BTS Reaction - Clenching around them during sex

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Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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Suga Daddy: Part 5

Suga Daddy: Part 5

Word count: 6.8k

Genre: smut, angst

Alright, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry to all the people whose souls i’ve shattered. (not really) Let me know how you enjoy it if you want :)  

parts: one | twothreefour

“What the hell is going on?”

You and Taehyung pulled apart quickly, both looking at the figure, staring at you with a hard gaze and a clenched jaw. You gasped, “Yoongi.”

You and Taehyung stared at Yoongi and his eyes moved between the two of you. You were so overcome with fear at the moment, but what the scariest thing was, was that you couldn’t read Yoongi’s face. Taehyung was so still and uncharacteristically quiet, so you knew this wasn’t a dream. Your breath was shaky, “Yoongi,” you said again, slowly.

He looked at you and then at Taehyung with a chuckle. You were really lost at the moment. You went to speak again but Taehyung beat you to it, “Yoongi, i’m so sorry. I just had a fight with Jimin and kind of broke up with him and I just needed someone. I’m sorry, I know she’s yours. I just- fuck. I’m sorry.” Taehyung started to stand like he was going to leave.

“Sit down,” was all Yoongi said in a stern voice. That was the voice he used when you were in trouble so you pulled Taehyung to sit back down. You bit your lip for a moment before saying his name again, you wanted to snap him out of this. “Yoongi?”

“That’s daddy to you.” You saw anger in his eyes when they looked at you but when they shifted back to Taehyung you saw arousal. “You want to touch what’s mine?”

“Daddy, really this is just a misunderstanding.” You said and his eyes were still on Taehyung. “A misunderstanding?” Yoongi laughed. “Right, okay.” Yoongi started walking around the coffee table to you and your got goosebumps. He came over to you as he slightly picked you up from where you were and then sat, putting you between his legs on the couch. “You want my girl?” Yoongi said, looking over at Taehyung with a smirk.

Taehyung started to speak, “Yoongi I-”

“You know what? You call me daddy too, just for tonight.” Taehyung and your eyes got wide, looking at each other in disbelief. “You can call her Y/N or slut… since apparently she needs a cock so badly she’ll take it from someone who isn’t me.” Taehyung made a noise and you could see the hard on in his jeans. You could feel yourself getting wetter. “I mean, I bet my kitten is just dripping right now. Do you want to see?” He asked Taehyung and you both waited for his answer. Taehyung looked at Yoongi then you and then back Yoongi, his answer slightly surprising you. “I do, daddy.” You couldn’t breathe for a moment. The words were so sinful coming from Taehyung’s lips but they sounded so good. You could feel Yoonig’s hard on in your back. “Good boy. Now, take her shorts off.”

Taehyung nodded and quickly moved forward as he looked up at you for your approval. You nodded slowly and he pulled them down, stopping. “Underwear too?”

“Yes, good boy.” You could hear Yoongi’s shit eating grin. Taehyung slowly slide them down your body watching your reaction. “She’s dripping down her leg, isn’t she?” Yoongi asked as Taehyung nodded, “She is…”

“Y/N?” You heard Yoongi say.

“Yes, daddy?”

“Touch yourself for Taehyung.”

You gulped slightly, “Yes, daddy.”

“That’s my good girl,” Yoongi said as you snaked your hand down your body to where your were aching to be touched. Although you had two men with you, You didn’t want to be the one touching yourself. “That’s right, open yourself up for him,” Yoongi brought you closer as you spread your legs, positioning one on the coffee table. You moaned as Yoongi griped one of your breasts as he told Taehyung, “Tell her what you want to see.”

“Um, uh- Put a finger inside yourself…” Taehyung said, you had never heard him unsure of himself. You could tell he was turned on though. He was trying to hide any insecurity. “Now,” he stated. You couldn’t believe how wet you were getting as you instead pushed two inside yourself, working them in with ease. You were so wet they were slipping in and out of you. “Fuck,” your head shot back, landing on Yoongi’s shoulder as he removed your hands. “Get on your knees kitten and get me ready to fuck you.” You whined but quickly complied, moving down and unbuttoning his pants as fast as you could, eager to have him in your mouth while Taehyung watched. “Tae, i’m going to fuck her first.” Yoongi’s words shot straight to your core, making you whimper and you got him out of his boxers. “You can see what she likes.”

His cock sprang free and you looked over at Taehyung while you took Yoongi’s cock in your hand and licked a long stripe from the base to the tip, making Yoongi shiver. You loved seeing the way Taehyung was looking at you as you took Yoongi’s cock into your mouth, bobbing and sucking his cock. You moaned around it and a whimper came from Taehyung that made you more than ready to have his dick inside of you.

Yoongi was trying to gain composure as he explained the rest of the rules to Taehyung. “You can use her for the night. Tell her what to do like the little dirty girl she is.” You still were staring at Taehyung when Yoongi grabbed the back of your head and forced you to gag around him. “She loves choking on a big cock.” Yoongi released you and you came off of him. “I think i’m ready enough. Taehyung, take off your pants so Y/N can suck you off and get you ready.” You got back up on the couch, positioning yourself doggystyle. “Suck Taehyung good, kitten.” Yoongi said as he stood up, rubbing your folds as Taehyung watched taking off the rest of his clothes. Yoongi then removed his shirt, “Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want with her.” Yoongi started to rub himself against you, making you tremble, you wanted him so badly. “Also, one more thing. I’m the only one who gets to come inside of her.” He pushed himself inside of you and Taehyung nodded.

“Fuck,” you shouted.

“I’m also the only one that gets to call her kitten because she’s mine.” Yoongi said as he was already fucking you hard. “Suck Taehyung like a good girl.” You moaned as you obliged, looking up at Taehyung while you took him inside of your mouth. “Oh, shit Y/N.” Taehyung said as he sat there on the couch letting his best friend who was a girl suck him off as her sugar daddy fucked her relentlessly. You were moaning around him  and sucking like your life depended on it. Taehyung threw his head back as his grip on the couch tightened. Taehyung watched Yoongi hold onto your hips as he other hand tangled into your hair. You choked on Taehyung’s cock as Yoongi snapped his hips even harder. You came off of Taehyung, “Fuck right there.” you cried.

Taehyung watched with excitement. Wanting to dominate someone he surprised himself by saying, “Beg for daddy to let you come.” Both you and Yoongi stared at Taehyung. Yoongi smirked as he held your hair as tightly as he could, pulling you up and back to him, whispering in his ear. “Make Taehyung come like a good little slut and then beg for me to let you come like Taehyung said, got it?”

“Yes,” you panted as Yoongi fucked you, hitting that spot inside you that made you want to sing. You were already so close. You needed Taehyung to come quickly so Yoongi pushed you back down. You took Taehyung back into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his wet cock, wondering what it would feel like inside of you. You moaned around Taehyung, making him curse as Yoongi did the same. “Goddamn, her pussy is always so fucking tight. Shit, I can feel her little cunt cleanching around me.” Yoongi’s eyes closed as the bend down, placing his forehead on your back, “So fucking good, kitten.”

Taehyung gripped your head, pushing you down. “Take me you little cock slut. Look at you, two guys at once. What a bad little girl you are.” Your strangled moan and desperation as you grabbed Taehyung’s thigh made him come in your mouth. You came off of him after you had milked him for all that he gave you. “Thank him,” Yoongi said, moving back up.

You looked up at Taehyung, “Thank you, thank you so much, Tae.” You could feel some of his cum on your lips. You licked it up as Taehyung whispered, Fuck, baby.” You would be embarrassed but it was too late for that.

“Daddy, please fuck me harder and let me come. I need you to come inside of me. Fuck, please!” You wanted to cry. You needed this so badly, you didn’t think you could hold it another moment.

“Come for daddy, kitten.” He started to pound you, the slapping sound ringing in your ears as you came so hard, you fell into the couch. “Yes, come for me!” Yoongi shouted as he came inside of you, filling you up in the way you loved. He slowly pulled out of you as you laid there for a moment, trying to catch your breath.

“Shit, she really does love cock. She’ll do anything for it.” Taehyung said and Yoongi smiled, “Kitten does love to be fucked. Let’s take her upstairs.” Taehyung nodded to him, “Sure thing, daddy” Taehyung said as he picked you up, naked with Yoongi’s cum falling out of you as you tightly held onto him watching Yoongi look at you from over Taehyung’s shoulder. “Thank you, daddy.” Yoongi grinned, “It’s not over yet, kitten.”

Taehyung walked into your room and threw you on the bed. Yoongi came and sat over on his side of the bed as Taehyung stood over you, licking his lips. You looked at Taehyung, craving his long thick cock inside of you. “Fuck her missionary and choke her, she won’t last long.” Yoongi chuckled as she started to stroke himself.  

“With pleasure, daddy.” Taehyung smiled at him as he crawled on the bed and spread your legs for him. “Is that pretty little pussy wet for me already?” Taehyung asked as he rubbed your heat slightly with Yoongi’s cum still inside of you. “I always hear Yoongi fucking you hard, you love it hard. Don’t you?”

You nodded, “I do.” You answered quickly as Taehyung deeply chuckled, “Sometimes I just want to come over here and join and now I finally am.” he slowly pushed himself inside of you as he breathed out, tilting his head back.

“Oh shit,” you moaned. He wasn’t as girthy as Yoongi but he was slightly longer than him. “Please Taehyung fuck my sluttly little pussy, I need you.” You said and you heard Yoongi curse. “You asked for it,” He put your hands above his head, “Keep them there.” Taehyung’s hands moved down your body as he gripped your hips tightly. So tightly it would probably bruise and he just started pounding you. You couldn’t even breath all the sudden. You wanted to move your hands so badly, wanted to scrape them down his back. You almost had moved them but Yoongi stopped you. You were bouncing on Taehyung’s cock looking at Yoongi who was holding you down while touching himself. “Daddy it’s so good, he feels so good.”

“Look at me,” Taehyung stated. You looked back at him as thrusts got sloppy. His hand flew to your neck, gripping it just as tight as you could take it.

“Yes, Taehyung!”

“That’s it you dirty girl, take my fucking cock while daddy watches.”

Your mouth opened but nothing came out, you body was numb. It all felt so good. Taehyung bet down and got right into your face. “Are you ready to come already? Such a little slut,” he chuckled and raised and eyebrow. “You going to come all over my cock, aren’t you? You just got fucked by two guys like it was no big deal, mhhh. You love cock just as much as I do.” He smiled and you cried out, “Oh my god! I’m coming.”

