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Comic based on this post and suggested by @my-lady-noir:)

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Wedding Event!

So… all of ya’ll know the ship of Orion X Jay?

They want to get married, @ask–orion and I were talking about a Wedding event for a while. Now I’m bringing it into action.

The two dorks will have a normal wedding, full of adorkable moments we can all share together. Now, we may have it rebloging this to roleplay or change it to a discord server so that may happen.

Now, at the moment. Jay has a few people he personally wishes to invite.
(Orion may do the same if he wishes.)

Goth and Palette- @nekophy @angexci
Cyber Sans- @askcyborgsans
(If i remember more i shall add.)

During this we may add doodles or drawings and you of course can. Also expect either Orion or Jay to cry, this is an emotional moment for the two.