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Ideas for Tumblr Engineers

Averaged audio levels.

It is always a risk hitting play on a video or audio post. It could be mixed to 120 decibels and we don’t know. We could wake up the house or damage our eardrums. Or maybe it is so quiet we have to strain to hear it. Perhaps the audio can be processed and adjusted so the gain is an average of 90 decibels. Which from what I understand is a pretty decent norm. A consistency of volume would be nice.

Lock posts.

There are some posts that folks only want to share with their direct following. Adding a check box to make something “not rebloggable” would be nice.

Threaded private messaging.

Most people do not care for fanmail. It is nice that there is no character limit and you can use links. But the fonts are a tad annoying and take up a lot of space. You cannot see what you sent. Your side of the message is lost.

I think instead of fanmail, a private messaging system would be more ideal. Gmail threads their messages so that the latest one is expanded, however you can click and expand all of the sent/received messages from before. I think tumblr users would really like a feature like this.

Read more on dash.

Allow read mores to be expanded on the dash.

Do not truncate text posts.

Make reblogging as a link an option, but don’t force it on us from the start. No one likes this. NO ONE.

OR… perhaps this would be better liked with a read more option that expands on the dash.

Endless scrolling refresh.

Endless scrolling is great, but if you get to 300 to 500 posts it will slow your browser to a crawl. The ability to refresh endless scrolling at the post you are currently viewing would be nice.


Sometimes you have to go play with your corgi and you don’t want to lose your place on the dash. Bookmarking where you left off would be nice.

A zoom option.

Some people put a click-through on photos and this disables the ability to see the larger version of the image. Also, sometimes those click-throughs take you to shady sites. You might think you are enlarging a photo but instead you end up at a furry porn site while you are sitting in the middle of a Denny’s. Adding a little magnifying glass in the bottom corner of photos would allow us to know for sure we are just enlarging the image.

Second zoom/larger photo dimensions.

I think you should allow 3-5 megapixel images. The first click to enlarge will zoom in and fill the screen with the photo. If you enlarge again, it will go to 100% and then much like the panorama feature, you can click and drag around the photo. Sometimes there is some lovely detail in photos that you just can’t see any other way.

Blacklist words.

Why is this not a thing? If I don’t want to see wombats I should be able to blacklist the word and not see wombats. I love wombats and would never do that, but the option should still be there.

There are 3rd party extensions to do this, but this should really be built in to tumblr. Also, there are many people who have experienced trauma and are triggered by certain things. This would allow them to have a much safer tumblr experience.

Reply to replies.

We’ve been asking for this for years. You should be able to reply to replies publicly or privately. Another cool feature would be a “like” button on replies. You can let someone know you dug what they said.

Filtering of notes.

Some posts have over 100,000 notes. If someone wants to see JUST the discussion they have to go through every like and reblog and it takes forever. Please add filter options at the top of notes. Maybe something like “Show replies and reblog comments only.”


Using that little slidey thing to see the tags is terrible. Please just wrap the tags to a new line.

Fix blockquotes.

When a post has many reblogs the blockquotes become awful and unmanageable to follow. There needs to be a different solution to this. Perhaps comment threading or something.

Allow photo uploads on all post types.

Let us add dash viewable photos on ANY post. Text, photo, video, etc. And not just uploads from our computer… allow image urls to be uploadable as well.

Active follower count.

My follower count is a bit of a lie. There are thousands upon thousands of dormant tumblr accounts. I want to know how many active followers I have. Perhaps the number of followers that have been active within the last month. This would be very helpful to know what my reach is and if my audience building is successful.

Search and organize likes.

Likes just pile up over time and it is incredibly hard to go through and view things again. The ability to organize, bookmark, and search through likes would be very nice.