Okay, wow, you guys are really into the bodyguard!Bitty AU. I posted the snippet, went downstairs to sew for a few hours, came back and I had like 30 new followers. Helloooooo!

To answer a couple of questions I’ve gotten - I’m still writing this. I won’t start posting until I’m done writing it (I’ve been burned too many times). I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT WILL HAPPEN. I would loooooove for it to happen but I have been having a hard time making CP fic happen and this one’s the first one that’s really taken off for me so I’m optimistic. 

So there isn’t any more of it available online. I may post additional snippets. A few more tidbits from the story:

  1. Bitty never went to college because his checking phobia prevented him from getting a scholarship, so he joined the Army instead (partially influenced by a female cousin of his). He actually became a Green Beret. He applied to the Secret Service when he finished his Army career but wasn’t accepted, but one of the agents who evaluated him referred him to Shitty (who runs a private security & investigations firm called Knight & Associates) who was delighted to hire him.
  2. Pretty much the entire SMH crew except Jack work for Shitty’s firm. Lardo does not, but she is Shitty’s hetero-life-partner and is still an artist.
  3. The Falconers are making Jack accept bodyguards because he’s been getting death threats. He came out about three months before the story but that may or may not be connected.
  4. My title for the story is “Quicker for a Fray” which is also from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I ARE SO CLEVAH.
  5. Bitty still has a significant emotional hang-up, but it isn’t about checking.
Exo Reactions To You Burning The House Down While You Were Trying Cook

I kind of had to rush through this so I hope it’s okay. Sorry for any errors, I didn’t have time to proof read it before posting. <3 xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *thinks it’s a joke at first & laughs about it until he actually sees that the house is completely gone & just stares at it, totally speechless for once in his entire life*

Chanyeol: *lectures you for hours about how you aren’t supposed to cook without his supervision, not bringing up the fact that he has almost burned the house down too*

Chen: *has to try really hard not to make jokes about it but he’s also irritated, he doesn’t want to make you feel bad about it so he holds his tongue but he’s slightly annoyed*

D.O.: *gives you a good talking to about how you should have been more careful, but doesn’t treat you too harshly, knowing it was an accident & you probably feel bad*

Kai: *doesn’t know what to say or do, just looks around blankly, trying to figure out what’s going on, unable to figure out if he should be mad or relieved that you’re okay*

Kris: *laughs hysterically because it was you that burned the house down & not him, happy he can bring this up whenever you tease him for doing something stupid*

Lay: *so confused about how you managed to burn the house down that he’s not upset or mad, just bewildered to the point that he’s happy you’re okay & that you didn’t die*

Luhan: *lectures you for it constantly & never shuts up, mentioning it whenever you use a kitchen, though you can tell he’s just concerned & wants you to be more careful*

Sehun: *isn’t too surprised because he knew you would do it eventually, he just thought it wouldn’t be until you were older so he accepts it but is still a little bit annoyed*

Suho: *has to stop himself from crying when he hears about it, but not because the house is gone, he was just so terrified that you could have been hurt that he gets upset*

Tao: *wants to laugh about it because it was your fault & not his, but then he remembers that all of his expensive stuff was inside it & suddenly wants to cry his eyes out*

Xiumin: *concerned & surprised but not upset, just relieved that you didn’t get hurt, not caring too much about the house because it was just a building to him*

More Reactions

  • Everybody else:EWWW angry vegan alert maybe if you were just nicer to people we'd listen I love bacon and I am offended
  • Vegans:Okay, then. Please, we implore you to consider not hurting animals and to maybe think about the bigger consequences of you buying that packet of bacon. Animal abuse really isn't a nice thing.
  • Everybody else:Nahh fam bacon is delicious it's the abuse which brings out the flavour I don't give a flying fuck about animals anyway

I honestly believe that Arya and Gendry will be endgame in some fashion. 

Whether it be as Lord and Lady Baratheon,

the Smith and his wild wife, 

or in death. 

I’m honestly cool with any of those. 

After the shit they’ve been through, Arya and Gendry would probably take really good care of their smallfolk and Arya at least would probably work really hard to look out for girls, highborn and lowborn alike. And they’d raise their kids to continue that legacy. 

But if they didn’t want to deal with highborn society anymore, that’d be okay too. I think Gendry would be happy to smith in a small town, maybe even run an inn, and Arya would appreciate the freedom and probably would have a good time interacting with all the characters that would pass through. They’d probably end up with a bunch of orphans as well as their own children. Gendry has already picked up Arya’s Stark habit of picking up strays (remember Weasel?). 

