i feel like it’s important to realize how easy henrik and tarjei make their jobs to each other. i mean you could be the greatest actor ever on your own and still be crap interacting with other actors because something doesn’t click. but these two??? i mean, when isak touches, even is there to lean into the touch, and that’s because when tarjei makes a move, henrik is there to catch it (and vice versa). there’s a script, of course, but i feel like they truly become isakandeven when they are on camera, and the fact we as viewers can see that with just touches and looks is just incredible

Story vs. Plot

Story is not the same as plot and vice versa. So claims Steve Alcorn in the writing e-course I am taking from my local library (Obvious Alert: libraries are awesome). 

Alcorn breaks it down like this: 

“Story is emotional: when your character feels sad, that’s part of the story. 

Plot is physical: when your character cries, that’s part of the plot." 

Put another way: 

"Story: the emotional journey of the protagonist.

Plot: the physical journey the protagonist makes.”

He gives an example of an idea broken into story (purely the emotions: a man feels guilty, takes to drink, finds resolution) and then plot (the action: man hurts someone, quits job, gets in fight). He weaves them together to create a more powerful synopsis. (A cop shoots an innocent bystander and quits his job out of guilt. He takes to drink and takes up investigative work to pay the bills. In the midst, he is forced to fight for his life and realizes how much of it he’s wasted in a bottle.) 

Using this distinction can point out flaws: when I broke apart my current WIP like this, I discovered I lacked story (especially the oh-so-important resolution part of the story). It also makes it easier to pick interesting plot points without feeling like I’m selling out the content. When the story is the backbone, it gives flexibility to shirk expectations and take the plot in unexpected directions. The story is the same after all, even if the events have changed. 

This is also a great way to frame pacing. Alcorn says: 

“Plot is action, so if things are dragging, simply add more of it. But if things are moving too fast, add more story to slow them down. They work together to keep your long form on pace.”

Every work of fiction needs both. Story clarifies plot, adds relevance to action while action adds context to emotion and reaction. Both are important and can never totally be separated.But the contrast works for me as a writer. What about you?

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i know right!! it’s perfect!!

also that time jordan tried to get at martha could be like all the k@llura moments in s2

Draco Malfoy x reader // hidden feelings

You and *the* Draco Malfoy were inseparable. You did everything together and no one could tear you apart. You always sat together, walked together, waited for each other, etc. One didn’t go anywhere without the other one and vice versa. (Within reason of course) You guys were best friends except…more. You were always play fighting and flirting with each other. You had always felt a certain connection with Draco but you were very happy with the way things were going and didn’t want to ruin everything, so you kept your mouth shut.



A familiar voice shouted from outside your dorm room, waking you up from your sleep.

 "Wake upppppp!!" 

 You looked around your room noticing that no one else was still in bed. How long could you possibly have slept in? After about a minute you heard him try get you up again.


 You rolled your eyes knowing that he would not leave you alone until you got out of bed. You quickly got dressed, still hearing the constant yelling.


 "Merlin Draco I’m coming!!” You shouted back, whilst brushing your hair He had always called you kitten, you didn’t know why but you still liked it. No one else had a nickname for you. Same goes for how you’re the one person (apart from teachers and family) that calls Draco by his first name, everybody else seemed to call him Malfoy. You always wondered if it was weird that only you called him Draco, or if it was weird that everybody else didn’t. You pulled your hair into a messy bun and opened the door of your dorm room to a smirking Draco. 

 "You took your time.“ He said casually You rolled your eyes again, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the Great Hall. 


 Later on that day you were sitting in the library trying to study while Draco tried to convince you to come to quidditch practise. 

 "Please kittennn.” He said with his puppy dog eyes. 

“I’ve been improving I want you to see.” You knew there was no way out of this so you closed your book and looked up at him. 

 "If I flunk my history of magic test because I didn’t get enough time to study I am blaming this on you Mr Malfoy.“ You said standing up and walking to the quidditch pitch. He chuckled and swung an arm around your shoulder. You guys chatted and laughed together until you reached the quidditch pitch where you departed ways as you went to go sit on the stands. You saw Draco fly up into the air looking for the golden snitch. He flew around the pitch, slowing down when he got to you to wink and wave then went back to the middle of the pitch. It was only then you noticed how handsome he was. His grey eyes, blonde hair, was a perfect combination and he was just the right height and build. No wonder Pansy Parkinson can’t control herself around him. 

