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don't take this the wrong way but like i'm always so surprised when you say you're a keith stan bc your entire blog SCREAMS that you're a lance stan lmao

hewuuwhwwhe okay but do you want a kind of serious answer??

Come away with me on a journey to June of 2016….. I’ve just made my blog and have started my foray into the fandom. No matter where I turn, I always come up with the same thing: Keith content. Everyone loves Keith. There are gifsets about Keith, there’s tons of Keith fanart, there’s all this meta/theory/analysis about Keith being Galra. And this is all aided by the fact that the show itself loves Keith.

Now me, being an immediate Keith stan, is happy about this! I love Keith. I love klance. Everything is coming up Katie. But I’ve always tried to love characters in a ship equally. So I go looking for Lance content. And I find it! We’ve got Lance memes, we’ve got Lance gifsets, we’ve got whitewashed fanart, we’ve got Klance fics, we’ve got Lance as the butt of the joke posts, we’ve got more memes, we’ve got Langst. My god, do we have langst. There’s langst where Lance is horribly injured, there’s langst where Lance dies, there’s langst where Lance is tortured, there’s langst where the team hurts Lance’s feelings, and there’s klangst where Lance dies for Keith.

Me, noticing a pattern: ummmmm. What the hell lmao

So I’m looking around, and I’m realizing that the fandom… treats Lance like shit. And I’m a ‘everything in moderation’ kind of gal, so when I saw how one-sided this treatment was, I decided to personally balance things out. Basically: I ramped up the Lance loving. I made as many shitposts about Lance as possible, so people would laugh and associate Lance with fun times and like Lance more. I tried to encourage more positive Lance enjoyment. I’m not like, claiming I’m 100% responsible for the Lance Stan movement, but at the time I figured I could make a difference. I also tamped down on my Keith stanning. I figured, there are enough Keith stans in the fandom. I don’t need to add my voice to the group. But I can help Lance. So… that’s why there’s a lot of Lance loving on this blog.

Things got even easier once season 2 aired and the disparity between Keith and Lance grew bigger. Even when Keith was pulling the most bullshit of his young adult life he received way more attention and praise than Lance, both in the show and fandom. So again, I tried to be the balance I wanted to see. I drank a gallon of Loving Lance juice and started bullying Keith.

Tldr I’m a Keith stan who bullies Keith and loves Lance extra hard to make up for the over glorification of the former and the piss poor treatment of the latter.

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This is a really cool AU my buddy Peter has been working on in their blog!!!
You should go give it a follow :O

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I just made a glitch aesthetic blog @trans-glitch.
I am also going to use this blog to talk about glitches on a personal and philosophical level. 
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kitty fanfic

hey so if you guys ship kit and ty and are into fanfic here are two of mine if you wanna check them out!:

You’ve Always Hated Love: so far I’ve only got the prologue posted but I most certainly plan on posting more chapters

Pressure: Just a lengthy angsty one shot

Pro-Black tumblr follow train🚊🚊🚊🚊🚊🚊🚊!!!!!!!!!

HELLO!! I just made this new blog & would love to follow other pro black blogs(::

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Also submissions/messages are totally appreciated,I wanna post your beautiful selves & get to know you!!😘

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Who'd you recommend as shawn's blog?

everyone who i follow is super lovely so i’m going to tell you a few people that i can think off the top of my head who i love and cherish, whether they know i exist or not

@papishawn - tilly was my first mendes friend and actually convinced me to make this blog

@latteshawn - the sweetest angel out there and deserves all the love, omg

@starrynightshawn - we became friends over 13 reasons why but she’s absolutely great and hilarious please follow her

@illumeshawn - literally my ALL TIME favorite blog on here. before i made this blog i’d read her stuff religiously. she’s friendly and hilarious as well

@berghh - literally so cute !!! i love her blog so much omg

@purebeanshawn - the url explains it ??? just a pure bean. great writings as well!

