Top Shot: A Heron on the Storm

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A great blue heron walks along a Biloxi beach as a storm passes by in the background. Photograph by Scott Cordell

There’s a storm within me that cannot be stopped. Something that is terrifying and menacing which will frighten the souls of feeble men, I am the gale force that’ll demolish everything in my path. A misunderstood creature that is feared by many because of my ferocious monstrosity, I just want to understood as something beautiful. #sacrifice #hope #scary #thunderstorm #nature #soul #words #wisdom #forgottenpoet #writeitout #creativewriting #instapoem #instapoet #inspiration #poetry #poetrycommunity #lonely #poetrylovers #truth #fear #filters

It was when you feel asleep, with me sitting next to you. I felt the lightest touch of your fingertips upon my skin and damn it felt like lightning flowing through my skin to make the hair on my arms rise completely. It was when I felt the electric fingertips move to my arms, and I felt a tug from you, drawing me in closer to your storm, wanting me near you, and just when I thought you had every power to destroy my entire being all by yourself, you wrapped your arms around me to protect me from the danger, and fell asleep to the thunder of beating hearts, waking up at the slightest movements and drifting back knowing I was secure in your arms. It was then I fell in love with thunderstorms and you all at the same time
—  18 year old finally wanting this

for some reason my paranoia kicked into overdrive and i just covered my front camera w tape and blocked my door w my guitar case