 'Dracey! Pay attention to me! Dracey!’ You had imagined her saying in her head. Draco always ignored her though, his attention was always only on one person, that one person happened to be you. You were pulled out of your thoughts by a gasp from someone behind you and saw that Draco had fallen of his broom. Worried, you rushed down to the quidditch pitch where Draco lay. As you got closer to him your worry washed away as you saw that he was laughing, bringing a smile to your face. 

 "Oh my slytherin prince you gave me a fright!” You said as you approached Draco, imitating Pansy 

“I don’t know what i would’ve done without you!” you said putting a hand to your head and pretending to faint. (although not actually falling over)

“Shut it.” Draco said chuckling as you took his hand and pulled him up off the ground. 

“Seriously, though, you did give me a fright, i’m glad you’re okay, honestly i wouldn’t have been able to live without you.” You said as he pulled you into a hug, one of his hands on the back of your head and the other on the small of your back. You could hear him chuckle softly and hug you tighter making you cheeks heat up a bit. 

“It’s okay Y/N, i’m not going anywhere”


The next day you were sat across from Draco in Divination. Professor Trelawney was rambling on and on about something, but you weren’t listening, you were mucking around with Draco. He had just cracked a joke about Professor Trelawney that had sent you both into a fit of laughter. Especially you. 

“Do you ever shut up?” Pansy Parkinson asked rather angrily. It seemed like she said this to the both of you but you knew it was directed towards you. Pansy Parkinson had always had it out for you, you figured this was because you were so close with Draco that you never left his side. 

“Honestly if you were any closer to Draco i’d think you were obsessed with him.” She said with her nose in the air like she’d just humiliated me. Draco shifted his chair closer to me and let me rest my head on his shoulder while we both smirked,

“Obsessed? If anyone’s obsessed here it’s you. ‘Dracey, oh Dracey my love where are you?’” You said imitating her yet again, as Draco tried to hold in a little laugh. Pansy was glaring at you harder than ever now.

“Stop trying to hide it L/N.” she said 

“Hide what?” you replied 

“Oh please.” Lavender Brown butted in. “We’ve all seen the way you look at each other.” she said before Trelawney called for absolute silence.

You and Draco looked at each other, your cheeks going pink. 

You watched as Draco pulled out a piece of parchment and began to write something on it. When he was finished he slid the piece of paper in your direction and you read what it said. 

‘Can we talk after dinner?’ 

You looked up and him and nodded, giving him a small smile. He smiled back. 


Once you had Draco had finished eating, he ushered you to the outside of the hall where it was empty. 

“hey.” he said quietly, giving you a soft smile. you smiled back asking him a question. 

“What did you need to talk to me about?”

He looked down at his shoes and took a deep breath in before looking up at you and taking your hand in his. 

“From the moment i met you i though you were amazing, you’re beautiful, smart, funny, my best friend, and the sweetest person i know. I can never get you out of my mind Kitten and these past few years have been the best of my life. But it’s only now I’ve realised my true feelings. I…”

He trailed off, looking to the ground again, you gave his hand a small squeeze, making him look up at you and finish his sentence, whispering so quietly you could just hear him say,

“I think i’m in love with you Y/N.” 

Your breath hitched and your heart started beating faster as your mouth broke out into a grin. 

“I think i’m in love with you too, Draco.” You whispered back

He smiled wide as he cupped your face is his hands and kissed you passionately. You smiled into the kiss and he did the same, knowing that this was going to be the start of your happily ever after. <3


All rights and credit to J.K.Rowling you owns the Harry Potter series and characters. <3 <3

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Did you do kingbury for the ship meme yet

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Frederick, of course. He doesn’t open doors, he has people to do that for him.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Frederick does, on important political documents. That picture of Putin ‘doodling’ during a UN meeting or something? (It’s actually Russian cursive, but.) That’s Frederick. He doesn’t care. He has people to take notes for him.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Frederick. Samuel is very sensitive, and Freddy likes to hear him laugh.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Sam did, once. The pillows were expensive. The feathers floofed out like they do in the movies. Frederick thought it was hilarious and called for someone to clean it up, Samuel was mortified. 
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Sam falls asleep reading a lot, and is out cold after sex, but after a long day attending to court or even Parliament (ew), Frederick falls asleep to Samuel stroking his hair. 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: Frederick. He doesn’t cook, he has people to do that for him.
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Frederick. Sam’s apartment is small. Frederick really likes frozen mozzarella sticks. 
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Frederick, because he thinks it’s funny to make Sam blush and he’s also one-hundred percent serious with every one. 
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Samuel. He has a lot of medicinal and religious texts. He’s a very studious man. King’s Library? No, more like King’s Bishop’s Library.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Sam. It’s a guilty pleasure.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Sam is a huge fan of candles around the house. Frederick is the one who sets up dinner with six different scented candles and pasta. It’s an odd aroma. Samuel is flattered anyways. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Samuel is a very good artist. Frederick asks for little tattoos before he goes off to do business in France, or Sam has to go back to America. He babypowder/hairsprays them in place so they stay a long time. 
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Samuel. He loves memories and pictures and little items to remind him of the times Frederick’s taken him to Paris or he’s taken Frederick to Connecticut or DC.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Samuel does it himself. It’s another guilty pleasure.

