It’s slowly dawning on me and I kind of feel guilty because my assistant director just texted me saying “Yay! We start rehearsal in two weeks!” I’m just like, “That’s lightyears away.” [Laughs] I’ve got so much stuff going on. I’m doing this play in New York next Monday; I’ve gotta rehearse for Elsie; I’ve gotta put my rehearsal schedule together; I have all these other personal obligations. There are so many things on my plate. I drive by the marquee in LA and it’s already up there and I’m just like, “Man, I gotta get my shit together!”

Day One: YESSSS you were gone so long! I missed you!

Day Three: Gee, sure is great to have you send messages every hour of the day.

Night Five: You uh…you sure do reblog a ton of stuff without tagging! Yeah, that is how you always used to do it, I remember now…

Day Eight: That’s 47 Brooklyn 99 posts in a row.  You been watching the show lately? No? Then why–oh, forget it.



Big announcement

So, as you all know, @heavenfell-au and I are a couple. Yeah? 
So we kinda talked about couple things ya know, like if we should get married and having kids and all that stuff…. 

So we both agreed that we didn’t want children, BUT…

If we ever get one, we would adopt them. 



We adopted. 

Not one.

Not two…

But SIX.

Beautiful little souls.

Their names are : Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor.

One of them is always crying, and one of them has a little problem of… gravity. But it’s okay I guess.

We love them.

In mama’s hands.
So happy.

(Massively Fattening)

Audio 10: My Feeder Bucket List

Okay you guys so this one is going to be a little more casual and hopefully I don’t ramble too much! So far I haven’t had the pleasure of being a full-time, long-term feeder to anyone so there’s quite a few things I wanna do, a feeder bucket list if you will. I guess we can start with the numbers. I would love to help someone gain 100lbs, just so I can say we hit that three digit milestone. I’d also love for them to be at least 100lbs heavier than me. That’ll probably come first depending on their starting weight. Of course some of this is dependent on height and stuff too, 100lbs could be a lot for someone but I can’t resist those big numbers. I’d like to help someone get to 300lbs, 350, maybe even 400. And when we get there, I want to celebrate with a huge weekend feeding. Maybe set a goal of 15000 calories over the course of 48 hours. That would mean funneling lots and lots of calories into my piggy which is another goal of mine. Even better if I can tie them up. I want to keep track of their gain too… I’ve always liked the idea of a chart on the fridge that way every time they go for a snack, they can see their progress. We’d have weekly weigh-ins, plot the little point on the chart, then go out for dinner to get a head start on the next week’s gain. I’d want my piggy to wear something tight when we go out, just tight enough for them to be aware of how fat they’ve gotten. Of course I’d want to get a booth because I’m hoping their huge belly would be pressed up against the edge of the table. I want to order for them, or at least order something extra they aren’t aware of so when the server brings it to the table, my big piggy pretends to be confused but is secretly turned on at the thought of having an extra entrée. I kinda hope other people in the restaurant will be staring, amazed at my fatty’s size and appetite. If they aren’t staring then, they’re certainly going to be staring when we go to the buffet together. I’d want them to eat at least five full plates, and I’d wanna be in charge of the dessert courses. Afterwards I’d help them waddle to the car and we’d go home for another weigh-in. It might not count for the little tracking chart but I’d curious to see how much weight we can add with a huge public stuffing like that. Speaking of the scale, I’d really love to see my feedee break one… seeing ‘error’ show up on that little screen would be one hell of an achievement. I’d also like to see them break a chair or two. Even if it means purposefully buying some cheap flimsy thing for the sole purpose of collapsing it. I’d want to record it too, with their permission of course. It doesn’t even have to be posted anywhere. I just want to document my piggy’s accomplishments for our own personal enjoyment. Now, with how quickly they’re going to balloon for me, we’ll need to make a few trips to the mall. Of course I’m going to dote on them, be very sweet and encouraging when picking out new, bigger clothes, but I’m definitely going to sneak in a few too-small items in there too. I’ll ask them to come out and show me how everything fits, just so I can see how snug that 3XL shirt is now. Well that’s about all I can think of for now, I’m sure there’s more. You guys will definitely hear about all the other things I want to do with my future fatty when I think of them!

Click here for more feedism audio clips

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Do you have any stories from being a Preschool Teacher?

I sure do! (This is a cute question thanks!) 

