Runtime:115 min
Rating:Rated R for strong sexual content, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use
Production:Warner Bros.
Genres:Drama, Comedy, Music
Summary: Picking up the story three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, Magic Mike XXL finds the remaining Kings of Tampa likewise ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  MAGIC  MIKE  XXL  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I loved this movie! Was worth every minute of it. I saw the first Magic Mike and it was just as good as Magic Mike XXL, however, Magic Mike XXL was better than the first one! Every female in the theater enjoyed watching this movie including myself!! I’m going to watch this movie again!




You would always find business student!Luke studying away in the library, his lip ring tugged between his teeth as he focused his attention on the textbook in front of him. That’s why you were surprised to see him at a frat party with a beer in his hand as he cheered on his mates doing body shots. He was quick to catch you staring at him, a smirk playing across his lips as motioned for you to come over. His arm wrapped securely around your waist as he led you upstairs to a room, closing the door behind him as you spotted his economics book on the night stand. “I didn’t know you were in a frat, Hemmings.”

“I like to keep my academic and social lives separate,” he responded, patting the spot next to him on the bed for you to sit down.

“So you’re like Hannah Montana?” you asked, causing him to crack a smile before he placed his hand on your thigh. “We have that management final coming up, you know.”

Luke’s baby blues stared you down, his head leaning in closer as you felt his hot breath hitting your neck, causing goosebumps to break out all over your skin. Your eyes fluttered close as his lips attached to your neck, his thumbs pressing into your hips as his lips came up to meet yours in a passionate kiss. “Let’s get down to business, then.”

for classifiedluke and macaroonmichael‘s college!5sos blurb night

Fic: A Time For Us

anon prompted: Pleaseeeee please write blaine on broadway and kurt is enlisted in the army and during one of his performances kurt shows up/surprises him and blaine realizes about halfway through and is trying to keep it together and carry on his performance but he can barely do it and ajalslfkfnfj

~1100 words, G.

Blaine took a deep, centering breath in his dressing room as he waited for his call. It was opening night for the revival of West Side Story he had been cast in, so naturally his nerves were flaring up more than usual.

“Relax,” he told himself, staring determinedly at his reflection in the mirror. “You could do this show in your sleep. Everything will be fine, and you can Skype Kurt and tell him all about it the second you get home.”

The pep talk had been working until Blaine remembered Kurt, turning his stress to sadness. His husband was currently deployed overseas and wouldn’t be home until Christmas, which was still two months away. This was the first opening night Kurt had ever missed, and Blaine couldn’t help but think of it as a bad omen, almost worse than someone wishing him good luck.

“Stop that,” he said firmly. “Your success doesn’t rely on superstitions. Just take another deep breath, and focus.”

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BTS when you surprise him by making him grab your boob

idk if ur taking requests but can you do a gif reaction for bts when ur just chillin but he’s on his phone or something so you take his hand and squeeze ur boob ( it’s a vine and sorry this was so long )


Jin: “Nu uh jagi, you started something, now you have to continue it”

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Jimin: “Does this mean I am getting some tonight??? Yes??? Good.” *squeezing boob tighter*

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Jungkook: “Jagi I- eh… Okay I guess” *shy kookie*

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*on the inside*

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Rap Monster: “Me? Flustered? I have no idea what you are talking about”

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Suga: *takes over and proceeds to squeeze more, making YOU the flustered one*

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V: “I knew you couldn’t resist my charm, you naughty girl”

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine. Creds to the owners

BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement

Ah, I think this is so cute. I could just imagine how great these boys would be as expecting fathers. Anyways, I hope you like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He stared at the pregnancy test in your hand with shock clear on his face. “Wait, so… I’m going to have a kid? I hope it’s a girl! I want to make her my second princess. Only after you.” He said as he blew kisses at you excitingly.

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Suga: “Yoongi, I know that you have been pretty busy lately. I just wanted to let you know… I’m pregnant.” You said, not wanting to bear around the bush. He paused for a moment before breaking out into a giant smile. He didn’t say anything though, just smiled up at you.

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J-Hope: The moment the words came out of your mouth, he went through three different emotions within a mere minute. He freaked out, screaming in shock. Then he started crying. And lastly, he started attacking you with aegyo. “Our child is going to be the cutest little baby in the whole world!”

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Rapmon: He was standing in the music room when he got your text message. You had wanted to tell him in person, but he was always so busy. The second he read the message, his face broke into smiles and he automatically called you. “Really? I’m really going to be a dad? I am going to buy them so many things.” He said as he started looking online for baby clothes.