“That’s right, come for him.” you heard Yoongi say in his husky voice and that was it for you.

You came around Taehyung as he fucked you through your orgasm. “Y/N, fuck you feel so damn good. So fucking tight.” Taehyung quickly pulled out of you, coming on your stomach as your tired body went against you and suddenly fell straight to sleep.

When you woke up you were in bed with Yoongi. Yoongi was still fast asleep. You looked on the other side of your bed and you could see the imprint of Taehyung’s head on the pillow. Honestly and even smelled a little bit like him.

Moments of last night flashed through your mind. Of course you still couldn’t believe what happened. It all felt like just a fantasy. A fantasy that you didn’t even know you wanted. You decided to get up and go to the kitchen, when you walked in you were met with a familiar face. “Tae, hi,” you smiled as you walked through the doorway.

“Hey, handsome.” He tried to smile.

“I thought you had left, you weren’t in bed.” You walked in, kissing his cheek as you went to grab some coffee. You found your favorite mug and started to pour the coffee.

“Yeah, Jimin called me.”

You stopped for a moment. “Oh did he? You two talked?” You finished, getting the sugar and milk you wanted.

“Yeah, he wants to later. We talked a little on the phone.” Taehyung played with his cup of coffee as you sat down at the table with him.

“What did you talk about?” You took a slow sip.

“Fucking you.”

You slightly choked on your coffee, “Tae!”

He laughed, “I needed him to know. I’m not going to start lying to him now.”

“Does he know Yoongi was there?” You asked curiously. Taehyung stayed quiet and you laughed. “Tae,” you sighed with another laugh.

“We wanted her first threesome to be together. Maybe you could join us for that.” He wiggled his eyebrows, looking at you.

“Yeah right, I’m sure you both want a man.”

“True, also Jimin probably hates you right now.”

“Shit, you’re probably right.” You sighed again, “Well at least you told him most of the truth. You still have a lot to talk about.”

“Yeah, we’re supposed to meet tonight at six.”

“At home?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung chuckled. “honestly I’m scared to go back over there.”

“That’s understandable, all of your stuff is there, your life with him is there.” Taehyung just nodded and you took his hand. “He has a lot of explaining to do and so do you. Especially last night,” you both laughed, “but you two should be able to work things out. You both need to be honest and Jimin needs to come out and be himself. This can’t work if he goes back into hiding.”

Taehyung scoffed, “I won’t hold my breath.” His phone buzzed, “Shit, I have an audition. I need to go.” He stood up and kissed your head. “Thank you for last night.”

You smiled up at him, holding his hand as he walked away. He left and he heard the front door open and close this whole situation is fucked up, you couldn’t help but laugh you had just had sex with your best friend and yet the relationship between the two of you is fine. Honestly it was like any other day.

You looked at the clock on the coffee pot and realized you had an hour before class and then you had rehearsal after. You got excited, ready to see Yugyeom. So are you headed upstairs with a fresh cup of coffee for Yoongi.

Once you go to your room Yoongi was still asleep, in your bed. You put the cup of coffee on the nightstand next to him, figuring the smell would wake him. Although, he looked so peaceful you couldn’t help but grin.

You jumped into the shower washing your hair, cleaning yourself from last night. You couldn’t believe that you had two men inside of you in the same night. One, your best friend and the other who is someone you have been seeing for a while. You couldn’t believe that Yoongi let someone else fuck you. This was so not you. Then again you didn’t think you would ever sleep with someone for money.

You got out, drying yourself off and walking back into your room to a naked Yoongi, sitting up in your bed and drinking coffee. “Morning, kitten.”

“Morning,” you smiled at him. Walking to your dresser, you picked out clothes for the day. You heard the bed shuffle behind you and suddenly Yoongi was pressed up against you.

“I was about to come and join you in the shower,” he pouted playfully.

“I’m sorry, I have class soon. I was in a hurry.”

Yoongi slowly pulled the towel off your cold, wet body, “Can’t you blow that off today?” He pressed his naked body against yours. Caressing your skin with his fingertips.

“No,” you giggled and grab underwear and some other clothes. “Today we have a ballerina coming in we have to watch. Then later I have rehearsal.”

“What, you can’t miss one day to spend it with me?” He asked in a mysterious tone.

Your body suddenly filled with excitement from his words. You had never seen him like this and as tempting as it was to stay, you couldn’t miss class. “You know you pay for me to go, right?” You put your underwear and bra on as he watched, “I can’t just skip out.”

“Speaking of that, we need to talk about money soon.” He sat on the edge of the bed.

You froze for a moment. Money. The money your dad gave him? Either way you’re afraid of that conversation. What if he told you, you should take the money and go? What if he begged you to stay? Was that you wanted or did you want to stay? “We do?” you asked innocently as you slipped on a shirt and walked over, sitting in his lap. He smiled and pulled you on top of him to talk as he laid down. “Yeah, don’t worry about it though. It’s not bad.” He smacked your ass, making you jump and he chuckled. “I’m not broke or anything.”

“Well, I wouldn’t care about that.” you said all too quickly, not really thinking about what you meant.

Yoongi’s face suddenly looked worried and almost… scared. He sat up quickly and pushed you off. He grabbed his pants and you sat there a little dumbfounded. “Yoongi, I didn’t mean it like if you lost everything right now I meant-”

“I know what you meant… I need to go to work.”

“Could we go to movies after I practice? I haven’t been in so long?” You pouted slightly, you didn’t give a shit about the movie. Yoongi never took you out, let alone begged you to skip class so he could be with you.

His phone rang suddenly, “Shit.” Yoongi looked around, wondering where it was as he got dressed. You walked over to the nightstand, picking it up and handing it to him, seeing a woman’s name. He grabbed it out of your hand and cursed before he answered it, walking across the hall to his office. You tired to listen in but it was mostly coming from the other end. “No, i’m not home. I’ll be at work in an hour, okay? I’ll see you then.” he hung up and you tried to look busy as you finished putting on your clothes.

“Okay, we can go tomorrow, I need to run for now.” Yoongi said, putting on his clothes as you went to put a tad bit of makeup on. “Alright, goodbye.” You were waiting for a kiss but he moved beside you, grabbing his charger and huffed a quick, ‘bye’ as he left abruptly. You sighed to yourself, you really never knew with him.

You didn’t think that he would even pick you up on Wednesday afternoon, after he bailed on you yesterday and the day before, but that night he was at your door telling you that you had 15 minutes to get ready and then you were going to leave.

You of course rushed and once you got to the theater had an extra 20 minutes before the movie started. You looked at Yoongi angrily and he just shrugged saying, “I had to lie so you would hurry. Girls take too long.” You, of course, rolled your eyes, earning a smack on your ass from Yoongi in front of a few people. You were mortified but Yoongi just chuckled and went into the arcade.

Once Yoongi was in the arcade he won a stuffed puppy on his first try, playing the claw machine. You didn’t think anyone had ever one. You could play for five years and still not won anything but of course on his first try he would win. What was worse is that he wouldn’t even give you the puppy. You thought that he had won it for you but he saw a little girl walking with her mother and handed it to her with a smile. The little girl was ecstatic, taking it and saying thank you over and over and the mom was obviously very much attracted. You had even watched her try to give him her number but you stole him away quickly ready to go find a good seat for the movie.

You’ve tried not to show that you were jealous but you doubted that was working. You didn’t want to be the one who liked him more than he liked you. Of course that sounded so high school but you couldn’t help it. This was all still so new to you. You didn’t want to seem needy. You wanted to make your own rules too.

Once you walked in the theater there was only one other guy in the room, close to the front. You were trying to find a seat in the middle but Yoongi dragged you to the back for some reason. The movie started and no one else joined in there. You were even exactly wanting to watch the movie. You were mostly just wanting Yoongi to take you out. You want to be with him in a setting that wasn’t your home. Sometimes you wanted to feel like more than just a sex toy, even though that’s what you got paid for.

You lazily paid attention to the movie, it seemed pretty interesting although you couldn’t remember what it was called. You were mostly just looking at the main guy. You couldn’t help it but bite your lip at one particular shirtless scene, then all the sudden you felt a hand on your thigh. You didn’t remember why you wore a skirt tonight, it was just the first thing that you grabbed that was easy to put on since you were in a rush, but yet you were kind of glad that you did wear one.

You tensed but then quickly relaxed as Yoongi’s hand moved from the top of your thigh to the inside, gently grazing your skin. Yoongi’s touch always felt so good and calming. His hands were so calloused from working yet they were so soft. You loved how much he felt like a man when he was fucking you. You loved having his body against yours, it was so familiar to you.

You looked over at him and he smiled slightly. He wanted you, you could see it on his dimly lit face. You weren’t going to deny that you wanted him just as much. You couldn’t help but bite your lip again. He took that as an invitation. All of the sudden his cold fingers were rubbing you through your panties. You couldn’t help but gasp, “Yoongi,” you whimpered. “There’s still a guy in here.”

He stared at you while his fingers moved your panties to the side and dipped inside of you, “Your point?”

“But Yoon-” you opened your legs for him even though you were going to resist for a moment.

“I’m getting real fucking tired of having to tell you to call me daddy, you know what you’re getting paid for.” His mouth was so close to yours and you hated yourself for being turned on by his words. It was like a guilty pleasure being talked to like that. Then again, you didn’t believe and guilty pleasures, you knew you liked it and he wanted more.

“Kitten wants daddy to fuck her even if this theater was filled.”

His face didn’t change but you could see his eyes light up. “You’re my dirty little girl aren’t you?”

You nodded, “I am daddy, I just love being getting fucked by you like the slut I am.” You said as he started to rub you harder. He quickly pushing two fingers inside of your wetness, still rubbing your clit with his thumb. After a few minutes moved his fingers in and out of you, curling them, making you moan.

You sat there, taking his fingers, holding onto the chair, you were in, ever so tightly. He was thrusting his fingers and then telling you what a little whore you were for letting him touch you in a public place. You had never gotten to experience public sex and you were very much enjoying it. The thought of being caught by someone was exhilarating. Your body was just thriving on the chaos that was Min Yoongi.

“I’m about to come,” you said, you were so ready to release but of course he removed his fingers. “Wha-” then suddenly his fingers were replaced in your mouth. You knew that he loved whenever you tasted yourself, so you suck them dry, tasting how sweet you were.

