Never really had anything against Jennifer Lawrence except that she was annoying and hella overplayed the “i’m not like other girls” quirky shtick, but seeing that post abt what she did in Hawaii really disappointed me.

She went from slightly annoying to genuine piece of shit.

Another thing. I know it’s not scientific to ascribe human emotions to animals; we’ve got a word for that (anthropomorphism), and it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for and consider when discussing animal rights and welfare issues. 

It’s also not scientific to completely ignore piles of neurological evidence that point to animals having subjective emotional experiences of some kind. Experiences which it’s safe to assume orient to their lifestyles and social structures, etc etc etc.

I don’t understand how one can denounce anthropomorphism and present… an un-knowable mystery void in its place. 

No. That’s disingenuous af.  We’ve moved past Descartes. Goddamn. 

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Yo so check this shit out

I was lying in bed and I’ve noticed a very reoccurring theme happening with other giveaway blogs I follow.

I realize some of y'all could care less what I have to say but I’m saying it anyway cause it’s getting really fucking annoying.

Calm down when it comes to these giveaway’s.

I personally have gotten asks telling me how I need to run my giveaway’s and how I should do things. I’ve also seen it with a few of the other blogs I follow and am cool with. Unless you yourself are a giveaway blog or have been doing this for a year or more then you don’t have much room to tell someone how to run their giveaway.

We dudes over here have a rhythm we always follow when it comes to giveaway’s and a way that’s convenient for us and helps us trade as fast as we can.

But you know what doesn’t help? When you send an ask telling us how long you’ve been in the GTS and how you were the first to deposit and blah blah blah. Like calm the hell down. Sun and Moon is still brand spanking new and so it still has kinks to work out. In case you haven’t noticed GTS giveaway’s here on tumblr have only recently gotten popular in the last two years.

Sending ask after ask after ask when all you could do is check a bloggers FAQ saves you an ask and us a groan and temple rub.

Like, it’s honestly not that serious. You just make a person tired and it saps so much energy out of person. You’re not entitled to these Pokémon being given out. If someone got annoyed enough they could just end the giveaway whenever they want because we don’t get paid for this, we do it cause we like to. But bitching and whining and telling us how to run our shit makes it a hell of a lot harder to enjoy it when you complain, get the Pokémon, and don’t even leave so much as a thank you.

I swear to the good lord it’s almost how it was when I first started my blog last year.

Anyways, I’m just keeping it real with y'all. It’s annoying. Calm the hell down, and if only if there’s like a serious problem like I dunno, someone sniping you, then try to avoid sending asks cause you’re impatient or want to participate in too many giveaway’s.

This has been a PSA.

Arke out.

anonymous asked:

Why were trying your best to defend YG? I mean all the artists admit he has full autonomy in his company.

Ahhh yes. This kind of ask is expected. But of course, to the close-minded, I am just a “delusional YG stan defending YG” right?

“Trying my best to defend YG” lmao please. Hilarious.

Listen. For others to come to that conclusion proves that they didn’t understand the context of my post. I have been calling out Yang Hyun Suk’s personality, treatment of his artists and YGE’s mismanagement for almost a decade now - and only to be seen as some delusional fan who knows nothing about my faves’ company really is annoying. I am an adult who is a fan of YG artists and is capable of critical thinking and researching, not some blind follower. 

What part of Executive Music Producer do you not understand? For artists’ training and music production, yes he has the authority. That’s what artists are talking about. For 2NE1′s disbandment and Taehyun leaving? No. That’s beyond his control. Yang Hyun Suk and his brother do not even own 50% of the shares at this point, which means they don’t really have a say on major decisions about the company - or if they do they still have to compromise to those who own the company and the Board of Directors. I’ve seen reblogs and replies from others and input from mutuals - and even those who study Business Management or are working in Business Management agree with me on this. The intention of that post was to inform people about the company.