My group was really into worms and animals and we had let some nightcrawlers go in the back behind our classroom and had been periodically checking on them to make sure they were safe. So, we talked a lot about worms and the kids asked “do worms have teeth” and so on. 

So the kids wander off and I hear “Miss Cassie! We found a worm!” and I am like “Oh, you did?” “Yeah! It’s moving fast!” and I am like SHIT because our backyard is set against a small bit of woods and we get snakes and bunnies and stuff so I hurry over there and my kids found a small snake. I pick it up and they want to look at it and touch it, but I just show them the snake and we talk about that too before we let it go “He’s gonna find his momma.” one of them says as we watch it slither away. 

Another cute one was that a little girl in my group said “Miss Cassie, did you know some boys can marry boys and some girls can marry girls?” And I said, “I did know that! That’s right, they can marry whoever they want.” and she says, “Well, I wanted to marry my dad, but he said I can’t…” and I told her, “Yeah, you have to marry someone that is a friend of yours.” and she thinks about it and says “I want to marry _____” (another boy in our class) and another boy in my group says “Wait, I want to marry _____!” (the same boy who was a best friend) and so the girl goes and asks him if he wants to get married and she comes back to finish eating and I said, “Well, what did he say?” and she said “He said he’s gonna think about it.” 

And then the times where I told my kids I didn’t trick-or-treat and one boy was very concerned and he said “I will share my candy with you, Miss Cassie! I didn’t eat it all! Some of it I did, but I have enough!” 

Also just them telling you they love you is all good and cute too. I have a tendency to pat kid’s backs when I hug them/they hug me, and my kids picked up on that so when I gave them hugs I noticed a few of them began to rub and pat my back they way I do to them. 

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can you bullet point the plot lines we're waiting on in twow? like robb's will, jon's post death stuff, etc. ive read all the books but i'm struggling to keep everything together and a list would really help


  • euron’s attack on the reach, apparently :///////


  • her training in braavos
  • her return to weseteros
  • nymeria’s wolfpack
  • gendry
  • so probably the brotherhood without banners
    • where is ned dayne inquiring minds want 2 kno thankz.
  • which means definitely her mother’s revenant
  • probably sandor clegane being alive
  • probz hearing that jon’s dead and conveniently not hearing that he got alived again because why not have some suffering with your suffering


  • is he staying in sunspear with doran? probably right? 
  • otherwise: what the sand snakes are up to in king’s landing, or a second window into what’s going on with arianne
  • myrcella?


  • meeting up with team young griff
  • marrying young griff?
  • rallying the stormlands now that the baratheons are very far away?
  • fighting cersei?
  • fighting daenerys?
  • we’ll see


  • probably sticking with theon?
  • or maybe sticking with stannis?
  • unclear
  • honk for more mormonts please tho thanks
  • or some nuncle crazypants fighting
  • she’s got that husband back in the iron islands
  • can she swipe them while euron’s away that’s totally me wishful thinking but i also want to kno for reasons


  • fighting to protect meereen
  • who’s the harpy?
  • bro-istanning with tyrion maybe?
  • waiting for dany/holding down the fort
  • unless he dies
  • i hope he doesn’t die i like him


  • learning stuff about the past
  • the back door
  • probably heading south
  • finding out what happened to benjen?
  • magic?
  • please give me all the crazy stark backstory through bran’s magic eyes
  • r+l=j?
  • remembering what happened when he was thrown out the window


  • quest 4 sansa plz brienne help her
  • bwb/stoneheart hell
  • what’s goin’ on with jaime
  • oathkeeper


  • ser robert strong and the trial by combat
  • what happens with the tyrells
    • is loras dead?
  • sand snakes in king’s landing
  • hahahahahh why did you militarize the church cersei why did you do the thing???
  • fightz w/team young griff
  • more war and paranoia
  • jaime stuff probably
  • tommen stuff undoubtedly
  • please let her children be ok they don’t deserve those golden shrouds they are preshous


  • getting back to meereen
  • probably some major soul searching with the dothraki
  • probably leading the dothraki in some way
  • mother of mountains? dosh khaleen stuff probably
  • getting back to meereen
  • plz keep euron like 9019324714-t1-123853132213351390 miles away from her k and thank let me live in denial
  • euron stuff probably ugh
  • victarion stuff maybe
  • resolution with jorah in some way
  • who is the harpy?
  • what’s gonna happen to meereen when you leave for your questeros?
  • please snuggle missandei a lot


