What if we could risk
everything we have
and just let our walls cave in

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Could you make a "There is an unexpected lock screen on your phone" lock screen?

okay I saw your ask and literally could not understand how I hadn’t already done this

(lock screen is a lot of letters for a very very narrow space. oops?)

so i had this dream where me and my bf were getting chased by my mom in our house (my mom doesnt know about us dating and doesnt like my bf) so we were running and we went into a cupboard in my moms room and we fell through the wall into our garage…but we dont have a garage. we both started running and my mom was trying to kill us (me especially) and in my dream, i became self aware and was like, hey if i move my arms faster like this i run faster in my dream, and so i think i was moving in real life while sleeping 

Maybe for April Fools we should all write pranking fics??

Marauders… Harry bonding with the kids… Lily pulling one over on the boys… what would a pranking Pansy be like? No one is sure if Luna is actually kidding… Miscommunications galore…

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how did you find your style? were you like 'I like this so this is what I'm gonna write about'? do you ever shift from it?

i just write about what interests me, that’s all, and some topics come up multiple times: mythology, gay, feminism, gay, fandom… gay

I’m writing this as I’m watching Mark’s video so don’t mind me if this doesn’t make sense.

I think the feeling of being ‘lost’ is something that comes and goes often after high moments (if I may be so bold, these past few months with collabs, live streams and A Date With Markiplier have been a really awesome high point). It’s healthy and normal.

I know Mark worries about disappointing us but I must say I’ve never felt more apart of a youtube community than I do now with the Markiplier community. As a viewer these past few months have been nothing but a blessing in my crazy life. When I was having my hardest times Mark (and Amy and Ethan and Tyler and Kathryn) were there for me. With a community of 17 nearly million it can be hard to keep that authenticity but watching Mark and his friends raise money for charity or do funny challenges or create awesome videos for us to enjoy has made me feel like I’m apart of their group. I’ve never felt unimportant in this community.

“I’m not a fan of anything but you guys.” We know Mark, we know you care so much about us. Thank you <3



The video last night alone proves how much you care about us. It was the equivalent of getting a phone call from a friend in the middle of the night who needed to talk and we put everything aside for them. That connection itself is already so unique: to know that you trust us to open up about your life and your feelings. Not a lot of people on YouTube do that anymore. And I’m sure you already know, that feeling of trust is mutual with the community.

You have done so much for us, especially in the past couple of months. Charity livestreams, meeting people at PAX East, a panel, mobile livestreams on YouTube when you were at PAX or even hanging out with Chica, Instagram livestreams, and you’re going on tour to meet even more people. All of this and you saying you still want to do more just shows how much of a genuine person you are.

That fire you talked about, that indescribable desire to keep chugging forward and to be a better person than you were yesterday, that’s what success is made off of. With that success, so many doors opened and you could have done literally anything - but you chose to dedicate it to us. You wanted to give back to the community.

Mark, you are so special. I’ve watched you grow from 3 million to now almost 17 million and as a member of this community, I couldn’t be prouder. There are large amounts of people that will agree with me when I say you haven’t been disappointing us, not in the slightest. We’re here for the long haul, always have been. We can’t wait for what you’re going to do now.

Sending you the biggest internet hugs <3

“The only trips I ever care about is by William and Kate. Visits from foreign royals are essentially useless. No one knows about them here in the US and no major news outlets even bothers to talk about them. At least with William and Kate, their causes are talked about and people pay attention to them. Foreign royals such as CP Mary and P Madeleine come here to talk to the UN, but nobody even pays attention to what their doing.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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Is it normal for an intp to not have an opinion on a particular topic (not academic, but various conversational topics) unless they are interested in it? I know it sound ridiculous. I don't know how to explain it well. sigh.

We don’t even always have opinions on the topics that we are interested in. But, yes. We generally reserve our opinions for the most important things in life, and usually when we make statements we stick lots of qualifiers so that everyone knows we’re not making sweeping generalizations.

(I think that’s where the “theoretically” thing that we INTPs say all the time comes from.)

Anyway, it does not sound ridiculous. And when you say various conversational aspects, it makes me think that you’re referring to people talking about people. That’s usually one of the last things we want to have an opinion about. People are often unpredictable and difficult to comprehend, and it’s hard for us to make statements about even those we know the best. Also, I think a lot of INTPs are inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt. We are idealists, after all. Thus, we tend to withhold opinions and give everyone the impression that we’re an awfully wishy-washy bunch.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

On the topic of the Netflix Death Note movie thing, from someone who’s been a fan of the manga for a long time now—

I just wanna say that while I’m not super excited about it, I wouldn’t crucify it for not being 100% loyal to the original story. Death Note already has 3 live action movies (which are really fucking good!), besides the anime and even a musical, so what Netflix did is mostly a…… Re-interpretation? Sort of?

I know people are worried about this being white-washing, but let us remember that Keith Stanfield will be playing L, too! The fact that the cast doesn’t have japanese actors as the main characters is because this movie is set in Seatle– like I said, as in a (sort of) re-interpretation of the story.
I’m not gonna lie and say I didn’t feel suspicious at first, but I’m willing to give it a shot before actually criticizing it, you know. The cast looks good, and the trailer looked really cool too, so… I decided to just wait instead of getting mad ahead of time.

Plus the japanese public actually seems excited about it!

So idk, it’s good to be concerned about stuff like this, but just… Give this one a chance before bashing it.

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble