Why you should be friends with each type

INTJ: ever need a psychiatrist, a handyman or a politician? They can do all of that and much more. But they suck at anything heart-related (except if they’re a surgeon)

ENTJ: your personal sassy coach who won’t sugarcoat things and can help with your math/physics problems

INFJ: a better psychiatrist than INTJ 

ESTP: if you wonder what the catacombs look like, or what skydiving feels like, they can take you there and also fix your car

ESFJ: great wingpersons, will give you The Talk, knows shady stuff about everyone, hugs & cookies

ENFJ: Oscar Wilde once said that Art is being surrounded by pretty things, well they’re Art, also their life is a mess but they give good life advice

ENFP: their life is even messier and they give even better life advice, plus they’re a chance of them being the lovable kind of weirdo we all need in our lives

ISFJ: if you don’t have a wine mom or a vodka aunt, well now you have one

ISTP: Sherlock IRL, also they know where you put your keys

ESFP: idk a weird mix between your stereotypical stay-at-home mom and a fearless truck driver, they’ll save yo sorry ass and then make you regret ever being born

ISFP: a very shy fearless truck driver who likes loud music but hates everything else loud, they can make you realize your life is not as messy as you thought

INFP: they know you need to cry, crying is natural, it’s ok they got you 

ENTP: THE person with whom to share your secret kinks/conspiracy theories/family recipes/political views/memes

INTP: they can fix anything electronic, will come up with awful pranks that even you wouldn’t have thought to do, BAD puns that are hella funny, will hack the ppl you don’t like

ESTJ: chaotic neutral counselor, listen to them at your own risks

ISTJ: Sherlock IRL n°2, now you can have a Sherlock battle, also don’t gamble against them you’ll lose your money

Some thoughts about the drawings

This isn’t really a meta or an analysis, just what I’m thinking about it all, right now.

Was chatting with @momecat earlier, and we were talking about the DRAWINNNGS  <3 and how lovely they are, but I also (like many of us) wonder why Even isn’t simply texting back, or just contacting Isak more, for example in school.

Now, of course, the reasons can be many (probably are) but at this point, I do think it solely has to do with what Isak said in the boys’ locker room: “My life is better without mentally ill people around.”

I know, that’s nothing new under the sun, we have all discussed this, at length, already. But I get the feeling that this is really what it is. I think that giving Isak the drawings is the only thing Even dares to do at this moment. In this way, there’s still some form of contact between them, but Isak doesn’t necessarily get/have to know more about Even’s possible mental illness/problems. That maybe the drawings are Even’s way of still showing that he’s in love with Isak, but he’s unable to take the next step because he’s so afraid of rejection.

And just to get back to Even’s whole “Life is like a movie. You’re the director of your own life”-comment: The drawings might also be yet another way of Even directing what happens in his life. By not answering Isak’s texts he doesn’t have to directly answer to anything. He doesn’t have to explain his absence, he doesn’t have to explain what the hell is up, and most of all he doesn’t have to explain anything about his mental health. 

Maybe the “Same time, a completely different place in the universe”-drawings are Even’s version of Isak’s “movie”, the one he promised to make? This is what he wants to happen, what he wants to be real, but won’t dare to give a chance because Isak might reject him when the truth, the whole truth and nothing but THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (sorry, I had to). I’ve mentioned before that I think Even very actively takes the “director’s role”, not only in his own life but also partly in the lives of those around him. Don’t misunderstand me: I LOVE Even. Absolutely love the guy, but I believe his need to be in- and keep control of his surroundings are greater than what we’ve seen at this point. By “answering” Isak through the drawings, he is able to indirectly control the communication between them.

I also thought about why he doesn’t answer through texts, and that it might be because someone *cough* is going through his texts? I see here and on the SKAM homepage that some other people think so too. I mean, if Even was completely honest with Sonja and told her that he and Isak had the make-out session of the century that Saturday after Halloween it wouldn’t be strange if she is checking his phone. No, it’s not alright, it’s not cool, but it’s absolutely possible. And quite normal, sadly.
So this can be a possibility, but to be honest I don’t think that’s the reason. The drawings are intimate, just theirs, and Even’s way of showing his love for Isak. I also think, as I said, that Even answer through them to proceed/keep in contact in the way he’s comfortable with (even though it’s driving Isak (AND US) slightly crazy, in a good/bad way).

