Growing Up German
  • Always getting a free slice of sausage at the butcher
  • Hearing stories where people violently died as bedtime stories
  • Closing your eyes when the Sandmännchen throws his sand so you don’t have to go to sleep
  • Making your own ice cream with Fruchtzwerge yoghurt
  • Benjamin Blümchen Cake
  • Singing a song about chinese people playing contrabass
  • “Fisher Fisher how deep is the water?”
  • “Don’t throw snowballs, one time a girl got a snowball with a stone in it in her eye and she went blind!”
  • “Charlie Chaplin went to Frankfurt…”
  • A depressed bread called Bernd
  • Knowing like 2 people who can pronound the English “th” properly
  • Humilating unathletic students in front of the whole school a.k.a. Bundesjugendspiele
  • “My grandma rides a motor bike in the hen house.”
  • Toggo Tour was like Coachella for German kids but you could never go cause they never came to your town
  • “cat toilet, cat toilet, yes that makes the cat happy”
  • “Space Taxi to the sky!”
  • “Now in every 7th egg!”
  • “Get [insert stupid ringtone here] in the Jamba Sparabo!”
  • Is it der, die or das Nutella?
  • Having friends in other states is difficult cause they’ve got school holidays when you’re still in school and vice versa
  • “Of course with the Mouse and the Elephant”
Auston Matthews - Mystery girl

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featuring Patrik Laine (as a cute little brother)

A/N: This is definitely gonna have another part! 

Word count: 1,444


Being Patrik Laine’s older sister was amazing. He was really good brother, always taking care of you and vice versa, of course you needed to take care of your little brother. Making sure he ate healthy and many another things, what only annoying big sister does. And when he got drafted at second, you almost dragged him down to floor. You were proudest big sister in the world. Best moment in your life. Then he even took you to Winnipeg with him! Okay, he needed you to take care of his house and him. Even though he didn’t want to admit last one. Deep down you knew it. He didn’t need to tell you it.

Living in Winnipeg was like dream come true. Canada has always been interesting place and you’ve read lots of good things about it. But Winnipeg! It was perfect place to live. Patrik for sure knew that. What wouldn’t he knew? You both read each other like open book. Sometimes it was great thing but in the other hand, you really couldn’t keep anything from him. He always knew what was going in your life but you did too. 

Sadly your brother didn’t really like to party. Especially now that his girlfriend from Finland was in Winnipeg. That’s why you were in club alone. You liked to go clubbing but Patrik wasn’t really that kind of person. He liked quiet nights in home but you in the other hand loved to go out and meet new people. Of course you had to do that now, you were living in big city where you had like five friends. Thanks to Patrik. You had meet few people in the club but hadn’t really stayed in touch with them. But one of guys you had know through Patrik was Nikolaj Ehlers, one of your brother’s best friends.

And thanks to Nikolaj, you now knew best clubs in Winnipeg. When you got to know him, he took you to “night club tour by Nikolaj”. It was great night but Patrik didn’t really agree with that. You were absolutely smashed after your guys little nightlife tour. But kind brother that Patrik was, he actually took care of you when you were puking out everything you have ever ate in your entire life! He even made you breakfast. What a brother!

Now you were alone at one of your favorite clubs. You had talked with few people but always got lost from them at the dance floor. But you really didn’t mind about that because every time you found yourself ordering different drinks. You wanted taste everything that you didn’t taste in Finland. As far you were loving drinks in Canada, even though you missed some Finnish drinks. 

After waiting for a good ten minutes without service, you were getting frustrated with the situation. But suddenly bartender place drink in front of you, disappearing to service another customers. You didn’t even have time to ask about drink or who order it for you. You tried to watch people around you, thinking about who ordered fancy drink for you.

“Hello stranger”, you heard deep voice next to you. Turning around you saw one and only Auston Matthews next to you. How did you not notice that there were Leaf’s players in the club. Were you blind or what was wrong? You weren’t even thinking about that there might be any players in the club. Because; first, Jets’ players usually didn’t hangout at this club and second, Leaf’s has lost a game today against Jets. In your mind hockey players would stay at home or hotel if they lost. Not partying. And yes, that opinion was based on Nikolaj’s and Joel Armia’s actions. 

“Oh, you’re famous Auston Matthews”, you blurted out and soon after felt kind of embarrassed. Did you really start conservation with that? You tried to laugh it off and you heard Auston chuckle. Probably wasn’t first time when he heard that.

