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What are your personal feelings on the kangaroo video? Only if you feel comfortable sharing :)

I think it’s really overblown and only important because it went viral. honestly. Kangaroos are dangerous and I give the dude props for being willing to step in for his dog, and while it’s a little overly macho I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d gotten swung at by the roo if he’d tried to disengage without at least making the animal wary of him. (Edit: yes, he’s a zookeeper in Australia, but he doesn’t work with kangaroos currently and I don’t know if he has a history of doing so, so I don’t think that’s super pertinent either way). I don’t support hitting animals but it’s a single dude doing something stupid, once, to an animal that is pretty much built to take that kind of hit, and there’s way more important things to talk about. 

Suddenly the lack of Victor’s perspective in episodes makes sense. Like, I bet half of his internal monologue was just wondering why Yuuri wasn’t acknowledging what went down at the banquet. “What the hell does he mean he’s not sure if he can skate eros??? The playboy in the story is based on him so why is he having trouble with the role?” “Why is he so freaked out by me getting in his personal space? Does he not recall dipping me, hugging me, rubbing himself on me???” “Why is he so surprised that I want to be his coach when that’s exactly what he asked me to do?”

Basically what I’m saying is I want the entire series re-dubbed with Victor’s internal monologue. Maybe they can add that as a special feature to the DVD release. I’d totally pay extra for that. Take my money!    

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I think Cat just starts being nicer to Kara accidentally?? Like she doesn’t mean to change her behavior but she’s falling in love. It’s always when Cat’s tired too.

And like, Cat is betrayed by her own mind like:

“Keira!!” Cat’s headache was already throbbing. She was too tired to deal with this shit. 

Kara’s holding out a dish of Advil and Cat could kiss the girl. The water was cold and Cat sighed in relief. “Thank you.” 

Kara’d almost bitten through her lip in surprise.

Carter needed a supervisor and Kara wasn’t doing anything. Not that Kara minded at all, she loved Carter, he was fun to hang out with and he was great at board games. 

He did like to push his bed time though. Kara shook her head and laughed when Carter asked for another hour. He was practically falling asleep in his chair. 

“No, to bed, bud. Come on.” Kara stood and started to clean up the table while Carter trudged off to bed. She smiled at his curls bouncing down the hallway. 

She pulled out her phone and started working through her and Cat’s emails. It wasn’t much longer before Cat got home, she huffed out a breath and closed the door behind her. 

Kara grimaced, fatigue hung off Cat, her shoulders slouched and eyes drooping. “Hey, let me.” Kara came around the table and took Cat’s jacket. 

Cat didn’t say anything.

“I tidied up and there’s a light drink prepared for you. You should shower and go to bed.” Kara smiled and nudged Cat toward her bathroom. 

Cat seemed less awake with every moment. She shuffled ahead of Kara, her shoes kicked off by the door, and stopped outside her study for that drink.

“Goodnight, Ms. Grant, sleep well.” Kara turned and headed toward the door.

“Mhh, thanks honey.” Cat mumbled and started to shirk her clothes. 

Kara blushed red, she probably wasn’t supposed to hear that. She scuttled out of the condo and Cat’s voice followed her into her dreams.

It was late. No one was left in the office. Cat’s desk light was on, but the rest of the floor was dark. Kara sat on the couch and typed away at her tablet. 

“Kara, bring me the layouts.” Cat tipped her glasses and went back to her own typing. 

Kara stood and went to her desk. She looked up, Cat’s desk lamp was softer than her office lights. Cat looked nice under the softer lights, she looked warmer. Kara smiled and walked back with the sheets in her hand. 

“What?” Cat didn’t even look up. She just held out her hand and Kara set the layouts in her fingers. 

“Ms. Grant?” Kara tipped her head. 

“What are you smiling about this time?” Cat shuffled the papers and stood. She frowned at the sheets and headed around her desk.

Kara shuffled, “Your desk lamp has a nice light to it.”

Cat popped up her eyebrow but didn’t say anything. She plopped all but one of the layouts onto her desk and turned back to Kara, “What do you see wrong here?”

Kara stepped so she could see over Cat’s shoulder and Cat held the paper a little higher. Kara’s eyes wandered over the sheet. There were multiple errors, but which one was Cat asking about?

“Oh, the picture is off, it should be moved over by at least half and inch.” It just looked wrong. The style didn’t match the rest of the newspaper. It wasn’t CatCo enough.