I think I’ve explained everything in that post already. Links are provided, screenshots are provided, asks have been reposted. All you have to do is read thoroughly and understand.

Also, here are some new receipts:

“He has full autonomy of the company.”

Well, here is YG Entertainment’s strategy when it comes to expanding the artists based from the YG website.

See the first part? That’s basically Yang Hyun Suk’s role. The rest? Nope.

Here’s an article about Yang Min Suk

Here’s an interview of Yang Hyun Suk talking about his role: part 1, part 2, part 3

Lastly, here’s an interview that Yang Min Suk did back in 2011

Honestly, the receipts are all there. There are articles, interviews, etc. The shares and info about the company are on their website, Wallstreet Journal, KOSDAQ, Bloomberg and more.

So read again, do your own research and get it right.

If anyone comes at me and tells me I’m a delusional YG stan without even doing their own research, then that’s where I draw the line. I have zero tolerance for immature fans, so don’t even dare to try me.

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malia still annoys me????? I really try to truly care about her but every time she gets hurt I'm like ehhh okay

because its too much, they’re forcing this loss of control down our throats every single episode. we get it. give her more to work with. why isnt scott teaching her other ways i dont fucking get it. he is the alpha and they’re literally not utilizing him at all, theyve got argent trying to help her bc he doesnt want her to turn into kate uhhhhhh okay.

(( I know that I make Midbus and many of my muses generally pretty flirty and intentionally play up visual appeal and such. But while I’m okay with people sexualizing my muses


think before you sexualize me the mun. I’m not saying I react hostilely to every flirt or compliment, but the number of people trying to cross the line when communicating with me in regards to my privacy, my looks, and my body has generally been very harmful, degrading, and isolating.

Like there’s a difference between “you look attractive” and “show me your xxx” or asking me questions about certain areas or demanding things about my identity and body. It’s not just annoying but it really makes me upset since I’ve had stalkers both online and in real life before, and people try to get me through the use of my friends, work place, or family

I can’t deal with that, and it makes me cry thinking about it. But like, use common sense. please.

It really makes me want to leave when it happens and it happens way too much

this is a p3-rs0n@I post so no  r3bI0-g by the way cause I don’t need  individuals seeking me out seeing it thanks))

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Hello! Please delete this if you don't want to answer it, don't feel obligated to anything I'm really sorry if this annoy you!! I've been following you for awhile now, and I've just created a side-blog for people who want or need to talk to someone, so I was wondering if you could share it, in case any of your followers might need it? It's @theretolisten, sorry again if this is annoying, I didn't mean to! Have a good day/night anyway (I have no idea how timezones work) <3

its fine! 


have a good day!

11 random facts about me

I was tagged by @firebrand-aus-der-asche and @persephonna. :) The rules are as follows: “Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. Tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first.”

1. I’m really lazy
2. I want to travel Europe
3. I’ve average grades but if I would learn more I would have really good ones.
4. My parents think I’m annoying and silly :D
5. I love make-up
6. I don’t know what to do after school
7. I’ve never been in a relationship and never was really in love
8. My favourite drink is water
9. I haven’t been drinking alcohol since 2 months although I used to do it almost everyday
10. I didn’t go to school yesterday and today
11. I don’t know what do write anymore

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omg u know i really hate those annoying ot1 hakyeonboo stans hakyeon loves the rest of vixx so much and they love him and thats the gag

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9 and 11?

9. What is your least favourite piece that you have done?

There are countless ones, but this one is the most recent. You can tell it’s not my favorable one bc I didn’t even attempt to finish it haha. It’s just…blehhh.

11. What do you like least about your art?

Man, A LOT of things about my art bugs me. The one that bugs me the most is for the fact that I can’t exactly draw “freely”. I tend to always constrict myself by drawing “correctly” no matter what because I’m constantly worrying about making mistakes /anywhere/ when really I shouldn’t be? It annoys me to no end honestly which is why I’m trying really hard to break that habit. But hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to draw how I want!