Lets analyze this photo shall we.

J-Hope: Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Me

V: too scared to reach for the fun spot. Pussy.

Kookie: place the hand down gently and nobody gets hurt.

Rap Mon: You can do it Namjoon, you can do it, stick the landing, stick the- fuck, too hard Namjoon, you stuck it too hard.

Jimin: time to give these peeps a heart attack. Penis grab engaged. Shit. Penis grab missed. Fuck it. Belt grab engaged.

Suga: how about instead of grabbing it, I just thrust it, really hard.

Jin: it’s okay jin, we all know you’re not the dancer. Your hubby had enough crotch grab for the both of you.

Sometime in the future...

…when Dex realizes he’s not poor anymore.

“can we get a headboard, too?”

Dex hated that voice. It was a voice he hadn’t heard come out of his mouth in a long time, since before him and Nursey got married, before they graduated, before he started seeing a therapist. It was a voice that said, ’a no would break me’ underneath the real words of his question.

It was how he used to ask for hugs, and how he asked, three months into their fuck-buddy relationship, for Nusey to please stay the night, just once, nobody ever stays.

Nursey gave him a long, appraising look, but Dex knew he wouldn’t ask why, all of a sudden, Dex sounded so unsure of himself. Just like Dex knew, eventually, he’d tell Nursey why something so silly as a headboard was so important to him.

He gave a small smile instead, kissed Dex’s cheek, and said, “That’s chill.”

They got out of their truck, a purchase that Nursey made without Dex because he knew his husband could never justify the price to himself, even though they could afford it a hundred times over. Between Dex’s NHL salary and Nursey and Lardo’s line of children’s books, there wasn’t really anything they couldn’t afford.

Which is why Dex hated how small and broken his voice sounded when he asked if they could buy a headboard.

With the new contract Dex signed, finally featuring a no trade clause, they decided to buy a house. Nursey went all out; he spent weeks touring places, picking out furniture, and giving Dex the silent treatment (apparently ‘whatever you want’ isn’t the right answer). The only thing left was a new mattress.

They saved it specifically for a week when Dex didn’t have any scheduling conflicts. He tried to tell Nursey that it was fine, he could go ahead and buy one without Dex there, but he refused, insisting that a mattress was an individual experience, both of them had to agree.

They both knew that, in the end, Dex wouldn’t have an opinion. A bed was a bed to him, and any bed was better than no bed. It felt nice to have a full day with his husband, though.

They stood in front of a huge mattress store, and for some reason, Dex felt uncertain. There was something about this, buying a bed, that made everything real to him. He was an adult. He was well off financially. And he was about to walk into a store hand in hand with his husband. And he was happy.

He wasn’t the angry kid from Maine, anymore.

A saleswoman nearly a foot shorter than the couple (call me Cici!) dragged them all over the store, practically pushing them down on mattresses and asking about their firmness. She asked about hteir opinon on memory foam versus tempurpedic, about fabrics and springs and coils and all sorts of questions Nursey has answers for that Dex can’t make heads or tails of.

He zones out a bit, but jumps back into the conversation when the topic of temperature comes up (so, are you two warm blooded or do you use a lot of blankets at night?). He had no idea that they made some mattresses cooler than others, but yes they wanted to try those out, because his husband is a furnace and the three stupid cats Nursey snuck home were like little fuzzy ovens.

So, they go to the other side of the store and try out hybrids (of what, Dex really couldn’t say). Without even trying it out, Nursey pointed at one of the set-ups and declared, “it’s going to be this one.” Dex had to admit that it was pretty comfortable. He didn’t feel like he was sinking into the mattress, which was nice.

Nursey clamored on top, cuddling into Dex’s side with a smug grin. “Told you it was this one.”

Still grinning, Nursey asked Cici, “Can you show us some headboard options?”

There was an entire room of them. Bed frames and headboards and footboards. Big quilted ones that Dex thought would go great in his baby sister’s princess room, studded leather ones, wrought iron frames that looked a little too bondage for Dex’s comfort.

Dex wasn’t sure what his face was doing, but  Cici told them quietly that she would give them a few minutes to look around, even though she had been attached at to their side for the hour they had been in the store.

They wandered around, looking at all the choices. Dex knew he held Nursey’s hand a little too hard, but Nursey didn’t say anything. He let Dex take the lead, inputting his opinion but never tryng to influence Dex, never pushing him to talk about it.

They made two circuits of the room before stopping (for the second time) in front of a simple padded headboard. It wasn’t anything fancy, just smooth, cream colored fabric. Dex ran a finger over the display. It was softer than it looked.

“I don’t understand headboards. Or footboards. They’re totally pointless.”

In the past, that may have been an invitation for Nursey to chirp Dex, to ask what the hell they were doing buying one if Dex thought it was pointless. But after so many years together, Nursey knew Dex needed to talk it out, not have a conversation.

“Did you know that before I went to Samwell, I never slept in a real bed?”

“I didn’t, babe.”

Dex never took his eyes off the headboard. “For a while I had a matress thrown on the floor in me and Adam’s room, but then I gave it to Hannah and I started sleeping on some sleeping bags on the floor. I told myself it was like camping. Even when I imagined my house, I never imagined a having a real bed. What’s the piont of buying something that’s totally pointless? It’s just a waste of money.”

