Find someone who can teach you how to dream again. Someone who can clear your obscured eyes, support you with your goals in life, uplift your spirit when you feel weak, hold your hand when you think that no one loves you, and be your strength for you to overcome your weaknesses and fears.
Someone who can visualize what will be the next years of his/her life with you and grow old with you.
Find someone who can teach you how to fall in love again. Someone who can reinvigorate the butterflies in your stomach and make them glide again. Someone who can fill your gray-scaled world with colors and make you appreciate every little things in life. Someone who can accept your flaws, childish acts and baby-talks. Someone who can pacify you until you become okay. Someone who can make you happy and contented. Someone who can give you a smile that you will wear for a lifetime.
Someone who can comply with his/her promises to you. Someone who can make your life more meaningful, mornings even brighter and nights even better. And someone who can love you unconditionally and can submit his/her life to you.
Find someone who can be with you and never let go of your hand.
Someone who can fight for you until the end, be with you through thick and thin, good and bad times. Someone who can be your light in your darkest night. Someone who can lean his/her shoulders for you to cry on.
Someone who can hug you tight when you’re afraid and be the source of your happiness. Someone who can protect you, care for you and do everything for you. Someone who can make you feel that you’re the most significant being in his/her world.
Find someone who you can consider a best friend and a lover. Someone who can keep your deep dark secrets, ride on your weirdest trips and join you on your endless picture takings. Someone who you can talk and be with whenever you wanted to. Someone who you can share your favorite food with while watching your favorite movie.
Someone who can stay with you until midnight talking about random things in life. Someone who can make your heart beat faster with those heart-melting stares and smiles. Someone who can make you feel younger and stop you from counting your years. Someone who can make you blush every time and make you feel important. Someone who can text and call you to remind you to eat. Someone who can text long sweet messages, serenade you every night until you fall asleep and wake you up with a phone call.
And most importantly, find someone who you will love your soul more than your body, someone who you can see yourself living and sharing the rest of your days, someone who you can forgive every time, someone who can have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and make Him the center of your relationship.
—  E.J. Cenita, find someone who you will love your soul more than your body

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Do you think Keith gets upset because Lance didn't tell him about the future, but upset with himself because he realizes why and thats like the mindful education?? Keith realizing he was so focused on one thing that Lance couldn't tell him the rest. Can they form Klarnet after this??? Oh gosh I'm so worried

Oh keith’s definitely mad at himself after this! Like lance didn’t even bother to tell him bout NOT DYING because he was certain he wouldn’t listen! Keith realizes he always jumps to conclusions and how it affects the team as well as his and Lance’s relationship. And he starts thinking about all the times he’s overreacted, how he’s never the one who has to adjust to a situation, but everyone was forced to just because Keith was too stubborn and emotional. 

So keith’s gets this huge wave of guilt, but instead of acting on his emotions like he always does, he instead shuts down just like lance does. Because that seems to work, he thinks. This results in Klarnet being super quiet, which never happens and so someone from the team (probably Shiro, Hunk, or Coran) decides to talk to them about it, and then you have ‘here comes a thought’!

The only thing more amazing than falling in love with an amazing man of God

Is when one of your closest friends tells you that she’s fallen in love with an amazing man of God too
I went to dinner with a friend I’ve known since the 6th grade. And we just shared our experiences in being in love and feeling full and fulfilled. Our men and our journey are very different. But at the core we have fallen in love with men who love God in a way that inspires us and allows us to trust in the future were working towards
It was just a blessing to see her smile and genuinely feel loved. Not in a “you guys look so happy in pictures” kind of way. But in a “I can tell how you are smiling the joy within you” kind of way. I don’t have a lot of friends who are in healthy relationships. Further, I don’t know many people who are in a Christ centered relationship
But the joy I felt with her sharing with me how she feels having met her soul mate and being able to share and laugh and celebrate with her about being with mine was a blessing.

First Day of Vacation: Productive but Existentially Exhausting

Walked the dog I’m dogsitting

Went to the bank

Bought groceries (aka a lot of kombucha, a pie, breakfast supplies)

Made coffee

Got sad out of nowhere just feeling very lonely and trying to combat the very sure voice in my head saying “Listen you’re going to be forever alone. You don’t have to like it but you have to come to terms with it.” 

Dealt with the voice by buying a cute crop top and flannel shirt 

Hatched a 2K pokemon egg on the second walk of the day with the dog

Cleaned the kitchen and watched Stranger Things

Tried to work to avoid the realization that I am afraid of and ashamed of the fact that I don’t know how to date and that the entire ordeal of dating and romantic relationships exhausts and scares me but the prospect of being always alone makes me equally sad and scared. 