@shawnsleo - who followed me today for some reason and i squealed a little she’s great and hilarious

@ihaveabadreputation - one of the greats seriously she’s hilarious and so friendly

@takeiteasyonmyheart - every time i see her in my notes i smile a little more

@babyshawwn - BEST. BLURBS. EVER. also really cool, probably a friend crush

@shit-to-kinda-okay who followed me today as well, which may have caused a few tears :’)

@heromendes - the cutest, sweetest, and just seems so full of love. her icon makes me die as well

@thesmutofthemendes - m is the cutest and spends a lot of time and energy writing, as well as talking to everyone who graces her inbox. not sure how she hasn’t died yet with all the smutty blurbs she gets sent every day lol

and of course there are more, and i’ll open up my following page on mobile if you want to look through everyone ! :) x

Looking for people to follow

Just made a new blog for my love of craig cahn (i would die for him) and i need more people to follow so if you post anything about:

-craig cahn
-damien bloodmarch
-hugo vega
-mat sella
-brian harding
-joseph christiansen
-robert small
-or ddadds stuff in general

please reblog this post and I’ll go follow you!!!!

thank you so much

Left On Read

Warnings: None !!

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Fluff + a little angst here and there

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N:Howdy ok so I just made this blog and I’ve never written anything before?? I hope you guys like it :)

He was just your biology partner. It shouldn’t have escalated to this, it should have been some friendly interactions in class and that’s it. Why did you have to go and fall head over heals in love with Peter Parker? Every time you saw him your stomach did flips and your heart started beating at the speed of light. Talking to him was the highlight of your day and when class ended you kept replaying your conversations in your head. You simply couldn’t get him off your mind no matter how hard you tried.

At first Peter just seemed like a normal (and somewhat dorky) boy. To be perfectly honest, you had forgotten he was even in your class because he was quiet and reserved. Everything about him was insignificant up until rumors started to fly about the Stark Internship he was supposedly a part of. This did interest you a little, I mean it wasn’t every day your classmate got a job with Tony Stark. You never really found the right moment to ask Peter about it though since you weren’t friends. That is, up until you were paired together in biology.

“Psst,” you whispered at him one day during a lecture. He jumped, clearly not expecting you to talk to him. You giggled at his reaction and he smiled shyly.

“Oh god sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” you laughed. “I just wanted to ask… You know, the Stark Internship? Is that, like, a thing?” His ears turned pink and he nodded slowly.

“Y-yeah, Mr. Stark asked if I wanted to work for him. It’s cool, uh… Keeps me busy. N-Not that I need to be kept busy, I have friends and stuff too. It’s just a lot of… work.” You could tell he was mentally facepalming at his own awkwardness and you couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Something about him was charming, and each day you tried to find new things to ask him. You found out about your shared love for Thai food and Star Wars (Peter’s face when you told him your favorite movie was The Empire Strikes Back was absolutely priceless) which lead to longer and more entertaining conversations.

As the semester progressed, Peter became less of just a classmate and more of a friend. You started hanging out outside of class and you joined him at lunch a few days per week. Everything was great, except for one thing. Peter was super into a girl named Liz. It drove you absolutely crazy because, in your opinion, Liz was one of the prettiest girls in your school and you had absolutely nothing on her. He never came out and said it to you, but you knew he really cared for Liz because of the way he looked at her. It was the same way you looked at him. You tried to ignore your feelings for him as much as possible since you valued his friendship and didn’t want to screw things up.

This went on for about two months. Peter went to homecoming with Liz and you were super supportive of it. You gave him advice on how to impress her and helped him as much as possible. You wanted him to be happy even though you knew your night would be miserable. As it turned out, Peter ghosted about 5 minutes in anyway so you weren’t too envious. He had a bad habit of doing that. You tried to ask him what was up but he always avoided the question and brushed it off. A few days after the dance you found out Liz was moving away. Peter was absolutely crushed and became more distant than ever before. You decided that you needed to find out if he was doing alright, so you decided to confront him in biology where he couldn’t run off or avoid you.

