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jumin yoosung and zen trying to cheer you up when you have opened up to him that you have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Author’s note: sorry if these are too short, I can write longer ones later!!


  • he would feel so heartbroken that you were feeling that way and just tear up anD HE’S SO SORRY MC
  • he would give you the biggest warmest hug and pet your hair
  • he would do anything for you
  • he’d even respond to a couple of emails so you wouldn’t have to deal with them
  • cute little notes reminding you that you are so special and you shouldn’t stress out because everything you do is perfect


  • “Babe… you should’ve told me sooner.”
  • he’d make you tea and pull you into his lap and rest his head on your shoulder
  • he’d whisper how much he loves you and why you shouldn’t be stressed
  • he’d surprise you with a homemade spa day and treat you likE A PRINCESS


  • when you told him how you were feeling the first thing he did was turn off his phone
  • since he knows a thing or two about being stressed, he tells you all the things he does to calm down
  • he puts on your fave movie and inviting you to cuddle with him this is super rare but he knows how stressed you are
  • he also makes you this whole dinner full of foods that according to the internet and Jaehee relax you

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Hello, could you maybe please write the RFA (with V and Unknown if you can) and if the MC had a job that was something like a programmer? Thank you in advance.

((aaaah I can’t write for V or Unknown yet bc I don’t know them well enough, sorry! Maybe after I finish Jumin’s route I’ll head for 707′s, so I’ll be able to soon! Sorry!))


  • he wasn’t really surprised I mean come on everyone has something they do apart from the RFA right?
  • he thought coding was just mumbo jumbo until MC comes over to his house one day
  • and shows him how they made a simple game
  • Yoosung is like “wait you put text why is it a game how”
  • From that day on constantly asks them to make  a LOLOL game
  • “Yoosung I’ve told you that’d take me years”
  • Brags to all his friends because his partner can make games how cool is that
  • MC tries to teach him how to make a basic website but the boy forgets everything in five minutes


  • he knew MC was a programmer and one day he asked them if they had ever made a fanpage for him
  • MC denied it super quickly and all red and that made Zen suspicious
  • Turns out MC was the one who made the most popular Zen fanpage and when Zen finds out he is moved
  • Has genuine admiration towards MC because he cannot understand what they are doing and yet they are creating something
  • makes an account in his own fanpage (if he hadn’t had one before) just to start threads anonymously thanking the creator of the webpage 
  • gives MC suggestions to add to the page that MC can also apply to their normal work
  • calls MC at lunchtime because “the fanpage has been hacked”
  • it was system maintenance


  • MC and her get equal amounts of sleep because of their job
  • MC making small programs for Jaehee to organize her schedule because hot damn organizing Jumin’s is enough of a bother
  • MC’s handwriting is horrible because they spend so much time writing on a keyboard and Jaehee is set on helping them fix it
  • what the fuck does the shopping list even say??
  • MC and Jaehee buy a fancy-ass coffee maker because it is something they both need
  • When it’s late at night and they’re both finnished they cuddle up and read a book because MC has been staring at a screen the whole day and Jaehee wants their eyes to rest
  • they both try to get each other to work more healthily but they’re huge hypocrites because they tell the other to sleep while both running on coffee purely


  • MC’s job isn’t really important because they work at home and it’s impossible to tell if they are working or just keymashing for Jumin
  • until MC heard Jumin complaining about a diagonal pattern used in the background for his company’s website
  • MC checks it out and the website is mediocre
  • “i can fix this”
  • proceeds to spend two weeks juggling their work and making the website aesthetically pleasing
  • Jumin catches them in their laptop at four in the morning
  • “you woke up early”
  • “no i haven’t gone to sleep”
  • forces MC to take a break because their vision will go to crap


  • bOI
  • oh boi
  • he’s a hacker MC is a programmer you get where this is going
  • they understand each other’s language but in different senses
  • MC watched him work to see how he hacks because they’ll be damned if they don’t strengthen their code to be able to stop someone like him
  • at the same time 707 sometimes watches MC work because hey how funny would it be if I hacked something like their personal webpage
  • this ass actually hacks MC’s personal webpage
  • MC didn’t notice and just goes in to edit some code and bam now your webpage is a picture of long cat and nothing else
  • MC fixes if but how do they get revenge?? they’re not hackers. they can’t hack 707′s computer
  • but wait
  • they install a program on his computer
  • every time he clicks an airhorn sound plays
  • mutual agreement not to do that to each other anymore and they seal it with a kiss
  • he lied 707 will keep hacking longcat into all your work as long as you live
Torn (eruri, rated T)

Commission for @world-war-eruri, who wanted yakuza-type eruri :)

“Levi, that’s enough.”

