I just find it funny...

divinersuncensored is going, “send in a shoutout! Nice thing! We’re tired of hate! <3!”

Like, I get it, it’s overwhelming, but if you start a blog with “send hate we don’t care” to sponge off of the stuff divinerconfessions won’t post, and only now want to post exactly what DC is posting? Why?

Even though the argument is made that having a venting area is a good thing, if you’re taking one blog’s platform, and posting the hate they won’t then being surprised by that hate??!

Either be DU, or just don’t bother. I understand censoring death threats, but making it a joke and laughing off the hate was hilarious!

If you can’t deal with the hate, make jokes about it, or post it, then is it really uncensored?

I’m not telling you how to run your blog, just if I’m going to pick between following you or DC, DC. They’re at least helping the community, especially if they do the 1 topic a week thing.


I have a thing I need to say.

Nothing against het ships or yaoi ships but really, the main reason Alex is hated on is because she gets in the way of potential yaoi shipping and is a strong, beautiful female character that has the potential to be the main protags’ love interest. It’s jealousy. It’s ridiculous.

You can come back and say that everyone defending her and attacking you for your hate that, “she’s just a fictional character, why do you care so much about defending her?” but the question is, if she’s just a fictional character why are you so jealous of her?

You blog feminist posts about women in the sex trade and how they should be protected and not shamed for the life they choose, (guess what, Alex didn’t even choose her ‘profession’) but then you’re posting hate for the way Alex looks, or what she does and doesn’t do, or that she’s only in the series for fanservice.

Please check yourself. You’re hypocritical. You’re ridiculous. And frankly you need to worry about how hateful and jealous you can be over a fictional character because she gets in the way of a ship, or because you yourself have some romantic feelings towards the protags.

Don’t post Alex hate, don’t post any kind of hate or negativity about women that are in the sex trade business. They are strong and fearless women, and the majority of them know it’s a poor choice but guess what. Don’t you think if they had a better option, an easier way out, they would have chosen that?

Alex is an amazing character with a lot of depth, and little is known about her past so that only means there’s room for more growth. Go forth and read the manga and educate yourselves. Your ignorance makes you look stupid.

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Garnet, in what ways do you find strength through Pearl?

Garnet hummed thoughtfully, mulling the question over. There were more reasons than she cared to divulge, knowing full well that Pearl would someday see the video of her answer. Even if the purpose of sharing a blog to answer things had been to improve communication, sharing those things with strangers before her fellow Gems seemed unsettling.

So she thought, camera running, staring past the computer screen and half-watching as Pearl bustled about the kitchen to prepare tea and snacks before Steven and his human friend made it home. As ever, Pearl was dedicated to her task, arranging every spoon, tea sachet, and cookies with meticulous attention to detail that would be lost on the children.

The kettle screeched only momentarily before Pearl could remove it from the burner, and it drew Garnet out of her revere.

“Pearl has been a constant for as long as I can remember. With her there, I don’t have to worry; I can be optimistic; work toward a better outcome. Pearl can look from a different angle, with fresh eyes, and won’t risk others needlessly. I can rely on her to push onward when things look bad. And she’s supported me when I needed it to move forward,” Garnet’s voice dropped, barely above a whisper, in time to see Steven burst through the front door, Connie in tow, damp from playing too close to the shoreline and tracking sand.

She watched with detached interest as Pearl tried to shift her attention from handing off a cup of Connie’s favorite tea, still too hot to drink but nearly finished steeping, to giving Steven a one-armed hug as the boy barreled into her. Quick, inhuman reflexes and years of having to maneuver around Amethyst’s pranks saved the three of them from super-heated disaster. Connie cheered, praising Pearl’s dexterity while Steven clung fast like a starfish, and Pearl smiled brighter than she had in days.

A smile crept across Garnet’s lips, however faint. “She keeps me in the moment. In this house, on this planet, in battle. If she can keep going, so can I.“

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holy shit man why are you writing in the tags ALL the time honestly smh it's not necessary ok? saying 'pepe' before everything and trying to be the "musical geek/nerd" all the time doesn't make you cool - you're only 13 at the moment and you really have time to stop trying to be who you aren't. (I'm really cringing for you right now I'm so sorry that I stumbled across your blog) I wish for you only the best.

First, if you don’t like me and what I do, why are you even on my blog anyway? I want to write in the tags, so I do. I want to express my musical side, so I do. I have a slight obsession with pepe #pepecrazesquad so what? If you find it annoying then don’t look at it, and sending anon hate is of no use. Second, yes I’m young and immature and have lots to learn, but I can accept who I am until I mature. I’ll probably look back in a few years and cringe at my immaturity and pretentiousness, but I am enjoying myself now and why should I be ashamed of that? Third, I am not ‘trying to be’ anything - I’m being who I am and doing what I do. You’re really wrong if you say I’m trying to be who I’m not because I’m more honest on here than I ever was in real life. I am a musician, I love music, I am an outgoing introvert, I like to talk, and I am very excitable. What part of that is a lie? Do not cringe for me. I don’t need it, nor do I want it. I can embrace who I am right now, and you’re not anyone to stop what I want to do, hiding behind a grey mask. You can say what you want to say and throw in your three cents but that doesn’t mean I have to act by what you say and in this case I am just going to do what I do. Stop trying to dictate what others can or cannot do. Also: THE PEPE VOID WILL CONSUME YOU

Does anyone know of any good websites, blogs, forums or support groups for people caring for a seriously ill parent/parent with cancer? I’m really struggling to find anywhere online where I can talk to other people about this. Most of the people on the forums I’ve been on seem to be a lot older and caring for an elderly parent. I’m only 22 and still living at home and helping to care for my mum whilst also working full time and I just want to talk to some other people who might be going through the same thing I am. Also are there any tumblr blogs like this?? If there’s not I may set one up. I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

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It's not only what they're saying but also what they're doing. Like, Idk if it's still happening but when this first started, a few well-known blogs where forced to publicly admit that they had been put through some sort of neglect/abuse, and I was fucking terrified that they would come after me (because they didn't care if you didn't reblog or post anything sexual), because I've never told anyone and I would be forced to say it on social media where anyone I know could see.

^ yeah, now see, that’s all kinds of fucked up

People shouldn’t have to prove that they’ve been through certain things to be able to ship something. People should NEVER have to talk about that, EVER. Like, who are you to interrogate people and demand they tell you their life’s story just to decide that they can pair that fictional character up with another fictional character?

Also, these people are acting like ALL BillDip consists of Bill molesting tiny helpless Dipper. Like… no?? That’s only a small fragment of it? And those people usually aren’t posting it and going “uwu so cute” they intend for it to be scary and uncomfortable to look at, yet still enjoyable as a piece of art. I feel bad for people who get into horrible accidents but hell yeah I’m gonna watch it because it’s fascinating from a medical standpoint. Just because you like something, that doesn’t mean you condone it. Just. Because. You. Like. It. Doesn’t. Mean. You. CONDONE IT. how hard is it to understand that

BillDip is a wonderful diverse pairing. I see so many things where they are loving, caring, and get along. Where Bill may have been a bit pushy or seductive but it was Dipper who decided “yeah I’ll play” and ended up falling for him. Not unhealthy, just an adult who fell for an annoying and interesting demon he’s known since he was young. Both consent to the relationship, both are adults (well I mean, Dipper is, Bill’s immortal), past that point who cares?

People portray them as friends. Best friends. Soul mates. Lovers. Friends with benefits. Whatever. All these different things. It’s not always manipulative. And even if it is a bit (like my fanfiction) there can still be true love in there. Is it unhealthy how it came about? YES. ABSOLUTELY. But it’s still enjoyable to read, and to think about, and if people like that in fiction, who are you to judge?

sorry for answering these asks with so many rants, I just get so annoyed when people want to hate on ships like this. And with these CERTAIN PEOPLE (won’t name names but they know who they are) trying to claim that it’s only okay to ship something if you’ve been through certain traumas.. no. just no. fuck you. I’m sorry if you went through something like that and are triggered by this ship, but that’s what blacklisting is for. I’m sorry if someone doesn’t tag it. But it happens. Take in a deep breath, block them, keep going. Don’t take the anger out on them. That’s all.

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After Rob's interview intro with Jamie, people still have the nerve to talk... that's just plain stupid and it proves that you give zero fucks about what THEY have to say and have been saying for 6 fucking years. Go kiss your precious fansites' ass, that's the only thing you care about, I just hope whet it all blows up in your face those 2 will AGAIN get confused and cross post; that's what happens when you run a lot of different blogs, you never see MN posting about other stuff...

Lol! I’m not sure what has happened to upset you…but trust me these ppl are soo BUTTHURT cause they can see their “epic Lurv” is DOA!

They are just emoting on its lifeless body!

Tao’s Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, the Tao tag and I bet Tao’s weibo are not a happy place right now. 

And I have more anon hate, like seriously go learn how to cook or go out to exercise, go to pet a cat or something. The only thing “wrong” I’m doing is defending the person I stan, how is that bad? Please point your hate in the RIGHT direction (which I don’t know where it is) Also I fucking hate to see the other Tao blogs getting hate or being angry because the person WE stan is being attacked for something wrong he didn’t even do.