Cat turned her head and pressed her lips to Kara’s cheek, “Very good.” 

Kara froze. Cat turned back to the sheet and froze. Both of their heartbeats kicked into high gear.

Kara coughed, attempting to hide her growing smile. Cat stepped forward and frowned. She turned back to Kara and she glared.

There wasn’t any heat in it.

“Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Kara couldn’t stop herself. She’d tried, but when would she get this chance again?

Cat twitched. Kara paid dearly for the comment, but it was worth it.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you a headcanon I have about them.

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Could you do a reaction with Shownu, Wonho, I.M, and kihyun where you sneak up behind them and smack the booty

When you sneak up behind them and smack their booty (Shownu, Wonho & I.M)

Shownu; He was in the kitchen, cooking you two dinner, though you got really bored and were in a mischievous mood. You walked over to him and bit on your lower lip, suddenly smacking his ass. You’d hear a surprised noise come out from the back of Hyunwoo’s throat and he’d turn around to look at you.

Whoa.. Jagi, why are you suddenly so.. Naughty..

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Wonho; He’d like this playful side of you. Once you smacked his booty while he was walking past you, he’d turn to look at you with a smirk and he’d chuckle, grabbing your wrists.

Oh? You want to play like this? Let me get you back now, it’s only fair~” 

He’d laugh, trying to smack your booty. 

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I.M; Changkyun would widen his eyes when he felt a slap on his ass and he’d release an ‘ah’ sound, turning his head to look at you with a ‘what-the-hell-was-that’ face. When he saw you grinning, he’d roll his eyes and smack your booty back, soon running away from you and this turning into you two trying to smack each other’s asses lmao.

Come and get this booty if you want it so much~~

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Cas: You threatened my humans. That’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

Dean: Cas, babe, we’re fine. You don’t need to be shot just to prove a point.

Cas: Seriously, Dean? Fine. We’ll do this your way.

*Awkward standoff*

One of the larries favourite arguments to use as ‘proof’ is, 'if Louis isn’t with Harry then he’s a terrible person’. Firstly this is false. Literally a complete load of crap. Louis is an inherently good person who puts on events for terminally ill children. Louis is the kind of person to do numerous charity events in his time off to help as many people as possible and raise awareness. Louis is loyal and kind and described in glowing terms by anyone that knows and loves him. Just because Louis has chosen to self identify as straight does not make him homophobic or a bad person.

However if Louis agreed to perform in a stunt that involved faking a babies birth. If that stunt led to the 'mother’ of this pretend baby being subjected to terrible misogyny and abuse. If he went out with a baby doll/actor and pretended to be a dad then I would question everything I thought I knew about Louis. I would question why a lad raised by a single mum, who knows the struggles that she faced would stand by and allow another young single mum to be dragged just to help keep his secret.

If Niall knew about this 'stunt’ and threw shade at it by using his close friends newborn baby then i would think he was also a pretty shitty person.

It’s time to start accepting that Freddie is real, stop turning everything the lads do as ways to push your conspiracies. Its beyond boring and is just cruel now. Freddie is a living breathing child. He is Louis’ flesh and blood. If you think Louis would use a child to hide a secret about himself then maybe it’s time to question why you’d be a fan of this person. Non of us know what’s going on in these people’s private lives and for all you know Louis could be dealing with a crisis currently at home and instead of being supportive fans you’re still wanging on about your conspiracies and calling his son fake. I literally can’t bear it anymore.

161209 shinee world v in yokohama day 1

Apparently Taemin ruined a bday surprise for Minho earlier today and everyone was blaming Taemin for his bad acting. So the others were like “how did I do?” Minho told Jjong he was “the most— (terrible? skilled?)” and told Onew he was “so so”

credit: @fodfran

Extensive thoughts on SPN 12x08
  • Sam and Dean investigate by themselves, then there’s Cas and Crowley, then they split up just to meet Cas who was teleported in the bunker by Crowley who does his standalone thing and (re)rejoins the troop later, so they can split up again and meet some random badass like Mr. Ketch (not that Castiel could’ve handled the situation, because he’s bulletproof) who saves the day and flattens the way for a final group activity against Lucifer. Uff, have I got it all? If something’s not unnecessarily complicated on its own, do it yourself.

