Story vs. Plot

Story is not the same as plot and vice versa. So claims Steve Alcorn in the writing e-course I am taking from my local library (Obvious Alert: libraries are awesome). 

Alcorn breaks it down like this: 

“Story is emotional: when your character feels sad, that’s part of the story. 

Plot is physical: when your character cries, that’s part of the plot." 

Put another way: 

"Story: the emotional journey of the protagonist.

Plot: the physical journey the protagonist makes.”

He gives an example of an idea broken into story (purely the emotions: a man feels guilty, takes to drink, finds resolution) and then plot (the action: man hurts someone, quits job, gets in fight). He weaves them together to create a more powerful synopsis. (A cop shoots an innocent bystander and quits his job out of guilt. He takes to drink and takes up investigative work to pay the bills. In the midst, he is forced to fight for his life and realizes how much of it he’s wasted in a bottle.) 

Using this distinction can point out flaws: when I broke apart my current WIP like this, I discovered I lacked story (especially the oh-so-important resolution part of the story). It also makes it easier to pick interesting plot points without feeling like I’m selling out the content. When the story is the backbone, it gives flexibility to shirk expectations and take the plot in unexpected directions. The story is the same after all, even if the events have changed. 

This is also a great way to frame pacing. Alcorn says: 

“Plot is action, so if things are dragging, simply add more of it. But if things are moving too fast, add more story to slow them down. They work together to keep your long form on pace.”

Every work of fiction needs both. Story clarifies plot, adds relevance to action while action adds context to emotion and reaction. Both are important and can never totally be separated.But the contrast works for me as a writer. What about you?


Johnny: Hey, Roy, did you sleep ok last night?
Roy: Well I might have, if you didn’t snore so damn loud.
Johnny: Sorry about that….You’ll come back and visit, though, right?
Roy: …probably.

Imagine Steve finding out that Bucky was still a virgin. That all those girls he went out with were just a facade and he could never bring himself to actually sleep with any of them, because all he could think about was that skinny boy waiting for him back at their apartment. As long as he had Steve it had never felt right to sleep with any of the girls.

one thousand and one

pairing: rin/haru

AN: I finally cracked and wrote an AU based of Eternal Summer’s ending. It’s basically policeman rin falling for chef haru (and vice versa of course)


“…You can’t be serious.”

“I am.”

“You mean to tell me that this restaurant was robbed of ten thousand yen worth of fish?”

“No. Ten thousand yen worth of,” a dramatic pause, “mackerel.




Of the one thousand and one things that Rin Matsuoka did not sign up for when he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, this definitely topped his list.

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“Records show that more white people are killed by black people than vice versa”


Dealing With the Challenges of Being an Empath (or Highly Sensitive)

Let me begin by saying I am not an empath. I am a catalyst, but I do have empathic tendencies. Perhaps then, there’s something an empath can learn about their gift from a catalyst? (and of course vice versa). Perhaps there’s something a catalyst naturally does, which is inherent to their nature, that an empath can develop inside themselves? And maybe this can make living in this complex and diverse world a whole lot easier?

That’s the purpose of this exploration which I invite you to join…

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The Enneagram Types Describe our Generation
  • 1:Hopeless addicts... The education system is fuqed up
  • 2:Cute and cuddly, why do you ask?
  • 3:Idk just pretty crazy *shrugs*
  • 4:We´re all artists... escapists... dreaming of a better world. We´re running in circles - this is tragic, because we know it, and still don´t make a change. We hide our tears behind self-defeating attitudes and hate. We project everything we are onto others, and vice versa... How can we chart a new course when our hearts are bleeding? The way we linger on expresses our true passive nature that longs for the good. Yes, we have to look for our own individual spark that lights up this goodness within us. But also, we have to realize that we are one collective conscious, interconnected to achieve greater things. *wipes away a tear, then hides*
  • 5:Our generation, hmm... Lonely souls, waiting for a sign?
  • 6:We´re contradictory in many ways but idc
  • 7:Hedonists, all of them... I mean, us
  • 8:This generation? Not rebellious enough imo... sheep...
  • 9:We´re pretty open-minded :)

Don’t uplift your gender by putting the other gender down.
Don’t uplift your race by putting another race down.
Don’t make your religion seem superior to others’, or to people who don’t have a religion.
Don’t make your atheism seem superior to people who have a religion.
Don’t make your vegan lifestyle seem superior to people who aren’t vegans, and vice versa.

Of course you’re allowed to have a view, but don’t put other people down because of that.

Just be decent fucking people.

Help me finish my sketchbook :)

Heyho Dragon-Dorks :)

Requests are closed again, but now I’m giving things a little twist!

This time, I’m asking you guys to draw something for me :D

@fifylou once told me about this brilliant idea wherein we would swap sketchbooks: She would give me hers, and I’d draw her a page (and vice versa).

I’ve been thinking about extending this idea. Of course we won’t be able to swap sketchbooks around the globe, but you guys could draw something for me, and I would spread your drawings in the last double page of my sketchbook.

I was thinking about making a sketchbook tour and sharing a video with you either way. I bet it would be cuter and a zillion times more interesting to see your drawings in the back! <3

So, whoever is interested and wants to draw something for me: feel free to go!