“My kitten tasting herself, fuck that’s sexy.” He whispered. “Get over here.” He suddenly pulled you into his lap. It was abrupt and you didn’t know where this was going. You were kind of hoping that the movie was almost over so that he would take you home and properly ruin you. Then again you figured he had other plans and you were going to enjoy it.

Yoongi undid his pants pushing them down slightly as he quickly pulled your underwear down your legs and put them in his pocket. You were slightly pushed up on his lap as he positioned himself and pushed inside of you. The air quickly left your lungs as you grab onto the armrest, holding yourself up. “Fuck, daddy. Yes!” You were trying to stay quiet, but you couldn’t help that you were loud.

Yoongi slowly moved in and out of you. It was painfully slow, he even stay that way for a few minutes, barely moving in and out of you. He loved when you whined for him, begging him. To him it just meant that you wanted so much more, even if it was only this way.

“Yoongi, please.” You begged as he started move a little faster, chuckling in your ear. “Mh, kitten wants more?” He snapped his hips one hard time.

“Yes!” You couldn’t help but scream out slightly. The guy in the front turned around as Yoongi slammed his hand over your mouth pulling you back and helping you hide slightly. The guy turned back around as he settled back in his chair, watching the rest of the movie.

“Kitten are you trying to get caught?” Yoongi asked, his hand still tight, making you so wet with him inside you. You could feel his dick twitch inside of you as you shook your head. He was still and you didn’t know if you could handle it much longer. “I bet you want to be caught.”

You made a noise trying to look over at him then suddenly he snapped his hips and your eyes roll back inside your head. “You would love if someone saw you like this, huh? You want people to see what a little slut you are. Because you’re a bad kitten, daddy’s bad kitten.”

It was all becoming too much for you. He was thrusting in and out of you at the lightning pace. You were moaning so loud through his hand you were surprised that the guy didn’t turn back around. He pulled you back, into him, still whispering in your ear. Your legs were trembling as he spoke his soft and tempting words. Then suddenly you couldn’t see the black screen anymore, everything was white.

You came and soon after and so did he, grunting in your ear. He was gripping your hair so tightly after he removed his hand from your mouth you couldn’t help but cry out. Luckily, the movie had already ended and the credits were rolling when you look up at the screen and the guy was gone. You caught your breath, trying to stand up but almost fell. Yoongi caught you as he buttoned his pants back up. You trying to get your panties back from him but he wouldn’t let you have them.

You fought from rolling your eyes at him. You pulled down your skirt and he took your hand, leading you out of the theater and to his car.

You got into the car with him. You couldn’t believe what you had just done in the theater. You were still giddy about the whole thing. He really got you out of your comfort zone and to try new things. You felt so alive when you were with him, you couldn’t explain it.

He reached over and placed his hand on your thigh, gripping it again, as he backed out of the space. “I’m tired,” he chuckled.

“Me too,” you smiled to yourself.

“Where we going? This isn’t the way to my house.” You were headed downtown. You loved downtown but you were too tired to walk around and go do stuff right now. Plus it was pretty late in the evening since you had caught a later showing and the movie was long, then again Yoongi had fucked you so hard you were ready for bed.

“Oh shit, I’m so tired I completely forgot to drop you off at home. I was headed to my apartment.” Yoongi’s gruff voice was heard through your ringing ears. His apartment, you thought.

You weren’t going to lie, you had thought about what his apartment my look like for a long time. You just hated that you had never actually gotten to see it or even heard about it. You just liked to imagine it, but that was when you first started seeing him. After awhile your place just felt like home to both of you.

You didn’t want to say anything that might make him take you back to your house because you really wanted to see how and where he lived. You wanted to take a peek into his world.

You sat there quietly in the passenger seat and Yoongi looked over at you. “Uh, do you mind if I take you home in the morning?” His gaze kept shifting to the road and then back at you, waiting for an answer.

You couldn’t believe it. Soon enough you’d actually be in his apartment. This might not seem like a big deal to anyone else but you never know if you would ever see it, let alone get to actually sleep in there with him. “That’s fine, I don’t mind. I don’t have class until one so it’s fine.” You played off your excitement with a shrug. Yoongi looked at you one last time before speaking, “Alright, i’ll take you home first thing in the morning.”

You didn’t know if he actually wanted you there or if he was just tired. You got you thinking about how many women he had over at his apartment. Did lots of girls get to go in? Or did he buy them houses like you so he could come see them? Then again, was there anyone before you? You would never asked, of course you didn’t imagine him actually telling you.

You looked over at him, studying the features on the familiar face. You might know his body like the back of your hand but you had no idea who he was and that scared you. You have been seeing him for a year next week but he was still a mystery just like the first day you met him. Part of you was attracted to that, the fact that he was so mysterious and different. Another part of you just wanted to get to know him, just wanted a life with him. That would never happen now, you couldn’t imagine actually being in a relationship with someone who had paid you to have sex with them.

Once you were downtown, he pulled into a parking garage. You had recognized this part of town. It was very nice. You have been down here a couple of times to party and see shows, walking by the different apartments and wondering what it be like to live in them. He punched in the security code, and the gate opened.

Your body shook with anticipation. You couldn’t believe that you were about to actually walk around where Yoongi did all the time, see his nightly routine, see were his slept and even sleep with him.

He found a parking space and quickly got out of the car. You slowly got out and as you were going to open the door it was suddenly opened for you. Yoongi helped you out of his car and you smiled slightly as he held your hand walking you to the elevator. Suddenly he punched in another number and you were taken up.

Yoongi didn’t say anything he just hold your hand and you were somehow very calm. It was like he knew this was a big deal for you, hell, it was probably a big deal for him. Honestly, when you first started doing this with him, you didn’t think it would last as long as you did. You thought you might be around for a couple of months and then be gone once you got a good amount of money. You liked it too much though. You liked being needed and wanted by someone who could have anything. You liked being the thing that that person came home to, that person craved.

The doors to the elevator opened and you were met with his apartment. You slightly gasped and Yoongi laughed, “I would say not quite the reaction I usually get but I never bring anyone here.” He pulled you in and you were met with a wide open space. To your right you could see his kitchen, it was nice and big but look like it had never been used. To your left you could see the what was the dining room. You thought if he never brought anyone over here why would he even have a room like that.

As he brought you down the hall, you saw his living room. That room looked like he spent some time there. You could see on one of the couch cushions the imprint of his body. It had a nice big TV with the fireplace under it. His apartment was pretty big. But you wondered if he ever got lonely with all this stuff. He showed you the spare bedroom and then showed you his office. His office was the one that looks the most lived in out of everything. You could see music written all over the floor and table, his instruments askew, but the most interesting thing in that room were the pictures that were up.

Of course there were the records and awards he had won, but then you saw pictures of him with other people, smiling and having fun. You wondered who these people were, if they were his family or his friends. Were they important to hiim? Did you think you would ever stay around long enough to meet them?

Yoongi whined he was tired as he pulled you out of his office and headed toward the last door at the end of the hall.

“This isn’t where you show me your red room of pain, is it?” You asked and Yoongi genuinely laughed. “No, not tonight.” He winked and you smiled back. He opened the door and you were met with a forest green colored room, a big king sized bed with black sheets and a few bookshelves.

You saw his bathroom off to the side. It looked huge and what was even better was the big bathtub that he had. “Do you have a bathtub and a shower?” You asked as you walked over to the room to peak your head.

“Yeah,” Yoongi shrugged off his jacket. “I don’t really ever use the bathtub though.” You sighed to yourself, “So nice.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” you shook your head and looked over at him with a smile.

He nodded as he rid himself of his clothes. You just stood there and watched. “So, you said that many people don’t come here?”

He looked at you with an unimpressed look as he handed you a shirt of his, “No, Y/N, I don’t bring girls here.”

“I didn’t ask,” you shrugged as you started to undress with him.

“Your mouth might’ve said one thing about your eyes said another.”

You rolled your eyes and he made a ‘tsk’ sound at you. “Sorry,” you apologized quickly. You were too tired to make him angry and be punished at the moment.

While Yoongi pulled the blankets back. You decided to look at the things in his room. On his dresser there was a pretty big TV, along with his colognes and some jewelry. On his bookcases there were different books about music and biographies, there were also some romantic books which threw you off. There were a couple of different pictures. There was one of him and Namjoon then there was another of him and a Hoseok. That one you wanted to steal since it had your two favorite men in it. The third one was Yoongi, Namjoon and another older looking woman in front of Agust D records. You wanted to ask but he had called you to bed.

“Come on Kitten, daddy’s tired.” He said as he climbed.

“Alright,” you pushed your thoughts away and climbed into bed with him, facing him. His eyes were already closed as you turn off the lamp on the bedside table. You wanted to talk for a moment, you wanted to cherish the moments of being in Yoongi’s apartment. You didn’t want this to suddenly be all over once he fell asleep and woke up. “You have a lovely home,” you whispered and Yoongi made a noise in reply. “It’s barely a home,” he said just above a whisper.

You wanted to ask what that meant but all the sudden he spoke again. “Y/N, this coming Friday I have a gala event. Normally I would go by myself but Namjoon said that if I try to do that again he would set me up with someone.” You couldn’t help but make a noise as he said that the thought of him being with someone else made your skin crawl. “I need you to be my date. I know that’s not what you signed up for but I went ahead and put extra money in your account for it. Now you can go out to one of the stores here downtown tomorrow and pick something out. I have credit most of them so pick out whatever you want.”

You couldn’t believe what he was asking of you. You were going to be seen in public with him. Was that something you wanted? Was that something he wanted? All you knew was that you were suddenly filled with happiness, maybe you did want this.

“Okay, um I’ll do that then.”

“Good girl,” you saw Yoongi open his eyes for a brief moment in the darkness, lean in and kiss your lips quickly. “Night, kitten.”

“Goodnight,” you whispered to him in the darkness, falling asleep as soon as he brought his arms around you.

Excepting Anxiety

General Taglist:  @thebeautyofthomas @frustratedwaffle @killerfangirl3 @pippa-frost @extreme-doodles @fandomsofrandom

Story Notes: During the filming of the Accepting Anxiety story arc, Roman struggles with some parts of the script. 

Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

CW: Self-doubt, mild cursing


After the fifth time Roman messed up his lines, Thomas decided they could all use a break. 