But he said it now. 

I miss you

He said something about how he feels.
For the last weeks we’ve seen how much Isak’s been hurting, but in that drawing today, in those three words, I feel how much Even is hurting too. 

Dunno what your thoughts are, but I just had to get this out of my system. I’m so excited (and nervous) for what we’ll see tomorrow. How everything will proceed. I’m thinking (hoping! NEEDING!) we’ll see Even tomorrow. Wonder if Isak will send him a text in return, saying I miss you, too. ? Oh man, I hope so.

Something to think about

We only know Victor as the best in the world. We’ve seen video of him dominating competition after competition, winning gold at every one of them, and now thanks to episode 10 we know that he’s dedicated nearly his whole life to it. 

Here’s the thing that broke me today. Elite athletics is stressful. And I don’t mean the “omg this semester is taking so long” type of stressful. I mean that your body hurts so badly that sometimes you physically can’t get out of bed and all you can think about is the training that you’re missing. You’ll spend hours at work so that you can pay to continue your sport but you can’t help but feel like you’d be better off going over that move one more time and visualizing that jump again and again until you can literally feel your body flying through the air. As much as the sport is what gives you life, it is what kills you too. And now for the best part. Victor said that he hasn’t allowed himself to have life or love for twenty years. 

He was alone with this stress. 

Do you have any idea how hard that is? Victor may be a world champion and the god of male figure skating but he’s had bad days. There were days when didn’t want to get out of bed and go to the rink because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Because his mind was telling him that this was a waste and it wasn’t going to last forever anyway so what was the point. And I can almost guarantee you he didn’t tell anyone when he was having these days. It’s just not something you do. And of course, they’re almost never permanent thoughts and the bad days will pass but it’s so hard to work through alone. 

And now that he’s not skating anymore, he’s got the world begging him to come back, questioning his every move as a coach and pushing against his actions as though he’d made a terrible decision. the only person who seems to truly believe that this isn’t the case is Yuri, and even he questions it in secret.

But the difference between Victor as a skater and Victor as a coach is this: as a skater, he kept to himself and never let the world see past his glamorous facade. As a coach, he’s not letting that happen to Yuri. Looking past the fact that they’re in love, because even in the first few episodes when yuri was basically pushing Victor away, he was supportive, asking “What do you want me to be to you? A father figure? A friend?” He’s fighting alongside Yuri to make sure that he earns the Grand Prix Gold Medal but he’s not letting Yuri fall into the same chaos that he did. He’s giving him an out from the crazy life, taking him from interviews to go to a hotpot, skipping rest before competition to go sight seeing, and a ton of other little things like that to give Yuri a life outside of skating. 

Victor may not be an experienced coach, but he is a good one. He allows his athlete to be a person as well, and I truly think it’s because he wants Yuri to live in the best of both worlds. He wants Yuri to succeed because he knows that he can, but he also wants Yuri to live because that’s something that everyone deserves to experience. 

last week everyone was talking about how there’s no way we can take away louis’ pain or help him feel better and although we obviously can’t make him forget what happened or replace anything in his life at the moment, we have helped him!!!! he’s so grateful and is STILL talking about how blown away he is by our support. we’ve raised THOUSANDS!!! of dollars for deserving charities and brought such an amazing song to the top 3 spots on itunes in numerous countries in a matter of hours and they’re STILL in their top spots. we’ve definitely brought some positivity into the lives of the T-D family, steve, and all the children the charities help. johannah is most definitely so grateful as she watches all of this 💝 I am proud of all of u (and louis) 🤗

Swear the climate feels like all of progressive white america woke up & suddenly knows what it’s like to be a well intentioned Southerner.

This is how I’ve felt my whole life. Inseparable from a culture that showed me such love that I can’t comprehend it’s deep ability to hate.

