Okay but have you considered the idea that Victor neglecting his two L’s - love and life for most of his life

may be connected to his falling in love with Yuuri on the night of the banquet?

I mean, this is just my assumption and I know it’s hard to believe but… what if Victor is actually a virgin/is really sexually inexperienced?

What if Victor himself didn’t understand love until he met Yuuri?

What if that’s why he wants to spend the rest of his life with him?

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Hi!! Can I make a request with kise, kagami,Aomine and Midorima are forced to go on a roller coster with their s/o?? (And they're scared) Thank you and love your blog!!❤❤

Thanks! ^^ Here! Enjoy!

Scenario: No way in hell that this boy would admit that he was scared of roller coaster, but it was hard for him to hide it. “Look! Wow can we check out that one?” you had intertwined your finger with your boyfriend’s and dragged him with you over the whole amusement park. He stood in front of the highest roller coaster he ever had seen. He gulped, did you really wanted to ride this one?

10 minutes later ~

Aomine: Aomine stumbled out of the carriage.

“Daiki? Are you sick?” you asked with a worried voice.

“I’m okay, I’m just not feeling alright.” Aomine tripped but you held him up. He knew that you always wanted to do this so he couldn’t say no.

“We can sit here” you placed him on a bench and sat down next to him.

“I’m sorry Daiki I didn’t know that you were scared of roller coasters” you squeezed his hand. “I…I’m not scared…I just don’t like it very much.” Aomine stutters a bit surprised that you had him figured out.

Kagami: “Taiga!” you saw how your boyfriend leaned against a building wall and sank down to the ground. You ran over to him.

“What’s the matter? Are you sick? Do you have a fever? Feeling dizzy?” you knelt down next to him. “No it’s okay, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Kagami held up his hand to hinder you from helping him.

“No you’re not okay Taiga!” you placed your hands on his shoulders and forced him to look at you.

“Honestly, I’m not so found of roller coaster. It’s a bit too high and a bit too fast.” Kagami said and tried to smile which looked more like a grimace. “Sorry for not noticing earlier, let’s go and get some coffee?”

Kise: He looked pretty pale when all the spinning had stopped. “Ryouta? Are you alright?” you helped your boyfriend to the nearest bench where he laid down.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t like roller coaster?” you stroke away some hair strands from his face. He placed his head on your lap.

“It wasn’t that bad” Kise tried to smooth it over. You raised your eyebrows. “Really? You should have told me about it earlier. You want me to get you anything, water?”

Kise took your hand and kissed your wrist. “No, just stay here for a while.”

Midorima: He just agreed to do this because you really wanted this and it was the only thing that you had wished for your birthday, that you two would go on a roller coaster. So he didn’t want to disappoint you.

“Wasn’t that fun Shintarou?! And the view on the top, it was amazing, thank you so much for the present.

Midorima leaned against you and closed his eyes.

“Shintarou? What is it? Are you not feeling well?” you placed a hand on his forehead to check if he had caught a fever.

“No, I’m fine” Midorima mumbles against your neck. Then it struck you.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were scared of roller coaster, you should have said that, we could have done something else.” You said and led him away from the park.

“But…” Midorima contradicted. “Come,  let’s go somewhere else.” You say giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, making him blush.

Idek anymore

Is uhm no one gonna talk about how Vik was holding Yuri(o)’s face so hard that his hand was shaking?? Seriously?? That’s not fucking okay. I don’t care who it is, that’s not fucking okay

And don’t pull any bullshit about ‘maybe he was cold.’ Vik had just held his other hand up against the sun and it didn’t move. He was perfectly still. And the rest of his body wasn’t shaking while he held Yuri’s face. That also rules out him being angry at what Yuri was saying. When ppl shake from anger it’s not just a single hand.

Viktor was holding Yuri’s face so hard that his hand was shaking. I had issues with the screenshots of that scene before I even watched what was actually happening, but now that I’ve watched the whole episode and have seen what that scene really was I’m really not okay. I’ve been through abuse as a child and had that exact thing done to me multiple times. That scene triggered me so much that I’m shaking and trying not to cry. I could’ve been pretty okay with him just holding Yuri’s face, but Vik was using too much force for that to be any kind of normal or okay.

Worst part is that Yuri keeps talking, as if that’s normal. As if he’s used to it.

