a photo of a skirt with that pattern before. Can’t find it now, but these are close:

And the bodice is much tighter than the blousy 1910s ones, because that is not hip with the kids right now, but look at the criss-cross style on the middle lady in the top row:

I’ve always thought of Adele as a 60s throwback, but a 1910s AU would be so great.

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loving all these throwback pics. I miss them doing the duet so much, they always look so happy being on stage together that their happiness shines through despite GAABMH's lyrics being pretty solemn. And yes that pic where G appears to grab B's butt and she's wearing a black sheer top with denim miniskirt is first night at OKC. Second night she was wearing the moschino LOVE dress.



Labyrinth of Jareth 2016
Another costume event I never miss!

My friend Amber and I did another outfit together only this time we didn’t twin! We in fact, complimented each other by being the Sun and the Moon! She made her entire moon headdress which is absolutely beautiful in person! Especially with that silver shimmery tulle ✨🌚✨
I was the sun! It’s not my usual dark colors and black ensemble, but it was fun wearing something all GOLD for the first time! And yes, those are gold doilies on my sun crown. They were so damn pretty I just wanted to stick them on everything ✨🌝✨ but now I have a whole pack of 50 gold doilies so I guess it time to have people over for tea? Or I can use them at work as a fancy coffee coaster.

Of course like every year, I always miss out on taking photos of everyone’s outfits. But it’s so hard when’s you’re walking around in awe and basically falling in love with everything and everyone you see haha!

I had lots of fun! And it’s always fun dressing up with Amber ❤️ she’s the coolest! Can’t wait till next year!

Shikatema week day 2 : Dare

She always wears the black yukata now when she’s helping me with the chunin exam.

I didn’t noticed this until now. Today, she’s wearing a different one. Fishnets and lilac armor- a color she used to wear when she was younger.

As dashing as she was with the much darker outfit, i just can’t help but to realise that this color really suits her well.

“That color suits you well”

It wasn’t intended as a compliment. No. Shikamaru was never a guy who complimented anyone, but now it just sound like he did.

“…Yes?” Temari asked, almost surprised.

“You wear this color when you were younger, right? Now that you always go with the black yukata, it is nice to see you in this color”

“Why yes, thanks. It’s just that i just went from a quite rough mission and this outfit is the best that i have” temari said, trying to sound as professional as she could.

Shikamaru grinned.

Temari asked, “why?”

“No, i just remembered that most women will never agree if someone complimented her. But you just agreed”

Shikamaru added, "Is it okay if i come up with another compliment?”

“Nice pair”

Temari fell silent for a moment and realised what the brat means.

“How dare you!”


shikatema week day one : Collision >

Naruto and all of its characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

I rarely write any drabble since i tend to make grammatical mistakes (english not being my first language and stuff) but i guess this is a good chance to work on it.

as always, comments and critiques are most welcome!