There was no mistaking the frustration in his voice as he said it, though, and Roman cringed as their host sent him a glance that was a mixture of bewilderment and strained patience. 

“We’ll try again in a little while,” Thomas said. “I’m going to go get something to eat. Patton, you want to help me?” 

“Sounds good, kiddo,” Patton agreed, though not before reaching out and squeezing Roman’s shoulder comfortingly. “I think a few cookies are definitely in order.” 

Logan watched them heading into the kitchen, then turned to Roman. “You do seem to be having a difficult time today,” he stated. “Would it perhaps help if I were to run lines with you?”  

“No, I’m–I’m good,” Roman mumbled, waving him off.

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No but imagine... Scorbus as Internet friends

•So like Albus just casually runs a really popular social media acc and Scorpius is like a Smol bby who just starts talking to Albus because he wanted too
• but like they actually are best friends irl
• but they use fake names so they have no idea it’s them to each other
• and they become like really good friends on the internet talking like daily
• and somehow even though they talk about their life a lot they never mention names so neither of them catch on
• so Albus has already developed a huge and I mean huge crush on Scorpius (irl) so he goes to his Internet friend who is also Scorpius for advice
• and Scorpius has fallen in love with Albus on the internet and is like heartbroken when Albus asks for advice but since he’s a good friend he helps him
• and much to his surprise, Albus ends up doing the exact thing Scorpius advised him to do to Scorpius and he’s just confused bc didn’t I just tell my friend to do this the other day?
• and Albus is just happy that he pulled it off but then sees confusion on Scorpius’ face and gets disappointed
• so he goes and asks Scorpius for help again and there they go back and forth for like a few months
• until Scorpius finally musters the courage to ask for something like a face reveal and HAHAHHA THE SHOCK ON HIS FACE WHEN HE SEES THAT IT WAS ALBUS
• so Scorpius sends a face reveal to Albus too and Albus is just really embarrassed but then all the confusion makes sense
• but since they are right next to each other they just turn and start laughing
• and the next thing you know Albus’ lips are on Scorpius and they are kissing

Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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A Way to You Again: Part 6

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Angst

Word Count:  2153

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. Steve to the rescue!  I always love hearing from you guys <3.

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I grumbled sleepily as I turned over in the bed. Another morning – another terrible hangover. It had been a few days since my phone conversation, or lack thereof, with Bucky – and he had been silent ever since. Today was the last day Nicole could stay with me as she needed to get back to her life, her family, and her job. She begged me to go with her, but I had politely declined. I needed to find my footing again and figure out what my next step was. There was no way I could go back to Stark Tower – not after everything that had happened. I sighed to myself as I stared at the ceiling. I could hear talking in the other room which I tried desperately to ignore until a knock at the bedroom door caused me to angrily huff, “What?”

“You have a visitor,” Nicole called through the door. My heart jumped as I shot up in the bed just in time for her to open the door. “Captain America?” Nicole asked jokingly.

“My friends call me Steve,” he responded as he looked at her with a grin before turning his gaze to me – the grin slipping from his face.

I smiled weakly at him – the sudden spike of adrenaline mixed with my hangover was making the room tilt in an odd way. “Hey Stevie,” I muttered before laying back down in the bed and ignoring the presence of both Steve and Nicole.

“And she’s just been like this?” Steve asked in the other room. It was a few hours later and I was fully awake, but unwilling to leave the room out of pure embarrassment.

“For days now. I’m honestly not sure when she’s been sober during the last week,” Nicole replied. I scoffed. That was a little overdramatic. I drank every night to help myself sleep – I had just always happened to drink enough to feel horrible the next day. “What about your friend? This Bucky?”

“He’s absolutely miserable. Shuts himself away from everyone else. Snaps every time someone tries to talk with him. He hasn’t been like this in a long time,” by the sound of his voice Steve was certainly concerned. I was too – I couldn’t help but feel a sudden urge to jump in my car and go to him.

“Do you know exactly what happened?” Nicole asked pointblank. I could always count on her to cut through the shit and get to the bottom of the problem.

“He won’t talk to me about it. He just tells me it’s his fault and that he’s miserable without her. Has… has Y/N said anything?” he asked uncertainly.

“It’s probably best that you talk to her about it… So you um… don’t really mind staying with her?” I bolted upright at this. I didn’t need to be passed off like a child – I was capable of taking care of myself. I pushed off the bed and stomped into the living room. As I opened my bedroom door Nicole was picking up her bags and already turned towards the front door. I stopped and awkwardly cleared my throat. I felt all the anger leave me in a rush; I really didn’t want her to go. She turned to face me and gave me a smile before dropping her bags and taking the remaining steps to close the distance between us before giving me a bone crushing hug.  “Take care of yourself, sis. I can try to come back soon,” she added nervously as she pulled away and looked at me.

“I’ll be fine,” I answered meekly.

“You always are,” she responded as she turned and grabbed her bags before making her way to the door.

An awkward silence fell on the room once she had left. Steve turned to look at me – his eyes already asking the questions that had been running on repeat in his brain. “So…”

“Are you hungry?” I interrupted. I knew I was in for an interrogation, but I wasn’t about to let it start without getting some food.

Steve shook his head in exasperation. “If I say no will it help me get the answers any faster?” He couldn’t help but let a grin tug at the corners of his lips.

“Nope,” I grinned back at him.

“Okay fine – you lead and I’ll follow,” he answered reluctantly.

“Why did you run off?” Steve asked as he set the plastic menu on the table. I sighed heavily –so it was straight to business then. I had hoped that maybe we could get through dinner with pleasant conversation and hold off on the heavier conversations until later. I motioned for the waitress to take our orders. Once she was gone I picked up my untouched glass of whiskey and swirled the ice inside it lazily.

I peeked up to see Steve staring at my intently. He wasn’t going to let me off the hook. “It… it doesn’t matter Steve,” I tried my best to be nonchalant but my attempt landed flat.

He scoffed – obviously annoyed. “It does matter and you damn well know it,” he replied impatiently.

I rolled my eyes at the severity of his tone before meeting his eyes and realizing the hurt that laid behind them. “I’m… I’m sorry Steve,” I muttered into my glass. “Everything just got so messed up.”

“Y/N, what happened? I can’t help fix it… if you won’t tell me,” he answered earnestly as he reached across the table and placed his hand reassuringly on mine.

I swallowed hard – it would be harder to tell Steve than it had been Nicole. I looked at him with a sad smile on my face. “I… I love him Steve,” I whispered sadly as I shrugged my shoulders.

This was obviously not what Steve was anticipating. His eyebrows shot up before he regained composure and a soft smile formed on his face. “Well that’s not so bad is it?” He asked shyly.

“Did you know he was sleeping with Nat?” I asked absentmindedly. Steve’s jaw dropped open – a slew of half-words falling out. “She said it stopped around the time he started spending time with me,” I added thickly.

“Oh that fucking idiot,” Steve whispered under his breath as he ran his hands through his hair. It was my turn to be shocked – Steve never swore.

“Steve?” I asked.

“He wouldn’t tell me… wouldn’t tell me why you had left or what was wrong.” He was shaking his head angrily as he spoke. “I didn’t know about Nat – I had no idea, but I did have an idea about you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, my curiosity had peaked over my misery.

“He started to change about five months ago. At first it was subtle, but it started to become much more noticeable. No one else noticed, because no one else knows Bucky as well as I do. I’d catch him daydreaming… He’d smile for no reason… He was just lighter… happier. For the first time since the War I had that young kid from Brooklyn back as my best friend,” he explained as he shrugged sadly. I suddenly became acutely aware of the indention my teeth were making in the side of my cheek. Even as he spoke I felt the butterflies that I always had when I was around Bucky. When we were together there was an undercurrent of excitement like some sort of spastic electricity that I could never explain or reason out – even to myself.

“I miss him,” I answered quietly as I fidgeted with the food that the waitress had set in front of us.

“He misses you. Listen – I’m not telling you to forgive him. Hell, I still plan on getting the full story from him, but come home. Please?” Steve reached across the table once again to squeeze one of my anxious hands. I looked up and lost my resolve in his sad blue eyes. There was no way I could say no.

“I can’t get hurt again Steve. I promised myself.”

“I know – I promise I won’t let it happen, okay?” He smiled sweetly at me as I nodded. Of course Steve was right – I needed to hear Bucky out.

“Are you sure you don’t want to head back today?” Steve asked as he raised an eyebrow curiously.

I shook my head as I continued looking forward. “I agreed that I will hear him out, but I don’t want to go back today. The drive is too long and I need to pack.”

Steve rolled his eyes playfully. His mood had definitely improved since I had agreed to go back to Stark Tower, but he was going to have to wait one more day. I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared today after his surprised visit. “So what do you want to do today?” he asked as he spun on his heel and looked at me.

I shrugged. “We could go to the beach for awhile. The weather’s pretty nice. The ocean here is just so much better than what we have in New York,” I responded.

“Deal,” he responded as we continued our journey back to the cottage.

“I know you’re mad at Buck for not telling you everything, but maybe you should meet him halfway?” Steve said as he stared at me from across the little fire we had built in front of the cottage. The sun was starting to set as the evening waned into night. “I just mean,” he added as he raised both of his hands in response to the look I had given him. “Did he know you had a sister?”

I sat quietly as I diverted me eyes from him. He had a point. “No,” I mumbled back.

“And I’m assuming you didn’t tell him for a good reason?” he added.

“Yeah,” I responded as I chewed on my bottom lip. I had tried to keep my life before the Avengers separate from my new life. It was relatively easy. My parents had both died so it had just left Nicole, who had agreed with my reasoning for the safety of her own family.

“Well I think I’m going to head to bed since it will be an early morning,” Steve announced – breaking the awkward silence that had fallen between us.

“Yeah good idea. I think I will too,” I mumbled. We put the fire out and headed wearily to our rooms. I feared that it wouldn’t matter how tired I was – the amount of nervous energy running through my mind and body was sure to keep me awake.

I blinked wearily – trying to wake myself up as we weaved in and out of cars on the freeway. Just as I had predicted I didn’t sleep the night before, making for a very long drive back to New York City. We had had several close calls from my less than stellar reflexes that left Steve grumbling in the passenger seat.