“Yes, that’s me. But is pretty girl doing alone here?”, he answered to me and I laughed. You needed to admit that he was hotter in person than in pictures or in television. He was actually really hot. At this point you didn’t even want to tell him that you were Patrik’s older sister. Why? You had only bad memories about it. People trying to date and hook up with you because of the name, not just you. Even though he was hockey player but still and right now you didn’t want to be just Patrik Laine’s sister. 

“Didn’t want to be at home. I knew I could get friends here”, you said to him. Suddenly you felt how he put hand against your lower back. It send tingles through your spine and you liked it. You even took step closer to him. Damn, he smelled nice. Like really nice. And his smile! Everything in him. Were you in heaven? What did you do in your previous life to get this?

“I see. Well then, I’m Auston and you are..”, he continued, even though at this point he knew that you knew who he was. You still laughed at him.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you”, you played with him.

“Pretty name for pretty girl”. Oh, he was really flirty!

After talking hours with Auston, you were walking with him towards his hotel room. You were sure that you would regret this at morning. Patrik has told you not to hook up with any of the players. But rules are made to break, right? And right now you couldn’t really even think straight. You just walked with Auston, leaning on him little bit. Laughing at something stupid he has said.


You could swore that you haven’t had this bad hangover ever and waking up to phone beeping next you wasn’t nice either. It took couple seconds to understand that it was your phone that was blowing up from the amount of text messages you were getting. Yawning bit, you took your phone and looked who was texting you. Fuck, it was Patrik. Asking where you were and why didn’t you come home at night. There was even few texts from fellow Finn, Joel, telling how Patrik was losing his mind.

You took your time before texting to your brother. You watched Auston sleeping next to you, blanket on his hips, showing his muscular chest and abs. You lucky girl was all you could think. Then you snapped back to reality, thanks to Patrik. You avoided to answer him where you were but told him how you would be back soon. After texting and muting your phone, you turned to see Auston who was still sleeping. His mouth slightly open, little bit drool on his jaw. Still he looked hot with that messy dark hair. 

Wanting to tease him bit, you planted little kisses to his chest and soon he woke up to that. Smiling. He wiped around his mouth and jaw, laying on his back. He was piece of art. Really.

“Good morning. I hoped you would be here when I wake up”, he told you. His voice was so sexy. Morning voice. You could swore that you were dying in this spot because how sexy he was.

“Had to break that because I need to go. My brother is losing his mind ‘cause I didn’t go to home like I promised”, you told him and laughed. He placed kiss to your lips and nodded. Probably understood that because he had sisters too. Or that’s what you read about.

“Leave me at least your phone number?”, he asked, still laying on the bed. You nodded to him. 

After you were dressed you found piece of paper and a pen. Automatically you wrote your first and last names without thinking about it. No big deal, right? Then you wrote your number on the paper and left it on the table next to bed. You placed kiss on his lips and left the hotel room to go home to see your brother.

What took Auston by surprise was to see name (Y/N) Laine on the paper that you had left on his hotel room. Did he really hook up with Patrik Laine’s sister without knowing it? To someone else it wouldn’t sound bad but this would mean lots of trouble with Finnish player at the ice. That was last thing Auston wanted. But still he felt something, he was sad that you left. He would liked if you had stayed him couple hours more. He definitely would contact you even if Patrik didn’t like that. There was something in you that Auston really had liked. 

If you are nonbinary, you don’t have to identify as bisexual. Your gender doesn’t restrict your orientation, and vice versa. Of course you can be nonbinary and bisexual, but you in no way have to be. Being nonbinary doesn’t automatically mean you have to be attracted to more than one gender, or even any at all.

No matter your orientation, you are still nonbinary.

big, corny post

i’ve been really thinking all day about 2x15 of lucifer, and how much i loved it. it’s such a good episode and the thing is i truly feel every episode of lucifer is good but this episode really highlighted why i love the show so much. like, a lot of people say that the lucifer fandom is so calm and peaceful (which is, for the most part, true) but i really think that very much comes down to the fact that we have very little to ever be angry about. i’m not saying it’s perfect but we’re calm and peaceful cause it’s truly a good fucking show. and that’s. rare. these writers not only care about us as an audience, but they care about every single character and every single relationship on the show. every relationship gets attention and care and importance. every character is multi-faceted and developed.

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↳ Josh x Reader
Requested? | Jealous Josh imagine with rough smut like bruises and hickeys , the day after you two go to Cals apartment with the rest of the boys and Josh is being affectionate and clingy and then the boys notice the marks , and you all talk about sex ? Love you!
Warnings | smut !!!! fluff !!!!

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Why do so many people dislike Piper??? I've just finished the Mark of Athena and like???????? She's so sweet and brave?????