Erwin’s order rang out loud and clear in the alley — forceful, but calm in contrast to the chaotic sounds that had echoed around during the fight in front of him. There had been much cursing,  shouting, and scuffling, all of it erupting suddenly and without warning when he and Levi had been set upon by a group of men in a dark alley.

They’d been heading home from a business meeting, but despite the surprise, Levi had, as always, done his job of defending Erwin splendidly, making quick work of their opponents in his usual ruthless but efficient fashion. Within seconds he’d had them all disarmed, doing so in a way that would no doubt ensure they’d regret their decision to start a brawl with them like that. He was still at it, in fact, but upon hearing Erwin’s command he instantly froze in place, throwing his foot down onto the chest of one attacker and keeping his sword pointed at the throat of another beside him.

“Really, Erwin?” He murmured quietly, staring down at them both with an expression of cold, controlled fury. “He hit you.”

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Imagine having a polyamorous relationship with Daenerys and Khal Drogo.

——— Request for anon ———

He was Khal, and it was not uncommon for Khals to take more than one lover or wife. What was pleasantly unique with your relationship, however, was how completely central in it Daenerys had been. You were just as much her lover as his, and it tied the three of you together closer than you could have initially hoped.

Today, Drogo was busy, so Daenerys was who you stayed close to in his stead, “We should do something to surprise Drogo later tonight, when he returns to us.” She looks towards you with a raised brow, ready to hear the rest of your idea, “He has been so busy all day.”

Dany smiles in agreement, leaning into your side lovingly, “And it would be fun for us, too.”

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

This is one of the great surprises for me so far this year in terms of animes as I was going into it expecting something very different then what I got. Tanaka is your average everyday student, well if you account for his constant listlessness and the fact that his best friend Oota has to carry him everywhere due to this fact. Even so he prides himself in being so listless and Oota encourages him to continue to do so despite the fact that it has caused some problems in his everyday life. He finds himself in a constant battle to stay listless until his fellow classmate Miyano expresses her admiration for him and her want to be as listless as he is. From that point forward Tanaka begins to learn more about himself and those around him in the hopes that he too can experience more of the world while still remaining a bit listless.

The Characters

I went into this feeling that the characters of the story might lack depth, but I was presently surprised that this was far from the case. The best part about each of them for me was that they all seemed to cause a chain reaction among one another and this helped to create a deeper understanding between them. It’s as if Tanaka starts out as a blank slate such that the viewer knows little about him or his home life and slowly you begin to grow up right along with him and learn along with the other characters in the story. You see things from Tanaka’s prospective and the other characters at the same time so you can better understand their underlying connections and why they ended up in the situations they were in. Through the actions of Miyano you begin to see why Oota has such a fascination and admiration for Tanaka and why he supports him in any way that he can. You start out no knowing that much about Tanaka, but the other characters fill in the aspects of his life and help you to better understand the depth of his feelings and why he reacts the way that he does in certain situations. Additionally you begin to notice too that the more that he discovers about others the more he begins to notice changes in the world around him. In a strange way the more that Tanaka comes out of his shell the more he inspires those around him to do the same. Each character that is introduced in the story has a missing piece of their life and it’s Tanaka who helps them to find it in his own strange way. The characters may seem bland at times on the surface level, but their actions and the steps they take as well as their body language show otherwise. You begin to pick up on the individual corks of each of the characters and once you get a feel for their unique personalities you can almost guess how they would react to a certain situation. It’s interesting to note that even though some of the side characters don’t have as much interaction with the other characters their presence helps to evolve the story and move it along at an even pace. The story is structured in such a way that you can feel the frustration of the characters as they interact with Tanaka, but you can also understand their forgiveness of his condition. While some of the characters can get repetitive at times they do add a sort of comic relief throughout the anime as a result.