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Jimin: He was in the middle of goofing around with V when you found out about your pregnancy. You stuck your head out the bathroom and called out to him. “Jimin, you are going to be a dad!” You didn’t want to make too much of a big deal about it, but instantly Jimin and V started freaking out. “Ah! Tae, you are going to be a God Father!” He exclaimed before even saying anything to you.

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V: You were lying in bed with him when he placed his hand on your stomach. You were sure that he knew, but he wasn’t letting on to it. You had found out only a few says ago, so it was unlikely that he had realized. “Taetae, I’m… I’m pregnant.” You told him in a shy voice. He looked at you in surprise and held up his teddy bear. “I hope our baby loves this as much as I did.”

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Jungkook: He woke up to the sound of you vomiting in the bathroom. This was the second morning in a row that you had done this. He slowly sat up as you came out of the bathroom. “Jungkookie, I think we should get me a pregnancy test…” You felt a little scared to say it, but felt relief when you saw the happiness on his face. He buried himself in the blanket and tried to contain his own excitement.

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Hi, I was wondering if you had any advice for an upcoming trip to NYC I'm planning. Background: I'm from Europe, taking my partner to a different part of the US but surprising them on their birthday with a night in NYC before we fly home. I want to take them to see a musical but aside from that I'm wondering what you'd recommend for a very poor very lovestruck student who has little time and even less money and just wants to snuggle a cutie in NYC. I hope I'm okay to ask this! Have a good day :)

yes yes yes yes yes yes

if you’re in NYC and looking to be cute with a cutie, New York’s hottest FREE SHIT TO DO is:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (suggested admission, so like. you could pay $1), if either of you is an art fan, I highly recommend the Met. 
  • The Museum of Natural History, if either of you is a huge nature/science nerd (suggested admission)
  • The Staten Island Ferry - FREEEEEEEEEEE okay listen, PLEASE take them to the Ferry. You don’t have to buy tickets or anything, you literally just show up (the ferry leaves every 20 minutes or so) and walk on the boat and it takes you to Staten Island, which means you pass the Statue of Liberty and stuff. Then, you board the ferry again on Staten Island and it takes you right back to the City. All in all, it takes about an hour and is totally free!!! You can see the trip schedule here, I recommend going at like 7 or 8pm for the sunset but it’s amazing any time. You could go after you see a show, the skyline would look beautiful, and the ferry station is right in front of the subway so you don’t have to worry about wandering around at night. 
  • PARKS SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PARKS - depending on where you are in the city, you could do a picnic in a park or just go there and sit or listen to live music (there is always music playing somewhere in a nyc park) My personal fav is Washington Square, and if you’re planning on being in the theatre district for a show that evening, you could hit Washington Sq first. You can sit and put your feet in the giant fountain, it’s really nice, esp if it’s hot outside. Central Park is obv an option as well, but it’s huge so try to plan where you’re going. 
  • The High Line - I have not actually been to the high line yet, as it’s relatively new but I hear great things. It’s an old railway line that was going to be torn down but the city turned it into what is basically a park overlooking the city. There are a lot of events and stuff going on up there, most of which are free. If you go at night, some nights they do stargazing!
  • CHEAP PIZZA??? - if you’re in the area (which, you will be if you end up near washington sq) go to 2 Bros Pizza, $1 a slice. Is it the absolute best new york pizza you can buy? No. Is it only one fucking dollar meaning you could, if your heart desired, eat a whole pizza for $8? YES. (Note: according to their website they have multiple locations. I’ve only been to the St. Mark’s location, so idk if the others also do $1 slices, but you should go to the St. Mark’s one anyway because that whole area is p. cool)
  • A note on doing broadway - if you have the time, try going to a TKTS booth, where you stand in line and get show tickets for half price. They have multiple locations, 2 of which are in manhattan. Idk where you’re staying but I’m guessing Times Square will be the easiest for you to get to. Go early and stand in line (it’s usually not too bad tbh) and you can get cheap tickets w/ pretty good seats for most any show you wanna see. I recommend getting the TKTS app, it will tell you what’s on sale that day and what the discount amount is!

I don’t wanna overload you, since it sounds like you have at most 2 days but those are some of my favorite free or cheap things to do in the city. Lemme know how it goes!

