Is It Wrong for Women to Be Addicted to Sexually Explicit Romance Novels?
In America today, 64 percent of all Christian men and 15 percent of all Christian women admit that they have viewed pornography within the last month, and we correctly label this as a national moral crisis. But are women that can't get through a day without reading a sexually explicit romance novel that much different?
By Michael Snyder

@romancingthebookworm Another one! This one again referencing the other recent essays, further proof that this is all just regurgitated nonsense.

My favorite part: 

… I don’t want to be accused of dumping all romance novels into the same category.

Many are as clean and innocent as a typical Hallmark movie.

But without a doubt, others are absolutely teeming with lust and perversion. If many husbands actually knew what their wives were reading they would be completely floored.

Also, why is the image with the article a beautiful red rose? Shouldn’t it be Satan, shirtless in a kilt?

I saw @jonsaprompts request for smut earlier. I know on certain days I only want to read Jonsa sex. So here is my list of favorites :)

Some are part of a longer fic but I will link the chapters relevant to this request. You can read all of them out of context.

Under the Skin

Rush Rush

Home is a place to build together

Jon Snow knows something and that’s how to go down on a lady

Post Battle of Bastards: Mel slips an aphrodisiac into Jon’s drink so she can seduce him (for reasons). Things don’t go as planned

Discussions concerning Balerion (chp 25 of Trials and Tricks)

Jon The dutiful (chp 33 of Trials and Tricks)

Wedding Part 3 (chp 39 of Trials and Tricks)


When the castle sleeps

What a disappointment 

And all this devotion, I never knew at all 

The here and the now

Daylight to Nighttime to Sunrise

Come raise your flag upon me

All of me

Nameless in the North

Gods, Let Me Try


We are a collision (AU)

False Pretense

Under the Table (chapter 22. Modern Setting AU)


Feel free to share your favorite Jonsa smut with me!

Rumors *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x OC

Word count: 2,473

Warnings: smuttity smut

A/N I wrote this to be during the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. That was actually my favorite panel they’ve ever done, everyone just seemed to have so much fun haha this is Dylan with an OC, but it’s not a part of California Love ‘ight? k cool, enjoy(: -Er

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“I’m gonna be sick,” I whined over dramatically, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine for me after,” Tyler winked, slinging his arm around my shoulders.

It’s my second Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con in San Diego since being apart of the show and you’d think I’d be used to it by now. LOL, wrong! I’m actually really nervous about it. I’ve never loved the attention and I get shy or embarrassed very easily. After hearing some of the questions the audience asked my cast members or the commentary Kevin Smith provided last year, I was terrified to say the least about the questions I’d get. I was so new to the show last year; only three or four episodes had aired before Comic Con and I was fairly new in the acting world, so there weren’t really any juicy questions to ask me. I was totally cool with that, by the way. As a cast, we’ve done so many interviews and answered so many questions on the red carpet at priemeres for different things, but they were all Teen Wolf related. I was not excited to hear what frantic, screaming teenage girls had to ask.

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Caught ~ Calum Hood

Request: Can we have a smut with calum? Where the reader and him are roommates but just friends but you catch him jerking of, moaning your name and he asks you to join you when he sees you??

Omg, babe, this is freaaakkkkyyyyy. Y’all really love smutty Calum, huh? XD Pardon my writing. My experience in such fields is very limited, ahaha. Enjoy!

ALSO: It’s really hard writing this while listening to All Time Low because they’re my favorite band besides 5SOS and I just gotta jam out to them, yah know?


Working your job was extremely exhausting, but it paid exceptionally well. With the salary you had, you were able to comfortably buy groceries and split the rent of your apartment with your roommate while still having a bit to yourself for luxury.

You tossed your keys on the table near your front door and placed your coat on the coat tree before releasing a relieved sigh. The best part of working was coming home and being able to sleep like a baby in your bed.

With slow and sluggish footsteps, you made your way to the kitchen and prepared something to eat. You had eaten a bit at your work from what your coworkers had slipped you, so you were just content with eating some cereal and milk.

