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hey bailey! love your blog! i was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your fave nonwhitewashed pics of tae?? ahh i just love seeing his beautiful bronze skin so much!

awwwww thank you so much!!!! and omg i feel you ^_^ here are some wonderful non-whitewashed (i think, don’t sue me if they’re a little whitewashed or something, i’m not the best at telling T_T) of beautiful taehyung <33

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Hi! I dunno if you're still doing companion reactions but if you are imagine this! Synth Shaun calling Sole Survivor's significant other mom/dad for the first time!!! (Also I just started following ur blog and it's great! Good job!!!)

Thank you omg <333 

Piper: It’s said so casually. “Hey, mom I’ll be back in a little bit. Preston promised me he’d show me some of the mods he made for his laser rifle” Her mouth drops and she’s not quite sure how to respond. At first she thinks he’s talking to Sole and looks around but Sole is no where near them. She doesn’t know if she should gently correct him or just go with it. The last thing she wants to do is upset the boy but she isn’t sure if Sole would be comfortable with that. She personally..she wouldn’t mind. 

She’s grown to love Shaun as her own. She doesn’t want to respect Sole’s dead spouse though. When Shaun leaves she immediately runs to find Sole. “Blue! I need to talk to you-” She’s frantic and more than a little awkward because she has no idea how to respond. When Sole assures her that nothing would make them happier than for Shaun to think of Piper as his mom…Piper hugs them tightly. She finds herself tearing up but they’re happy tears. 

Preston: “Hey, dad! Can you toss that over here?” Preston hands him the ball without thinking and it takes him a few minutes to register what Shaun said. He just stares at Shaun as he runs back over to Nat and Duncan. Slowly but surely he smiles and he feels like his heart might burst. He called him dad. He goes to talk to Sole just to make sure they’re comfortable with Shaun calling him that though. The last thing he’d want to do was disrespect their dead spouse. It doesn’t matter. He will love the boy with everything he has either way. But Sole beams at him when he tells them. “As long as you’re okay with it..I would love for him to call you Dad.” 

Nick: “Hey, dad. What are you working on?” Nick freezes completely and he really doesn’t know what to say at first but finally he manages to find his tongue. “Hey, uh..kiddo..did you just call me dad?” Shaun just shrugs as he peers at the case file Nick was looking over. “Yeah.” He looks up suddenly a little scared. “Do you not want me to?” Nick mentally berates himself for making the boy even have to worry about that. It’s not that. It’s not that at all. 

He’s grown very close to Shaun, helping him understand his identity and such. “Hey,’s not that. I wouldn’t mind. I just think it’s something we should talk to your mom/dad about first.” Shaun looks up at him for a minute and then rolls his eyes. “For a detective you’re really oblivious about things like this.” Nick is so surprised but then he’s trying not to smile at the little sassmaster. “I see you’ve inherited your mother’s/father’s smart mouth.”  “I don’t know I just thought because they were talking about how they want to m..” Shaun catches himself and clamps a hand over his mouth. “They want to what?” Nick narrows his eyes suspiciously and little Shaun just bolts to leave him to figure that one out on his own. 

Maccready: “Hey dad!” Maccready doesn’t notice. He immediately turns to answer him. He’s used to being called dad but then he realizes it isn’t Duncan that said it. It’s Shaun. Duncan doesn’t even blink at Shaun’s usage of the word. Maccready gapes at him for a second before a very soft smile spreads across his face. “Hey, kid one and kid two. What’s up?” He..he absolutely melts. He didn’t expect Shaun to ever call him that but he’s thrilled. He loves Shaun and he thinks of him as a son so to hear him call him dad, it just makes him so happy. 

Danse: He’s working on his power armor when Shaun creeps up behind him. “Hey, dad. What are you making?” Danse begins to explain and then he goes silent after he realizes..Shaun called him dad. He called him dad. Should he respond? Run away? He settles for pretending he didn’t hear it “I’m just modifying some power armor.” Shaun’s eyes light up and he’s immediately at Danse’s side. “Can I try?” He’s a little worried at first but he lets him and he teaches him everything he can. Shaun is a quick learner and is always “pestering” Danse for questions about everything and anything. Danse finds..that he doesn’t mind one bit. When Shaun calls him dad again later that night he just smiles. He never thought he’d have a family..but here they are. 

Maxson: “Do you think I could be a brotherhood soldier like you when I grow up?” Maxson stops in his tracks and he just looks at him. “I..” He’s a synth. He has..tolerated his existence for Sole. He was never cruel to the boy for their sake. In fact he avoids him when he can. If it wasn’t for Sole he would have..he would have to..It was Danse all over again. “The only reason you’re still alive is because of him/her” The same rang true for the thing she called son. It, Thing. It was not a child no matter what Sole thinks. Maxson can’t think of it as anything but an it or a thing..he refuses to because then he’d have to question everything. 

“Perhaps.” He lies through his teeth and he does it for Sole. It’s not the first time he’s lied to someone for them. “If you work hard enough.” Hell would freeze over before that happened. Absolutely not. He lets out a startled sound as tiny arms wrap around his middle. His entire body stiffens and he just stands there, not hugging him back. “Thanks, dad.” He wants to recoil but he doesn’t. The boy scampers off and he just watches him go and..

He wishes he wasn’t a synth. 

Hancock: “Dad, there you are.” Hancock looks at him in confusion for a minute as if he’s not sure he heard him right. He couldn’t really be calling could he?  “I wanted to ask you something.” “Alright, shoot.” “how did you become mayor of Goodneighbor.” He winces a little at Shaun’s question and..for the kid’s sake he leaves a few details out. But by the end Shaun is grinning up at him like he’s his favorite superhero. “So, I don’t suppose you have another hat..”  “You want one? A hat like mine?” “Yes!” Hancock grins a little and ruffles his hair affectionately. “Hey, anything for my son.” 

Deacon: “Dad!” Deacon blinks, shocked as Shaun barrels into him, hugging him after he comes back after a particularly long mission. “I’ve missed you.” He laughs a little, still a little shocked and for once he’s not really sure what to say. “Missed you too, buddy.” He just lets it go. He..he really doesn’t mind. In fact he rather likes the idea of having a family with Sole. He shouldn’t since his work is so dangerous..but still the thought leaves him feeling a little choked up. He shakes it off though and lifts him up. “Where’s your mom/dad..” “I don’t know. I’ve been looking for them. I’m hungry..” Deacon seizes the chance..and looks him dead in the eye and says. “Hi, hungry. I’m dad.” 

Curie: “What are you working on?” Curie smiles as Shaun peers down at the samples she’s collected and she gives him a rundown on what exactly she’s studying. He looks so enthralled the entire time he’s there, constantly asking questions and forming his own theories. Curie finds it adorable. She’s so loving with him, always making sure he has eaten and/or drank some water. If it’s cold out she refuses to let him leave without warm clothes on. Then as she’s looking at one of the samples she hears him. “Wow, mom! That is so cool.” She corrects him gently and Shaun has to explain that he didn’t mean biologically. After the conversation he just hugs her tightly. “I still want you to be my mom.” “Then I am your mother..if that is what you want? I..I think i would enjoy that. In fact..I know I would” 

Cait: She’s looking for Shaun. Being a little boy he thought it would be cool to sneak out of Sanctuary. Sole is absolutely frantic and honestly so is she. The Commonwealth will eat that boy alive. She barely registers what she’s feeling because she’s solely focused on finding Shaun but it’s pure terror. She’s only felt this way once before, when Sole was horribly wounded and she thought she might lose them. She’s always been wary of Shaun, scared that she might do something wrong. Scared that she’ll turn out like them. Now, she just wants to find him. 

And then she finds him, he’s hidden in this tiny crevice as a Yao Guai snarls and tries to get to him. He’s terrified, pressing himself against the rocks in an attempt to get further away. He screams and Cait doesn’t think. She just charges in and takes a bat to the damn thing. Maybe it’s skill, instinct or maybe its pure rage (or all of the above) but she bludgeons the creature to death. She hits and hits until it stops moving, until it’s a bloody mess on the ground.

She stops, breathing heavily and turns to Shaun and suddenly she’s terrified. She doesn’t want him to be scared of her. She didn’t want him to see her like that. Then suddenly he’s crawling out from the crevice and nearly knocking her over with the force of his hug. “Mom!” He’s crying and once Cait recovers from being called mom she just wraps her arms around him. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.” 

