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Mileven for 19 or 35? Pretty Please?✨

19: The side of the highway. Thank you for the prompt, Nina! Hope you enjoy!

“I am so dead.”

Pacing back and forth on the gravel shoulder of the road, Mike Wheeler groaned, running his hands through his hair. His girlfriend stared at him with a flat, almost amused expression, leaning against the car they’d borrowed from Mrs. Wheeler earlier that day.

“Calm down, Mike,” El grinned, “It’ll be okay. I promise.”

Mike looked at her earnestly, his heart still thudding against his ribs. “If I don’t bring you home before curfew, Hop’s never going to let me take you out of town again.”

“You’re being dramatic,” El rolled her eyes, “We just need to change the tire.”

Neither was quite sure how it had happened, but the front left tire of their car was extremely flat, sunken in and miserable-looking. That, coupled with the rapidly fading daylight were convincing enough reasons for Mike that his being dramatic was totally justified. 

“That’d be easy,” Mike let out a frustrated sigh, “If I knew how to change a tire.” 

El bit her lip and pushed herself off the bumper of the car, popping open the trunk with a quick nod of her head. She’d made him suffer long enough—well, for now. There was absolutely no chance Lucas and the others wouldn’t hear about this as soon as they were back in Hawkins. 

“Jim taught me,” El said quietly, hiding her smirk as she ducked into the trunk for the spare. “I can do it. You can help.” 

All at once the crunch of gravel under Mike’s sneakers ceased. He had stopped dead in his tracks to stare at her, a fact she realized as she straightened up, dragging the tire to the edge of the car. El giggled at the expression of sheer disbelief written across Mike’s features. 

“I love you,” she said lightly, eyes dancing with mischief. 

Mike shook his head. “You’re unbelievable, El Hopper.” Grinning he launched forward and scooped her into his arms, spinning her around once before he kissed her forehead. “And I love you.” 

For a moment, they were lost in each other’s eyes, brought back to reality by the loud call of a crow overhead. Mike laughed. “Let’s get this done.” 

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HC of Loki taking care of Valkyrie when she's sick. Can it be a modern AU?

It’s only right! I imagine one day Val isn’t answering his texts or calls so Loki assumes the worst and races over to her place. Only to find her extra sick, like flu kind of sick and he declares he going to take care of her.

Loki x Valkyrie: Loki taking care of Val in a Modern AU

-They’ve only been dating for a few months, they’re still learning about each other. Still, cautious. But one morning Val doesn’t text Loki back or answer his phone calls and he leaves the meeting he’s in early to go check on her. 

-She does answer the door, but the moment Loki sees her he knows what’s going on. 

-Val’s nose is bright red and her eyes dull. She’s got a wad of tissue stuck up her right nostril and her upper lip is rather shiny with Vicks. She shivers and wraps the thick blanket around her tighter. 

-”Loki?” She sniffs and blinks up at him blearily. “What’re you doing here?”

-”You’re sick,” Loki stated more to himself than her. “I texted and called, you didn’t answer. I thought…..why didn’t you tell me you didn’t feel good yesterday?”

-Val shrugs. “Didn’t want you to……” She trails off, swaying a bit and Loki frowns. He steps into the apartment and gently grips her elbow. “You should lay back down, come on.” 

-”I’m not that sick.” Val protests trying to wiggle out of his grip. She’s about to say something else when she sneezes and the tissue in her nose goes flying. 

-”Fuck, that’s gross.” Val groans. Her eyes have fluttered closed and she takes a ragged breath through her mouth. She leans against Loki heavily and sighs. 

-Loki helps her back into bed. Her unusual quietness is unnerving him and he gently rests his hand on her forehead. 

-”Jesus love, you’re burning up.” Loki murmurs tucking her into bed. 

-”You’re gonna get sick too if you don’t get outta here,” Val grumbles, snuggling into the warm covers and looking at him blearily. 

-Loki shrugs. He leans forward and presses a sweet kiss to her unnaturally hot forehead. 

 -He finds medicine in her kitchen and gives her some with soup and crackers on the side. Then he makes her drink a full glass of orange juice. She’s settled in the bed, with new tissue stuffed up her nose and the cold medicine slowly dragging her down. 

-”Do you want me to stay?” Loki whispers standing at the end of the bed.

-From the lump of covers in the middle of the bed Val’s smooth brown arm pops out. Her hand outstretched towards him. 

-Loki grins, kicks off his shoes, takes off his tie and crawls into the bed with her. He sits with his back against the headboard and Val shifts over to him. Wrapping her arm around his lower stomach and burying her face in his abdomen.  

-”Loki I’m sick.” Val flat out whines and Loki’s heart swells. He smiles and runs his fingers through her hair slowly. “I know love I know.” 

Aw I really like this one. Lol thanks for the ask anon. It’s a good idea for some headcanons! 

Hopper tells El she’s allowed to go to the Snow Ball when he gets home from his lunch with Doc Owens, her brand new birth certificate kept secure in the pocket of his jacket.

El is waiting for him by the front door of the cabin when he returns, her eyes wide and eager, awaiting the answer. For the briefest of moments, Hop considers dragging this out, teasing her with a smirk or a shrug. But he can see the hopefulness written on every feature, the excitement held in her shoulders. So he just smiles wide and nods once, unprepared for El launching herself towards him and catching him around the waist in a tight hug. 

The air knocked from his lungs, Hop stumbles backwards before he sinks into the hug, rumpling El’s hair. 

“We’re going to have to get you a dress,” he tells her when she finally lets him go, “And I’ll have to figure out how to do that hair stuff from the magazines.” 

“And makeup?” El looks up at him, grinning wide. 

Hop sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, “And makeup. We’ll make you look…what’d you call it? Bitchin’?”

El looks thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head. “Not bitchin’. Pretty.” 

“Okay,” Hop laughs, “Pretty it is.” 

El hugs him once more before practically dancing back to her bedroom to rifle through her closet and toy around with the few lipglosses and eyeshadows Nancy had given her weeks ago.

Hop lets out a long breath, listening to her happy humming from the other side of the door, his hand gently patting the document in his pocket. 

For now, that can wait.