Nursey ran a warm hand up and down Dex’s back. Dex rarely talked about his childhood. It was one of the only things they still faught about sometimes: Nursey taking their money for granted and Dex not being able to accept that he can spend money when he wants to.

“But we can buy this. We can buy something that’s totally pointless, just because I want it.”

It wouldn’t match the room, even a little bit. The whole house was stark greys and bright whites, accents of bright colors. The cream fabric would stick out like a sore thumb. It was meant for a softer house. There was something about it that Dex like, though. He couldn’t put his finger on what, exactly, but he loved it.

“What do you think?”

Nursey didn’t bother to look away from Dex when he answered. “I think it’s great, babe. It’ll look good in the bedroom.”

Dex gave him a hard look. “really.”

“Okay, no. but if you like it, then I couldn’t care less.”

And just like that,they bought it. And later that night, in their brand new bed, in their house (their house, not a house they were renting), Dex slept better than he could ever remember sleeping.

Steamy Showers / Clay Jensen smut imagine

Steamy Showers

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: clay jensen smut where you’ve been teasing him all day at school w little touches and whispers that when you two are home later he can’t take it anymore.

A/N: First smut I’ve ever written so I hope it’s good! Decided to change locations a little bit, but it’s still the same idea J. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy! (Oops, this got longer than expected… oh well.)

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word count: 1410

It was a few weeks after you and Clay had your first time together. It went pretty well but it had hurt a little for you. Clay felt so bad about hurting you that you hadn’t had sex again. But you were determined to change that. You had longed for Clay to have sex with you again, but you were too afraid to initiate it or ask for it.

Today was your weekly jog session together and you picked out a sexy sports outfit; short pink shorts, a pink sports bra and a see-through white top. You had it hanging in your closet for some time and you were too shy to actually wear it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

You heard the doorbell ring and knew it was Clay. You quickly put your hair into a messy bun and ran downstairs to open the door.

“Hey, babe, ready to go?” Clay asked as he was checking his watch. He lifted his head to look at you and his mouth fell open a bit.

“I’m ready,” you smiled happily and closed the door behind you. “Shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

Romanced companions react to artist Inquisitor asking to paint them naked.

Yusuke, is that you?

Cassandra: A firm no. She’s terrified of the idea of someone finding the painting of her.

Blackwall: Stammers awkwardly and eventually gives in. He’s red as a beet the whole time.

Iron Bull: He’s utterly flattered. It only takes a few minutes for him to strip and then he lays casually as they paint.

Sera: She loses her shit and laughs really hard before giving the okay, but warns them to hurry up, because she’ll get bored sitting still like that. Also, she wants to have sex after.

Dorian: Laughs, then realizes they’re serious. He thinks about it for a long time, then says okay. He has a hard time not laughing the whole time.

Solas: “Hm… an interesting proposition. I will allow it… but only if I get to do the same to you.” Naked pictures of both result.

Josephine: She says no. Like Cassandra, she doesn’t want anyone to see it.

Cullen: Another no. He’s just too uncomfortable to do it.

When Bae speaks ft. Rest of EXO v/s Park Baekhyun.

Edit: (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself from adding this cause just look at their hilarious faces omg I tried really hard not to okay)

Do Kyungsoo : UFO spotted

Kai : Are they feeding my dog on time? Is he sleeping well? Does he miss me like I do?

Suho : I’m done raising them so whateves

Chen : It’s called The Mannequin Challenge bitches

Minseok : WOAH THE SKY IS…….. BLUE?

Baekhyun : I’m listening honey. I love you.

Sehun : Just…….. why…….. Life?

anonymous asked:

Hi~ can i pls get RFA reacting to finding out mc is a witch? like, real world witch, not fantasy witch. thx!

Listen. Nonny. Friend. Pal. You came to the right place. Also as a bonus, what kind of witchcraft each member might lean towards! Also also as a bonus, V and Saeran because…reasons.

This request brought me back from like a 2-3 month hiatus, thank you! (More to come!) @specialagent–danascully - tagging by request and also because this is right up her alley! :)

Requests are open.~


  • really doesn’t know much about witchcraft
  • but when you tell him you are a witch he becomes really curious
  • like…thinks it’s so cool tbh?
  • wants to tell everyone if you’re out of the broom closet anyway
  • loves glamours and beauty spells
    • “Not that I need them, of course.”
    • (he asks for them anyway)
  • lets you make all of his soaps/masks/beauty products bc you enchant them for him
    • but always w/ intent like emotional calm or happiness bc that boy doesn’t need any help to be prettier but he could stand to chill from time to time
  • asks for a glamour spell to keep him hidden every time y’all go out together so he doesn’t get noticed by fans
  • gets really excited whenever you do a spell
  • (always willing to help with them)
  • seriously this boy is your #1 fan


  • he wants to know everything like…everything
  • there’s a lot of explaining how it’s different from TV or movie witchcraft
    • there was a long discussion about Harry Potter and the differences between the two
    • “It’s a lot more…subtle than that.”
  • he loves it though
  • always wants to watch
  • he ends up really loving crystal and candle magic
  • the house always smells good! you always smell good!
  • plus, crystals are pretty! and used as magic items in LOLOL
  • he also loves kitchen magic, but!! is too afraid to ever try it tbh
    • his cooking tends to be…touch and go he’s afraid he’ll cause a magical disaster


