A little preface to this: Our party has returned to our wizards hometown to discover her brother is insanely sick and infected with a supernatural curse and his death is imminent / it’s dangerous to be near him. They’ve returned to an inn and I ask what they want to do for the rest of the night.

Wizard (OOC): I want to go see my brother again.

DM: Wait, what?

Wizard: I want to see my brother again, we made a pact.

DM: Ok, what was the pact?

Wizard: We promised that if one of us dies the other has to put a blunt in our mouth so we look sick as fuck.

DM: I…ok, but you’ll have to roll for it.

She succeeded her rolls and her brother looked sick as fuck when he died.

The merchandise prices are outrageous, crazy, and that is it. I wanted to ask the snake hoodie for Christmas because I love it so much, but it is 125 dollars which is already WAY over budget than my parents would even spend on me for Christmas (which I totally understand) but this shows how out of reach Taylor’s merch is for most of us. Also the prices are fucked up, even the simplest shirts are 50 dollars. I just feel sad because Taylor thought of good merchandise but most of us can’t afford it anyway. And the prices do not match what you get.


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hey also if you’re lucky enough to be one of those fans whose able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and is able to go to more than one tour and is able to buy 7 physical albums that’s great! but you kind of have no say on why international fans / poor fans are upset about merch prices and ticket prices being higher than the empire state building 

Context: A campaign on Roll20, calling via Discord. Our party consists of my Ranger, my fiancee’s Bard, my best friend’s Rogue, and our DM’s Fighter. The campaign just started, and the DM’s phone buzzes.

Me, OOC: Was that someone’s phone?
DM: Yeah, that was me, sorry.
Rogue, jokingly: The fuck is a phone?
Me: I apologize, it seems my butt is vibrating.
Me: Ask the omniscient voice.

Later, the DM said something. Can’t remember what.

DM, in a sinister tone: You shouldn’t speak to me like that~

She promptly killed our whole party.

Background: Ok, I’m a dragonborn bard with hella good stats. This session, I’m teamed up with an orc bard who also has hella good stats. Nonetheless, we tend to make some stupid ass decisions.

Campaign leader: (ooc) okay, this is a stealth mission, so here’s the plan (lists off other parts of plan) …Rue (me) and The Bear (orc bard) you’re going to be the distraction fpr the guards later so that they don’t find us stealing the crown.

DM: alright, you’re on the second floor, you’re getting ready to distract the guards, and The Bear, with your perception check, you see some bells on the wall along with 6 guards. What are you gonna do?

The Bear (ooc): I’m gonna ring the bells as hard as I fucking can.

DM: are you… are you sure-?

The Bard (ooc): yes.

DM: alright then. You ring the bells and guards start to notice and walk towards you.

While this has been going on, the rest of the group has started to grumble. Then it’s my turn.

DM: Alright, what are you gonna do Rue?

Me (ooc): I’m gonna start a fight with a guard.

DM: are you- you know what, I’m not even gonna try to argue. Just go on, go roll a damage/strength check.

Me (ooc): I’ve rolled a 17.

Another member of the group: oh fuck. Oh. FUCK. You’ve just killed a man, [Rue].

DM: Alright Rue, what are you gonna a do?

Me (ooc): I’m gonna go at him with my broad sword.

Rest of the party: (at both me and the other bard) WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THIS IS A STEALTH MISSION

Needless to say, the other bard and I are stuck in separate rooms, surrounded by guards, and the guard I stabbed is very dead.


characters: seongwoo, daniel.

genre: soulmate!au, reincarnation!au, angst, fluff.

words: 2105w.

summary: the person who was your soulmate no longer is.

a/n: this was going to be the original seongwoo soulmate!au and i don’t know why i didn’t go with it??? i think i was just like “this is too long for me to write as a formal one-shot” Rip

  • when you walk into the school-sponsored off-campus apartments and head towards your assigned apartment, you don’t expect to see an extremely handsome black-haired boy already lounging around on the couch
  • as the door swings open and you roll your luggage into the apartment, the boy perks up and turns off the tv
  • “hey! you must be my roommate. i didn’t know they were doing co-ed, but i swear i’m a chill guy”
  • he flashes you the most charming smile??? and even though you totally didn’t except a male roommate you can’t even complain???
  • so all you manage out is a shy smile and a flustered introduction before you just scurry off into your room
  • “i’m seongwoo, by the way! you can call me ong! not hong or gong, ong!!” you can hear laughter and amusement in his voice but you can’t help but find amusement in his introduction as well