The Animation

The animation is wonderful and I really like the use of thought bubbles and chibi animations to illustrate the emotions of the characters throughout the story. In particular I felt that Miyano ’s cameo appearances in this manner when the characters were talking or thinking of her were fantastic. You could clearly see how she was viewed and it was reinforced by her facial expressions and reactions being animated in a way that was similar to that of her chibi character. The detail of the background was there, but it wasn’t the main focus and I think that added a lot to the overall story. The close ups of each of the characters helped to reinforce this point and the detail when doing so also helped to illustrate this. It kept the focus on the characters so that you would focus on them and their interactions rather then the things going on around them. It wasn’t evident at first, but I began to notice that the illustrations of wind and sunlight as well as warmth from the view of Tanaka was done in a way that it sort of resembled a storybook. I felt that the animators did a good job of conveying this idea and it also helped to reinforce the idea that Tanaka was always in a sort of dream like state so his view of these things was also very dream like in their origin. You get a good sense of the characters personality and their emotions through the animation as well and I felt the animators did a good job of conveying a characters nervousness throughout. Additionally I felt the animators took special care to convey Shiraishi as more radiant then the other characters at first even before she was introduced as such go allow that bit of her character to show through and stand out as the characters themselves had said prior to her introduction.

Rating 8/10

This is a light hearted story with a great group of characters and it has mixed in with it a lot of funny moments that are sure to give you a few laughs along the way. It’s something that you can relate to and it’s not to over the top and it never takes itself to seriously. There is a great deal of realism to it all and I think that adds a lot to it. It’s not the best comedy/slice of life anime out there, but it is one of the better animes of this year. It starts off slow, but there is a lot of complexity that slowly gets added in and I feel that a few more episodes would have allowed for a little more depth a lot sooner in the story. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing story I highly recommend this one.

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“I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” Nick is everything with this one

Honestly Nick is everything in all areas on life. Enjoy! 

Materlist | Prompts | Request

“I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” | Nick Amaro

Your heart caught in your throat as you raised a hand to your chest, shock visible on your face. The surprise was enough to stifle your emotions; even you couldn’t decipher if it was anger or anguish or joy or nostalgia coursing through your veins. All you could do was stare and whisper the name that had once felt like a hallelujah; “N-Nick?”

He looked equally dumbstruck, jaw lax as he straightened his back and lifted himself off of the chair next to Sonny’s desk. He was silent as he approached you, eyes darting across your features to try and make sense of what he was seeing. He said your name softly, like saying it too loudly would mar the sanctity that it once held—still held—to him. “It’s been a while.”

You had both grown numb to your surroundings; although Carisi and Rollins and Fin were watching the exchange with morbid curiosity, you were both so caught up in each other that you didn’t notice them. You just couldn’t take your eyes off of him. 

He was just as gorgeous as you remembered him. The only difference was that he was somehow more sun-kissed and toned than he had been before, surely from the LA sun and perfect jogging weather. His eyes were still the same enchanting mahogany you’d been enthralled by on nights of pure passion. They were the same brown eyes you avoided looking into the night you left, the same brown eyes you had mourned losing for weeks before, and months after, the break up.

You thought you’d never see them again.

Nick could say the same about you. He’d thought he’d lost you forever; the day you told him you were leaving, he realized he had nothing in Manhattan anymore—his future with the NYPD was shot, both of his children were hundreds of miles away, and the only person he loved as much as Zara and Gil had left him. So he went, too. Away. He went as far away from that damned city as possible, with a gaping hole in his life were you had once fit so perfectly. The spot you had carved out for yourself, extending through every aspect of Nick’s life, completely unaware of your effect on him, was now chillingly vacant. The only thing that could heat away the ache was the warmth of the California sun and the love of his daughter.

They served as a great distraction, for quite some time, but now, seeing you again had made all the unanswered questions and loose ends resurface. He barely had the patience to sit through pleasantries, his curiosity too strong. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Yeah, it has.”

