*The Cursed Child begins. Albus gets onto the train to go to Hogwarts. James runs back to his family.*

“Dad, I heard you say that Al was named after two headmasters and that one of them was the bravest man you’ve ever known.”

“Psh, you know the truth. Sometimes your brother needs to hear those kinds of things. He doesn’t need to know about that bet I lost to Ron. And anyway, you know that you were named after the biggest badasses Hogwarts has ever seen.” 

James laughs. 

“If you think I got into some crazy shenanigans, you should just hear about their adventures.”

*The scene rapidly changes. We’re still at platform 9 and ¾ but the costumes indicate that this is another time. James Potter walks onto the stage (same actor, different clothes). He bumps into another boy.*

“Oy,” says the boy. 

“Chocolate Frogs! Sorry, I didn’t see you. I’m James.”

“I’m Sirius.” 

The rest of the play is just about the marauders. Some of it is narrated by an exasperated McGonagall. All is still well.