And in death, well, that’d be the saddest. But I’d be okay with them ending things as tragic folk figures. Like Wenda the White Fawn and the Kingswood Brotherhood. Maybe Tom would write a song about them. 

hummingbird heartbeat - pt 5

( part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - AO3 )

“You sound different on the phone,” Bitty said, unable to think of anything else. Sweetie’s voice was somehow sort of… deeper, a little, maybe? A bit more like honey. He could hear the concern his voice, just like he could hear a little bit of New York and faint hint of something else in him. “I like it.” Bitty felt like he was really hearing Sweetie for the first time.

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I feel like one of the best moment I like about the Evillustrator episode is how Adrien asked Marinette on her thoughts on Chat-Noir. It was as if he really cared much about her opinion on him. (like did he bother to ask chloe if she liked chat noir? no! cause he didn’t give a flying shit!)

I’d also like to think that the facial expression he makes is just him thinking: Okay, so she likes Chat-Noir. I just need to be hanging out with her more as him and then BABAM!! I reveal myself to her. Instant bff = she’ll be able to talk to be just like she does to Chat.

It’s freaking obvious this boy loves her


its really going to be hard to get through this all again. but this time, hell this time i see. okay wait no.

this time i cant really tell you whatit feels like if you go through this too u will know but its so hard to explain to others. but hwen u feel urself and u see no u reALIZE whats happened you feel like the whole world is crashing down.

and i hate myself that much is true. but i could have hurt any one of you and thats everything i go against as a human being. when i got to myself this time, there was people. a lot of people

last time, not so much. a quick shoutout to @danwilds, @asteriea & @minrd who knew me the best before this and didnt leave my side. like honestly i cant thank you enough i cant tell you how much i love you because no words can convey that.

but you guys stuck with me and thats all ive ever really needed. and to wake up and see ALL OF YOU all of you sweet angels who got no reason to be here for me, STILL be here for me when i needed you the most it actually breaks my heart million times and it doubles over and i cant breathe. in a good way.

im not perfect i will never be perfect this is me and she is part of me and i HATE IT AND I DONT ACCEPT IT but its me and its me and its me. and ive got to learn to not hide away. 

if this had happened to someone i loved and they hadnt told me about i would have been so scared. im sorry if you were scared. now you know and i aint gonna hide it.

i just want to tell everyone you mean the world to me, you deserve to conquer the world and you are beautiful. if anyone else goes through bad times, message me and i will be here for you I WANT TO BE HERE FOR EVERYONE . from now on this aint only a book/aesthetic blog. u can come here and i can try to make you feel safe. bc u r worth it. everyone one of you.

i cant stress anything enough, and i wont believe anything straight away, because i have problems and i have to deal with them. but now i know, that if this ever happens again i got you.

and i will always treasure you and i will always have your back. 


anonymous asked:

Can you see a scenario later on when Fushimi and Yata are dating where Yata gets upset because Fushimi isn't exactly the nicest or most romantic person alive? Like sure they throw their stupid insults at each other still, but why can't Fushimi be mushy or say he loves Yata sometimes too? Do you think Yata would become insecure in the relationship because of this?

I could definitely see this happening, Fushimi’s not really used to things like outward displays of affection and even though Yata knows that I think he’d probably feel really frustrated sometimes, like would it kill you to say ‘I love you’ every once and a while. I could actually see there being insecurities on both sides, like on Yata’s end he feels sometimes like he’s doing all the work in this relationship, he’s the one who’s usually initiating things and being the mushy romantic, planning dates and buying the occasional gifts and saying all the ‘I love yous.’ And it makes him worried because, yeah, he knows Fushimi’s not the best with romance or feelings and Yata’s trying to give him space but at the same time Yata sometimes wonders what Saruhiko really feels about him. I can see him just turning it over in his mind, like he wants to believe in Fushimi’s feelings because he loves Fushimi so much and they’ve been through all this shit and they’re still together but it eats at him because he really has no idea what Fushimi’s thinking half the time. Then one day I could see him just snapping, like they’re having what would normally be a round of good-natured bickering but then Fushimi blows off something Yata meant sincerely and all Yata’s anger and insecurity boils over and he straight out says aloud that he wonders sometimes if Fushimi wants to be with him at all and do you even love me since you never actually say it.

