This might come as a surprise but it’s ok to not like a ship, or even hate it viciously for no real reason. You don’t need to come up with reasons why it’s morally inferior to what you like, or call anyone who likes it a criminal or anything like it. Not everything you hate is “evil”, sometimes you just plain don’t like a thing and that’s ok

twenty two

when richie tozier was nine, his father hit him for the first time. it was out of rage, as richie had thrown a stuffed toy back at him a little too hard.

when richie tozier was ten, his mother told him he was stupid. that she was trying to understand him, but he was too stupid for her to succeed.

when richie tozier was eleven, he had a stupid fifth-grade “relationship” with a boy in his class and they held hands a lot.

when richie tozier was twelve, his parents tried to send him to a gay conversion summer camp. he stayed in his best friend’s basement all summer instead.

when richie tozier was thirteen, he fell in love with his best friend.

when richie tozier was fourteen, he started showing up to school in baggier clothes, but they were the same clothes he wore the previous year.

when richie tozier was fifteen, he got suspended for three days and came back with a broken arm because his father was pissed that he’d have to deal with richie’s teachers.

when richie tozier was sixteen, he bought his truck. when he was sixteen and a half, he moved out of his house and lived in that truck.

when richie tozier was seventeen, he had to move in with his best friends. he’d almost died during a storm, and none of them knew what was going on. he’d switch between their houses weekly.

when richie tozier was eighteen, he started gaining his weight again. he started eating better. he stopped smoking as much.

when richie tozier was nineteen, him and his friends moved out to a bigger city and lived together.

when richie tozier was twenty, he cried in his best friend’s arms because it had been seven years since he fell in love and nothing helped ease it.

when richie tozier was twenty one, he stood at the altar, looking into the eyes of the boy he’d once pined for.

when richie tozier was twenty two, he was okay.

@ some of u klance shippers

I just saw this video and I’m disgusted?? (Please do not send this person hate but it’s the only place I found with the video). I normally don’t like to talk about discourse but this is so mean and rude?? Jeremy is a PERSON not some character in a kid’s show. It’s so rude of some of you to try and pry the conformation this ship out of him when he goes to conventions to say hi to fans!! 

To those of you who don’t do this thank you, but to those of you who have no regard for Jeremy, please stop. He is at those conventions to say hi to fans and have a good time! Not to be (basically) forced into situations that make him uncomfortable. He’s a sweet guy and plays it off for the sake of the fans but he’s making an effort to be there for his fans and really interact with them. The least we could do is not put him in those awkward situations. 

TL;DR: Don’t ask the VAs about ships. It’s a really awkward thing to talk about for them and it’s just not nice. This fandom already has a bad reputation for ship wars and harassment. Don’t make it worse.

some headcanons:

-The Grandmaster gives excellent massages. He has lived for billions of years, and, naturally, he has dedicated some of them to the study of anatomy. He knows exactly where to dig his fingers in and with what pressure to reduce Loki to a satisfied puddle in his hands. What few massages Loki has received in his life (on Asgard and that one massage he grudgingly accepted on Earth after Thor gave him a spa coupon as a gag gift one year) absolutely pale in comparison to the Grandmaster’s massages

-The Grandmaster absolutely made Loki wear that new outfit for the view he gets whenever Loki leaves a room. He hates to see him go, loves to watch him leave

-The fact that Loki is the God of Mischief makes the Grandmaster weak in the knees. A hedonist at heart, having not just a god, but the God of Mischief in his bed is a dream come true. Sometimes the Grandmaster opts to call him by the title rather than his actual name, simply because it always sends a rill of excitement down his spine to claim the God of Mischief for his own, out loud, for all of Sakaar to hear

-For that matter, the Grandmaster loves to show Loki off. He is his newest and prettiest lover, and probably the wittiest one to boot. At all his glitzy public events, he keeps Loki by his side. And in the most secret, elite meetings he hosts, he welcomes Loki’s counsel, explicitly asking for his opinion as the weeks drizzle by and his trust and faith in Loki grow stronger

-Loki was lost when he landed upon Sakaar. Alone, rejected by his family, despised by several entire realms. And the Grandmaster found him. He gave Loki the belonging he needed, the admiration he desired, the trust he craved. The Grandmaster, the first lost and the first found, understands him like no one else, and he doesn’t run for the hills like everyone else when he catches glimpses of Loki’s cunning nature and his inner turmoil. When Loki looks back on it, he never really stood a chance – he was always going to fall for the Grandmaster

-The Grandmaster likes to own people. He respects some of the people he owns, sure, but he still owns them. He thought he could easily make Loki into one of his shiniest possessions, but as they grew closer, he found that despite Loki’s initial veneer of subservience, he could never own him. Loki does not belong to him, and the Grandmaster both loves that and is endlessly frustrated by that

-Speaking of frustration, the Grandmaster and Loki love to frustrate each other. Leaving trails of discarded clothing along the hallways to their chambers, skimming fingers feather-light up thighs during meetings, whispering lewd comments into the other’s ear as they pass in the hallways. Driving each other up the wall has become a game of theirs: who will give in first and drag the other to the bedroom (or the nearest empty room, if their patience has long since snapped)

-The Grandmaster once tried to paint Loki’s face (eyeliner and a turquoise line from lip to chin, to mirror his own makeup), and while Loki looked Devastatingly Gorgeous, the Grandmaster ultimately decided that he preferred Loki bare-faced. To hide any inch of his pretty, pretty face would be a mortal sin

-The Grandmaster is a serial cuddler. Loki didn’t expect it from the despot, but after the first night they spent together in the Grandmaster’s room, he awoke to the sensation of long limbs tangled with his own and warm breath on his neck. He tried to extricate himself, but the Grandmaster merely clung tighter. An entire hour they spent in bed before the Grandmaster was ready for breakfast. Whenever he and Loki are alone, the Grandmaster will try to worm his way into draping himself across Loki. While irritating at times, it is… oddly endearing that a being old as time itself enjoys holding hands

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TINK! I finally got to watch the ep and my roommate (watched maybe 40 episodes of spn with me) decided to watch it with me. We never talk about destiel cause I didn’t know how comfortable she would be with it cause she’s not really into shipping... anyway when dean says I do SHE SHOT UP AND WAS LIKE IS HE GOING TO KISS HIM? I cHOckED!! Then the bear scene she was like how the fuck did he know? AND THEN IN THE CAR she was like this is so gay sorry if you don’t see them that way BUT WOW. I died.

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  • Suho: you make compromises for me?
  • Sehun: ...yes
  • Suho: on this earth? in this life?
  • Sehun: Just yesterday at lunch you had a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth
  • Sehun: I compromised and didn't say anything
  • Sehun: see? I compromised