EXO Reaction when you jump on them and end in an awkward position

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Chanyeol: “Jagi? What are you doing on top of me? I thought you only wanted to sleep…”

Kris: *You accidentally put your hand on his member and he starts to act like a little kid* “Oh Y/N!!” *Giggles*

Sehun: “Oh Y/n… I’m not letting you go now!” *Pulls you close*

Tao: *Boner time* “What should I do… oh .. damn…”

Kai: *He is more scared than you, doesn’t even notice in the awkward position you two are*

Xiumin: “Do you want me to comfort you? I can totally make you forget about that movie…”

Baekhyun: *Naughty Baek* “Are you flirting with me??”

Luhan: *Runs away before you can even go to him* “THERE’S A MONSTER!!!”

Chen: *Does funny things so you move and you both don’t get awkward*

Kyungsoo: *Acts all innocent* “Come jagi… I’m scared” *Creepy Soo*

Lay: *Mental Breakdown*

Suho: “Stay here Y/N I’ll protect you” *Holds you tight and kisses you slowly*


//I was excited about it when I made it. I love it so much. :) I thought you might like that one and I adore this gifset because it’s just perfect for them. I edited the “I Know” gif. I’m so happy! I’m glad you really like it.


White Collar + The Onion headlines (3/4) (insp.)


And this? Ragnar gave me this.

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I think one of my favourite things about Olicity is how nervous Oliver can get around Felicity, because we didn't really see that in his other relationships, also I think he's a lot more protective of her than he was with Laurel or Sara.

But do you know why, anon? 

(Of course you do, we all do - let’s tell a story…)

Why he hesitates like he does in this gif:

Staring at her, that moment of hesitation we all know very well, where you’re like, “Should I say it or shouldn’t I?” When you know what comes out of your mouth next will change the course of your life, will either send you soaring or send you crashing…

Why he gets flustered when she points out that he’s the one talking in sentence fragments, when she just asked him if he really meant a date-date - she hadn’t said yes yet, she hadn’t said anything but, “What?”

He’s so nervous, but she takes it away in the next breath…

look at him

Because he loves her. 

Because he has loved her, he’s loved her for so long he didn’t even realize it was happening until it smacked him in the face, until he had to put her in danger and realized she was the last person he wanted there.

That’s why he was so nervous around her, why he shuffled his feet, why he ducked his head, why he got that dopey smile, why his eyes softened whenever he just looked at her - because it came out of nowhere. He’s never had a love like this where it wasn’t built around something else - they didn’t meet up and have an initial attraction, they didn’t date, they didn’t do normal coupley things that eventually lead/grow into love. 

No, no, Oliver fell in love with her - her character, her heart, her soul - before a relationship was even an option.

And that’s why he’s so much more protective of her - a lot of it stems from their dangerous work, sure - but most of it is that she means so much to him: she has become the guiding light in his life, his purpose, his reason in a way that nobody else ever has before. She loves him, no matter what, she challenges him, she doesn’t back down, she helps him see things differently and he does the same for her, she’s seen him at his darkest and she is still there, still guiding him, still loving him. It’s a relationship built on friendship, trust, respect, a love that has grown from those things.

For a man who came back from Lian Yu thinking he was a shell, that he was never going to feel anything again, that he was destined to be alone… this is everything

She is everything.

And that is something to protect and treasure.


Swan Queen Week | Day 05: Best Friend Romance
   ⤷ Road Trip to Henry: (05/07)

“You know, this still doesn’t solve my question.”

“What question?”

“What we should call each other.”

“Right now the only thing I’m questioning is why we thought this two-room arrangement was a good idea.”

“Indeed. It’s entirely overrated.”

+ bonus


We should get to know everything about each other. I’ve done some crappy things in my life, like sleeping with my best friend’s girlfriend, which I might have only done because I thought I was going to die, but I still did it. It’s a part of who I am. I want you to know all that stuff;   t h e   g o o d   a n d   t h e   b a d  .

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what are your thoughts about this groupie drama cuz i've been seeing it around lately

I’m going to answer this with a series of sarcastic gifs okay:

Boys to pretty girls:

Pretty girls to boys:

OMG the boys find girls attractive?!:

How lots of the 5SOS fam feel:

How the 5SOS fam should feel:

Fans who hate on other fans or disrespect the boys:

My opinion on “groupies”:

EXO reaction to finding a pregnancy test

I really love the thought of them finding something like this <3 I hope you are having fun right now. Lots of love from admin M <3

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Xiumin: “Oh god she is… oh gooood. We’re going to have a baby… calm down xiumin.. I should wait for her to tell me.”

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Luhan: “Pregnant? Nooo.. there must be something in my eye..”

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Kris; *found it a few days earlier and now won’t let you out of his eyes. he knows you have to tell him something, tho he already knows*

Originally posted by sekairis

suho: *sees that its negative and is kinda sad because he thought for one moment that you could be pregnant*

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Lay: *You come in as he looks at the test* *gif*

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Baekhyun: *sees the test and rushes to you. hugs you tight* “Congrats on having my baby”

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Chen: *sees the negative test and doesn’t know how to face you because he knows you must be sad*

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Chanyeol: *Is a little bit angry you didn’t told him and wants to talk to you about it*

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D.O: *after he got that the test is negative he smiles because he imagines what it would be to be a father* >I’ll work hard to make her happy<

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Tao: *does a happy dance when he sees that you are pregnant* 
You: *Come into the room and look at him like that: O.o*

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Kai: *does not know what he should do now. If he should talk to you because the test is negative and you’ve tried to become pregnant. He knows how bad you must feel*

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Sehun: *He can’t believe his eyes* “What? I’m… I’m going to be a dad?”

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Instead of doing a crushes post, I thought I’d do a follow forever! while I was going through my follow list I realised how many amazing people I follow so I wanted to let everyone know that they should be following all these people!

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I tried to keep it short but there are just so many amazing people here…

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