  • Not one single friendly word between Sam, Dean and Cas. Hell, I’m surprised there was even a little bit of concern and a teeny-weeny shoulder touch by Dean, when Cas was overwhelmed with his angel radio function. Otherwise they seemed like they would rather be anywhere but in the company of one another. Again, without an explanation for this sudden weird behaviour. Damn, Dean didn’t even look up or otherwise acknowledged Cas’ monologue, although Castiel was standing right beside him.

  • Sam being unhappy about the fact that Crowley can now pop into the bunker at any moment is one of the few consistent character traits, but it gets annoying nonetheless. We get it, you don’t like Crowley, but as he himself states, he’s always there to save your asses and wasn’t a threat to any of you since…god, too long ago to actually remember.

  • So the angels get a nephilim tingle or a holy newsletter on Lucifers spawn, but no one knew anything about the nephilim in season eight? Because back then Castiel was surprised that there even was a nephilim left and argued with Metatron over the waitress not being an abomination. He must’ve changed his mind by now. Metatron would be proud of him.

  • Sorry (not sorry), but Lucifer getting burned by crosses is just ridiculous. He’s an angel for heaven’s sake, an archangel even. And especially in season five the writers made a big deal to let everybody know that Lucifer may have created demonkind, but was still, is and will always be a celestial being. Am I to assume that not being able to touch crosses is Chucks payback for being forced to make up with Lucifer?

  • Why is Lucifer even having sex? That’s character development that comes out of nowhere. He mocked Gabriel in season five for having an affair with Kali and was disgusted by Gabriel being lustful , remember? I do, Bucklemming, I do.

  • Obviously we weren’t the only ones surprised by Castiels newly gained Jedi mind control tricks, because Lucifer didn’t saw it coming either. Otherwise he would’ve known the group was waiting for him, right? No way in hell did he think Sam and Dean would try to catch him all on their own, or would he? Maybe he, as one of the few, did get the secret memo about this argument between Sam, Dean and Cas that seems to have taken place offscreen.

  • Last episode Sam and Dean were just present to shoot in a room full of people and set off the fire alarm, but this episode Sam got promoted. He was chosen to carry the magical, golden egg of e(gg)xorcism. Dean on the other hand was just as important to the (temporary) final confrontation as last time.

  • Crowley and Rowena poofed off where exactly?

  • So, let me get this right. Instead of Cas being a helpless bystander when Sam and Dean are taken inside this horror van, Bucklemming rather chose him to be a watchdog (pun intended, because he still gets treated like a dog), than let him witness everything? God forbid that we actually get to enjoy some team free will feels or something that closely resembles, I don’t know, an emotional scene.

I’m sure there’ll be even more to criticise on a second watch when I search for details, but to finally bring something positive to the table. The special effects looked really great and this (re)new(ed) nephilim plot is the most interesting aspect in all of season twelve so far, but as interesting as it is, I’m not ready for how hard this will fuck with canon in the future.

And if everything above wasn’t enough to give you an adequate impression of my current mood, let me express myself without words.

Jinyoung Imagine - Lantern

A/N - This one’s a cute one, thanks to the anon who requested! I love the idea of going to a lantern festival too, all the pictures I’ve seen look absolutely gorgeous! Keep on sending in your requests and I’ll write them as quickly as I can for you~

Dusk had fallen across the sky and night was soon arriving. The colours that filled the sky were beautiful. ‘Though not as beautiful as (Y/N),’ Jinyoung thought to himself. His hand was laced in yours as you both walked down the streets, taking in the stunning view of the almost-night sky and the business of people preparing many lanterns for later on in the night. Visiting a lantern festival had been something you were desperate to do for a while now and Jinyoung had surprised you by showing up at your house and telling you of his plans. Jinyoung had gotten the idea of taking you after watching the movie Tangled with you the previous weekend. When he saw how much your face lit up at the lantern scene, he knew he needed to take you.

He also knew that it would give him the perfect setting to propose to you. Marriage was something Jinyoung had thought a lot about. He had known for a while that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you but just couldn’t find the right moment to propose. Now that the two of you were walking down the street with lanterns all around you, albeit not yet lit, it felt like the perfect night. He had the ring in a red velvet box sitting in his pocket, ready to take out and propose once all the lanterns were lit and flying. 