Because you see, my friend, Piper McLean dared to say that Percy is ‘unimpressive’ and ’Oh my God, Piper, how dare you to say that Percy Jackson is unimpressive

How dare you give your reasons why you don’t like Percy when every character should love him, oh god Piper.

Percy is really dismayed because you told him it’s 'unimpressive’

And also ignore the fact of how Piper sees, without knowing too much Annabeth or Percy, how these two are made for each other? And she totally supports them and believes that Percy is very good for Annabeth and vice versa, of course we ignore this.

Draco Malfoy x reader // hidden feelings

You and *the* Draco Malfoy were inseparable. You did everything together and no one could tear you apart. You always sat together, walked together, waited for each other, etc. One didn’t go anywhere without the other one and vice versa. (Within reason of course) You guys were best friends except…more. You were always play fighting and flirting with each other. You had always felt a certain connection with Draco but you were very happy with the way things were going and didn’t want to ruin everything, so you kept your mouth shut.



A familiar voice shouted from outside your dorm room, waking you up from your sleep.

 "Wake upppppp!!" 

 You looked around your room noticing that no one else was still in bed. How long could you possibly have slept in? After about a minute you heard him try get you up again.


 You rolled your eyes knowing that he would not leave you alone until you got out of bed. You quickly got dressed, still hearing the constant yelling.


 "Merlin Draco I’m coming!!” You shouted back, whilst brushing your hair He had always called you kitten, you didn’t know why but you still liked it. No one else had a nickname for you. Same goes for how you’re the one person (apart from teachers and family) that calls Draco by his first name, everybody else seemed to call him Malfoy. You always wondered if it was weird that only you called him Draco, or if it was weird that everybody else didn’t. You pulled your hair into a messy bun and opened the door of your dorm room to a smirking Draco. 

 "You took your time.“ He said casually You rolled your eyes again, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the Great Hall. 


 Later on that day you were sitting in the library trying to study while Draco tried to convince you to come to quidditch practise. 

 "Please kittennn.” He said with his puppy dog eyes. 

“I’ve been improving I want you to see.” You knew there was no way out of this so you closed your book and looked up at him. 

 "If I flunk my history of magic test because I didn’t get enough time to study I am blaming this on you Mr Malfoy.“ You said standing up and walking to the quidditch pitch. He chuckled and swung an arm around your shoulder. You guys chatted and laughed together until you reached the quidditch pitch where you departed ways as you went to go sit on the stands. You saw Draco fly up into the air looking for the golden snitch. He flew around the pitch, slowing down when he got to you to wink and wave then went back to the middle of the pitch. It was only then you noticed how handsome he was. His grey eyes, blonde hair, was a perfect combination and he was just the right height and build. No wonder Pansy Parkinson can’t control herself around him. 

 'Dracey! Pay attention to me! Dracey!’ You had imagined her saying in her head. Draco always ignored her though, his attention was always only on one person, that one person happened to be you. You were pulled out of your thoughts by a gasp from someone behind you and saw that Draco had fallen of his broom. Worried, you rushed down to the quidditch pitch where Draco lay. As you got closer to him your worry washed away as you saw that he was laughing, bringing a smile to your face. 

 "Oh my slytherin prince you gave me a fright!” You said as you approached Draco, imitating Pansy 

“I don’t know what i would’ve done without you!” you said putting a hand to your head and pretending to faint. (although not actually falling over)

“Shut it.” Draco said chuckling as you took his hand and pulled him up off the ground. 

“Seriously, though, you did give me a fright, i’m glad you’re okay, honestly i wouldn’t have been able to live without you.” You said as he pulled you into a hug, one of his hands on the back of your head and the other on the small of your back. You could hear him chuckle softly and hug you tighter making you cheeks heat up a bit. 

“It’s okay Y/N, i’m not going anywhere”


The next day you were sat across from Draco in Divination. Professor Trelawney was rambling on and on about something, but you weren’t listening, you were mucking around with Draco. He had just cracked a joke about Professor Trelawney that had sent you both into a fit of laughter. Especially you. 

“Do you ever shut up?” Pansy Parkinson asked rather angrily. It seemed like she said this to the both of you but you knew it was directed towards you. Pansy Parkinson had always had it out for you, you figured this was because you were so close with Draco that you never left his side. 

“Honestly if you were any closer to Draco i’d think you were obsessed with him.” She said with her nose in the air like she’d just humiliated me. Draco shifted his chair closer to me and let me rest my head on his shoulder while we both smirked,

“Obsessed? If anyone’s obsessed here it’s you. ‘Dracey, oh Dracey my love where are you?’” You said imitating her yet again, as Draco tried to hold in a little laugh. Pansy was glaring at you harder than ever now.

