So, I thought yesterday was a good day because I was productive both at work and for ideas for All That Was Me.

Then I checked tumblr and saw all those pictures from the set. And this was me at my desk:

I’ve queued up a lot of those pictures and the theories that have abounded from them for today while I’m at work. They’ve been tagged “ouat spoilers” so blacklist them if you don’t want to know.

I can’t wait for episode 4x20!

Now…back to the snow.


twd ladies appreciation week - day six 

quote/song that reminds you of the ladies: yellow flicker beat (lorde)

and the scars that mark my body they’re silver & g o l d 


Yesterday I met All Time Low in Glasgow. It was amazing. They are all such lovely people. Zack thanked me for having an Amerrickan shirt on and when I told him I had half the collection he was lovely. He doodled a face on my Put Up or Shut Up album too. Then I went to Jack and he looked at me really weird… turned out HE RECOGNISED ME from a tweet I had sent him. Alex was next and he kept moving round in cirles to get the perfect light for the picture. Rian was last and he was just jamming to the music they were playing in the hall. Too top it all off they played an amazing show. 


After staring at this thing for a while I’ve deduced there isn’t much else I can do to it, so here it is.

I have to admit, Alain is a tricky one to draw. Maybe it’s because I’ve never drawn him until yesterday, but his face shape was hard to create without it imitating The Judge or Valerie from my previous OFF pictures. Nevertheless I settled on this as it was the most accurate I could depict him base don his face sprite in-game.

I also decided to go a step beyond and draw in his little cat ghost buddies. It seemed fitting, and it was fun to give them all different expressions for the fun of it.



"For a minute I thought Olaf had come to visit me!"

Me- “I have a question, did you and Kristoff do anything special for Valentine’s Day yesterday?”
Anna- *goes from fake serious expression because I said I have a question to probably the most excited I’ve EVER seen an Anna* OOHH VALENTINES DAY. *anna-hands* Well Kristoff was busy with his ice harvesting business so I barely saw him all day. But when he came back home and I came back to Arendelle he had a surprise for me. GUESS WHAT IT WAS”
M-“Was it chocolate?!”
A-“IT WAS CHOCOLATE!!!!!! And so after I ate all my chocolate we made a special Valentine’s present for Sven. We planted him a carrot garden, cause you know he loooooves carrots. And we thought it would last him a few days. *pause* NOPE! It lasted him abouut ten seconds! But it was okay cause he loved it and we were his first valentine!”

this is back from my first time seeing the show, in August! Andy is the only person who left yesterday that I have a picture with, and it’s fitting because he’s been my Marius all four times. I like to pretend I’m not sad that he’s leaving (and he’s still not the one I’m most sad about) but it’s been fun. I’m feeling the nostalgia.




also I can confirm scheville is real


other things from yesterday:::

Butty has a precious smileeeee

match day selfie

sat in the stretford end this time round, left with ‘I see the stretford end arising’ ringing in my ears. What an experience.


ps that little boy there on the right dat giggsy 

good result good second half. Only qualm of yesterday was that they didn’t let me go in for post-match with Giggsy and Phil because i didn’t have fucking ID? and from the pictures I’m seeing, they mingled around and shit and fuck that honestly. so yeah I could probably have met broville or giggsy and I didn’t lmao but still I SAW SCHEVILLE AND SCHEVILLE IS REAL AND THAT IS ALL.

  • I miss Zach. I hope he is enjoying his time with his family and friends but we went from having weekly ZRL's of Zach shouting in our faces to almost nothing. I also miss Frankie. I loved all the pictures we used to get after ROA shows. Who knows what is really going on but they do both seem happy, especially in the last week and for me that is enough. The silence yesterday was expected but it still has me a little 👀👀👀. They have to know that we are going to think they are together especially after Frankie's cryptic tweets/ IG captain yesterday. It would have been so easy for one of them to show they weren't together but they didn't. I am just rambling now y'all can ignore me. 😘
More BS

Because I do not have any important things to report

- I am terrified of what is going to happen to my nose and what it will look like later. The boil thing goes clear through the cartilage I am pretty sure. Terrified, like bring me to tears anxiety. Appointment at 2:20 with the dermatologist today. My GP is very worried about it. Said if I didn’t get a derm apt needed to go to ER or Urgent care today

-  Day pass with son yesterday. Man I love the person that kid is turning out to be. My heart swells with love and pride just being around him. A true picture of strength he is. 

