• Jace:Alec you've done enough just go home
  • Clary:Wow Jace way to be dick
  • Alec:Right? He's like this all the time
  • Jace:Wait what?
  • Clary:Do you want go get Magnus and Izzy, and start our own super gay demon hunting team?
  • Alec:You know what? I'm in, let's do it!
  • Jace:Guys?
  • Simon:Hey can me and my vampire boyfriend come too?
  • Clary:Yeah, the more the merrier!
  • Jace:GUYS?!?!
  • Everyone else:*Walks off into the sunset*
Thoughts on shadowhunters 1x05
  • kat's gradually improving her acting
  • Clary being a brat and annoying my baby
  • Jace is being a fucking asshole and need to calm his face
  • Izzy ur mom is a bitch, u can fuck whoever u want (go for Simon please) we still love u
  • Simon, oh our adorable dork of all Brooklyn dorks, the sass is so real I love it
  • Alec, just keep being u i love u u did nothing wrong okey don't let the big bad Jace bring u down he's being an assface

windyroses asked:

hi i really love your art!! and i relate to ur chara comics a lot thank u for making such awesome artwork!!! <3

uwaahhH thank you s o mcuh gosh golly/// this means a lot to me…!!!!

heres a smiling chara!!!!!!!!! bcus u are very sweet and thanK YOU FOR LIKING MY WORK..!!!!!!


  • barry/iris married
  • iris is a bamf captain
  • barry’s wearing the iconic bowtie yeee
  • barry and iris are married
  • oliver doesn’t exist (lmao) which means everybody’s prob still alive
  • diana, hal, and bruce were on speed dial
  • barry and iris are married and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other at work
  • h a l  e x i s t s
  • HAL EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • barry has a great relationship with his mom
  • barry/iris are married!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I saw your tags about Qui Gon and now I'm wondering if you think that if Qui Gon did live that Anakin wouldn't have fallen to the dark side? Because ever since if watched the first episode movie and every time I see a Qui Gon and Anakin thing I always think that if he lived it wouldn't have turned the way it did. Especially because the only person who really believed in Anakin was Qui Gon while the rest of the jedi were afraid/kept him a distance.


QUI-GON SURVIVING TPM WOULD LEAVE SUCH AN ENORMOUS IMPACT ON NOT ONLY ANAKIN’S LIFE BUT OBI WAN’S TOO. Qui-Gon’s faith, acceptance, affection and understanding for Anakin IS A HUGE THING. THE WAY HE WEARS HIS JEDI SKIN AND HIS JEDI RULES, he’s not blind, strict devotee of the Order (the way Obi-Wan is and remains;-/), he’s a pragmatic individualist, rebellious spirit and free thinker and Yoda’s contemptuous “Qui-Gon’s defiance I sense in you, need that you do not” <333 indicates that the Council always had issues with Qui-Gon’s loose interpretation of what loyalty to this body means and how occasionally he practices is. Qui-Gon is the follower of the Force not the Order, whenever he finds it he cherishes it (NOT EXPLOITS IT OR SERVES IT),  and he’s absolutely open-minded about it and the fact Qui-Gon  managed to teach himself how to become one with the Force must mean he dabbled in the Dark Side and still managed to keep himself pure and uncorrupted.

The way he is with Anakin OH MY GOD, there’s affection, faith. Everyone is so skeptical of this boy since the beginning, Padme, Obi-Wan, but Qui-Gon just firmly states: he will win the race, he will manage, there’s protectiveness there but mostly PRIDE, Qui-Gon sees his resourcefulness, his sharp intelligence, his passion, his heart, his dedication AND NOT ONCE HE CHASTISES HIM ABOUT IT (there’s a deleted scene where Ani has a fight with Greedo (x) and the way Qui-Gon interferes, there’s nothing of Jedi’s usual haughty holier-than-thou attitude, there’s wisdom and empathy and practical lesson he gives him and Anakin instantly listens, follows and takes it in, because it’s not disciplining with know-it-all ignorance but it’s offering him advice addressing the exact issues he’s going through). Qui-Gon as a person just makes you want to do good for him, as a Jedi Master by default too.

So, yes, in short I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE Anakin’s fall would never happen if Qui-Gon was the one guiding him, because Qui-Gon’s guidance wouldn’t leave so many gaps unfulfilled for Anakin to seek attendance to in wrong places and with wrong people. His presence in Ani’s life would mean freedom of acting and wanting and feeling the way he was made for.  Qui-Gon had all the attention, understanding, curiosity, fluidity and balance Anakin needed. Qui-Gon was the father figure Anakin lacked, the guardian of life and Jedi wisdom he sought and the inspiring role model Anakin needs in his life to be motivated and grounded at the same time.

