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I have intrusive thoughts you fucking ding dong and it's no excuse to fantasize about fucking a nasty racist dead white guy what the fuck? No wonder you have barely any friends you fucking loser

LMAOO no1 irl actually knows abt any of th stuff i talk abt here so mayb take ur head out of ur ass ya? n also,, i said i can relate 2 dylan not like th fact tht hes racist u idiot. yall just wna hear wtv u wna hear tbh. thts like sayin oh,, i hav depression too tht doesnt giv u an excuse to hav social anxiety!! like stfu honestly every1 deals w their intrusive thoughts differently if u felt complete apathy mayb ud understand how i felt. i dont see what th problem is if “fantasizing” abt mass murderers/serial killers is whats keeping me from hurtin any1. i dont expect u close minded ppl 2 understand rly like ure incapable of understanding since u hav such low emotional intelligence 

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The Ghostbusters work/live in a fire station so it's not unlikely that a young mother would mistake GBHQ for an actual fully functioning fire station and leave a baby outside

whoever u are anon show yourself these headcanons end me

patty walking out about to go for a stroll and a little child is laying in a small carrier. patty yells out “uuh guys! we gotta baby here” erin walking out all “patty what are you-” and seeing a small tiny baby on the front step.

both are just ???? there is a baby??? an infant??? we can barely look after Kevin as it is omfg. but holtz comes up behind erin with her chin on her shoulder all “I have already named her erin junior and she can sleep upstairs” Abby popping in all “uh do we get a say in this??” erin: “apprently not we have a child now”

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anons, it's not that candle can't feel sad about missing out on some shit but that's not sacrifice. Models who make actual sacrifices are those that move away from their home countries knowing barely any English, live in a tiny cramped NYC apartment and go to fifty castings a week just to get only one callback and don't see their families for years. What Khloe called "sacrifices" is what normal human beings call "having a job." stop defending candle when she doesnt give a fuck about u

I ghostwrote this

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all the ones that have 6 in it!

6: (truth) What is the last thing you purchased? 

the fuckin. ghostbusters novel.

16: Post the four most recent pictures in your camera roll.


26: Reblog the most recent of your own selfies posted on tumblr, and in the tags say two things you like about your appearance in it?


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How about we don't question them, push them to their limits/corner, rub 🌓 to their faces, etc. How many of u have been in a relationship? You know guys, a huge factor that can affect a relationship is when someone (whether a friend, people around them & so on) try to meddle in between the couple. Let them fix whatever their issues to each other without others opinions. Those opinions can badly affect the state of whatever they are fixing. Let just go with the flow and watch them okay?

Lowkey ship them on tumblr, it’s not like they’ll see it anyway. They’re barely on here with work and touring

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Thank u so much for ur posts. It breaks my heart when i see young boys just three or four years old getting pushed into masculinity when they're barely even learning how to talk, even by ppl who otherwise claim to care about feminism or be invested in it. Masculinity turns babies into boys into men into monsters and it starts so early in their life that if u squint it really can look like it's inevitable, but it's not. Idk if that made much sense but thank u again.

yes, exactly this! – thank U so much

honestly… i don’t care about format or what you use to rp when we have a thread going on, but sometimes y’all roleplayers do too much
you make the text so itty bitty that i can barely see it… and the icons are so small i can barely see that too! and on top of that you got all types of shit going on like:

d u m b l e d o r e  ( WATCHEDher fly away and as her silvery glow faded, he turned back to SNAPE ! 

like i do not understand. I DO NOT!!!! if you got all that shit going on for you then please do not even…. do not get close. fuck my eyes are burning 

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your boys from bare

mmmmmm oh boy

pros: theyve got that cute lil relationship thats shown at the beginning of “you & i” where u can see that they have a natural connection that not even being closeted in a fuckign catholic school can tame……. they literally love each other to pieces even if it’s hard for them (read: jason fuckign mcconnell) to communicate that sometimes nd like peter said in absolution “our love was pure nd nothing else brought me closer to god” like honestly Just Fuck Me Up

cons: The Bury Your Gays Trope

(send me a ship nd i’ll give u the pros nd cons)

why are ppl bashing the hidden rookies… ofc EVERYONE in this fandom (literally everyone, okay) wants johnny and hansol to debut,, but the hidden rookies barely get any attention bc sm decided not to introduce them and don’t u think that all of the rookies (introduced + hidden) might be upset about that? like, the introduced members can’t even TALK about the hidden members publicly, and there literally aren’t any official pics of them even though they all spend/spent time together ie: this pic of dongyeon and a few others (i see kun but i’m too sleepy to figure out/list the rest)

and this picture of kun and sicheng, lots of people think that the second ice cream cone that kun is holding is for one of the hidden rookies

plus, the hidden rookies are bound to get less attention since they’ve been less hyped since sm doesn’t promote them, which will affect them in the long run since it’s likely that the more popular members will end up in more units

not to mention that, at the end of the day, it’s not their faults that johnny and hansol aren’t debuting like i doubt they actually have any say in which units they’ll be in

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Update me on ur life goes u?

