Jelsa Playlist // 8tracks

Feel Again- One Republic

Jack meeting Elsa again (for the first time romantically after Jack became a guardian and Elsa’s incident)

She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

Jack watching Elsa when she seems unhappy during work (being a queen) and after work

Monster- Imagine Dragons

Both of them burst out saying they think they’re monsters

Come on Get Higher- Matt Nathanson

Jack trying to get Elsa to be looser and less stressed because he’s missing her. He’s also taking her flying for the first time

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Both of them have their insecurities and are warning each other about them

Let It Go- Idina Menzel

Elsa’s Theme Song (The scene from Frozen)

Ice Dance- Danny Elfman

Jack and Elsa’s first dance

All About Us- He Is We

Jelsa’s feelings during and after the first dance

Better Than I Know Myself- Adam Lambert

Jack telling Elsa she knows him better than he knows himself

Where We Belong- Thriving Ivory

Jack taking Elsa back to the castle Elsa made (Their second home)

Keep The Streets Empty For Me- Fever Ray

Jelsa’s sexual song (XD)

Problem- Natalia Kills

Jelsa sexual song (Yes another ;) lol)

Every Time We Touch (cover)- Pacific Lights

Jack talking about touching Elsa (Romantically not Sexually, get your mind out of the gutter now)

Wonderwall- Oasis(Piano Cover)

Elsa knowing jack is in a hard spot and Elsa needs him to okay because she’s worried about him

Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran

Jack loving Elsa and sometimes he feels unloved by others even though everyone likes him

Slowing Freaking Out- Skylar Grey

If Elsa has to live without Jack (Because he’s immortal and currently not her) she must but she doesn’t want to because she’ll also get hurt if she completely loves him

Beside You- Marianas Trench

Very feels-inducing song. Jack is extremely loyal and committed to Elsa and would do his best to be there for her whenever she needed him. This song definitely relates to that.

Heart by Heart- Demi Lovato

Elsa sings this song to Jack (In public ex. a ball/party)

Everything- Michael Buble

Jack sings this song to Elsa (In private ex: her room)

You and I- One Direction

Jack and Elsa wanting to make it till the end

Things I want from “Shadowhunters”
  • A badass soundtrack (NO SCREECHING DEMI LOVATO!)
  • Very little pop music
  • A feels-inducing score
  • Great fight choreography
  • Words to be said: Seraph blade, stele, Idris, Alicante, and other things specific to the Shadow World that fans still want to hear pronounced
  • As much gore as an ABC Family show can get away with
  • Iconic lines/scenes pulled straight from the books: Hotel Dumort, Greenhouse, Clary breaking apart Valentine’s ship, Mango scene, “I am not your bitch”
  • Not putting the Fearless rune on the gear when the rune HASN’T EVEN BEEN INVENTED YET
  • More explanation/talking about different types of runes
  • Alec’s bow and arrow
  • Gear that looks like it’s described in the books, not just a bunch of leather thrown together in an outfit
  • More conflict with the different Downworlder groups
  • Better explanation about the Glamour 
  • Making it obvious what Clary can see and what mundanes can see
  • Forsaken
  • Actual wolves as the werewolves, not putting makeup on the actors like Teen Wolf does
  • More explanation about the Silent Brothers

>> “I like hanging out with him. There’s something… Different about him.

And I… I feel like I’ve met him before.”


So this is a little fanart for thealchemicfox and flyhighhiccup <33

I fell in love with their Hijack CMV when I watched it earlier today. I just loved the entire concept, and it was all put together very well. ;~; ((very feels inducing, guys. >^<;; </3))

The CMV can be found here

Give it a watch if you have the chance. It’s lovely.



Art by me.
clothing + original idea and such: thealchemicfox // flyhighhiccup