Exo Reactions To When You Refer To Them As Daddy On Accident

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *tries to keep calm & hide his smile but you know he’s thinking about it*

Chanyeol: *turns to you with a smirk & stares at you for a long time, showing his amusement*

Chen: *looks at you, surprised at first & then he falls to the floor, laughing uncontrollably*

D.O.: *tries to act like he didn’t hear it but you can see a tiny smile on his face while he looks at the floor*

Kai: *pretends that it didn’t happen, continuing the conversation you’d been having*

Kris: *gets cocky, winking & smiling while rubbing in the fact that you’d called him such a thing*

Lay: *Stares off into the distance for a while, trying to figure out why you think he’s your father*

Luhan: *seems like he’s not going talk about it at first but then his pervert side kicks in & he gives  a suggestive look*

Sehun: *literally spits his drink everywhere & starts laughing like a hyena & makes fun of you for it* 

Suho: *casually continues on with things like you’d said his actual name* /because he’s $udaddy duh/

Tao: *turns smug, nodding in approval & giving you an array of irritatingly cocky looks/gestures*

Xiumin: *plays it off at first, not saying anything but then constantly gives you suggestive looks & hints about it*

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What are your favorite mutsurie headcanons?

Aahhh my favorite mint cookies HCs? from me? from other people?… I will tell you mine :,D

Aside from Urie painting Mutsuki’s nails I also thought these two:

  • Urie has a weakness. One day Mutsuki discovers this weakness when a /very/ tired Urie comes from the gym after a long day. They were talking at the dining room and suddenly he went silent, leaving Mutsuki surprised  at the image of him sleeping on the table /the shower and tireness must have been the reason/
    Before he realized what he was doing Mutsuki stretched his arm and laced his fingers through Urie’s hair, massaging his scalp/nape gently.
    Urie is training too much lately – Mutsuki thinks.
    Surprise, Urie wakes up. Mutsuki backs off embarrased and apologizes profusely but Urie cuts him off:
    “Why did you stop?…”
    “Keep going.”
    Truth is Urie becomes less cranky when someone massages the back of his head. Now, next time Urie starts saying shit, Mutsuki knows how to tame him.
  • Mutsuki is starting to notice some bruises on Urie’s arms. He’s aware of Urie’s strict exercises and long hours in the gym so he finally asks him one afternoon:
    “What happened?” – pointing at the purple and green colors decorating his skin.
    “It’s nothing.”
    Urie is too prideful to accept his mistakes. He doesn’t have a workout partner /he doesn’t need it/ and  got injured when he tried to lift more than he could.
    Mutsuki stares at him
    /He’s not going to let him go that easy, isn’t it?/
    “Can I… Can I go with you tomorrow?”
    “You’re not going to last [not even an hour]”
    “I promise not to be a nuisance!”
    Thanks to Mutsuki Urie doesn’t get more bruises the next days.

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half-serious question that bomani jones was talking to his producer about - how much money do you think Floyd would need to fight Ronda Rousey? They were saying $175/200m straight cash and he might do it. I'm not endorsing the idea and it'll obviously never happen but I was wondering what you thought

I don’t think he would do it for any amount of money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought long and hard about it if he was offered $200 million. 

An AU where Ciel is some mythological creature who controls his victim with his voice and then has them do whatever he wants or to feed on their life essence (I think they’re called sirens…. I’m not so sure, but I’m going with that). One day, when he tries to control a man of his liking he is surprised that his voice did not do the trick. Sebastian Michealis was the first person he encounters that doesn’t fall into his clutches. Being curious about the reasons to why not, Ciel decides to stick to Sebastian until he finds his answers, only to have both of them surprised when they find out that the siren’s magic doesn’t work on their mate. Now both of them have to learn how to put up with each other since Sebastian doesn’t trust Ciel very much because said creature tried to control him, and Ciel hates Sebastian because he couldn’t control him and he doesn’t listen to what he usually says and what makes all this worse is that Ciel’s mate turned out to be a…. Human. On the bright side, that human was not bad looking.

The Video Store (Minicat) College AU PT 4

For a campus video store, it was surprising well stocked. You could find the newest releases, old school classics, and obscure indie titles, all in plain white cases. They even had a small selection of adult films, well, if you knew who to ask.

Tyler knew.

It was the second day of the semester, and he was already sick of classes. He had no desire to go to any parties, and his best friend was off fucking his boyfriend for the night.

Thanks a lot, Evan.

