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What's your favourite way to describe eye colour? I'm getting bored of brown, blue, and green.

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I think the key is to think of it less in terms of eye colour and more in terms of relationships.

Legit wrote a tip about “unusual” eye colours a while back that I think is relevant here. In this case, eye colour is indicative of a character’s relationship to others. It’s less important to know that Harry Potter’s eyes are vivid green than it is to know he has his mother’s eyes. Less important to know Edward Cullen’s eyes are “topaz” than knowing it means he has made a choice to not hurt humans, and that this choice they all made is what makes him and the other Cullens a family.

The second thing is: noticing somebody’s eye colour is indicative of a certain level of intimacy. Try and think of acquaintances’ eye colours. Unless there is something particularly noticeable about their eyes (I can still remember an old classmate’s eyes, though I barely ever spoke to him because his eyes were a very striking light blue with deep golden flecks in it.), chances are you can’t. However you might know the eye colour of people you have a strong relationship to: your parents, your children, your significant other, your best friend.

So think about eye colour description as an act of intimacy (not necessarily romantic intimacy, mind you). Maybe your character is a mother examining her baby’s eyes for a resemblance with her own or her partner’s. Maybe your character is stealing glances at their new lover’s, finding their eyes beautiful, but not yet daring to stare into them. Maybe they are two friends sharing a moment of deep connection as they share intimate details of their lives,

Simple adjectives of blue, green, brown, black, won’t seem so dull when they come up in these contexts rather than in a generic description of “ a young girl entered the room. She had brown hair and blue eyes.” Instead hold off that description a while. The girl enters. The POV character will notice she’s young and has brown hair. Later, the POV character might get to know her better. And maybe they’ll get close enough that they will notice her eye colour.



               hp character aesthetics
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