Of course then this makes all Fushimi’s insecurities flare up because he’s suddenly hyper aware of how much of the emotional heavy lifting Yata’s been doing in this relationship and doesn’t Yata deserve better than him. I imagine it’s not that Fushimi’s totally unromantic, it’s just a mix of him sincerely not knowing how he’s supposed to act in a relationship and just his own issues, like he rarely manages to say 'I love you’ but he thinks it all the time. Or sometimes when he wakes up before Yata he’ll just stare at Yata’s sleeping face and maybe stroke his hair and think about how good-looking his boyfriend is but then when Yata wakes up and asks what he’s staring at Fushimi instinctively retreats behind his walls and clicks his tongue, saying that he was just wondering if Yata was ever going to get up and make breakfast. Maybe in the aftermath of the fight Fushimi ends up sulking off on his own and  I think finally someone would probably have to intervene, like Munakata sits him down to talk about what’s bothering him and Anna shows up at Scepter 4 because she wants to talk with Fushimi and basically everyone gets to drill it into Fushimi’s head that if he loves Yata he can’t just keep it all in his mind, he needs to show Yata or Yata won’t understand. So then maybe Fushimi goes back to the apartment and Yata isn’t there so he tries to make like a romantic dinner but he’s not very good at it and he almost sets the place on fire. Yata comes back in time to put out the fire and he’s like what the fuck were you doing Saruhiko, seriously this is why I don’t let you cook and that’s when Fushimi manages to blurt out this quiet little 'I love you.’ Yata stops flat, eyes wide and Fushimi repeats it again. He sort of stumbles out that he’s not…good at any of this and Yata’s probably better than Fushimi deserves but he does love Misaki and he’ll try to say it out loud as often as he says it in his head. Yata can’t really stay mad at that so he hugs his stupid boyfriend like see, idiot, was that so hard and Fushimi almost clicks his tongue and looks away but he stops himself and hesitantly hugs Yata back instead.

31 Days of Positivity: Day 29: Surprise

Sorry it’s late! I also tried super hard to write in past tense. This was an error, I feel. Never mind!  This is a bit longer at 1k so I’ve cut it to save your dashes.

(Almost) all the smol things are now on AO3 HERE for ease of access!)

It had hit her like a tonne of bricks, and it was all Snow White’s fault.

Okay, so It wasn’t her mom’s fault, not really, but she could certainly be blamed for bringing it up in the first place.

It had started over lunch one day, her mother bouncing Neal on her hip whilst furiously flicking through a toy catalogue, the afternoon’s discussion centering mainly on whether it was even worth buying birthday presents for a child whose favourite toy remained their own feet.

“This is the easy part,” Snow had groused, folding over the corner of the page with the loudest, brightest offerings, “what am I going to do when he grows up? Boys are so hard to buy for.”

Emma had raised her eyebrows and smiled over the brim of her coffee cup.

“Henry’s easy enough. Comic books and computers or any combination thereof and you’re set.”

Snow had hummed in agreement, then tilted her head to the side, fixing Emma with suddenly shrewd eyes.

“Your father’s a nightmare though, every year he asks for sheep, and every year I tell him we don’t even have a yard. What do you get for Killian? Or don’t I want to know?”

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Man, school fucking sucks. I'm too scared to talk to anybody and nobody has made the effort to talk to me since I started school there last year, so I feel so lonely and I'm afraid to stim in class cuz teachers jokes saying "no toys" and that probably includes stim toys. Plus I've grown up being made to believe that is was wrong and embarrassing so I feel like I can't do it in public and that makes me more distressed. I don't know I just really need support from someone who understands right now

That is a hard place to be in! 

Whoever told you stimming is bad needs to do over 9,000 jumping jacks on Legos without making any sounds or showing any pain, and every time they do either they have to start over. 

Okay, in all seriousness, I think you’re wise to not attempt to bring stim toys in a “no toys” room. Even if the teacher okays it, there will be people who get butthurt that you can when they can’t, and you don’t need their ableist garbage.

