i’ve been listening to Here Comes A Thought from SU on repeat for hours now and idk its just like

that song is so good and has such a good meaning like everything in this show it keeps making me cry

Someone did a stydia fanvideo with “we don’t talk anymore”, thank you ç___ç That song has been on repeat on my phone for weeks now, it makes me cry everytime

i’ve been having major anxiety over, and struggling to get rid of a repeated intrusive thought that bothers me over and over and over, for weeks now

but the recent song ‘here comes a thought’ from the su episode has just… helped dramatically

now every time the thought appears, the song plays in my head and drowns it out

thank you rebecca sugar

  • what she/he says:i'm fine
  • what she/he means:kim jongdae wrote a song for the repackage album. my ass is on fire. exo has been saved. i'm gonna blast that shit on repeat and the neighbors are gonna call the cops on me and i'm gonna go to jail. i am blessed. i am free of all sin. i have clear skin and my grades are excelling even though school hasn't started yet. jongdae is so important y'all are seriously missing out. i'm so emo and now snatched bald thanks to kim jongdae.
  • Skuntank:How you livin’, chicken boy?!
  • Partner:First of all, that insult could have used a little work. Second of all, the pain and humiliation I feel daily are immense. For someone like you to cut someone like me deeper, well, heh, you must have problems yourself, buddy. So I feel bad for you and HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME I'M GONNA MAKE YOU EAT THOSE GODDAMN WORDS!

kidomomo summer week 2 prompt: music / stars (it’s kind of both tho)

the prompt was stars, so naturally i picked a song about when the stars disappear lmao;;

a little background on the short comic:

when people die they become a part of the stars, and i guess you can probably see where this is going..

song used was aimer’s the night the stars disappeared(hoshi no kieta yoru ni)

One Call Away

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: One shot inspired by the Charlie Puth song One Call Away - or - the three times reader called Bucky for help and the one time Bucky called for help. You can listen to it here 
A/N: I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and the song has been on repeat. Let me know what you think!  (x)
Word count : 1100

I’m only one call away

I’ll be there to save the day

 “Pick up, pick up, pick up” you chanted quietly, begging your best friend to answer his phone. The sun was starting to set, the air becoming cooler as the sky became a colourful painting of oranges and yellows.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” he was out of breath, the echo of the room told you he was at the gym.

“Buck-” before you could finish your sentence, he cut you off.

“What’s wrong?” worry immediately coloured his tone and you could hear him shushing Steve in the background, who was asking the same question.

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lclrgsl  asked:

I&I - LUH (again because I am in love with your writing)

why are your songs always so goddamn perfect?

( listen )

send me a song and i’ll write out kc feels to it, which are not allowed to be edited at all

tfw you’re trying to sleep but instead The Disorder has been blaring a mashup of the this is halloween song from nightmare before christmas and the floop song from spy kids for the past 2 hours on repeat even though you haven’t heard either of those songs in at least 2 years and it shows absolutely no sign of stopping

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate @calebhyles singing the part of the archdeacon in the “Bells of Notre Dame” cover he did with @jonathanyoungmusic? Because the intro to that part is seriously killer. (Okay, the whole thing is, but the “stop” is my favorite part.) Goosebumps every time I listen to it!

History Has Its Eyes On You (Theron & Jace)

I blame the existence of this fic on @uldren-sov for sending me that song telling me to listen to it as Jace talking to Theron. And the fact that my flight had the Hamilton soundtrack, so I was listening to it on repeat while writing this.

Whatever Jace was expecting when he hears that he has a guest in his office, it is not to find Theron—his son—pacing across the floor, looking older, more mature, than he has ever seen him before.

For a moment, he hesitates. He has never been able to figure out when Theron is approaching him as a Republic citizen to the Supreme Commander or as… someone more personal. And it has become all the more difficult once the Republic surrendered, once she

He shakes his head, cutting off that train of thought before he can think back to regrets that dwelling on does not change. “Theron? What are you doing here?”

“Supreme Commander.” Theron’s reply is steady, the brown eyes that meet his own so full of stubbornness that reminds him of her more than is fair. “What is this about the Republic focusing on the Empire instead of Zakuul?”

Jace barely restrains a wince. Saresh’s new plan for the Republic was not met with approval from many sources, but by the time they were able to dispute it, it became clear just how much influence she has over the Republic government, how much they have lost the ability to mediate the situation. “There is no other way.”

