How Happy Feels About Peter 

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do you ever think about what you're doing and realize how much time we all spend writing about 2 people having sex whom we've never met and don't even know if they're actually together (oh who am i kidding ofc they are) but like we've all devoted so much of our lives to writing about what we want two guys to be doing??? and if we started writing stories about how two people we knew who hated each other in hs were having sex together it'd be weird... idk its 2 am and i'm just ranting k bye ily

honestly ive thought about this but i think it’s actually a really wonderful thing??? Like, think about it. These two nerds on the internet were able to bring together THOUSANDS of people who have the same interests and sense of humor. They brought together a plethora of people who are now able to meet their platonic soulmates because of them, and they’ve encouraged so many people to express their creativity with the internet. I know a lot of blogs who have started doing art or making edits/gifs or writing because they’re so filled with passion for these two guys that they want to shout it to the world! And it’s so wonderful because it becomes a new hobby, one that can grow and blossom into something so wonderful, maybe even something that can get them a job in the future! Plus, fanfiction in general is such a great way to bring a community together as well! The reason I started writing is because I wanted to make people happy with my work and to make them feel hopeful! A huge theme i try to convey in a lot of my fics is hope, because it’s something important to me. And what better way to spread a message like this than through a whole bunch of people who are a part of a fandom?! It would have been so much more difficult to have an impact through an actual novel, because not a lot of people really read large books like that anymore. I can’t tell you how many people i see messaging authors and saying that their works saved them, made them feel better, made them feel like they had a purpose in life, etc. This is so fucking wonderful because these stories affect a large audience, something i dont think paper novels often do. Not to mention, a lot of people i know are REALLY craving lgbt+ books and can only access a lot of it through fanfiction. this is such a wonderful thing! something that can make everyone who’s a part of this community feel like they belong! 
All in all, fanfiction and fanart, and FANDOMS in general are so wonderful because they allow people to share their creative juices with the world, receive feedback, and also meet friends who share the same interests! It’s such a wonderful thing :D