Intentions mean nothing. The way I feel about the South changed for the better when I decided I represent it. In the way I walk, talk & what I actually do. Even when it comes to trying to own my many, many mistakes.

That’s all I got for you fellow white folks. It’s not some “it’s those assholes” shit. Our culture is what WE make it. How YOU walk it.

Stop with the “not all white people”. They do represent us all. But so do you. And there’s your opportunity to try and do better.

Things Said on Vacation Starters:
  • “It gives me heartburn being this nice.”
  • “She’s got a bad case of man-face.”
  • “Do you want to go to the beach?’ 
  • "I’ve peed on [NAME]’s leg at least twice.”
  • “We should pee on each other.”
  • “[NAME]’s Facebook posts always make me feel better about my life.”
  • “No offense, but you’re super, super ugly.”
  • “I want to break out in song, but I can’t sing.”
  • “Swim trunks itch my ass.”
  • “If [NAME] ever starts singing, just fake ankle pain.”
  • “Why do you laugh like a gremlin?”
  • “If you break your hand, just stick it in the refrigerator.”
  • “I feel very wiggly like a piggly.”
  • “It’s all fun and games until your child goes blind.”
  • “Enroll all the bitches.”
  • “We’re gonna do some gay stuff.”
  • “This already sounds gay.”
  • “Crisis averted.”
  • “This drink smells like asparagus pee.”
  • “I hope you did that on purpose because we’re making fun of you for that exact thing right now.”
  • “I hope you fall in the pool.”
  • “I respect you so here is a phalange for you.”  
  • “I have boobs.”
  • “I don’t have boobs, guys.”
  • “How many glasses of wine have you had to be saying ‘dank’?”
  • “The first option is sketchy and the second option is even sketchier.”
  • “Shut up, science bitch.”
  • “I’m gonna go and be good to my body.”
  • “These people are bleeding everywhere.”
  • “Vacation dads are a different breed of dads.”
  • “You don’t fuck around with Disney.”
  • “Do you get seasick when you drive?”
  • “It’s like Tetris but with spacesuits and people.”
  • “Do you always pop up and shout random things in your sleep?”
  • “Am I breathing heavy or are you?”
  • “I’m just here to make sure you don’t die or get arrested.”
  • “No matter what religion you are, you’re still gross.”
  • “I dropped a cliff bar in the sand and I still ate it.”
  • “He was bonkers for Jesus.”
  • “Don’t fuck with my foot!”
  • “I’m very gay, okay?”
  • “I guess I just killed him.”
  • “You know how many taste buds I have? Like, five.”

Okay, I assiduously followed the U.S. election, but we don’t talk about it much anymore here, in our media. We’re too preoccupied with our own elections happening next may… I can only hope that France will not follow this extremist path.

I still don’t, and probably never will, understand the hate, the intolerance, the sectarianism… I just feel we all are part of a bigger whole.

It sounds cliché and cheesy but i just want to say that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, be brave and grab a hug, sometimes life is awful but there will be better days.

I don't understand why some people decide to dislike Jung Hoseok aka the sun

This is somewhat similar to the Namjoon post and I made that post on an impulse decision and yeah LOL.
But anyway.
Here we go.
I just don’t?????
What made yourself so bitter and negative to hate on such a loving person such as Jung Hoseok??? Like what happen to you all that made you like this??? Do you do it because you wanna feel better about yourself????? That not a very good and healthy way to do that to make yourself feel better by hating on others???you just like getting shittier and shitter….by doing that, if you wanna feel good about yourself, you can like idk do positive things and live your life instead of trying to ruin others like put yourself before others.
Haters that hate on Jung Hoseok aka the sun the golden hyung…are the people who choose the shitty potato salad at parties and such, and just eat it anyway, cuz they feel just as shitty as the shitty potato salad.
However you are always welcome to change your ways and choose the lovely wonderful homemade potato salad that your grandma makes when she comes over.
Basically what I’m saying is choose the amazing potato salad that your grandma makes and stop hating on Jung Hoseok and telling him to leave BTS and making death threat tags etc.

