In times of stress or moments of transition sometimes it can feel like the whole world is closing in on you. When that happens, You should close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen to the people who love you, when they give you advice, and remember what really matters.

get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite tv shows → Parks and Recreation

so Tom mistakes Star’s “if you don’t like Marco and get along/apologize then I won’t stay as your friend” as “oml love him” and Tom gets a bouquet of roses for Marco and it’s his first time seeing Marco up close and he just

‘oh god you’re gorgeous love me pls” 


get to know me meme | [1/5] current celebrity crushes - Tom Holland

I’m taking every day as it comes and there’s very little preparation that you can do apart from making sure you remain grounded and keep the people that are close to you close and my main goal at the moment is to make sure my work doesn’t fall below a certain calibre.


Edd: We’re not really dating or anything and there’s no, you know, bedroom stuff. But…we really do love each other a lot.

Tom: It’s pretty much what’s called a queerplatonic relationship. It’s not a romantic relationship but there’s a close emotional connection. Love doesn’t equal romance. And, yeah, like Edd said, we really do love each other.

Matt: At most we hold hands, give light kisses, and cuddle. We cuddle a lot. Cuddling is incredibly important.

Tord: We support each other. Love is love, it doesn’t matter how you show it. We don’t really have a word for what we are or how we define ourselves and our relationships with each other. For the most part, we just say we’re friends.

Tom: It doesn’t matter, really. Emotions are too big to categorize and labels can get pretty lame anyway.

Edd: What’s most important is that we have each other and we’re happy. Sure, we might argue sometimes but we still love each other very much. I would do anything for these guys. I’d give the world for them.

Matt: And we’d do the same thing for you, Edd.

Matt- feeling better?

Tom- as close as ‘better’ is going to get right now.

Tom- thank you, Matt.

Matt- no problem, I understand what youre going through. 

Matt- there’s one thing I need to know-

Tom- well… no?

Tom- remember when Edd turned into that super hero and there was that monster destroying the town?

Tom- that was me…. but this is different.

Tom- The teeth, the eyes, the horns, the tail- this is all new. its like the monster is still inside of me, but weaker. so I’m only half-transforming…

Tom- you’re not afraid of me, right?

Matt- of course not-!

Edd- MATT? TOM? you guys are in here, right? can we talk?

Tom- th-that’s Edd!

Tom- Matt. Edd can not find out. Don’t let him know.

Matt- Thomas. calm down, and take a seat. I wont let Edd in. I can already feel your heart rate increasing.

beriliatheelephant  asked:

Obviously they all seem to get along amazingly, but do particular woofs have particular relationships? Are luka and loki particularly close cause they're brothers or anything like that? Are any of them best best best buds? 😊

Also - Charlie reminds me of The Bear, an English cat with soulful eyes who seems far more intellectual than his fellow cats, and stays out their games and play fights :P (If I sound crazy check out Tom Cox/my sad cat/the good the bad and the furry) 

 They all get along and love one another BUT Kiba and Loki are very, very close and are always with one another :D

LOL That sounds like Chuck. He’s not as into the rough-housing like the purebred huskies are!


“Right that’s it she cross with me so I’ve got wine, the posh water, got the chocolates and the Indian takeaway. HA this should do it, back in the good books. Hiddles you are a genius my son. Home we go”

“Whoa!! that was close nearly dropped it, Disaster averted…..hold on where are the onion rings???? SHIT no onion rings, she will kill me! Calvin forgot the onion rings and look what happened to him. Must go back”

“OMG I’m surrounded. That’s it I’m dead not only have I forgotten the fucking onion rings but I’m about to be killed by fan selfie. This is it chaps they will have to finish Thor without me, I’m not getting out of this one alive, its either death by fan or death by Taylor”

 “Note to self stop being a drama queen, and I can always tell her I gave the onion rings to a homeless guy she’ll love that. Now if I can just remember the way to the new house I’ll be fine. Maybe I should have taken a bodyguard”

Phone call

“Taylor love can you send one of the guys I seem to be lost, use the GPS tag you have on me to find where I am”

pictures not mine I just nicked them for the purposes of being an idiot.

