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how old are you? 25

current job/dream job? Current Job is Kitchen Personnel. As for dream job..idk it’s always changing.

what are you talented at? i am a good listener?

what is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Keeping a job for more then 3 months, I’m on year 3 now!

what is your aesthetic? Mostly all black, with sprinkle of green, purple, red, or blue..and any head wear. 

do you collect anything? I used to collect shells, but I barely have enough time to go to the beach anymore

what is a topic you are always up to talk about? Video games!

what is a pet peeve of yours? being rude is high on my list. People who say they’re doing something out of the goodness of their heart and then say you owe them for it. That is not out of the goodness of your heart bro.

good advice to give? don’t give attention and your energy to people who don’t deserve. - What Eda said!

recommend 3 songs? Hannah Diamond - Fade Away, Hey Monday - Hurricane Streets, Parade The Day - Park City 

Hello dear fellow Tumblr’s,

In a few days, imiging will lit its third candle and we have imiging to celebrate it together with a special event open to the creators of Tumblr … a third Birthday and a new Challenge

Once upon a time, a forester started to plant a forest of beauty and talents on Tumblr. He and a team of jolly elves have been collecting daily wonderful essences found in your creative universes .. and thanks to all your seeds and seedlings, imiging became this great forest….Tree years now, Three years.

Amy, Chas, Dan, JamesJasminKaiMara, Mazette, Radek, Silver-frog, the imiging team, are quite excited and impatient to discover what you’ll come up with a special key-word.  Guess what the Challenge will be?  

Give us your imigined  ThreeTree….T(H)REE…  

To participate, send us your creative submission via our submit form with the tag “imiging3”  until December 19th, 2016.  One submission per challenger. We will accept any style, any format and Gif …of course. Texts, poem, illustration, drawings, doodles, painting, collage, photosets, sound, music are also welcome in our woods…

Plant a T(H)REE and it will grow at imiging on December 22nd…imiging 3rd Birthday, will be your « T(h)ree » party…

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All this drama is making me feel bad for liking the youtuber that have literally saved my life... I don't know what to do, Lumi, I'm so tired and upset and I don't know what to do... I'm sorry I just needed to get this out and your blog is super calming to me, thank you for existing and have a great night/day.

I assume you’re talking about Mark, yes?

I know the drama is overwhelming right now, but please don’t let it make you feel bad for liking him. If he is important to you, that’s the only thing that matters. What others think about him doesn’t apply to you :)

If you need to, take some time off to collect your thoughts and calm down. Watch some of Mark’s videos, talk to someone via private message, and blacklist tags/URLs/key words if you have that Chrome extension.

Take care of yourself. This will all blow over, I assure you. <3

9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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Eric/Donna and Hyde/Jackie with The Holiday, man. Eric is the widower Jude Law we all deserve.


In this AU, Eric and Hyde are the siblings but in America. Donna works in England and trades houses with Hyde, who ends up in England and meets Jackie, Donna’s best friend.

Donna is tired of her life. That simple. She loves her job, she is now the editor in charge of an important politics magazine in London, she has an incredible house and an in general ‘nice’ life, but there’s something missing… Maybe it’s the fact that she misses home, and at the end of the day, no matter how much fun she had at work and seeing her friends, she is alone. So, ready for a new adventure seeing family in America, she decides to try a house trade with an american guy.

The american guy is Hyde, who is also tired of his day by day life and he just needs a break. His sister is getting married and his grandma, and dad, are bothering him too much about being alone and blah, blah, a few days far from them will be FINE. Besides, it’s not like if he is running away from this, but— he just learned his biological mother has passed away and he doesn’t know what the hell is he actually feeling.

So when he gets Donna’s message, he almost says ‘yes’ too quickly. That’s how Hyde ends up in England, and Donna in America.

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now im thinking of fahc/hybrid au (bless you @trixielestrange) and mavinseg since I’ve been writing that and all of yall have to deal with more headcanon posts. ((also tagging queen of mavinseg @fahchaus because its your fault ive become interested af in this ship and so i just thought i’d like to share thoughts))

For those who don’t know this au has Cat michael, husky lindsay, parrot meg, and bird (lark) Gavin.

