Wild night, Thunderstorm 

One night back in August in an apartment on Murter Island, Croatia, we were awoken by a violent thunderstorm that seemed to last for hours. With the whole family watching the spectacle from indoors, I ventured on to the balcony and under an awning to capture the display. I managed to execute five exposures of about seven minutes each before the balcony floor began to flood, forcing me indoors. This single exposure was the pick of the bunch and contained enough information to pull plenty of detail from the foreground. Thanks for looking. (GIC) by Andrew Turner

14 Days of Fears

day 8: keraunophobia (the fear of thunder or lightning)

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He knew that it was a childish fear; he’d heard it many times front he boys and past lovers, but he couldn’t help what he was afraid of. He couldn’t help that while others found thunderstorms comforting, he cowered in fear of them. He absolutely hated storms, especially ones with lightning. He swore the house shook with each thunderclap, and he’s had many late nights from the storms.

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anonymous asked:

hello! i love writing and journaling, but i find it hard to do in complete silence. i've tried coffee shop sounds (online), but they seem to be a little too distracting for me to be able to concentrate on my writing. do you have any other suggestions for background sounds/noise?

I find that instrumental music, classical piano, soft jazz, and sounds of nature (thunderstorms, ocean waves, etc…) do the trick. Also there are some peaceful Indie playlists on YouTube I recently discovered that inspire and uplift my soul. Maybe you’d like to give those a try? Happy writing! :)

Leo x Reader/MC | Thunderstorms and Migraines [Comfort]

@lustfullyleocrawford Sorry it took so long, and the storm’s probably over now, but here you go anyway, Mandi! I hope it’s okay, and that your migraine is better, if not gone. Leo’s here for you (^w^)

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I was wondering if you could ramble about your onkey au where kibum is jonghyuns brother and told jinki he likes him

AH! this one [x[x]

So at first they texted a lot, and Jinki told him that if there was ever a thunderstorm he was free to call him whenever. He always answered. If he didn’t, he’d wake up a moment too late, but would call right back. 

He doesn’t feel right being Kibum’s boyfriend without his parents knowing, he feels as if he’s hiding it all and he doesn’t like it. He wants them to like him, and knowing he’s been going into their youngest’s room at night and holding him so close, and they never do more than kiss. Not for a while. Jinki wants Kibum to be loved, and to love him, and he knows he’s his first, so he doesn’t want to pressure him into anything. He wants Kibum to call the shots on progressing their relationship so to speak. 

Jinki and him will go to that park later at night later in their relationship, and Jinki will play his guitar and softly sing to Kibum. Little songs he’s been working on, poems etc, and Kibum is always so soft and fond with him. Jinki doesn’t get much time up front to sing, that’s Jonghyun’s thing, and he always tells Kibum, that’s fine, because the only person I need to hear me is you. 

When Kibum graduates Jinki is there, big smiles and an embrace when he comes out of the stadium after the ceremony. He tugs him close by his hip and kisses his temple, a soft, congratulations baby. Kibum’s hat gets all shifted and Jinki fixes it with a soft chuckle. Until Jonghyun slams into his baby brother and Jinki is knocked away. He just shakes his head.

Kibum goes to a different college than Jinki and Jonghyun, but it’s close, so they spend a lot of time together, studying, staying over each other’s dorms/apartments. They’re very snuggly and like to hold hands. Kibum always makes it to their little shows their have, hollers and carries on, and Jinki always laughs at him after when they’re snuggled in bed, Jinki’s nose in Kibum’s hair. 

He moves in with Jinki his sophmore year of college, he’s over there most of the time anyway, and Jinki doesn’t expect him to pay rent until he’s stable in school and can afford the time and effort of a job. 

When Jinki cuts his hair Kibum keeps finding himself moving his fingers through the hair and just expecting more to be there. And Jinki looks amused like you okay? And Kibum just mumbles yeah… this is gonna take some getting used to. Jinki just kisses him. Think going from ondrew hair to now hair, still some length to hold, but not as much.

You Might Get a Raindrop In Your Eye

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by PizzaSteamHal

When it rains, it pours and the water just keeps rising.

Or: The Karasuno Volleyball team just wanted to have morning practice, not be stuck in flash flooding and a thunderstorm. And where is Coach Ukai and Tsukishima?!?!?!?! (Hint: They’re outside somewhere of fucking course)

Words: 2011, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Can I Help You? Closed Starter


The Iwatobi manager had been enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home since Rin was off somewhere with his boyfriend and her mom was out doing shopping and with swim club activities cancelled due to a bad thunderstorm rolling in, Kou was actually enjoy the time she had to relax. She sprawled out on the couch, flipping through stations on the television trying to find something decent, but to no avail. Yawning with boredom she checked her phone for new messages from her boyfriend or her friends and saw nothing. She was ready to take a nap, seeing as there was nothing else to do and no one to talk to oddly when a sudden knock at her door changed that.

Rising from her comfortable spot on the couch, she made her way over to the door and checked to see who it was first, staring through the peephole. She was at first suspicious of the woman until she got a text from brother’s boyfriend mentioning that someone who matched the description of the lady standing outside the door would be stopping by soon. Gou carefully opened the door and peered out, cautiously. “Matsuoka residence, can I help you with something?”

Veronica Mars, Where Are You? (Post #7)

Mac ambles up as they cross the lobby, hand closed around a small object. Petra leads them to the check-in desk, where a cheerful blonde beams, and gives a couple their room key.

“Well, hello there,” the blonde says, sizing Logan up, the wattage of her grin increasing. “Aren’t you guys a little young to be detectives?”

“This is Tina Callis, our weeknight desk clerk,” Petra says. “She witnessed the second appearance of the ghost…when he showed up during a wedding, and caused a riot in the lobby.”

“Yeah, that was interesting,” Tina says, wry. “There was a thunderstorm, and they ran outside in all their finery. The mother of the bride threatened to sue.”

“Did you actually SEE the ghost?” Veronica asks. “Or did he only appear in the ballroom?”

“Well I wasn’t there when he APPEARED,” Tina says. “I mean, my job involves standing behind this desk. But I heard he shouted, “I object!” at a critical moment, then smacked his hand on the canape table—the groom rushed to protect his custom-made porcelain (hint: Dick’s “date” for Alterna-Prom). After which the ghost took off running across the dance floor, towards the father of the bride. I DID see him storm into the lobby. He screamed ‘I’ll see you in HELL!’, and fell to his knees. Right before he disappeared, that is.”

“In a flash of light?” Veronica asks, and Tina winks and points.

“He LOOKED ghostly, too…grey and see-through. I recognized him as Aaron Echolls, like I told Ms. Landros; but he seemed younger than the version in the papers, last year.”

“He’d be ECSTATIC to hear it,” Logan mutters. Veronica gives him a sympathetic pat.

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Sunset and rainclouds, and exposed/worn by the waves wood, Hawaii