You sat down on a bench, watching as Jinyoung bought two lanterns so you could light them and send them off together. Hundreds of people around you were doing the same and your heart raced. Once all the lanterns were lit, a man somewhere in the crowd began to count down. When he reached one, everyone lifted their lantern and sent them off flying. The now dark sky was dotted with hundreds of golden, glowing lanterns and a single tear of pure happiness slipped down your cheek. Jinyoung brushed it away before getting down onto one knee and pulling out that small velvet box. 
“(Y/N), I brought you here tonight because I knew how much you wanted to see a lantern festival but I also wanted this to be the night I made you mine forever. I promise to love you for all eternity and I hope you will do the same. Will you marry me?”
“Of course, Jinyoung!” Your arms wrapped around his and you hugged him tightly as the crowd surrounding you both clapped in celebration. Jinyoung slid the ring onto your finger and kissed you sweetly before you both sat there watching the golden glow from the lanterns above as you dreamed of your future together.

Jungkook is an amazing man ❤

After watching Bromance with jungkook and minwoo for a second time , I came to the conclusion that ppl needs to compliment/praise jeon more often. Tbh I know how everyone is like “ yeah he’s always good at everything , I’m not surprised he can do this or do that” ,but Jungkook still deserves to be praised. He needs those compliments to feel more confident so that he comes out of his shell. He’s so shy and insecure about himself at times…Please pour him a little bit of love by praising him. He deserves it 💜💜💜

Dating a young Sirius Black would include...

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

♡ You being like the fifth maurder

♡ You helping the maurder pull pranks

♡ Sirius being extremely protective of you,

♡ Sirius throwing his arm around your shoulders to let everyone know exactly who you were with.  

♡ Sirius carrying your books for you. 

♡ So much touching. 

♡ Cuddling in the common room.

♡ Cuddling up in Astronomy tower 

♡ Sirius wrapping his arms around you from behind, surprising you when you’re not aware.

♡ Sirius resting his chin on your forehead if your short. 

♡ Being the only one who can get Sirius to do his homework. 

♡ Hanging out with the Maurders by the tree near the Black lake. 

♡ So much kissing 

♡ Neck kisses

♡ Giggly kisses 

♡ Passionate kisses

♡ Loving kisses 

♡  Playful kisses 

♡ Chest kisses (when your cuddling)

♡ Passionate make out sessions when you’ve had a fight 

♡ Loving make out sessions 

♡ Giggly make out sessions 

♡ Needy make out sessions. 

♡ Sirius pinning you to a wall every time he gets the chance. 

♡ Sirius treating you like Royalty. 

♡ Explosive arguments 

♡ Sweet making up. 

♡ Sirius getting jealous 

♡ You getting jealous 

♡ Sirius being protective over you. 

♡ Sirius getting into fights to protect your honour 

♡ Play fighting 

♡ Pulling pranks on each other.

♡ Sirius forgetting Anniversary’s and Birthday’s and then suddenly panicking when he hadn’t got anything ready. 

♡ Sirius loving you passionately 

♡ You loving Sirius passionately. 

♡ Soft I love you’s 

♡ Being there with Sirius through everything with his family. 

♡ Reassuring Sirius whenever he feels insecure. 

♡ Running your hands through Sirius’s hair. 

♡ You and Sirius loving each other with all that you have through the good times and the bad. 

I am taking would include requests still, please send me some requests loves, keep me busy.  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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How about Sekizan and other three boys when his female s/o says that she will create a cheerleading team for the rugby club?

Sekizan Takuya

He would not think much of it at first. His s/o can do whatever she wants. But before the match, his s/o surprises him with all the works: short skirt, form-fitting top and most of the skin he is intimately familiar with. He would definitely tackle a lot more players than usual and his team would catch some of his passion. After winning the match by a landslide, the team would be slightly confused at the absence of a certain bara captain. Little did they know, in a secluded corner, the captain would be “appreciating” his s/o, and not just for the loud cheers she was leading just a few hours ago.

Hachioji Mutsumi

He would be totally supportive of the idea, even if he can’t know about what she has planned. Seeing s/o in a cheerleading outfit will make him blush like no tomorrow, to the point that even Sekizan is low-key teasing him. Like Sekizan, his cheerleader s/o will better drive him to win. The moment he can approach his s/o, he will give her the tightest hug he has ever given, no matter how sweaty the both of them are. But when no one is looking, Mutsumi will be a little more touchy-feely with his s/o.