Read an article on emerging infectious diseases

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Ooh, what about Frederick getting selective amnesia because of a training accident? And Frederick loses his memories of his relationship with Robin and goes back to not trusting her while also trying to reconcile that with the fact that he has a son with her, and Robin starts trying to get him to fall in love with her all over again and tiny morgan being worried that Papa doesnt love him anymore and ahhhhhh theres just angst all around but maybe a happy ending?? i just really love frederick

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Your anxiety was great. Morgan didn’t notice how you paced fervently, humming happily as he worked on his “get well soon” picture for his father. Frederick was in the middle of training new recruits, when the butt of an axe suddenly struck his head. While he was very lucky it wasn’t the sharp edge, he’d fallen unconscious with a serious head injury.

Libra had asked you to leave the room as he worked, only other healers allowed to join him (head injuries were apparently very serious). For the last few hours it was you and your three-year-old, waiting impatiently for word on his condition.

“Gods, please let him be okay…” You whispered worriedly, crossing your arms tight over your chest. Chrom and Lissa, who’d only joined you a few minutes ago, watched you sadly.

“It’ll be all right, Robin. You mustn’t get so worked up over it. Frederick’s been through much worse than this, after all!” Lissa offered, though it didn’t comfort you. If anything, it made you feel worse.

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I mean, not all poly arrangements need to be a completely closed loop. It's perfectly fine for person A to be in a relationship with B and C, while B and C are only really just friends with each other.

okay thanks. but that doesn’t really affect how I see peri-lapi-ame because it’s something I need to be able to ship it. That’s how shipping poly works for me

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  • My name is Rabbie. I’m 23, living on my own 500 miles away from family, and I need help.
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  • My paypal is, please donate if you can. I also have a donate button on my sidebar to make it more accessible.
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Look at my pathetic cabinet:

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Stan birth with the gift of "charming women".

Originally posted by yazzydream

I definitely think it’s true that Stan has the ability to charm the pants off of anybody when he sets his mind to it. Man or woman, and he got that pretty honestly considering both his parents held positions that involved a level of trickery and charm. (Particularly his mother.)

Originally posted by herenowandlater

That said I think he often fails to charm people because he doesn’t really understand how a healthy relationship should work. Almost all his relationships growing up and all the adult relationships he saw as an example were unhealthy. Even his relationship was Ford was unhealthy because he focused on it to the exclusion of any others and was too dependent on Ford being there.

 When Ford said he was leaving for college it crushed him in part because he had no plans that didn’t involve Ford He starts off in place that is insincere and people see that coming from a mile away. So he rarely manages to charm people, and when he does it often ends shortly afterwards. 

and uh… this was probably not a serious question so sorry about that ramble up there.

Here’s the thing: once I read about emotional labor and applied the concept to my interpersonal relationships, it made me understand how much work I put in to ensure the comfort of those around me, regardless of who they are and how much of a presence they have in my life. It made me realize how much I did this in lieu of my own comfort, and how small yet repeated accommodations on my part became so normal that refusing to do them seemed strange, or like I was being spiteful, passive aggressive, or petty. 

I would feel feel guilty if I didn’t perform strenuous emotional labor for every person I met, no matter how significant or insignificant the task. I know this person prefers this over that, and if I don’t accommodate it, I’m being a dick, I would think to myself all the time. 

The struggle now is to partition my emotional labor to give more to those who perform emotional labor for me while saving most of that labor for myself. In reality, a lot of people just don’t deserve that much exhausting work on my part. The challenge is to overcome feelings of guilt and self-depreciation if I don’t follow up on that one detail an acquaintance mentioned, if I don’t adjust myself or what I want for someone I’m talking to, and if I just don’t want to do something because it’ll passively please the other person. I don’t owe anyone that except those who I choose to perform it towards, and this gives me the freedom to be more of who I am, to be more carefree, and to worry less about others and more about myself. This helps me prioritize myself- which I really should have been doing from the get-go. 

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Okay so question: twilight came out years ago now, and idk how old Claire is now but she's definitely not a baby anymore. When does her and Quil's relationship change? How does it progress? Is she able to love him?

