I’m a graphic designer, though a rather shitty one. I found a few of my favorite quotes I really love from SPN and wanted to carry them around with me. I thought why not share them with you all?! I’m a part of a group on FB that was brought together by Jared’s campaign. They’re incredibly loving and supportive! I printed these out, 1.5 inches each, and sealed them with tape and put them in my wallet, and hung some at work. I’m gonna share them on my tumblr and deviantart soon too. I like finding them as reminders here and there. I had to make a vector of the “Samulet” my self since I didn’t find one, and vectored the mark of cain too! I like how they came out, but I do know it’s not much. Hope it helps someone out a bit. 

The Story of TheCambellCraft

TheCampbellCraft is run by myself, Anna Campbell, and every now and then my loving darling husband Shane Campbell helps out. 

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, so a good portion of my day I am designing brochures and flyers and stuff, but the larger part of TheCampbellCraft is the 2 Etsy Stores I run. On this blog, I will mostly stick to the geekery Etsy Store that I hand craft tons of Avatar items =) 

The way TheCampbellCraft got started is actually adorable. Shane is a Machinist. He grew up working for his father in a machine shop. In 2012 we started dating, and he want to make me something special. He knew I was a Whovian, so using a lathe, he made a pendant that read in Gallifreyan “Shane&Anna”.  I posted the picture on Reddit, and it got such a great response, we decided to do a couple of custom ones on Etsy. 

Some of the custom one we did early on when we had a lathe. 

That’s right around the time where Shane and his friends were trying to get me into Avatar the Last Airbender because they were doing Legend of Korra watching parties and wanted me to come over too. I was trying so hard to resist …. but the power of ATLA and LOK slowly sucked me in. =) 

The Etsy shop grew to include ATLA stuff to the collection of Whovian gear. These were the days were I was taking product photos with my crappy Verizon Thunderbolt and buying chains and key-rings at Michael’s …. haha now I have a Digital SLR and have to do wholesale orders of supplies from china just to keep up with demand (keep it coming!) 

But Alas, the lathe broke, and the time that went in to making each metal piece became too much since both Shane and I had full time jobs and a dating relationship! The Etsy Store took a break for a couple of months, but in that couple of months, Shane and I got engaged !!!

Like I said, Shane and his dad are both machinist, so soon they got a new toy they let me play with … little did they know I would take it over as my fully time resource for employment (to be fair, neither did I at the time). On a whim, Shane and I made these, and I posted them on Reddit

They got a really good reception, so that inspire me to give the Etsy Store my 110%. Worked on new designs, new descriptions. Tried to figure out social media (I am half way there, I am on Tumblr right?!) 

I started experimenting with Acrylic. It resulted in and adorable Appa.

At the same time I open a new Etsy store selling Laser Cut Essential Oil Diffusers. My mom and Aunts love an use Essential Oils, and I have found them to be very beneficial as well, so I figured no harm in mixing love and art =) 

Here is where the story gets cute

Remember when I told you I got engaged?

Well I got married. We picked a date according to the date that was available for the venue we wanted … It just so happened that the date available was a year after we opened the Etsy Store: 10.26.14 !

We have almost been married for 6 months, and its been a great (and at times very very difficult) six months. I had to leave my pervious job, so Etsy now has been my full time employment with Graphic Designing on the side. I really love it (I was a barista and an insurance agent before … I hated it … so much) 

The goal with the Etsy shop now is to fill it with colorful hand painted items =) its gonna take a little while, but it will be fun.

Now to date, TheCampbellCraft has shipped to 25 countries, and sold over 700 orders, in the next 6 months, I’d like to sell another 700! I Also just finished watching FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood … and whoa that was a good show. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll incorporate that next into the Etsy Store !!!

Now this is my whole story, this is just the story of TheCampbelCraft, If you want to know my Story …. maybe one day I’ll tell it …. That one is far more …. elaborate … haha =) 


N++: Enemy Spotlight

We’ve been hinting for weeks now that we have something really cool we can’t wait to tell you about, and it’s finally time! (And, unfortunately it’s not a release date, nor a surprise release of the game – much as we might wish we could do either of those things, we’re still a little ways off; still, we hope this surprise will help tide you over in the meantime.)

Starting next week, we’ll be releasing a series of short vignettes about N++; today we wanted to give you an early peek and kinda-behind-the-scenes.

We’re not going to say much about them up front, except that we were trying to create an homage to The Designer’s Republic’s graphic design work in Wipeout 3 (specifically the intro sequence), and to the Team Fortress 2 “Meet the…” series, with an injection of style specific to N++. Each video has its own soundtrack and its own mood, which we hope gives you a feel for what playing the game, with its myriad levels, colours, and music, is like.

In order to make these videos, we enlisted the help of Richard E. Flanagan – aka Phosfiend – who you’ve seen mentioned here before. He’s got an incredible sense of style, shares our appreciation of TDR, and really understood where we were coming from. Here’s what Richard had to say:

“I’ve been a fan of N and Mare & Raigan’s style long before I met them. After getting to know them better it came as little surprise that we shared a lot of influences and inspiration, and that a lot of our tastes in music, graphic and motion design intersected all over the place. They approached me to develop a series of entity vignettes and I was smitten with the idea and how they wanted to approach it. In the coming weeks I’ll go a bit more into detail about some aspects of the process.”

Thanks Richard! He’s created some fantastic, amazing, beautiful motion graphics, which we’re sure you’ll fall in love with over the next 6 weeks; and he edited all of these videos in a way that is somehow both dramatic and subtle. We think they’re awesome, and we’re VERY excited that it’s finally time to show them to you.

So keep an eye on our twitter (@metanetsoftware) for the videos as they go out through the coming weeks, and check back here Saturdays for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at each one.

Hey everybody!

I share with you a wonderful review for my webcomic, Cénit. The review is written by Dimitrios Manos, the writer for the graphic novels The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand and Mythologia. You can check out the review and Dimitrios’ work on the Centrifugal Stories website.

You can start reading Cénit here or read the new page here!