Sometimes I wish he deletes all his accounts so he can stop reading most of this bullshit. I know he said he doesn’t cares about the haters, but he’s human, one as a human can not simply “not care” he’s hurting, I hate to know he’s hurting and he is disguising all his pain with strength and smiles. 

Right now I have 5 anon asks with hate towards me and Tao, I’ll delete them, but if I get more I’ll screenshot and post so my followers can know what kind of people are in Tumblr. 

I don’t know if I’m angry or sad, I don’t know nothing anymore…

I normally wouldn’t care much that I’m blocked on WardsWarriors because one of the mods has blocked me on their private blog; but on occasion my dash is full of posts reblogging one of theirs with interesting comments attached, and it frankly sucks when I can’t reblog comments from mutuals. I know I’m not the only one who’s banned, either.

Blocking people from private blogs is one thing. But as a Ward fan, being blocked from a pro-Ward comm cuts one off from general discussion. So much for being an all-welcoming community. :/

So, just a heads up, if you’re commenting on WW, I (and probably others) can’t comment even if we’d like.

//Re-RE-Introducing Ryley he’s a maroon bandicoot a fictional bandicoot, whom I got as an adoptable by outer-dimensional-bros approx 2 years and 10 months ago (almost three like two more months then it’ll be 3 years)he doesn’t wear shirts because… Well he likes being shirtless most of the time and gets uncomfy wearing shirts, it varies on the shirts tho, he’s mostly to himself, but is quite protective towards those he cares about, oh and he has a brother ((twin if I recall))
His personality is still a W.i.p I don’t wanna make him boring so I’ll work as I Go etc idk ;w; Ya’ll can Send him some love too, noodle isn’t the only muse on this blog, so here he is sorta redesigned him kinda I guess idk think the only thing bags changed is his hair style hope ya’ll enjoy!

i don’t care if you’re a joke blog. what started out as sweet has turned ridiculous in less than 6 hours of your existence as you turn your humour onto an abuse victim.

there are things that can be joked about but when you bring this on i cant fucking stand this. i’ve spent a good 3 years in the homestuck fandom and they’re not this bad to start a blog, then less than 12 hours of its creation start joking about abuse.

take your trashy blog down, people hate her for 1 reason and 1 reason only and thats because she’s a highly related character when it comes to abuse.

what I’m saying is: pearl doesn’t learn from her mistakes and continues to make bad decisions and treat people horribly, then apologise, but keep doing it, and the cycle continues; like an abuser would. no it’s not physical abuse, but it’s emotional and guess what that shit’s fucking damaging and can ruin someone’s life.

so don’t come at me, and into my inbox, telling me:

“but it’s just emotional abuse” still abuse.

“she’s not a bad person” she is.

“she’s just a character” that reminds me of someone that hurts me. next question.

“she’s fictional” then why are you so fucking defensive of her abusive unhealthy actions.

“cant we discuss thi-” theres nothing to discuss fuck off.

“why do you hate her” are you even listening?

“why dont you just pay attention to the good part of the fandom” i was. when there WAS a good side. the only good side there is now is maybe %11 of the entire fanbase.

basically: i hate pearl and you cant ever fucking change that. i hate her for a damn fucking good reason. im not going to ‘discuss’ this with you. im not going to fight you over this.

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I'm not intersex but I want to know if you can direct me to any reading I can find about forced SRS please?

why do you want these things from us. our askbox literally says ‘intersex people only’ & we’re overtly not an education blog. did you read the description because it says “This blog is a safe space for intersex individuals. We are not an education blog. Only ask/ message/ submit/ comment if you are intersex. Non-intersex people may follow/ like/ reblog, but that’s it.” what from that makes u think we care about your questions? or that we’re gonna go gather potentially triggering information about anti-intersex discrimination for you? you’re not special :I look, dicksmelter, you’re a big grown up boy running your very own blog, so why don’t you just use google instead of demanding intersex people do your research? —mod D

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Lol yeah I think the caption and comments on that gif are most likely inaccurate due to tinhats but the angst potential for them js genuinely through the roof. I think they love and care about each other just as much but they clearly have a guard up and are super cautious around in each other in a way that is is cry specific to just them and it fascinates me considering how they used to be

Yeah exactly. I hate that the #impact of the whole Larry™ thing has only served to make their ship dynamic MORE INTRIGUING? Like, as a purely hypothetical explorative ship (as all ships SHOULD BE), they are totally fascinating. I’m such a sucker for angst and for the ways relationships shift and change and how love can turn to hate and dependance can turn to resentment and it’s like YIKES. WOW. But I feel like I need to mostly steer clear of them because I don’t want to feed into a toxic situation. Idk. It’s complicated. 