He is such a loving person and he doesn’t deserve this bullshit.
Love Jung Hoseok.
Also support his next mixtape and keep listening to 1Verse.He is gonna burn us all alive and we shall enjoy.


Why Red Loathes Tom

I posted this as a comment the other day but I was thinking about the newest episode and how disappointing it was on so many levels. Then I came on here to find Lizzington posts to make me feel better…to make me hope again. I found a few, but I also found posts that explained how Tom screwed up Liz’s life and how Red has had to fix each of Tom’s blunders to ultimately protect Liz. These posts also made me feel better because they reminded me that I’m not alone in knowing that Tom is the absolute worst for Liz. I wanted to repost my thought on why Red hates Tom. Red loathes Tom so much for so many reasons that we’ve all talked about before. He also detests Tom for a reason I haven’t seen discussed yet–and that reason is: TOM LIES ABOUT HIMSELF TO HIMSELF. Red can’t stand anyone who isn’t honest about who they are. Remember the episode The Freelancer in S1 when Red MADE Floriana Campo admit who and what she was before she died? He hated her, and I think much of that hate was directed at her because (not only did she do evil things) she was such a blatant hypocrite. In contrast, Red does not dissemble. He is quite honest about who he is and is comfortable with that truth. In S1 Liz tried to make him feel guilty about being a criminal. I remember Red laughed at her and he told her that he was very comfortable about who he was. His open honesty made her visibly back down and re-evaluate him. In contrast to Red, Tom is deceptive, as he has been described so well by others. But he is also deceptive TO HIMSELF. He lies to himself, thinking he “can be good” and “can be honest.” He’s not. He fails at it time and again. The Major and Red have even hinted that young Jacob was (and obviously still is) a sociopath. Red has spoken truths about Tom’s character plenty of times: “Tom is reckless, dangerous” and “He is not who [Liz] thinks he is. […] Men like Tom don’t change. [Liz is] attempting to build a life with a man who is fundamentally dishonest.” Tom won’t admit to himself what he is and so Red abhors him for it–and that feeling towards Tom is intensified in Red since Tom’s denial threatens Red’s beloved Lizzy in every way imaginable. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this, if anyone is so inclined!

Okay, the thing that bugged me about Sonja is she’s basically saying Even can’t possibly be in love with Isak because he’s bipolar and its just his illness.

First of all that’s total bullshit and plays into the misconception most people have about people who live with mental illness.

First of all we can love, we do love, and always being told our feelings about anything are invalid because its only our disorder pushing out rationality is condescending and harmful.

I now know what Even was talking about when he said she “Wants to be in control” I think when he told her he was falling for Isak she tried to tell him it was his bipolar.

She tried to illegitimatize his feelings, and make it seem like he was only feeling that way because he’s sick. And when Isak said his life was better without people with mental illness in it, she used his insecurities to make him come back to her, because she can only love him.

But that didn’t work because he went back to Isak. Even has feelings, real genuine feelings for Isak and nobody can tell me otherwise(only he can feel what he’s feeling). You can tell from the first episode. Now I don’t know if Sonja is actually manipulative, but it seems that way.

Have several seats…. 

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How does one detox mentally and physically after a food binge

Eat normally the next day. Eat lots of fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. Don’t stop eating the next day you don’t need to “make up” for binging. Eat maybe more fibre than usual so you can be sure to go to the toilet! Let yourself forgive . Its okay. We all eat a lot sometimes (i have been binging a lot recently and kno how its difficult to feel ok about it) but it is better and more productive to think about it in a light way and forgive yourself, ok? You are not a bad person. Nothing bad is going to happen. ! You can move on, life is so much more than this little thing! I am struggling with my relationship with food and its tricky but we will get there :-) lots of love! X

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Hey, on anon. I just looked at the tags for ur giveaway post. I don't have any rights to say whether or not you should leave, but just know that u will be missed :(

That’s very kind of you, thank you!