“Y/N! Stop!” Steve yelled as I slammed on my brakes and veered off the road. Traffic had come to a sudden halt and my internal monologue had prevented me from noticing. I put the car in park and shakily placed my head on the steering wheel with a groan. “Okay – that’s it. I’m driving,” Steve announced sternly before unbuckling himself and exiting the car. I sighed in frustration. There was no reason to argue with him after I had almost killed both of us.

“Fine,” I muttered as he opened the door and I unbuckled myself before exiting the car. I stomped to the other side of the car and threw myself into the seat – slamming the door behind me.

“You done?” Steve asked through a chuckle.

“Yes,” I muttered as I shed my hoodie before buckling my seatbelt. I wadded the hoodie into a makeshift pillow and placed it between my head and the window before closing my eyes. Maybe I was tired enough to rest for awhile. “Steve?” I asked as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

“Yeah?” he responded as we pulled back onto the highway. We had about four hours left before we reached the city and there had been something I had been meaning to ask Steve.

“Something has… er… well I’ve been wondering something ever since you showed up…. Why did you come instead of Bucky?” I didn’t immediately receive an answer from him so I peeked through my lashes to see him clutching my steering wheel with white knuckles. I had the sudden fear that he would snap it in two.

He chuckled nervously. “Well… I thought I was less likely to get punched than he would,” he responded before falling into an awkward silence.

“And?” I asked as I lifted my head and turned to look at him.

“Well Bucky doesn’t exactly know that I am with you,” he responded nervously as he turned to give me a wink.


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Fresh Start - Part 3

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West and Julian Albert

Words: 2369

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14 @gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms

Request: none

Notes: thank you to everyone who’s reading this story! I’m so happy you like it so far!

Originally posted by dailygrantgustin

PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

Of course that incident during your very first hours in Central City had consequences. You told Thea what happened that same night and, of course, she ended up telling Oliver in no time. As a result, your voicemail was full of messages of a really angry, worried and protective older brother who threatened with showing up in Central City and taking you back with him if you didn’t call him back in less than 12 hours.

Talking him out of that threat in the morning wasn’t easy at all but somehow you managed to calm him down after being with him on the phone for more than an hour. You really appreciated his concern but there were times when you just wanted to kick his ass. Especially when his overprotection caused you to be late for your first day at journalism school.

You were lucky your teacher was a nice mid-age woman. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been allowed to walk in the class. The first subject was actually pretty interesting. They were going to teach how to write a proper article, what register you had to use and which one you couldn’t, which were the right words according to the topic. They were going to teach you how to write. What you didn’t expect was to have work to do by the time the class had finished.

“I want an article about the topic you chose concerning Central City. It can be about projects the Mayor is carrying out, shops opening, metahumans, crime…whatever you chose is ok. Just remember: adjust your register, your language and state your sources. You have a week. Thank you and I see you on Wednesday” she explained while she took her papers.

The rest of the classes were as interesting as the first one and you couldn’t wait to see what this degree had to offer but you were already loving it. Lucky for you, the only work you had to do so far was writing that article and you had a week. Your way back home, all you could think about was topics to write about and you couldn’t come up with any good one.

It took you a time to find a parking spot and when you did, you went straight to Jitters to have lunch since you still didn’t have time to buy groceries and didn’t feel like doing it. When you finally had your lunch and a table to sit, you took out your laptop and started doing some research on the city while you called Thea.

“Hey! How was your first day?”  She asked the moment she picked it up.

“Great! I already love it” you smiled with enthusiasm. “But I already have work to do and I honestly don’t know where to start” you said.

“What is it about? Maybe I can help” she suggested. Soon you told her what the class was about and what you had to do, hoping she could really help you out on this one.

“And I don’t know what I can talk about. When the teacher started talking about writing an article, I immediately thought about writing it about Oliver, you know? I can get an interview with the Mayor of Star City” you laughed. “But then she said it had to be about Central City” you sighed scrolling down the screen in search for some inspiration.

“I would do it about metahumans” she said right away. You frowned at the answer.

“I’m not really interested in them” you commented.

“But people is! It’s an article people would read. Normal people with super powers? C’mon!” She exclaimed.

“Well you have a point…” you said as you typed ‘metahumans’ and searched for it. “I would definitely have information” you added as you saw all the results.

“And I’m sure you can even go to the police and ask someone there. They must have an expert or something like that” she told you.

“I guess…” you whispered. “Actually yes, maybe I can do it about metas” you nodded to yourself. “Thanks Thea, you’re a love” you said.

“I know” she said. You rolled your eyes at the response. “I gotta go to work but I’ll text you later, ok?”

“Ok, bye Speedy” you said before hanging up. “Metahumans…” you mumbled looking through the articles that had been written about them. “The world is crazy” you added before closing your laptop.

You had your topic, you had a week and you were hungry. It could definitely wait.

When you finished your lunch you went straight to the supermarket. You couldn’t just waste money eating out so the sooner you had your food, the sooner you would stop wasting money. The rest of the day was spent at home, unpacking and putting everything in place while you made a list of the things you needed for the apartment. By the time you were done, you were completely exhausted so you made yourself some popcorn, connected your computer to the TV and turned on Netflix.

Next day at university, the classes were as interesting as the first one. Except History of Journalism. That was the most boring class you had ever attended to and the teacher didn’t help. All he did was turning off the lights, turn on the computer and play a PowerPoint while he started talking in a monotone tone that would make anyone fall asleep.

So, after 15 minutes trying to paying attention and not getting anywhere with that, you opened your internet browser and started doing some research of metahumans as you took notes of everything you saw that it looked interesting. You knew there had been many metahumans attacks here in Central City but you never thought there would be that much. In less than five minutes you had a whole list of fifteen metahumans with different powers. But one of them stood out: The Flash.

The scarlet speedster that had saved Central City was all around the papers. Obviously he was loved by the whole city and he had even worked with the Green Arrow sometimes. It was interesting but the articles didn’t give you much more information. You needed a source and you knew where to get one: CCPD. You searched through the department web and soon you came up with a name: Julia Albert, metahumans expert. He was your guy.

When you finished your classes you went straight to the police department. There had to be someone who could give you more information about these metas so, once again, you were standing in front of the desk. Fortunately, this time there was another man behind it. A nicer one than the last time.

“I’m a journalism student and I have to write an article for one of my classes” you started explaining after he asked you what you needed. “I’ve decided to write it about metahumans so I was wondering if I could talk to Julian Albert? Your expert” you smiled.

“First I would need to your student ID if that’s not a problem” the man smiled at you.

“Oh sure! Sorry” you chuckled looking for it in your bag. Soon you found it and showed to him before hanging it around your neck.

“Alright, Miss Queen” the officer said with a smile. “Albert’s lab is upstairs. Turn left and you will find it at the end of the corridor” he informed you.

“Thank you” you smiled at him before following his instructions.

You would love to say that you got there with no problems but the truth was that your orientation wasn’t good at all so you had to ask for indications once again. Finally, you found the door with a sign next to it that said “Forensic Lab”. You peeked in and saw a blond guy sat down in front of a table, focused on some papers, and another one next to the window, looking at some kind of tube. Before you could say anything, the blond one got up in a hurry.

“Caitlin texted me. She has the result. I’ll text you later” he said taking his coat. His British accent actually surprised you.

“Alright” the other guy said.

“Hi…” you said shyly as you walked into the laboratory.

Both of them looked at you at the same time, obviously not expecting anyone at the moment. You imagined the blond guy was Julian Albert, the expert, since you recognized the other one as Barry, the nice guy you met on your first day. It looked like he recognized you as well, since he smiled at you the moment he looked at you.

“Hi! What a surprise,” Barry said.

“Do you know her?” Julian asked confused.

“I met her the other day downstairs. What are you doing here? Is everything ok?” He asked walking over you.

“Yes, actually I came to talk to you…Julian?” You said looking at the British.

“That’s too bad because I have to go. Sorry. But I’m sure Barry will be able to help you” he said walking pass you before you had the chance to say anything.

When he was gone you just stood there like an idiot, a bit confused by how he had stormed off all of sudden. Did you smell or something? When you heard a chuckle in the room, you turned to look at Barry to see him laughing silently.

“Something funny?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, sorry” he chuckled. “You just…look funny right now” he shrugged.

“Well, thank you” you said crossing your arms.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” he apologized and put the tube on the table. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“I…don’t think so” you frowned. “I came here because I’m writing an article about metahumans for a class so I wanted to talk to the expert but he’s gone faster than The Flash” you told Barry.

“Believe me, The Flash is way faster than that” he smiled as he walked over you. “What are you studying?” He asked.

“Journalism. Just started” you smiled proudly.

“Really? A friend of mine is a journalist for the CCPN” he told you. “Central City Picture News” he added when he saw your confusion. “You’re not from here, are you?” He asked.

“I’m from Star City, actually. I’m still trying to get used to the place” you shrugged.

“I see” he nodded. “Well, Julian is busy right now and I think he will be gone for a while. But maybe I can help you” he shrugged.

“Do you know anything about metahumans?” You raised an eyebrow.

“You would be surprised” he chuckled.

The answer was somewhat odd but you decided to let it go. This guy was one of the few people that had been nice to you since your arrival so you didn’t want to bother him with stupid questions.

“Well…ok” you nodded. “So can I ask you some questions?” You said awkwardly since you still wasn’t too sure about how this interviewing thing worked.

“Barry!” A big man came into the room wearing a black coat with a white shirt underneath. “We have to go. Cisco called me. It’s important” he said.

“Eh…Joe, this is (Y/N)” he said stopping this Joe for talking, like he could say anything wrong.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you had company. I’m Joe West, detective” he smiled kindly as he shook your head.

“Nice to meet you” you smiled at him and looked at Barry. “Raincheck?” You asked.

“Absolutely” he said taking a piece of paper and writing something down. “Call me tonight and we can meet up, alright?” he said handing the paper over.

“Sure. Thank you” you smiled at him.

“No problem” he smiled back. “See you”

None of them gave you time to say anything else before they left. Well, it looked everyone in this place was in a hurry except you. With a sigh, you put the paper in your back pocket and you looked around but since you had nothing else to do there you decided to leave the place before someone saw you. You didn’t even know if you were supposed to be there unaccompanied.

You had to do a couple things for college and you were starving so you went straight to the apartment to get it done. The afternoon was over before you even realized but you managed to get everything done in time. Still, you had some laundry to do so you took your basket and went to the laundry room of the building. Before putting the jeans in the machine, you checked the pockets and it was there when you came across the piece of paper Barry gave you.