“Hey Pete?” you said gently. He looked up from his paper. He was busy copying your homework since he hadn’t done his own.

“Yeah Y/N?” he asked, eyes returning to the page.

“You trust me right? You’d tell me if something was wrong, wouldn’t you?” He nodded distractedly. “Peter it’s just… You’re gone all the time, you’re not doing your homework, you stopped snapchatting me and broke our 126 day streak. What’s going on?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” he said. “The Stark Internship is taking up a lot of my time I guess.” You sighed, not sure if you believed the excuse or not.

“Hey!” you said, your tone a little brighter. “This bio project is due soon but maybe tonight we can knock it out and not have to worry about it? I can order some takeout or something and we can do it at my place. You in?” He gave you a weak smile and your heart fell, already knowing the answer he was going to give.

“I wish I could, it’s just-”

“Yeah yeah, I get it,” you cut him off. “Mr. Stark is an important dude and I’d hate to get in the way of that. Just… If you get off work early, shoot me a message or something. I miss talking to you. I’ll finish the project and you can check over it and edit whatever you need to.”

“Y/N you’re an angel and I totally don’t deserve you,” he grinned. “I’ll do what I can.” You felt the familiar butterflies in your stomach and tried not to blush. You held onto the hope that he’d show up but were still ready for the disappointment that you had felt so often lately.

A few hours later you sat alone in your kitchen trying to edit the PowerPoint presentation you and Peter had started in class. You were having a tough time since you were completely unfocused.

“This is dumb,” you muttered to yourself. “I should just tell him how I feel. We’re barely that close anymore anyway so there’s no use in hiding it.” You reached for your phone. Unsurprisingly you had no texts from Peter. You took a deep breath and began to type.

Yo Parker. You got a sec?

You pushed your phone away and turned your attention to your computer. A few moments later you heard your phone ding and you quickly snatched it.

Peter Piper 👽: I do have a couple seconds free, what’s going on?

You could feel your heart pounding in your chest. Were you really going to do this? He wasn’t completely over Liz and you had no idea if he had ever even thought about you that way. What if you messed everything up?

“Get yourself together, Y/N,” you told yourself. “Just do it.” You began to type your message.

Ok, this is gonna sound weird and I don’t want to freak you out but I like you in a more-than-friends way and I have for a while. Just thought you should know

You pressed send. You felt a little dizzy and extremely anxious. It showed that he read it right away, and you held your breath as you waited for a response. You waited and waited and waited some more. Pretty soon it had been 10 minutes and realization dawned on you.

Peter Parker left you on read.

You felt tears threatening to spill out of the corner of your eyes and set your phone down. You went into your room and flopped on your bed, angry at yourself and angry at Peter. It was fine that he didn’t feel the same, you didn’t think he would, but man it would have been nice if he said something. Anything. You lay there wallowing in self pity for a while, thinking about all the potential flaws that made him dislike you. Maybe he secretly hated the sound of your voice and it irritated him every time you talked. Maybe he was only nice to you so he could copy your work. You probably read the entire situation wrong and he never even liked you as a friend to begin with. Every new hypothetical theory tore you apart a little more.

You were about to go take a shower and cry some more when you heard the doorbell ring. You shuffled over curiously; your parents weren’t supposed to be home until later. You pulled the door open only to find Peter standing there, a stupid grin on his face. You couldn’t believe it. Was he here to make fun of you?

“Y/N! I-” You frowned and shut the door in his face and walked away. He knocked loudly and you ignored him.

“What the hell?” you heard him say. “Y/N open the door. What are you, 5?” You sighed dramatically and went back to open it since you knew he’d sit out there all night if he had to.

“What do you want?” you asked. He blinked, confused.

“I-I got your text message,” he said. You covered your face in your hands and he yelped in panic. “No no, don’t be embarrassed!”

“I’m sorry about that, I made things so awkward and I shouldn’t have put you in that situation, but damn Pete not responding was pretty cold,” you told him. His eyes widened and he fumbled around in his pockets for a moment before finally finding his phone.