I just moved into my new apartment. I’ve only really had a chance to talk with one of my roommates but she seems really really nice. She’s a musician too so I can talk about theory and music history with her. And a friend of mine from high school just moved into his place about two minutes away so we went to this little party thing at the college and went shopping and watched a movie. It was nice seeing him again. It’s just been a very tiring day. I barely have the energy to put the sheets on my bed right now.


I ll be on vacation from the 17th of august untill the 31th! So if u r wondering why i m gone missing, well, thats why!

I ll try to queue some posts so my acc wont be that horribly inactive for the time being. But if u dont see any “new” posts from me that means i still couldnt figure it out how that fuckin setting works.

Since i dont have smartphone/ Iphone, tablet or laptop i barely see any chanse to me being on tumblr that much… maybe i can borrow my sisters laptop…

Feel free to send me OPM arts!! In pm or through messenger, PLZ GUYS I DONT WANT TO MISS ANY NEW OPM ARTS! This way i can reblog them when i come back from vacation.

Thanku and take care, love ya!!

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biozonic: also pls end me im on the last episode
biozonic: hnnnnnnnngh
Meta: Meta readies popcorn
Mud: Dibs on Bio’s stuff
Meta: I call custody on her ocs
Mud: Can we really trust you with the cinnamon roll?
Meta: ……maybe
Mud: Plus
Mud: She’s got 500 of them
Mud: Do you really want all that
Meta: Yes
Meta: They can go mingle with my 500+ ocs
Mud: …I don’t know how the hell you people do it
Mud: I can barely manage the 8 or do I have
Meta: Most of mine came from building my own worlds n stuff
biozonic: w o w
biozonic: i finish voltron
biozonic: and I come back to see u fuckers stealing my children
Meta: Plus some aint nearly as fleshed out as other so theres that
Meta: Also no
Meta: not stealing
Meta: adopting

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Pokeri hums a little ditty as she strolls on over to a certain idol's humble abode. Once the front door is within reach, she raps on it rhythmically to the beat of her tune and waits for an answer...

“Mm?” Estellise, confused at who would be at her door, slowly gets up and makes her way to it. She cracks it open just enough to see who is on the other side, and breathes a sign of relief when she sees a familiar face.

Estellise slowly opens the door and softly smiles, but quickly realizes her hair is a mess, she’s still in her pajamas, and she probably looks exhausted. She bashfully hides herself behind her open door, just barely peering out at Pokeri.

“U-um.. Hello! It’s been a while, um.. How are you..? Is there something I can help you with?”

i dont know if this is just me but like

i always loved it when one of the girls at my school who would usually wear a lot of makeup would come one day completely bare faced

makeup is beautiful but seeing a girl bare faced after your used to seeing her dolled up is like

“woah ur like a new face and its like im meeting u again but its still u u just look different!” 

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Hiya! I noticed you have the pilot juice pens, and I was wondering smth.. Do you use/like all of the colors? Bc some look rlly light on the packaging & I can't tell if they're barely going to show up or not... I haven't gotten to test out the ink colors myself & just need to know if those lighter ones come out well and I can see them properly on paper.. Thank u vv much!!! I really appreciate it !! 🙈💓👋🏼

hi, i’m sorry i don’t have pilot juice pens! maybe u were mistaken by my zebra sarasa pens? 

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i get so mad at J all the time for his bs. But then i see people who are not fans on the jared leto tag being mean about him i'm like oh no bitch u cannot.

Bhahaaahahahahahahaa!!! Ain´t that the truth tho!!!

People in this fandom can drag his ass ´til next week and barely anyone bats an eye, but if an outsider says one negative thing about him…


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hey noma, i see people online being really positive about everything but eyebrows and it makes me really sad ;~; i have super thick eyebrows and i messed up trying to fix them in the past so now they're kinda uneven and bad :( everyone makes comments about eyebrows nowadays and i always feel ashamed when i hear people's mean words //////

what really ? :0 i see a lot of eyebrow positivity . . especially for people w big brows !!! u r honestly so lucky ! 🍓 aaa mine r super thin like u can barely see them & its soooo annoying n uglie . . especially becos i end up looking like a troll if i try to fill them in w make up ; n ; it ends up looking too harsh hmmm , , , i wish i had big brows like u !!!! i know lotsa people do . . supa thick bushy brows like its honestly such a lük im sooo jealous ? ? uuuu aNYway im far from good w makeup but im sure u can fix ur uneven brows w some ….. makeup …. powder ?? brush ….. whatever those things r called .. i honestly dont know ? ? im not helpful at all 😭 just remember that ur brows r gorgeous & a lot of people ( including ME ) would d i e 4 brows like ursss