I hope Jimin is currently resting with a huge smile on his face and will continue on feeling so confident and proud of himself now because he did such a splendid job on that trailer, not only that he was serving looks - which is undeniably perfect fyi - but he is also showing everyone his pure talent. His voice is just so beautiful and perfect he did a great job and he is such a talented singer I just want him to know that.

Sorry but this song has been on repeat in my head for a while and this is the only way to get it out 

The whole idea behind this is that its been a while since Shiro… left Keith in charge and ever since then everyone’s been just horrible but Keith has been especially distant and will just keep himself cooped up in the computer room searching and scanning for answers as to where Shiro may be.

Obviously no one blames him and helps him. Time passes and although everyone’s getting back into the groove of things Keith is just lagging behind. But they finally get a lead to something and everyone’s ecstatic. They very well may have found Shiro but also Lance hopes that Keith can just finally be himself again.

But where is he instead? Cooped up with the computers. Lance tries to get him out but just gets brushed off. And he’s just fed up with getting treated like… i wanna say “trash”? But just kinda given the cold shoulder. And hell yeah he knows he’s being kinda selfish in this but hes just tired of keeping everything pent up behind a smile.

Kpop Song Vocab: As If It’s Your Last

So, a couple of weeks ago, Blackpink had their first win with “As If It’s Your Last” when they made a comeback after 8 months.

It’s a song that has been on repeat in my headphones since it came out; I love everything about it! That’s why, today, I’m gonna take you through the bridge and the chorus. Let’s begin!

지금 너를 원하는 - “Wanting you right now”

내 숨결이 느껴지니 - “Can you feel my breath?”

널 바라보고 있어도 - “Even looking at you I’m”

Missing you

서툰 날 Won’t you set me free - “I’m so bad at this, won’t you set me free”

Baby 날 터질 것처럼 안아줘 - “Baby hold me until I burst”

그만 생각해 뭐가 그리 어려워 - “Stop thinking, what’s so hard?”

거짓말처럼 키스해줘 내가 너에게 - “Kiss me like a liar”

마지막 사랑인 것처럼 - “As if I’m your last love”

Just from the bridge and the chorus, we can see that this song is about someone who wants their significant other to show them so much love that it should be as though they are the last person their significant other will ever love.

Another message in this song is that the kind of character singing the song is unable to live without their significant other so they don’t want their significant other to leave them. This means that the rest of the song is about staying together as a couple. An example of this is during Lisa’s rap where she mentions “I’ll be the Bonnie you be my Clyde”. This suggests that they’re partners in crime and they should stick together forever ,through the good times and the bad.

That’s all for today’s post, as always, don’t be afraid to drop something in our ask box!


Hope everyone is having a nice day! :)

(Have a Hinata enjoying some cool tunes)