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I feel like although Taylor and Calvin loved each other that they were constantly competing, you know? And it always makes me wonder what their relationship was like if Taylor was able to so easily leave for Tom, it really makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors

That’s what I’m saying like I’m just a nosey lil bitch. I gots questions bruh

head canon || tom’s an idiot pt. 1


Toms finally managed to calm down from the pressure his job has brought upon him. Although he’s somewhat back to himself, hes been aware he hasn’t exactly been himself. His job does that to him sometimes as he takes it completely serious, especially in a time of crisis. Toms proud to be an officer, always loving the idea of saving others, but if there’s any chance he couldn’t save someone and it was easily preventable, he couldn’t live with himself. Regardless, Tom knew he couldn’t use that as an excuse for the way hes acted with others, especially a certain someone. Tom knew he had a ‘mission’ to fix up his mistake (even though he only wanted to protect her) and he already knew how. Obviously he had to buy her some really nice flowers and send them, but with everything going on he hasn’t gotten a chance to personally pick them out. So instead, Tom searched flower shops in Halifax on the internet, ordering a bouquet of beautiful tulips. Little did Tom realize he ordered from Celene’s shop, so it wasn’t quite a surprise when the bouquet arrived with a note attached: 
“sorry i suck

—ps, i was just trying to save the world help  

-your tree ツ  ”

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How would they react to their s/o sitting in the kitchen at 3 am because they can't sleep

Edd: After finding out that you were awake, he would try to get you tired by watching tv together. Unfortunately he’d fall asleep before you did and he’d grab you in his sleep and bring you close to him. Don’t plan on going to bed, cause his cuddle grip is relentless. Your best bet is to just nuzzle against him and enjoy his warmth. 

Matt: “i think it’s time for you to come to bed with me” he’d say. Matt would pick you up and carry you to your room, putting a blanket over you two and hugging you closely, with your face facing his. He wasn’t gonna go back to sleep unless you were. 

Tom: Usually he’d just smile, kiss you, and bring you back to bed with him, cuddling you and kissing you until you fall asleep. On rare occasions, he’d actually sing you to sleep. He will try his best not to fall asleep before you do, but sometimes he can’t help it.

Tord: He’d pick you up bridal style, bring you to bed, and place you on top of him. He’d pet and kiss your head until you fell asleep. And, he isn’t letting go either, even when he falls back asleep. Sometimes he doesn’t fall back asleep, so he just stares at your adorable sleeping face. 

-Mod Z

It’s like 2:30 am so if this is ridiculous, I’m sorry. But at the same time no because I post whatever I feel like and it’s not to offend anybody or anything.

But like gUYS HOW. HOW DO YOU GET OVER YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH IN WHICH YOU LOVE THEM TOO MUCH. Like ok I’m seriously happy Tom’s in love. Because he’s happy and when he’s happy, he’s an adorable puppy. But obviously I’m gonna feel a bit heartbroken he’s dating someone that isn’t me though. That’s normal (pretty sure). I’ve never even had a freaking puppy. I’ve never met Tom or come close to it. There was a song that came on and I nearly cried because it was her which made me think of Tom. It’s probably pathetic because then it’s just not realistic to hope you’ll meet and have a happy ever after. Am I just crossing the line when it comes to obsession? Because there’s “haha I’m obsessed with him” and then there’s “IM SUPER OBSESSED BUT ILL NEVER ADMIT BECAUSE ITS JUST LOVE”. Not to mention it’s almost like the cliche “I don’t love him enough to just let him be happy”. Although it wouldn’t matter anyway because I can’t do anything about it.

I feel like the answer to this really is just that I get over myself but if anyone has any other suggestions…

If this was confusing just ignore it. I’m confused too

So, I finally got to see I Saw The Light. And oh my god! it was fantastic! More evidence that Tom is one of the best actors ever.
Everything about his performance was exceptional. The accent, the singing, the look, every part was perfection.
And the emotion he packed in was overwhelming in the best sense of the word.
From start to finish I could not look away. And by the end I was so overcome, I was crying and my throat just closed up and it took like 15 -20 minutes for me to pull myself together.

It was heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Lucifer Season 2 - The Fall Ratings Race Dark Horse!

The Fall TV season will soon be upon us and the ratings race will be on, but for me Lucifer is a real dark horse contender to make a ratings breakthrough. With news of the season 2 renewal came a ratings boost allowing it to beat out Gotham as season 1 came to a close, and the excitement just keeps building. 

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“Run along with me: The snapper had to keep up with the ever energetic singer and her fashionable friends as they frolicked on the beach”

“Ready for your close up? Taylor was seen having a discussion about her shoot with the photographer as they returned to her huge mansion”

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Tom and Taylor - Happy by Piper

There is a personal story behind the song I chose for this video… It’s a song close to my heart.

