"In the moonlight you looked just like, an angel in disguise. My whole life seemed like a postcard."


Who WOULDN’T want a special banana? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Soul Wit: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Present-day Bananas Wit: What’s going on here?

Soul Wit: Ah! Bananas Wit! I mean, Mr. Wit! I mean, Mr. Prese-dent Wit!
Present-day Bananas Wit: What the—?! I’d never say THAT! What’s the meaning of this submission, Soul?! Did you request it?!
Soul Wit: I-I could explain…you see, uh… It was Witshine! He started it!
Witshine: ME?!!
Soul Wit: Everything went out of control as soon as he whipped out his banana!
Witshine: Oho! Don’t act so innocent, Soul; I saw you bobbing your head in agreement! You like this kind of stuff!
Soul Wit: N-No, I don’t!
Present-day Bananas Wit: Enough! Both of you! I’ve a tight schedule to keep, and you 20th Century Colts are holding it back! Now, go sit in a corner and settle down!
Soul Wit: Yes, Prese-dent Wit.
Witshine: Sorry, Prese-dent Wit.
Present-day Bananas Wit: [sighs] I already grounded the Wit Hit; don’t make me have to ground you too.
Firstwit: [from his room] No need to ground me, Mr. Prese-dent; I already did that!

What the fuck, I go into the Sophie Hunter tag and find blogs like this, What kind of bullshit is this though?? Wtf is wrong with you guys?! Like can you please stop spamming her tag with your hate and stupid theories, Benedict is a freaking human being who can marry whoever he likes, so treat him like one! Same for Sophie, what kind of jealous, childish, idiotic people are you to post stupid shit like “the pregnancy is clearly fake, she is the worst and should just die, he should have chosen somebody else” I mean wtf??? Is she a mass murderer or what

well those haters would probably prefer a mass murderer in fact so i shouldn´t be surprised

but fucking hell, I´m angry!

*when artists draw your fav characters*

*when artists sexualize your fav characters*