  • a little stunned
  • like until you told her, she had no idea it was a real thing that people could just…be
    • she’d heard of it ofc, but only in terms of the past, or books, or musicals
  • research mode: ACTIVATE
  • soon she knows more about witchcraft than you do
  • discovers kitchen magic very quickly and suddenly realizes why you would suggest certain ingredients oooohh
  • asks if you would mind to enchant the ingredients whenever they’re delivered
    • you already do and she’s delighted
  • makes pastries and desserts for all the holidays, even if you don’t celebrate them
  • your bakery gets a very dedicated following of local witches
  • and becomes a very popular after-work stress relief stop (nobody understands how your desserts seem to make everything better)


  • totally clueless about witchcraft but accepts what you tell him immediately, without question
  • buys some books, quietly researches without saying much
  • tbh for a while, you think he’s actually distancing himself from you bc of discovering you are a witch
  • but it turns out he was just so clueless about it all that he didn’t even know what to ask - so he had to study first
  • becomes a super diligent supporter
  • buys you a ton of supplies, meticulously researching each purchase
    • “This wand is selenite, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed. Also, it’s got black kyanite and smokey quartz for–”
    • “Er, it’s gorgeous, Jumin, but you know I was fine with–”
    • “MC, that other one is literally a twig. It still has dirt on it.” he didn’t throw it away, he’s got some common sense after all
  • secretly memorizes tea/herb correspondences and brings you different teas depending on how your day went
    • he thinks he’s being sneaky but you notice and love him even more for it
  • lots of magic theory discussions with him
  • or random semi-related things:
    • “MC, can only witches have familiars?”
    • “…I don’t know, but don’t worry - you definitely have the same kind of relationship with Elizabeth the 3rd as a witch and their familiar, even if it’s not called the same thing.”


  • you manage to surprise him, which is really hard to do
    • “Okay but how did I not know?”
    • “There are still secrets to discover about me after all!” okay he loved that a little too much tbh
  • p much unfazed though
    • “Well, if you don’t have one already, we should get you set up with an online grimoire. So much easier!”
  • spends free time doing extra research so he can understand this side of you more
  • loves cosmic witchcraft! researches the shit out of it
    • after all, he’s always felt a connection to the stars
  • witch memes, witch puns, ~witchy humor in general~
    • “You’ve got me…under your spell” *eyebrow waggle* said at least once a day
  • hacks your phone to send you crazy emoji spells that he made up
    • “Saeyoung…they’re emoji spells. You can send them in a text instead of hacking to…”
    • “Aw, but hacking is how I charge them!” gotta love this boy 
      • he only slows down when weird things keep happening because of his spells
  • tbh he starts making everything about magic and you love it
    • “Saeyoung…what are you doing?”
    • “I’m cleansing!”
    • “…you are literally covered in empty chip bags. Eating chips.”
    • SALT.”
  • like he makes jokes all the time but he’s 100% supportive
  • also always makes sure your wards are in place and working no way is he gonna let your home go without magical protection once he learns this is a thing


  • he’s surprised but doesn’t really show it
  • asks a lot of questions, very intrigued!
  • you start to talk to him about spirits and astral travel
  • and he particularly enjoys that!
  • you introduce him to some spirits
    • turns out his energy just attracts genuinely kind and gentle spirits
    • he can sense them but not much else - he does feel very happy and at peace though
  • you two bond over energy work!
    • he’s really good at it, his loss of eyesight makes him extra sensitive to the energies of objects and people alike
  • he ends up getting you a little black kitten cliche, i know, fite me
  • he loves when he comes home to you doing a spell bc it almost always smells wonderful we don’t have to talk about what it smells like when you’re using valerian root okay


  • totally unsurprised, tbh
  • the things he’s seen - why would that, of all things, seem strange?
  • curious, but doesn’t really ask questions
  • just kinda…quietly observes
    • once you notice, you start to talk about it without him asking
    • you can tell he’s really happy
  • total fan of chaos magic you drew a sigil on him once and he was hooked
  • he is the best at creating sigils, they look amazing and always work
    • you tell him it’s because he has an amazing will, to go through what he did and make a full recovery - he believes you sometimes
  • he’s all about the witch aesthetic though he won’t admit it
  • turns your grimoire into a work of art with his illustrations
  • ends up lowkey becoming a witch himself, grabbing bits and pieces of different magic to suit his own craft
    • (his grimoire is a masterpiece)
    • (y’all are the first in a long line of witches in your family, tbh)


also, boris is really hard to draw okay. This is probably the best I’m ever gonna get, I tried dang it.

All their personalities as interpretation goes as follows.