“it almost..” She crouches down so she’s eye level, looking him dead in the eye. “No, Shaun..listen to me. That’s never going to happen, not while I’m around..” she says it so fiercely and she means it with every fiber of her being. She’d tear the world apart for this kid. He’s her son. 

X-6: “Dad, when do you think I can get my own fatboy..” X-6 stops in his tracks and Shaun just puts a hand up in playful surrender. “Fine..fine not till I’m older.” He says it a little mournfully but X-6 just shakes his head. “No, not that. What did you just call me?” “Dad.” He says it as if it’s no big deal and at first he goes to correct him but then Shaun interrupts before he can. “You’re with my mom/dad.” “I am.” “Doesn’t that mean you’re my dad now?”  He actually isn’t quite sure how to respond to that. 

“Your father passed away a long time ago.” Shaun lowers his head a little and he looks so let down. “I know..but..I thought since you were with mom/dad..” X-6 is silent for a little while and when he looks at the little synth..he looks so forlorn. “If you wish to call me may.” Shaun beams at him and X-6 gives him a curt little nod, smiling just a little. 


1. I just want to say I love ur blog so much! U were one of the first people I followed when I made a tumblr!
2. Did u see Baekhyun’s coat at the airport leaving for Dallas? Apparently is says “anti-racism” on it!

KM & BW: Thank you! <3 he also owns other shirts from their collection that says “No racism” and on this jacket, other EXO members and idols owns the shirt with the same design, it has a Black person on it as well as other races, it’s an amazing collection! I love that idols wear it!

I just now realized that I have over 3k followers so I’m thinking of a way to celebrate!

Anyway…thank you so much to all of you who are following me! I wish I had more good content to upload but nothing’s really changed in Daysea. I’ll be uploading some pictures of my new town Sunfair tho,as soon as I make it look pretty! ^^

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I just wanted to say that following your page and seeing the content you post has made the past year easier - it's been the hardest, most painful year of my life. You were one of the first people I followed when I first joined Tumblr and I was in a dark place. Your images inspire me to venture out and explore the world and motivate me to keep going with my dreams. So thank you for being an inspiration to me <3

I’m so happy to read this !!

aww welcome <3 

Hope you’ll continue to find my blog a happy place xx

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So I kinda follow your blog and I kinda need to signal boost something awful and I really need your help I think. The Tonawanda Comic Con made a thread on facebook reducing female cosplayers at their event to "pretty gals" for their attendees. So they're marketing female bodies without their consent to the male gaze. My sister and I left comments trying to point out how this was problematic and they deleted our comments and blocked us. [1/2]

[2/2] If you could like just let people know this is happening we’re trying to get people to just comment and screen shot their comments before they delete them to keep their thread pristinely sexist. Anything to disrupt the patriarchy really.

I kind of wanted to check this out for myself and made a comment last night that has since been deleted. I didn’t say anything rude or offensive, it was in the thread under the Black Widow ass-fest and it is definitely gone, as are comments by other women. 

If anyone has any spare time to add a comment here I would really appreciate it. 


Re-Blogs are cool.

Comic #12: State of the Art

Note for just in case ya don’t get the Arbo comment: She’s playing that dumb Snake game that came with Nokia phones.

I woke up one night and though “… she should hit someone with a phone.” …So I drew her hitting someone with a phone.


From War and Peace, episode 6.

I really loved this series, and this final episode was really, truly touching, it made me cry both with sadness and happiness. 

Since this is a blog for James Norton things, I’ve only focused on him before, but I do need to say that I didn’t just love him in this, I loved the whole cast. In particular Paul Dano (whose beautiful soft spoken and thoughtful demeanor was splendid) and Lily James (whose journey from happy and immature to a mature woman was very convincing), as well as Jessie Buckley and Jack Lowden (whose relationship was surprisingly engaging and lovely) and Adrian Edmondson (whose kindness was just wonderfully portrayed). They all made their characters alive and beautiful. 