“Damn!” you exclaimed.

Quickly, you put your laundry in the machine and took out your phone. It was almost 1 a.m. but maybe you were lucky and Barry was still awake. First, you saved his number into your phone and then, hesitantly, you dialed it and waited, biting your lip as you felt some tickling in your stomach.

“Hello?” His voice said on the other side of the phone.

“Hi Barry. It’s me, (Y/N)” you said.

“Oh, hi! I was starting to think that you had found another metahuman expert to talk to” he said making you laugh a little.

“I would never do that to you” you smiled. “Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been busy” you sighed.

“No worries. I’ve been busy too so I guess you called just in time” he said.

“I’m glad then. So…when are you available?” You asked biting your lip. Why did you felt so nervous doing this?

“Are you free tomorrow? Maybe we can have some coffee around 10 in the morning?” He suggested. Luckily for you, you didn’t have your first class until noon the next day so 10 should be fine.

“Sure! That would be great” you agreed.

“Perfect. Do you know where Jitters is?” He asked.

“Of course” you smiled. “So…see you there at 10 then” you said.

“Sure. See you tomorrow. Goodnight” he replied.

“Goodnight Barry” you said and slowly hung up, ignoring all those sensations going up and down your body just by the sound of his voice. Definitely, you needed to calm down.


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Character: Prince Adam (The Beast)

You stared down at your freshly cleaned palette, debating on if you should paint again so soon after spending a great deal of time scrubbing the long dried paint off the wood, even having to scratch off bits of crimson and mauve from the small crooks of the board with the plates of your nails. But nonetheless, it was your job to paint the various portraits and murals for the castle hallways and ballrooms.

You set up your easel in the center of the castle gardens, the large structure towering above you in all of it’s opulence and glory. Taking a moment to adjust your sun hat to rid of the blinding light, you placed a small workbench off to your side with all of your various shades of paints and brushes in a multitude of shapes and styles.

Taking a small step back you tilted your head in various angles to decipher how to go about painting the castle as to the Prince’s request. Once you found something you liked you immediately set upon your work, sketching out the bases and eventually getting lost in the motions as you so often did when the proper inspiration struck you.

You were so absorbed in the creation unfolding before you, you didn’t hear the sound of footsteps approaching you from behind. The person’s footsteps stopped when they were still a good bit away, but close enough to watch your craft.

It wasn’t until you placed your paintbrush down and opened a jar of deep blue paint that you noticed the fancy heeled shoes standing out in contrast to the grass. Your gaze slowly moved up and you came face to face with the Prince of the castle.

You about jumped four feet in the air upon seeing him, almost knocking over your worktable had it not been for your arms that quickly wrapped around it and halting it’s fall. “Y-Your Majesty!” You said in a brief moment of shock. “You’ll have to forgive me, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here so early in the day.”

He offered you a small smile and glanced at the various swatches of paint that lined the backs of your hands that still had an iron grip on the table. You noticed the odd look he gave you and immediately released your hold. “Is there something I can help you with, sire?”

Prince Adam shook his head as he peered over your shoulder to gaze upon the canvas. “This is the painting I asked of the castle is it not?”

You nodded your head silently, moving slightly so he could look at it more closely as you stepped back from him, arms behind your back as you awaited his inspection.

“I knew I had chosen you for a reason, this is some rather extraordinary work.” He said with a cheerful tone as he turned to you with a small smile.

Your hand went under your chin as your eyes went to his in surprise. “Do you really think so?” You asked sincerely, taking a step closer as you moved to his side.

This was the first compliment you had received from the young Prince since your employment. As a matter of fact, you hadn’t seem him much at all since your brief introduction on your first day as the court painter of the Royal household. Some of the staff explained that he was busy with remodels of some of the castle exterior and overall attempting to brush out a lot of tangles that had occurred within the management of the kingdom.

However, when you asked what had happened, they’d all smile and shrug their shoulders, telling you he had been away for a rather long time and things had gotten a little hectic within the castle walls.

“How could I not? Your style is really rather unique than the painters we’ve had in the castle before, it captures a lot more of it’s real essence.”

You bowed respectfully. “Thank you, sire.”

He shook his head and held out his arms in front of them. “There really isn’t a need for the formalities. You need only call me by my name.“

“As you wish, Prince Adam.”

Adam made made an attempt to say something to you, but stopped himself short.”It’s only just now occurred to me I don’t really now your name, and since you know mine it only seems fair to tell me.”

You gave him a minuscule smile before telling him what he wished to hear. “(Y/n), my name’s (Y/n).”

You had held out your hand with intentions for him to shake it, but he took it gently in own and kissed the back of it. “Well it is very nice to make your acquaintance, (Y/n).”

You laughed bashfully as you looked into his eyes. “Likewise.”

A/n: I have zero clue where this would go in terms of timeline,although it does take place after the curse has been broken but let’s just say it’s an alternative end where Belle opts to travel Europe after the curse instead. (lame i know but bare with me here, it’s all i got at the moment.)

Don’t worry guys, I fixed it:

Let’s just pretend that this is what happened. 

Nick hurried along the small bridge next to the dam, trying desperately to find Madison and Troy. The conversation with Daniel had shaken him to the core, and he had known instinctively that Daniel had not believed him when he said Jake was the one that had brought the horde upon the ranch.

When Nick finally heard voices, he increased his speed, falling into a light jog. He turned into one of the small openings along the dam and was relieved to find them; Troy with the detonator in hand and Madison holding a hammer.

“We gotta get out of here,” he said before they even realized he was there. Both of them looked up at him in surprise. Nick didn’t wait for them to acknowledge him, simply climbed down the small ladder to get to where they were and continued talking. “Okay, Strand sold Daniel and Lola to the Proctors.”

“We have to warn them,” Madison said immediately, and Nick raised his hand defiantly, but Madison interrupted him before he could speak. “No, Victor brought this on himself. He should have come to me.” She was angry.

“No, we can’t,” Nick told her, and his voice turned quieter. “Because when Daniel sees Troy, he’ll kill him.”

“Why would Daniel want to kill Troy?” his mother looked at him in confusion, but he didn’t know what to tell her. This time he couldn’t keep the lies up anymore. Not if he wanted her to realize that they had to get out now. Eventually, Madison turned to Troy.

“I led the horde to the ranch,” Troy said, trying to sound confident, indifferent, but Nick could tell there was more to it. “It wasn’t right that the Indians had it.”

Indians?!” Madison said, and Nick heard the threat in her voice. “We all had it, Troy.”

“No, not all of us,” Troy replied, and he was getting angry as well. “You exiled me.”

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19 Jun <3

19. First time waking up next to each other

Consider this the second part to Jun + first time sleeping on the same bed together!

You weren’t sure if you were woken up by the Sun sneaking into the hotel room through the blinds that hadn’t been shut properly or by Jun mumbling something in his sleep, or possibly by both, but your lips curved into a small smile either way before your eyes had even opened.

“Jun?” you whispered, placing your hand on top of his near your stomach, and turned your head a little. All you could see was his hair falling over his face, since it was getting really long, and when you didn’t get a reply, you figured that he was still asleep. Chuckling quietly, you began turning around with Jun’s arm still around you. “You sure don’t move around while sleeping…”

It was exhilarating to be so close to him, and you couldn’t help but slowly reach for his hair, which you moved away from his forehead, pleased to see that it also stayed away. A soft smile spread to your lips at the sight of his eyes still peacefully shut as he breathed steadily, his lips parted the slightest bit. You moved your fingertips to touch his cheek gently, and bit on your lower lip a little in excitement as you ran your fingers over the slightest beginning of a stubble on his jaw.

When Jun scrunched his nose, you couldn’t help but giggle quietly.

“You’re tickling me,” he muttered groggily, keeping his eyes shut, but you could feel his arm tighten a little around you.

“So?” you asked with a grin, and with your hand cupping Jun’s cheek, gave him a sweet kiss that you were unable to keep yourself from giving him. As you pulled away slowly, you smiled as Jun finally let his eyes flutter open. “Good morning.”

He gave you a small smile, still visibly sleepy, and pulled you closer, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Good morning.”

Laughing, you ran your fingers through his hair and embraced him back. “I didn’t know you’d be like this first thing in the morning.”

“The more you know, huh,” Jun grinned and gave you a peck on your neck. “In my defense, it’s our first morning together.”

You pouted and pulled back a little. “Are you saying this won’t become a thing?”

He raised his eyebrows, his lips parting in surprise. “Do you want it to?”

“Naturally,” you mumbled, a small pout still present on your lips, and slid down on the bed so that you could press your head to his chest. “You know I love cuddling you.”

Jun chuckled and stroked your back, his voice amused as he spoke. “Alright, honey. Morning cuddles it is.”

You hummed in satisfaction. “I like the sound of that.”

Silence fell over you for a moment as you enjoyed each other’s presence, still giving yourselves some time to wake up properly. Jun let his eyes fall back shut every now and then, his fingers moving slowly in your hair while you drew figures in his back.

Suddenly, he snorted, and you lifted your face.

“So, you don’t kick in your sleep,” he stated in amusement, and opened his eyes to look at you playfully when he saw you staring back at him, “but you do talk a little.”

You pursed your lips, your cheeks heating up, and with your brain going over dozens of possibilities of what you might have said, spoke. “…What did I say?”

With a smug grin on his face, Jun leaned down, his nose touching yours. “Just my name a few times. Makes me wonder what kind of a dream you were having…”

At that point your cheeks were certain to be rosy in color, but you somehow managed to keep your composure. Jun remained close to you, but didn’t kiss you. 

Your lips brushed a little against his as you spoke again. “I think I have a pretty good idea of what you think the dream was like, but in reality there was just restaurant called Jun that I really liked.”

His grin widened, if it was even possible, and he laughed a little. “Do you really want me to go into what it could mean that I was a restaurant that you liked?”

When his words hit you, you groaned and hid your face in his chest while he laughed and hugged you tightly. “I hate you.”

Jun shook his head and hummed, “You love me, and I love you too.”

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“Hey” you greeted Eric. He didn’t answer. The Dauntless leader looked tired as hell. Tired eyes and grumpy face exposed his lack of rest.

“Hey, I’m talking to you” you repeated. Eric turned around with annoyed expression on his face, but when he saw you holding two steaming cups of coffee, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “What do you want, princess?” 