So, what’s a single guy to do? Take advantage of his single room, of course.

He entered the store and noticed it was fairly empty, only two occupants inside.

“Yo, Marcel!” He shouted. “What’s up man?”

A light-skinned black man turned from where he was opening boxes and grinned, arms stretched wide. “Wildcat, my man!” They slapped hands. “What’s up?”

“I decided to spend the night in. Figured I could come pick up a quality flick.” Tyler responded with inflection.

“I got you, bro.” He nodded to the back room. “Help yourself.”

Tyler clapped him on the back before heading towards the door. He chanced a quick glance at the other shopper. He vaguely recognized the man as one of the residents on his hall. Chris, maybe?

He was kind of cute with his shaggy, blond hair and wire framed glasses. Maybe a little too nerdy for Tyler’s taste, but he could picture him writhing underneath him.

‘Steady, bud.’ He thought to himself. ‘It’s only the second day. Pace yourself.’

Tyler shook his head and walked into the back room.

The collection was small, maybe only 20 different DVDs of different varieties, all in the same discreet packaging as everything else in the store. He’s seen most, if not all of them. He glanced around to see if there was anything new, before settling on a old favorite. The man in the main store had him in a particular mood.

Marcel was at the counter on the phone when Tyler approached. He put the white case on the surface and Marcel held up a finger.

“No, we do not have Pluto Nash: 3D.” He was saying. “Why? Because that movie sucks, Delirious. You’re with Evan, aren’t you? Yeah, well fuck you both.” He slammed the receiver down. “If he calls and asks me that one more goddamn time, I’m going to kill them both.”

Tyler laughed loudly, wheezing slightly.

“Shut the fuck up, Tyler.” Marcel whined. “He’s your best friend. Can’t you tell him to keep his boyfriend on a leash?”

“Trust me, Jon is the one holding that leash.” He shuddered. He loved his friends, he did, but thinking about the specifics of their relationship was something he did not want to think about.

Marcel cringed, probably thinking along the same lines, and quickly picked up the case to change the subject. He scanned it and Tyler handed over his student card.

He noticed that the bespectacled man had gotten in line behind him. Tyler had trouble concentrating on Marcel. Holy shit, he smelled good.

“You’re good, bro.” Marcel handed him both items, derailing his thoughts. “Hey, party at mine on Friday. You in?”

Tyler shrugged. “Sure. Got nothing else to do.”

“Thanks for the enthusiasm, dude.” Marcel rolled his eyes. “I’ll catch you later.”

Tyler saluted before moving away. He checked the other man out. He was taller than he originally thought, but not nearly as tall as Tyler. And he had some muscle definition in his arms and legs.

Yeah, he would look good naked, Tyler was sure.

But he could be straight for all he knew, not bisexual like himself. Maybe he was gay?

He would find out sooner or later.

“Sup, Mini.” He heard Marcel say. Mini? What kind of stupid fucking name was that? This guy was anything but mini.

But Tyler knew that if he loitered any longer, it would be suspicious as hell. So he finally pushed the door open, and walked out into the quickly approaching night.

He was halfway back to his dorm when someone jumped on his back with a whoop of glee. He would recognize that fucking accent anywhere.

“Brian, get the fuck off of me, you piece of shit.” He growled.

“Oh, Tyler,” the Irish man laughed. “I just missed you is all.”

Tyler elbowed his stomach, and the resounding grunt left a smile on his face as Brian slipped off.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” Of course, Brock would be right behind him.

“Moo, control your boyfriend.” Tyler told his friend, playfully.

Brock ruffled Brian’s hair affectionately. “Nah, he’s too cute.”

Tyler mocked gagging. “You’re worse than Evan and Delirious.”

Brock laughed loudly. “No way.”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “I’ll see you guys later. I got shit to do.” He turned and continued his walk.

Not five minutes later, he was walking into his dorm hall. He took the stairs two at a time, his long legs getting him to the third floor in half the time. He made it out of the stairwell when his phone beeped.

He looked down, seeing that it was an email from a professor, and crashed directly into another person.

Both men fell to the floor hard, possessions flying in all directions.

“Oh fucking hell.” The other man said, his arm clutched tight to his chest.

Tyler was surprised to see that it was the same man from the video store. He must have walked right past him while he was talking to Brock and Brian.

He stood, and offered his hand. “I’m sorry, dude. I wasn’t paying attention. What’re you doing just standing out here anyway?”