I am not very good with my words and I think my tags were an example of that. I feel bad sometimes since I am also saying things like this, I feel like other simmers think it, I am just more too vocal about the idea. This is different though, this is not about feeling underappreciated, losing motivation, disliking the sims, I was referring more to the idea of not being able to keep up with having a blog of any sorts. We all know how time consuming making edits can be as fun as it is, when I enrolled in university I thought I would be able to balance the two better but life moves along and I just cannot do both really? Do you ever just feel yourself growing out of something? The community is great I just think I am starting to out grow it a bit, not because of age, just because of where I am personally. Things were different when I first joined and it really work for me then and I felt as if is what I needed at the time but things are different now, I am a bit different now. I am kind of rambling but my tags were me saying what I see possibly happening in the next couple months, just me slowly easing away, not me saying I was/am leaving necessarily. As of right now I am not going anywhere. :)

I am trying figure out something so I can stay active and work on my school work, ya know, have a better balance. If anyone has tips or anything I love to hear it. I know some of you also full time students who live in a dorm like me, or work, or are in highschool.

Many people don’t believe in love. They say that love cannot exist in a world filled to the brim with hatred. Hate exists, but so does love, as disease exists, but so does medicine. Love is a drug. Many abuse it, and many suffer damaging side effects of loneliness and rejection and unbearable pain. But in the end, love is what heals us. It will break us until it seems like we are getting worse rather than better, it will scrape and bruise our hearts until we feel they are so broken that they can not be fixed. But just when it feels like our hearts are about to stop beating, they will start to pound a little faster and a little stronger and before we know it, we are whole again and stronger than we ever dreamed. Nothing in this life will save our hearts from torture, but love is what drenches the past in forgiveness and leads us to all the happiness we never knew was possible, and never knew we deserved.
—  Random Things I Write #14
So story time....

I go to a predominantly white school. But it’s one of those places that’s super accepting of LGBT community. So I was like yeah until I got Yik Yak and then I realized that they were all the white people who “cant be racist cause they have black friends”. But child they was. All these yaks were either fetishizing poc or calling them racist ass names. So now I know. And I feel lies to but what can I do you know. So anyway u was in my writing class and we are doing argumentative essays. So people are throwing out ideas and in listening to these privileged as white kiss complain about the same shit. How Virginia isn’t the south. How are life is for a Jew. How Jews are authentic anymore. How all girl schools are better than co-Ed schools. Blah. Blah. So one of the only other woc in the class raises her hand and says she wants to write about cultural appropriation. And I got excited. One because all class I’ve had my hand up to say that and two because finally something real. But then she fucked her. As soon as she said the words I could tell she wanted to take them back but it was too late. Unlike her I was scared and I was educated so I educated the class and the teacher. And one girl goes cultural appropriation doesn’t exist. America is a melting pot. We see stuff from other cultures and we take it for ours. And I dead looked at her and said so… You know you just described cultural appropriation. Please be quiet. And so they were like so white people cant wear dreads or have full lips etc. I said no. Full lips yes if it’s genetic but if you out here laying to get then. Hell no. You can just take something I spent my childhood getting bullied for. So this basic ass white boy raises his hand and goes well cavemen had dreads and I died. Or I thought I did because I didn’t truly ascend after he continued to speak. This neanderthal had the nerve to say because isn’t dreads when you don’t wash your hair for a long time. And look at him and was like HELLL NAWH!!! See this is why white people shouldn’t wear dreads y'all don’t know what the fuck they are. And my teacher goes. I like this idea. Your passionate about it. But when you write it don’t be angry. I don’t want you to make it a white bashing session and offend anyone. Make it about Black Pride. So, long story short I didn’t write it because I couldn’t write it without being angry. Because just the fact that he felt the need to tell me not to be angry so I wouldn’t offend anyone told me more than enough. Now, the whole class fears me. You know. No one messes with the angry black woman in the corner. For anyone who read thanks for listening. And for Black Tumblr thanks for educating a sista.