“Stop trying to hide it L/N.” she said 

“Hide what?” you replied 

“Oh please.” Lavender Brown butted in. “We’ve all seen the way you look at each other.” she said before Trelawney called for absolute silence.

You and Draco looked at each other, your cheeks going pink. 

You watched as Draco pulled out a piece of parchment and began to write something on it. When he was finished he slid the piece of paper in your direction and you read what it said. 

‘Can we talk after dinner?’ 

You looked up and him and nodded, giving him a small smile. He smiled back. 


Once you had Draco had finished eating, he ushered you to the outside of the hall where it was empty. 

“hey.” he said quietly, giving you a soft smile. you smiled back asking him a question. 

“What did you need to talk to me about?”

He looked down at his shoes and took a deep breath in before looking up at you and taking your hand in his. 

“From the moment i met you i though you were amazing, you’re beautiful, smart, funny, my best friend, and the sweetest person i know. I can never get you out of my mind Kitten and these past few years have been the best of my life. But it’s only now I’ve realised my true feelings. I…”

He trailed off, looking to the ground again, you gave his hand a small squeeze, making him look up at you and finish his sentence, whispering so quietly you could just hear him say,

“I think i’m in love with you Y/N.” 

Your breath hitched and your heart started beating faster as your mouth broke out into a grin. 

“I think i’m in love with you too, Draco.” You whispered back

He smiled wide as he cupped your face is his hands and kissed you passionately. You smiled into the kiss and he did the same, knowing that this was going to be the start of your happily ever after. <3


All rights and credit to J.K.Rowling you owns the Harry Potter series and characters. <3 <3


//The relations between the two, of course, go back to when Turkey was the Ottoman Empire and was going around conquering the Balkans.

Bosnia at that point was a majority Christian country like the rest of Europe (it was still mixed like today, with Catholic, Orthodox, and their own Bosnian church all being pretty equal), and so fought back against the invasion like the rest of Europe. Of course, they eventually lost.

Unlike the other countries who had strong ties to Christianity and whatever specific branch they practiced, Bosnian’s that practiced the Bosnian church were less tied to it, so many of them ended up converting to Islam to escape extra taxing and such.

This endeared Bosnia to Turkey, as now they were both Muslim, and also Bosnia didn’t try to rebel against the Ottoman’s 24/7 since the majority of the upper class didn’t have those taxes the Christian’s hated. This allowed the relations between the two people to grow and become friendlier, and many Turks moved to Bosnia and vice versa. There is also, of course, a lot of Turkish influence in Bosnia, in areas like food and architecture.

Even after Bosnia was taken out of the Ottoman Empire, the relations still stayed good, and many Bosniak’s wanted to go back to being a part of Turkey throughout their time in Austria-Hungary and the first Yugoslavia. This friendliness has continued on into the modern day, where they are sort of “brother” nations.

With Lejla and Sadık, I do imagine it being a very sibling-type relationship. Lejla looks up to him a lot, and Sadık is very affectionate back. They get along very well, and I imagine Lejla is even comfortable enough with him to tease and make fun of him. 100% their favorite activity to do together is cooking (mainly sweets).

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34 and byun baekhyun please (lol this sounds like something he'd say)

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Both you and Baekhyun had been so busy for the past few weeks that you didn’t have the time or energy to be remotely intimate with each other. When you had an off day, he was busy and vice-versa. Of course, you were only human and you did have needs and Baekhyun wasn’t any different.

You were frustrated and the sexual tension in the air was so thick you felt like you might suffocate under the pressure.

The work both of you had finally started to die down a bit, leaving you with a little extra time to relax. The two of you had already watched a movie together on the couch, forgetting about all the earlier stress that work had shoved onto of your shoulders and now it was silent.

Looking at Baekhyun, you gazed at certain parts of him, beginning to think about how they would feel against you. His lips, his tongue, his fingers… You shivered with the excitement that just maybe you would finally be able to get some sort of satisfaction tonight.

You were taken by surprise when you were pushed onto your back on the couch, Baekhyun on top of you with his lips ravishing yours. You let out a soft moan, wrapping your arms around his neck to bring him closer as you felt his hands glide smoothly down your body.

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” Baekhyun said darkly after he pulled back from the kiss.

“Who needs the bed anyway, couch is good enough,” you breathed.

“That’s my girl,” he smirked, moving up onto his knees to quickly take his shirt off. “I don’t care where we are, I’ve waited too long for this.”