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What amuses me about GG/Lat is their complete lack of interest in each other's work. She only cares about the fl*sh in terms of connecting with his celebrity friends and he seems to have no interest her physical therapy. This is strange? Honestly, truly, I think they only bond over the beach and sports which is fine but not what I expected of him given how much he and Hannah used to promote each other's work.

We noticed this, too, and this answers the ask from the anon who believed a “heart eyes emoji” constitutes as a compliment. Using GG’s past relationship as a reference to how he is as a bf in love, he openly talked about, complimented and supported her career and her achievements and vice versa. Of course, they had this bond forged from being two artists trying to navigate the industry. So the support was genuine because there a mutual understanding. We mention this to point out how having something like that in common would have different results. The way GG talks about L is very minimal and surface-level. It’s mostly acknowledging how she benefits him tbh. On Vday “Happy Valentines Day, L” under a picture where she’s draped over him and half of her is cut out. “Emojis L” “A happy one year anniversary, sad to see you go” “Happy Happy Winning”, “L”, “Thank’s for the quick break LA”. “I love my LA weekends with L.” These are all just examples of the lack of depth in his captions for his pics of her. To be fair though, there’s nothing to show off about her career, so why would he even post about it? lmao. 

oh my

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Gakushuu; he doesn’t do it on purpose, of course, but Karma still teases him about it for the rest of the day
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Karma; ace student Gakushuu would never vandalize school property how dare you even suggest that
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Karma; he gets bored with Gakushuu studying and doing work all the time, Gakushuu is a serious person but he never backs down from a fight 
  • Who starts the pillow fights: also Karma
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: either, really; it just depends on who falls asleep first
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: Karma, and it’s not a mistake
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Karma, and then he watches gleefully as Gakushuu storms down, yelling obscenities at him for having disturbed his beauty sleep
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Karma
  •  Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Gakushuu, only for Karma to put them all out of order the next day
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Karma
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Gakushuu
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Karma
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Gakushuu; it’s sort of a lame habit but it’s nice to keep track of all the places he’s visited
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Karma; Gakushuu refuses to participate in such a ridiculous pastime but he learns it’s better to just give in and let Karma show him whatever he found in this week’s celeb magazine

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but did you SEE how annoyed Lapis looked when Peridot said she's not acting like Amethyst? I took that as a kind of look of jealousy - Christ this water gem has such a huge crush on our dorito

Yeah, I spotted that! I think she might have felt a tinge of jealously there - because even though Peridot is platonically interested in Amethyst, she still clearly thinks very highly of her, which might have bothered Lapis a bit in this instance. Peridot means an an awful lot to Lapis (and vice versa of course), probably in a romantic way, and so being compared to someone else by her like this might have made Lapis feel a bit uncomfortable, or somehow inferior.

And Lapis totally does have a crush on Peridot, I completely agree.

Fortunately, our Dorito also has a crush on this water Gem, doesn’t she ;D

the way that every discussion about a politician doing something heinous and immoral devolves into a stupid argument about how “oh its okay when a democrat does it but when a republican does it its bad” and vice versa is so pointless and frustrating, like of course democrats and republicans are doing the same evil self-serving shit, like as a general rule u can’t trust politicians to serve the general public out of the goodness of their hearts or whatever, it doesn’t matter if he’s “your guy” or not. you have to push against corruption and infringement on people’s rights no matter what, it’s so petty and such a waste of time to hash out this stupid partisan argument every time a politician does something wrong

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The references to Ben and George watching over the future made me think about happy Ben probably was to reunite with George in Heaven (or whatever) when he died. And vice versa, of course! But George had at least gotten to watch over/ghostly hang around Ben, so I feel like Ben seeing George again would be more intense.

Ben seeing George at his bedside as he was dying was emotional. He knows he isn’t going to see morning, and there’s that unshakeable bittersweet feeling. He wishes he could see once last sunrise, when did that last happen? But he also feels he’s had a good life, and that one less sunrise won’t complete him any further.