The line given in the books is something like “it’s hard to resist that level of devotion and adoration” and so pretty much all the girls are expected to someday fall in love with their imprinters, but that’s not really how it works with emotionally healthy people? I mean when they imprint on children they are supposed to love them like family, like a big brother or an uncle. And that’s fine. Great. Whatever.  Where it gets icky to me is that that love, that familial love, is supposed to shift eventually into romantic and sexual love and that’s … not how these things are supposed to work. Once you’ve got someone in your head as “family” you’re generally not going to be romantic/sexually attracted to them. “Ew, no, he’s like a brother to me,” etc. THAT’s where I have a problem with it, because how does Quil go from seeing this little girl as like a niece or little sister to be played with and protected to being the mother of his future children? How does she go from seeing him as Uncle Quil or Big Brother Quil to seeing him as someone she might like to marry? It’s weird. 

It would be less weird if Quil weren’t so involved in her life, but he babysits her all the time, goes to her birthday parties … like, what? How does that work? “I’d like to give a toast to my bride… Claire-Bear, I remember changing your diaper, and you and your friends giving me a princess makeover, and teaching you how to ride a bike, and now we’re getting married!” it’s just … so so so weird. :/ 

I still like to imagine that Claire is going to like girls and Quil will be her 100% supportive BFF and they go cruising for chicks together and he inadvertently helps her find the (female) love of her life and when Claire and her partner want to start a family, of course they’ll ask Quil to be the sperm donor, and thus the genes will get passed on anyway. XD

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Nissi, I'm not in an emotional place to date and I'm really glad you're talking about this. Like, it sucked for me to realize but I gotta work through some attachment shit that came from my abusive childhood and it's not fair to drag someone else into this and my distrust and walling up and expecting bad things of the people I love. Gotta learn to love without fear first, ya know?

yes my dear

i mean, i don’t understand how we can all acknowledge how frustrating it can be to rush into a relationship when you’re ready, but can’t understand how important it is to have the self awareness to acknowledge that we’re not ready. such a pressure that you HAVE to be in a relationship means people rushing and not focusing on self care and emotional maturity

taking the time you need is what you deserve. you deserve the time to focus on you, despite society telling you that you should be focusing on a relationship or something is wrong with you. 

take all the time you need beloved

This was the hardest and most angering goodbye I have ever sent or received. Adding the build up would have been way too long, so I’ll explain it. I met this guy on Tumblr and we were talking for a while and during that time, he thought that we were dating. This made things complicated, especially when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted and I was in a very vulnerable state of mind. I just was raped and trying to figure out how to work through all of those feelings. Months later we had kept talking on and off and he had girlfriends, and I had a long distance boyfriend. He couldn’t handle seeing posts relating to my being in a relationship, and absolutely freaked out on me. It continued with him saying some really shitty things and wanting me to explode on him. I never did, and I still stand by that. And this is the part that hurts me the most. Right before this message he said, “I’m sorry for talking to you again.” I’ve never been involved or really even the source of a fight like this before and it was one of those moments where I couldn’t even bear to look at the messages. I tried to contact him later on and he told me we shouldn’t talk anymore, to which I agreed. But part of me still feels so bad about everything and wishes he was still a part of my life. 

@raxceni replied to your post:021-GoChi or 006-Vegbul Pleeeeease???��

Good job! I really like the contrast between what Bulma thinks and what she ends up saying to Vegeta

Thanks! ^^

I feel most comfortable writing in Goku or Chi-Chi’s head, but this forced me to branch out a bit (I mean, I did write a little Vegeta and Bulma last year but it’s been so long haha)

It’s interesting to see the different dynamics of their relationship. It’s not exactly like my own so I have to stretch things and I worry about leaning on tropes or fanon too much, but - yeah -

Communication in Vegeta/Bulma seems a little awkward. From Vegeta, there isn’t much because there just…isn’t much. He’s not a big talker unless he’s boasting about something. And Bulma is all over the place really xD Thinks one thing, says something else, but somehow they work? It’s interesting.

Perhaps [Anakin] would never have a Master-Padawan relationship as deep and trusting as Obi-Wan had with Qui-Gon. Perhaps Obi-Wan kept him as a Padawan in order to fulfill a dying wish. But maybe it didn’t matter how it happened.

He should not focus on what he didn’t have. He had this. This was his. And that was something. He would work hard. He would be a great Padawan. And Obi-Wan would come to love him. He would make him do so.

Jedi Quest: The Trail of the Jedi by Jude Watson

Oh Boy

Baby Anakin really needs to work on his relationship skills. (As, for that matter, does Obi-Wan.)

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Hello, me again. Thank you for always answering my asks and everyone's with care your super cool uwu and I am very grateful for your blog and the amount of work you put into it. Just thought you should hear that 👌👌👌💖 I have a headcanon question for you if that is ok owo How do you think Grillby feels about humans in general? Do you think he holds resentment for the past? Do you think he'd be capable of having a romantic relationship with one?