My favorite thing that I love about jon Stewart is that he’s constantly popping in to check on all his late night children like

He was just on Larry’s show to tell him he loves him and not to feel bad about his show ending

He and Samantha Bee had the skit with the horse and Samantha says he’s been supportive and tells her when he really likes bits

He showed up for jessica Williams 2dope Queens bday

He has returned to the daily show to see Trevor, who has called him “papa”

John Oliver has nothing but praise for jon and vice versa

And of course the bromance to end bromances of he and Stephen Colbert and appearing on Stephen’s show several times - whether to trash trump or simply hug the hell outta each other

I love all my late night children and their dad

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 1/??)

Author’s Note: Since you all were curious about the ending to Just Sorry smut, I decided to continue! Hope you like it. Just think of this chapter as a calm before the storm.

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Background: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Word Count: 3,111

The heat of the early morning sun rise danced across the back of your exposed thighs. Humming in pure bliss from a very good night’s rest, your hands reached out to stretch as it welcomed the sun’s bright rays warming your skin. That was one thing you always liked about Jaebum’s bedroom, he had the best room in the house for the sun rise to hit perfectly in the center of his bed. It was ‘an essential’ he had told the interior decorator when the mansion was being built.

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soulmate plot, "your soul mate’s name is “tattooed” on your body", with Shinsou. added note: maybe imply the soulmates name isn't Japanese so he can't exactly tell where his soulmate is from, he just tries figuring out who they are from like googling the name but that doesn't help much either xD ohgawsh i hope this is okay

Shinsou’s aversion to people is relatable.

-[Admin Shingaraki]

Shinsou wasn’t a social person. Even if his soulmate wasn’t in a distant country far away and lived just a few blocks over he wouldn’t know. He got out, walked where and when he pleased, it was simple really. He should have found them by now. He glanced down at his wrist, the name scrawled along his skin burned into his memory. He expected the moment his eyes landed on the individual he’d know exactly who they were, and vice versa. Of course, it would’t be that simple. So despite his apathetic nature he took action in the little ways he could. Not much information could be gathered from a single name, but he searched regardless. Places of origin, original meaning, even years in which the name had been popular. Anything to pin down a scrap of new knowledge, some new way to track his mystery person down. At time’s he’d lightly brush the mark with his thumb, pressing on the discolored flesh that formed a name. (y/n). A silent mantra he chanted in his head. The one person in the world made for him, and who he was made for. 

Some days in a vain he’d sit in the train station despite his dislike of crowds, hoping that they’d pass by. He could feel the stares of strangers on him when he’d touch the name as he daydreamed. he’d quickly pull his arm to his chest hiding it away from prying eyes. The mark was a place holder, a promise of a happy future and the very idea of people watching him, judging him for the love he was prepared to give made his skin crawl and his distaste for people to grow. He exhaled, holding his wrist and covering the name. A voice announced over the station’s intercom the arrival of a late train. He watched with little interest as people exited the train in droves. Without thinking he walked over to where family and friends were greeting the people who just arrived. He stuck out, his tall frame and messy hair distinguishing him quite easily from group. Despite that, he relished in the moment, pretending, imagining. It wouldn’t be impossible would it, for you to step out of the train? The group had begun to disperse, and he was being watched by a security guard warily. Annoyance bloomed into agitation. He was done for today, it was time to retreat home. He turned on his heel quickly, proceeding to smash into someone rushing by. His fists clenched opening his mouth to say something, anything before he stopped, mouth still agape. You stood trying to gather the papers you dropped. You worked in the train station’s HR department, typically working in a back office, and of course the one day you had to be out playing messenger you had to collide head on with someone. Shinsou stared with wide eyes. The tank top you wore revealed the name scrawled neatly bellow your collarbone. ‘Shinsou’ He raised his arm and pulled back his sleeve to reveal his wrist.

“(y/n)” he murmured.

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Favorite things about Link? (The Rhett list is so cute omfg)

Ohohohoho! *cracks knuckles* okay ‘non here we go.

1) His hair as well! (These boys have the best freaking hair on the internet)

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2) The eternal child/goofball nature inside him:

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3) His dark and flirty side:

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4) and of course how loving and loyal he is too :)

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Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

A lot of these apply to Rhett and vice versa too of course :) and of course I love their talents too! 

Ok, I’ll attempt to put at least this idea into words.

Battery City is (unofficially) sectioned off into four distinct areas.

1) The Inner City/“City Proper”

2) The Lobby

3) The Outskirts

4) The Underground

The Inner City is what everyone thinks of when someone mentions the city. All pristine and controlled by BLI. The people who live here usually have no idea about what’s really going on outside of the city. It’s basically it’s own bubble and BLI wants to keep it that way.