@titaniumelemental, I think the reason this hits a nerve with me is

finding the disability community taught me that i am a full person, complete in myself, and made me realize i’d kind of bought in to a social norm that said i was only sort of a person, almost a person because my disability was mild

that part of the reason my self-worth was low was because i accepted that a person like me was worth a little less

but i didn’t need to believe that

and that changed my life. it didn’t make everything better, and i think people need to know that politics never does that, but it showed me something i hadn’t seen that was hurting me

and now i feel like the community’s preferred discourse is “it overwhelms us to hear ‘you too can do anything.’ we need to talk a lot all the time about accepting the things we can’t do/feel/will/create that others can and how to be at peace with that.”

and i’m like “…uh, yeah, it’s not that i disagree with you or anything but um? what happened to i finally get to be a real person and not worry about being less?

Saw someone on miz’s blog do this for them so yknow what.

thanks to @mizbritishnyxian @espeon9891 @megan0133 @rosstheinvadr @teapotcutie @lazy-gaming-platypus and everyone else from the em discord for making me feel better about posting and sharing my art. I love you all and i really hope we can be the best of friends. I absolutely love making stuff for you guys too. You’re all ECSTATIC seeing the stuff i make and i feel so happy seeing youre reactions to the stuff i make… It really does help when my mood has been destroyed by everyday life
Oh, and i dont wanna forget @thatscreechinghellhound for helping me through life, and improving my art after all these years.

never forget that i do care for you guys. Okay? Thanks.

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I got into a really bad car accident today because I was distracted and looking at my phone. No one's hurt, not even me, which is something that really surprised everyone considering how bad it was. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I'm not hurt physically, I feel so incredibly stupid and guilty. Sorry, I guess I just needed to tell someone that without them saying "it's just a car! It can be fixed!"

Well honestly, you’re right to feel guilty. You put the lives of strangers and the feelings of everyone who loves you in jeopardy because you were distracted on your phone and that was really careless of you. But it’s over and done with so there isn’t anything you can do now besides learn from your mistake. That’s what life is about! We all fuck up sometimes so just use this to try and be better.

All that aside, I’m glad everyone was okay! Stay off your phone and stay safe 😘


Y/N: I really don’t want to be here.
A: listen I only came here to make you feel better, I want my princess happy.
Y/N: babe I appreciate but-
A: no buts, now let’s go do something fun.
Y/N: if I win you something can I go?
A: no, you can win me something but no leaving, you need this normality in your life right now, we all do.
Y/N: that’s very out of character Miss we’re all going to die.
A: I just want you happy.
Y/N: I’m happy as long as I’m with you.
A: same here Y/N, now about that winning me something offer…
Y/N: oh come on let the queen show you how it’s done.

-time skip-

A: hey Noah, what’s up?
N: Audrey? That you, I couldn’t even tell from behind that giant stuffed banana.
Y/N: don’t hate on Peely, I won him for her Foster!
N: you named the giant stuffed banana Peely, and people say I’m the weird one.
A&Y/N: you are.
N: don'r start with that saying the same thing at the same time nonsense, I heard enough of it yesterday.
A: someone’s jealous.
N: am not!
A&Y/N: are so!
N: you two are insufferable.
Y/N: yeah but we’re adorable too so it evens out.
A: you are pretty adorable. *kisses cheek*

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i’ve been watching a lot of drag race lately and all i can think about is how ru keeps saying that we as gay people get to choose our family. i feel so honored to have so many amazing people in my life that inspire me to be a better person and i just wanted to be super emo and thank them!!

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me @ all of you


he KNOWS how much maya has suffered with her dad leaving. she most likely took the time to confide in him and he just wants her to be able to put that part of her life she’s struggled with for so long behind her. this idiot right here is all shyly leaning forward like ‘sweetums don’t you think you’d feel better if you did this? you know that i just want you to succeed and be my happy little munchkin in life.’

maya turns around in sassy wife mode all ‘excuse you? did i give you permission to speak?? your my bby and all but back tf up and stay in your lane’

LOOK AT HIM HERE he’s playing with his fucking pen, all nervous and awkward turtle, like ‘shoot what did i just say? her luscious hair flip distracted me again and her eyes and her face and her everything..shit where am i again?’ oh yeah that’s right: i was looking forward to assuring maya’s eternal happiness!! all will be right wifey no worries

**not my gifs. gifs belong to @lucayia**