As you sat there, you heard the bathroom door open and you saw your roommate, Calum head out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Having been his roommate and best friend for quite a while, there wasn’t anything of him you hadn’t seen. The only thing you hadn’t experienced was the actual deed.

Calum turned to you, smirked, and sent a greeting nod your way. “G’evening, Y/N,” he said, heading toward his room. “How was work?”

You shrugged and took a spoonful of your cereal. “Same old, same old. Luckily, Kyle was able to keep me company and slip me some food every now and then,” you told him.

His face scrunched up, causing you to get confused. “Seems like you’re getting pretty close to Kyle,” he said, suspiciously. You looked down at his hand which was holding the doorknob to his door tightly. You could tell his knuckles were turning white.

You shrugged again and looked around the room. Why was he acting like this? “I mean, I guess,” you mumbled, swirling your spoon in your milk to distract from his obvious angry expression. “Is there something wrong?”

Calum cleared his throat and threw his door open, causing it to slam against the wall rather loudly. You jumped in surprise and dropped your spoon in the bowl. “No, nothing’s wrong,” he said. “I’m gonna go to bed. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight?” you replied, bringing your bowl to your sink, which was filling up with dishes. It was Calum’s turn to wash them, so you didn’t bother to even clean it up. 

At this point, you were just tired and confused. Sure, you had seen Calum angry before, but it was rarely ever at you. Plus, what was there to be angry about? 

You headed straight to your room and changed into your pajamas. With one last sigh, you hid yourself under your covers and closed your eyes. 


But your eyes shot open when you swore you heard Calum groan. You chose to ignore it and instead blamed your tiredness for coming up with your hysteria…until you heard it again. This time, it was definitely evident something was going on in there. It was significantly louder. 

You swore you heard the bed creaking as well. 

Did Calum hide another girl in his room? You found he did that quite a lot recently, but even if you woke up extremely early, you never saw that girl. 

Frustrated by hearing the sounds continue frequently, you shot out of your bed and pulled your door open. 

You headed toward his door and placed your ear against it. 

“Y/N,” he groaned softly. 

Maybe he was in pain? Maybe he couldn’t move much or speak much and he was expecting you to come in and help him?

Worried, you pushed the door open and stood frozen in the doorway at the sight of Calum. 

Seeing him doing some dirty deeds could now be crossed off your list. 

His hand was wrapped around his unmentionables and instead of him being extremely embarrassed about you barging in on such a private moment, he looked up at you and smirked.

“You caught me,” Calum said. “Now, care to join?” 

Part 2

I loved how at the SDCC panel the second the guy said “so Jon Snow and Sansa aren’t really brothers and sisters” Sophie went “Don’t ask me this”

She knew what was coming. 

The other favorite part is when she threatened D&D. You know it’s serious if she is threatening them. 

I wonder where they go from here. Next season Sophie and Kit will definitely have scenes together. This is how I picture it in my head, every scene they are going to be like have to act more like brother and sister, have to act more like brother and sister. Kit stop looking at my lips. Kit don’t look at me like that. Okay that hug was too intense. 

If you stopped by my table at Comic-Con, you may have seen me working to paint details on two of my Dubious Beasts: Trophy Room pieces, so a few of you may have seen this maw in person! Now that they’re finished, I’ve been taking pictures of all creatures to prepare for the preview catalog, and I wanted to share this little preview. My favorite part is the little out-of-line tooth in the very front of his top jaw. This guy is obviously partly inspired by crocodilian-type things, and isn’t that always the best part of crocodile mouths? Those weird little baby teeth that are sticking out somewhere slightly off from where they should be?

Just me, then?

After watching Cara’s interview, I gotta say my favorite part is how casually she mentions T&T because they’re a just a part of her story, like she’s not trying to prove how much they love each other or anything, she’s just mentioning her friends.

I want more stories like that, where they are part of the story and not the focus of it, I want more people just mentioning them casually.

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Hey fifteen, got any stories that mess with reality? My favorites are the ones written in unreliable narrater, like the author is going crazy or has phycosis.



Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite badass moment (2 of 2)
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