-The loveliest asshole you’ll ever meet.
- a dancing fool
- sassy boy
- loves to screw with people
- thinks he’s prank master of the world but he lies
- loves kids and cooking, but not cooking kids.
- BaCoN SoUp ❤️😍❤️
- very competitive and hates sharing
-easily stressed out, just needs a nap

- not the brightest crayon but most loved
- master of all musical instruments, doesn’t toot his own horn about it though he’s very humble
- Is basically the papyrus of cartoon characters
- loves hugs and snuggles
- The best pillow this side of the hell™

Alice Angel
- an absolute sweetheart with a heart of gold
- determined to a fault, she’ll never lose faith in whatever she puts her mind to!
- true prank master of the world
- is a tad to innocent: PROTECT AT ALL COSTS!!!
- is Loyal AF, fight her if you mess with her boys
- call her baby again and you’ll be visiting heaven sooner then you think.
- can become a bit of a prima Donna when given to much attention, you’ll need to give her a reality check in the form of bendy the dancing demon.

Hopefully y'all enjoy this!!!

Playmates (Chapter 1)

(Okay, I know it’s been a long time since I last said something about this but the inspiration is really hard to find  (╥﹏╥). Okay, this is really short and the length of each chapter will surely vary from very short to longer ones. As usual the warnings is that this is a Ghost/Reincarnation AU, there might be grammatical errors, and this is really a short chapter.)

Keith…was not really the religious type, especially with all this talks about him being half Galra and all. It just means that some parts (or maybe all of it) of human beliefs didn’t really apply to him at all. Was there some great being out there that rules over the whole universe? Was destiny and fate real? Were all those mythologies about gods and goddesses were based from aliens also who happened to visit earth? Keith didn’t have the answers for these questions.

But right now? Floating in white nothingness? Now he could categorize as something supernatural. Not that being in space, fighting a war with a sentient lion, and meeting aliens were not supernatural to begin with but there was something different about this one. More so when Keith was pretty sure he died. From saving others specifically because that’s their job.

Team Voltron won the war against the Galra Empire but of course they suffered also. After all, there were no winners in war.

They lost their precious Blue Paladin.

It was so frustrating at the same time admirable on how Lance bit the dust. Frustrating because the blue paladin retained his ever self-sacrificing habit (that the team tried to fix) and admirable because Lance saved a whole refugee camp that was full of elderly and children. To honor the bravery of the fallen Paladin, the people of that planet swore that they would make a hero statue just for him. This made the team laughed and cry at the same time because Lance would love to have a statue of his own but he was no longer physically available to marvel at it.

Keith lost a piece of himself even though Lance died with a smile.

Now that he think further more about it, it was indeed sad that they all died young. Well, they did managed to say their feelings towards their love ones, be it romantically or platonically, but it didn’t mean that it hurt less.

War was nothing but a thief. It would continue to rob everyone until the end.

Keith blinked slowly. It really didn’t register to him at first but as the gravity around him increased the more he became aware that he was going in a downward movement.

He was falling and it was unexpected to the point that he didn’t have time to scream before shadows enveloped his entire being.


“Keith? Keith!”


“Oh no, is he dead? Please don’t tell me he is dead.”


“Ah…Hunk, I’m pretty sure we are all dead considering we literally put ourselves straight on harm’s way last I remembered.”




“What? I’m just saying the truth! See? We’re transparent!”




“Alright, everyone calm down.”


Keith would think that it was their normal everyday life in the castle based from the conversations he was hearing. But he didn’t dared hope because this might just be a dream, which would be a new one since he never really dreamed when he was floating ages ago.

“Keith? Can you hear me?”

“Come on, Galra Keith, open your eyes.”

Even in a dream, that statement was pretty irritating and Keith kept telling Hunk to stop calling him with such name. He verbalized his complain and Keith was not aware that the dead could still have a sensation of having their airways being blocked.

Someone was hugging him. Someone was literally touching him.

“Hunk! Put me down!”

With a shout of apology, Keith was finally on the ground again (for the first time since being dead) and had the chance of taking in the situation he was in at the moment. He looked around and saw Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk standing before him. They were all wearing their usual clothes before all of them became Paladins and a short glance to himself was enough for him to see that he was in the same attire. Now the area around them, however, was somewhere that gave an aura that distinctly says that they were on earth. On their home planet. All of them were gathered in a room that seemed like a nursery setting. The walls were painted with ocean waves and there were some cartoon fishes along with it. At the right side there was a glass window that illuminates the room and below it there were a mountain of animal stuff toys that ranges from puppies and kittens to wolves and lions. A few meters away from it was a baby crib made out of wood, the inside looked so soft and comfortable with all the pillows and such that shows different shades of blue. At the left side of the room were two cabinets and it was obvious that everything inside it will be for the baby that will occupy the room.

“Okay, where are we and what is happening here?” the question was directed to Shiro but Keith also looked towards Hunk and Pidge.

“Aside from the obvious fact that we are in a nursery room?” Pidge adjusted her glasses for a bit.


Silence met him after he said that and everyone was looking at each other to see if one of them knew what was going on.

“I think all of us only know the same things.” Shiro finally concluded when no one answered the question that swirling inside their minds.

“We died.” Pidge started the list.

“We were floating in a white nothingness?” at least that was what Keith experienced and he assumed that it was the same with the others when they nodded at him.

“Um…shadows suddenly swallowed us?” Hunk started twiddling his thumbs.

“We woke up here with transparent body, which only means…”

“We’re ghosts.” They all said at the same time.

Well this was a scenario that Keith never thought he would be in. Never in his entire life that the thought of not being able to enter the afterlife entered his mind, that was if such place existed in the first place.