  • life with seongwoo is gets comfortable
  • he’s funny and you two are pretty close– it’s not uncommon for you two to go on platonic restaurant dates and you two tend to drag each other around to the mall or anywhere else. movie nights on fridays become a usual thing and sometimes, there’s a pillow fort or he throws his arm over your shoulder while throwing popcorn into his mouth
  • you two don’t see each other at school around a lot though since you’re in a whooooole different building than his is
  • you’re a law student and he’s a theater student, so
  • but seongwoo’s a fun guy. you enjoy his presence, he makes you laugh like you never had before and you’re glad he’s your roommate turned best friend
  • you think that whoever has seongwoo as their soulmate is going to be a lucky human bean
  • unfortunately that human bean isn’t you because the name engraved on the nape of your neck is not ong seongwoo
  • but kang euigeon
  • (and seongwoo knows this too, because you’ve walked around the house in only a sports bra and shorts and your hair up too many times. 
  • every time he sees your tattoo, he can’t help but hide a bitter smile because there’s no name on his neck, but he hoped that somehow his name would be on yours, not someone else’s)
  • when seongwoo tells you that his best friend daniel invited him to dinner with his girlfriend and begs you to be his date, you roll your eyes but nonetheless set aside the case you’ve been working on for hours deciding you needed a god damn break
  • when kang daniel and the gorgeous girl named sana from your japanese class walks in, you don’t know why your chest tightens and the nape of your neck sharply sears in pain
  • your hand flies to the back of your neck as if applying pressure will help to ease the pain
  • seongwoo looks at you peculiarly, asking if you’re okay, and you just excuse yourself to the bathroom before daniel and sana arrive to the table
  • you wait at least five minutes for the pain to pass and when you return to the table, you apologize to the other couple
  • “i already ordered for you. the usual and your favorite smoothie, okay?” seongwoo’s still concerned as he looks into your eyes, but you smile and thank him
  • you dismiss all of it as extraneous stress and smile your way through the dinner, trying to enjoy your meal that seongwoo had chosen well 
  • but when your neck spikes with pain every time you even look at daniel, you piece things together as the smart and logical law student you are
  • daniel, formerly known as kang euigeon in your past lives, was your soulmate
  • the dinner ends and you hug sana goodbye while shaking hands with daniel, and when you two do touch, it’s uncomfortable for the both of you but your knees weaken and seongwoo has to catch you
  • “sorry, i guess i’m just feeling woozy from all the studying. law school’s getting pretty intense”
  • daniel just smiles and sana furrows her eyebrows, worriedly telling you to get lots of rest
  • as they walk away, you can see their matching soulmate tattoos– kang daniel and sana minatozaki
  • time has left you behind, it seems
  • you get home to your apartment though, you damn near collapse as soon as you’re through the door
  • thankfully seongwoo catches you but he’s freaking out now because you weren’t even this bad during finals and law finals were damn stressful
  • he carries you into your bedroom as you’re barely awake and it’s as he lays you down that he realizes
  • the scarring on the back of your neck in which the soulmate mark tattoo has faded into a bulging red scar
  • “y-your soulmate tattoo–”
  • “my soulmate is daniel. was daniel” you say weakly, barely processing the flash of memories that you had when your hand had touched his 
  • you’ve heard of cases like these where soulmates had been switched around and you knew that those who suffered from it experienced heavy heartache and were often hospitalized for it
  • most survived it
  • most
  • but in your case, the pain was rather dull
  • however, you’ve never heard of a case as cruel as yours were you were lead to believe that you still had a soulmate
  • most cases either were reassigned a new one at birth like their soulmate was or were just born without one
  • no tears spring from your eyes because you can’t seem to mourn a man that you don’t love (in this lifetime, at least), but there’s this ache in your heart and you know that this loss of a soulmate is going to affect you forever
  • eventually, upon the realization that you’d be forever alone with no soulmate to love and no family to raise, you do start to cry, and seongwoo just holds you throughout the night

  • the next day you wake up to seongwoo having gone to his classes and a text from an unknown number that reads ‘can we talk?
  • you sigh figuring daniel probably got your number from your polisci’s group chat and put your phone down because honestly? you don’t want to talk
  • it wasn’t going to go anywhere– you’d remain without a soulmate and daniel would remain with sana
  • fate has spoken and the tattoos on both of their napes– and your scarred tissue you used to call a soulmate tattoo– had confirmed it
  • your phone buzzes again with a ‘please
  • but you just send a quick text ‘if you’re worried about me, i’m fine. there’s no other way that this is going to go since you’re happy with sana and i don’t want to get in the way of that. please just leave me alone, i don’t need a literal pain in my neck every time i see you.
  • your text is read immediately and you watched with glazed eyes as the three dots signaling his typing continues to reappear and disappear
  • you leave your phone by the bedside table when the process repeats for a whole two minutes and start your day, thanking the fact that you didn’t have polisci with daniel today

  • as a month goes by, you realize that seongwoo’s spending a lot more time with you 
  • maybe it’s pity or not (it’s not, seongwoo’s just really concerned because he’s in fucking love with you but he can’t do jackshit about it) but you don’t question it
  • it’s been the fourth time in a row that he’s come home early on his usual saturday night out with the boys (you try to ignore the fact that daniel is a part of said group of boys) and this time, he comes home to you watching howl’s moving castle
  • he carries two tubs of ice cream– cookies and cream for the both of you, your favorites– and his jaw gapes at you in disbelief
  • “you’re watching studio ghibli without me? what happened to OUR movie nights?!”
  • you roll your eyes and gather your legs against your chest to make space for him on the couch, and with a grumpy pout, he stomps over and plops himself next you, motioning for you to put your legs over him
  • instead, you reposition yourself so that you’re sitting next to him and grab one of the tubs of ice cream and a plastic spoon from him before digging in
  • “wow, the stories are true. heartbroken girls really do love their ice cream”
  • that earns him a glare and a swat on the shoulder before you turn back to the tv
  • seongwoo just laughs and half-heartedly apologizes as he opens up his own tub of ice cream and throws an arm over your shoulders
  • as the movie comes to a close that night, you turn your head and look to seongwoo
  • “hey, what’s your soulmate’s name?”
  • seongwoo tenses visibly, but he nonchalantly raises an eyebrow at you
  • “we’ve lived together for nearly a year but you never noticed the nape of my neck?”
  • you sheepishly shake your head and then he shrugs
  • “i don’t got one”
  • “… oh” unconsciously you begin to rub the nape of your neck where the scarred tissue has nearly faded, because you were pretty much over daniel. it didn’t hurt to meet eyes with him anymore at polisci, you just had difficulty swallowing the fact that you had no soulmate
  • “maybe you can be my soulmate, because fuck the system” he has a shit-eating grin on his face that signifies he’s joking so you pass it off despite the blush on your cheeks and shove a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth
  • “let’s watch ponyo now” 
  • “i have a friend that looks like ponyo”
  • “i know, he’s really cute, do you know if he has a soulmate?” 
  • “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME AS A SOULMATE?!” you shove another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and start the movie
  • whoever lost out on seongwoo being their soulmate was an unlucky person

  • the next morning you wake up on seongwoo’s lap and scramble to get up
  • one of his arms are loosely draped over you while the other draped against the back of the couch, and he was slouched in his own slumber
  • you ignore how hot your face feels as you scramble to the kitchen to make breakfast, ready to pretend that that never happened
  • the scarlet is still present on your cheeks as you tie up your hair and start blending up a bunch of frozen fruits 
  • you don’t think to realize that the blender would wake up seongwoo and the boy comes into the kitchen rubbing his eyes as you top off the two smoothie bowls 
  • “you can’t just make mine look ugly like that while yours looks like its going on instagram”
  • “because mine is going on instagram”
  • “okay make mine instagram worthy too then so ours can both go on instagram!!”
  • you roll your eyes again, forgetting the situation that you had woken up in earlier and turn around to work on the smoothie bowls, redecorating seongwoo’s and fixing the way that you had thrown the fruits on top of his
  • “…. hey…… why is my name on your neck…..” seongwoo stammers out and you drop the banana you’re slicing into seongwoo’s smoothie bowl
  • seongwoo turns around and indeed, your name is on his neck just as he claims his name is on yours
  • “do you think there was a glitch in the system….” you murmur questioningly
  • “nah i think i just control fate like, i literally said this last night and now it came true”
  • you smack his arm again and march out of the kitchen with your smoothie bowl
  • you blush scarlet and walk out of the kitchen faster, denying how quickly your heart was beating and how red your cheeks were again
  • you slam the door of your room shut in fluster and you realize with a smile on your face that
  • maybe the reason your ass wasn’t hospitalized the night you met daniel was because your real soulmate seongwoo stayed beside you the whole night

i am so excited about 5x10… if the “big news” is rosa coming out like we all think it’s going to be, it would be so great to see that kind of representation on network tv. i also just love that although rosa is so secretive about her personal life (even with coworkers she’s known for years), she trusts jake enough to ask him to help her talk to her parents. we love a solid male/female platonic friendship.

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Why don’t you just change your fucking name already, we all know you hate bts.

Woah woah Let’s lower your ego a bit my love Idk who pissed in your cereal this morning but
Find the quote where I said I hate BTS
My dude, my man, fam, I love bts I just don’t stan as hard as I used to


I’m so stupid




that was too much I’m sorry

The Ranger and Fighter were finishing up on a touching moment (The former is the latter’s nephew), just after me (Monk) almost gave my life to kill a dragon. I lived, but that’s besides the point.

Fighter: … and I can promise you that we will ALL make it through this alive.
Ranger: Really?
Monk, ooc and jokingly: As you say this, Gilgamesh (npc) drops from the air dead.
Fighter, IC and ooc: You know, that wouldn’t be a loss to me.
Ranger: I wouldn’t care either.