He liked to call you like this, cause he thought that it annoyed you, but secretly you loved this nickname…especially coming from his mouth.

You rolled your eyes in fake annoyance, and handed him one cup of coffee. “Did I deserve this?” he chuckled and sipped little bit of a drink. 

“Probably not, just thought it’ll make you less of an asshole” you smirked and walked away. “You should get some rest, or It’ll be even more easy to kick your ass” you added.

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1 & 18!with our lovely JUST king please!

Edmund forced himself to concentrate on the curtain at the end of the hall instead of the pleas of the angry girl trailing behind him. She kept insisting she could help with outing one of Cair Paravel’s more suspicious guests, but…he didn’t want to get her involved.

“Edmund, stop being like this! I’m not just going to sit around here waiting for you. My swordsmanship is decent enough to help.” (Y/n) pulled back Edmund’s arm to see his face.

He rolled his eyes. “This isn’t about your fighting skills,” he said. “Besides why are you so eager to get involved?”

She pursed her lips. “Because you need me just as much as I need you.”

He gritted his teeth. She was right. (Y/n) had skills…helpful skills. Still, he wasn’t ready to trust her completely yet. It was better to play it off…cast off her interest in the whole ordeal before things got too messy. “Oh, (Y/n), if you wanted to spend time with me, you only have to say so,” he said, lightening his tone. The blush that crept across her cheeks intrigued him nonetheless.

Edmund leaned on the column with a smug look on his face. To his surprise, (Y/n) pulled out a sword from one of the suits of armor. “Fight me.”

His lips tugged downwards as his irritation increased. He attempted to keep sangfroid and let out a dismissive sigh. He wasn’t in the mood…but if this was the means to an end, so be it. He followed suit, yanking out another dulled sword from a nearby coat of arms. “Don’t cry when you lose,” he shrugged.

She squeezed the hilt of the sword. “Already giving yourself a pep talk, Ed?”

A chuckle escaped his throat. She didn’t let him retort, and before he knew it, they were in the heat of a friendly duel. She wasn’t an expert…but she was decent, and they both conceded the match due to lack of breath rather than lack of skill. “I see,” he panted, leaning back onto the banister. “You’re pretty…” he coughed, trying to regain air in his lungs. Aslan, why was it so hot out?

“Did you just–just call me pretty?”

Edmund blinked, realizing how strange his broken sentence must’ve sounded. Although, once again the flustered expression that cut through her usual scowl amused him. “And if I did?” he raised an eyebrow, pushing himself to his feet and taking a step towards her.

“Wh-what do you mean?” She slowly stepped backwards. Edmund couldn’t tell if she was blushing, or if she was still red from the duel.

Now that he was closer, he realized his statement wasn’t false. She was actually…very pretty. He mentally slapped himself. What was he thinking? He cleared his throat. “I mean you’re pleasant to look at.”

(Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows. “Uh, thank you? I mean–you’re not too bad for a…king.”

His lips quirked in a smile. “Are kings supposed to be ugly?” he said. He took another step forward, and as expected, she took another back. “Is this a dance? Because I can show you how to dance.”

“Are you flirting with me, Edmund?” (Y/n) chuckled.

Warmth flooded his face, but he suppressed the urge to pull away. “Do you oppose to it, (Y/n)?”

“No,” she said, much to his surprise. “What I do oppose is the fact that you won’t let me help you in whatever  you’re planning.”

He let out a groan of frustration. “Listen, you’re not helping.”

She scoffed and walked past him. “I’ll find whatever I need to–with your help or not.”

“(Y/n), no,” he called. “Stop!”

She turned around briefly to look at him. “Come over here and make me.”

Accidental| Hoseok

Your boyfriend doesn’t show up for your date leaving you in the awkward position of peers staring at you with sorry eyes. Right as your about to get up a presence saves you from your embarrassment portraying as your boyfriend.

Originally posted by jjang-pandaa

Warning: Cussing, implied smut, Smiley Hobi!

Genre: A dash of fluff and angst?

Word Count: 8.8K

A/N: I saw this prompt on pintrest and thought it was cute, also i may have made some spelling mistakes and other things because Teen wolf came on tonight and I needed to finish before it came on. Please dont hate me frens!

Hours had passed and the loneliness and dread in my head only managed to sprout further more into my heart. I had been promised a lovely evening at a rather expensive restaurant but it was far from the situation that was vowed. I was missing the very non evident boyfriend that was supposed to be sitting across the table as i was met with the cold nothingness of a longing body. I had merely order a bottle of wine to cover up my sorrows but that doesn’t really do the trick as the angry waiter suggest you should leave so he can fill the table and others staring at you with pity and disgust.

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When Guardienne runs away from the Guard and is later found by the boys

A request from @babyblue-moonkid! I hope you enjoy these headcanons, dear! (And apologies for taking so long!)


  • The very second he’d heard you’d run away, Nevra had gone after you.
  • Not for the first time, he’s thankful for his Shadow training, because he knows he wouldn’t have found you as quickly as he did without it.

  • Your sniffles and sobs break his heart, and he’s quick to try and embrace you, but you shove him away, still furious.

  • He’s not sure how he can comfort you, whether he can, but he doesn’t leave despite you asking him to and begs you to talk to him.

  • To his surprise, you do. You begin to talk, asking him questions he doesn’t know how to answer, each question filled with the rage and sadness of someone who’s lost everything.

  • Faced with such anger, Nevra’s not sure what to do, but he tries to see your point of view, to answer with the honesty you truly deserve.


  • Initially he wasn’t going to chase after you, figuring you knew how to take care of yourself and that you wouldn’t want to see him, but as hours pass by his concern grows and he can’t stop himself from going to find you.
  • Finding you is a lot harder than he thought, and it’s early morning when he finally spots you in the forest.
  • The sight of your sad form huddled amongst the bushes steals the words he’d planned to say and he’s at a lost.
  • Still, he tries convincing you to come back to the guard, though his words sound weak even to his ears.
  • Maybe it’s the concern in his voice, or maybe you’re just putting off the inevitable, but you start to talk, demanding to know whether their decision was the only one.
  • He answers hesitantly but truthfully, deciding that truth was something that you should have been privy to in the beginning.


  • Doesn’t go to look for you at all. At least, not at first.
  • He figures you need your space, and that you’ll come back when you’re ready.
  • But it’s almost midnight and you’re still not back. That’s when he goes looking.
  • To his surprise, he finds you fairly quickly and it’s then he realises, he doesn’t know what to say.
  • He tries sneaking away while you were still unaware of his presence, hoping to find someone you liked (maybe Chrome or Jamon) to bring you back, but you notice him.
  • So he shuffles his feet awkwardly as he tries to come up with something to say.
  • Turns out, he doesn’t have to. You start talking, about everything the guard’s done to you, and he winces.
  • But he listens, to your every grievance, hangs on to your every word. He doesn’t try to defend himself, or the guard, but he listens.
  • For every question, he has an answer, not necessarily what you want to hear, but what you needed to know.
third time isn’t lucky when it’s meant to be (harvey/mike)

The first time it happened, Harvey saw it coming even before Mike did.

When Harvey arrived at the church he told Ray that they just needed to wait for a bit, that they’d be making a cross state trip within the hour. He didn’t even bother walking into the church, he just stepped out of the car and waited, right there on the sidewalk.

The only surprising thing about the day was how long it took for Mike to come rushing out of the church doors. Harvey thought they’d be on the road by now, but he didn’t begrudge Mike in the least. This was the hardest thing Mike was ever going to have to do, of course he wanted to take all the time he could, while he still had it.

When Mike emerged and saw Harvey standing there waiting for him, there was a flash of surprise before his face melted into rueful acceptance. “How’d you know?” Mike asked.

Harvey just looked at him, incredulous. “I know you,” Harvey replied, and it was enough.

They got in the car and Ray started driving, already knowing the destination. It was going to be a long drive, ninety minutes of the nerves and anticipation ratcheting up to boiling point. Harvey wanted to distract Mike, but every idea he came up with was too lame to say out loud, so in the end he left it up to Mike.

“Talk to me,” Harvey said gently.

Mike huffed out a laugh. “That must be the first time you’ve ever asked me to tell you about my feelings. Normally you run for the hills whenever I get within five feet of the topic.”

Harvey smiled slowly. Even in his darkest moment Mike was giving Harvey shit. It was stupid, but it somehow made Harvey think that maybe things would be okay. “Well, you’ve got-” he checked his watch, “-seventy minutes to spill feelings all over me without me complaining. When are you gonna get an offer like that again?”

Mike smiled weakly at him, but didn’t reply straight away, so Harvey started to worry it was all for naught.

“Rachel’s going to hate me.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. That girl was crazy about Mike and anyone could see it. “No, she won’t.”

“I’m not going to ask you to look after her while I’m gone, because that would be patronizing and she doesn’t need it. But … just, look out for her?”

“Of course.”

Mike spent the next few minutes looking out the window. “I’m scared,” he whispered, and Harvey could feel his heart splitting into a thousand pieces.

Harvey wanted to tell Mike that everything was going to be fine, but he couldn’t lie to him like that. He wanted to tell Mike that he was scared too, that he was terrified that prison was going to change Mike. And for all that Harvey gave Mike crap in the early days of their relationship, as much as he tried to mould and better Mike, the truth was that he didn’t need it. Mike was perfect the way he was, flaws and all, and he didn’t want prison to beat the goodness out of Mike like it had so many others.

But he didn’t say any of that. This was about Mike, not Harvey, so instead he slowly reached over to where Mike’s thumb was continually tapping against his thigh. He covered Mike’s hand with his own, squeezing it, and before he could pull away Mike gripped back, holding onto Harvey like a lifeline.

They stayed that way for the remainder of the drive.

When the car stopped outside of Danbury Mike immediately got out of the car, like a man on a mission. Harvey, confused, hustled to catch up, and he was barely out of the car before Mike was there, throwing his arms around Harvey in a hug. Harvey immediately wrapped his arms around Mike, holding him tight.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Mike murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And I need you to know, no matter what happens in there, I don’t regret it. Not a single day. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was worth everything that’s happened since.”

Harvey felt himself welling up, but he tried to push it back down. He needed to be strong, for Mike. “I’m getting you out of there, Mike. I swear it.”

Mike nodded, said, “Okay,” and then he pulled away, turning and walking into the prison without looking back.