“Debating on whether or not to kill my roommate.” He replied with a nod to the adjacent door. Tyler wasn’t sure about his accent. The guys sounded like he had six rolled into one slightly British one.

It was then he noticed the red sock on the door handle.

“I was gone for 10 fucking minutes.” The man muttered, obviously annoyed.

Tyler took a look at the names on the door. “Oh shit, you’re Nogla’s roommate? Good luck, bud. You must be, Craig.”

“Thanks.” Craig said sarcastically. “It’s Mini by the way.”

“What’s mini?”

Craig rolled his eyes. “My name. Everyone calls me Mini.”

Fucking duh, Wildcat. He could’ve hit himself. “Right. Well, good luck with…that.” He gestured to the door before bending down to grab his DVD. He had plans, and while future plans may include Mini, tonight was not that night.

Mini picked up the other case. “Again, thanks.” He turned to yell at his door. “Daithi! Lui! Are you fucking serious?”

Tyler chuckled before heading down to his own room.

Mini smelt even better up close, and his broad frame would definitely be helping in his fantasies tonight.

'Stop being fucking creepy.’ He scolded himself. 'You just met the guy.’

Once in his room, he locked the door, turned down his lights, and distractedly popped the DVD into the player. He was unbuttoning his pants, shoes and socks already gone, with his back to the TV, when an unfamiliar tune rose from the speakers.

“What the fuck?” He’s seen this movie at least twice, and he’s never heard the sound of birds chirping and a guitar playing a gentle melody.

He turned, and what he saw on the screen was not the opening sequence of 'Chopping Wood’.

“What the fuck is this shit?” He asked the empty room.

Shit. His eyes widened and he hurriedly rushed from the room, pants halfway on and barefoot, hoping to God that Mini hadn’t opened the other case.

Which, knowing Tyler’s luck, of course he did.

He looked up from his spot on the floor in front of his room, cheeks flushed, and an open DVD case in his lap.

Tyler groaned. “Shit.”

“Chopping Wood, huh?” Tyler saw the mischievous glint in the other man’s eyes and didn’t miss the way they roamed his body.

Oh. So that’s how he wanted to play?

“You’re gonna judge my movie choices? Who the fuck watches Adam Sandler romcoms anymore?”

Mini blushed, but his eyes narrowed. “Hey! He’s still relevant!”

Tyler huffed. “Right.”

Mini got to his feet and approached Tyler.

Tyler resisted the urge to step back from the challenge. Mini’s eyes flicked to his lips. “Is it any good?”

Huh? “Is what any good?”

Mini held up the case as an answer, his eyebrow raised.

Tyler grabbed it, their hands brushing.

“What do you say we watch your movie first, then mine?”

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Felicity is hailed as a hero? Funny she was also hailed as the reason the show sucked this season. How long did it take her to go from Rays bed to Oliver's? Oh but let's talk about her S1 storyline...oh wait...wait her S2 story was.....oh wait

Oh Look you are back again. The season 3 sucked. Oh Sweetie! how awful. Can you back that up. Here let me give you a hint Season 1 average viewers 2.77 million, season 2 average 3.28 million, season 3 average (the season which you delusional people claim Felicity brought down) surprise surprise 3.68 million. So if season 3 is being hailed because of Felicity, then Wow my queen brought 3.68 million people to view the show.

Felicity’s S1 storyline yeah let me see she helped Oliver stop deadshot, she helped his stop the count, well what do you know she uncovered the connection between Moira and the undertaking and wait, wait she fucking stopped the earthquake machine with Quentin Lance. What did you precious do in the meantime sweetie, let me see I hate Oliver, I love Oliver, the hood is helping people, he is a remorseless killer, I love you Tommy, I love Oliver more than you Tommy, I forgive you Oliver, let us sleep together even if I just saw Tommy in the police station and saw how miserable I make him and did I miss something oh yeah right STAYING IN GLADES WHEN YOUR FATHER IS TELLING YOU TO RUN, THE WHOLE WORLD TELLS YOU TO RUN.