Y'all better have a good ass reason for talking about the Viktuuri engagement instead of this shit.

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Fell bros accidentally really injure their S/O during sex, bit them too hard, scratched them too deep bruise them too much. How do they react?

Underfell Sans: Oh God, he’s freaking out. He’s worried you’re going to hate him for it and never want to talk to him again and… He just freaks. He goes out of his way to comfort you, letting you take a shower (And maybe joining you to make sure you’re okay), giving you a thorough rub-down, and snuggling with you, too. And maybe after that, some gentle sex, if you’re feeling it. If you are, he’s going to pamper you as much as he can. He feels just awful, and he just wants you to feel good.

Underfell Papyrus: He stops the moment he realized he hurt you and he starts getting unusually apologetic. He actually uses his healing magic on you, if the wound is serious. After he heals you, he’ll snuggle with you for a bit so you can recover, and maybe some more (And much, much gentler) sex. After that, he might take a shower with you, and make some food for you, too. He feels just awful for what he did, and he will try his best not to hurt you ever again after this.

Star tearfully says that she wishes she was never born but she doesn’t know the spell anymore since the book is gone.

Marco goes “What? Star, don’t say that!”

“It’s true,” she sniffles. “Everything would be better. Glossaryck and the wand and the book would all be okay… You would be okay too, my parents wouldn’t have such a disappointing daughter…”

“Stop it!” Marco looked really worried about her as he held her in a supportive hug. She was shaking. “Star - you’re wonderful…Don’t be this hard on yourself.”

“I lost everything that was dear to my family!” she cried.

“But they could have lost you, too! They love you, Star.” Marco sighed and tightened his hug. “We all love you.”

Marco gingerly smiled. “You’re the reason I’ve kinda come out of my shell, you know. I would have never been able to talk to Jackie or anything without you!”

“Okay.” Star distantly said. Her hand was tightly gripping the fabric of his hoodie, but she was beginning to calm down.

“That’s it,” he said. “Everything is okay. We can still save everything you’ve lost. Ludo’s like a foot tall. We’ll just punt him!”

“Ha ha.” Star let out a fake laugh.

Contest entry

Tumblr has changed my life since I joined the SPN Family. I follow many accounts but only two have really changed me. And they are @teamfreewill-imagine and @not-moose-one-shots . The first team free will-imagine has changed my life through her take on haters and mean anons. She has showed me how to deal with haters. Also reading her imagines has helped me become a better writer! I looked at her writing skills and kind of mimicked hers when writing college essays and other stuff.
But the other account not moose one shots has shown me it’s okay to be yourself she is Christian in this fandom same as me and sometimes that can be hard. People can look at you and say “you can’t be a Christian if you watch a show like Supernatural” and it hurts a lot when people say that because supernatural saved me or more like the cast saved me from depression and self harm and suicide things that my faith couldn’t save me from. Also same with the other account. Her writing has shaped the way I now write. I used to be not the best writer… I’m still not BUT because of these two accounts and their style of writing I’ve got all A’s on my latest writing assignments and have started a fanfic that I have been wanting to do for so long but never had the courage!!
They are my two FAVORTIE accounts and I am grateful for them!!!!

That is absolutely amazing! I love it. And I love both of them too. @teamfreewillimagines and @not-moose-one-shots are definitely amazing accounts and beautiful people. I’ve been following them since I first got on Tumblr over a year ago.

But that’s great! Thank you both for being so amazing and so accepting!

And just so you know @dunbar09, I’m not REALLY religious, but I’m also Christian. So don’t you worry love, you are definitely not the only one.

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Okay but got7s collar with Wiz was everything. BamBam being 7th on Twitter is awesome. Mark and Youngjae's interactions on Twitter are the cutest. Their outfits at MAMA were insane and Jinyoungs doing great in the drama. They have done so well this year I'm not surprised people have their binoculars out for them, especially since the have won two international awards 🤔😏🤑🤗

they’re def rising!! 👏👏👏 they’ve really worked hard 😭

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I'VE GOT ANOTHER. So how about Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard? All of my songs are kinda emo, so I apologize in advance. 😂

Shhhhhsh. I’m emo myself so… :)) You should see the songs in my ipod HAHAHHA i love Yellowcard okay?! And Ocean Avenue is amazing! I can totally see how Sheith it is! If we’re gonna go all Yellowcard…

Keeper - Yellowcard 

Aside from the obvious chorus that is REALLY SHEITH, there’s this verse that hits hard for PRE-KERBEROS.