- Work is adding a layer to all of this that leaves me weepy today. Up since 3 am trying to fill a call in. Normally I would have just filled it but I don’t think having a contagious staph/mrsa infection with clients is advisable. I am working from home today to keep my germs contained. Over the weekend we had a CG get the cops called on her as she was threatening other workers in a facility. Seriously I don’t know where some people come from! 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day 🌞 I was sick all day yesterday so today I’m playing catch up with my orders! If you’ve ordered from me and your order hasn’t shipped yet it will be going out tomorrow! 💖✨ (ps I post more of my original pictures like this on my personal @ash.french 💕)

Today's Updates (Feb. 17, 2015)

Hello my dearly beloveds! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and you know what that means…BenNews Daily time. 

The Irish lass was disappointed with the engagement ring from her fiance because it was a sham rock.

1. BC arriving at Kimmel with a fern and leaving with Bond attitude. 

2. Newlyweds have their honeymoon cut short as they walk the airport red carpet Feb. 16, 2015

3. BC right after leaving LAX with SH (who’s missing from the picture) and the DM has a lovely comment to say about it. 

4. I spy with my little eye, a certain little blueberry finding her baby after going through customs. 

5. So private, all the way discreet! Like totes! 

6. The actual interview of BC on Kimmel if y’all can stomach anything after Times Talk yesterday. But no in-depth talk of Skanka, they brought up the possibility of naming the baby Q Cumberbatch and he didn’t understand, Kimmel threw shade at him for not being on his honeymoon, and he asked for more alcohol. 

7. For a new segment I’ll be trying in BenNews Daily, I’ll be putting up links to the best anon comments from yesterday up, either they made everyone laugh, or they made everyone put their thinking caps on. 

8. Is it just me, or are there slight shadows on the edges of the ring? It could just be the lighting or the the adjustment of the camera but….

9. Ultra high quality pictures of BC and KK at Times Talk. You can see the ring in ultra private HD and BC fiddling with it in LCDiscreet.

10. All I see are forehead wrinkles, baggy eyes, caked on makeup, sunken in skin…

11. BC has changed a lot in the past year, especially in the way he pays attention in interviews. 

12. A Study in BC’s much wedding, so ring. 

13. TFOE posts all the Live stream picture+ commentary in one post.

14. The Q&A open floor questions in brief summary. No need to watch the live stream.

15. BC behind the stage of Kimmel yesterday, much bronzer, so orange, very Snookie.

16. TFOE talks to her mom and causes a raucous. 

17. BC with a friend versus BC with his now wife.
      BC during OP era (2008) versus BC in his SH blue period. (2015)
      BC being himself versus Now You’re just Somebody That I Used To Know.

18.  The actual program actually gets leaked *rolls eyes* 

19. TFOE found the “handy” coat ;) 

20. I may have dabbled in a bit of “fan fiction” yesterday and wrote who I imagined BC with when the SGF rumors were running. 

21. For more, check the tags #lagate for anything Times Talk, #kimmelgate for anything JKimmel, #airportgate for anything…airport, and #postweddinggate for a few final post about after the wedding. 

That’s enough for now folks. I hope y’all have a good day and please don’t be afraid to leave an ask if you have any comments/questions/ anything. —TFOE <3

anonymous asked:

This LA trip really doesn't make any sense. I read a theory that L&H broke up and that therefore Louis wants to get away from Harry and of course Zayn picks Louis' side and that the "Delete Twitter" thing is because aimh is now so relevant, so it would cause extra tension...Bullshit if you ask me but that's all I've heard so far!


Sorry, I have to laugh. Harry was definitely so broken up and sad in the pictures we saw of him yesterday. So so sad..

 I’d say at this point we don’t have enough evidence to even begin to make an accurate one. Nobody knows, and I don’t think anyone can know.


chaouenmadrid, look what I received in the mail yesterday!!  It was quite incredible, because of course I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately, and the arrival of this package was like the continuation of a conversation we’d been having and a surprise all at once.  Thank you so much!