“W-what do you mean?” he exclaimed, his voice coming out high-pitched. He tapped the screen a few times before his face turned red. “Shit.”

“What?” you asked, laughing despite yourself at his face.

“Um… I guess it didn’t send,” he said sheepishly. “I meant to tell you that, well, I feel the same way. I know I’m busy but I swear I’ll make it work if you want to try-”

“Maybe you should try working somewhere with better cell reception,” you said breathlessly and he smiled.

“Yeah, I suppose I should.”

looking for new blogs / mutuals 🌸

Hi !! I just made this blog and I’m looking for some blogs to follow / make some new mutuals !! 

Please reblog this post if you post any of the following:

  • Gintama
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  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Anime in general
  • Video Games (Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, etc.)
  • Aesthetics (pastels, nature, art)

Bonus points if you:

  • are multifandom
  • have a tagging system
  • are a drama free blog (!!!!) 

If you could include what your main fandoms in the tags, that would be really helpful!! Also, if mutuals could help me spread this, I would really appreciate it  (*๓´╰╯`๓)♡

I Need New Friends!!✨🍭🍪

I just made this blog and I’m desperate for interaction so please please reblog this if you’re any of the following::




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Hello there oh so mysterious anon-chan (whomI’llpretendIdon’tknow), and yes, there are definitely a lot of amazing Ereri/Riren blogs!

Originally posted by fashionaliexpress

Below are some of my favorites/mutuals (in no particular order), feel free to stalk them! 

@nutella-and-ereri : Ok, first of all I consider this person to be The King (™) of Ereri and Riren content. There’s literally everything Ereri/Riren related, and this person is very nice so I don’t think they’ll mind you stalking them! 

@aurieackerman : If the blog above is The King (™), then this blog is The Queen (™). Aurie here makes amazing gifs, gets permission from artists to post their work (LENA!!!), text posts, and reblogs amazing fanarts. Also, you get some of the SNK news and merchandise from here. Definitely a blog I love to visit daily <3

@ereri-x and @Aurie-x : Both of these are side blogs of Aurie that I think you’ll enjoy, there are NSFW material there.

@eren–gayger : Is a multishipper as well, has lots of Ereri, Levi, and Eren fanart reblogs! 

@roredwarrior3 : DID SOMEONE SAY FANART?!?! Holy shit, this is an amazing artist for Attack on titan, and draws many many art of Levi, Eren, and Ereri. Very beautiful, and you could spend hours in THAT archive. 100/10 would recommend, she’s amazing <3 100% fan of her!

@fuckyeahererifanfic : Also known as, the source of all ereri/riren fanfics (in my opinion). Seriously, looking for a good read? They have it! Looking for a story? They’ll find it! Looking for recommends? They have thousands! I’ve discovered some of my favorite Ereri/Riren fanfics thanks to them! They are totally worth mentioning and following~

@dinklebert : Like Rored, this is also an AMAZING artist!! Draws NSFW and SFW art, with Levi, Eren, and Ereri. A very nice, humble person, stalk and follow them! I’m a total fan!

@riren-is-canon : Good blog for finding reblogged fan art and funny material. What I love about this blog is that there is a lot of content that is gold that you won’t find in other’s easily. 

@ereri-obsession : I think the name speaks for itself XD 100% Ereri and Riren blog, you’d find anything related to ereri here!! Lots of doujinshi reblogs, amazing fan art can be found here too!

@im-always-a-slut-for-ereri : Self-explanatory name here too XD Some NSFW, Levi and Eren art, and lots and lots of Ereri/Riren! You can totally relate to their name lmao, there’s no lie in it!

@ereriandstuff : ….Don’t you just love these straight-forward names??? Obviously, ereri blog, good reblogs, great material, and the other 1% stuff is funny stuff!! Here you’ll find things individually for Levi and Eren and them combined. 

@ittybittyteapot : Elle here is an awesome blog for Ereri/Riren too. Seriously, I gurantee you’ll find things that you didn’t see here. Text posts, fan art, screen caps, etc are all available here!