  • no but actually dealing with wyman manderly’s political motives and the fact that we’re probably going to see 2-3-4 stark contenders as robb’s successor literally shoot me in the face i’m stressed already


  • stoneheart
  • brienne
  • cersei
  • dealing with having throwd bran out a window
  • red wedding 2.0: redder and weddinger

jon (connington)

  • team young griff and seeing how the lords of westeros deal with him
  • war?
  • probably more rhaegar backstory would be my guess
  • please don’t be contagious 
  • you’re probably contagious
  • goddammit

jon (snow)

  • being undeaded
  • <crackpot theory>grrm mentions ice dragons like 3 times in jon’s adwd chapters please let the wall be an ice dragon that got magiced int o wall form </crackpot theory>
  • seeing theon and jeyne and realizing that jeyne’s not arya
  • seeing his other siblings?
  • who aren’t siblings
  • because
  • r+l=j


  • making sure jon’s not dead forever
  • that vision of bran and bloodraven in the fire oops mel they’re FRIENDS I SAY FRIENDS NOT EVIL STOP IT NO


  • euron’s about to attack oldtown oh god oh god oh god please gtfo sam don’t get kidnapped please sam don’t get kidnapped
  • the horn of joramun and somewhere many miles to the north the wall falling
  • what to do with gilly and dalla’s boy
  • learning shit and magic and stuff
  • alleras
  • if sam meets either sansa or rickon this book it’ll be a hat-trick of meeting jon’s siblings and we should all take a shot



  • the fact that jeyne is not arya but needs to pretend to be arya
  • and theon knows it
  • and ramsay’s still alive
  • and wants his reek back
  • going to the wall
  • knowing his sister’s name this time
  • me sobbing a lot in the distance
  • stannis says he’s going to behead theon but i think that’s bullshit he’s got so much more living left to do


  • please meet dany
  • please ride a dragon
  • please find someone to snuggle
  • please continue to protect penny
  • please save meereen with your brain powers


  • dany stuff probz
  • what’s the deal with his arm now anyway?  is it alive? dead? growing a new brain? please be growing a new brain


  • robb’s will/who will succeed him as king in the north.
  • the isle of faces?
  • tyrek lannister?
  • howland reed?
  • i’m tired and going to sleep now

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Pants I'm actually shocked because for the most part, it seems like they've actually listened to what the fandom wants? Trailers and pics before the season starts. Papa Hollis (and presumably Laura backstory to go along with it?). More on screen action and fantasy elements (hopefully they remember that Carm has powers lmfao). Hollstein, and Hollstein pandering. Like I'm really hesitantly optimistic about this season, how are you feeling?

that’s exactly why im in a good mood. like… there were so many problems that were talked about last season or that came up during hiatus and it looks like a lot of these might have been taken into account for season three.

the schedule im guessing is to fix the pacing issues that came up. even though this isn’t necessarily within the episodes, the content we are seeing rn is mostly hollstien stuff – when last season there was in issue people felt they were pushed to the side.

we’re getting the trailer before the season starts. im not sure if we can take papa hollis’ presence as a telltale sign that we’re getting laura backstory, but him being there will give us some idea about the way they are around one another which is nice.

like i hate to say it b/c i know how this worked out for me last season… my hopes are hesitantly looking up.

soulmates!taewin pt. 1

okay so I put up a textpost bc I kinda wanted to write and stuff and I aCTUALLY GOT A REQUEST??? (via @dictatormahafia) and I was like you know what imma do it so here we go

(note that I haven’t written anything in about a century and I’ve never written something for KPOP so this might end up to be terrible iM SORRY) (I’ll link part two when I get to a computer, but you can find it on my blog for now :)))))

• alright so in this universe whatever you write on your arm appears on your soulmates right and vice versa

• so lil like, seven year old taeyong is at school right and he’s sorta paying attention to what the teacher is sayin

• but like, he looks down at his arm and all of a sudden he sees a bunch of colourful marks appearing on his arm out of nowhere

• and boy thought some supernatural stuff was going on aND HE SCREAMED

• and his teacher kinda stopped her lesson and looked over and she just sees a distraught little kid with his hand pointing to his now colourful arm

• and teacher is the bestest teacher ever and she just pulls him to the front to sit with her and she completely forgets her lesson and starts telling the class about soulmates

• and lil taeyong is in awe like omg is this real

• and he just stares at his arm for the rest of the day while the other smol children ask him tons of questions about it

• but he doesn’t rlly listen because he’s just in awe about the fact he has a soulmate