“I, uh… I didn’t know you were going to be here. Didn’t you transfer out?” 

“For a little while, yeah. But Liv was understaffed after her sergeant transferred to Joint Terrorism, so she asked me to come back for now.” You shifted your weight from one foot to another, letting out a sigh. “What about you? What are you doing back here?”

“Visiting. Maria took Zara on a cruise for the next three weeks, and things were getting real lonely out there. I didn’t know if I could… If I could handle three weeks alone.”

And, despite his attempts at levelheadedness, Nick was beginning to feel resentment well up. His loneliness was caused by you, after all, by your sudden departure from his life. He shouldn’t give you the satisfaction of knowing how you left him. 

You took a deep breath, fighting your body to keep your hand by your side, using every ounce of self-control to keep from cupping his cheek. “I’m sorry. I never wanted you to feel that way. I never want you to feel like that.”

“Then why’d you leave me?” He finally snapped, and you winced at the force of his words. Noticing your grimace, his voice softened. “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

You let out a breath, shaky with the threat of tears. This was the question you had anticipated, just not so early in the conversation. At this point, you didn’t know whether to feel relief or more guilt. “I didn’t want to hold you back,” you finally said, lifting your gaze from the ground to look into his eyes.

“Is that all?” He laughed cynically. “I’ve been heartbroken for the past two years, pretending I was at home in a state I had never set foot into, making friends with pretentious assholes who find my loneliness amusing or talking to stoners who find my heartache stupid and funny, because you were scared of ‘holding me back’?”

The tears were rising, now, and you hated yourself for it. “Yes, Nick. You’re in LA with your daughter, with the person who makes you the happiest you’ve ever been, because I wanted you to go. After you got shot, your depression was terrible; all you ever talked about was Zara and how much you wished you could see her every night and how much fun she was having there. I felt like you were only here for me, miserable for me, sacrificing your family for me. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t let you give up your pride and joy. I knew you wouldn’t up and leave me, so I made the decision easier for you.” Your tone grew slightly impatient, and you snapped, “Sorry for being such a selfish asshole.”

He was absolutely dumbstruck by your revelation, silently processing the information you had just provided him with. His loss of words only twisted the knife still stuck in your heart. Taking a deep breath to collect yourself, you turned and began to walk away. 

A tug on your wrist held you back. You turned to look at Nick in shock. “Let it go, Nick,” you said, mouth dropped open. “I’m sorry for hurting you and having to tell you like this.”

The look of guilt on your face was too much for Nick to bear. Unable to face the expression any longer, he closed his eyes. He closed his eyes, and then he leaned forward until he could taste home again. He leaned forward until he felt the familiarity of your lips against his. He leaned forward and took in a deep breath to relish in you, in the person he missed almost as much as he had missed Zara. He took in a deep breath and kissed you like there wasn’t two years separating you. 

He kissed you like you were home.

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"How do I end up like you?" (kerberosmissing - clones? twins? alt universe selves? take your pick)



M2 merely stared at the other through the glass, he wasn’t allowed to speak, especially not to his original. How his original had even gotten here in the first place surprised him. He blinked his robotic yellow eyes as he watched the other pace in front of him trying to figure this all out and why the people he ‘trusted’ had kept this from him.

He wanted to say something, however, he had another way of communicating. He closed his eyes before thinking to the young man before him. “…Trust me… you don’t want to end up like me… The things they do… The pain… It’s not worth you sticking around here… You should leave while you can..” He spoke to the other in his mind.

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Who do you think won the Clinton vs Trump debate?

Most polls have been showing a Trump victory (besides the CNN poll where Clinton had a 26% lead before the debate even started.) This isn’t very surprising, as presidential debates are a personality war as much as they are actual debates. Throughout the debate, Clinton sounded as though she was trying to remember her script word for word, Donald Trump didn’t. Trump also hit back in an unexpected way on more than a few occasions, bringing up Clinton’s superpredator comment is an example, along with his offer to release his tax returns when Clinton released her deleted emails. There are other factors of course, none necessarily more important than the others, but Clinton didn’t do nearly as well against Trump as she expected.