Also, Keith was pretty sure he has no unfinished business so…

Why were all of them in this situation?

“Wait, where’s Lance then?” after those words escaped Keith’s mouth the door leading to the room where they were opened and revealed a couple, with the woman holding a baby while the man was cooing at the little one.

“I hope our little boy will like his room.”

“I’m sure he will, darling. Isn’t that right? Lance?”


anonymous asked:

Can I request headcanons for the folks going rollerskating? Or, if you'd rather, a fic with Reader x Flug on a rollerskating date? ^_^


A/N: I love rollerskating!!! It’s so fun and I’m not super great at it but I always have a good time while doing so! Also, I’ve saved the idea for a Flug x Reader away in my drafts folder in case I feel inspired later. :3&

Black Hat:
-He’s a totally powerful super villain, so I’m sure if he wanted to, he could skate ridiculously well.
-Still, he prefers to just observe the mayhem from the sidelines…
-However, tripping his employees is rather fun…especially 5.0.5…
-He would most likely calmly roll along with his s/o if convinced to skate, however the act of skating isn’t very dignified or helpful to his villain aesthetic, so once again, watching from the sideline is his go to.
-Any kids in the rink being brats would be subject to BH’s magic villainous wrath, ranging from small scares to full on trauma depending on BH’s mood.

Dr. Flug:
-He can skate fine, not especially well, but he can balance and move around pretty easily.
-Unless he’s especially nervous, even going a bit fast isn’t intimidating for him.
-He’s not as good at tricks as Demencia, but he can skate backwards pretty well, too!
-He would probably wanna hold hands with his s/o while skating, especially if they needed help.
-He would probably take both of their hands for couples skate or while teaching them and skate backwards slowly.

-She’s pretty good!
-She can skate backwards, do some tricks, and likes rolling around in general.
-She would be having so much fun skating with her s/o, even if it’s just them watching while she zooms around the skating rink, passing them constantly.
-Couples skate!!! *Demencia suddenly materializes next to s/o*

-He…He tries really hard, okay?!?!
-5.0.5 loves rollerskating, but he isn’t very good at it.
-Mostly he just kinda rolls around in a straight line, enjoying the feeling.
-That is until Black Hat or Demencia comes around and begins pushing him at an uncomfortable speed…
-He would appreciate help from his best friend greatly, and would cling to them and Flug even after he became comfortable.

What have you done? (1/?) (Justin Foley x Reader)

Summary: You’re the new kid in Liberty High, and everybody is freaking out about some tapes from a girl you never heard of. You start dating your neighbor, Justin, that goes to another school. Everything is going just fine until you finally find out what the hell happened to Hannah Baker.

Warnings: there is a spoiler from episode 9.

It’s not finished btw. It will probably have a part two :)


It was still early when you heard a knock in your apartment’s door. You lived alone, so you had to answer yourself. Your hair was still wet from the shower and you had only a black bra and blue jeans on. You didn’t mind. It was a weird time for anyone but Justin, your boyfriend and neighbor, show up. Leaning your ear against the door, you asked who was it for precaution.

“It’s me, babe” Justin’s voice answered. You let him in, and the first thing he did was check you out with a smile on his face. “Okay, you’re teasing. Just admit it. You enjoy my pain”

“I’m not teasing. It’s your fault. If you had arrived just two minutes later, I would be fully dressed” you laughed softly, then turned your back to him, going back to your room. Before you could take a single step, Justin pulled you back by the waist.

“I like it better when you’re shirtless” he whispered, then put his hands on your neck, gently pressing his thumbs on your throat. You felt his lips against yours and what started as a sweet kiss suddenly turned into an intense make out session. Which turned into sex.


“GOD DAMN IT” you yelled, scaring Justin so much he almost fell out of bed. “Shit, shit, shit” you mumbled as you picked up your clothes from the floor and graceless put them on.

“What’s the matter? Why are you yelling?” He covered his face with a pillow.

“Justin, the third period is almost over. I’ll have to hurry if I wanna make it to the fourth” you realized your shirt was inside out, so you had to take it off and put it back on properly.

“I don’t wanna make it to the fourth” he said with a grin.

“Your school doesn’t call your parents when you miss out too many classes. Liberty High does and this is, like, the fifth time this year I skipped school to fool around with you. They will call my mom and she will drag me back to Arizona!” you were totally freaking out, so much you couldn’t even remember where you left your backpack.

“I’m sorry, did you say ‘fool around’? Am I just an object to satisfy your sexual needs?” he pretended to be crying, which made you look at him and laugh. He pressed both hands on the left side of his chest, faking a heart attack.

“God Justin, you’re an idiot”

“Yeah” he said, and got up from the bed too quickly for you to run away. He picked you up by the tights and put you on the table.

“Not agaaaaain” you sighed before Justin could kiss you. “I have to go to school and satisfy my learning needs”

“Okay, okay” he was about to let you go, but that grin suddenly showed up again on his handsome little face. “Oh, wait. I think I can change your mind. I have something to tell you and you won’t be able to resist”

You rolled your eyes.

“You wish”

“Are you ready? Here it goes” he breathed in and out, but the grin disappeared just as fast as it came. Justin looked serious. He coughed a few times, ran his fingers through his hair, then looked away from you and stared at the floor. “Okay, no, you go. I can’t tell you like that”

“Tell me what?” You asked, but he simply put you back on the floor.

