When somebody asks me how life is going, I always have the same answers: It’s okay, it’s fine.

What I really want to say is that my mother’s growing old and I’m scared. The wrinkles that form her face when she frowns have gotten deeper and her finger nails that she used to keep colored a dark shade of red are bare.

My little sister is learning to become a number at school. She received her first report card with all straight 90’s, but the girl who sits behind her had all straight 95’s. She clearly didn’t try hard enough, she believes.

My brother just entered high school, but he’s already stressed about what he’s going to do after college.

My father’s footsteps sound heavier on the wooden stairs of our house when he comes home from work now and his body looks tired.

My friends go to bed feeling empty and twist and turn in their sheets before they fall asleep from complete exhaustion and wake up restless.

I operate like a robot and have absolutely no control over time. It seems to be slipping from my fingers like the wind and I can’t trail behind it.

That is the way it is for most people.
We live in a constant cycle that repeats every day and the color of our lives becomes duller as we grow.

One day we’ll wake up being seventy and think, “Where did my life go?”

It went a little like this:

When you were born, you were born with curiosity burning in your veins. The sound of it was heard loud and clear when you giggled as a toddler and it slowly became inaudible when you became a teenager. In fact, the fire nearly burned out completely when you reached adulthood.

But it’s not out yet.
It doesn’t blow out until your heart stops working.
As long as your lungs expand and deflate, stardust production continues in your blood.

You can’t change the past.
You can’t correct the errors you made or pretend they’ve never occurred.

You can never find true happiness if you are always looking for it.

Live now.
Live in this very minute.
Damn it, don’t think about what happens next. What happened before.
If somebody broke your heart, tell them.
Kiss the hell out of the one that makes you happy.
Call up that relative you swore you hated but haven’t heard from in a while and ask them how they are.
Take out that shirt from your closet that you bought because it was pretty and wear it, even if you think it doesn’t look great on you.
Drink more water in the day even if you don’t feel thirsty.
Put down your phone and step outside for a few minutes and just breathe.
Stare at the moon, the stars, the clouds as they drift onwards.
Watch the sunrise and the sunset by yourself and listen to soft music when you do it.
Take long showers and touch yourself gently.
Stop believing that a low grade defines your intelligence and learn to appreciate your hard work when you’ve put it in.
Make sure to give yourself a break when you need it.
Hug your friends for a minute longer and remind them that you love them.
Change your vocabulary from “I can’t” to “I can”.
Be open to pain and letting go of it.
Scream at the top of your lungs when the world is sitting on your shoulders.
Set fire to the dreams you couldn’t achieve and with the ashes form a new path.

Make your life one that is worth being proud of.
That you can feel satisfied with once you are taking your last breaths.

You have always been making choices on your own—It is up to you to make the best ones.


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about your post saying that it's okay to cry when residency gets difficult. In my residency, it's really hard. I've noticed the females crying sometimes, but all the guys always seem okay and put together. i'm a guy and i do not feel that way, i sometimes want to cry too, but i dont want to seem different because people think only girls can be vulnerable and cry while the men have to be strong.


So, if you haven’t heard about it, toxic masculinity is the fact that due to societal pressures men aren’t allowed to express their emotions in public the way women are and are expected to be more aggressive/unemotional/etc.   

I think that everyone cries in residency. I think that it’s just more accepted for women to do it in public or with their friends so they have someone who can comfort them or commiserate with them. Men are forced to do this in private and tell no one it happened to them. 

That’s bullshit. 

Everyone struggles to get through residency. I’m sure that everyone in your program has had a moment that brought them to tears. It’s just where they were allowed to talk about that moment. 

Crying is a natural reaction to something terrible or stressful. Human beings are allowed to have feelings no matter what gender they identify with. 

This is just another example of how toxic masculinity is a problem. :/ 

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I have... A really weird question... Is it... Okay??? If a white person makes an oc that is poc??? (Especially black.)

Yea sure, i mean i don’t see what’s wrong with that, but i recommend knowing what youre doing. It’s hard not to fall into harmful stereotypes- maybe talk about it to a friend who is a poc? They would obviously know more than me

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What are your guys' plans after College?

Dipper: I’m gonna try and get my book published, and Bill’s going to get a job - somewhere in New York City, he says - and then we’ll try really hard to save money to get our own place somewhere, and - Bill?

Bill: Hm?

Dipper: You okay? You were kinda zoning out there.

Bill: Ah, yeah, I’m fine, Pine Tree. Just… thinking.

Dipper: ? Okay, I guess.

- later -

Bill: Anon… I wasn’t ready to think of that yet.