Originally posted by gif-007

Season 2, well well. Let’s see Felicity knew the danger of Isobel taking over QC, tracked Oliver, brought him back, gave him a way to be arrow without killing and that’s just in the first episode nonnie. Hmmm, what else did she do! stopped armed dealers, welcomed Sara into the team, took a bullet for Sara, stopped Tockman, risked her life with the doll maker (in case you didn’t watch the episode sweetie), personally approached Cisco and Caitlin for the antidote which surprise surprise dear is what stopped Slade. I wonder who did inject Slade with the antidote On Silly me, it is Felicity again. What was laurel doing again honey? Let me see I betrayed Tommy, the hood is responsible I will catch him (truly hoping people forget all the time I was on his side last season), popping pills, becoming an alcoholic. Well I suppose someone should give her a medal for not exposing Oliver as the arrow (OOps she was ready to do that,didn’t she honey, only Quentin stopped her), blackmailing her boss to get what she wants. Did I miss any other storyline sweetie?

Shall we start with season 3 dear, the season you and me both love so much. Felicity became the Vice President of Palmer Tech, tracked Thea, helped your beloved in what was the term “googling”, helped create the ATOM suit, made the suit functional, still helped team arrow at night, plans to keep Roy safe all the while keeping Oliver away from Quentin’s wrath (which wouldn’t have happened if his spineless daughter told him the truth the first time), flies the suit, saves Oliver. Hmmmm! not good enough for you is it? I would go into what you fave did but all I can think is Buckles and getting a victim killed because she couldn’t use common sense when she took the bat to the abuser.

Bye honey don’t get even more crazier, okay

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one question about The Last: Many people kept saying that the genjutsu scene making Naruto realise his own feelings made no sense. How is it that it makes no sense?

Because they thought it was a genjutsu that forces Naruto to love Hinata, likely, which it didn’t

The genjutsu pulled up memories and Naruto’s memories pulled up we’re all of Hinata, all times that she initiated dialogue between them, times she made a big impact on him. Then we see Sakura discussing love, and how loving another person isn’t the same as loving your favorite food, and Naruto’s surprised expression. Naruto’s favorite food is ramen of course, and he’s had ramen with just about every important person in his life, and if we consider the Hiden novels canon (which I do), the first gesture of kindness another person showed him was Teuchi offering him his first bowl of ramen. It made Naruto happy, and eating ramen with his friends makes him happy, and he associates all these good feelings with ramen and his friends. When Hinata confessed to him, he took it as that she loved him the way one would love another friends (yes, friends can love each other. See Naruto and Sasuke, friends who clearly have a deep bond of brotherhood that goes back centuries and started as actual blood brothers).

Naruto was simply lacking the context for romantic love, which is why we can say he never loved Sakura. He thought she was pretty and he was surely impressed by her, but his feelings for her were a childhood crush, a boy wanting a girl to notice him the way she noticed another boy. Chapter 3 of the manga makes this clear, and Naruto and Sakura confirm it during their talk.

Naruto’s been in love with Hinata for a while before The Last. This is why he was so protective of her even after defeating Neji. This is why he was able to open up and show her his vulnerable side. This is why he went into such a rage when he thought Pein had killed her, why he cried in relief that she was okay after all, why he was at her side and left his clones to cover other areas of the battle, and why he nearly jumped out of Sasuke’s susanoo to save her during the Infinite Tsukiyomi, when she mentally cried out for him. Naruto’s always treated Hinata differently and acted differently around her; he just never understood or bothered to wonder why.

The Sage of Six Paths said it clearly; Naruto is very capable of understanding the feelings of others and what’s in their heart, but when it comes to his own feelings, he can be a bit dim and needs to be shown or to experience something directly before he can understand, which is how he’s learned all his jutsu and combat skills as well.

Rand Paul’s Forum Overview

Ah, the VotersFirst Forum in New Hampshire. I actually enjoyed this. I got to see a lot of good things from some candidates, and of course, I got to see a lot of bad stuff from some really bad candidates, such as Chris Christie and Lindsey Graham. But overall, I think this has shown that there has been some change within the GOP. Disagree with me all you want, but I think there has been some.

Now, I’ll say this first off. I’ll thank the three Senate candidates who were in teleconference from DC. The vote to Defund Planned Parenthood was up in the Senate yesterday, and these three Senators did their job by representing their constituents. One, by the name of Lindsey Graham, did not, in choosing to actually be at the Forum in person, thus skipping out on the vote, and refusing to do his job. This isn’t a surprise, as Lindsey has a record of missing votes as of recently.