Fortunately!!!! There are some stealthy ways to stim with your school supplies and personal accessories! Anything can be a stim toy when you use your imagination. ^_^V

Get a pencil case with a knobby surface and rub or touch that.
Twirl your pencils or jiggle them with your forefinger and thumb. (This can be visual too if you have a bright colored or holographic pencil! :D)
Jiggle a mechanical pencil by your ear to get the rattly noise of the lead sticks inside.
Link two key rings together, hook your fingers through them and wiggle to your heart’s content.
If you like to wear necklaces, you can rub the chain between your fingers. Don’t do this with really delicate thin chains or they’ll fall apart. It has to be a thicker chain.
Stick puffy stickers inside your folders so you can touch or squish them with your fingers.
Stick holographic stickers inside your folders for a visual stim.
Twirl your hair around your finger if your hair is long enough, or you can rub your head a little if your hair is short.
If you tie your hair back, take some extra hair bands and wrap them around your wrist so you can play with them.
If you’re comfortable with painting your fingernails, get a snazzy cool color or use glitter nail polish and you have insta-visual stimming on your fingertips, literally! (I glitter up my toenails, so if I’m staring at my feet in open-toed shoes, that’s probably what I’m admiring XD)
If you have a calculator, you can push random buttons on it.
Keep a swatch of fabric you like in a folder to touch and rub. Another way to disguise it is to use it as a bookmark.
Jiggle your legs or wiggle your toes.
Take the lid off a pen and re-cap it over and over, or you can click a clicky pen over and over unless you get in trouble for that. The pens you twirl to make the pointy end come out are fun too because you can twist to your heart’s content.
Doodle on scratch paper or scribble in the squares on graph paper.
Get a folder with a cool fractal or holographic pattern on it and stare at it.

As for talking to people, I’ve discovered that a great icebreaker is to compliment someone. 

“Hi, that’s a really cute shirt.”
“Hello, those are cool earrings. Where did you get them?”
“Hey, I like that shade of lipstick!”
“Hello, that’s awesome nail art!”
“Whoa, neat backpack!”

And if they’ve got something related to a fandom or band you like, you can compliment it too and mention you like that show/band/whatever.

People generally warm up when they’re complimented and they might even compliment you back and suddenly you’re talking about where you shop or things like that. Being nice to people really makes a difference. Plus, if some of the people you’re nice to turn out to be bullies, there will be others who remembered you being nice and they may stand up for you.

You don’t have to feel obligated to talk if it’s too hard. You’re in a new setting with a new schedule, and everything feels really chaotic. It’s okay, the start of a new school year is always nerve-wracking and I wish I could help you “NOPE!” out of it for ten minutes to breathe after every class period. 

Give yourself time to settle in and establish some routine if that makes you comfortable.

No matter what anyone says, you’re not broken or less. Different is not less. Different is awesome!

“Tell Me What Happened, From the Start” (Mino)

Requested by anon

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

    “Minho!” you exclaimed, relieved that he’d opened the door. You’d expected him to be out.

    “Babe, what’s going on?” he asked, clearly concerned by your distressed expression

    “I got evicted,” you replied. The truth still hadn’t sunk in, but saying it out loud made it seem more real.

    “What?!” Minho exclaimed in horror. “Here, come inside.” He took two of your suitcases, leading the way into his apartment. You set down your backpack and purse next to the couch and sat down, slumping against the back of the couch. Minho sat down next to you, taking one of your hands in both of his. “Okay, tell me what happened, from the start.”

    “I missed a rent payment,” you said miserably. “I thought there was a grace period of two weeks, and I was working really hard to get my payment together by then. I would have made it! But it turned out it was one week, and I got home today to the notice on the door. And…” you sighed. “You know how I’m not always able to make my rent on time, and I guess this was just… It.”

    “Oh gosh…” he said, agitatedly running his fingers through his hair. “You should have told me you needed some cash! I would have helped you out.”

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Ghost Type:

  • Centered entirely around dead or really old things
  • Ghost types are incorporeal
  • May be tricksters, but not outright malicious
  • Ghosts are immune to fighting and normal type moves
  • Strong against psychic, but not immune
  • Normal types are immune to fighting type moves
  • Takes double damage from their own typing cuz ghosts know how to deal with ghosts the best
  • Coolest type okay-ish attacking type
  • Has shadow ball, shadow claw, and shadow punch

Dark Type:

  • Centered around nefarious and tough pokemon
  • Hurt hard by punches
  • Always assholes who fight dirty except for Absol who is misunderstood
  • Immune to psychic, as opposed to the most famous Ghost type who takes double damage from psychic
  • Resist their own typing because dark types know all of the dirty tricks
  • Best attacking type in the game aside from ground imho
  • Has lots of choices for different attacks that usually have some secondary effect
  • Seriously every other pokemon is running a dark type attack

As attacking types, ghost and dark type have similar coverage, except ghost type has one whole immunity and less resistances. You can run a ghost type move on a dark type like Darkrai for coverage, but it’s always weird to see Genger running dark pulse or something cuz it has the same coverage as shadow ball and gengar has access to better coverage moves.