Everyone thinks that The Lobby is the slum of the city, but that’s not exactly true. It is a slum, yes, but it’s completely artificial. BLI created it as it is and BLI still has complete control over it - only they’re a lot more discrete about it. It’s used as an outlet for BLI’s shadier work and dealings. It’s mostly only inhabited by Droids and the occasional kid from the Inner City who thinks they’re hot shit for running around in there. (Spoiler Alert: they aren’t.)

The Outskirts are the actual slums. It’s where people end up when they’re out of luck or are trying to escape. Whether they’re escaping from the City Proper, or escaping from the desert doesn’t matter. They all end up here. There’s very little access to much of any of the benefits that come with living in the Inner City. (running water, food, education, etc.) There are certain programs in place to keep conditions barley livable, but even then it doesn’t reach everyone. Drac patrols are much more frequent than they are in the Inner City, because it’s the people in the Outskirts that start shit. Besides that, BLI tries to pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s an embarrassment. A blemish on their Better Tomorrow.

The Underground is the realm of the juvie halls. It’s spread out across the city’s various subways systems and tunnels. Much of them existed long before the city did and BLI is unaware of how vast they are. The Underground is split into multiple factions - the two most prominent being the people who activily fight BLI from the inside and the people who trade with the desert. The traders smuggle items in and out - many help distribute food and clothing and such to the people living in the Outskirts. They also smuggle people out of the city and into the desert and vice versa.

Of course, this is just a really broad overview. Within each district, there are subdivisions. (Except for the Lobby, which is too small and controlled to be considered anything other than itself.)

Her Smoking a Lot and Refusing to Kiss Them: BTS



“But look at all those one-smoker couples that still kiss! Why would we be different?”


“Don’t be ridiculous. If you ain’t gonna kiss me because you smoke then stop doing it. I’m not loosing my happiness that your kisses bring and I’m not on the track of you getting a cancer, either. This is a double-kill.”


“I have a solution for you, then. I know that you love kissing me, vice-versa of course, and therefore I will give you a week’s time to actually bring some effort in to stop smoking. Meanwhile, I will still kiss you because the smell or after-taste is nothing compared to the bliss you bestow upon me with your lips.”

Rap Monster:

“So if you don’t stop smoking you gon just never ever kiss me again too? Doubt it. Now stop being weird and just gimme a kiss.”


“Then maybe this is a sign that you should stop smoking?”



“(Y/N), it was your decision to start smoking and it is mine to say it’s okay for you to kiss me even if you smoke. It doesn’t matter.”