“Text me when you get to school and I’ll tell you by message. I can’t do it looking at you. It’s… well… I don’t… Jesus, I can’t even talk like a normal person. Just go away and I’ll let you know in a text” he just went on like a machine gun, so fast you barely understood. You didn’t had a chance to ask again. He picked up his clothes and left the apartment with only his underwear on. Luckily, his place was just next door.


[You | 11:04 A.M.] I’m at school. tell me now and hurry bc the bell is about to ring
[You | 11:04 A.M.] come onnnnnnnn
[You | 11:04 A.M.] babe I’m waiting
[You | 11:04 A.M.] if it rings before I hear from you I swear to god justin foley
[You | 11:05 A.M.] i will MURDER you
[You | 11:05 A.M.] jussssstinnnnnnn
[You | 11:06 A.M.] you’re dead. seriously.
[You | 11:06 A.M.] damn justin. the bell rang. now I’ll have to wait till noon!

You put your phone on your bag angrily. You didn’t reacted well to curiosity, especially when it came from Justin. You cared too much about him and you needed to be in control all the time, otherwise it just felt like you might lose him. To hell with cared too much. You loved him. You started to think maybe he wanted to break up or maybe he cheated, and you were glad you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. Then you remembered whatever was it that he wanted you to know was supposed to make you want to spend more time with him, so your paranoia went away.

“Miss (Y/L/N), do you mind answering the question I just asked the class?” Mr. Hoechlin called you, and you felt your face burn.

“Well, of course, my beloved teacher. The answer is… uhhhh… no. Definitely no.” you said, jokingly, hoping it was the right answer even though it was absolutely clear you had no idea what the question was. You barely finished your sentence when the whole class burst into laughters.

“Very well, miss (Y/L/N). You’re truly a prodigious child. The future of our nation” the teacher said, which made people laugh even more.

You turned around to a familiar face, Clay’s, and saw a shy smile on his face. He wanted to laugh, but he was your friend so he tried really hard to conceal it.

“Okay, Argila” you called by the nickname you gave him, which was portuguese for clay/loam. He didn’t even frown this time. He was too busy laughing-without-laughing. “What was the question anyway?”

“He asked how much…” Clay started, but then he interrupted his sentence. He was looking at something right behind you. You were about to turn around and look for whatever caught his eye, but he talked again. “Huh… who’s Justin, Y/N?”

“My boyfriend slash neighbor. I told you about him” you answered and turned around. Your phone was lighting up with texts from Justin.

“You never told me his name… but, uh, he isn’t by any chance… Justin Foley… is he?” Clay sounded a little upset, but also something else. Almost like he was worried about me.

“You know him?” you asked, surprised.

“God damn it (Y/N). Out of every asshole in this freaking city, you had to be Justin Foley’s girlfriend?!” He was a little loud, but thankfully no one heard.

“What are you talking about?”

“Wait until this period is over” Clay was somewhere between crazy angry and crazy worried.

It felt like ten years passed by till that bell rang. You and Clay got out of the class faster than anyone else, and he pulled you into an empty room. He sighed loudly and heavily.

“Okay, shoot” you said, anxious. The whole thing got into your skin so badly that you even forgot to check Justin’s messages. You had a bad feeling about whatever was it that Clay wanted you to know. You didn’t want to hear it but you wanted it to be over asap. He didn’t spoke a single word. “Clay! Seriously! Tell me now!”

He looked into your eyes, and all the anger was gone. You realized he wasn’t just worried, he was sad. He knew he was about to shatter your heart into a million pieces. And so he did.


You knocked in Justin’s door with so much strength that your hand started to hurt and bruise. You knew he was home. He was probably procrastinating on his couch like he did everyday after school. That fucking idiot. That fucking, fucking idiot.

“JUSTIN OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW” you yelled so loud your throat burned. You heard his hurried footsteps and the noise of the keys while he gracelessly unlocked the door to let you in.

You didn’t even look at him. You were so mad that your whole vision was red and blurry. He reached out for you quickly, tried to touch your arm and desperately checked out if you were hurt or something. You pushed him and, since he wasn’t expecting it, he did move a few inches back.


“You shut up and listen!” you weren’t screaming anymore, but your voice was filled with hate and anger. He shut the door with his foot and walked towards you, but you backed away.

“Babe I’m sorry that I told you by text, but I didn’t had the guts to tell you in person”

“I didn’t even read your text, that’s not what this is about”

He seemed a little hurt.

“You didn’t read it” you couldn’t tell if it was a question or an affirmation. You didn’t care either.

“I was too busy finding out you spread out lies that lead a girl to kill herself and, oh, also you let a guy RAPE your last girlfriend!” your throat ached. Justin looked like he was punched in the stomach repeatedly. His eyes filled with tears immediately. “Oh stop crying, it’s too late for that”

He didn’t move or say anything. He just stood there and cried, not much at first, but then his silent tears turned into sobbing and it looked like he was hardly breathing. Still, he didn’t move a finger. Neither did you.

It just went on and on. He wouldn’t stop. It was so horrible, the whole thing, that you started crying too. The second he noticed, he forced himself to stop crying and ran to you.