And then there’s George. He’s just there, same as he was when they last parted. His eyes, his hair, it’s all just as they left off. And Ben understands a lot more now. He knows why his siblings reached their hands for some unseen space as they died. Why they smiled and cried, even though they were in pain.

Death came as a friend. Someone who loved you and took care of you, and can’t wait to see you again.

And Ben doesn’t hesitate to take George’s hand and life himself from his death bed, and not look back.

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(bubble tea anon) akaashi is so used to be around over-the-top super clingy huge ego owl bokuto that when he starts dating oikawa, the feeling is almost familiar. but one time oikawa is down akaashi tries to comfort him like how he cheers bo up but

it ends with oikawa begging akaashi to leave because he doesn’t want to be seen like this and akaashi rings iwa at midnight bc “god fuck I feel useless not being able to help” eventually he figures out how to be there for oikawa in the right way

and iwaizumi always goes “you’re spoiling him rotten” tho obviously he’s glad af and bokuto constantly wails how oikawa gets more keiji-smiles a day than he does in a year. (also they’re such an aesthetically pleasing pair!! help)

aaahhh i really really like this!!

because although Akaashi is incredibly smart and he probably understand Oikawa really well, and vice versa of course, the approach he must take to comfort Oikawa is gonna be different

i love it when two people learn how to comfort each other as they grow closer together. it’s not easy to let people in, especially in Oikawa’s case I feel, and it’ll take time to really read each other, understand and be able to give the comfort that the other need

and yES Akaashi and Oikawa are so beautiful together it’s insane

“On the Top”

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (WWE)

Dean on top of a ladder is inspiring I guess x'3 Maybe Seth is his ultimate price? And vice versa of course. Maybe they just are the top of the WWE. Whatever the symbolism in there, I’m just really happy with this one. Did hell freeze over? Dunno. I just feel like everything just… worked on this one ^///////^

@neverflownwithme @mymothershumility @faxwhispererdonna

but okay, how big of a difference does it make in hal’s mood when laira’s just not there? and vice versa?

like, hal’s fine over the course of a week (even a week and a half). but the longer things go, the more he’s affected. he doesn’t necessarily get in a bad mood. it’s more of a quiet mood. he doesn’t joke as much, doesn’t pick. it’s especially noticeable around the office. and when gossip starts up that there’s some fighting/separation going on, donna shuts that shit down because she KNOWS the kind of turmoil that happened when a separation DID happen and that’s not something that’s going to be breathed in that office while she’s there.

but, hal doesn’t necessarily miss any of the more intimate aspects more (although those are fantastic and just as important). more over, he misses that companionship that he has with laira and that bond he has with their kids (since more often than not they travel with her for not only safety but just overall care since hal works days with ferris air). he misses having someone to talk to or just sit with him after everything’s squared away and the quiet’s set in for the evening.

so, he’s quiet and maybe even a little sullen in those long stretches of absences. but then laira’s able to come back, to stay on earth and in their home with him and the kids. and his mood doesn’t improve all at once. it improves little by little over about the course of a week until one morning he comes in picking that his wife ‘just wouldn’t let him leave’ and donna just gives an exasperated sigh and says ‘will you please do you paperwork now? just know i can call laira now if you decide not to work.’

otp feelings man. otp feelings all over the place.

Oberyn dabble thing...

((Again..feels and such…not very long or with any real plot…))

Word Count: 525

It had started out innocent enough. You were simply friends, having been introduced through a mutual lover. You liked hanging out with him and vice versa. You watched movies and went out to dinner together, and of course he flirted with you and you never hesitated to flirt back. And then suddenly the two of you were friends with benefits fucking every chance the two of you got. Even then…it was rather innocent. Both of you were single and consenting adults. It went on for about five years until you found yourself getting into a very committed relationship with a coworker.

He was sweet, charming, and definitely attractive. The two of you were together for near two and a half years, you were engaged and planning kids, but then it all came crashing down…you walked in on him fucking his ex in the bedroom of the apartment the two of you shared together. Admittedly, you screamed and cursed…and who knows how much damage you did to his and your things alike. You stormed from the apartment and an hour later found yourself pulling up outside his house.

He met you at the front door with his tanned skin, his dark hair, and his lips pulled back into a smirk. In his hand was a glass of wine he must have been sipping. He never went anywhere without a bottle of wine in tow. His dark eyes lost some of its amusement at the tear stains on your cheeks and he knew enough, instantly, that he didn’t question it as you took the glass and finished the red wine. He didn’t question it when you tossed the glass down, grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into the house.