@dallyingdivergent : Is a veteran from the year 2013, this blog is a gold mine for Ereri and other stuff…Amazing fan art, text posts, funny ereri material, all in all a very well-rounded blog! You’ll find LOTS of good stuff here!

@simsmono : Did someone say SIMS?!?! This is an awesome awesome blog for Ereri/Riren, Levi and Eren! ALL sims are all 100% made by simsmono, and LOTS AND LOTS OF LEVI! Love this blog to bits and pieces <3 Very nice person too!

@ereri : Ayyyyy this blog has everything. Seriously, fan arts, fanfiction, events, headcanons, prompts, official art, rebloged art, interviews, etc. Totally would recommend this blog, you could stalk them for days!

@soft-eren : ….and hard Levi. Sorry, I had to say that XD. A veteran of Ereri for 3 years, is very active and the archive is so long you literally would need hours upon hours to finish it! Funny, cool content and priceless reblogs!

@forever-ereri : Is multifandom and mutli-shipper, but very heavy on the Ereri aspect of the blog. The blog is super organized so you can easily navigate to onl the Ereri aspect of the blog if you’re iffy about other ships!!

@morebeesthanyoucouldimagine : Kayu here is awesome. Plain and simple. Awesome text posts, reblogs cool and fluffy ereri fanart. Seriously heart-warming Ereri! Totally recommend!

@bottom-eren-is-life : Self-explanatory name! This blog is mostly Riren, and oohhh bbooyy is it awesome! Lots and Lots of reblogged fanart that you’d love!!

@a-rikachu : DID SOMEONE SAY TALENTED ARTIST??? Cause you just made them appear! This blog has lots and lots of Ereri/Rien self-made art, good reblogs, funny stuff, and some NSFW. Totally recommend this blog, amazing artist! 100/10

@yaboylevi : Multi-shipper, but you gotta love vivi’s tagging system. Has ereri meta, official news, good fanart reblogs, text posts, offifical merchanize. This blog is well-rounded and you’d definitely find something you’d love!

@levi-nyanchou : Ahhh I love this blog! A veteran of SNK, this blog not only has ereri (search it in the tags), but has so many other SNK related stuff!! Also, other non snk stuff that are really cool, funny, interesting, and heart-warming. It always brightens my day when I see this blog on my dash!

@deerazeen : MAKE SOME SPACE AMAZING ERERI ARTIST COMING THROUGH! Love this blog to bits, is multi-fandom but is such an amazing artist!!! 100/10 would recommend this artist to anyone, really beautiful with an aamazing personality!

@ereribuns : This blog is so cute holy shit, makes Ereri art by themselves, but as these really cute cats! is relatively a new blog but is so worth the follow! Is an ask blog too, so if you wanna swing by when asks are open you’d be able to!  So heartwarming!

@pinkheichou​ : So Lin is a very talented writer, writes amazing angst and NSFW material! Has lots of amazing fanart reblogs and text posts too, good source! Browse and stalk their archive :3

Ok I really wanna continue giving you summaries and everything but I’m tired, my hand is tired, my life is tired. So, Here is a list of other AMAZING Ereri/Riren blogs that I absoulately love as wel and totally recommend!!! 

@shingeki-no-riren-ereri  , @ereriftw  , @hella-ereri-love  , @ererishippingismyair  , @ereri-for-the-win  , @ererifanatic  , @ereri-aot  , @humanities-brat  , @iambic-sonnet  , @ereri-riren @aot-daddies , @lenaackerman , @sailorheichou  , @hella-ereri-love , @stop-levi-is-mine  , @erenmyeren , @attackondatassssss  , @demon-levi  , @everythingereri 

Seriously, go follow all of these!! Sorryguysbutyou’regonnagetastalkerbutshe’ssweetsobarewithit

So what next, is someone gonna ask me for LeviHan blog recommendations? Not that I mind I follow lots of LeviHan too