“No, no, baby please don’t cry” Justin said with a broken voice. He tried to wipe your tears but you didn’t let him.

“Why, Justin? Why would you do that?” you asked, so low he barely heard. He breathed heavily.

“Bryce… he gave me everything. He was all I had. Since we were kids he and his family, they knew… they knew things about me” he looked away.

“This is not the time for secrets” you spoke more fiercely now.

“I’m sorry. I mean- Bryce and his family knew about the things that happened in my house. My mom took a lot of guys home and they were all just… animals, you know? They would choke me, beat me, kick me, punch me, and my mom would just stand there and watch. They didn’t give me food and didn’t give me money to buy it myself. They let me starve for days. Sometimes there wasn’t even water, just their vodka and their whiskey. It was hell, (Y/N). All the food I had, Bryce was the one who gave me. All my clothes. All the pain killers. It was all him, always. He was a brother to me. I let him share Hannah’s picture, but I hated myself for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t man enough to stop him or even apologize to Hannah. And I let him inside the room with Jessica, yes, but I didn’t want to. I tried to tell him she was my girlfriend and I didn’t want him to touch her. He didn’t listen. When I tried to stop him he pushed me out and locked the door. I could have done more, I know that. I could have screamed and called the cops, but I couldn’t do it to either of them. Jessica would be exposed, Bryce would go to jail. I loved them, both of them. I just couldn’t”

You listened to every word in complete silence, your eyes widened. You didn’t know about any of the things he said about his house situation. He never told you. Also, he never even mentioned Bryce or Jessica. You didn’t even know he used to go to Liberty High until Clay told you.

“I don’t know you at all” you whispered. “I have to leave. I need some time to think… to figure it all out, I mean”

Justin nodded, looking heartbroken. You quietly made your way to the door and left, stopping only to give him a sad glance before closing the door behind you. You entered your apartment, ripped off your shoes aggressively and lied down on the carpet. You felt your phone buzz inside your jeans’ pocket and slowly reached out for it. You saw lots of notifications, the most recent coming from Clay.

[Argila | 3:32 P.M.] Hey
[Argila | 3:45 P.M.] I’m worried about you
[Argila | 3:57 P.M.] Did you talk to Justin?
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] (Y/N) please answer me
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] if I don’t hear from you until 4:15 I’ll send the police to your building

You checked the time. 4:13 p.m., still on time.

[You | 4:13 P.M.] chill

You checked your other notifications and saw the texts Justin sent you while you were at class. You knew you would regret it, but you opened his chat.

[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] Okay here it goes
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m sorry I only said it once in my life and even then it ended up badly
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m afraid and I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you like a normal guy would… looking at your beautiful face and holding your hands
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] but I can’t so you’ll have to settle for this
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] I love you
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] So much it aches
[Justin | 11:29 A.M.] You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t ever wanna lose you


This might not be really funny but I laughed really hard at this. Okay so this one time at lunch I was eating strawberries, and my friend next to me noted that it was a pound of strawberries. He then proceeded to give a look that said oh crap I didn’t mean to talk about your weight (it’s probably important to note that I’m female and my friend is male and we were also both in our final year of high school). So anyway I told him that since the ‘pound’ is mostly water, the water would get filtered out into my blood and then go through my kidneys. He then asked what happens after that, and just as I was about to say that it goes to the bladder, he quickly (and very loudly in the middle of the hallway) says “oh yeah it goes to the uterus!”

you’ve got another thing coming - joji (nsfw)

Prompt: Could you do one where Joji is surprised how kinky reader is? if that makes sense lol

Also NSFW (but the next one is going to be an SFW)! The anon didn’t specificity kinks, so I ended up going with a few of my personal favorites: public sex/exhibitionism, choking, and some heavy-ish biting (all consensual of course). 

               You have been sitting quietly on the couch next to your boyfriend for the last half hour, just listening in on the conversation he’s having with Max, Ian, Chad, and, of course, the thousands of people in the chat. Max, Ian and Chad are all visible in the chat, but George is just using his microphone as usual. He isn’t the type to want to be live on camera as, well, himself, and you can’t blame him. No camera meant that you could feel comfortable sitting next to him without comments directed at you. You weren’t speaking, so you were invisible to everyone but George. You had the day off from both school and work, a rarity, and George had asked you to sit with him while he did the stream. The living room is brisk and drafty. Joji had forgotten to close the windows the night before after a late-night editing session and there had been a spring freeze overnight. You are both in sweatshirts, and both belonged to Joji, but it was still cold enough to warrant remaining close for body heat. Your head is on his shoulder to so you could see the computer screen and the messages whizzing by, and your hand is on his upper thigh, rubbing it over the soft fabric of his plaid pajama bottoms.

               It hadn’t started as anything sexual really, but Joji couldn’t exactly help his developing hard-on. A natural response to your hand being where it was. He didn’t slap it away though, he enjoyed being touched. However, your mind was beginning to wonder from reading the chat to the situation in George’s pants. You hadn’t ever mentioned most of your kinks to Joji, at least not yet, finding it much more fun to surprise him. Now, however, seemed to be a perfect time to clue him in on your interest in semi-public sex. “Joj?” You whisper in his ear while Max’s voice is drifting over the speakers. He looks over at you, smiling comfortably. “Would you mind if I touched you?” His eyes go wide and he quickly looks from the computer screen, to the bulge in his pants, then back to you.