Their Ideal First Date
  • Italy: The first thing that every Hetalian thinks when they hear Italy is pasta. So this little cutie's ideal first date would probably be at a nice little Italian restaurant, and you two would just eat pasta the entire time. Of course he would pay for all of it. And the rest of the dates with him if this one is successful.
  • Germany: Germany would want to have the first date with you memorable, so he would take you to a carnival. He would buy you all the junk food that you could ever want ((even though he completely objects)). You two would have a blast on all of the rides that they have, even though they look super dangerous. At one point in the day, he would win you a giant stuffed animals from one of the games.
  • Japan: Something peaceful and beautiful would be what Japan wants for his ideal first date. Japan would take you to the best aquarium he could find. All of the fish just swimming around in tanks is so beautiful, it would make your face light up with joy. And he would absolutely love that, because he knows that he made you happy.
  • America: America would take you to the mall. Not for shopping of course, but to play a huge game of hide and seek. One of you would go and hide in one of the stores, and the other would try and find you, without calling your cell phone to see where you are. It would be super fun, even though you two might get kicked out of the mall.
  • England: This English Gentleman would want to make you feel like royalty. So he would take you out to the city, and you two would just walk around. And if you saw something that you liked in a store, he would secretly go and buy it for you. He would ask the clerk to hold the item for him, and at the end of the date, he would bring you back to each of the stores and show you that he bought the item that you really wanted.
  • France: France's picture of an ideal date would be for the both of you to find some sort of magic thing that would make you live forever. He already has lost so much, he would want to have you forever and vice versa. Of course that would never happen, but France just wants his lover and him to never be apart, ever.
  • Russia: An ideal first date for Russia, would be for you two to go to a giant sunflower field and just run around there for what seems like forever. The two of you would sometimes hold hands and chase each other around, like you two were children on the playground. Russia wouldn't want you to go, because now he knows what having real friends feels like, and he doesn't want to let that feeling go.
  • China: China's ideal first date, is that he would bring you to his house, and he would cook a giant meal for the two of you. He would playfully feed you, and you would do the same for him. Once you two had so much food, you feel like you are going to puke, you would just sit down and talk with him about cats and cute stuff until the date is over.
  • Canada: Canada likes pancakes. Therefore, for his ideal first date, he would take you to a pancake house. You two would literally be there all day eating pancakes. It wouldn't matter if the two of you gained 10 pounds, pancakes are good, and so was that first date.
  • Prussia: Prussia's ideal first date, would obviously be something awesome, which to him would be taking you to a rock concert. Yup, if you haven't been to one, he would introduce you to the world of crazy, for example mosh pits. He would show you what one looks like, then ask if you want to join it. But if you are familiar with the entire concept, you two would have the time of your lives.
  • Romano: Something sweet and romantic would be Romano's ideal first date. So he would have a picnic under the night sky with you. He would lay out a blanket, and bring some food and you two would just lay there starring up and the beautiful sky.
  • Spain: Spain would invite you to his house, and he would play his guitar for you. After he is done playing, he would turn on the sound system he has, and you two would just dance and be complete goof balls. Spain would bring out some churros that he made so that you two can snack on them.
  • Austria: We all know that Austria loves music, so for his ideal date he would take you to see any orchestra you wanted to. It doesn't matter if it was classical or Video Games Live, music is music. Austria would be very happy because music makes him happy and seeing you happy makes you happy.
  • Hungary: Hungary's ideal first date would be for you two to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV and Netflix all day. You two would hop around the different stuff you would watch. You might watch Mean Girls, then Supernatural, then Black Butler. Sometimes, you would get up to get a snack and feed each other playfully. If its really late out, she might fall asleep on your lap.
  • Switzerland: Two yummy foods that come out of Swirzerland are chocolate and cheese. So, for Switzy's perfect first date, he would invite you over and teach you how to make that delicious chocolate of his. It may take a while, but it would be fun. Even if you "accidently" dump a bag of flour on his head.
  • Liechtenstein: A cute and fun first date would be what Liechtenstein would find as ideal. So you and her would bake a cake together. Cakes are so yummy and delicious, she would love it and you would to. She might smear some frosting on your face and you might do the same to her.
  • Ukraine: Ukraine's ideal first date would be for you and her to go to a blueberry field ((or whatever it is called)) and pick blueberries all day. You would playfully feed her some. She might do the same to you, but miss your lips and smear it all over your face by accident.
  • Belarus: This lovely lady's ideal first date would be for you to take her out to have ice cream. Although she may not look like she is enjoying it, Belarus absolutelt loves it. The combo of a yummy treat and a person that she cares deeply for makes her feel like a princess.
South Park Headcanons -senior canons-

-Butters joins band in freshman year. He wasn’t even able to play a note his first month. Now? 4 years later and he’s the Drum Major.
-Clyde gets scouted as a male model and mentions it to EVERYONE BUT nOBODY CARES
-Kyle comes out as gay. No one is surprised.
-Kenny and Token’s band might as well be Twentyonepilots ok
-on Valentine’s Day Bebe goes all out for Wendy. Teddy bears, candy, chocolate, balloons. AND: She literally barges into a school assembly and asks Wendy to be her Valentine. Wendy feels bad because all she got Bebe was a box of chocolates.
-cartman gets a little bit more mature as highschool goes on (not too interesting but ey)
-token’s hair was a full on fro (he grew it out all of highschool) but one day he comes to school with it short and Craig probably screamed bc he secretly love the fro

anonymous asked:

(bubble tea anon) akaashi is so used to be around over-the-top super clingy huge ego owl bokuto that when he starts dating oikawa, the feeling is almost familiar. but one time oikawa is down akaashi tries to comfort him like how he cheers bo up but

it ends with oikawa begging akaashi to leave because he doesn’t want to be seen like this and akaashi rings iwa at midnight bc “god fuck I feel useless not being able to help” eventually he figures out how to be there for oikawa in the right way

and iwaizumi always goes “you’re spoiling him rotten” tho obviously he’s glad af and bokuto constantly wails how oikawa gets more keiji-smiles a day than he does in a year. (also they’re such an aesthetically pleasing pair!! help)

aaahhh i really really like this!!

because although Akaashi is incredibly smart and he probably understand Oikawa really well, and vice versa of course, the approach he must take to comfort Oikawa is gonna be different

i love it when two people learn how to comfort each other as they grow closer together. it’s not easy to let people in, especially in Oikawa’s case I feel, and it’ll take time to really read each other, understand and be able to give the comfort that the other need

and yES Akaashi and Oikawa are so beautiful together it’s insane

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Do you ship any sakurax...?