I want to stand where I can see,
I’m watching you love me,
And I’m watching you leave me now. <—omfg

not to mention THIS:

I wanna know if i could be,
Someone to turn to,
That could never hurt you.
But I know what you think of me,
You had a breakthrough,
And now i’m just bad news for you. 


I should’ve told you everything.
If I could give you anything,
Then I would tell you everything.

Oh god. Keith being all emo for Shiro leaving. Now I’m emo for them OTL

A lot has gone on for me this year. So here’s what I feel I want to say to all of you right now. ......I suck at titling things. Just read it, goddammit.

Hello everyone, both new and old.

Wonderful strangers have been encouraging me, urging to keep going, telling me that they like what I do, and to keep going..

It’s been a really rough year, ((actually 2 years, if I’m being honest)) but I have been working so hard to make it all right again, and I’m just now finally feeling the weight slowly lifting. 
I am just now feeling like I am able to breathe again.

I honestly do not have much of a support network. I don’t get out much at all. Almost ever, really. But today, waking up after such an awful week to see people saying such nice things and giving affirmation that I don’t completely suck? Well.. it nearly overwhelms me.

But! I won’t give up! I can’t stop just yet! There’s still more that needs to be done and things I need to do.
But now I can continue on to do it and do it right with renewed vigor and spirit.

I do what I do because I love doing it.
Of course, I do need to work A LOT on improving how I go about conducting what I do more ((hence why commissions have been tightly closed for a while & will continue to be until I can figure stuff out how to get my s*** together)), but I feel that I’m finally not flailing around & drowning in the ocean anymore. I feel like for the first time in a long time, my feet have touched the bottom.
And, my god, I cannot even begin to describe to you what a great feeling that is..

Hey strangers? Everyone who followed, favorited, commented, retweeted, reposted, shared, or messaged me?  Thank you. 
Thank you.
Dear god, thank you.
I know it sounds stupid, corny, and dramatic, but you all have been my one spark of sanity and happiness in dark times.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I’m not sure that you will ever understand just what you did, or how much impact you’ve had just by doing one simple thing. No matter how small you may think it is.

Thank you for following & watching me. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for patience. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for showing interest. Thank you for laughing. Thank you for sharing what I do. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your harsh words. Thank you for your support. Thank you for you for taking time to notice me and what I do.

Dear god. Thank you.
Just thank you.
Naomi's 'Total Divas' Nomination Photo Snub Was Just an Honest Mistake
The Sheet has learned Naomi being left out of a Total Divas award nomination photo wasn't a shot at the reality star ... it was just a mistake.

 I just wanna point out a couple of lines:

“Sources close to the situation tell us the answer to why she wasn’t on the photo is simple, the appropriate department messed up.  However, they also create over 100 graphics a week.”

*insert Alyssa Edwards calling Phi Phi O’Hara’s bad ass attitude weak sauce*

It’s not that hard to check to see who was on what season. I get that you have several projects, but stuff like this had to go through a few proofreads and checks. Nobody caught this? Really?

“The mistake was fixed for the Hulu replay. “

I guess that’s a win?

“ We also reached out to a rep for the award show who told us the nom is for season 5, which technically Alicia starred in … not Naomi, Lana, Maryse or Renee Young.

Okay then wtf wasn’t Paige up there then? Also if it was for Season 5, why is Lana, Renee and Maryse up there?

“ Something tells us a photo editor probably got in trouble today.”

You think?! I’ve seen people get fired for mess ups like this…I’m just saying.

Okay I really hated the idea of Melissa and Chris to begin with because I shipped Melissa and the Sheriff so hard but the last two episodes have completely changed my opinion like seriously he breaks into her house to make her coffee and ask for her help, and they go on supernatural hunts together, and bicker constantly as they save each other’s lives, and they’re literally being Allison and Scott right now holy shit I ship it so hard help

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Is it possible to be sex repulsed but also not asexual? Like I'm a lesbian and I do experience sexual attraction towards girls most of the time, but the idea of sex does not sound pleasant to me. Is that like ???? Okay ??

yes, your own sexual attraction/identity is your own. there could be many reasons for being sex repulsed such as compulsory heterosexuality or ingrained homophobia. theres a lot of grey areas so it really depends, but do not be hard on yourself! everyone is different and itll become more clear as life goes on! best of luck to you!