(I used to have issues with Qui-Gon’s persistence in referring to Anakin as THE CHOSEN ONE - putting shackles of label on him, but his interest in this boy started with the way he’s selfless, kind, smart and skillful and only then it spiraled beyond WHO HE IS AS A PERSON, plus Qui-Gon’s absolute devotion to the concept of Anakin being the bringer of balance (his last words are about this after all HOW THIS DEFINES HIS ENTIRE LIFE AT THIS POINT) is not only a testimony of his general faith in Anakin, it’s such an amazing prospect of training for Anakin, because Qui-Gon’s idea of balance might have been THE GENUINE ONE, not just some myth everyone talks about but knows nothing about and is terrified of  but ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO EMBRACE BOTH SIDES AND TAME THEM IN YOU TO CREATE THIS ONENESS WITH THE FORCE). The difference is when the Jedi Council refers to Anakin as the Chosen One they mean it as doubt and suspicion and unnatural state of things, when Qui-Gon does it it’s with devotion and pride of someone witnessing a miracle.

Also Qui-Gon becoming Anakin’s master and Obi-Wan never having to fulfill the promise he gave him to train the boy opens endless what ifs on how this would influence Obi-Wan. Even though Obi-wan in his blind devotion to Order seems incorruptible I want to believe so much the resentment over being PUT ASIDE in favour of this dangerous, annoying boy Qui-Gon instantly adored would have grown in him, and seeing Anakin rise into this respectful, charismatic, heroic icon with Qui-Gon devoting his entire life to make it happen wouldn’t have left him emotionally unscathed. And so bitter, jealous, frustrated Obi-Wan (perfect model Jedi, nothing else nothing more) meets luring him into the Dark Side Dooku in AOTC, let’s talk about this possible scenario HAAAAA!

We look for love not because it’s sad to watch movies and eat meals alone and not because it’s nice to cuddle up with someone, we look for love because we want to be accepted. For the sloppy way we dress, for the clumsy way we eat, for our bad hair days, and for the plainness of ourselves, because love is an act of acceptance from all our imperfections.

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do you think subconsciously or in the back of their minds, a lot of the animosity between western europeans towards americans steams from the fact that the united states replaced europe as the world's superpower and that countries like britain/france loss a significant amount of their global influence ($$$$). like once the u.s. told britain and france to leave egypt during the suez crisis I feel the relationship began to sour and only got worse over time.

eh…I feel like there are a number of misconceptions in this ask

1. Western Europe =/= whole of Europe. You’ll see attitudes towards the US and US foreign policy specifically can vary tremendously from country to country within Europe. On the level of more average people, I really don’t get the sense of people being resentful of the US because the British/French empire is no more. Imperial nostalgia does exist but it’s not…connected to resentment towards the US for becoming No 1, I feel?

2. The idea that transatlantic ties between Western Europe and the US are at a historic low? I mean if W.Europeans go all “uGH AMERICANS” at times, that is small potatoes compared to the numerous wars between various Western European countries and the US not too long ago. The Spanish-American War, which is how the US ended up with Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines (the last one eventually got independence of course)? Or how the US also got embroiled in the Cuban War of Independence, which helped trigger the Spanish-American war itself. Ties with the British and French were pretty chilly during the American Civil War too as those two had contemplated extending some degree of recognition to the Confederacy, and there’s of course the war of 1812. Let’s not forget Germany too, since it’s often considered a Western European country. And then let’s juxtapose all of this against the existence of NATO today. And how the combination of WW2 and the Cold War did a pretty good job at creating a common enemy that resulted in Western Europe being more aligned with the US- and this alignment continues till today. 

3. I would even go as far as to say it’s the reverse. The UK and France now generally have more consistently good ties with the US today- precisely because while they are still powerful countries, being stripped of their empires means they no longer have the ability to really rival the US on the world stage. There is much less potential for their interests to conflict, compared to say, between the US and Russia or China. Not that everything has been all nice and perfect of course. Regarding the Suez Crisis, the US actually threatened to crash the British economy by dumping all the pound sterling they held if they didn’t GTFO Egypt (for Cold War reasons- the US didn’t want Egypt deciding to become aligned with the USSR instead of the US- which it might if the US was supporting the British in the face of very high anti-British sentiment, not when it controlled such a vital shipping lane). That was indeed a low point, but that’s why I think it’s a stretch to say things today are worse when you look at how things are. I mean there was that bullshit with ‘freedom fries’, but we don’t really think the US would go to war with Western European countries or is going to talk about destroying their economies in the present political climate. There may be some old dinosaurs smarting at how the sun has set on the British Empire and those goddamn upstart Yanks are running the world, but I would say transatlantic ties are quite good on the whole…Particularly when you look at the earlier history.