Marco and The Wand

Honestly guys, I’m really excited to see what they do with Marco’s ability to use the wand. Marco do not just do a spell, he did a spell from the forbidden chapter and he did it easily on his first try, that has to mean something. It could mean monster!marco or it could be completely about his connection to star because of the blood moon (ie. why his cheek markings were of moons).

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I want to see Star training Marco.

I want to see Marco researching why he felt a bond with Star.

I want to see Marco freaking out over him being able to use the wand so easily.

I want to see Atar realize that Marco was able to do an advanced spell.

I want to see Janna researching it because of how that darkness interests her.

All of this^^^^ that could have happened was over shadowed by this seen down here and Star’s new ability. I just hope we go back to Marco and the wand on the show and not just as a fandom.

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