Yes, of course! Sakura is very shippable, because she is generally a normal person with good values and intelligence. There are many ships I don’t like her with, however, because of her flaws, as well as her partner’s. Everybody has flaws, but in order to have a good relationship, those flaws need to work together. Some differences simply aren’t meant to be put together….

Here are my Sakura ships:


I mainly wanted Sakura to end up with Naruto. Why? Well, because they simply had the most development. It simply made sense for them to get together after Sasuke ditched them. I hoped that Sakura would gradually develop romantic feelings for Naruto, but Kishi never did develop them, which I thought to actually be somewhat unrealistic. Naruto is decently good-looking for sure. I mean, he’s a ninja. So he’s very healthy and fit. He also is a good person. The reason he’s the main character is because he has upstanding morals, and Sakura got to see him displaying these morals first hand. He is really her best friend and vice versa. Of course they have other friends, but these two spend the most time together. They go on missions together. They have a lot in common. They share similar goals. Sakura definitely developed a deep respect for Naruto, as she should.

Here’s the thing about Naruto Uzumaki: if you wanted to date someone who would literally be the perfect partner, it would be Naruto. He is very empathetic, thoughtful of others, respectful and sweet. You can trust him and respect him, and you wouldn’t really have much to argue about. He’s just an optimistic, supportive person with good values. Although there are many other characters who are visually more appealing, or even more intelligent, they are less upstanding and good-hearted. People love the bad guys. I mean, for example, Deidara is my favorite character. If I got the chance, I would totally jump him. But let’s look at Deidara’s overall character. He has a lot of issues. A lot of baggage. He’s a cold-blooded killer and also more likely to cause problems in a relationship, whether he means to or not. It’s just who he turned out to be. Naruto, on the other hand (the other tan, blue eyed blonde), is an excellent relationship builder. He is surrounded by good people and basically exists to make the world better for others. Why would you not want to marry him?? (he also has excellent stamina, if you know what I mean hehe)

The only thing that Sakura could dislike about him is that she is smarter than him, and she would like to be with someone who is intellectually on par with her. But she is just book smart, as far as I can tell. When it comes to common sense and social intelligence, I’d say that Naruto is in the same ballpark as her. So why don’t people like them together? Sakura would be able to handle him, and he can handle her. He loves her so much, and I honestly think he’s much more attractive than Sasuke.

Also, by the time the manga was at it’s final chapter, I didn’t want Naruto to end up with Sakura either. They needed more development for it to be a realistic ending. But there was a huge lack of development with Naruhina and Sasusaku as well. When I finished chapter 699, I thought “Wait, some of these characters are supposed to magically end up with some of the others??? There is no development towards a romantic relationship with any of them!” And then BAM, you get to see their babies together??? Whoa, hold on!

All I’m saying is that from my personal experiences (and actually, I am pretty experienced with long term relationships), Naruto and Sakura would have ended up together. There would have been feelings there. Kishi would have been better off not making Naruto end up with anybody, instead of ending it the way he did! I felt so cheated. I read Naruto because I liked Kishi’s character development and his relationships between the characters. He is excellent with emotions, but he totally left out a part of human nature that is essential: attraction and romantic love. These are all teenagers, of Pete’s sake! They are horny and all they do is spend time with other young, attractive ninja!! All of us readers are thinking “wow, if I was in this situation, I’d totally take the next step” and it’s like, “YES! Of course you would! Because you are a real person!!” Kishi strung this out for waaay too long without romantic development for it to be realistic.

Anyway, I understand why people could dislike Narusaku. It’s all about whether you ship best friends or not. I personally do, almost always, because to me, that’s a good foundation for a relationship. You want to date your best friend. This would be the ship I’d want in canon.


Lol I just like these two together. She’s the closest friend he’s got, and she does try to help him out with his social awkwardness. They are just cute. I feel like Kishi made Sai and up with Ino just because Sai is a copy of Sasuke and Ino is a copy of Sakura…


Ok, I love this ship, but only in AUs. I dislike their canon age difference, it’s a bit creepy. And I would only ship them in a real relationship if he weren’t a sociopathic killer haha, like an AU where he’s in her generation and he never left Suna. Here is my reason for liking his ship.

Here are some ships I just like:


Only would like this in AU’s where he’s closer to her age. The thing that bothers me with shipping Sakura with all of these older men is that she’s still a minor. So if she were older, I’d totally be ok with this ship. I’ve seen a lot of hot art of these two (you know who you are, KakaSaku artists) and I must say, I do ship them.


I just think this ship is cute, and once again, I’d prefer them closer in age, but I think they’d be cute together.

And no, I’m not really a fan of Sasusaku, for many reasons.