Kashima Koichiro

He is generally fine with the idea and he surprisingly gives pretty good advice when his s/o bounces ideas off him. His s/o in a cheerleading outfit will make his heart leap because he is seeing her in a completely new light. Her cheering will definitely motivate him to do his absolute best because what boyfriend would he be if he doesn’t put his full effort into something they both love? After the match, Kashima manages to get permission to walk back home with his s/o, holding hands with her all the way out of sheer love and appreciation.

Iwashimizu Sumiaki

Iwashimizu will be happy and touched by the idea. After all, his s/o will not only be cheering for him but also for the team that helped him gain confidence. Except for Mutsumi and Sekizan, everyone is none the wiser to the cheerleading squad because Mizu wants ti to be a surprise. On the first day of cheerleading, Iwashimizu will be both happy and embarrassed to see his s/o in her cheerleading outfit. Yet, knowing that her squad will be there to watch them and cheer his team on will motivate him to do much better than he ever expected of himself. Winning the match will only make that day more memorable than ever for him and he may even initiate a kiss with his s/o out of joy and pride for his wonderful girlfriend.

~Mod Sleepy

Breaking up and Making Up

“You’re such a fucking asshole!” You curse loudly, throwing the door to Jax’s room at the clubhouse open. He follows behind, anger radiating off him in waves, as he slams the door behind him once you’re both inside.

“You’re just paranoid, you need to get your fucking head checked.” He taps his head with his finger for effect, your body feeling even hotter with rage.

You’d just came to surprise Jax at TM, bringing him his favourite food and drink for dinner. When you walked in, however, you didn’t expect to see one of the club’s fucking whores draped all over his lap, him not even doing anything to stop her.

The moment Tig saw you storming across the lot, your eyes on nothing but your man and some bitch, he knew shit was about to go down. All he managed to do was call Jax’s name once before you’d reached them, dragging the girl off his lap by her hair and throwing her on the concrete floor.

You only managed to get a few punches in before you felt an arm round your waist, pulling you off of the now bleeding girl. You’d ripped away from his grip, his touch like acid on your skin, your hand snapping forwards to slap him around the face, the other boys watching silently.

You’d stormed off, obviously, and Jax had followed, and so here you were, ready to rip each others heads off in his room.

You scoff loudly, crossing your arms across your chest to somehow resist your hands from punching him in his stupid fucking face. “Are you being for real right now? She was all over you, Jax! You didn’t even do anything to stop her. Now imagine if the tables were turned.”

His eyes darken at just the thought of another man with his hands on you, you sitting on a lap that wasn’t his. You groan in frustration, your point being completely proven yet you still don’t hear an apology leave Jax’s lips.

“I’m done with this.” Your voice is calm, quiet, and it worries Jax more than when you were shouting and cursing. You sound like you’ve given up, like you’re so tired of him being a completely fuck up that you’re washing your hands with him, and from your point of view, he’s not far from the mark. “Do whatever you wanna do, Jax, I’m sick of fighting for us.”

“Babe-” He tries to grab your arm as you walk past him, your reflexes being too quick for him to succeed. You reach the door, throwing it open and walking out, leaving him feeling angry, upset and worried all at the same time.

You hum to the music blasting through your earphones, your hands scrubbing at the counters of yours and Jax’s kitchen. It was around eight in the evening, and you hadn’t seen Jax since earlier. You weren’t really sure what you wanted or how it was going to go, but for now you decided to just keep the one emotion you were one hundred percent sure of. Anger.

You see the door open in your peripheral view, your eyes not completely focusing on the door as to not acknowledge Jax’s presence. You couldn’t be bothered to have another argument, another row to state all the reasons why his behaviour was upsetting, why it upset you. So instead you continued to clean, scrubbing particularly hard at a mark that had been there since you moved in.

Jax is sheepish as he comes in, moving slow around you as not to wake the beast inside of you. He’d had hours to dwell on the situation, not that he needed it, him coming to the conclusion that he fucked up, again, the moment that you left. Instead he spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out what your words meant.

He hangs up his jacket, wondering how to approach you, the loud music pouring through your earphones, showing you were in no mood to be disturbed. However, following the rule of not going to bed angry, he wanted to fix this, or at least attempt to save it before you gave up with him completely.