Many have tried to say Clinton won because “she had the facts” but it’s important to remember that “facts” do not and never have mattered in bourgeois elections, and this election is no different. The fact that Bernie Sanders was routinely complicit in US imperialism was constantly ignored by the reformist left, the fact that Hillary Clinton has actually done or tried to do nearly every thing people fear Trump may do, from killing families to mass deportation, doesn’t matter to those who are still insisting that Clinton is “a far better alternative.” It’s naive to think that facts will suddenly matter now.


I’m surprised Tumblr doesn’t love Booster Gold more. The guy is totally not gay for his beat friend who he’s totally in a gay relationship with. He always tries his beat but fails no matter how much he tries. When he does succeed, he can’t tell anyone cause he can’t take the attention he deserves, just like how everyone on Tumblr wants to succeed and when they do they’re afraid to say anything cause they’re scared of looking like an attention whore. His beat friend is dead. His other best friend is a sassy robot. AND. He’s a time traveller. And he’s totally a jerk with a big golden heart that just needs a hug.


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Now I know why we are having an insane heat wave in LA, J & D are both in town.  Glad he gets to see her near her birthday.  I’m sure he will make it special for her, the way she did for him.  I get the feeling she makes him feel cherished and loved.  Just look at the birthday surprise she gave him.  He’ll never forget it. 


Never. It was so special the surprise she organized for him. She knew she had to go to NY for the MET and she didn’t want to miss his birthday so arranged that. She takes care of him. I’m sure he’ll do the same now for her own birthday.

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Um, 41, Undertale with Papyrus? :)

41. comfort food

Flowey was not terribly surprised to see Papyrus come bolting up the hill, right on schedule. He almost always knew when Papyrus would show up by now, though he tried to do different things to keep their meetings from going stale. This time, he’d given in to letting Papyrus know how… well… not-good he’d been feeling, not bothering to wear his usual happy mask.

As the skeleton drew closer, he, again, was not surprised to find him carrying what appeared to be a large bowl. Spaghetti, of course, he should have known. Try my world-famous recipe! he recalled Papyrus saying one timeline. Or Underground-famous… Snowdin-famous??

Nevertheless, it is quite famous!

Of course Papyrus never took into consideration the fact that Flowey could not actually taste–something Flowey was still bitter about. Pain? Sure, that was perfectly fine. Taste? Oooh, no, that would be too much of a luxury!

Then again, this was Papyrus’s spaghetti. Maybe he should count it a blessing that he couldn’t taste right now.

Except… it wasn’t spaghetti.

When Papyrus stopped at the top of the hill (careful not to kick up snow at Flowey), he stooped down and presented his friend with the bowl. It was not full of burnt noodles, but… some kind of grayish-tan mush with random splotches of color.

“SURPRISE!” Papyrus exclaimed, plopping himself down in front of Flowey and watching him eagerly.

“Uh, thanks.” Flowey stared down at it, wondering if Papyrus expected him to just smash his face into it to eat it. It took him a moment to spot the silvery tip of the spoon sticking a couple centimeters out of the mush. Awkwardly he stretched one of his vines out of the ground, shaking it free of dirt and snow, and stuck it into the bowl, carefully lifting the spoon out. He assumed the mush had been hot at some point, but it was barely lukewarm right now, and quickly growing cooler. It clung to the spoon in thick clumps. “…What is this?”

“Well…” Papyrus rocked from side to side–he was never good at sitting still. “You’ve seemed awfully down lately. And I know that when Sans is feeling exceptionally lazy, some of his favorite food will make him marginally less so.” He tapped two of his fingers together in a nervous gesture. “And–I don’t know what your favorite food is, but I thought… well, I usually feel better after I eat this fancy oatmeal!”

Flowey blinked, nudging the now-cool mash with the spoon.

“Fancy, of course, because it has dinosaur eggs.” He crossed his arms proudly, as though he hadn’t just cooked it from a packet and applied magic mix to it. “Don’t worry, they’re not real! Unless real dinosaurs are made of sugar and melt.”

Oh. That explained the color splotches. He stirred them around in the bowl, creating a vaguely rainbow-esque spiral.

