Giulietta’s my main RP character in this whole mafia shindig but there’s also this child named Amadeo Giovanni- he’s an upbeat, mild-mannered young man running a flower shop in the quiet outskirts of a neighboring town

Giulie loves him like a real brother and takes extra care not to get him involved in any shady businesses by telling him only about the day job in the library in the letters addressed to him. He still ends up unknowingly delivering flowers to shady people and organizations tho

The horns are not very sensitive but he’s very sensitive about the horns

ok is really nice see all those memories in the ‘ #KeepShadowhuntersFaithful’ on twitter but, guys, first don’t you think is already too late for ask something? they are shooting episode 7, the already write the scripts, c’mon they won’t change things just because you want too (isn’t the same as put on emeraude a necklace), and second, who iN THE EARTH WANTS TO WATCH SIX SEASONS OF SOMETHING THAT KNOW SO MUCH BECAUSE I WON’T, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING FAITHFUL GO AND READ THE BOOKS AGAIN BUT MAKE DRAMA ON TWITTER AND SEND THINGS TO THE DIRECTORS AND WRITTERS ISN’T FINE, really we must be the only fandom that get a second chance and still asking things and and complaining about everything, bye mely out

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For me, I can look at a guy and say, yeah he's attractive. But not be attracted to him? Or have any sexual/romantic interest. Does that make me less of a lesbian?

only if all those women fawning over Ruby Rose are also ‘less straight’ for it

so no.

the ability to identify symmetric facial features is not inherently connected to your sexuality

Positive self therapy

You are more than your fears, more than your doubts and more than the obstacles you face.

You are are the positive thoughts, you are your hopes and dreams, the light within the darkness.

You are a new beginning of possibilities. You are strong, loving, understanding and open-minded.

You are fearless. You are free from harm and negativity. You are independent and growing more and more each day.

You are a star, you are the whole universe.
Acceptance is the key. You are you. Be you.

this blog is about sending a message

and this message is be a bro

that’s all you need to know about my blog tbh

be nice


Is it still a fatkini if I bought it at American eagle? Ps. Swimsuit shopping is hell when there is nothing left.

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A quick question about reposting art. Is it ok to take a pic of an artist's work and repost it as long as I refer back to them? I've reposted your work before and linked your tumblr but now I'm not sure if it's ok. So would it be better to just stop?

I think these two are from the same person?  I hope you don’t mind that I reply to them together.

Taking a picture isn’t as bad as just reuploading, but it is still reposting.  I appreciate that you added my link, but when sharing with your friends, I’d really appreciate if you could just give them my link.  It doesn’t take much more effort to look to look at your page as to go to my original page.  Giving your post likes and comments does nothing to support me, and if you or your friends like my work, it’d be great to hear about it instead of never knowing.  And even if you and your friends only mean to keep it among yourselves, you never know who else might see your post, and decide to take the image and put it on their page.  This is why I prefer to keep my images on my blog; here on Tumblr, I’m at least sort of protected by Tumblr’s policies, and I have my rules written everywhere so people know what’s right or wrong. That doesn’t work on other people’s accounts on other websites.

I see a lot of work I like too, and I like sharing them with my friends.  Since I don’t ever reblog, I do this by sending my friends links to the original artist’s tweet, or pixiv page, or tumblr post.  That way they see the original image on the artist’s page, and they can like or star, and if they decide they want to share with their friends, they can also just share the link.  Even if my friends don’t have a twitter or tumblr, they can still see the image, and when they share the link, maybe someone will have a twitter account, and decide to retweet.  This helps the artist.

Sometimes, when I share pixiv art and my friends can’t read it, I’ll even provide a translation.  I’ll type up a translation and put it in our private chat, so they can look at the English while reading the Japanese original on pixiv.  That way they can understand, and star or comment on the original to share their appreciation, and again the artist isn’t hurt because I didn’t take credit or attention away from them.

I know it looks so much nicer to post the image on your blog so all your followers can see it, but to me that just feels like you want notes for yourself.  If you just want to share with friends, please consider just sharing the link.  ^ ^

Thanks for your understanding, and for telling me about your reposts.  Please take them down, and share links from now on. And in general, even if you link and credit, unless you have explicit permission from the artist it’s still a no-go. >.<

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So today I went to a party and we were playing telephone. I said hail hydra and most people didn't get it but everyone else looked really offended. Someone said "that's racist" and then everyone else got really quiet. Was that bad of me? I hate myself for doing that.

well I dont understand how it’s racist at all…or a bad thing at all really?I guess you were playing telephone? Maybe it got mixed up to something bad along the way??? I dont see how, tho. But yeah don’t feel bad in my opinion that wasnt a bad thing to say at all, you were just referencing marvel right?

okay but seriously maybe im just not getting something but idk how that could be misconstrued as a bad thing or racist at all??? Like why were the offended did they say why??