Now I feel like watching it again, from the beginning. :)

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Hey! Do you make all the just bad puns puns yourself or do you get them from places? If you make them yourself then I ask you use your powers for good. :)

Hey! I do not! I have a weird passion for puns so the puns you see on that blog are ones I have heard, submissions from others they will say in tags if they were submitted by someone or thought up by me. (my personal favourite I made was “the broke baker kneaded some dough”)


So my friend and I made a bunch of popups earlier…

The first two were made by just me, and all the other ones were drawn by my friend @rachoftehhetaliaandpony (don’t judge her url she hasn’t touched her blog in like a year) and cut out and stuck on the bases by me when I was over at her house.


a napstablook we made so that I could show her how the popup stuff worked and the horrible setup we had to get good lighting in her room

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Hey! I'm sorry to bother you, but could you please point me to some good Agent Carter/peggysous blogs? I've just made this tumblr after being off for ages, so I'm not really quite sure how to start up again... Thanks!

Oh you want my opinion and I get to rec my friends? Yes, such a bother. 

I assume you’re already following me, and you are already following @dailyenvergjokaj,  the rest of the trashcan that chimes in on discussions is mostly @peonymoss @agenttanha @scullyscreamcheesebagel @clarascarters and @ayearoftuesdays

@endgamedanielcarter is the trash headquarters for us and others and has a very nice links page for your perusal

@fitzsimmmonsy and @pleaseletmeshowyou run the network @ohpeggysous which you can follow for stuffs if you don’t want to network, but they also have a page for members so you can find other people that way too.  Off season they are hardcore fitzsimmons if you’re into that.

@fyeahpeggysous it the only new one I’ve been following but there’s like half a dozen shipper blogs that have started this season… 

@historicalagentcarter is about life in the 40s and 50s 

Other misc peeps I’ve been following since last season: @eiregirl05, @claras-wintersoldier, @sovsa @reysolo

Peeps that I just started following but are 100% awesome because they talk to me:  @toxic-swan , @gabriellatellers, @captain-onyourleft, @imperatorpeggy

There’s plenty more cool people out there! Sorry if I left you out.  Oh and I’m gonna post this in case it helps others…

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Hiii babe! Sorry for the delay :/

Well, I actually follow so many smut accounts (I assume that you are asking me for smut, if it’s not right then sorryyy), so I am linking you to only some of them (they are SO amazing):

@jamlessvanny @sugasmut @btsfix @bts-for-life @k-imagine-factory @kpopblog91 @fyehjungcock @martina-jeon @unpretty-writer @pjiminnie @namjoonsrightdimple @bangtan-wishes @waitinginthedarke @subarkenorris @kpoptrashokay @baebsaes @trashbagfullofkpop @bangtanhustlelife @sexuality-bangtan @naughtykpopimagines 

There are actually many other accounts, probably many awesome accounts that I did’t find yet, but this are some of the accounts from which I reblog most smut.

Loaaads of love  ♥ ♥


So I used have a Korean blog that was pretty big. I had it for several years but I recently kind of shut it down and made another Korean blog. But anyway from the first Korean blog to my second one, there has been this follower of mine who’s been always supporting me and liking me a lot. She’s such a sweet girl who just loves my pictures, my thoughts, and even lots of things that I do.

Recently I got a little curious about some stickers that are popular in Korea, so I asked her a couple of questions about them because I always knew she was very into it and so I thought she’d have the answers. I just asked her a couple of questions about those stickers and I got my answers from her which made me very happy and excited. But guess what, she was like, “Why don’t I send you some?” Although I told her I didn’t need her to send me her stuff, she kept insisting, so here it is–the little box with TOO MANY things arrived last Saturday all the way from Korea to Bellville, Texas, US, and I’m still so overwhelmed by her amazing, lovely, precious, and generous gift for me.

It felt like she sent me the whole collection she had, and it was too many different stickers that I don’t even remember which one’s which. I was totally honored, impressed, and touched by every single piece of it, and I just thank her so so so so much.

I can’t believe there’s this sweet and awesome follower on my blog, and this kind of people, or things just make me want to be nicer to people and myself as well. I’m totally blessed to have this follower, and I guess, the world isn’t too bad.

I haven’t even posted all these on my Korean blog where she can see these, but.. Thank you, Nani! You’re the sweetest girl, ever! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥


I did some designs for my friends beauty blog, The Beauty Witches. If you enjoy skincare and beauty products or if you’re just looking to learn they are really insightful and have a lot advice and info to share about Korean Skincare and beauty products. They even helped me out a lot and provided me with a ton of helpful and affordable products that made my skin really clear. Please go check them out, they worked really hard and they are just awesome people. 

Here’s where you can find them!