“(Y/N)?” He calls softly, knowing it’s no use but he does it anyway. You move to the sink, scrubbing at the plates and stacking them on the drying board. He moves to you, your eyes catching the movement as you slip away from him, moving to dust off the coffee table. Cleaning has always been your way of venting, a way to relieve your stress and anger. You’re not sure why, but it helps, so why not.

He moves to you again, refusing to give up, his feet moving closer to you as you hunch over the table, trying to make it gleam and shine. You stand up, ripping out your ear buds before swinging them around in your hand.

“You know what I’ve learned?” You ask rhetorically, your tone sarcastic and cold. “I’ve learned, that it’s best to just prepare for the worst, because if your expectations are low, there’s no real chance of being disappointed. Or, well, mostly.”

You shrug your shoulders, directing your attention behind him, before putting your earphones back in, leaving Jax speechless and feeling even more defeated than before.

You walk to the bedroom, his presence heavy behind you. You pretend he’s not there, that being hard to do once he spins you around and pulls your phone out of your pocket, pulling your earphones with it and shoving them both into his jean pocket.

“You know, when someone has their earphones in, and their music on full blast, it usually means that they don’t want to be disturbed.” You sass him harshly, folding your arms across your chest as an emotional barrier, not wanting Jax to get too close. You could easily forgive him, easily let this go like you always do, but what good was that doing you?

“Please, (Y/N), I wanna sort this.” His tone is soft, but there is authority laced in his words, telling you that he wasn’t going to let this go until he got his way, got you back, as always. You scoff, laughing humourlessly, shaking your head slightly.

You tilt your head to look at him, properly look at him, the sadness in his eyes and the slight tinge of fingerprints lingering on his cheek, the sight almost making you feel sorry for him, almost.

“And what if I don’t wanna sort this, hm? What if I want to pack my bags, and get the fuck out of here before you fuck me over even worse? What’s next? I catch you cock deep in some girl? How am I ever going to come back from that? Please explain how.” Your voice shakes, your throat thick as liquid tickles at your eyes. If looks could kill, the man in front of you would definitely be dead.

He tries to grab your wrists, you stepping back subconsciously, his touch disgusting you at this moment in time. His eyes flash with hurt, your chest aching too much to care.

“That’s never going to happen, babe, I promise-” You scoff again, turning to walk to your chest of drawers, resting your palms on the top of it and willing yourself to calm down.

“Listen, what happened today was a mistake. I should’ve made it clear that I had a girl, that you’re my girl.” His words are quiet, him taking tentative shuffles towards you, not wanting to take a step wrong. “I don’t wanna lose you, baby.”

You sigh closing your eyes as you feel yourself giving in. “How many arguments is it going to take for you to realise I’ve got a breaking point? I love you Jax but,” you turn to face him, “we spend more time fighting than we do being happy.”

He moves to you again, this time you let him, his hands cupping your face as he tilts your eyes up to meet his, making sure you’re listening to what he’s saying.

“I know we argue a lot, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been when I’m with you, (Y/N).” Your eyes begin to water, your heart feeling so many different emotions that you feel physically tired. “No matter how fucked up things get, no matter how much bad shit I have to do, it makes it all the more easier knowing that I have you to come home to.”

You place your hands on top of his, him resting your forehead on his own. You close your eyes as he places a tender, yet loving, kiss on your lips, a weight being lifted off your shoulders at the mere feeling of this argument being over.

“We both have shit we need to work on, and I’m sorry for the problems that I bring into this relationship. I just want us to be together and happy, Jackson.“ You speak honestly, placing another quick kiss on his lips. You slip your arms around him, hugging him and resting your head on his chest. His arms go around you, squeezing you and resting his chin on your head.

“We will be, baby. We will.”

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A/N I’m backkkkk! Well sort of lol, I had a dream about Jax/Charlie Hunnam so I had some inspiration to write hahaha. Not sure when I’m next going to be updating but I hope you liked this :) thank you for reading X


After Link made his way to Lorule Castle’s Throne Room, Hilda revealed her part in orchestrating the plot by commanding Yuga to obtain every part of Hyrule’s Triforce, because her ancestors destroyed Lorule’s own Triforce, in an attempt to stop the warring over it - this however caused their Kingdom to fall into ruin. 

