CN - Adventure Time S6 Finale & Other Shows (Promo)

Here’s the promo for Cartoon Network shows returning this summer, including Steven Universe!

Adventure Time Finale schedule:

“You Forgot Your Floaties” - June 1st
“Be Sweet” - June 2nd
“Orgalorg” - June 3rd
“On the Lam” - June 4th
“The Comet”/“Hot Diggity Doom” - June 5th (finale)


(ENG SUB) 150524 Superman Returns - Baekhyun & Chanyeol cut

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Trailer for the Corpse Party live action movie is out. 

(they have updated the homepage with new info and pics too)


marvel ladies meme: [five scenes] thor (2011)

“I can’t just leave him there!”
“You didn’t see what I saw!”