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Due to popular request, I collected a few ideas for German in Usage masterposts. As probably all foreign language learners have experienced, what we learn in classes is quite a bit different from what is actually used in everyday life. I paid special attention to spoken German for a few days and wrote down what came to my attention, and what might be useful for some of you.

Important: The purpose of this list is mostly to prepare you for things you might hear Germans saying that aren’t taught in school because they’re informal or grammatically incorrect. Don’t do any of the things listed in written German! Also, German has so many dialects that things may differ severely depending on the region you’re in, so this list is not exhaustive. 

1. We don’t actually use the Präteritum in spoken German, just the Perfekt. In some cases, exceptions are helping and modal verbs (haben, sein, werden, können, dürfen, wollen) if they make the sentence shorter in the Präteritum than in the Perfekt.

    • “Ich kaufte gestern ein” sounds weird in spoken German. better: Ich habe gestern eingekauft/Ich war gestern einkaufen (that’s probably the most natural).
    • Ich bin krank gewesen. => better: Ich war krank (it’s shorter).
    • Ich habe keine Lust gehabt. => better: Ich hatte keine Lust (it’s shorter).

2. Filler words (Modalpartikel) you can use that make speech sound less formal:

    • Naja, also, tja (well)
    • Ehrlich gesagt (to be honest/not gonna lie)
    • halt, eben, einfach (just): Das ist halt/eben so. That’s just how it is - you have to accept it.
    • ja, freilich (of course)
    • eh, sowieso (anyway): Das ist doch eh klar. = That’s common knowledge.
    • irgendwie (somehow)
    • doch: can do many things from Ich hab’s dir doch gesagt (I told you so) to Nein! - Doch! (No! - Yes!).
    • oder so (or something)
    • mal
    • here’s an article about filler words

3. Like every other language, we shorten things in spoken German.

    • Anything with an impersonal “es” is shortened: Ich habe es dir gesagt = Ich hab’s dir gesagt!
    • Same for “das”: Ich war das nicht = Ich war’s nicht.
    • We connect “du” to the verb if they’re going together: Da kannst du mal sehen! = Da kannste mal sehen!//Siehst du! = Siehste!
    • Closing e’s from verbs are often omitted: Ich habe = Ich hab//Ich gehe = Ich geh etc.
    • Non-stressed e’s are mostly gone: Haben Sie..? /Habn/Ham Sie..?//Da könnten wir hingehen. = Da könnt’n wir mal hin(geh’n).
    • Hinaus/Heraus and Hinein/Herein are shortened to “raus” and “rein”: Komm herein! (My grandma might say that but no one else) = Komm rein!//Geh hinaus! = Geh raus!
    • The word “das” often becomes “des” or “dis” in spoken German, depending on where you are. You won’t be regarded weirdly if you don’t do it, though. It’s a matter of dialects. Just don’t be surprised if you hear it.

4. We also do something I personally despise (so I don’t necessarily encourage you to do it too), but be aware that it exists when you hear it. In causal subordinate clauses with “weil” and “denn”, we inverse the sentence order. What does that mean? Well:

    • Correct would be: Ich war nicht da, weil ich krank war. (Main clause + weil + subordinate clause with the predicate in the end).
    • In spoken German, people often say: Ich war nicht da, weil ich war krank (Main clause + weil + main clause).
    • NEVER do that in written German. EVER. Also try not to do it when you’re talking to your professor etc. (imo please try and don’t do it at all)

5. You can say almost anything with Ich bin/war.

    • Ich bin/war + Adjektiv: Ich bin/war krank/betrunken/pünktlich.
    • Ich bin/war + Ort: Ich bin/war hier/da/weg.
    • Ich bin/war + Verb: Ich bin/war einkaufen/joggen/schwimmen.
    • Ich bin/war + occupation: Ich bin/war Arzt/Student/SchülerIn.

6. Tag Questions: We have similar things as the English “isn’t it?“. They’re mostly used in informal context (so, again, try to avoid them when talking to professors).

7. Yes and no:

    • “Nein” will sound different, depending where you are and with whom you speak. Some variations are “Nee“, “Na”, “Nö”, or “m-m”.
    • “Ja” can become “Jap”, “Joa”, “Schon/Scho”, or simply a humming sound “mhm”.