               “While I’m streaming?” He mouths, seeming a little taken aback by your request. You nod. It would be a good foray into your slight public sex kink, not too crazy but just enough to expose Joji to your interest. The thought of George trying to hold himself back so no one would hear was so fucking hot. He bits his lip and you can almost hear his brain whirring as he thinks over your proposition. Finally, he winks and you and brings his thumb and index finger together in a circle, giving you the okay.

               You don’t waste any time in moving your hand from his thigh to the button on the front of his pajama pants, popping it open, and pulling his cock out through the flap. You knew he wasn’t wearing underwear as you’d watched him get “dressed” that morning. He was quickly filling out the rest of the way as you played with his foreskin, gently pulling it back to expose the sensitive head of his cock. He let out a little hiss, but it was quiet enough the mic didn’t pick it up. You thumbed the tip carefully, trying to keep him just on the edge of the point where he couldn’t help but make noise. George didn’t like to sit still and be idle, and he didn’t like to have to be quiet. He was speaking now, answering a question in that low voice of his, disguising a whimper of pleasure as a cough as you use some of the precum on his tip as lubricant as you begin to slowly pump his cock.

               He was so used to letting out any sounds he wanted to, especially in his videos, where he would make any noise that really came to mind, and watching him struggle to keep himself in check was quite the sight. “Hey, George, the chat keeps asking about when you’re going to drop another Pink Guy music video!” You hear Max’s voice through the speakers of the computer. Joji looks at you helplessly, but you don’t stop. He lets out another fake cough as you twist your wrist just a little on the upstroke to tease him.

               “S-soon,” he manages to get out. The way Max looks into the camera makes it seems like he knows exactly what is going on, even though he couldn’t possibly know.

               “Are you alright over there George?” The Australian asks, and that chat floods suggestions about why George suddenly seemed so quiet and agitated.

               “I had weird,” he lets out a little moan that he turns into simply clearing this throat “hot dog for lunch. Stomachache and shit.” Joji is leaking into your hand enough that you have to slow down or the motions of your hand on his cock will make too much noise. He doesn’t seem happy with that, and moves his hips up to try and fuck your hand. You push his hips back down with your free hand and you can see his frustration written clearly on his features. Max however, seems to take the bait, and launches into a story about the last time he got food poisoning. Suddenly Joji is reaching for the string on your pajama bottoms and pulling them down quickly and quietly. You respond by yanking off his sweatshirt, and suddenly you’re naked on the couch while Chad laughs at Max’s story in the background.

               Joji pushes you back on the couch and starts sucking kisses all over your chest, one hand fondling your left breast while the other fingers at the bundle of nerves between your legs. It feels fucking divine but you really want him to… “Joji, could you bite me? Mark me up?” You ask him nearly silently so no one will hear. He goes right it for it, taking your skin in between his teeth and nipping little places in your flesh before soothing over the bites with gentle kisses. Everything feels so heightened and it’s amazing. You’re trembling under his touch and you can feel his cock rubbing against your thigh. He’s just about to push into you, when you both pause when you hear Joji’s name come from the speakers again.

               “George? You’re breathing really hard, are you feeling okay over there?” It’s Ian this time. Joji drops his face against your chest for a moment and sighs in frustration before turning his head towards the microphone and letting Ian know that he was okay.

               “Just ran upstairs to get something, I’m out of breath,” he says. His arms are shaking as he holds himself above you, his cock just centimeters from your entrance. You move your hips a little, trying to bait him into snapping and fucking you now like you both want. He gives in like you knew he would and thrusts into you all at once.

               You want to try out just one more new thing, and it seems like the time, especially as you have to be quiet. You grab the hand he had on your breast and bring it up to your throat and squeeze it. His eyes go wide and he looks unsure. “Just a little Joj? Please?” He gives in and squeezes his hand just a little, but it isn’t quite enough. He’s afraid to hurt you. You squeeze your hand around his until he’s got the pressure right and he goes with it this time, choking you with his left hand just enough to make your vision blur. It’s just how you like it and it heightens the sensation of his cock moving inside of you. His forehead is against your chest and he’s panting into your chest. You can feel his little moans vibrate against your skin because he can’t help it anymore. You would be just as loud if it wasn’t for that hand. He needs to slow down, he’s getting too loud, but you can’t bring yourself to ask him and you’re sure even if you didn’t he wouldn’t be able to at his point. His hips are moving erratically as he grinds his body against yours. He grips your throat a little tighter and you cum, contracting around him. He’s pulling out before you’re even done and his face goes slack as he cums onto your lower stomach. You need to get on birth control because holy hell that was close.

               “I’ll be right back, I gotta pee,” Joji suddenly announces to the mic, and suddenly you’re on your feet and his pulling you into the bathroom with him. He wets a warm wash cloth to wipe you clean, his grin so wide you aren’t entirely sure his cheeks aren’t hurting. “Jesus Christ that was actually pretty kinky. I did not expect that to come out of you.” You breakdown laughing and he looks at you confused.

               “George, if you thought that was kinky, you’ve got another thing coming.”