February Figure Skating Challenge Day 11

Top 3 Hugs

1. Grand Prix Final 2014 ~ because one hug wasn’t enough 

2. Worlds 2015 ~ Poje forehead kisses with snuggles

3. Grand Prix Final 2015 ~ Pre-practice hugging


He could sense by her tiny movements; she fiddled with something in her hands and he could only assume it was the chicken soup. “Can I say it yet?”

“Say what?” she asked, absent.

“I love you.”

She stopped moving. “Oh, Adrien. I love you too.”

He felt her coming. Her hand on his stomach and it’s gradually increasing pressure as she leaned in. Her breath on his face. He closed his eyes as her lips pressed against his and his heart broke. He couldn’t see her. Couldn’t see the look of love he hoped was on her face. Couldn’t see her smile. Couldn’t see those brilliant blue eyes shining. He wanted to kiss her and lose himself in something normal, but he couldn’t. His throat closed up and then next thing he knew he was crying.

– from Glaze by kryallaorchid (no matter what I do it refuses to tag her thANKS OBAMA)

I feel bad, I was gonna at least darken the lines on this a little but I realized I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t even finish drawing the scene lol. This is not how I should pay tribute to my fave lb fanfic 8( I’ll do it justice some other time.


“Then Carol slipped her arm under her neck, and all the length of their bodies touched fitting as if something had prearranged it. Happiness was like a green vine spreading through her, stretching fine tendrils, bearing flowers through her flesh. She had a vision of a pale white flower, shimmering as if seen in darkness, or through water. Why did people talk of heaven, she wondered”

ok but with that scene from episode 4 where Jude and Zero are staring at each other at the arena and with the “shocking kiss that changes the game” I’m like 93% sure it’s Zero kissing Jude that’s the only shocking kiss there could be because if it was Jude and Lucas kissing I don’t think people would be shocked or even care but if it was zude people would be blown away kinda

Kiss Challenge: First Kiss

There would be no warning.

Or maybe there were a hundred laid out perfectly for you throughout the evening. Each placed neatly in your lap, wrapped perfectly in a bow. All lost in the whirlwind of wine, changes in scenery, snowfall, and laughter. After a night out on the town with friends, Oscar found himself deviating from his original plan of heading home for a few hours of sleep before his flight in the morning. Instead, he found himself letting you convince him it was wise to walk you home in the falling snow. A fifteen-minute walk stretching out to nearly an hour, a strange desire to test out the new ice cream shoppe down the street distracting you both.

Each brush of his body against yours, each lingering glance had been easily discounted. Those type of things happen once you’ve known someone for as long as you’ve known Oscar. It wasn’t until his lips were pressed against yours that you understood why you never saw it coming.

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“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”

anonymous asked:

If there's been 'no romantic development' between Bellamy and Clarke so far, how do you explain his actions in 302?

listen, bellamy’s completely out of nowhere angsting over clarke last episode threw me so hard that i almost broke a bone

Any Other Name (25): Facade

“Really, Dotachin,” Izaya drawls from the proprietary slouch he’s adopted over the edge of the kotatsu. “I need to meet some of these friends of yours, if it’s that easy to get them to provide you with illegal substances.”

“It’s not a big deal,” Kadota tells him as he cracks open the lid on his second beer and takes a sip. “It’s just beer. And don’t call me Dotachin.”

“I appreciate it,” Shinra says from the floor, where he has apparently decided to collapse after his first drink even though there’s not enough alcohol in the beers Kadota brought to more than hum pleasant warmth at the back of Izaya’s thoughts. Shinra has a second in his hand but he hasn’t opened it; he has it balanced on his stomach right now, held upright by the very tips of his fingers as his attention wanders across the ceiling. “We can all be more honest with ourselves this way.”

“You’re already too honest,” Izaya tells him. “What did Celty say the last time she rejected your advances?”

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