The second time it happened, Harvey was completely blindsided.

The wedding, though small, had been planned for months. The caterer had been booked, dresses and suits carefully chosen, an uncle of Rachel’s had been enlisted to perform the ceremony, Harvey had combed through his record collection to find the best music to be played at the party…

Mike never said a word.

Harvey had taken Mike to Vegas for a five day bachelor party two weeks prior to the big day. It was just the two of them, and they’d spent their days exploring, going to the Grand Canyon and the Neon Museum and Red Rock Canyon. Harvey even managed to get Mike onto a golf course, which of course he sucked at, much to Harvey’s delight. And then they spent their nights on the town: eating fabulous food, drinking, gambling with obscene amounts of money and winning more often than not because of Mike’s genius brain. There might have even been a tipsy skinny dipping session late one evening in the hotel pool. They had an amazing vacation, and throughout all that, the days and nights they spent together, the copious conversations that they had, Mike never once mentioned that he was having second thoughts.

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Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date

cont: and while he’s away (like buying something or idk)

requested by anon~


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Shownu; Shownu couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren’t interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Making his way towards you, he’d actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on the gif. When the men didn’t seem to budge, Shownu would actually crack his knuckles and ask if they have any problem and when finally noticed that Shownu was serious, they’d run off and leave the two of you, leaving Shownu slightly pissed but in a happy mood since you’ve wrapped your arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving you from those creeps.

Oh, where are you going little kitty? *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*”

“Let go off me–” “*clears his throat and smacks the man’s hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?”

“*scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be–”

“*cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? I guess you want to take this problem outside– *the two men dashes away* Tss.”

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Wonho; The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Wonho had already noticed these men before the two of you even chose your seats and he knew they were trouble. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonho’s strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. A smirk would be found on Wonho’s face as he brings his arms back, looking down at the man with an eyebrow raised. He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldn’t really think twice and let the men know that you’re his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what they’ve done and it’d be as if nothing really happened.

Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? *fake smile, eyes boring onto the man’s head*”

“What the heck— Oh…. *starts to sweat when he sees Wonho* U-uh, we’re just trying to make friends with her.”

“Oh? Really? You call ‘holding her hand’ as making friends? I don’t think so. I’ll count up to three, and if you’re still here, I wouldn’t hold back and break every single bone you have. 1….. 2…. *the two men starts to get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute… *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite.”

“What was that, Wonho?” “What’s what? *innocently blinks at you*”

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Minhyuk; It hasn’t been a minute when Minhyuk saw two men walking up to you while you waited for him as he volunteered to pay for both of your clothes. He wouldn’t be too happy when he sees the men closing up on you but he’d be pretty amused by how you flashed them your fakest smile and excused yourself, to which would have Minhyuk relieved and would turn his attention back to the line. But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable you’ve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. Let’s just say Minhyuk quickly paid for the clothes and immediately slung an arm around your shoulder and smiled at you, acting like he doesn’t even notice the two men glaring at him. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them and many more. But soon enough, he’d be distracted by the sight of puppies, asking you if you guys could adopt one.

Oh baby, I’m so sorry if it took me long enough to pay for our clothes for our honeymoon next week. *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*”

“*glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*”

“*purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Let’s go baby! *pulls you out of the shop and his smile would be replaced with a pout* Baby, what was that? The nerve of those men, didn’t they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? *sighs* Baby, what did they tell you? I bet they asked you for your number or something… *sees puppies* BABE! PUPPIESSSSS!!!! *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?”

“No, babe.”

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Kihyun; It was just another picnic day for you and Kihyun and you were busy munching on some of the kimbap he made when he kindly excused himself as he badly needed to go to the bathroom. When he’s finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. He knows that you’re beautiful but he’d be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. He wouldn’t be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if they’re lost or something. But when the men would just snicker and ignore him, he’d actually tell them to piss off before everything get’s bloody hell and he wouldn’t really sugarcoat the insults that would leave his mouth. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that he’d be stuff a couple of kimbaps in his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. When you tried to comfort him, he’d just look at you and would ask you why you have to be so beautiful to attract random men.

Baby, are you sulking or what? *looks at Kihyun and sees him stuffing his face with some kimbap*”

“*glances towards your direction and back on the kimbap in front of him*”

“*Aww, baby, what’s wrong? *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*”

“Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? *pouts*”

“I don’t know, ask your future mom&dad-in-law.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t really mind at first since he was in the midst of ordering a couple of desserts and drinks for the two of you. But when he was waiting for the drinks and desserts at the counter, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of you and the two men, who were giving you such flirty smiles and stares, which kind of ticked Hyungwon off. When the orders were already complete, Hyungwon would be walking towards your table with an ominous aura emitting off from him and it’d only take the second guy to notice him and break into a cold sweat when he saw the look on Hyungwon’s face. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldn’t even bother responding as they’re already running away for their lives. Hyungwon would just place the desserts and drinks on the table and ask you if were you hurt or something.

Babe… thanks for shooing them away… *glances at Hyungwon’s expression than to the strawberry cake*”

“No worries. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*”

“No…. but they were kinda creepy tho..”

“*sighs* I should’ve taught them a lesson or two..”

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Jooheon; Well, actually, you and Jooheon were actually cross-dressing since the two of you lost a bet. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, you’re the one who’s ordering while Jooheon’s left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Jooheon wouldn’t know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that he’d learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. But when the men didn’t leave, Jooheon would immediately talk to them with his usual voice and would literally tell them that he’s a guy. And when they’ve finally left, you’d come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on the gif. You wouldn’t understand at first but when you come across the two men, he’d point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl.

Babe, are you alright? *walks up to him with worry, but only to be surprised by Jooheon’s sudden hug*”

“Babe babe babe, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.”

“What? *looks at him weirdly and pulls away from the hug to let him carry the other bag of drinks*”

“There were two men who flirted with me and they thought I was a girl!! *laughing* Man, am I that cute? *aegyo pose*”

“Babe, let’s just go home….”

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I.M; Changkyun was in the middle of choosing some cup ramyeon for the two of you to feast on when he caught a glimpse of two men walking up to you while giving you some flirty smile and wink. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from letting out an omg. It has actually been the nth time since you’ve flirted with men who spoke the same language with you. Grabbing two cup ramyeon, he would immediately pay for it and walk up to you, excusing the two of you from the two males and dragging you away from them. Changkyun wouldn’t really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cup ramyeon at his studio. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from talking about how this is the 20th time you’ve been picked on and how this needs to stop and how he should buy some pepper spray for you next time and many more, and this will go on for 20 minutes, only to be silenced by you kissing him on the lips, making him grin widely.

What should I get for [y/n]? Hmm… *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shin ramyeon when he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness… when will this stop?! *grabs two random ramyeon and pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. Okay? BYE. *drags you away from them*”

“That was fast… *looks at him and sees him with an exasperated look*”

“[y/n], this is the 20th time that you’ve been hit on! I guess we have to eat at my studio… Baby, this needs to stop. You’re getting prettier and prettier by the day and and… for sure you’re gonna get hit on the next time you go out… .Should I buy you some pepper spray? I heard that it’s– *silenced by your kiss, grins widely when you pull away*”

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i sent this as a private message but then i saw i could ask like this so here can you do a fic where harry is looking on the maurauders map and sees draco in a place in the castle he has never been before so when draco leaves he goes to check it out and finds that draco is painting portraits of harry? sorry about spelling XD

Thank you so much for requesting this, I loved this prompt ~ I changed it up a little though, I hope that’s okay

Harry tossed and turned restlessly in his bed, desperately trying to think of any tactics that might help him sleep. He could count sheep, but Harry had already tried that. He could listen to music, but the only music Harry had was on his CD player, which wouldn’t work on Hogwarts grounds. He could think of his “happy place” like Hermione suggested, but Harry’s all of Harry’s happy places (a Quidditch match, Weasleys’ Wizards Wheezes, the Burrow) were often rambunctious and loud, and not at all relaxing or sleep-inducing. Well… there was one more thing Harry could do to try to fall asleep.

“Lumos,” Harry whispered as he reached for the Marauder’s Map, which he kept in the drawer of his bedside table. Harry was careful to be quiet as he moved, not wanting to wake up his eighth year roommate, Justin Finch-Fletchley.

As soon as the Marauder’s Map was open on Harry’s lap, Harry’s eyes instinctively searched for Draco Malfoy’s name. When Harry didn’t see the bond’s name at first glance, he frowned. There was really no reason for Harry to look for Malfoy on the map. They weren’t sixteen anymore, and Harry had no reason to suspect Malfoy was up to anything. In fact, Malfoy had been civil to him since school started, and in some instances, even kind. Harry only looked for Malfoy’s location because of an old habit from sixth year, or at least that’s what Harry told himself.

Harry sighed as he examined the map more thoroughly. Hogwarts wasn’t a very exciting place in the dead of the night when there was no Dark Lord, convicted felons, or barmy professors to wander around in the halls. Harry was about to put the map back in the drawer and accept the fact that he was going to have a sleepless night when he noticed a name hovering in a part of the castle Harry didn’t recognize. Harry’s breath caught. The name was Draco Malfoy.

Harry looked closer at the room Malfoy was in and furrowed his brow. It was on the fifth floor, and as far as Harry knew, that was where Muggle Studies, Music, and Art classes were taught. Muggle Studies definitely didn’t seem like Malfoy, so he must have been in a music or art room. But why in the middle of the night?

As it so happened, Harry did indeed get a sleepless night, but only because he was kept up by the thoughts and questions swimming around in his head after seeing Malfoy’s name on the Marauder’s Map. At breakfast, Hermione scolded Harry for not getting the healthy amount of sleep, and Harry nodded along, but  he wasn’t actually paying any attention to Hermione’s words. He was too busy staring at Malfoy from across the Great Hall and thinking up all sorts of reasons for him to be on the fifth floor so late at night. Harry imagined many scenarios, and while they were entertaining, none of them seemed plausible. For example, Harry’s idea of Draco sneaking into the Muggle Music classroom because he had a secret love of playing tuba covers of Celestina Warbeck songs.

That night, after Justin fell asleep, Harry brought out his map again and found that Malfoy was in the same place he had been the night before. Harry traced the name ‘Draco Malfoy’ with his fingertip and decided that he would find out what Draco was doing there by tomorrow night.

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