8. We do not use any kind of future tense in spoken German (Futur I is rare, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything in Futur II). If you want to talk about the future, simply use the present tense.

    • Ich werde im Juli verreisen => Ich verreise im Juli.
    • Ich werde mich morgen darum kümmern => Ich kümmere mich morgen darum.

I hope this was somewhat useful for you! I might do more of these on different topics as soon as I have the time. You’re welcome to give me feedback :) 

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So over the past year or so I’ve worked towards doing icons of every dangan ronpa sprite. I figured the logical thing to do would be to now share them all with the world in an organized manner!! Use them for whatever. You can credit me or my icon comm on dreamwidth (broshuu) but it’s not necessary as long as you don’t claim you made them!!

These each include at the very least all sprites, but a bunch have official art and event/climax interference art as well! Some of the older ones I may redo eventually!? Idk man. SOURCES ARE INCLUDED FOR SPRITE EDIT ICONS, So please don’t forget to credit those people! (The Monomaru ones are not credited because I edited those haha.)

If you have any questions/issues, feel free to PM me!!

Please note that these may include spoilers.

- Aoi Asahina
- Byakuya Togami
- Celes Ludenberg
- Chihiro Fujisaki
- Genocider Syo
- Hifumi Yamada
- Junko Enoshima
- Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Includes Ishida and Monomaru)
- Kyoko Kirigiri
- Leon Kuwata
- Makoto Naegi
- Mondo Oowada
- Monobear
- Mukuro Ikusaba (Includes “Junko” sprites)
- Sakura Oogami
- Sayaka Maizono
- Touko Fukawa
- Yasuhiro Hagakure

- Akane Owari
- Byakuya Togami
- Chiaki Nanami
- Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
- Gundam Tanaka
- Hajime Hinata
- Hiyoko Saionji
- Ibuki Mioda
- Kazuichi Souda
- Mahiru Koizumi
- Monomi
- Nagito Komaeda
- Mikan Tsumiki
- Nekomaru Nidai
- Peko Pekoyama
- Sonia Nevermind
- Teruteru Hanamura
- Usami

If you’d rather download all of them for whatever reason; Here you go!


A collection of all the different Russia Cosplays I have done. I’m in too deep when it comes to cosplaying Hetalia there is no saving me now.

In order: Military Russia, fanon design, April Fools Russia, and 2010 Hetaween Russia (forgot to wear the collar in the selfie whoops)

The lovely Fem!America

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Misha fans started #GetMishaToTwoMillion campaign about a month ago, when we had a very successful twitter trending event, Misha saw and tweeted our tag and even zap2it posted an article to praise our campaign.

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As you know haters started hating on Misha and his fans long time ago, but they can never change the fact that Misha has made us do lots of amazing things that have changed our lives and others’. This tweet from 2010, is just an example that shows why we are so proud of misha and why he is so proud of us despite haters’ endless stupid hate… (in this case for raising $30,000 in just a few hours, to help UNICEF’s aid efforts in Haiti). 

Misha joined twitter to be with us, and since then he’s always been there for us, trying to listen to us when we needed someone to hear, and make us feel better, even when he really didn't have to. 

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I know I just did a Macaron collection picture.. but I didnt expect to get another so soon after the yellow! Here they all are with the addition of the Green Closed-eye Macaron from kittyblacksheep! Also pictured is the White Closed Eye Nuku Nuku series, since macarons dont have a white closed eye (and it doesnt seem complete without one)!

I only have 2 more to go now! Blue, and square tag Light Purple!

ok, so we’re all fangirling over the leads, but. How many of you have semi-stalked the ensemble. Like, there’s that one ensemblist that won’t get outta your head and you follow them on Twitter and Instagram and you’re like “wow, you’re so cool, you underrated dancing butterfly”


I was asked by my beloved Heniu to show her all of my lil treasures (“You have a new one? AGAIN?! You didn’t tell me!”) , hah, and I thought it’s quite good idea to make a masterpost here. v3v I had 3 more, but money knows no mercy so I had to sell them. 

Btw I like how the last photo came out, like Nagisa you’re such a badass

Heniek, now’s ur turn.~
I also ‘tag’ porfirogenetofik to show her wig collection 'cuz I’m a nosy little shit. 