• and when he gets home he asks tons of questions bout it and they’re so happy for him and they tell him tons of stories about it and stuff

• which just makes him mORE CURIOUS

• so after he’s done grilling his parents for questions he grabs a pen and writes on his right arm (vvv messily) ‘hi’

• meanwhile a lil five year old winwin is playing with his toys or whatever when he sees words start to appear on his arm and his reaction is rlly similar to taeyongs reaction


• and his parents like bolt to where he is and they’re like wHaTs wRonG

• and winwin is crying as he points to his arm

• and his parents smile and explain to him bout soulmates after winwin calms down a bit and they ask to see what his soulmate wrote but then they realize

• oh shit

• this ain’t chinese

• so later when they put winwin to bed they’re like fuck what do we tell him what do we do

• so yeah fast forward a bit to the next day

• taeyong is constantly looking at his arms like whERE iS mY SOULMATE DO THEY NOT LOVE ME

• and he’s all pouty n stuff

• when then he sees some writing in Chinese appear on his arm and boy is like


• so he runs to his parents and is like mOTHER FATHER THIS AINT IN HANGUL

• and he expects his parents to know what it says OFC bc parents are supposed to know everything right

•but his parents eyes widen and they’re like winwin’s parents

• oh shit

• (but they don’t say that obvs bc there is a smol child there waiting for an answer)

• so they do a bit of googling and stuff before they write down in what they hope is ‘I don’t speak chinese, I speak korean’ on taeyongs arm while smol boy is confused

• and winwin goes back to his parents to show them his new message with a confused face

• and the handwriting and punctuation is godawful but they got the general idea of it

• so winwin’s parents put him in Korean lessons

• and taeyong’s parents put him into Chinese lessons

• and even at a young age they try their best to learn the language so they can begin to communicate with each other

• but neither sides learn it vv quickly and they both start to learn English so

• they start trying to communicate in English

• but it hella frustrates them bc all they can write is ‘hello, my name is taeyong/sicheng’

•and for years they can barely communicate at all bc taeyong dropped Chinese lessons for dance and school

• and same for winwin bc he learning to dance

• and they both have school and they try to communicate in English (barely) bc they got frustrated trying to learn their soulmates language with bad teachers bc they got rlly bad teachers sadly

• and eventually communication sorta comes to a halt when school becomes more intense for both of them

• and winwin gets rlly into Chinese traditional dance

• and taeyong gets casted by sm

• and for a rlly long time they almost forget they even have soulmates despite seeing ppl with their own soulmates

•until one day

• winwin is casted by sm

• and even if he didn’t know his soulmate was in Korea he would’ve jumped on that train anyways

• so he moves to Korea to become an idol and learn Korean all over again bc he wants to perform and he wants that chance to meet his soulmate and communicate with them

• and at this point they’re not smol children but smol adults instead

•so when he gets to Korea, he knows vvvvv minimal Korean and has a hard time getting to the SM building and when he’s there he’s stuck to Kun (who he meets when he gets there) like glue

• and then they meet the other rookies

• and the two of them introduce themselves in broken korean

• and this is where stuff starts happening

(splitting this into two parts bc tHIS IS GONNA BE LONG) (also this is so much of a mess I’m sorry omg bUT I PROMISE ILL FIX IT AS I GO ON)

My Murder Husbands heart design shirts are finally available on RedBubble!

Go get yours!

You can also opt for other gadgets like mug, phone case, computer skin, spiral notebook and more! :D

One year later, our TWOTL anniversay has reminded me once more that #ItsStillBeautiful, that we are still hopeful, and that we’re still a force to be reckoned with.
It’s been amazing to find that I’m as in love with this show as I was one year ago and even now feeling the incredible legacy that three seasons of this show have left me. Seeing you all still so passionate and enamoured with Hannibal fills my heart with joy, so consider this my gift to all of you amazing people of the Fannibal fam ❤️❤️❤️

Far and away the coolest thing I bought from my trip.  We stayed at the Art of Animation resort, and there’s artists there that do pics of characters from pretty much every Disney movie and short ever.  Most of the time they just draw whatever they feel like, or to show kids how to draw certain characters in a drawing lesson, but you can get personalized stuff to order.  And from asking around the parks, it seems like our resort is the only place at Disneyworld that you can get that done.

Coolest thing ever, and the artists were all super nice.  If you like art and animation stuff, you definitely need to try and stay at that resort for sure.

