Look I like TF and his character but holy shit can we NOT though with this?

Like I’m sorry why the fuck would we want another random temporary vanilla love interest for Caitlin? Like especially when we could have her and Cisco?

Like I get it, the writers like pairing her with random white boys but COME ON


So here’s a very old comic that I did but never posted and I honestly forget why I made this
(and I forgot undyne’s eyepatch god damn it)

Games I currently want to exist, but probably never will:

  • Dragon Age: Origins - Remastered
  • The Wolf Among Us: Season Two

Haikyuu AU

Screenshot redraw of this but using my Anti :’)

And I’m also currently working on my style and trying to improve it hhhh hope it doesnt look terrible


Mizutsune from Monster Hunter Generations, not my favourite to fight but sooo pretty


time moved too fast

you play it back

please do not repost :)

“hes not american he doesnt know better”

*thinks about that uniq video where uniq was singing “started from the bottom” but kept quiet for the n word*

*thinks about that time when a contestant on smtm said it and the judges were all surprised and shaking they heads*


trust me they kno they just wnna seem “hip” and “cool” lmfao

All you #Fakes who just now hopped on the John Baeyega train because of these new PacRim2 set photos but weren’t feeling him before need to go all the way to the back of the line! If you weren’t here for him when he was forced to rock his Finn haircut, then you don’t deserve him at his Pentecost Jr. haircut. Y'all not real! Y'all not here for him for better or worse! Fade or no fade!


They made a race of it, dashing headlong across the yard and past the stables, skirts flapping, whilst knights and serving men alike looked on, and pigs and chickens scattered before them. It was most unladylike, but Alayne sound found herself laughing. For just a little while, as she ran, she forget who she was, and where, and found herself remembering bright cold days at Winterfell, when she would race through Winterfell with her friend Jeyne Poole, with Arya running after them trying to keep up. 
                                                                                           Alayne, The Winds of Winter

(requested by anonymous)


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Its the song on the album that really addresses our fans, Its a song where there’s lot of references to the first album, there’s a lot of serendipity, its the song we wrote knowing that our fans were listening, i think if you’re a fan you’ll know what I mean
—  Matty when asked what he wants people to know about A change of heart