I'm not perfect

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, I say the wrong things, as hard as I try I’m not perfect. The keywords here are “As hard as I try”. I care, so I try as hard as I can to make my little happy. I try as hard as I can to make her feel like she is the only little in the universe. When she’s sad I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means making her laugh at my own expense. I’m not perfect though and that’s what defines us. That’s what makes us human. Those little flaws are what makes us unique and special and that is what I also love about my little. How boring would life be if we were all perfect?

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Unpopular opinion about the Rise of the Guardians fandom?

Questions designed to make you hate me:
8. Unpopular opinion about [insert fandom here]?

    I’m going to roll with the fandom as a whole. I’ve already said my piece on shipping so I’ll go with the drama. I’ve noticed avid followers side with people they follow and get up in arms against those who hurt their person or disagree with their opinions. This generates a lot of hate and hostility. Spreading that around will only generate more hate.

        I don’t like the way I’ve seen this handled in the fandom, as of late. I’ve seen people chased out of the fandom, hated on over small things like expressing their opinion or not supporting a ship, and vague blogging (I think that’s what it’s called?). I’m of the mind of taking a deep breath to consider all sides of an argument and keep a calm demeanor. Things can be argued and taken care of offline between the muns in a respectful manner. For followers, there’s no need to send hate. EVER.

     I encourage everyone to spread love and support instead. If you don’t agree with something you see and speaking with this person respectfully offline doesn’t resolve things, UNFOLLOW. If it’s especially bad, BLACKLIST or BLOCK.

      You are in control of your dashboard and your actions. Don’t be a douche.

I can only talk about my feelings when I’m arguing. I just had this huge fight with my dad and umh, after everything he told me that I should go to a psychologist. Not because “you have problems and you need to be cured” but because “i want you to be happy and they could help you”. He even told me that i should not be ashamed and a lot of very nice things about how strong i am and how potential i have, that i am different in a good way and that a lot of people go to the psychologist, that people are ashamed because Italy is a shitty country etc etc. I think he’s right but I also know that I’m too proud to let anyone help me…

Oh and I came out as bisexual. He knew I had a girlfriend and he called be lesbian, so I told him I’m bi. That went well, he told me that he doesn’t care and not because he doesn’t give a shit about me but because he wants me to happy. He even told me the whole “love is love and who cares if 2 women or 2 men love each other” speach. (He also said that in his opinion a lot of people are bi but are in the closet/haven’t realized it yet)

I feel guilty because I shouted horrible things I don’t really think while he’s probably the best dad I could ask for and I never told him because I just can’t say “i love you” or even “thanks”. I want to change but idk how so I’m seriously considering going to a psychologist…

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Do you have any advice on how to catch Taylor's eye on tumblr now that she's online? I've never been online whilst she has and I'm new to tumblr too

Honestly no one has any real clue on what will get her attention there is no pattern to the to the things that she likes. In this regard she is much like a fan of herself, some thing’s she likes are funny edits or news tweets some are fan pictures.

The only thing that I can suggest is do what almost everyone else does, they re-blog a lot of posts keep busy and hope that they just happen to be the one post that catches her attention.

Best piece of advice I can give you is have fun don’t worry to much about getting Taylor’s attention just join in have a blast on here re-post lots or create you own posts but have fun you are sharing this experience with people just like you and new or not they will always welcome you into the fold ( be careful in the fold though because SHEEP ARE RUDE)

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I don't mean to bother you, but I feel like no one cares about me. My blog is pretty popular but I feel like people are only there for the content and nothing more. I don't know.

Hey don’t say that. I can promise that your followers love you. I used to think the same thing. Your followers do love and care for you. :)

Shit happened and i was not ready for that. I could say that my life changed in a blink of an eye. I had to leave my blog and tumblr in general. Oh well, I’m pretty much back! (okay I feel like i’m talking alone but who cares).
I’m back and I’m more random than before. If you followed me ONLY bc of the beatles well, you can pretty much unfollow me. I’m not here for the followers (even if i reached 1,050 THANK YOU SO MUCH!), I just want to blog about what I like. OF COURSE I will reblog the beatles and other things in the classic rock fandom. But I’m not 100% that now.
Oh, and I want to change url. I’ll think about it.

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can i have an intro to which mods are which? :0

Mod R - The leader basically

Mod TQA - I can’t judge myself.

Mod Tk - The person R really likes, they own another bad art blog.

That’s a short intro thing, but if you want to know where we came from.

Mod R - She was the founder and started off with a 4th of July post, I think.

Mod TQA - I started off just asking questions about R and then other people started shipping us because she said I was the only person who cared about her, herself and I said I was talking to her because my parents didn’t return + I defended her.

Mod Tk - We called them over to chat since they were in touch with us already, then we told them if they wanted to be a mod, they said yes.

-Mod TQA

(( I believe it was New Year’s not fourth of july. Just saying :D ))

–Mod R