Hilda sicced Yuga on Link, after absorbing Zelda’s piece of the Triforce, but was then surprised when Yuga turned coat and imprisoned her in a painting, absorbing the Triforce of Wisdom she had taken from Zelda and using its power, alongside the Triforce of Power he had already taken when he merged with Ganon to become extra powerful.

He was still no match for Link, however, even if he had only the Triforce of Courage in his side, or, well, he also had help from Zelda’s gift, the Bow of Light, to do so. 

Upon freeing Zelda from the painting and killing Yuganon, Hilda was also liberated from his power, and she still wanted to take Hyrule’s Triforce to revitalize her kingdom and help her people… However, a surprising interloper arrived in time to change her mind. Ravio, who turned out to be Link’s Lorulean counterpart and a former servant of Hilda’s, told her that if she stole Hyrule’s Triforce, she’d be committing the same acts her forebears had, which convinced her to let Zelda and Link go. She used the power of Ravio’s bracelet to send the Hyrulean duo to their kingdom’s Sacred Realm.

Once there, Zelda and Link, understanding Hilda’s despair over her duty to her people and her kingdom, used the wish bestowed upon them by the Triforce, to restore Lorule’s own :D

Two important additions to Hyrulean Legendry were also made:

25 Days of Barson | Stocking

Stocking |  329 Words | Day Eight
No Warnings | Established Barson
A/N: I posted a prompt out of order yesterday, but I’ll still post them all. We are now back in order. :)

“Go get Mami’s gift, Noah,” Rafael whispered in the six year old’s ear. Presents were finally winding down, and it was time to surprise Olivia with the best gift of all. Christmas had become a new normal for them, celebrating its Eve with his mother and then enjoying Christmas Day as just the three of them, lazily clad in pajamas with hot cocoa, cheesy movies, and new toys.

But this Christmas was going to be one to remember.

Lighting up, the kindergartener ran to his bedroom. Olivia’s eyes followed him curiously.

“You two weren’t supposed to get me anything,” she reminded him gently. “I didn’t-“

“Shush,” he pleaded. “Noah helped me pick it out. We wanted to do this.”

Before Rafael could even finish his sentence, Noah was running toward his mother, a red stocking with ornate silver embroidery being held out in front of him.

“Merry Christmas, Mama!” He shouted, giggling as she caught the stocking he threw in her direction

“Thank you, buddy,” Olivia responded easily, admiring it closely before Rafael nudged her.

She glanced up and he nodded toward the gift, “Well, open it.”

Her hand slipped into the soft fabric, fingers clutching around a small velvet box. She pulled it out, swallowing hard. Its size could only mean one thing.


Barba, however, smiled knowingly at Noah, who took the box and opened it, holding it out for Olivia to admire the beautiful engagement ring as Rafael fell to one knee. Noah giggled again as Olivia’s hands covered her gaping mouth.

“Let’s be a family, Mama!” Her son insisted enthusiastically.

“Yes, Olivia,” Rafael murmured quietly. “Be my wife, let’s be a family - legally and otherwise.”

Olivia felt a tear slip down her cheek as she nodded, leaning forward to take both of her boys in a giant, warm hug. Rafael kissed her as he reached for the ring, taking her hand to slide it onto her finger.

This was the Christmas their love became whole.

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4.18 Terms and Conditions

“Wakey wakey” Quinn cooed lightly patting the man’s cheeks while he slept. She giggled when he tried to swat her hand away moaning in his sleep. “Time to wake up” she said bending close to speak in his ear.

“What?” he growled opening his eyes jumping when he saw who was bending over him “what are you doing here?” he demanded pulling the blanket up to his chin.

“I’ve come to get your answer” she said sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked resigned to his fate. He’d do anything to keep his family safe. She obviously knew that as there was little surprise in her face.

[Quinn Sylvia and Caleb Gray was made by the wonderful @legendofsim]

66. time

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|time|kim jongin|

|hours feel longer when you’re not by my side, so please heal the pain, don’t tell me goodbye|

At the end of the night, he doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps, he’s dealing with the feeling of loneliness that haunts his heart and wraps it in nothingness, leaving it heaving for a sentiment that doesn’t exist, but he doesn’t feel like there’s something inside him that brings him to feel like he’s okay. He’s not alright, he’s not feeling okay, and he won’t ever feel the same way. He figures out life is just that way at 5:45 in the morning, his eyes droopy from the lack of sleep, his arms hugging his legs up to his chest as the faint sound of the TV haunts him at the end of the night that didn’t exist for him. He feels like he’s disconnecting from everything, but a step farther away from his reality turns into nightmares that look very similar to what he’s living currently.