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I'm okay pretty much a week or two off work and hopefully I will be fine but my poor van is toast. it really sucks because I got such a good deal on it and it will probably be hard to get them to give me what its worth not what I paid for it and unless I have another amazing stroke of luck like i did the first time (pretty sure he marked it down because I'm a single mom) I'm probably not going to be able to afford something that I would consider safe enough to drive my kids in :(

uggg that’s the worst! 

have daniel ineffectually shooing cars away from you:

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(1/2) Have to agree with you on the life & death brigade thing. I feel like it could have been better if they had all been like rory- lost in jobs or stuck in the grind. And Logan calls them up after seeing Rory upset and is like,

(2/2) ‘hey guys what do you say we have ourselves one last crazy night’. It could have been more meaningful that way because as you said they’re all.older now and its hard to believe theyd still be doing the exact same things years later.

I mean, I guess I thought it was supposed to be “just one last crazy night” for Rory?  And I’m okay with not knowing what the rest of them were doing because honestly, I completely forgot that any of them existed until the raven popped up.  I would much rather have had Lane and Rory hang out at the Secret Bar and talk about shit than have that sequence, tbh, because it felt more like “the Palladinos really wanted one more crack at the Life and Death Brigade because #aesthetic” than “this is necessary for the plot.”  (Except, of course, for the last night with Logan.  Which I liked, actually, and I really liked how Rory and Logan ended.  It felt right to me).

Mostly, my problem with the Life and Death Brigade is that they barely worked for me in the original series.  It’s a cool as fuck aesthetic, sure, but I don’t find “rich kids being assholes but it’s okay because they’re rich and pay for the damage and also look at how cool they look doing it” to be terribly charming.  I liked where it took Rory’s story in the original series, and it got us some really excellent looking shots (the umbrella jump is gorgeous) but in the revival, they’re all in their thirties.  And as someone in my thirties, if one of my friends said “We broke into a local small business but it’s okay because we left money all over the floor to pay for what we took and then we went to a club specifically because of the kind of music they played but then my friend got bored so he bought it and banned that kind of music just for shits and giggles” I would be like “I’m sorry, were you raised by wolves? What the fuck is the matter with you?”

ahhh I love the idea of Yurio having celeb crushes. He’s too young for a relationship now. Yuri and Victor also make it impossible to date. Victor likes to ruin his dates. Yuri is okay. But Victor has this THING. He really likes ruining his dates. Always right behind him in the movie theater, feet propped up between him and his date. Sits at the table RIGHT NEXT TO HIS at a restaurant. Only offers to take him to McDonalds if Yurio can’t get his date’s parents to take them somewhere. Victor follows anyway. Somehow has super embarrassing baby pics at the ready.

And it’s not because Victor is protective. He just likes fucking with him.

BUT crushing? HARD. CORE. Victor can’t ruin lowkey crushing!

I will GO DOWN with the idea that Yurio has posters of JJ and Otabek stowed away in his room. 

Hearts on Otabek’s posters. He’s eternally grateful for Otabek’s existence.

Evil mustaches, crudely drawn dicks, and eye patches all over JJ’s. (He hates this guy. He swears. But JJ has a nice butt)

He has pictures of Minami and some videos of his skating in an album titled “Cats” on his phone (always has a picture of a cat in the first spot so it actually looks like a cat album) He gets super flustered whenever Minami texts him a good luck before a competition. 

I love the idea of Yurio lowkey celebrity crushing. It ruins me.

16 Week Appt Today

Baby was super squirmy and I only heard the heart beat for literally 2 seconds :( Midwife was fine with that and I DID distinctly hear it for those 2 seconds but man an ultrasound would’ve been awesome. Then she didn’t check my fundal height to see if I was measuring at 16 weeks or not (which I didn’t realize until I was on the way home of course haha). She seemed rushed.

I did get to schedule my anatomy scan (January 4th!) Which is cool. This whole time I’ve been pushing for team green and everyone pretty much is okay with it. But a couple weeks ago I decided that I really didn’t wanna wait lol. So I’m going to surprise hubs at the ultrasound by having them tell us the sex. He is going to be so excited! I want to keep it a secret from my mom too but I don’t think I can… keeping it a secret from hubs is hard enough!