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AMAZING images from Steven Cree’s wedding. Just gorgeous. WOWZA.  This photographer is so talented!!!! If you haven’t looked thru their blog do it now. It’s outstanding. 


It has been to long my spooks, but October has returned and with it a new post detailing one of my FAVORITE pieces of Haunted Mansion Media that remains a bit obscure. This my frightful friends is The Phantom Wedding! In the Early 2000′s around Halloween time a ghost sheet would cover Phantom Manor over in Disneyland Paris for a brand new projection show at night. The show itself is a wonderfully miserable retelling of the events that transpired to poor Melanie RavensWood. The show sadly ended in 2005 and has yet to return, but who knows maybe if the spirits deem so one day it could especially with today’s projection technology and mapping things could truly be spectral. Watch it if you dare, but I wish horrid things like this would happen again to any mansion.


the RFA boys nursing(attempting to nurse) my lovely @pwoo back to health… everyone wish her well!!

plenty of rest, a painkiller or two, and some lemon tea. that’s what poo needed, as she lay in bed, sniffling and red in the cheeks.

instead… she got.. well… three overbearing idiots, hell bent on nursing her back to health by themselves.

the steady clack of heels pounded through the think fog of her headache. jaehee? she found herself wondering. this was the first day she’d stayed home from university but poo had to admit she was already feeling a little lonely. han hadn’t replied to her string of messages complaining about her fate, and the personification of the moon pouted at the thought. so, jaehee’s company might be just what would put her back in a good mood.

she sat up a little, propped up against the headboard, smile only a little feverish as she anticipated the secretary.

“hahahaha!” his chipper laugh had her eyes widen. seven?? “miss. poo, a little birdy told me you were feeling a little under the weather! but ah.. have no fear!!! nurse seven oh seven is here!” there was a lot going on and poo didn’t quite know what to focus on. the six inch white strappy heels, milky cream over the knee tights, held up by leather garter belts… leading to a sinfully short dress, exposing his thighs. the red stripes only accentuated his tight form and poo suddenly felt her temperature rise to hospital levels. she swallowed audibly.

“s-seven! what are you doing here! i didn’t expect you!” her voice was raspy and seven grinned. why was she so cute, even surrounded by a few dozen used tissues scattered around her on the bed, like flowers in a field.

he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “what.. my lovely little poo was sick… and you didn’t think i would don my favorite nurse’s outfit and rrrrrrrrush on over here! i’m offended!” he declared, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

“seven…..” a cough raked through her and a flash of genuine worry flickered over his face. “poo…?”

“ugh-ugh-ughe-” she coughed, holding one hand up to let him know she was in fact okay, another hand covering her mouth. “f-fine, I’m fine don’t worry..- i- ugh- nice outfit.. did you dress up for me?~”

“oh you know it~~~~ everything for my sexy-”

“poo! i ran over as soon as I- seven.” zen’s face fell.

“/what/ are you doing here, choi?!” he growled, bangs sticking to his forehead with the slight sweat worked up by his hurry. “poo- angel… did you ask him to be here?” his voice was softer now.. like he was hesitant to hear the answer. “did you… ask him before you thought of me?”

she pushed strands of hair behind her ears. poo opened her mouth to speak, wanting to reassure him.

“our little actor is upset he didn’t get a callback? lolololol! she’s in good hands, don’t you worry~~” he blew a kiss at him.

zen glared at him. “do you really think this is a laughing matter? poo is sick! the woman I love- the- n-never mind.. she is sick and you’re here playing around! how could you not take this seriously!! you’re always clowning around.. don’t you know when to be serious!”

“zen there’s.. no need to yell..” poo interjects, eyes darting from the hacker to the actor. “I’m not in any danger… it’s just a cold..”

the door opens for a third time.

“acute viral nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, viral rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza and head cold… all symptoms of the viral infectious disease more widely known as a common cold.” jumin’s voice is low but composed, even though the wrongly buttoned top two buttons of his dress shirt betrayed he too had hurried upon hearing the news.

“don’t worry poo.. you’re going to be okay. i will assure it.”

“no! i assure it! i will personally nurse you back to health, my pudding pop, my nightingale, the moon herself!” zen exclaimed poetically, only to have seven rolls his eyes.

“hello.” the hacker said pointedly. “which one of you is dressed in a racy nurse’s outfit? exactly. if anyone’s going to nurse poo back to health it’s me.”

the door opens yet again, and jaehee appears, arms crossed.

“all of you… out. poo needs chicken soup and reruns of inuyasha, not…. three idiots bickering over who gets to take care of her… rather than actually taking care of her.


“shush” her gaze was unrelenting. “all of you…. OUT!”

poo sighs with a smile. jaehee to the rescue.

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Headcannon: Zenyatta officiates the Gency wedding... And any other weddings that happen within Overwatch... Goddammit now I need to see if there is art or anything depicting that.

Oh my gosh this kills my Gency soul

No Zenyatta preforming their wedding in Japan. It’s small but its with everyone that counts. Genji is so happy that his sensei is marrying him to his angel. Angela thanks the omnic after its all over. Two rings shining on the couples fingers. Zenyatta is just glad to have so many happy souls gathered together and goodness he’s proud of his student. 

All weddings will be done by Zenyatta. That is just how it is and it will forever be like this okay this is the rule okay?