  • since there’s two bird hybrids, feathers constantly end up everywhere. all over the house. it drives Michael crazy. Lindsay likes collecting them and trying to make shit out of them. Mostly it ends up in the trash anyway.
  • Michael is surprisingly really good at pruning their wings though. Meg and Gavin are constantly asking him to do it. Michael complains but he enjoys it and enjoys how soft their feathers are
  • Michael has the most adorable purr in the entire world. Michael adamantly refuses to admit that he purrs. But when he’s curled up next to one of his lovers and they’re running their hand through his hair and he is just content and happy there is definitely a cute rumble from his chest.
  • Lindsay loves being pet behind her ears. She turns to a puddle in their lap when they pet her ear.
  • Gavin hates flying. Sure he can if he needs to/wants to. Like escaping during a bad heist or dragging someone to safety. But he hates it. It makes him anxious and worry. The others are always there to make him feel better about stuff though.
  • Meg meanwhile fucking loves flying and it becomes routine that they all go to the top of Mount Chiliad for picnics/star gazing and Meg will just flying around, feeling nice in the chilled air running beneath her wings
  • Lindsay really isn’t one to growl. But threaten those who she loves and she will growl at you. and if you hear Lindsay’s growl. you aren’t going to be living much longer
  • Gav’s larger wings make for great blankets when cuddling. They’re so soft and warm.

idk this is enough of a dump for now just add on if any of you want. i just recently fell in love again with the fahc hybrid au.

smol baby vulture

Hello! I was nervous about introducing myself, but now that I have my first project, it sounded like a good time to do it. The name’s CJ! My main is on AlaskanWyre, but this here is my vulture culture blog. 

I don’t have a huge collection, and I can’t identify bones yet, but I hope both will improve very soon! From bones, hides, gemstones and bugs, I like just about anything in the Vulture Culture tags. I actually teach a 4-H entomology class myself, so that’s a thing. ;0

Yeah! That’s about all, but feel free to ask questions if you want! Thank you for reading and I hope whoever reads this has a lovely day. ♥

The Jennifer's (Jackie's) Body AU nobody asked for

So, remember those edits? Alright, let’s talk demon hunting and high school now:

Donna and Jackie had been friends almost all their life, even with their different cliques at school and social class. They protect each other like sisters, nobody can fuck with one of them without first having to pass the other.

So when Donna realizes Jackie is the one killing the boys that had been missing since that weird night the local bar was burned to ashes, she can’t help but try to first come to the bottom of the problem before accusing her friend to some authority or something.

It starts with Chip, an asshole who tried to have it with Jackie and only make her feel like shit. The next one to disappear is Fez, who for years sexualized Jackie and then demonized her when she didn’t respond to his actions. Then, Michael Kelso, who hurt Jackie beyond words, disappears too and so do many others.

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A little extended scene at the end of 4x03. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot less platonic)

Fandoms:The 100 (TV)
Teen And Up Audiences
No Archive Warnings Apply
Tags: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Post 4x03, Cos we all know that scene didn’t end when the camera cut off, I’m too deep into bellarke to give up now, Missing Scene, Angst
Summary: At the end of the day, it’s simple. The end of days is just around the corner, and yet they’re still here.
Words: 219

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waddup? if ur bored think about dirk gently having a rainbow set of jackets and the fact that we've only seen a few of his collection

The skY (and then everyone unfollowed me). WHY HAVE A RAINBOW SET OF JACKETS when you can have set of rainbow jackets. Just all the colours at once. But yes, I’d like to imagine too, that Dirk has every colour of the spectrum. Every. Colour.

ok, so we’re all fangirling over the leads, but. How many of you have semi-stalked the ensemble. Like, there’s that one ensemblist that won’t get outta your head and you follow them on Twitter and Instagram and you’re like “wow, you’re so cool, you underrated dancing butterfly”

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Top 5 animals

1. PENGUINS. Please tag me in your penguin posts I love them all. More penguins. I have a giant collection of penguin things because it’s the default birthday/Christmas gift for family and friends to get me and it’s great.

2. Catttttsssssss.

3. I don’t actually know very much about Alpacas, but I love them anyway.

4. Hedgehogs have somehow burrowed their way into my heart. I blame my step-mom’s friend for getting me started crocheting them when I needed a gift for her. They’re so cute though ohmygosh.

5. I’m going to cheat and puts rats and bats together, because they are both cute and smart and misunderstood.

good morning, writers! ✨✨✨

tomorrow is the due date for fic! a little note about how posting will work: all writers are expected to post to our ao3 collection. this means that you will NOT SUBMIT WORK THE TRADITIONAL WAY. this allows us to “reveal” the work at 12pm EST on the 14th. once the collection is revealed, your work will appear normally on your own profile as well as the collection. 

if you have not received an email with your valentine’s ao3 account so you may tag them as the giftee, please send an email to if you have received an email saying your valentine does not have an ao3, please post to the collection regardless! You can post anytime between now and the 10th at 11:59 PST. 

Instructions on how to post: 

1. Log into AO3.

2. Click HERE and click “Post to Collection”: Do NOT post your fic normally to your account. All your information and author information is retained; however, this helps us keep this secret until the reveal date, and lets us see if anyone has not yet submitted a fic for the deadline.