Heartbreak is something that Jongin never understood completely.

He’d be lying if he said he did; he doesn’t understand why his heart drops so quickly or why his lips are reddened from the influence of the tears he had dropped. There’s not an excuse as to why he drank so much yesterday, neither does he have an answer as to why he changes his mind out of the sudden. Some days he says he’ll be fine, others he just rolls his eyes and there are times when he simply waits. He waits for the day when he feels like he could forgive himself, for what he did, for what he felt, for avoiding reality so harshly.

In the end of the night, he’s just another broken heart that no one knew of.

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[fanacc] 161209 SWC V in YOKOHAMA #3

Talking about Taemin spoiling Minho’s bday surprise, Taemin said he was trying to keep low about it but somehow he just had eye contact with Minho and he couldn’t hide itㅋㅋㅋ Then Key mentioned whenever they are preparing for a surprise the members would always start doing actions they don’t usually do, and that adds on to the suspiciousness and often exposes the surprise before hand lol.

Key said he and Minho are going to get changed and Minho took off his jacket and said ‘change here?’ and Key said 'No!…. Not me anyway' 

Minho and Jonghyun embarrassing Key by imitating his hip thrust actions during dance break

Minho said he prepared a line from 투 남자 in Japanese, and after he said it he asked Key what was his most impressionable line in Drinking Solo, and Key said it has got to be 'dirori~’. And he stressed that there was NO Japanese version for this line. Then Taemin came back on stage and said he had thought about it. Then everyone turned to look and him and he chickened out and told Key to let him offㅋㅋㅋ Key: You got all of our attention on you! Just say it!!
Then Taemin whispered it into Key’s ear and Key looked totally puzzled and said 'actually I have no idea what he’s talking about. And everyone, it’s really nothing. If you hear it you’d probably go 'what’s that??’ And Taemin, I am saving your image by not revealing it.’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Before the last song the dancers pushed out a real bday cake and JH wanted to smash it on MH’s face but Key stopped him and said the cake is expensive

The fans are chanting 'SHINee~ Minho~ SHINee~ Minho~’ and Key said this chant would sound weird if it was for him cos his name is just one syllable and it would sound like 'SHI-Nee~ Ke~y! SHI~Nee~ K~ey’
JH: No it can also be like SHINee~ Key
Onew: Key!
JH: SHINee Key..
Onew: Key!
Key: SHINee Key Key?
TM: I got one! How about SHINee Ya-Key?

Key asked the fans to join them in singing a birthday song for Minho, and Jonghyun was so enthusiastic waving his arms like a conductor  

Minho looking at his bday cake looking touched and Jonghyun started chanting 울지마~ 울지마~ Upon realising Minho was not the least bit about to cry, he started chanting 'just cry just cry’ but Minho still had no reactionㅋㅋㅋ And when they moved on to the last song, Minho helped push the cake away and Key went 'Just take the cake and go home!’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

cr: @ipipie

listen folks ed got released from arkham and set out to make himself absolutely indispensable to oswald and if this meant flirting with him a bit then well…that’s just what it was, and it turned out that was actually pretty easy because oswald is funny and clever (on the same level that he is, really, which is so rare and makes things so much easier) and not unattractive at all really if you think about it (which he seems to be starting to) and after that night where he pledges with a sincerity that surprises even himself that he’d do anything at all for oswald, he starts to form a Hypothesis and it ends up getting tested for him one evening when oswald, looking a little bit nervous but mostly very determined, leans over and kisses him and yes his hypothesis was correct that was indeed quite enjoyable and absolutely they should do it again

You know how viktor said he completely ignored life and love for the past 20 years… what if he’s never had a relationship either like what if he’s a virgin too 🤔🤔🤔

Like yuuri came in and got real raunchy real quick at the stuffy banquet routine that viktor had been doing all his life, so what if all that heavy heavy flirting at the beginning is just him giving back as good as he got b/c he thinks that’s how yuuri is and that’s what he wants?

I mean you don’t really see any more of the explicitly sexual side of viktor after the onsen on ice competition and he always seems really surprised/flustered when yuuri ups the ante in his Eros routine at every competition 🤔🤔🤔