  • You may draw whatever you want! (nothing edgy though xP)
  • Artists of all skill levels may send me something :)
  • Your drawing shouldn’t have a background (and max. 2 characters)
  • I would prefer transparent pngs. However, if you are not sure how to export your drawing like that, or if you are a traditional artist, don’t hesitate to contact me!
  • Make sure your artist- or blog-name is written close and next to your figure. It would be nice to know who drew it a few months from now :)
  • Send your finished drawing to @leffie-requests (So I can keep a better overview)

This is not a contest, and I don’t want to set any serious deadlines. However, I would be looking forward to your drawings by November 1st.

If you can’t manage to draw something within that time, I’ll still give you another week or so to finish your drawing. (Or longer. I don’t bite!)

Feel free to reblog this to let our artists know ^^

some dialogues between Kojuro + Masamune from the Dragon-Tiger Alliance stage

when you go to this stage and go face Masamune + Yukimura without defeating Kojuro first, Kojuro will show up to assist Masamune if you defeat Yukimura before defeating Masamune. (and of course vice versa will happen with Sasuke and Yukimura)

cutscene where Kojuro shows up:

Masamune: To my back!

Kojuro: Yes, sir!

Masamune: Pull your sword, Kojuro!

dialogue after Kojuro appears:

Masamune: It’s (the alliance) been permitted by Sanada Yukimura… There’s no stopping now, Kojuro?

Kojuro: I will say no more… I will simply follow by your side as the seventh sword wherever you go, that is all!

dialogue after Kojuro dies:

Kojuro: The fact that I’ve lost my sight of you… That alone, is my only… regret…

Masamune: I wanted to be like you… A man who can guide others… What am I gonna do if you’re not around to see me accomplish that, Kojuro…!

So when Sam became addicted to demon blood, it was all about how he was so bad and Dean deserved a better brother. Many fans outright turned on Sam.

But when Dean becomes addicted to the First Blade, it’s all poor Dean!!! It’s not his fault. Boo hoo hoo.

Typical fandom.

Just like when they show that Cas loves Sam and vice versa, it’s aren’t they such good friends (of course that’s only when it’s not Sam needs to leave the show because he’s interrupting the Destiel)! But when Cas and Dean act the same, it’s OMG! Destiel is so going to be canon (for real people?). As if Cas wouldn’t have made the same choice if it had been Sam. And it’s so ironic that Sam is the brother who has shown absolute acceptance and faith in Cas even when Dean has treated him like an idiot.

Typical Destiel morons.

Once Upon A Dream || AU


Another night had gone by in which the man had dreamt of the same woman. A dark haired beauty with a slim figure and delicate hands- often she would hold his or play with his hair, sometimes vice versa. He knew it was just a dream- of course he did- but it felt so real. Every night, for as long as he could remember, she would appear in his dreams. Yet, he had never seen her beforehand? Never heard of her? Never even met someone similar…

Confused as to what this all meant, he set sail on his boat and wandered the icy waters of Laketown and drifted ashore somewhere between his home and Mirkwood. The sun was beaming down on him; wiping his brow with his wrist, he removed his shirt, coat and boots. The grass was soft and enveloped his body as he bathed in the sun. Maybe he could figure this all out- his dream, I mean.

“Who are you?” He mumbled, his eyes sealed gently as he rest in the warmth of the sun. It was then he heard a humming sound, like soft singing, coming from a woman not too far away. Slowly, he sat up and watched as she continued to pick berries. Smiling, he brushed a hand through his hair. He loved meeting new people — but wait! That was… No, it couldn’t be. She hadn’t seen him yet, at least that is what he assumed, and he faced the other way within an instant.

“I’m losing my goddamn mind.” He breathed, his hand covering his mouth. “I’m insane. I’m absolutely insane.” Bard hushed, glancing through the gap in his fingers at the woman. Maybe… Maybe she just looked like the girl from his dreams? Yeah! Yeah, that must be it!

Crazy thought: AU where the stands are the stand users and vice-versa. Of course, I had to try it with my fav boy Okuyasu! Meet the Hand and his stand! (I tried to do it with Crazy D but he looks like a pizza delivery guy).
On a side note, I may be late updating my JojolionxDiU comic, sorry about that. Thank you all for reading it and having fun while doing so! I’m really motivated to see that it reaches its end properly. Some cool stuff are coming up!

French in revolutionary and post-revolutionary France

I got a couple of requests to write about this subject, so here you go!

So. French. Today it’s pretty much synonymous with France and vice versa. There are, of course, many francophone countries and regions in the world, but for many people, the two are inseparable. In France, just under 90% of the population are native French speakers and the rest are generally fluent. (Compare to the US, where 80% of the population speaks English at home and only ¾ of the remaining people are fluent in English).

French is the official language France, but although French dominates every aspect of the government today, this was not always true. It was only by the alienation of the many other languages spoken in France, that the French language was able to become synonymous with the state. The position of power in which French finds itself is the result of a long history of eliminating various other linguistic identities in France prior to the revolution in order to create a unique national identity. 

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Levels of meta

ETA: someone down in the notes hit it (backwards). Of course the Wizard’s Oath was born out of the Hippocratic. This is an entirely predictable outcome when nurses write fantasy. …Well, this nurse anyway.)

Well, the Doylist explanation is that the Hippocratic Oath influenced the concept of the Wizard’s Oath.  The Watsonian explanation is, of course, vice versa.  :)

@animatedamerican : As we say in this neck of the woods, “Come here till I smack you.” :)