But enough about that, I’m here to talk about Paul. Here’s the video’s of Paul from last nights Forum:

Paul came out, in my belief, the winner of the debate. Here’s why. He was able to differentiate himself from the others, clearly creating a difference between him, and not making himself look like everyone else. This is very much an important thing, because if he was not able to differentiate himself from the pack, then he’d be in trouble, as people like to see how the candidate can be different. Paul was able to point out that he is not subscribing to the conventional GOP rhetoric of just words with no actions. Paul came in with actual plans, such as his Flat Tax Plan, and his plan for Student Debt, which I’ll be doing a post on soon.

And before I move on, no Rick Santorum, Rand’s plan is not a VAT. I’ve already addressed that. That’s a talking point from the New York Times, and you should know better.

We need someone who can not only just put out words with hot air, but someone who can put forth an actual plan for things, and articulate why that plan would be good. I go to other candidates websites, and all I get are “I want to do this”, but I never got a “How I’m going to do this”. With Rand, you get actual propositions, and that’s what I think people want to hear.

Take the Flat Tax Plan. A common criticism was that it wasn’t a Fair Tax, and it’s not trying to be. But the fact that people are actually going through the plan, reading it over, and talking about it, I’d say, is a win for the Paul campaign.

In my opinion, I believe that Rand Paul was the winner of the Forum last night, and I believe that he is going to be going into the First Debate in good standing and on good territory.

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HAVE SOME ALPHA!BULL FIC i s2g this will be finished soon, dagnabbit


He keeps the powder in a jar on his dressing table. Every three months he spoons some of it into a mug and mixes it into the water with his finger. It’s supposed to be tasteless, but when he swallows it down it lingers on his tongue, affects the taste of anything else he eats for the next couple days, mutes everything. He gets a kick outta eating spicy shit all lackadaisically and offering it to people, and acting surprised when it burns their mouths. (When he explains it to Sera, after she’s stopped crying and threatening to stab him with one of his own horns, she thinks it’s hilarious — tries to talk him into letting her have enough to prank people, actually. He knows exactly how much is left in the jar though, and he’s not sure he’s ever gonna get more… so she has to make do with sitting next to him and watching.)

“So it keeps you from losing it, huh?” she asks, glaring down into her empty flagon like she doesn’t know where the beer got off to. “No squishy pffff—” she puffs up her cheeks and sets the flagon down, curving her hands into a circle and then moving them apart, “—for the qunari pokers?”

Bull laughs, remembering the exact color of Dorian’s flush when Sera had first called him a fireplace, all hot and ready to go off — not with shame though. Bull would’ve talked to her if Dorian had looked ashamed to hear it. He just looked shocked about it being said out loud, then surprised about nobody giving a rat’s ass about it.

Bull shakes his head, has to clear the image of the way Dorian’s mouth had parted while he ran his tongue over his lips, nervous. “Nah, I’m still fully-functional. Just keeps me from going into rut, keeps my head above water.”

Sera snorts and smacks her palm against the table top. “Borrring, why would you ever. It’s fun to lose your head sometimes.”

“We’re all the better for me keeping my head in the game,” Bull replies easily, and Sera lets out a long raspberry, and Bull swigs down his beer and doesn’t think about how many months’ of aqun-asala powder he’s got left in that jar.


genre: fluff
characters: you, wonwoo
character count: 1133

You were on your way back from shopping with your boyfriend, Wonwoo. Because both of you hadn’t gotten your drivers license yet, since you were afraid and he was extremely busy, you were currently on the city bus. After choosing to sit at the back, you set your bags down on your side and leaned your head onto his shoulder. Suddenly, his arm snakes around your waist and you gasp in surprise. Wonwoo was never really into skinship, so when he does something you always get really excited. He pulled you a little closer towards him and put his head on yours.

“Wonwoo? What are you doing?”

“Oh, uh.. I’m just trying to.. reach my bag.” He says as he reaches to your side and grabs his bag. The rest of the bus trip was silent, causing you to regret asking him what he was doing.

Once you were both home, he sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. You went to put your bags away and grabbed a blanket from your room before joining him. You sat down and put the blanket over the you and him, than snuggled into his side and rested your head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around you and pulls you closer, sighing happily.


it’s a rat’s nest, to say the least. she knows soren follows ike through the underbrush and tall, reedy grass, heedless of his appearance and the bits of the forest they drag back with him. A tangled, sable mess, strands wound around sticks and dull with the ambient outdoor dust. 

She knocks on his doorframe and he jumps, ink blotting on the scrap of parchment he was using for practice. Soren is stern and stoic for his age (twelve, is he? impossible for him to be older), but he is a child still, and she feels soft and tender in the face of his wide, scarlet eyes. 