“These are not the Republic ideals that we have fought for.” The scowl that crosses Theron’s face is ferocious enough that, were the situation not so dire, he would have smiled. Instead, he can only shake his head regretfully, placatingly.

“Our hands are tied, Theron.”

“And it’s ridiculous,” he snaps. “Saresh has put all of her focus into the Empire again, when the real enemy is completely ignored. Even if we manage to subdue the Empire, we are still at the mercy of Zakuul.”

Jace freezes, ever so slightly. “This is not a path you want to tread, Theron. Not here.”

Theron’s responding smile is bitter. “Of course not. You’re still the Supreme Commander, aren’t you? But I just… thought you might want to know. Hypothetically.”

Jace nods slowly. “Then… Hypothetically, I believe you have the right ideas, have a fruitful vision.” He hesitates, picking his words carefully. “It is… not an easy job, leading a guerrilla war. There will be choices, times when there is no good answer. No control over people’s fates, over who lives and who dies. And you will always be watched. It is simply a burden of command.”

Theron’s eyes are more serious than he has ever seen them. “Understood.”

He stands the same time Theron does, weighing the words, weighing the future, the fate of the galaxy, over in his mind. “And Theron. Be careful.”

“I will.” Jace doesn’t move as he walks to the door, though he cannot suppress his surprise as Theron pauses to turn around. “Thank you. Dad.”

A day in the life: andy calls wakes us up in the hotel. Stumble out the door and into the van for more sleep. Phone will not stop ringing for interviews and I miss you mores. Drive until the hunger outweighs the disgust of the food that will fill it. Tell jokes and fight in between sleep and watching dvds. Get to the club, (avoid) load stuff on stage. Make phonecalls home and try to not show my mom how much I am missing her. Play, each show has been amazing and different. Call up hey chris and tell him he is a dick for sitting at home instead of hanging out with me. Write. Stuff you’ll probably never get to see. Work on the new songs with patrick. Eat. Go to hotel. Shower if I am feeling too much like a vagrant. Play atari. Fall asleep. Repeat.
—  pete wentz, circa 2004


Or, alternately named, where I play catch up to my emails.

@sea-borne tagged me a million years ago for these

Nickname: with this username the general consensus is “dis” which makes me think of that cat going I NEED DIS (me too, cat, me too.)

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′10″

Time Right Now: 15:28

Last thing you Googled: Statute of limitations for debt in the state of Iowa

Song stuck in your head: The song that has been stuck in my head on and off and I keep singing it on REPEAT is I Dreamed a Dream (the beautiful cover by Chase Holfelder like hot damn thank you @ibuzoo)

Last TV show you watched: Uh…um…geez. I think the last TV show I sat down intending to watch it was probably Reign

What are you wearing right now: Pink polka-dotted dress with nude heels because I am an adult

When did you create your blog: four score and seven years ago

Do you have any other blogs: @disillusionist9-8tracks, @askthenargles, @spoopypartytime, and my personal blog.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Lately yes, but I have a backlog of ficlet/songfic requests to get to.

Why did you choose your URL: It matches my username, and I am only here because of reading @colubrina and @shayalonnie‘s [A/N]s insisting there were fun times to be had here. They weren’t wrong.

So this one was from the darling @drsallysparrow, the wonderful @turbulenthandholding, and the lovely @ff-sunset-oasis

What is your name? Emily
Where do you live? Midwestern United States
Job or School? Both. Both is good (full time job and ¾ school)
Favorite Movie? I am mercurial with this one, but I love Stardust and there is a special place in my heart for the Star Wars series.
Favorite Book? Once Upon a Marigold  if I must pick just one
Favorite Song? So Contagious by Acceptance. Or, Pavane Op. 50 by Gabriel Faure. I also get nuts when I hear Misirilou (theme from Pulp Fiction).
Single or Taken? I don’t have Liam Neeson coming after me, that’s for sure.
Brains or Brawns? Brains.
Sinner or Saint? I would rather ask forgiveness.
Destiny or choose your own fate? The decisions you make forge your destiny, but it also affects those aroud you. in that way, I think it’s both. You choose what you do to respond to situations around you in a constant eddying swirl of life. deep  

That;’s all for now, thank you for playing.