UK Eurovision Gothic Meme
  • You sit down and turn on BBC One for an evening of torturous music made bearable by Graham Norton’s hilarious commentary. But the voice you hear is not that cheery, camp, Irish voice. Graham is ill today so we have a new presenter in his place. Who’s voice is that? It’s familiar. Oh God. The only person who was free tonight was me, Jeremy Paxman. Holy fuck, this will be a very different show this time.
  • It’s Eurovision 2016 and this year, all countries have made a collective decision to properly represent their own countries by singing the songs in their native languages. Where before there was only a few songs you needed subtitles to understand, now you don’t understand any. If you want to know what the songs are about your only choice is to put up with the severely delayed, live subtitles all night long. You go insane as time after time, the singer gets to the 2nd verse but you are only just reading the words from the 2nd line. 
  • Eurovision 2055: Russia wiped out the majority of Europe long ago. For what? Not for power, land or money. But so that the fear instilled in those countries that are left makes them vote 12 points to Russia every year. Russia has come away with full marks for the last ten years, which was the last time a country stood up to them, gave them nil points, and ended up being nuclear bombed to oblivion. Russia will always win now, for all eternity. 
  • Australia is never the same again, after they took part in the 2015 Eurovision. They are scarred. At first it was fun. But then the PTSD kicked in. Now they all have nightmares of the flashing lights, the cheesy techno, the tedious voting system and the sickly one liners “united through the power of voice, it’s so beautiful”. No NO it’s not beautiful, it’s terrifying.
  • The UK has lost all hope. Yet again they failed and came home a laughing stock. We don’t care anymore, send a dog wearing a tutu for all I care. But we send Cher Lloyd and she’s a roaring success. How? Nobody knows what Cher Lloyd did to them, that memory has somehow been wiped from our minds, and when we ask her; “Cher, what did you do to win?” She smirks, winks at the camera and whispers “swagger jagger”. We will never know what that actually means.
  • We’re flying the flag, all over the World, flying the flag for you. Air hosts and hostessed. Flags. Aeroplane. Innuendos. Scooch. That’s it, that’s the horror.
friendly reminder to twice fans!

I thought that the fandom had covered this already, but I’ve still been seeing it used quite a bit in the tag, so:

Please STOP all usage of the term “J*p” to refer to Momo/Mina/Sana. It is a racial slur, and is highly offensive. 


Think of how much it would hurt MiMoSa to see themselves referred to as such.

I understand that the majority of those using it don’t realize and aren’t intending to be harmful, but it is harmful nonetheless. So let’s all collectively cease and desist now, yes? I don’t want to see Twice have that kind of fandom that doesn’t take accountability and correct its wrongs. 

Witch Types ~ Interactive Post

Hello witchy community, I have an idea! Please read below:

Day after day, I recieve so many questions asking for a list of witch types; yet never before have I seen a post listing any more than 10 or so. I’ve also seen a lot of messages in the tags where other beginner witches have been asking the same thing to other blogs ~

Now I know there are so many more brilliant and wonderful witch types out there, and I’m sure it would be wonderful help to any beginner witches out there if we could all collectively compile a list! Not to mention how neat it would be to have a long, heart-filled list of witchy “genres”; as many types are not included nearly enough.

So here’s my idea: I will start off by posting this in all of the main witch-related tags, and hopefully you all will help~ Repost this post and add on 2 types of legitimate witches that have not already been named. This can be a type you’ve read about, the type you are, or a type that you’ve seen others call themselves. 

I’ll begin with: Storm and Sea 

If this idea doesn’t completely tank, we should have a lovely list of witch types in no time! It might even be a nice idea to meet some other witches and new friends on Tumblr.

Anyway, let’s get started: reblog! Hopefully we can get this post going ~ After we’ve named just about all there is, I’ll write up a masterpost including every single one, so we can have them all in the same place!


🍇 💜 🔮  Purple gradient! 🔮 💜 🍇 

I took a huge chance buying the middle alpaca–the photos weren’t that great so I didn’t know the actual color or the size–but my gamble paid off! I’m so glad to add this purple square tag Macaron to my 16cm Macaron collection. Now I finally have all the colors!