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Thank you so much for reblogging that ask about how to tell what constructive criticism is. I have this one friend, whenever I show them a piece that I worked super hard on, the first thing they *always* do is criticize it, and they won't acknowledge anything else but some small mistake. I always thought I just needed to learn to take constructive criticism and that I was too sensitive about receiving comments. BUT THIS HAS HEALED MY SOUL THANK YOU SO MUCH

You’re welcome!! I’ve seen lots of people giving critique to artist without asking the artist first whether they’re okay with that or not. I personally don’t really mind if people give me critiques but sometimes the way they word the critiques that irks me a lot ; w ;

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Hey don't you think the "I need to move on" in the 6x15 promo has been edited so that it sounds like she's saying that but in reality it's from two separate sentences? When you listen to it, it looks like it might be that. Because it would be a weird thing for her to say, even after what happened in last night's episode... Well we'll have to wait until next Sunday to know of course, but I was wondering if I was the only one thinking that haha. (I love your Tumblr btw :3)

Yes, I do think it’s two sentences put together. Maybe she’s saying Killian was having a hard time trying to move on from his past? I mean, don’t quote me, because she really could be saying I need to move on. But something tells me that it isn’t really as it sounds. We will see! I’m trying not to worry because I DO know it ends okay. We just gotta get there. Deep breaths. WOO SAHH HELP. OK. I’m okay. lol And thank you so much! xo

I am honestly so worried for the boys and also very angry at the fact that there are people out there who think it’s funny and okay to continuously send death threats to Jimin. NO ONE - idol or not - should ever be treated so cruelly. I don’t fucking understand why haters would go as far as wishing for Jimin to leave BTS and send pictures, texts, tweets that threaten to kill him, what has he done to deserve this?! Jimin (along with the rest of Bangtan) has been working so hard and is always showing how much he loves ARMY and how grateful he is for our love and support so I don’t get why these shitty rumours about him and the others are being spread.

ARMY, let’s all make sure that BTS stays safe and protect our kind, beautiful, talented and warm-hearted ChimChim. Let’s all make sure that these haters back the fuck off because they don’t deserve any of this shit.

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So there's this American YouTuber named Ryan higa, he got a bunch of his friends together to make a kpop group called boys generally asian. They make really silly songs and their first one is called dong saya dae. They recently just had a comeback with their second song, who's it gonna be, with thier music reaching the top of the kpop charts at some point. If you haven't heard of them you need to listen because they are really funny.


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I’m going to lose some followers but I have to ask this. I thought BTS weren’t interested in the US advancement, so why are they acting/flirting purposely now with so many US artists as if they were trying to make a name in the US??? When gd, Jessie, cl, ailee, mino and rose might collab with Drake, rihanna and Taylor swift people are so quick to call them try hard and such but when it comes to BTS it’s okay/it’s natural/they are loved etc??? Can’t you be less hypocrite and more gentle with other artists that want to debut in US by themselves and without collab??? If bts were to admit that yes they are interested in US, it would be okay with me but lie and then do this things on Twitter and such it’s really…you know. AGAIN, I’M NOT HATING ON BTS BUT RATHER ON ARMY THAT HAVE DIFF KIND OF ATTITUDES TOWARDS OTHER ARTISTS WITH THE SAME GOAL AS BTS.

Okay so I’ve accepted that I can’t download music anymore because it isn’t 2009. I need to pay for a streaming service. I haven’t really been discovering new music lately which is a travesty.

What does everyone recommend? I used to use Spotify for free but it took up a lot of space on my hard drive, and it doesn’t have as many oldies as I would like. 

At Least I’m Your Dork

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Slight Angst, Fluff

Originally posted by niins-shalashaska

You couldn’t help it, no matter how hard you tried to fall asleep you just couldn’t. It was past midnight and you had gotten yourself really worked up because you had to get up early. At this point you were at the verge of tears and you just buried your face into your boyfriend, Sebastian’s chest. Even though you tried your best not to wake him up, he stirred a bit. 

“(Y/N), are you okay?” you heard Seb mumble.

“Yeah… I just had trouble sleeping…it’s fine though I don’t want to make you suffer with me.”

“It wouldn’t be suffering if I get to be half-awake and tired with you.”

You hesitated for a second, “Fine you can do whatever you want.”

“Thanks, though I would’ve stayed up even if you said no.” 

You chuckled “you’re a dork” 

“Yeah but at least I’m your dork” 

“Mhmmmm” You cuddled into his chest happily and you could feel a laugh rumble through his chest. 

 “Huh? What’s sooo funny?” 