His hands grabbed your waist, his lips falling onto your neck and sucking away on that spot that he knew drove you absolutely crazy.

You led the way up the stairs to his master bedroom. You had been in there hundreds of times over the years, and although you’d never admit it out loud you had always had a feeling that you would end up there once more. It was always him…always Oberyn Martell that spoke to your body in a way no other man had ever been able to. There was just something about his accented words, the warmth of his skin, the rough and dominating but at the same time gentle talented hands and lips that made you feel things you often forgot existed when you weren’t with him.

“That asshole cheated on you didn’t he?” Oberyn asked as he stripped you naked

You hissed, “Don’t fucking talk about him right now, Martell.” Making him chuckle against your belly, the sound and vibrations sending waves of pleasure down to your core.

He nodded, not a single drop of amusement on his face as he stood up to his full height and cupped your face, “You deserve everything he couldn’t give you.” And then he was kissing you once more, his lips urgent and everything he knew you needed.

He had always been everything you needed, and you were everything he had ever wanted.

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What did Ford think of Sardonyx and vice versa when they first met?

They got along pretty well of course, because Sardonyx is a fucking show off and she knew that Ford would be writing about her in his journal during their initial meeting so of course she loved the opportunity to ramble off about herself. And of course, Ford was impressed by her, just as he was with all of the Gems’ fusions. 

Mini-task #7 What love means to me? 

Love is something that was invented by men to find a useful justification to their bullshit. I don’t believe in love, I believe some people feel love, perhaps they are better, perhaps they don’t, but I don’t see it. I see love is remembered only once a year while for 364 days people betray, cheat, talk shit behind other people’s back and on one day they are all hearts and kisses. Nice try. I rather say I care for a person, that I will try to d my best to show that person that I care, but not just on one day. Every single day. We all create bonds, it’s inevitable, they are part of our lives. I believe some people are good for us and so we do good to them and vice versa of course. I wanna keep my mind open and maybe some day someone will make me change my mind, but for now I don’t believe in love. I believe in friendship. I believe in caring for someone. I believe in protecting someone. I believe in chemistry and I believe I can relate to someone else physically and emotionally, without saying out loud I love them. 

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What would you think, if I told you I was once working on an AU where the Sea Salt Trio and Disney Trio switch places? And Axel was Mickey (and vice versa), Xion was Donald (and vice versa), and Roxas was Goofy (and vice versa)? But this also effected Sora and the gang, of course. So that meant that I was planning that Sora would be Max in this--and Max is the Somebody and Goofy his Nobody, etc. Only did this 'cause I noticed the Sea Salt and Disney Trio weren't getting love in role swap AUs.

:o First of all, you’re a fan of KH roleswap AU’s too?! 

As for the actual idea… ok lemme be sure I got this straight. Max Goof goes on an adventure with Xion and Roxas. Axel is missing, so they’re trying to find him. Meanwhile Mickey, Donald and Goofy are Org members.

Well, I’m kinda interested in the potentially strange but possibly entertaining scenarios that could be created by putting MDG into a semi-evil black ops hoodie cult. However, unlike something like Archetwist, you’d probably have to rewrite and ignore most of the established plot/lore to get this to work, because the kinds of characters getting swapped around are… really incongruent, to say the least. x’D

tl;dr: interesting idea, but it might require reshuffling the universe as well as character roles in order to function and make sense. Or just break of from the KH-verse at large and create your own rules. 

I hope this makes sense. :D

The Enneagram Types Describe our Generation
  • 1: Hopeless addicts... The education system is fuqed up
  • 2: Cute and cuddly, why do you ask?
  • 3: Idk just pretty crazy *shrugs*
  • 4: We´re all artists... escapists... dreaming of a better world. We´re running in circles - this is tragic, because we know it, and still don´t make a change. We hide our tears behind self-defeating attitudes and hate. We project everything we are onto others, and vice versa... How can we chart a new course when our hearts are bleeding? The way we linger on expresses our true passive nature that longs for the good. Yes, we have to look for our own individual spark that lights up this goodness within us. But also, we have to realize that we are one collective conscious, interconnected to achieve greater things. *wipes away a tear, then hides*
  • 5: Our generation, hmm... Lonely souls, waiting for a sign?
  • 6: We´re contradictory in many ways but idc
  • 7: Hedonists, all of them... I mean, us
  • 8: This generation? Not rebellious enough imo... sheep...
  • 9: We´re pretty open-minded :)