Nudging the basin of water at her feet, she tries the gentlest, most matronly voice she can muster. 

“Why don’t we do something about that hair of yours?” 

Honestly, she’s surprised at the tiny nod of his head as he slips out of the chair, sitting cross-legged on the floor, tense at the sound of the basin dragging in her wake. Titania cracks her knuckles, getting to work on undoing the uneven twist Soren had done himself, tugging gently on burrs and brushing out loose pieces of brittle, dried leaves. 

Wet, it reflects the candlelight at odd angles, almost metallic in the way it captures the warm orange glow. Curious; even in the low light she can see the slight shimmer of green when she draws her hand through the straightened locks. She brushes against his scalp, willing him to relax- so young, yet so anxious, she feels her chest tighten at the thought. no child should be so wary at the touch of another. 

She towel dries as much as she can without rustling it into a mess again, weaving the dampened hair into a long, twisting braid. It brushes against the floor, resting against the length of his back. 


He nods, the same slight movement as before, and she finds herself beaming, unable to stop.

djrhythm asked:

Can you do a Leon/Leo x F/Kamui fanfic? I love this pair so much! &gt; w <

Of course! ;)

Kamui skips happily down the hallway in her swimsuit with a towel tucked underneath her arm. Today was a day off from training and she thought it would be nice to go to the spa with a special someone.

Kamui bursts into the library and scans the room. She giggles as she spots her husband seated on the couch, engulfed in the book he’s reading. She strolls over to him and clears her throat.

Leon looks up at her and blushes as he looks her up and down. Kamui just simply laughs.

“Like what you see Leon?” She says. He glares at her, face still tinted pink. He turns his head and looks anywhere but at her.

“N-no it’s just you surprised me. What are you doing running around the castle in that swimsuit?”

Kamui smiles. “I thought that since we have the day off that maybe we could go relax together in the spa.” Leon rolls his eyes.

“I’d rather relax in here and read.”

Kamui frowns. She was really hoping she could spend some time with Leon doing what she wanted to do. Sighing, she was about to turn and leave until an idea popped into her head. Casually walking up to Leon, she puts the towel down next to him on the couch and sits on his lap. Leon jumps a little at the sudden contact. Kamui leans on his chest and sighs deeply. After a minute, Kamui looks up at Leon. She leans forward and lightly kisses him on the cheek, then pulls back just far enough to see his whole face.

“Please. I just wanna relax with you. Come with me.” She says. Leon can’t resist looking down at Kamui’s chest area and before he knows it, his face is as red as his beloved tomatoes. Afraid of what she might do next, Leon nods slowly and puts his book on the table. Kamui smirks and gives him a quick peck on the lips. “Thanks love.”

She hops up and grabs the towel. “I’ll meet you in there~!” She winks and runs off. Leon sighs and gets up, making his way to his room to change.

Meanwhile, Kamui reaches the spa and jumps into the warm water. Her tense and aching muscles relax instantly and she hums in content. Leaning back on the side of the small pool, Kamui closes her eyes. She enjoys the silence for a few minutes until she hears the door to the spa open and close.

“Kamui I’m here!” She hears Leon call out to her. Being the prankster she is, Kamui takes a deep breath and sinks underwater. She sees a blurry Leon walk up to the pool and look around for her. She giggles and swims up.



Kamui bursts out into a laughing fit upon hearing her husband’s girly scream and watching him fall backwards in fright. Leon grumbles and stands back up, glaring at her.

“Gods Kamui, what was that for?!” He demands. He slowly gets into the pools and whacks her lightly on the top of the head. She stops laughing and smiles at him.

“You should have seen your face! It was so hilarious!” She teases him. He rolls his eyes and leans back, resting his arms on the side of the pool. Kamui swims over to him and sits next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. His eyes soften and he wraps his arm around her waist. He rests his head on top of hers and closes his eyes, enjoying her presence. They stay like this for awhile, until Kamui suggests that they get out. Leon smirks and agrees.

“Once you get all dried off, come to my room. You need to be punished for scaring me.” He whispers in her ear. She blushes and hops out of the pool. She quickly wraps the soft towel around her body and looks to the ground, face still burning. Leon walks up behind her and snakes his arms around her waist.

“I’ll be waiting~.” And with that he leaves, Kamui still in the spa all embarrassed. She shakes her head and quickly dries off then runs after her husband.

Let’s just say that later that evening, little Foleo was created. ;)