3. Fill out information as usual for posting (and remember to add your match in the ‘gift’ section.)


mod puggy 💖


🍇 💜 🔮  Purple gradient! 🔮 💜 🍇 

I took a huge chance buying the middle alpaca–the photos weren’t that great so I didn’t know the actual color or the size–but my gamble paid off! I’m so glad to add this purple square tag Macaron to my 16cm Macaron collection. Now I finally have all the colors!

Do not reblog if you are a ddlg/clg blog

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When I was at dinner with some friends a few weeks ago we were talking about fandom stuff and Animorphs was mentioned and I mentioned you and there there was a "Wait... you know demenior??" moment. And when I mentioned Little Monster there was a collective inhale that sucked all the O2 out of the room, in a good way.



It’s midnight EST and you know what that means, Sterek Week has officially begun!!!

You can start posting as of NOW with Monday’s theme, make sure all of your posts have the appropriate tags, sterekweek2016 and the appropriate day tag (listed below)

Monday October 24th- SterekSceneStealer2
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Monday October 31st- SterekHalloween2

If you’re posting your work on AO3, make sure you use the SAME TAGS so that it can be collective (as some of the tags like magic!Stiles and canon divergence are their own tags on AO3)

Make sure you also use TRIGGER WARNINGS if your peice contains any triggers and that you tag for mature content and put any visual mature content under a READ MORE

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With that all being said, let’s kick things off with a bang and start our week (and one day!) long celebration of one of the greatest pairings in history: Sterek <3


Here’s something interesting I’d like to share:

Behold, this is my studio space where all the art happens. I use both traditional and digital media. My three favourite traditional media are copic markers, Winsor & Newton watercolour and Winsor & Newton inks. Meanwhile for my digital collection, I have the shittiest bamboo tablet that barely works now and basically cheated the Cintiq by using the iPad Pro and Apple pencil lololol. 

Okay, great, I got tagged

I was tagged by: @everfraidycat

How old are you? 19

What’s your current job? Student doing Abitur right now, and dying.

What’s your aesthetic? Band shirts and looking like a hipster, I guess? Also beard and messy hair and having no idea what to do with the hair.

Do you collect anything? Old tickets for all kinds of events or even train tickets that reminds me of moments I enjoyed.

What’s a topic you always talk about? Music, leftist stuff, my hate for fascists, video games 

What’s one pet peeve of yours? When people that I like don’t give me enough attention, because I get really anxious.

Good advice to give? Never let a person be your only source of happiness.

Three songs you would recommend?

Code Orange - Bleeding In The Blur
Stick To Your Guns - The Crown
Wolf Down - The Fortress

Nickname? Dino, I guess? MC Dino? No idea

Last thing you googled? Donald Trump

Fave music artist? Stick To Your Guns, KIZ, Code Orange, Knocked Loose, Wolf Down, Architects, While She Sleeps, there are way too many bands I love from the bottom of my heart lel

Song stuck in your head? Lower Than Atlantis - Boomerang

Last movie you watched? I think it was Suicide Squad

Last tv show you watched? Westworld. IT’S GREAT YOU SHOULD WATCH IT

What are you wearing right now? Sweatpants and a “The Doors” Shirt

When did you create your blog? Summer 2013 I think..

What kind of stuff do you post? Everything, I sometimes post band edits and some photography stuff I do, but nothing special.

Do you get asks regularly? Sadly no. HEY HIT ME UP!

Why did you choose your url? It’s an allusion to the song “Some Kind of Hope” from Stick To Your Guns. “We are some kind of hate, we are some kind of hope”

Gender? Gender is a social construct. (but male)

Hogwarts house? No idea

Pokemon team? I think I was in the blue one, I forgot.

Fave color? I guess black and bordeaux red

Average hours of sleep? During the week like 4-6 hours and when I have no school like 10-12 hours lol

Lucky number? 3 or 7

Fave characters? Oh, that’s a hard one. My absolute favourite is Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect. I love him and he is just amazing. Also Mordin and Tali from Mass Effect and just about every character in Mass Effect is amazing. I love Nick Valentine from Fallout 4 and Hancock and Piper too. Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition is bae and I really like Shale and Zevran from Dragon Age Origins and Varric of course too and Hawke, oh my dear sweet sarcastic Hawke ♥ Then there’s Neloth and Sheogorath from The Elder Scrolls, I love them too. I also love Jon Snow and Daenerys and Tyrion and Arya, so basically the main characters. Also The Man In Black from Westworld. Oh and 11 from Stranger Things. Great characters, yes, I’m talking too much.

How many blankets do you sleep with? Only one

Dream job? Social worker or something like that, no idea

Following? 373

I’m tagging @pizzajer, @iwa-chans-bara-arms, @inserturblognamehere, @insomniacpoetssociety, @lxtenxighttxhought, @coldmovement. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, though :)