My SanSan gallery continues to grow!  It’s always a good day when I can hang up more art by metalshell!  <3  I particularly loved to see the full version of the picture from the Christmas card - Sansa standing on her tiptoes to kiss Sandor is so sweet and romantic.

The notebook is AWESOME and I already have an idea of what I will use it for.  What makes it even more special is that I think you must have created it yourself!  It’s wonderful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you forever!

Hey meetup!
I didn’t know this was happening until I saw it on my dash, but I thought I’d join in on the fun!
I’m Megan, I’m 15, and I live in Arkansas. This picture is from yesterday when I got home from the doctor’s office (I have strep throat…but that explains the sticker lol). I ship Phan and Troyler and love all things YouTube. My ask box is always open if you need to talk or you wanna be friends :)

Amazing progress 💪
Read @passion2befit
powerful story on how she recovered from her eating disorder

The girl on the left will always exist inside of me. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember this phase of my life. Sometimes I try to play it off like it wasn’t that big of a deal, and sometimes I question why I still have this part of my life in the back of my mind, but seeing this picture truly put things into perspective for me (When I was recovered, I believe that I deleted any and all pictures of me from when I was struggling…So I haven’t seen a picture of me like this in years). But my mom found this yesterday and sent it to me, and I stopped dead in my tracks. All the feelings rushed back into me…Feeling helpless, depressed, trapped, addicted, confused, sad. The list goes on. I suffered from an eating and exercise disorder which basically stemmed from trying to seek control in my life. Which, at the time, was extremely chaotic and somewhat violent. I struggled for an entire year with this, and I truthfully had nobody and no support. I’ve always been someone who handles things on their own (I am stubborn), and on top of that, all of my friends and even teachers (I was in highschool at the time) abandoned me. I had to fight this battle completely on my own. The toughest part, in my opinion, was the bullying. I was bullied and harassed every single day at school. Words can kill people, and I was slowly dying. To this day I cannot tell you exactly how I escaped. How I fought off the demons inside of me and got past this. What I do know is that I am a strong, strong woman and somehow I found that strength to beat my disorder. I did everything in my power to get better and be better once I realized that I AM IN CONTROL. Like I always wanted from the beginning! Control! If I could put myself in this situation, I could get myself out. And I did…And look how far I have come! I still struggle with these demons from time to time. I will always have a somewhat unique relationship with food. But I will ALWAYS take care of my body. And I will always seek balance. by fitgirls_inspire


Screenshots of all the shenanigans that have happened during the last couple of days in game :D Well they’re from Thursday and today because yesterday I was too busy playing PvP with some friends :’D First three are from a screenshot session with vargorm, next four are me and gw2juxorah being random in Salma District, then a picture of me and Juxora in Divinity’s Reach, next a picture of me being creepy while doing Juxora’s stories and last a picture of my sylvari ele before doing Behe. There are captions in some of them too :D

yesterday i subbed for a class and the original teacher left an activity on Mary Shelley

so i asked the class (they’re 15 year old students) whether they knew who Mary Shelley is

they said no

so of course i started talking about Mary Shelley being the first science-fiction author and that science fiction came from a woman 

and if any dudebro says that women should stay out of sci-fi media like star trek or star wars or if they insinuate that women like those media only cos boys like them 

they should smack the dudebro and tell them to stay in their lane cos sci-fi came from a woman’s imagination and who the hell are they to say it’s no longer allowed for women to like science fiction

i wish i could have taken a picture of the glee on all the girls’ faces

and after class two of the girls came to ask me if there were copies of Frankenstein in the school library so i think i did good work yesterday

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My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. Our relationship was so deep, and she promised me she would stay by my side and she said all of these reassuring things that made me think we'd last forever... Now we're nothing. How do I cope with this..?

People have to understand that just because someone says things doesn’t mean that they actually mean them, you have to move on, as hard as that seems, I promise it is possible, delete her from your life, delete her number, get rid of pictures, basically just wipe her from your life, because it will truly help a lot, you have to move on with your life, talk to new people, keep yourself distracted, you have to remember that if you keep focusing on her, someone might come along, and you might miss the opportunity because you were too focused on your ex