/softly under my breath but with a lot of feeling/ AAAAAAAAAAAA

Grillby Headcanons (Various):

- I believe he’s on edge around them, but for a very good reason. Humans have the ability to sniff out & exploit the weaknesses of other creatures, especially monsters, so the fact that he’s so openly exposed, being a fire elemental, to a species that knows exactly what his weakness is makes him pretty nervous. Still, times change, & so do people. With that knowledge in mind, & after meeting Frisk, Grillby has found his thoughts about humankind are shifting to a more accepting, if not still slightly nervous, point-of-view.

- When it comes to the past, despite the fact that he’d love to hold onto age old grudges (it’d make hating humankind so much easier), he finds himself more a victim of the phrase, “Forgive & forget.” Humans have not waged an attack on monster-kind for centuries now, & he’s sure that if they were planning on such an endeavor, they would have gone through with it by now. So in that respect, while he doesn’t look back on the past with much fondness, he knows that it’s more likely that the future holds better things for him to spend his time on.

- It’d take time & patience for him to find himself interested in a human, that’s for sure. Not only is there the problem between conflicting species, & the inherent “taboo” label that would accompany their relationship, but there’s also the fact that he considers himself just as dangerous to his potential s/o as they are to him. If someone could show him enough patience & open-hearted kindness, however (as well as maybe being a little bit pushy), then there’s the possibility that he could find himself falling for someone he’d never expected–a human.

i think separating “exploring a character dynamic” from “shipping the characters” needs to start being a priority in how we conduct fandom, in order to not play a part in romanticizing abuse, and something like a standardized platonic/non-shipping tag or term is a doable first step. 

i’ve seen plenty of people over the years, myself included, express frustration that “shipping” is the only widespread term for deep interest in a relationship, because its implication of desiring a pleasant romantic/sexual endgame for the characters is at times inaccurate– ”endgame” referring not just to ‘what will be canon’, but ‘at the end of the fanwork’! people get rightfully irritated at fics where their ship breaks up in favor of another being in their ship tag, even though “shipping” should technically include ‘deep investment in the interactions of characters and speculation about how it may or may not work as a romantic relationship’, right? 

the “i want them to end up happy and healthy and married” implication in the term ‘shipping’ can’t be shaken, no matter how much we’ve all complained about not wanting it to mean that, because within every given ‘ship’, no matter how fraught or abusive or doomed, there still are people portraying it as a happy endgame, as wanting them to stay together forever, even– or, for some ships, especially– if that means a character never escapes their abuser.

so the solution wouldn’t be “stop claiming shipping means you condone it or romanticize it or want it to be happy!” when there are constant implications in both fanworks and discussion surrounding the relationship that shippers do. ‘shipping’ is a mess of a term where it’s difficult to know what anyone means by it without taking the time to dig through their fanworks and all their words on the subject. 

when shippers turn to literally using gaslighting abuser rhetoric against anyone uncomfortable with the notion of their ship being something romantic and desirable, the solution can’t be to just give everyone the benefit of the doubt as not meaning it That Way, you know, the way that it’s been defined for literally the last twenty years. the solution is to make more nuanced terms and discussion circles. the solution is to say what you mean. do you enjoy the dynamic and narrative parallels between rey and kylo ren, or do you ship reylo? 

saying the former over and over to clarify is a pain in the ass, but i bet that as a group we can come up with a new term– i mean, we already reduced “enjoying the potential for a romantic relationship between two characters and expecting/hoping for it to happen in canon” down to just “shipping.” we can do something like that again.

[related reading: tag in progress for posts discussing how fanworks, including “aged up” or “not related” or “happy” aus, contribute to romanticizing/fetishizing abuse.]

bli.zzard : creates beautifully diverse , complex characters from all nationalities with detailed backstories  &&  layered personalities , motives , flaws , successes
also bli.zzard : gives us bare minimum information about relationships ( except main ones ) , little worldbuilding ( ie tal.on ) , makes up a bunch of stuff that gets little explanation as to how on earth it could possibly work

Whenever I see someone bring up how much Jason hates Tim (and how toxic any type of relationship between them is because of it), I’ve just got to assume that the person stopped reading comics in 2011 because that’s not even remotely what their relationship has been like for the past 5 years.

I mean, you absolutely get to pick what canon you want (I know I do), but why would you keep the canon that puts two great characters who work well together and have great banter at odds over something later canon handles?