Aren’t you scared? I was so scared. I thought I’d never see you again. I had practiced that song just for you. That’s why I couldn’t sing. Because I didn’t see you. W i l l  y o u  s t a y  w i t h  m e ? 

train to busan (2016) dir. yeon sangho

im still mad they let g*g* take the pictures for zayns versus line like.. the clothes are so nice and this is a really big deal for his career and the pictures are so BAD it’s embarrassing.. like he looks good but u can barely even see the clothes in most of them and the angles are just stupid and if this girl could spend as much time as she does leeching off of zayns career on improving her walk we wouldn’t be in this situation and im over it


had another derma episode !! either last night or the night b4 (what’s new!) and i’m just living in the now, rocking my acne scars out on the town :-)

good gaara eyebrow headcanons:

-he dyes his hair red bc his natural color is brown and it reminds him too much of his dad when its like that. doesnt know how to dye his eyebrows so he just shaves them off
-he dyes his hair red bc his natural color is blond and it freaks him out how much he looks like his mom. his eyebrows are naturally thin and pale and u just can barely see them
-picks off his eyebrows and eyelashes while anxious
-thinks it looks punk to shave his eyebrows off and likes looking like an alien
-eyebrows are a natural evolutionary biological defense to keep debris and sand out of ones eyes and since hes literally incapable of getting sand into his eyes he likes to gloat abt the fact by proudly displaying his shaved eyebrows
-he doesnt remember why he started shaving them off but hes been doing it since he was like four so like why mess with such an Inconique Lük