Papyrus leaned forward, hands on his knees. “How do you like it?”

The oatmeal was already hard to stir, and Flowey could no longer pull the spoon out. Not that he could eat it, anyway. “Actually…” Flowey looked up, giving the skeleton a smile. “That’s really cool, Papyrus! I never knew you liked this stuff.”

The skeleton beamed right back–or, he would have, probably, if he hadn’t already been smiling.

“And you’re right. I do feel a little better!” Maybe not for the reason Papyrus had been expecting, but Flowey appreciated it all the same.

What do you know? Papyrus could still surprise him.

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How would the Axis including Prussia and Romano react to their child telling them that they could "see dead people." Would they try to fite them? Would they send them to a church? Exorcism? Just straight up disown their child? Like what fam?

That child getting some Jesus. He isn’t having any of that in his house.

He’d disown them. Their stuff would be on the nearest church’s steps before he could say “Fuck it.”

North Italy:
His Catholic ass would do the same as Germany and send them to church.

South Italy:
He’d fight….for a few seconds. He’d soon realize what the situation is and run. There is no way he’d claim that child as his own.

It’s no surprise considering that the child can see him so……..

When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: I think he’d be so surprised he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.He wouldn’t know whether to confront you or pretend like he didn’t see it. Either way, he wouldn’t have expect that

DAESUNG: I think he wouldn’t tell you right away what he saw, rather would keep it to himself for a few days looking at you funny, trying to think of a way to bring it up without outwardly confessing he saw it

TAEYANG: He would immediately announce his amazing discovery to you, savoring every bit of your adorable embarrassment. Of course he wouldn’t read you too bad because he’d be excited to try some of your stuff out (handcuffs, anyone?)

G.D.: It would take a minute to register with him because he’d be so excited and so turned on. Before he asked you about it, he’d make sure to snatch a few things that caught his eye and hide it in the bedroom somewhere to surprise you with later

SEUNGRI: The first thing that would come to his mind is to snap a quick pic (’evidence’ he’d say) in case you tried to deny it when he confronted you (and lets be honest, maybe for a bit of sexy blackmail)

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i know kxk is known for liking paper bags but realy the sandro paper bag is too much for me too cuz there was no way they met for her to give him the bag but it's not the first time they do this this year even before kxk happened ji carries a lot of paper bags when he returns to korea and sometimes they are from women shope clothes like he bought a present for his girl

I mean holding a paperbag ur ‘gf’ endorse is just extra with or without context 😂. And i wont be surprised if he buys woman things tho, he has so many sisters, a mom, doggies, his NIECE etc. Plus lets say he really had a gf not confirmed, hed hide the gifts. Like i always say, anyone who are real dating will be hidden, the public wont know. Cough like how sm cockblock kaisoo

Amelia: I shouldn’tbe surprised by his question: I am a woman, I work all! I love children … But if I did children without brain?! I couldn’t live it again … And if I were fortunate enough to have a healthy child, now I know many things: for example, no matter how much you love a person, is not enough; the world can be so cruel and full of terrifying events that have no power to interfere. I closed. I do not want to have more children.

- Private Practice 6x12

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Wook’s all like “remember that time i had an emotional affair with your cousin when you were dying, well, i’m gonna give all the love i didn’t give you, to her” This hilarious summary! When they were touching fingers romantically ON THE BODY of his dying wife i was WTFing all over the place & surprised i didn't see much dragging of him for it. how good was it when Lady Oh told him off! i've been roasting him from the sofa for eps now & it was a relief to have someone on the show finally do it!

oh my lorddddd their relationship ft. lady hae is the weirdest thing to come from this show! 



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Add to that the fact that Kate wasn't seconds away from death because of a bad job, the job went lean and mean (kinda) She was almost killed because someone was after Seth personally. After that I was surprised how surprised people were when he put as much distance between her and him as he could. There was no way he was going to do anything else. Also, she wasn't ready for his life, and he didn't want her to have his life :(

thank you!! this is very important! it also makes me very emotional. all he ever wanted was to protect her. even from himself. and he couldn’t. 

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If Karasuma and Gakuhou did get together, how do you think Gakushuu would react? What kind of relationship would he have with Karasuma.