“You’re being cute like usual.”





“Ughhh fine” 

“Loooove you" 

“Love you too”

Before you could say anything else he tilted your chin up and pulled you into a loving kiss and pulled you closer. Once you had to pull away to take a quick breath you let out a small yawn.

Seb laughed “I guess we won’t have to be up too late after all.”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“well good night.” he mumbled before pressing a kiss to your forehead and passing out. You let a small smile grace your features as you cuddled closer to Sebastian before following him into the welcomed embrace of sleep.

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Well on one hand, Asahima is in a coma, but on the other hand, at least she's not dead. Oh, and sorry Souda for bothering you on making her a cyborg. I tend to worry a lot. No hard feelings? *P.S. This is the same anon who suggest to have her turn into a cyborg in the first place.*

No, no, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’m just…Not really good with being under pressure…

Jaal + Liam Banter
  • Jaal: I can't imagine what some of the Initiative members have seen. Drack is 1400 years old. That's hard to comprehend.
  • Liam: He's not so bad. Asari: now they really dig in with the "You don't have the years to understand."
  • Jaal: But we really don't.
  • Liam: Okay, sure, but nana doesn't have to be so snotty about it.

The ironic thing about Gem storms is, as much as I love getting free shit, I really hate them because instead of playing for fun, Im trying overly hard and getting pissed because all of a sudden I cant win any of my fucking games despite the fact l was pretty okay at the game 24 hours ago but all of the sudden I’m trash, so…

Tl;dr gem storms ironically make me the angriest I ever get while playing and soon as I get this last one I’m pretty sure I’m done with this game for a good while lmao

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42, 43, 44

42. List and link to 5 fanfiction authors who are amazing:
THIS IS SO HARD, okay I’ll try but it’s really hard to narrow it down to the authors I keep rereading and coming back to. (I cheated, that’s 6 but whatever they’re all great)


43. Is there anyone in your fandom who really inspires you?
Hmm… there are a lot of people that inspire me, but my biggest cheerleads/people who push me to keep writing are probably @inell, @wibblywobblytimeywimeygirl, @ti-re-elintes, and @smokesforwolves (a new and very welcome addition to the list) 

Oh and my One Sentence Anon (OSA)

44. What ship do you feel needs more attention?
Answered here

Fanfiction Questions

Just laying out some of my emotions and hoping it would help lighten how I’ve been feeling.
I promise I’ll be okay and I’ll be back to normal soon. I have a few things queued up which are a bit happier than this post, so I hope you look forward to them. Also, I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to people as quickly as I usually do. “OTL

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers! ♥️️

okay, i think i have it in me to finally answer one of these (thank you to everyone who has sent me one!!) i’ve been pretty hard on myself recently, but here goes:

1. my hands
2. my dorky laugh?
3. my patience & empathy
4. my androgyny
5. uh… my dancing skillz (no but actually i’m really good)

i couldn’t possibly pick ten favorites, i’m enamored by way too many people ;_;

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teru starts spending more time w/ mob and ritsu is Jealous and he hates himself for it bc he and teru are friends and he should be happy that mob is getting out more but he cant help himself,,,,eventually he finds out that teru was getting advice from mob abt how to ask him out

(i just thought of an add-on to the other ask so–) then ritsu, completely shocked, laughs like really hard. cause, wow, he thought teru and mob were hanging out too much but they were just hanging out so teru could ask ritsu out. ritsu was so worried for nothing. but then teru thinks ritsu is laughing at him and on one hand hes hurt that hes bein rejected but on the other oh GOD ritsu is CUTE when he laughs. then ritsu kisses teru on his dumb, cute face and all is well



Ritsu blinked, stunned into silence as Teru stood in front of him, face red and hands shaking.

“I….like you.”

Teru swallowed and took a deep breath. He could hear his heart in his ears and he felt like he was going to vomit when Ritsu started laughing and Teru felt his heart drop to his stomach.

“Y…You like me..o…oh my god….”

Ritsu snorted and doubled over and laughed and laughed until it became cackling and crying and Teru couldn’t help but think it was adorable, but oh god did it hurt….

“Hey.” Teru said, trying to recompose himself. “If you don’t like me back, you don’t need to laugh at me.”

Ritsu looked up, trying desperately to control his laughter. His shoulders shook as he took a step forward and Teru unconsciously winced and looked away, only for Ritsu to kiss him on the cheek. 

“You idiot.” Ritsu says. smiling. “I like you too.”

Teru gasped and hugged Ritsu, tight, and Ritsu hugged back, neither of them noticing how high they floated off the ground.