People who supported the war were fond of saying, ‘My country right or wrong… or better dead than red.’ Those sentiments seemed insane to us. We don’t want to live in a country that we’re going to support whether it’s right or wrong… so we began an era in which two groups of Americans, both thinking that they were acting patriotically, went to war with each other.
—  Bill Zimmerman, Vietnam antiwar activist, quoted in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, introduction to The Vietnam War: An Intimate History

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I saw CMBYN at mvff & loved it but was confused what to take away from their relationship. I felt like it was more defined by attraction/passion/lust & less about a once-in-a-lifetime love that is being described by Elio’s dad and by critics, mostly due to how little conversation we see of E & O getting to know each other. I know the film focuses more on tone/mood and less on dialogue, but I was curious to hear your thoughts since you read the book & have a deeper understanding of the characters

whaaaaat?! i was at mvff too!! the way I see it, it may very well have been lust in the beginning, but I believe it transformed over the course of their time together. I think of lust as more of a sexual desire that was only one component of their relationship. it’s clear that they were physically attracted to each other, but they were also attracted to the other’s knowledge and ways of thinking. they’re both intellectuals and they challenge each other mentally throughout the book and film, and I like to think that’s what turned “lust” into love. if anyone has anything else to add, feel free to comment!

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what if he turns gay?

“Well, I’m pretty sure someone can’t ‘turn’ gay, and not that it would change anything. I am a guy. I was born a male, and identify as a male, I just cross-dress because I find feminine clothing fits my form better and looks better on me. I’m feminine, and well… I enjoy cross-dressing. Thats all, really. Luciano is bisexual, and has been for years from what I was able to dig up. Hell, he even has a sexual history with men and women. This, of course, was before I realized it was the Luciano from my childhood.”

“Poor thing is probably sexually frustrated… Oh well~”

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When the red notebooks and posters were at Walgreens the same thing happened and like legally they weren’t allowed to sell it to me that day but they felt super bad so they told me that if I came back to that Walgreens in a few days they would give me a free small spiral because I was 14 and slightly gutted so they were nice but there’s probably nothing target can do but not put the stuff out

I loved when Walgreens sold all the Taylor merch! omg i stocked tf up and that is so sweet of them! So i was going through self check out and right as I walked up to the machine i saw someone comment on my post saying I might now actually be able to buy it AND SURE ENOUGH a screen pops up and says “you can’t sell” and so this lady noticed (she was so cute and had a thick Indian accent and came up to my elbow in heigh she was adorable i can’t even) and she was like “that’s dumb” and took it to someone and asked two other people before telling me to take it to customer service. THIS GUY WAS SO SWEET and really wanted to be able to sell it for me. He tried to override the computer, and then he tried to override on his little device thing, THEN tried to override on his phone but it wouldn’t even let him sell it to me. Like he was so sad i couldn’t buy it.

an incomplete list of taz characters ranked by most to least goth

Barry Bluejeans — necromancer, acts Spooky at Every Opportunity, offers to kill himself to hold his spectral gf, murders a bunch of gerblins in cold blood, becomes a reaper, wears jeans constantly despite everyones judgment and defying everyones judgment is the most goth thing of all. 

Kravitz — dramatic, reaper, wears Slick Suits, a bone man. Carries raven feathers in his pockets. Very Goth. 

Lup — literally a lich. makes a vore umbrella. i dont know whether that counts for or against her. 

John Vore — Nihilism is pretty goth but he gets points off for the vore. This is the only reason he’s below lup. also being a motivational speaker is un-goth. 

Sloane — not really all that goth but going by “the raven” is pretty goth. so is robbing banks. and having a girlfriend is VERY goth. unfortunately, becoming a druid is not goth at all although that is sick as hell. 

Julia Burnsides — rises from the depth of fridgedom to become Completely Fuckin Beloved, and i’d argue that sorta resurrection from the Metaphorical Dead is Pretty Goth. also lives in a cabin above a sea of dead souls. very goth. 

Lucretia — Very Dramatic, nearly dramatic enough to be Goth. Most of her actions aren’t goth but ARE goth adjacent. 

Taako — having an umbrella that holds the soul of ur spectral sister is pretty goth and so is dating a reaper but tbh other than that he’s not goth at all. he only gets a little bit of goth by association. 

Johann — not goth but kind of emo. so, goth adjacent. 

Merle Highchurch — doubting your religion is sort of goth and so is getting killed a bunch while talking to a vore man but teaching teens is very not goth and also plant fetish is so not goth that merle isn’t any higher on this list 

Ango Mcdango — calling ur mentor out on his bullshit? very goth. being a sweet young man? very very very un-goth. too pure to be any higher on this list. 

Magnus Burnsides — literally nothing about this man is goth at all.