My mind just went all over the place for this one! It was hard getting my thoughts in order.

Understandably, Gakushu would be surprised, because 1) his father’s dating a guy, and 2) said guy used to be E-Class’s teacher. Oh, and 3) there’s someone who can actually tolerate and like his father’s personality.

After recovering from his initial shock, I don’t think that he would care too much about it.

Gakuho would probably spend more time at Karasuma’s place than Karasuma spends at the Asanos’ house for privacy reasons, so Gakushu doesn’t see him often. And they save the PDA for the bedroom (unless they haven’t seen each other in a while, and even then it’s just a peck on the lips at most), so Gakushu doesn’t have to deal with the traumatizing image of his father making out with someone.

But he would have to invest in a pair of high-quality earplugs.

All in all, though, Karasuma would be like his second emotionally-constipated dad, just a tad more caring and not as snide. He would make an effort to connect with Gakushu whenever he’s in the neighborhood, much like he did with E-Class. He’d pick him up from school and ask him about his day (the first time he did this, though, Gakushu made a snippy comment about how he was only pretending to care) and maybe even buy some snacks.

I imagine that they both live on junk food. I mean, sure, Gakushu eats a lot of healthy meals and stuff, but cup ramen and chips are much more convenient when you’re locked in your room studying for six hours straight or cooped up in an emergency student council meeting. He probably keeps a stash in his closet or something.

“I’ll take a potato chip… and eat it!”

In terms of familial bonding, though, they wouldn’t be that close, but maybe they can work up to that eventually. They’re both extremely awkward with personal relationships, but I think that Karasuma’s straightforwardness and moral code can actually be beneficial to Gakushu. The kid needs someone to tell him that his classmates should not be referred to as his minions/underlings/lackeys, and there’s no way that Gakuho’s going to be that someone.

Oh! And personal headcanon: Even though he would win each game, Gakushu still likes playing chess or shoji with Karasuma because the guy makes some hilarious faces when he’s frustrated. But there’s no way he’s playing poker with him.

How I Come to Like Wander Over Yonder despite being cancelled

Sorry this post came in late due to school project. Though I’m not gonna miss this moment to share my thoughts in how I got into the show.

Well, my first time hearing about the show was from the Disney Channel promo during Phineas and Ferb’s Mission Marvel where the show is set to premiere (as a sneak peek) with The Picnic. I also saw that it was created by Craig McCracken who made one of my favorite animated shows growing up: The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Plus I was pretty surprised that Craig moved from Cartoon Network to Disney because with how CN at that time was doing CN Real thus causing him to leave, and doing a different approach to his cartoons as more Looney Tunes inspired than Hanna-Barbera like in PPG, I thought of giving it a shot.

I saw The Picnic and I actually liked the comedy and animation. Though I didn’t watch them in their premiere times due to focusing on other shows and routines. And also that I thought it would one of those shows that I tend to catch up if anything interesting shows or a funny moment prompts me to check out the episode.

I didn’t get into a regular watcher until the news of S2 having a new arc with a new villain, and I got more interested. As I was close to catching up with Gravity Falls (as it got more serialized in S2), I was motivated by one of my online friends to get caught up in S1, and I did. And I never regretted doing that ever since.

Thus I believed that it’s one of Craig’s best shows as it’s better than Foster’s Home, and somewhere in line with The Powerpuff Girls. And watching S2 in the premiere dates have been fun.

Hearing its news of it being cancelled really sadden me as it really gotten more fun and engaging in the characters, music, animation, and stories even if some aren’t that perfect. And with S3 meant to complete the silly and sincere experience of the Main 4 with a more interesting conflict and a few back stories, it was really one of the missed opportunities Disney declined on just for the sake of saving money (though props on them for planning ahead on new show pipelines).

The #SaveWOY campaign since then has gained new grounds and I hope it can succeed to get a Season 3 for Craig and a few key players in the initial production run to make the conclusive Season worth showing and entertaining. I’m glad I come to respect this show, and whatever future events happen down the road, this show will never be forgotten so long as more newcomers discover the show’s intentions and future plans waiting to be realized.