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Here are two Photoshop manips of Slit without the war paint to show each side of his lovely scarred face. They’re not perfect, but I should probably get to sleep soon if I’m gonna make CAH in 4 or 5 hours. I hope it works for you!

Also, working on this, I realized that Slit’s right eye is not nearly so fucked up in the first half of the movie, so Max probably did do most of the damage when kicking him in the head. His single-minded want of killing Max is a bit more understandable, now.

Red Swan Ficlet - A Different Kind Of Princess

Emma entered the bathing chambers. Eyes glued to her hand as she slid it into her glove, leather squeaking as she flexed and unflexed her fingers. A week in the Enchanted Forest, as heir to the Kingdom and things, well, were totally not how she expected.

Like the red leather catsuit..

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Write six facts about yourself and tag your ten fav accounts to do the same
  1. This is pretty well-known, but I have Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder and Panic Disorder and plan on writing a semi-autobiographical book based on my experiences with those (and a few other) disorders.
  2. I have two tattoos; one on my left forearm of a skunk inside a bed of calla lilies and the other on my right calf of a blue rose next to a snare drum with “Sound is my soul” written inside the vines of the rose.
  3. I own my own pet-sitting business and love every minute of it. I HATE saying goodbye. Hate it.
  4. My RL BFF for literally half my life finally has a tumblr (k so that’s not about me) I’ll redo this one.
  5. (Really #4) Uhhhhh fuck this hard. Uhm…I am a huge fangirl. I make graphics and videos and write fic and do naughty, naughty manips of two idiots who should get together but they’re not bc she’s (more than likely) fucking her RL ex ATM (like literally RIGHT NOW).
  6. (Really #5) I have horrible eye sight and am legally blind without glasses/contacts.
  7. (Really #6) I have really bad social anxiety and don’t like going out to parties and shit. New people make me nervous. But I go to an improv class every Wednesday and there’s always someone new in there but that’s different. It’s like putting on a mask that no one gets to see behind. 

Since I know few people on here and probably more than half of you have already been tagged to do this, I apologize for double-tagging you. LOL

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Damon and Caroline | we weren`t in love

my new video about these two..looots of manips..hope you`ll enjoy it :D