So yeah, that’s what I have to say.

anonymous asked:

Before anything, I'm a cis bisexual girl. For my theatre class we have to write a monologue, and I thought of making it LGBT, one of those ideas involve a trans boy, but I'm not sure if a trans person would like it cuz I'm cis. I'm not doing it to laugh, but bc trans ppl. don't have enough recognition in Mexico, specially in high schools. So I was just wondering, is it okay if I do it trans? I ask you cuz I don't know of any trans person in my city (at my age they must be in the closet.)

I think it’s really important that trans voices are the most authoritative voices on our own experiences, after all these are our stories to tell. But I think it’s unnecessarily limiting to suggest that only trans people should be capable of developing or portraying trans characters in creative works. The problem arise from the fact that trans folks still have a hard time breaking into the creative sphere in the ways that cis folks do, and that in many cases cis-authors/actors/actresses/etc. portray trans folks in really limited ways that fail to capture our actual lived experiences.

I don’t think there’s a problem (necessarily) with a cis-person exploring a trans character. As I’ve shared before when folks have asked me about writing trans characters into their fictional works, my main piece of advice is approach the subject thoughtfully and respectfully, do your homework, and if at all possible, have an actual trans person review things first to give you their perspective.

If you think that you can give a good performance, one informed by good research/conversations with/about trans folks, I say go for it. If you don’t think you can do this subject the justice it deserves, maybe look for something else this time around.

xaandiir  asked:

May I request angsty Jamilton for your writing time?

Okay so I am v bad at angst, but i tried.oh god i tried so hard. I spent like four hours on this. Hope you enjoy!

Me: Alex where the fuck are you?

Me: Alex??

(Received 12:30 AM)

Thomas turned off his phone angrily. Alex hadn’t come back to the dorm and wasn’t responding to his messages. He could just be out working late somewhere, but even so that didn’t explain why he wasn’t answering. Thomas was getting really worried.

Thomas jumped at the sound of thunder outside the window. Shit. If Alex was out there during a storm he was going to freak out. Thomas had to find him, soon. He decided to ask his friends if they had seen him.

Me: hey idiot have you seen Alex

Laurens: hi jefferson. no i haven’t. i think he said he was gonna go fight someone.

Me: what the fuck?? Who??

Laurens: idk he didn’t say he just kinda left.

Me: youre fucking useless.

Laurens: thanks

Thomas paced around the dorm making a mental list of places Alex could be and people he could be fighting with this time when he heard the door slam. He turned and saw Alex, soaking wet. He rushed over to him.

“Alex! Where the fuck were you?” He asked, pulling him into a hug. “I was worried.”

“Out.” Something was wrong. Usually Alex had a million things to say.

“Yeah uh-huh. What’s wrong?” Thomas said.

“Nothin’s wrong.”

“Bullshit. Laurens told me you went to a fight.” Alex didn’t respond. Thomas pulled Alex so that he was facing him. He saw a bruise on his arm and on his face, as well as scratches on his arms.

“Alex, what happened. Why’d you just go and fight someone? Why didn’t you tell me?” Thomas traced his hand along Alex’s cheek. Alex turned his face away, Thomas saw tears welling in his eyes. Alex winced as thunder clapped again. “Alex! Talk to me.”

“It’s not important,’ Alex said softly. “It doesn’t matter.” Tears started to drip down his face. Thomas pulled him into a hug as Alex started shaking and sobbing. Thunder boomed and the storm continued outside.

donniesdonowitz  asked:

thank you for this blog. it's been hard to believe it's alright to be a wlw since i came out to a friend and she called me out in her church service and had them lay hands on me to try to pray my gay away. it's been really really hard to believe it's okay to love girls. thank you for your positivity. it's beginning to undo all that.

oh gosh, that sounds really awful and traumatic. i’m so sorry! your love for girls is completely pure, wonderful and real. i’m so glad this blog helps you!! <3 -Mod S