When I was a child my mum had a very close friend… he was my Uncle Harry. He was such an outstanding man and the biggest and pretty much only male influence on my life growing up. I adored and loved him and still do today… even though he has sadly passed. My Uncle Harry was the first to take me to a church… and to see my first American Gospel Choir. I remember hearing the song… ‘Oh Happy Day’ by Edwin Hawkins and feeling SO much joy in my heart… it brought me to tears… even at the age of 8. When my Uncle Harry passed… it was written in his Will for me to sing with a Gospel Choir… ‘Oh Happy Day’. At the age of 30… I cried again because even at his funeral… he knew how to help me find joy. 

When I was 28 and met Gregory in China… three months after I had met him I was in my hut at night time reading privately and listening to music on my headphones. I accidently pulled out my earphones from my music player and out blasted ‘Oh Happy Day’. Suddenly… a very worried Gregory came knocking at my door and asking if everything was alright. I laughed… invited him in… reasured him all was fine and we stayed up all night talking. I tell him all the time… that was the night I let my walls down for him. He in return tells me… “I know, my love, why do you think I finally asked you out on a date the very next day.” 

Gregory and I were married in January of 2015… after we said our I do’s and were pronounced Husband and Wife… on cue the music rang out over us…

He taught me how to watch, fight and pray,
Fight and pray!
And live rejoicing every, everyday!

Oh happy day
Oh happy day

I play this song to rejoice… to show my love… to share with those I love… and without fail… when something amazing happens… when I see something amazing… the above part of the song washes over me. I sometimes feel it is my Uncle Harry saying… “You asked to see something special, here you go Piper.”

When I saw this picture of Tom and Taylor…

… This part of the song washed over me again. I looked up to heavens and simply said… “I know Uncle Harry… right?” LOL It was pure joy seeing them this happy and so I knew… I had to put the pictures to my song.

And then it was my baby bruv Adam who said when I showed him the picture…

“And love is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, can NOT be killed or swept aside.” ~Lin-Manuel Miranda

No truer words have been said Mr. Miranda and I thank my sweet brother for giving me the suggestion of adding in with such a perfect song.

I hope you enjoy… it’s short but… it says a lot.

XxOo ~Piper

Video Song: Oh Happy Day by Edwin Hawkins

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Take Me Home

- Nick Robinson -
It’s not a request, I just wanted to show my skills to see if you like how I write :)

Noises. Noises echoing in my head. A constant noise that I can’t stop.
Closing my eyes to escape this. Closing my eyes to remember him.
His deep brown eyes in which I lost myself since a long time ago.
His soft hair where my hands travels to find where they belong.
His smile. Damn his smile can light up an all city.
Smily widely at this thought.
I felt a pair of big hands around my waist.

‘Back at it’

He whispered in my ears with his husky voice. I smiled and turned to wrap my arms around his neck.

I didn’t talk. I just looked at the face I was imagining a few minutes ago. This was so much better.
I was now going to wake up to this face every morning.
I was now going to make this face smile.
I was now going to be by his sides.

He looked straight back into my eyes. Then he smiled.
Like if he discovered something again.

Our lips met, in a soft and passionate kiss.

The noises stopped. Only his touch was in my entire.
His fingers on my hips. The was he was pressing our body closer. My hands in his messy hair.
Our lips connected once again.

I broke the kiss searching from air.

‘Yes you are Robinson’

He giggled at his nickname.
He took my hand and took his bag with his other.

We drove for 15 minutes until we reached our apartment.
We live in NY in a small but cosy studio. I love it here. I love spending my winters in big sweaters on the couch. With, by my side a cuddling Nick.
Best feeling ever.

It was midnight when we arrived the apartment.

‘Hmm can I just put my bag here, I mean I’ll take care of it tomorrow okay ?’

I smiled at him while I put my hair in a bun.
'Sure Nick’
'I have to take care of something else right now’

I turned around to face a smirking Nick.
I giggled at his expressions.
I walked over the bed and played under the blanket.

I closed my eyes when I felt a body pressed against mine.
He wrapped a hand around me and kissed my temple gently.
Feeling his warm breath on my neck. His soft hand wrapping me.
'If you’re that too distracted with doing laundry I don’t know what to do with you anymore’
I whispered. I felt him smile.
'Even if you’re my distraction’

'Well I can deal with that’

Robinson you were back at it.