Do not reblog if you are a ddlg/clg blog

The Story of How You Saved Money

For anyone who doesn’t want to pay bourgeoise money to look proletarian, J. Crew's Wallace & Barnes sub-line is worth checking out. The line has been around for a few years now, but has surprisingly attracted little attention from the menswear community. Not totally sure why. The pieces have more of a boutique feel than J. Crew’s mainline, are made from considerably better materials, and are supposedly inspired by the vintage pieces that Frank Muytjens and his team routinely collect for their design archive. All things that make other lines appealing, except that Wallace & Barnes doesn’t come with the same price tags. 

Take these two shirts, for example. The first is made from a heavy and thick cotton canvas, and has an interweaving of brown and cream yarns that gives it a unique textured look. The side seams, yoke, and sleeves are all tripled-stitched, and the overall construction has a sturdiness that’s more reminiscent of RRL than J. Crew. The second shirt is an inky-blue, deep indigo-dyed piece, with a white pin dot pattern that has been woven into the fabric (rather than printed on). The subtle variegation in its coloring makes it feel more hand dyed and special – something more like what you’d expect from a niche Japanese label. I picked up both shirts on sale for $35 and $65, respectively. You can hardly drink at a bar in San Francisco these days with that kind of money. 

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i’m curating the first ever NewHive pop-up show this fall in detroit and you’re invited to submit!

the show is titled “what’s your wifi?” and interpretation of that theme is up to you! in order to submit just create a newhive or collection of newhive pages and make sure to tag them #whatsyourwifi

chosen submissions will be displayed IRL in a gallery (location TBA) and featured on the NewHive homepage.

submissions are open now until 9/24*! can’t wait to see what y'all do

please contact me if you have any questions!

more info here

The 100th Fic is here!

It is here, I have done it and I have tried to make it a particularly good one, but first I’d like to go a little mushy on you all and say something ;)

So I get a lot of peeps asking me how I write so much so fast and I’m going to clear that up right now by dedicating this fic, hell, this entire collection of fics to you lot on the Barduil trash heap.

Because cheesy as it sounds, you guys are the reason I can write so much so fast. Every single comment, every single tag, every reblog, every single kind word and note of encouragement, every time someone cheers me on in the askbox or comes especially to tell me they enjoyed something, every awesome prompt that hits my ask box and every time you guys say one nice thing about me - that is where my motivation comes from.

So for everyone who asks me to keep on writing barduil until I die? So long as you guys still want it and enjoy it and support me, I will literally never stop, you are all literally the source of my new found creativity and drive.

So this one is for every single one of you barduil trash bags out there.

Okay mush over, here it is, below the cut and as voted for by you a fic based on this gisfet

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It’s midnight EST and you know what that means, Sterek Week has officially begun!!!

You can start posting as of NOW with Monday’s theme, make sure all of your posts have the appropriate tags, sterekweek2016 and the appropriate day tag (listed below)

Monday October 24th- SterekSceneStealer2
Tuesday October 25th- SterekKids
Wednesday October 26th- SterekFairytale
Thursday October 27th- SterekMagic
Friday October 28th- SterekDivergent
Saturday October 29th- SterekWolf
Sunday October 30th- SterekLyrics2
Monday October 31st- SterekHalloween2

If you’re posting your work on AO3, make sure you use the SAME TAGS so that it can be collective (as some of the tags like magic!Stiles and canon divergence are their own tags on AO3)

Make sure you also use TRIGGER WARNINGS if your peice contains any triggers and that you tag for mature content and put any visual mature content under a READ MORE

We’ll be reblogging all throughout this week by going through the tags but if you have any doubt or want to make sure your peice is included right away feel free to send the blog a message with the link!

If you have any questions please check out the announcement page here or feel free to send us a message!

With that all being said, let’s kick things off with a bang and start our week (and one day!) long celebration of one of the greatest pairings in history: Sterek <3


Here’s something interesting I’d like to share:

Behold, this is my studio space where all the art happens. I use both traditional and digital media. My three favourite traditional media are copic markers, Winsor & Newton watercolour and Winsor & Newton inks. Meanwhile for my digital collection, I have the shittiest bamboo tablet that barely works now and basically cheated the Cintiq by using the iPad Pro and Apple pencil lololol. 

9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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Out of curiosity, how old were you when you started being a Kakashi fan? And why? Reblog and share your stories and stuff, or write them in the tags!