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GROCERY SHOPPING WITH NIALLL!!!!!! cute sexual innuendos maybe and bickering about which water brand to get PLEASE xx

He’d be so organized about shopping too.  “We gotta go down the other end first so we leave the freezer aisle’s for last so our stuff doesn’t melt.”

And he’d spend like 20 minutes picking out a cereal only to choose something like cornflakes finally.

Niall DOES NOT BUY GENERIC.  He’d say that about 50 times.  Every time you picked up something “to save money” he’d respond with “We don’t need t’save money, I’m a gazillionaire.”

He picks up the french bread and holds it down near his crotch “Babe…good representation right?  Too small?  You better say it’s too small or I’ll show you when we get home.”

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So about me and my friend, we ended up not hanging out bc her grandfather passed away a day b4...but i sent her comforting words and said prayers. But we r hanging out this upcoming weekend (3 day weekend) and I love your ideas of bike rides and all, but that can only last so long, ya know? So like after our adventuring, what do u suggest??

Then you’ll be more comfortable with each other and you can go get food and talk or go to each other’s houses, watch movies, go on walks and stuff

Thoughts on the finale

I’m so conflicted from this episode like:

- the Jenna stuff was interesting, the throwback to jungle red and using Sydney, but I think we still need more answers?

- I’m annoyed at the pregnant Alison and the Nicole alive storylines. Also is Paige finally getting the hint and leaving?

- Haleb was cute af and I love them

- Mona was great but felt underutilized

- I’m actually disappointed that Spencer is the baby because it was so predictable and once again only the Hastings and Dilaurentis family’s are involved

- shooting Spencer was stupid because we all know she won’t die from it

- I’m actually pleasantly surprised that Mary is still alive but I would have also loved a tragic death where she never reunites with her child

- I didn’t even realize Noel’s head was real so umm… Good job that was actually a crazy death for this show I guess I didn’t think they had it in them

- I don’t even feel sad about Toby? I loved Toby but it was so predictable and then the actual moment was so fast?

- Jenna better still be alive to give us every single answer

Final update on Mall POT

Yeah, he sucks ass. First, he was an hour and a half late because of traffic. I let it go because he was driving like 2 hours originally to meet me. When he came, I thought he was a 14 year old who doesn’t have wifi and uses the library to play roblox. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, I only ate an appetizer and some fries, because I have a small stomach anyway and I had enough for left overs (which I gave to a homeless guy later, kinda regret it but good karma is needed at this point.) The bill only game out to around 26 dollars. We went to Macy’s and he had to go to a Wells Fargo to get some cash, so I was like whatever and picked some stuff out to try on. When he got back I had a few things that added up to around 150, and he couldn’t afford it. I was immediately pissed. I asked him if there was a limit beforehand and he said no. I had to put stuff back until it totalled 81 dollars (only 2 items) and he had to pay with 2 different cards plus some of the cash he was going to give me, but the card didn’t work for some reason and I walked out with nothing. I said it’s almost time for me to go because I need to babysit (not a 100% lie) and we got some ice cream to make things a little better. He used the CASH THAT HE WAS GONNA GIVE ME to pay. I walked out with 58 dollars. I can’t believe his profile’s header is “let me spoil you”. I’m gonna tell him straight up tell him he can’t afford me, and he should look on Tinder for “friendship.” It’s no more Ms. Sweet Sugar, I’m going to delete my profiles and make new ones being a total bitch. I’m not gonna play around with these flakes/broke bitches anymore. Sorry there’s no paragraphs, mobile is shit. Oh well, I got free lunch and some ice cream, and I now have enough money to open a bank account.

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it would be lovely if jikook were spending jeongguk bday in busan together

Aha, as lovely as that might be, I think the members would all want to celebrate and dote on their golden maknae when the day comes. :3

That being said, afterwards, what if Jungkook goes home for a family birthday this time…and Jimin accompanies him.

But Busan aside, I’m just waiting for Jimin to give Jungkook a kiss but like, on camera this time (because we all know it fucking happened off camera at least once ok even as a joke i can feel it) Jungkook’s birthday is always a lovely event because Jimin gets all doting and stuff and provides video evidence of it so we can all scream over it XD

Throwback to last year’s:

I expect a marathon of Jikook birthday vids/tweets this year. PARK JIMIN IM COUNTING ON YOU. GIVE ME MY DAILY JIKOOK

but what if–plot twist–jungkook does it all this year *gasp*